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  1. 2C is the law. The New Jersey Administrative Code (N.J.A.C.) is the codification of all rules and regulations made by the executive branch agencies of New Jersey. As I see it that is the opinion of the OAG. You'd need to ask an attorney about its legal weight on the side of a road or in a courtroom.
  2. NATO designation is SS109. M855 is the US designation. It's the same round though.
  3. Pfft. I should be alive at least for 20 years. F the Japanese.
  4. I There has been an update posted, but without particulars. It seems Mr. Factor, with the assistance of attorney Mr. David Jensen, was granted his PTC. This may positively affect other PTC holders as well, but other information isn't currently available, which may be intentional (for now). It's nice to be on the other end of death by 1000 cuts.
  5. I'm probably not going to make it. I forgot that my daughter has Sunday school today. Dust some clays for me!
  6. 1. NJ's is still in effect...for now. Lawsuit has been initiated. 2. Illegal in NJ. Federally cannot be sold with a jig kit (per my understanding) and has been challenged in Fed court. 3. I just bought 2000 rounds, so I'll let you know if I get a visit. 4. Yes 5. Not in NJ, yet. Stay tuned.
  7. You need to upload a copy of your firearms ID Card with your order. Their website states if you don't upload it within 24 hours your order will be canceled. Paul, you're such an enabler!! Bought a couple.
  8. This is a great event Rosie! My daughter will be ready for this next year, but in the meantime I sent some dough through the FB link. Please keep up the great work!
  9. It was 7 days when I went 3 weeks ago, but I think that has to do with the FFL not calling me back when the check was completed.
  10. PDP-F. I contacted a vendor on the forums and he's getting it for me. Yeah yeah it's made for women. I have short fingers and arthritis in both hands so the shorter length of pull and easy to rack slide will work out well for me.
  11. I called this morning and asked if it was done. I was told yes. When it was actually done? Who knows. I went in looking for something else and bought a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite since they didn't have the Walther I wanted. I'm still going to buy Walther, but it won't be from that store. The sales staff wasn't very friendly either.
  12. I'm waiting on my instant check from Thursday, so 5 business days and counting.....
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