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  1. Overkill. A virus is hundreds of thousand times larger than organic vapor.
  2. Actually, NJ just passed a law that all imitation firearms are illegal. That would be all airsoft BB and similiar non-firearm like guns
  3. Air fryer is definitely the next best thing to hit kitchens. We did wings at a friends house, wow soo good. Very crispy and ready for your own sauce. I had my doubts at first, but I'm a believer in them now.
  4. I would love to see a state do this with driving licenses. Too bad no one gots the balls.
  5. IMO.. if it is pinned like a stock would be, it's just as permanent then. But there are no official statements on it.
  6. I believe it would be the same exact thing, it falls under manufacturing. Just consider this, the ATF was playing around with wether or not cerakoting a firearm would be considered manufacturing.... crazy... but they have guidelines as to what is considered gunsmithing vs manufacturing... you can bet that anytime a firearm changes classification it will be considered manufacturing.. where as the replacement modificarion or exchange of existing parts is gunsmithing. That's why there is an 03 and 07 FFL difference.
  7. An FFL cannot just add a VFG, reclassifying the pistol as an "other firearm". That falls under manufacturing and an 07 FFL would need to follow the law regarding that.
  8. People are fucking useless if they cant say what store is doing this. NJSP said you cant make ANY "other firearm" from a stripped reciever... I can paint "other firearm" on any lower and get the same result. Doesnt change what really matters, and that's how its transferred. In fact this FFL is openly promoting exactly what the NJSP said not to do. Black rain doesnt sell a lower receiver like that, the legally cant. The ATF would shut them down if they started selling lower receivers transferred or marked as something other than "reciever". And who writes "pistol" or "rifle" on their lowers, or any reciever? No one. Which just goes to show how stupid it is to think you need it marked "other" Doesn anyone know what FFL this is? I would love to give them a call. IMO, you would be crazy to try and build one of these relying on information from a Gun store.. there gonna get some one arrested.
  9. What are they transferring them as then, if not "other firearm"? that's the only way to transfer a stripped lower... Legally, I can make that receiver into anything if it follows NJ law, even if I signed a nonbinding agreement to not make one.
  10. I dont get it. They need to be transferred as receivers.. as they came in the door. The ATF would have a field day with a book carrying discrepancies like that.
  11. They didn't have much of a choice, really. Who was going to buy one if they all came from the factory with defects in the finish. To me, it's just a bit of insight into the corners being cut or attempted. While i expect they fixed the issue with the polishing jig... i doubt they will continue to inspect each one before leaving for overall finish.
  12. "We have since implemented strict Quality inspections" Kinda Says a lot right there...
  13. You can do it, but like I said you need to find an 07 ffl that will do it for you and put their name on it. If you were capable of buying it as a pistol, which you cant in NJ, you could do it yourself.
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