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  1. For animals, specifically bears, while doing yard work. I was thinking of carrying spray, but it's windy out, and I can picture getting it all over me, and none on Yogi.
  2. Has anyone come across any 9mm pepper (OC) cartridges on this side of the pond? A quick Google search lists them all coming from over seas and costing about 1.5 Euro per round. I was hoping for a domestic source. Maybe contact Walther directly? https://www.asmc.com/Action-Club/Weapons/Ammunition/Gas-guns/Walther-Pepper-Gas-Cartridges-10-Pack-p.html
  3. I thought that opinion was overturned, reevaluated, or whatever the term is.
  4. I'm curious how this was built from a receiver since they are transferred with a COE from dealers...
  5. Great Job Anthony. If anything your establishment shows that there are lawyers, doctors, women, minorities, etc that frequent your range. Thank you for hitting a lot of the major points: magazine restrictions, CCW, (Sandy touched on exemptions), and mental health. I agree that digging in our heels from a disadvantageous position isn't going to get us anywhere. Get on those committees and represent our side!
  6. Hopefully the bride's dysfunctional family crashes the wedding and makes a scene.
  7. I forget who it was, but there was a debate over whether he was acting as a firearms dealer without a license.
  8. They wouldn't be that bad if we didn't have people like that one d-bag on here that buys 1 a month then resell them. What do I need to qualify for CMP? I don't currently belong to a range and I don't have a hunting license. According to the CMP that means there is no way I could hit the broad side of a barn.
  9. I wish I could hunt chipmunks.
  10. I have the same issue with a bunch of windows. There is a broken string hanging out, which I assume is for a counterweight? Expensive repair?
  11. I think the state Senate meets in June.
  12. https://troyind.com/products/dioptic-folding-sight-blk https://troyind.com/products/m4-folding-sight-blk I have those. They work well.
  13. I agree with Shane. My groups with irons are much better than a red dot. I didn't say they're good, but they're better.
  14. Most of my neighbors have Generac standby units. I haven't asked why yet, but we do have quite as lot of trees, and our electric provider is JCP&L. I like that EU7000iS, but it costs about the same as a home standby. I have natural gas, so I might go with something cheap that runs on NG and gas until I get around to a standby. I have too many other projects that need to come first (garage doors, a few windows, tree removal). I'm a big Subaru fan, but how are their generators? Anyone have any insight on noise, performance, maintenance, etc.
  15. In the comments section on the nj .com page under the article.