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  1. PK90- sorry, I should have been more clear. The Python is already paid in full. What 1911 is that? Thanks
  2. " If it's to control muzzle rise, then what you want is a compensator." very true! I should have been more clear. I guess I'm actually looking for a comp. "hybrids make noise" ha ha haaa
  3. Just all around. Maybe one that helps keep the muzzle down a bit more than others. As far as recoil reduction... 5.56 dosent produce much recoil really.
  4. Hi all. So... on a whim, I ordered a new 2020 Python 4" model. Then I got to thinking- do I really need another Python? There are a few other things that I really do want, so here we go. It's brand new- in fact, I haven't even picked it up from my FFL yet! I'm looking for a high end large format AR in 308 or 6.5 Creedmoor. Really interested in a JP lrp-07, JP lri-20, or LMT, but am open to others. Also into high end 1911s, or any nice pistols or rifles, cool old stuff, or high end glass, etc. Can do trade +/- cash Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, What do you guy think is the best all around muzzle brake for ARs? I'm putting together a new upper and need a muzzle device. I run a Battlecomp 1.0 on my other rifle, and like it, but was thinking changing it up. Was looking at the VG6 Precision Gamma but am open to other ideas. Thanks!
  6. Not sure if you'd be interested but someone on snipershide.com has an agency glock 17 posted for sale/trade.
  7. Hi all. I'm looking for a Mega (pre Zev) AR10 platform receiver set with the monolithic upper. If you have one or know of one for sale, please hit me up. Thanks!
  8. "Maybe referring to the in-frame, key-locking feature you would see over the cylinder release" Yup! That's exactly what pre-lock means. It is more desirable (to some people like me) to have ones without the lock. "Congrats, that's gorgeous. Love S&W revolvers " Thanks all! I have to clean and polish her up a little, but its a nice revolver. Trigger is smooth and clean. Look forward to getting it out to the range!
  9. Hey all, just wanted to share. For a while now I've been searching for a S&W 686 with a 5 inch barrel and a fluted cylinder. This proved to be difficult, but the quest is over! Here is my new to me 686 sporting a 5 inch barrel, fluted cylinder, and Hi-Viz sights. It's the plus model, so she's a 7 shot. And, icing on the cake, she's PRE-LOCK! I may swap our the grips. Any recommendations? Enjoy!
  10. Thanks! It feels great in the hand. The X pattern is very grippy while not abrasive. People online compare it a lot to the Glock 19, but I think it's much closer to a Sig 229- but way better... not as square or chunky. Also, it feels like I can get my grip higher up on the gun so it sits lower in my hand. If I ever get a minute to get out to the range, I'll do a full write up for you guys.
  11. Did they ever leave? Wasn't Newark the car jacking capital of the world for, like, a decade?
  12. PK90- Thanks. Yeah, I'm ok with used or going to a plus model. I just don't dig the atheists of the non-fluted cylinder.
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