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  1. I’m a law abiding citizen with a clean record my entire life. Have responsibly owned firearms for decades and my right to defend myself and my family wherever I go in our state should not be denied any longer. I’ll be initiating the CCW process by first reaching out to my local PD to see if they have gotten any guidance. In addition, I’ll be asking my local range on what they have heard. Lastly, I'm going to reach out to my attorney to assist me on successfully applying for my CCW. The state will continue to delay and play their games until we all apply so they have no choice but address to abide todays wonderful ruling.
  2. Interesting....I hear where you guys are going with this.....so what is the typical duration for a decision to be published after oral arguments are heard? I need to google when IL changed their laws (I believe it was after the Heller case) ..... I have a few buddies there and their CCW law used to be like NJ, now they issue CCW permits if you pass the background checks and safety courses..... In the meantime......I'm going to send an email to my state district legislator to initiate steps to start repealing NJ's current law after the SCOTUS opinion is posted...
  3. just curious......if SCOTUS rules in our favor....what would be the course of events that would take place so we can get CCW permits issued in NJ..... - would the current state law that we need to demonstrate urgent necessity to carry be null and void? - do we have to wait for the current law to be revised and passed by NJ's legislatures and the gov to sign it before submitting our applications?
  4. Lu6973

    Ruger Mini-14

    Thanks....just picked up my Mini-14 from Shooters....and just received my 10 rd mags from Rugers that I ordered online.
  5. Lu6973

    Ruger Mini-14

    Thanks, sent a PM to remixer. I don't mind driving to Englishtown Yeah.. I searched in gunbroker..really interested in a new one instead of buying used.
  6. Lu6973

    Ruger Mini-14

    thanks to all.... placing a special order @ Heritage Guild in Branchburg ..... will be waiting for months no doubt, unless someone knows if I can place an order somewhere else and reduce that to weeks..... maybe a large internet seller (like Bud's Gun Shop) and I just use a NJ FFL. Sorry always purchased my firearms in NJ. Looking to get SKU 5801
  7. Lu6973

    Ruger Mini-14

    Used search... not much info .... looking for feedback as I'm looking for an alternative to an AR-15
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