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  1. Im not so sure they "spearheaded" anything... Are they the first to offer a firearm for sale? yes. but the ATF letters have been around for a while now.... They are capitalizing on the situation( i got no problem with that), However it would be important to recognize that literally everything THIS VERY thread pointed out over a year ago was simply confirmed by NJSP... was their "permission" really needed... NO IMO. While people were scared of laws that didn't exist... plenty of people built their own after the information was made public. In fact, this was so black and white that the NJSP simply cited the law word for word. Now its the bickering over if you can build one.... look i didnt need permission to build my rifles from the state police.. so i didn't look for their permission to build a firearm.. the only place i look is the law. What they have done is given the average person confidence they can own one of these... and maybe to a fault. Personally, people are scared of their own shadows around here.... and now that the cat is out of the bag... i wont be too happy in a few years when the state shuts all of this down.
  2. We "cracked" the code over a year ago... Or some rando on Reddit did.. you cannot possibly give them credit for this. People just don't want to believe it. Do I think these firearms are over priced? No. But theyre not what I would build or buy. Do I think its wrong of them to tell people they have to buy from them for it to be legal*? Yes. I think you're leaving out that huge point here... THESE companies have just created all of that nonsense... Not us. People are still reluctant to believe the truth.. and when given the facts resort to being afraid of what NJ will do to them. I don't own a single firearm that is legal because of some letter from the NJSP giving me permission.. they are all legal because they fall within the legal limits of the law.
  3. Im not disagreeing with you... but... What the ATF says doesn't necessarily apply to NJ, as NJ could be more regulated.
  4. Can you qoute the text? And remember this is a response directly to a manufacturer/s. I tried looking but didn't find what you are referring to. Therw are 2 documents in the links.
  5. He was convinced of that, along with illegal magazines and hollow points. The handgun transport convictions were over turned.. while the rest were not. The jury was instructed to ignore parts of the law by a judge.. it was a fiasco... But if we're going to use this example as a reason to be cautious.. then don't bring your guns out of your house.
  6. So then why even attempt a non nfa firearm if youre concerned? I for one will not be afraid of laws that do not exist, or people enforcing laws they have no jurisdiction over. Well, Brian Aitken didn't do himself any favors when he a)openly broke the law and b) found himself trying to argue exemptions to hand gun transportation laws. (Which those convictions were over turned) But again, if this is your fear..then why bother? Do you transport handguns in your car? NJSP don't have a 26" standard to uphold.. so if you are over or under they could still do what ever you think they would do.
  7. only 38 percent of those registered to vote even showed up to the polls And people hated christie because he wasn't progressive enough for NJ.
  8. This is a civil suit... Not a criminal prosecution.. does entrapment even count? If it's a civil suit... The other issue is they argue NFA knew NJ residents can't own what they sold... But the counter argument is the NJSP knew they couldn't own what they were buying either. Another counter argument is the NFA has on their website listed the person buying the magazines is responsible for know if they are legal to own in their state. A basic disclaimer should be enough to subvert any consumer fraud claims.
  9. I'm trying to clear this up, but it doesn't matter how NJ measures it. 26" is a federal issue to by pass the NFA. NJ doesn't have any laws in regards to it being over 26"s Worry about what the ATF would do.
  10. You need to pin and weld a muzzle break on it, but other wise yes. Yeah, im not about to start advising people to build non-NFA firearms, if they can figure out the law and find the posted documents on here and read through our threads then they can make their own decision about it.
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