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  1. That's for transport under the Firearm Owners Protection Act (FOPA). That would apply if you did not have a NJ Firearms Purchaser Identification Card. Again, what is legal and what a LEO puts you in the back of his car for do not always match up. There are incidents referenced & linked throughout NJGF. The one that sticks in my mind is the young adult in Cherry Hill arrested for having a collapsible stock on a pump shotgun, which is totally legal.
  2. There are some restrictions. Off hand, school grounds are one location that the card doesn't matter. There are likely more. While you aren't required to case a rifle or shotgun, I wouldn't leave it in plain sight, even cased. There is what is legal, and what is potentially going to cause you a headache and/or lots of money to sort out.
  3. Reasons for 12" or 12.5" are a midlength gas system and higher velocity. If you want to go as short as possible up front: - shorter barrel with pinned & welded muzzle device of your choice - SB Tactical STDT AR pistol buffer tube - SB Tactical SOB Brace Barrel + muzzle device needs to be 10.5" OAL to make over 26". With my PWS CQB comp I could use an 8.5" barrel. So many options.
  4. Out of curiosity... is Red Bank making you get this letter? If you're no longer on them wouldn't a letter from your attending physician/therapist suffice? I'll wait for others to chime in, but it certainly sounds like an additional form not permitted by statute. https://gpirelli.com/?page_id=959 I know Dr. Pirelli's practive does evaluations for firearms ID cards, but I have no idea what the cost is. He's in Verona, NJ.
  5. NJ will be banning plastic and paper bags from supermarkets along with plastic bags and clamshell takeout containers. Plastic straws will be by request only. This state is really in its death throes.
  6. 1 is no. 2 and 3 I need to look into to see what strings are attached for num 2 and who proposed num 3.
  7. The kids were driving my wife nuts, so I had to bail on the rifle range Sunday. Next meet I'll bring my "other firearm" and you can shoot it. I promise the SAS will not drop out of the sky and arrest you.
  8. You could also do a 9mm other firearm.
  9. There are some Glock fans out there. It definitely would command a higher than retail price. I would check a Glock forum or wait for a Glock fan to chime in. If someone says no and makes a low ball offer I wouldn't listen (I'll give you $350 cash money!). It's on the CA approved list with 10 rd mags. I'm going to take a guess by saying at least $600 - $700 on Gunbroker in new condition. Again, my knowledge is limited, so please do your research before shooting it.
  10. Jim, keep an eye on the events & meetup section. The post was from about 2 weeks ago. There will probably be one right after Halloween. If it's not a miserable day it's usually a good turn out. Thanks to @Mr.Stu for letting me shoot your Benelli(?). I'll attempt to tune the gas on the VEPR for the next meet.
  11. I'd let it go at 1200fps.
  12. Got a late start. Prob be there by 11. No coffee, but I have ammo & clays. Magazines too.
  13. I'm keeping mine for a rainy day.
  14. Okay. I think I have "some". Might need to order more to replace it.
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