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  1. That's unfortunate. I'm not comfortable shooting sub/micro compacts. I need a gun with a little bit of girth to it. I also don't really enjoy shooting single stacks, except maybe a 1911, but I wouldn't carry one for obvious reasons. If the choices above won't work, then I need to go back to the drawing board I guess. I thought there would be people who've conceal carried guns in the 3.9" - 4.1" barrel range, but all I keep seeing is the same guns over and over again. (Shield, Hellcat, P365, etc.) The search continues...
  2. We had a Shield 2.0 for a few months and it was probably the worst gun I've ever shot. Everything about it was so uncomfortable. We ended up consigning it and getting the P320 X Compact.
  3. I'm thinking I'm going to want to eventually get a CCW and want to start thinking about which gun I want to train with. I'll probably only qualify with 1 pistol so I'm having a hard time deciding which way to go. I currently have an X-Five Legion and a Canik Rival, both I feel are too large to conceal carry comfortably. My wife has a P320 X Compact that's a good size but I don't want to carry the same gun as her if she decides to get her CCW as well. I don't really enjoy shooting sub or micro compacts. Looking at something around the size of a Glock 19 that's not a Glock. I've kind of narrowed it down to a few possibilities. A P229 Legion, a Walther PDP with a 4" barrel or the VP9 with the 4.09" barrel. My X-Five Legion is a dream to shoot, so I'm sure the P229 is just as good. Plus I think it's a steel frame so it's got some built-in recoil mitigation. I'm assuming the other 2 pistols will shoot similar to my Canik Rival, which is also very nice by the way. I'm leaning towards the P229, but I can almost buy both of the other guns for a little bit more money. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time with this. It seems like no matter which I choose, I'll have made a good decision. I guess I just want to know if anyone carries any of these guns and what your thoughts are. Sorry for the long winded post!
  4. My latest pickup. It's a P320 X-Five Legion. It pairs nicely with my wife's P320 X-Compact!
  5. It's a beaut Clark! Love my 4" 686 Plus!
  6. That's what he mentioned....a COE. Thank you very much for your help.
  7. I asked my LGS about the process of transferring my daughter's rifle into my name. He said all I need to do is go to the NJSP website and choose transfer between immediate family with NICS exemption. The only thing I see there says Transfer of handgun to immediate family. Nothing about long guns. Do I use the same form? It's asking for a FARS confirmation number for a permit, but I shouldn't need a permit for a long gun.
  8. Was looking into getting something like this for my Canik TP9SFX. https://45blast.com/products/canik-tp9sfx-compensator I'm not sure what the law is regarding putting a compensator on a pistol. I know it's okay on a rifle as long as it's welded on. I see guns for sale with threaded barrels all the time here, but not too many guns with compensators for sale.
  9. I've got my eye on either a Sig P320 X-Five Legion or the new S&W M&P 2.0 10mm. My ultimate prize is a Beretta 92X Performance but I'm not ready to drop 15 hundred on it.
  10. Eventually we will get her one of her own. When that happens, I'll probably take everything off and just put a Romeo 5 on it. But for now, she wants to be able to shoot mine.
  11. You're very right. She's a keeper!
  12. Tell me about it. Especially with a wife who's goal is to see how many range days she can cram into a month.
  13. We've had a Smith & Wesson SW22 Victory and/or a Walther PPQ 22 on our radar for a while now actually. We'll eventually own one (or both).
  14. Wife had an M&P Shield 2.0 in 9mm for a little bit but she hated shooting it so she ended up consigning it.
  15. Yep. I posted it over there last week I think lol
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