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  1. Think we are going to give it a try in about an hour or so and see what it's like on a crappy Sunday.
  2. We normally go up to Cherry Ridge to shoot since my sister in law and her fiancee are members there. It's about an hour and forty minutes to get there though. We were looking to join a more local range. The last few times we went to Shore Shot in Lakewood, the lines were out the door. We found another range in Lakewood called WeShoot and we decided to check it out. We went tonight (Tuesday) at 5:30pm and there was only 2 people using one lane. They have 12 lanes and it was really clean and mellow. The RSO was super friendly and made the experience a joy. They also had a decent selection of firearms for sale, along with a big selection of rentals. It was a great experience overall so we were happy to purchase a family membership. Can't wait to get back and put some more rounds downrange!
  3. Ahh I didn't know that. Wasn't sure of the differences in the HP ammo.
  4. I have 3 9mm pistols . I was sold a couple of boxes of Sig V-Crown 9mm JHP's for home defense a couple of months back from my LGS. Today, I went to try out a new range to see if I wanted to join. After shooting for about an hour, we decided to become members. I asked about .357 Magnum ammo for my new 686-6+ and he said they only had Hornady Critical Defense rounds for carryout purchase. He then told me that the red tip Hornady's are the only JHP that are legal to use in the state of NJ. This surprised me, since the LGS sold me the other JHP's and never said anything about not being able to use them in a home defense situation. Can someone confirm that the Sig V-Crowns are basically just expensive range ammo?
  5. So I am still a fairly new gun owner and I'm just trying to figure out the stupid gun laws in this state. As long as they are secured and separated from any ammo, I can drive with guns in my car from the FFL to my home, from my home to my business (if I own one), my home to a range or my home to a gunsmith. I can't drive with guns in my car if I am going to my inlaws' house first and then going to their range later in the day or the next day?
  6. It's actually a semi-auto/pump hybrid. You can shoot it in either mode.
  7. I was told my my local FFL where I bought it that this is NJ compliant due to the thumbhole grip.
  8. What makes it non-compliant?
  9. Only thing we noticed is that both the front and rear sights were not centered. The rears were offset to the right and the fronts were offset to the left. I've read that it's been a common issue. We contacted the FFL where we bought it and he is going to have his Gunsmith take care of it free of charge.
  10. We picked her up a subcompact 9mm to go along with her Glock 19. She loves it and can't wait to shoot it. I can't wait either.
  11. I've seen mixed reviews. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet though. Dickinson-Ermox XXPA 12ga.Semi-Auto/Pump Hybrid
  12. My local PD said they were already done with their portion like 2 weeks ago and that it was back in the NJSP's hands and I need to look for an email from them with a link to my e-permit. My co-worker has been waiting almost 5 months for his ID card and initial P2P.
  13. I was wrong. The storage fees are for unclaimed transfers.
  14. Yes I purchased the firearm from the FFL himself, but I was wrong in my above statement. The $5 a day is for transfers that are not picked up. There's no storage fee if you buy it from them. In hindsight, I should have applied for multiple permits in the beginning but we thought 1 handgun each would be enough.
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