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  1. IIRC that doesn't apply under a certain temperature. I think it's 35 or 40 degrees. Run for governor?
  2. Probably used blanks and added the movie sound shots post production.
  3. Same with the blower. There is still occasional static with the Etymotic Gunsport Pro plugs, but not nearly as bad.
  4. Static was most noticeable during windy conditions and while at work with either constant metal on metal screeching or when near a loud HVAC return. If I turned down the ambient booster it was less noticeable. While probably fine for the range I wouldn't use them while hunting.
  5. I haven't used those but have used the ISOTunes sport advance. I'm not a fan. If you turn up the ambient gain too high there is a lot of static. Additionally I find that the plug works its way out of my ears when I'm cutting the grass. I also have the Etymotic Gunsport Pro plugs. I'd recommend those or the Otto NoizeBarrier rechargeable plugs.
  6. That POS just got reappointed to the board. He should be hung by his sack. Just my opinion.
  7. Any Primary Arms coupon codes out there?
  8. Chris,

    I used to belong to Shongum years back.  Do they still have the outdoor range near Hackettstown?

  9. https://www.hornady.com/ammunition/handgun/45-auto-185-gr-ftx-critical-defense#!/ It might be difficult to find right now, but that would be my choice instead of a JHP.
  10. Bucky and his pos AG are going to get their asses handed to them in court after Scotus defines which test to use for constitutional rights and sends the mag capacity and carry cases back down to the lower courts. Just my humble opinion.
  11. they would love to fast track some garbage legislation. I hope they're going to sit tight and see what comes out of the NY Scotus case. Do they have enough of a majority in the State Senate and Assembly to override a governor's veto? Still hoping Jack pulls it out.
  12. It took some tinkering to get mine running. The trigger and hammer pin holes wouldn't line up with the Hiperfire ECLipse trigger I had purchased for my 9mm other build.
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