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  1. Red loctite!!! I've used it on many slides and it's like frigging glue... I've actually had a test fitment perfect and applied red loctite and couldn't get it all the way centered. Was a bitch to get back off and refit. Hasn't moved since.
  2. Anyone seeing shortages yet in NJ? Sounds like the southern states are having the biggest issues. I was under the impression NJ has refineries in the immediate area.
  3. I think it's the licensing requirement required by law, one is a medical doctor the other us not. 13:54-1.6 Exception for physical disability, mental disorder or alcoholism A permit or identification card may be issued to a person who had previously suffered from a physical defect or disease, or mental disorder, or was an alcoholic if the applicant provides a certificate of a medical doctor or psychiatrist licensed in New Jersey, or other satisfactory proof that he or she is no longer suffering from that particular disability in such a manner that it would interfere with or handicap him or her in the handling of firearms. Other satisfactory proof is highly subjective, and people have said on here before that PDs aren't willing to use psychologists reports...
  4. I dont believe a psychologist will be able to get this done for you. You need a licensed psychiatrist, per law. I beleive. In any event, don't tell them you want to buy guns or get a license for firearms. Tell them you would like an mental health evaluation and that you require a formal statement of their findings. If they want to know why, ask them if it would change their willingness to be impartial to the results of their findings. The second you mention guns it seems these people say no thanks find someone else.
  5. Might have a problem there....
  6. Perfectly legal. As long as you don't don't take the stock off and keep it around as a "part". Many people have ar15's and "others".
  7. This applies to Maryland, the state legislation banned them. Just like folding or collapsable stocks. I'm waiting to see what they do over the federal ban.
  8. If ths courts have let the NFA stand, why would this be any different FOR Maryland? It would make more sense if they heard the case in regards to the federal ban. Yet, even that I'm doubtful of.
  9. Where will you be if you stay in the field 20 or 30 years from now? Will it be worth the sacrifice? Thst should answer whether or not its worth staying. I'm getting a master degree in accounting right now, free time online through a well known accredited university. I dont even know what I'm gonna do with it, but options are good to have. I've got ideas for my future, and degrees open doors. Not all degrees, but certain ones.
  10. His other listings don't look too bad... maybe it was a goof, I mean I wouldn't pay any of those prices, but noo one would pay for those 2.
  11. Work smart, not hard.
  12. How thick is the pad gonna be? I poured 100bags worth of 3 footings and a landing pad myself, it's a rediculous amount of work mixing two bags at a time in a mixer. I'm guessing those estimates are for the complete job? Escavation, prep and pouring. If you can cut out the contractors and prep the pad yourself, I'm guessing that cuts 3/4 off the price. But if you did the project from start to finish I thinks that like 180+ bags of 80lb mix just for a 4' think pad. I would be doing a min of 6" if it's that large.
  13. It took me a minute of spinning my phone around in circles until I noticed the antlers. lol. I have browning stickers right on my reloading bench, among others I constantly see.
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