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  1. Screw you bud!
  2. Awesome. Thanks Howard.
  3. Do they do installation?
  4. Are there any small appliance stores in Morris County? I ordered from Sears 2 weeks ago and still haven't received my over the range microwave that was scheduled to be installed on the 21st. I'm having difficulty getting a straight answer from the call center in India as to where my appliance is, so I'm ready to cancel the order and find another store. I'd like to avoid a big box store. They subcontract out installation, which seems to be where the problem is with Sears. I was thinking PC Richards in Roxbury, but I'm wondering if I'm going to run into the same problem.
  5. I'm in. I'll compile a list. The VEPR 12 will definitely be coming, because otherwise it's not a party.
  6. To do nothing. Fantastic. Can't wait until he gets caught again.
  7. The one on the left has a much more distinct smell. The one on the right hardly had an odor at all. I'm not sure why though...
  8. No no no. Enough is enough.
  9. http://grimmtactical.com They're in Wharton, NJ. I transferred a shotgun through their FFL. Nice guy, he was a machinist by trade IIRC. He was showing me something that had been recently done for a customer. I don't know I'd it was a poor application or I have too high expectations for Cerekote, but some spots appeared to have pitting (maybe the finish was previously pitted?). I won't judge them on that one example though. Check out their website. I've see a bunch of examples from Modern Materiel, and they do good work, especially grip jobs and slide serrations. Their applicator for Cerekote appears to do a fantastic job. When I finally decide to pull the trigger on some customization I'll head down to Modern Materiel despite being much closer to Wharton.
  10. It wasn't an ounce of each. The one on the left sneaked up on me. I can't tell if the one on the left is darker or more oily than the other or I'm just perceiving it that way because there was more gas.
  11. Effff Levi's. They only make them for unicorn worshippers and women now anyway. For work I wear Haggar Cool 18 dress pants. Sweat wicking, no ironing required, elastic waistband, and I can squat in them. I have to check if they make cargo pants. Range pants are Blackhawk ultralight. I got them on sale for $10 a pair. I should have bought 50 pair.
  12. Much better than my idea.
  13. I have a container of gas and one with gas & oil. Not sure which is which. I don't want to mix them up. Is it a bad idea to use it as weed killer?
  14. Wouldn't it be much more economical and effective to just put some form of birth control in the water supply? Isn't that the plan for da Bears?
  15. Senators worried about getting re-elected?