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  1. I almost peed myself. I want a shotgun and a revolver, unfortunately I have expensive taste.
  2. It's not. I've never used Tinder and when I did a search it didn't exist until a year after the date in question. It was probably the crazy chick I dated for a bit. Crazy as in chased a guy out of her restaurant with a knife and decided she was going to get a motorcycle in December after wrecking her car. Still an upgrade over the prior 2.
  3. You sold it Aug 2011. Met the Mrs. in 2005, we dated, broke up, and she showed up on my doorstep in July 2011. I don't recall the exact conversation, but I remember your wife was there.
  4. I'd have to check the date on the permit. Probably an ex I met on match(dot)com. I met my wife in a bar in 2005.
  5. I think you have me confused with someone else. My wife stalked me on Facebook then showed up at my front door. I'm sure she regrets it to this day.
  6. Are your eyes broken too? I'm asking for a friend.
  7. I went through that fun game too. Get your eyes checked. If it's astigmatism you'll do better with a prism sight. Trijicon works best for me. Holosun works well too.
  8. Watch the above. He knows exactly what he is doing. He doesn't hate firearms, he just feels they should only be in the hands of police. Vote him out.
  9. Put the puppet on the record at the next press conference. "You've previously stated you are following DHS guidelines. The DHS has recently designated firearms & ammunition production and sales as safety related essential industries. Will you still be following DHS guidelines after that designation?" Or something to that effect that is worded so he and the authoritarian dictator cannot weasel out of giving a straight answer.
  10. Wow. Amazing shooting by the other deputy.
  11. The one between my legs. I'd prefer an IMTV setup if I could get ahold of one.
  12. I have a plate carrier, but I wouldn't plan on it saving me. The plate ends right below vital organs. I'd assume kevlar protects lower?
  13. Who needs a gym? Legs and arms! I definitely think it won't hold up. I don't see a Workmate 550 anywhere other than in the UK. The 425 holds up to 550 lbs., and I have enough Amazon points to get it for free.
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