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  1. So to simplify things, when purchasing a firearm from a dealer, do you get a printed receipt from a register with a sale date on it? If so, are the receipts for both purchases 31 days apart?
  2. Just an update, I did retain an attorney, not the first one I described. I'm gunna go dark while this plays out and once it's all said and done, I promise to come back with an update, whether I am approved or denied. Be patient though, courts are closed right now. Thanks everyone for your help!
  3. So update... I spoke to a lawyer today (not Needleman), I told him all the dirt, just like here, he feels I have a case. He recommends all his clients take a voluntary psyche eval to prove that they aren't a danger to public safety, it's good ammo to strengthen my case. I think I will also take a firearms safety training course too, whichever law firm I go with. I am working my way down the list of lawyers, I will give Needleman a call this week as well as a couple of others. If anyone has recommendations not mentioned above, please chime in. However I am committed to taking this to court. It's a good thing I use Google Voice for my main phone number, I have every text ever exchanged between my ex-wife and I, from the day we met, literally, from the day we planned our first date, up to the day of divorce. New phone? Doesn't matter, every text is in your Google account. It should help. I'll give incremental updates as they happen. One question I do have for you guys who have been through this, what happens if the judge overrides the chief, I purchase my firearm, and I apply for another handgun permit 2 years from now? Can the Chief deny it if I am still an upstanding citizen? Or do I have to go to court all over again for another firearm? Let's say the CZ P-10 C isn't for me and I want a Glock 19, do I need a new permit for the new gun, or can I exchange my gun in a purchase, and just have 1 firearm on record, without intervention of the Chief, regardless of the model weapon? Also, has anybody ever recovered legal fees when overturning the Chief's decision in Superior Court? The funny thing was, I told this lawyer that I applied early December, and was just denied last week. He seemed appalled.
  4. I'm going to do some research, I've read some good things about Mr. Needleman. Hopefully I can talk to him Monday. If this ends up costing 5-10k for representation, there's no way I can afford it.
  5. Thanks for the reference Brucin, I just gave them a call but they are closed on the weekend (google lied). I'll reach out on Monday. If anyone else has recommendations for lawyers in the Passaic County area I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. Well I got a denial letter for FID and handgun permit. 2 reasons were listed, and seem reasonable on the surface, but the issues aren't what they seem. Reason 1 was an aggravated assault charge from 2007 that was dismissed. But I didn't assault anyone. I make the mistake of driving after consuming alcohol, I fell asleep, hit a tree, and my passenger was injured from the accident, hence the charge, along with a DWI (I had a BAC of .12). However they fully recovered from their injuries, and I entered and completed PTI, and the aggravated charge was dismissed. My passenger didn't even want me charged. In municipal court, the prosecutor wanted a year license suspension, but the judge gave me a 7 months suspension because I wasn't blasted out of my socks. I went through the mandatory drug counseling like everyone else, and it was determined I did not need additional counseling, as i did not fit the criteria for an alcoholic. Reason 2, in late 2018 I filed for divorce from my bipolar wife, she was a very angry and mentally unstable person. After I filed, she demanded a payout that I just couldn't afford or she would drag out the divorce, so I hired a lawyer. Well my wife went to the local PD, this is in late 2019, a year after we'd stopped living together, and filed a police report. She claimed I was a suicidal wife abusing alcoholic, and claimed that there have been many instances of unreported domestic violence in the past. She did this so she could have a police report as "proof" of being a victim in a terrible marriage, to garner sympathy from the family court judge, but it didn't help her in the divorce, and in the end, decided to avoid trial, and walk with nothing. However this report of hers is one of the reasons they denied me, despite her allegations being untrue. I've never assaulted my ex-wife, was never arrested, or even questioned, not in person, not even a phone call. Is it worth it to appeal the denial? I really feel defeated here. I also don't have thousands for a lawyer, and with the pandemic closing the courts, how could an appeal even proceed?
  7. Update 3/13/2020 - Still no email confirmations for references or criminal background check invest completion. Called NJSP firearms invest unit, advised to to call local PD. Spoke with local PD records, my application is now with the detective unit. I don't know why I'm not getting those emails, but my email address is correct, i received the fingerprint application form that way. Either way, the application is moving along, though we are now at 3 months.
  8. Do you have a phone number that I could call to check on the status with the NJSP?
  9. Here's my situation in Pompton Lakes: 12/5/19 - Submitted application via FARS, references contacted via email, references replied same day. 12/13/19 - Fingerprinted at IdentGo 12/16/19 - After still no confirmation email of reference responses, called and spoke with PLPD Records. They have reference replies, waiting on NJSP criminal check, say I don't need to do anything. 1/16/20 - Still did not receive reference email completion confirmation, or criminal background check completion. I thought these status update emails come from the state, could the town be holding up the process in any way?
  10. i don't even have cable, I have a roku tv and stream everything. One of my buddies can't live without cable though and uses this: https://www.amazon.com/IOGEAR-Wireless-Digital-Channel-GW3DHDKIT/dp/B00630WKGI I saw it in person, no choppiness or cutouts, it just works. Keep in mind its 1080p, im sure there are 4k versions. Also if your remote for your cablebox is IR, you will want a transmitter with an IR repeater. The good news is your situation is far from unique, so there is a market out there for a product to do exactly what you need. I'm sure you'll find a solution. It comes down to price, and brand. Amazon reviews are your friend.
  11. Well I live in an 800sq ft condo, I figure if someone breaks in, they will have me before I even have time to get the weapon out, so I never really considered making this purchase for protection. I also don't feel comfortable leaving it loaded on the nightstand. I just want to have some fun learning a new interest, I hadn't actually considered buying a gun until Reloaderz opened up about 10 minutes down the road. I figured I would wait until one day I live in a house, but then I would just buy a shotgun. Good call on the light attachment and holster for it, would be nice to have down the road.
  12. Based on this, would you recommend a concealed or open holster?
  13. Hi guys, I have recently registered for an FID, I'm getting printed this week. It's great to have found this form, there is tons of information here. The one question I thought about when looking for necessities related to purchasing my first pistol, is there any point in buying a holster? From what I read the closest range near me allows holster draw after taking a class, but honestly if that is the only benefit, I can't see a reason to purchase one. Is there something I'm missing?
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