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  1. ChrisJM981

    Cutting the cord

    It's tough to negotiate a deal if there is no competition in the area. I have Xfinity and they're charging me 160 a month for a package just to get Disney Junior and Nick Junior, both are included in a basic package through Fios for 79.99 a month. I saw a Verizon van running wire on the main road I'm off of. I so hope it's Fios...
  2. ChrisJM981

    Better buy you laser sights right away :(

    Is it time yet?
  3. I don't know about SHOT show t-shirts, but I'm still waiting on my NJGF t shirt.
  4. It changed over to rain with it being 32 degrees out. I got home around 1130 and my driveway looked like a luge track. I had to stomp through the ice layer to walk up my driveway as the Subie couldn't make it up the hill. Can't wait for tomorrow morning!
  5. I reminded myself to bring the empty gas container with me to work up until almost right before I walked out the door. Something shiny and oh look a deer. Heading to Home Depot now to get a gas container.
  6. ChrisJM981

    NRA ballots are dropping. Colandro for NRA please.

    One shot, one vote. There's your problem right there. Explains why only 6%(?) of members vote. Cheap baaass-tids! (In my best Anthony impression).
  7. ChrisJM981

    oaks gun show

    It's Oaks. Pa. Use a map. Edit: Yes it's near Filthadelphia.
  8. Watch for progress on the Rogers & ANJRPC CCW case vs NJ AG, et al. This was listed in another thread, but I thought it will need it's own space to avoid hijacking Rosey's CNJFO thread. https://certpool.com/dockets/18-824?fbclid=IwAR2GBSTRnMnR15m914PMdkd7IYl3vrwjPPAXmw-Mt2Pgz1todMU5Gcc17cY What are your thoughts? I think we're going to Washington!
  9. ChrisJM981

    Monmouth Arms

    Steve was a pleasure to deal with. Great pricing and found a firearm the other places I tried stated they couldn't get. It's an hour 15 minutes to his shop for me, but I'll gladly make the trip again.
  10. ChrisJM981

    New Jermany at it again

    As Much as I Molon Labe as the next patriot, I have to ask; What happens if there is a fire in your home and the fire inspector notes you have old smoke detectors. I'd bet lunch after the range that the insurance company will attempt to avoid paying on a claim. When did the fire extinguisher law go into effect? Is that all existing dwellings or on a CO transfer?
  11. ChrisJM981

    Launched my first detent and spring! BOING!

    I launched one in 2010...still haven't found it!
  12. ChrisJM981

    Glock 48. The new NJ G19.

    It's narrower and comes in bling two tone. Duh.

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