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  1. My ariens professional 28" was throwing 2' of that wet snow 15-20'. Worth every damn penny.
  2. Don't lie. Just make their lives difficult. My first response to such a question would be why they want to know. The PD cleared you for legal gun purchases/ownership. To what purpose do they need to know what guns you're buying? I would then tell them I don't feel comfortable publicly stating the number and types of firearms I own.
  3. Whaaaa? Dude, I have at least 7 days of food just from food shopping every week. THEN probably another 1-2 weeks of non perishables of canned food and other stuff. We hit Costco once a month and bulk buy meats and fish, and freeze. 4 days of food isn't even prepared for a normal week, let alone an impending disaster.
  4. Yeah, Im almost inclined to stop coming to forum until its fixed, it's taking a solid minute to load a single page.
  5. Hopefully the line men are staying safe until the storm blows over, even if it sucks waiting. My friend has been without power since 930am
  6. We have our 2 dogs on Petfirst pet insurance, I'm not sure of the exact details but I believe we get up to 5,000 per incident, 100 dollar deductible for 75 a month. It's already paid for itself for a few years, we submit documents on line and they send us a check in the mail.
  7. A friend of mine bought the router kit for the 80% lowers, he's trying to get me to buy a bunch of lowers and take a weekend trip to his Maine house to complete them. Im still iffy on doing it, but if I do I think im going to find a way to imprint Serial numbers, I just need a few letters and numbers N J S U C K S #, yeah that should do it. He did the Glock 17 80% too, but I agree there is no cost savings. I'd rather just buy the real deal.
  8. aint no one around here got time for that... Buy an SBR upper and slap it on a complete lower.
  9. Much appreciated, I might only need a few things, but I'm using that as an excuse to buy tools.
  10. It wasn't meant as a personal attack. In fact as i said earlier I do consider you intellectual, unfortunately i hold people with brains and their opinions to a higher standard. Unfortunately, the effect of manipulation is two fold, not necessarily getting people to believe in your views, but to get people to listen in the first place. The fact is, the more you appear to go against everyone values here, the less people will be willing to listen to you. Think of all those who have already blocked you here. In turn, the more people that hash out against a reasonable person, the more they look discreditable themselves.
  11. Be it my nature, but i have to second guess this epiphany. Is it to say that AVB never heard these arguments before? Was his original opinion formed through close examination of the issues on both sides? I can appreciate someone taking new facts and applying them, but why were they omitted to begin with? Honestly, I do find AVB to be intellectual, which make this entire conversation questionable at best. He writes walls of text, which means he would be someone who fancies reading.... but he seems to focus all of his reading with left leaning ideologies, many of which end up posted here. Secondly, AVB do you sill believe that banning an AR-15 wouldn't be an infringement on the 2A, as you stated originally? I'm not saying this is what's going on, but AVB depends on people believing he is credible in his opinion. Otherwise we would just write him off moving forward. It's a technique in manipulation, something we often see our politicians do when they start to lose support.
  12. Is it your suggestion that he was looking for enlightenment? or was he the one trying to do the enlightening? I think most of us know the answer to that.
  13. You can't be open to discussing any issue when you speak in absolutes, like AVB. I don't assume he wasn't looking for the counter argument, he didn't leave room for one is his OP. This OP wasn't created to discuss any idea, it was to push an ideology already formed, that banning AR-15's will solve an issue, and that in order to do it, we will trick people by letting them keep what they already own. That this is somehow NOT an attack on our 2@ rights.
  14. Why is it, did you not consider the counter argument before posting the original article here? As an intellect, wouldn't it be prudent to do your due-diligence prior to starting a conversation? or worse yet contribute your biased opinion? We are all still waiting for your opinion as to why rifles should be regulated as a response to this situation? why the conversation is more important to YOU, then say a conversation about the check and balances of our system that failed so miserably. You say you want to ban Assault rifles becuase its obvious we cant rely on the government to keep them out of the hands on lunatics.... well genius wouldn't they be the ones instituting that ban? If they cant keep track of people getting background checks, DO YOU REALLY THINK THEY WILL CONTROL THE BLACK MARKET!? I will offer up an example, Fast and Furious. THAT is the result when you entrust the government to track illegal weapons.. BRAVO! You are in support of more government failure.... BRAVO!