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  1. Hey guys- thanks for the replies. My needs are very well covered, heck, most of my wants are too... I mean, these are all "wants" pistols anyway. Mostly anything I buy these days is for range fun or honestly, because I think they are pretty. I have lots of the standard 22/9mm/45/38/357s. Have Pythons, 686's, 1911's (45, 38 super & 9mm). Lots of HK German plastic, some antique-ish 32/380s... don't have any big bore revolvers which is why I was drawn to the Anaconda, then I saw the other two. All three are on my "someday" list, and as the gods would have ot, the all came up for sale at the same time! Thanks everyone!
  2. Hey all. So a friend of a friend is selling off his duplicates from a HUGE collection. Before they go to gunbroker he is giving us first crack at them. The guns im interested on ate a Colt Anaconda 6 inch in 45 LC, an Ed Brown Kobra Carry on 9mm, and a Smith & Wesson 952 performance center "master piece" 9mm. He wants roughly the same price for them, but I can only buy one... so what would you buy and why? They are all new in box with paperwork Thanks
  3. Hey all, I have one permit left and am looking for for something to use it on. So, what do you have for sale or trade? Let me know what you have and how muc/ what you want for it and maybe we can work something out. I like 1911's, most things Colt, Sig, or HK, S&W revolvers, maybe a .22 or something old... who knows what will strike my fancy. thanks
  4. Hi guys, I have a pistol permit to use and was looking to trade a NIB Noveske NSR upper for a pistol (straight up or +/- cash). This upper has never been mounted to a lower. Its in the box with all the goodies. Here are the specs: Noveske AR-15 Light Recce Lo-Pro A3 Upper Receiver Assembly 5.56x45mm https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1017289036 Don't have anything particular in mind... I like German plastic, colt snake guns, revolvers, 1911's, etc... let me know what you have to trade and maybe we can work something out. I'm in Bergen County. Thanks
  5. Hi guys, Just checking in to see what handgun permit times are looking like now. I applied on 03/29/2021. I received the email stating that my references had completed the questionnaire on 04/01, but as of now I have not gotten an email or phone call about them. About 4-5 months ago, my friend in a different town applies and got his in under a week. Last time I applied it took less that 3 weeks, but that was when they were still using the paper permits. Any thought? Thanks!
  6. If this was a 6 inch bbl, I would be all over this, but being a 4 inch, I would probably do something stoopid... like shoot it... Beautiful peice.
  7. Awesome price (especially now ). If I was in your area I would buy this.
  8. Hi guys, Up for sale is an old skool Sig 229 9mm in the blue box. Gun is the beautiful two-tone blue frame and stainless steel slide. It is marked Exeter, NH frame made in Germany. This is a great shooting, very accurate pistol. They don't make them like this anymore! Comes with 6 mags- 4 are Sig marked made in Germany. 2 are Mecgar. Some of the mags are new. Comes with a soft clip style holster and new Wolf recoil spring. I used to really enjoy shooting this gun but ever since I got Lyme disease it bothers my wrist to shoot. Asking $1500 o/bo. I'm in bergen County. Can meet at ffl within a reasonable distance or we can work out shipping. Must have pistols permit, fid card etc. Transfer must be through ffl. First ill take it gets it. Thanks
  9. My July bill was roughly double my average bill, then August was back to normal. Could be covid related or that we were home more and used the ac a lot more.
  10. I like Rand clp. Works great, lasts long, is non toxic, and dosent really smell like anything. Also, for heavy carbon/ fouling, just let it sit in there for a day or two and it tends to loosen up the gunk pretty well. CLP 4 oz. | RAND CLP https://randclp.com/product/clp-4-oz/
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