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  1. How is it even possible to seat a bullet to the same ogive when dies only seat based on COAL, wouldn't the results be the same? The only way to get consistent seating depth is with consistent bullet heads. That is based on the fact your bullets have different lengths. I'm just confused on what the question is here. Your ogive, once measured tells you how deep to seat the bullet, and that gives you your coal. If the bullet heads are different sizes, the size difference is either at the bullet seat depth, or ogive. And since dies seat to COAL, the only option is for variable seating depth. It's worth mentioning that you will probably only see a typical 20-30 fps difference in bullet speed with those variances. Set your dies up using the median size that u measured, this way if there is a .009 spread, then your only +- .0045
  2. The laws says if you change addresses you file for a change of address. When you apply for a change of address you are applying for a new FPID and permits if you want them. SO, all background checks and references are normal. Any time your PD processes a permit or FPID they do the standard procedure. I believe, even if you lost it and needed it replaced you would do the same.
  3. I think NJ uses part-year residence as a term to clarify taxing purposes. The only way to establish residency in NJ is to meet the criteria for being a resident. Only residents can be issued a drivers license. AND you cant buy a handgun in a state you are not a resident of.
  4. Then he would have to establish residency in NJ. ESPECIALLY if he wants to buy a handgun here. There is no such thing as a part time resident in NJ. Isnt that a federal law?
  5. I think Palmetto had some for a good price, federal m855 http://palmettostatearmory.com/lake-city-m855-5-56x45-1000rd-bulk-package.html
  6. I use one on my waterfowl shotgun, works great. Came free when I purchased my A400, had nothing to lose. I just wish they had a better mount for the shotgun barrel.
  7. I'm pretty sure you can just use your Driver's license from your home state. They do give IDs to non-resident.
  8. I got into a rather heated debate when I moved into my new home last year with both a detective and the records woman at the PD... They wouldn't allow me to apply with out my Driver's license, with the correct address. Wouldn't take anything else, maybe the DMV no drivers license ID card. 13:54-1.4 Applications for a firearms purchaser identification card and for a permit to purchase a handgun (a) Every person applying for a firearms purchaser identification card or for a permit to purchase a handgun shall furnish such information and particulars as are set forth in the application form designated STS-33
  9. I believe the law states you need a license with your current address on it to apply for a FPID. I'm curious if they would put your out of state residence on the FPID. You don't have to be a resident of NJ to get a FPID so there must be a way. When you go to buy the gun it is not the same requirement.
  10. Dude the new cr-v is fast and handles great! its a 7 speed turbo charged,I was shocked at how fast it is... if your contemplating buy a new one after you check out your current one, definitely test drive it. It is light years a head of the older models.
  11. We just picked up the new cr-v, the old one from 2004 was in the same state. Needed new AC condenser and some other parts, the cost to fix was more then the trade in value. See what the trade in value is. The car will probably last a little longer, so if your scrapped for a new car payment/s it might worth to fix.
  12. Well, interestingly enough.... don't you basically have to do all of that anyway? If you want opioids you have to go to your doctor, a prescription is basically a permit to own a regulated substance. Im not sure how long a prescription note is good for, but definitely not forever. The bottle your given is only good for the amount prescribed, if you want more you have to go back to doctor for refill. You can't give your medication to anyone else legally. You doctored is licensed through the DEA and State to prescribe, like an FFL. I see many similarities here already..
  13. That's not stepping on federal law, its simply expanding it.
  14. Stepping on federal law?
  15. I just came to post that, lead is now down to only 13 percent. Take into consideration nothing had really happened campaign wise for Kim, people are starting to pay attention to the race now... No body wants higher taxes, well except the ones not paying taxes.