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  1. King Philip has decreed that all NJ subjects will quarantine for 2 weeks upon return from a Covid-19 hot spot, whatever that is. Let us know if the black SUVs pull up to your home after you return from PA.
  2. Shells & Mags: Check Clays & Thrower: Check 5.56mm M193 is good to go at the rifle range, right?
  3. ChrisJM981

    50BMG ?

    I saw that. It made my soul tingle. I think I need one after I leave NJ.
  4. ChrisJM981

    50BMG ?

    @PK90 Go big or go home. Get a 20MM rifle for 11k. They have a suppressor available as well. http://www.anzioironworks.com/MAG-FED-20MM-RIFLE.htm
  5. Poking fun at the local hero standard issue attire. Similar to when you go to either an organized shooting event (IPSC/IDPA/USPSA) and everyone has some form of khaki cargo pants on (myself included).
  6. Was the driver overweight with a goatee and wearing a blue t-shirt?
  7. I have a case of standard clays and a partial case of CCI International 'Midi' size for those that need a more challenging target. I'd have to check inventory, but I believe I have an ample supply of shells.
  8. What kind of ammo did you have problems with?
  9. We never will. Either Roberts is a part of the anti-2A crowd, or they have compromising dirt on him.
  10. If yoy dont already have one. You will require another pistol purchase permit for the replacement.
  11. 20 years for a pension? Everyone else works about 50 years. What a bunch of slackers.
  12. As a certain 2A heavy lifter has stated on a few occasions, Murphy is consulting a magic 8 ball as his source of data & science. I hope someone does a FOIA request on what information the governor is using. He should be held liable for negligence.
  13. I was in Randolph. Taxes were insane and once the guy across the street started illegally renting part of his house to a guy selling drugs, that was it. I'm not doing the work myself. It would be done by pros with permits and plans. I know underpinning a foundation can be pricey, that's why I'm trying to figure out the scope of the work to get a ballpark for the reno. I'm trying to figure out if it's going to cost less to move or alter the house.
  14. Good morning everyone, I'm looking into adding an addition onto my home. The likely place will be over the 20' x 24' garage. Half the space will connect to an existing bedroom and add a bathroom and walk-in closet. Approximately half the space will be dedicated to "storage". Code for my reloading setup and some space to store random nonesense we have acquired through the years. Will the blueprints contain information to determineif the footings and/or concrete under the garage will support an addition? The house is on a slab without a basement in rocky soil on Schooley's Mountain in Long Valley, NJ (if that matters).
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