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  1. I did my Utah CCW with GFH 12 years ago. I forget the instructor's name, but he did a great job presenting the volume of information needed while keeping it interesting. Fingerprinting and photos were done during the course as well if I remember correctly. I'm looking forward to the GFH NJ CCW class.
  2. Those people need to trip into a wood chipper.
  3. I have those as well. They're great for using in mag pouches.
  4. Tack driver out to 200 is good. Man sized out to 500 yds, maneuverable for CQB, and will work when I need it.
  5. I'm building around my optic & mount, because I already have it (Trijicon Accupower 1-8x with an ADM mount). I was going to 18" to get a rifle length gas system in a Nitride barrel. I found a 16" with a rifle gas system, but it's phosphate with a chrome lined barrel. I'm not a big fan of phosphate and I don't want a stainless finish. 18" Rifle Length (Nitride) https://criterionbarrels.com/products/ar-15/ar-15-core-series-rifle-gas/?v=7516fd43adaa 16" mid-length (Nitride) https://criterionbarrels.com/products/ar-15/ar-15-hybrid-barrel-mid-length-gas-nitride/?v=7516fd43adaa 16 Gas length (phosphate CL) https://criterionbarrels.com/products/ar-15/ar-15-hybrid-barrel-rifle-gas-chrome-lined/?v=7516fd43adaa These are the barrels I'm looking at. If I'm going mid-length should I go 14.5" and pin Weld the comp on?
  6. It's getting an ACE Skeleton stock as well.
  7. I love the Three Amigos. The singing cactus.
  8. I have a SSA-E. It's okay. SSP will be better. Plus I already purchased it.
  9. I have a plethora of 69-79gr match bullets that need to be loaded.
  10. Chambered for .223 Wylde.
  11. I've decided I need to build a high(er) end SPR. I'm set on: Criterion 18" barrel Geissele Ultra Lower Parts kit Geissele SSP trigger Trijicon Accupower 1-8x with ADM quick detach Everything else is still up in the air. I was thinking of getting a Cerakote SLR Rifleworks builder set (Upper, Lower, and rail). https://slrrifleworks.com/slr-b56-builders-set-cerakote/ Open to other suggestions from those that have already been down this road.
  12. I'm sure someone else will chime in, but my understanding is that some triggers have lightened hammer springs to achieve a lighter trigger pull, which may result in light primer strikes. Hiperfire's design allegedly allows the hammer to hit harder the lighter the springs used.
  13. Is there a budget for the trigger? I just picked up a Geissele SSP, but haven't tried it yet. I do have a Hiperfire Eclipse, and it is the nicest single stage I've fired so far. It has an adjustable trigger pull, and it hits harder with the lighter springs in. https://www.hiperfire.com/product/hipertouchecl/
  14. I recommend sending an email to the one with the podcast (I'm not going to call him out here). Perhaps he will address it on his show?
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