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  1. Can you do the live fire part for the hunting license with a 12 gauge firearm, or must it be a shotgun?
  2. Nope. PM me and I'll give you my address so you can drop it all off. I put it in plastic totes with snap lids from Costco and zip tied it all the way around to keep anyone from peeking at my "tools".
  3. I had mine with me when I rented. I lived alone and had no kids. You could get concealment furniture. https://www.njconceal.co/
  4. It used to come in a box of 50 ct and it wasn't that much more expensive than regular 9mm at the time. Rhe good ole days.
  5. Check Gun For Hire's website. I believe one of their new ranges is rated for steel core ammo.
  6. https://www.decibullz.com/custom-molded-percussive-shooting-filters/ or https://www.etymotic.com/product/etyplugs-high-fidelity-earplugs/ (only 20 dB NRR but less expensive) and https://www.howardleightshootingsports.com/collections/electronic-earmuffs/products/impact-sport-bolt-electronic-shooting-earmuff-gray I'd go with the above Decibullz over the Etymotic though. You don't want to cheap out on ear protection, especially if you're shooting rifle/shotgun calibers indoors. I don't like shooting rifle or shotguns with earmuffs since they get in the way, so below are some other options. My brother swears by these for shooting with a rifle. $400 https://www.otto-comm.com/NoizeBarrierMicro I have these but I don't like the way they fit in my ears: $130 https://isotunessport.com/products/isotunes-sport-advance I have a pair of these on the way at the recommendation of another member: $300 https://www.etymotic.com/product/gun-sport-pro/
  7. It's a flash can, not a flash suppressor. Perfectly legal. Unfortunately once you signed for the rifle I'm not sure what recourse you have. I'd recommend looking for another shop.
  8. Without a welded comp on a 10.5" you will require a Gear Head Works proprietary extension tube & Tailhook Mod 1. If you're set on the SBA3 you'll need a longer barrel. I have an 11.3" 5 56mm Ballistic Advantage Hanson barrel with A5 buffer system. What caliber are you looking to build?
  9. I think you missed the actual question. The answer is: AR-15s come in left handed now. Aero Precision. Stag Arms, Rock River Arms all make left handed ARs. I'm sure there are more as well.
  10. Will do thanks
  11. I'm going to need to try that out.
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