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  1. Make sure you figure if an FFL with complete the transfer.
  2. Free is free on the fuel side, hard to argue that. But I'm starting to believe in these mini split systems with heat pumps. They are pretty efficient compared to other available options, easy to install and the units aren't more than 2k. I just put one in our basement it's it's fantastic. Plus, it also cools the air, but that's obviously gonna cost more money to run, not that you have to. I think we paid like $1100 for the pioneer 30,000btu model. The only specialty item I needed was a vacuum gauge for charging AC systems, and had a vacuum pump already. You probably have that already for vehicles.
  3. They can't be used to heat a residential structures, including anything attached to the structure. So an attached garage is a no go, but you can use one in a residential detached garage or shop etc. The EPA has come down hard on heating systems across the board from nat gas, wood and also these waste oil burners.. so I'm not surprised it's hard to find parts for a 10+ year old model. My wood stove isn't even EPA certified anymore and it was bought brand new in 2017.
  4. Has any of that a actually changed their bottom line? Or are they just adding to it?
  5. It should, but the clause is muddy with the legislature component, almost like they just gave them the ability to choose what is and isn't universally accepted. Just like marriage licenses required a federal law of universal acceptance. It's apparently not "defacto" by their reasoning. I dont agree with it, I'm just kinda pointing out how it's been applied over the years.
  6. But the Full Faith and Credit clause is constitutional. It's not about a "right" in that sense, but the idea that goverment issued documents are to be accepted, universally by all states.
  7. I've never seen a topic so twisted. Keep in mind, Doctors and Lawyers even CPA accountants also hold certifications/licenses to practice ONLY in the state they have been credentialed. I beleive the Full Faith and Credit clause allows for interstate reciprocity, but requires legislative effort. Unfortunately, for the foreseeable future Bruen has already crushed that.
  8. Gun broker got stupid. People pushed the prices way too high on many calibers. On top, people want you to pay a premium for them to clean it... So yeah, it may be cheaper to shoot and collect your own depending.
  9. It's been shown that we have nearly zero long term care facilities for mentally ill people unless they are committed for crimes. All of them have been mostly closed down, short term facilities replaced them where people like this guy are let go after 2 weeks because they have no compelling need or reseources to hold him. There are supposed to be levels of care that now just fall on the individual to follow up with. It would be up to the individual to continue any form of care. Thats not inherently bad, and doesn't indicate a "broken" system. What is clear, there seems to be little continuity between state and national sytemes for background checks and mental health records.
  10. When I got started in the hobby electric really started to pick up, it was incredibly convenient even with the charging discharging and storage issues of lipos. But those challenges are still around today entirely due to the chemistry. Turbines are nuts considering the associate cost, we have large EDFs now running on 10 and 12 cell lipos. I have a kit P-51 that will eventually run on 12s, 44.4v battery. To this day I still have not fully created a safe solution to storing these batteries. I have them in fire safe bags and charge outdoors, but I still store them in a less than ideal location for tempature reasons, and still see pack degradation in the off season at storage charge. It's always been a point of caution when a battery goes dead, you can try and save it in the short term, but its better to just replace it. @Scorpio64 do you have any soldering skills? Those cells can usually be replaced fractions of the cost if they are easily accessible. It's ussually just a 18650 battery in series.
  11. I've been using these batteries for model airplanes for over a decade now. Which is why I often get a chuckle when people talk about the convenience of electric power. Like everything, they are great when they work as intended.
  12. It's should either be a LIPO or LifePO4, very different with respect to charge parameters. Lipo is 4.2 max, and typical cutoff should be about 3.4 volts. However, that cut off is also dependant on load when the circuit cuts. So if it cuts a 3.4v under load, the battery will rest at about 3.5. I keep my lipos above 3.7 volts for longevity. The "industry standard" is 3.7v per cell when buying a lipo battery. The only times I've seen this deviate is with power tools to put a bigger volt number on the product.
  13. That's an incredibly high nominal voltage per cell. It's confusing because Echo has a number of 56v and 58v batteries. Hard to tell when there is no industry standard. Almost every battery I have used its 3.8 or 3.7. I know dewalt uses 4v per cell... @Scorpio64 have you had a chance to open in and count the cells?
  14. If you get this to work, it might just barely work. 48v is still pretty dead for a battery fully charged at 63v. It's a 15 cell pack, so your looking at 3.2v per cell. Which might still be below low voltage cutoff. Definitely agree on the lowest amp charging possible. There should be a low voltage cut off, why your charge got so low could be a number of factors. But keep in mind, the battery may never fully recover and could be a potential hazard when charging. Most of these batteries already don't like to be stored full or empty.
  15. I think we're wearing thin on the ideology of these proxy wars in general.
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