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  1. That was the first thing that came to mind after reading the title.
  2. Magpul just introduced 10/30 rd pmags at a MSRP of $18. I'd buy those and save on money & headaches. Keep those 30 rd mags whole.
  3. Says 309... That would be my choice for a pistol sight though. I have a 1st gen 507C and dislike that I have to take off the sight to change the battery. The X2 is a great improvement.
  4. Indeed. Debating selling mine and moving out of NJ. If you're not selling a home or you've sold one, you're paying out the nose.
  5. As long as you can get the SBI number to avoid having to pay to get printed again.
  6. If I remember correctly a FFL will not transfer a firearm without matching permit/ID. Edit: I completely misread what was being asked.
  7. Cocaine Mitch called the ATF. It had nothing to do with the comments. If the corpse from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade gets in, it'll start up again.
  8. It moves slowly and under normal political circumstances I wouldn't expect Dems to propose anything too draconian that will actually pass. If the R's keep the senate, the Dems will propose all sorts of ban and confiscation legislation. It keeps the base happy and both sides will use it as a cause for fundraising to fight the other side, enriching themselves along the way. If Dems take the senate they might enact lesser restrictive legislation. I don't think they'll go all in for confiscation unless they (socialists) are ready for a societal takeover. Once you slay the Golden Goose (Second Amendment) you lose that rally cry for fundraising, and that's what it's all about. We know they're playing the long game, but at some point they'll make their move. Bloomberg backs antigun candidates and has no problem running someone in a primary against an encumbant who isn't down with the gun control sickness, so, that's another factor as well. My fear is they will do enough to burden the right through restrictions and costs to reduce the number of people exercising their 2A.
  9. Absolutely. With a 5.56 other all you need is a pistol buffer tube with the option of a cheek rest. I'm not sure how others with more recoil will operate, but there are always design options to minimize recoil.
  10. You said we're being melodramatic concerning the state of our government and the proposed gun control agenda of the Biden campaign and the influence of Bloomberg's money. Sitting back and doing nothing may not affect you and I, but it will certainly affect our kids and theirs.
  11. If you keep anything questionable do not put it with your firearms. If you ever get red flagged, Temporary Restraining Order filed against you, or there is a house fire and your CO is pulled they will be going in that safe and taking inventory. They're focusing on AR pistols meant to be fired with one hand, however since they're not listing their criteria in advance and purposely being vague I don't think we'll know the legality of an other until the smoke clears.
  12. Oh really? You're telling me there has been no erosion of 2A rights since the 50's? Will they drop the hammer all at once? Probably not. If we keep letting them take our rights they won't stop until the US becomes a country with privileges granted by the government instead of rights. It will start with the 2A. I'm tired of watching this country transform into a socialist s***hole. I had them in the early 80's. Paper strip and plastic ring caps.
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