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  1. I know it's not BS. I followed it in the news. Should have gone after them and moved someplace nicer. Edit: By nicer I mean more gun friendly.
  2. Band of Brothers got me interested in WWII era firearms. Unfortunately I need to move out of state before I can own a M1 Carbine .30 Cal. Instead I purchase some scary looking sporter rifles.
  3. As a non-denominational Christian it pissed me off. Off with his head.
  4. Can we please get back on topic and discuss the self promoting bag of hot air and his fund raising scare tactics?
  5. I'm fluent in sarcasm with a minor in being smarmy.
  6. He hypes himself very well. It is easy to call oneself a law guru and write books on NJ gun law with legal opinions that are designed to play it safe and insulate himself from liability. Now I understand there is what is legal, and what you may potentially be arrested for. If one totes in s commercial that police use his book, why wouldn't it contain factual law instead of lowering the legal bar with his interpretations? Example: With 100% certainty he can state, "The legal way to transport ammunition is separate from firearms, magazines, and in a locked container.", or words to that effect. I'm confident I can transport loaded magazines separate from a firearm. If anyone has his book I'd love to read the cited case law that his opinion is based on.
  7. I'll PM you.
  8. A thumbhole stock isn't considered a pistol grip, so it's good to go. 5 rd mags too.
  9. They can borrow my shotgun. It's great for trap, right @Krdshrk?
  10. Overboard. The Gestapo will collect them during a welfare visit (S. Moore situation), house fire, traffic stop, or the dreaded Temporary Restraining Order. The fault lies with Loretta Weinberg, Steve Sweeney, and their dirtbag socialist supporters.
  11. Don't keep them in your safe or with your guns. If the police come to secure your firearms ( think Sean Moore situation, fire in the house, angry spouse filing for a temporary restraining order, etc.) don't have it(or them) there to find.
  12. That's insane. I think I'm getting less than 1/2 percent at my credit union. I'm going to need to make an appointment.
  13. I love when I hold a door for someone and the person can't be bothered to say thank you or even acknowledge that I'm there.
  14. Should I pull out all my money and invest in canned goods and shotguns?