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  1. They will start with those and later have an epiphany that the real problem involves gangs and drug dealers. Then they'll go for the handguns. F them and the horses they rode in on.
  2. Either pin/weld the barrel prior to acquiring the lower, or drop it off with a FFL if you're having the work done. Sometimes you can have muzzle device swapped and pinned prior to shipping. I'd contact PSA customer service and ask. Edit: you need to swap the flash suppressor for a brake.
  3. Roger. I'm down at Long Beach Island. I was hoping to leave tonight, but we finally have some sun today. When I pick up mine we'll have to break it in.
  4. Was his pricing better than ordering direct? I get the impression it's better to go through a dealer. And what plate carrier did you go with? I don't want to drop $300 on a Banshee 2.0 if there is something comparable in quality for less.
  5. Did you either order or have the option to order something he didn't have in stock?
  6. Wow. Never thought I'd say this, but I think the 2A was safer under Obama. I have a complete firearm on order. When either the cryptkeeper legislates or the Cheeto uses an illegal EO hopefully I can get an organization to back a lawsuit. Enough is enough.
  7. That's the problem with closed bolt guns. Save some Rubles and invest in an open bolt gun.
  8. The bigger problem is finding railed uppers with an 11.5" barrel for a reasonable price. A friend asked me to make a parts list for him. Lower, lower parts kit, brace, and grips are all readily available. 11.5" upper? Not so much.
  9. If it's sold as a pistol would need a pistol purchase permit? Just use a stripped lower. I did the compliance work in PA to avoid running afoul of NJ law.
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