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  1. I would be more worried about it causing a malfunction.
  2. Does this surprise you? A Federal officer wasting government based resources, and screwing the little guy at the same time....
  3. They won't. The judiciary is going to press the legislator to cut them from the process. There will be no stream lining anything, our courts barely operate as is with respect to their normal volume of cases/hearings.
  4. Why not just shoot .40? If over penetration is a concern, why essentially take a .40 and throw more power behind it?
  5. Why would you want to fill the tip with something that would alter the ballistics of the bullet in a way that is not predictable? Sure you could fill the tip with a polymer, will it still expand though? At least manufactured ammo will have adequate testing. Critical defense/duty, was not filled to make it "non hollow point", it was done to INCREASe expansion upon passing through heavy materials that would clogg the tip and prevent expansion... and here were are talking about doing just that on purpose?
  6. What extensive testing are you referring? Critical duty/ defense is designed specifically with the shortcomings of traditional hollow points in mind. It's not the best expanding, but it also won't overpenetrate. There is no bad or good defensive round depending on the application/situation.
  7. I was on it last week? They've been sending me emails too, to sign up.
  8. What is the benefit woth ANJRPC? As a member I'm interested and was looking at US Law and Sheild.
  9. It's hard to make blanket statements here with agreement to restrictions. There are obviously some that are understandable, court houses, property owner discretion. Not ALL public buildings, transportation, handgun limits etc.
  10. No one is discussing the permit number on the card. This is nothing more than the state seeking to take control over our rights, considering there is no logical reason from someone carrying ANY firearm as long as they are in possession of a permit to carry. Your serial numbers can be traced to you, but not how you think. There is no "easy" way to track them since NJ does not utilized a centralized registry. Not sure how that applies to the new law passed for people moving in out of state. But for now, even if a cop wanted to know if you owned a firearm they would have to go through a number of hoops before landing on a form with your name and a serial number. They cannot simply look up a serial number and find your name next to it.
  11. Not sure what you're saying? You're arguing the government should register every gun you own because your DL has a number on it? Your DL doesn't say which cars you can drive, as long as they are "passanger vehicles". In fact you can drive any vehicle legally owned by you or anyone without being charged as "unlicensed".
  12. Which makes zero sense. The approval date of the application, is not the same as the issuance date of the permit. I would contended with the courts that they are falsifying records. At the very least the permit is only issued when a judge signs it. IF the above were to remain, then we could argue we can carry once the permit is approved by the PD if they are back dating the issue date of permits.
  13. I would add that a background check is an administrative process that the judiciary is told was completed through approval of a application. ANY PD being requested this information should do what was done prior and refuse.
  14. 1998? Things are much different now. NICS... is INSTANT.. The only reason it takes long in NJ is because they made it, even then it's only max a couple days at its worst. Pre pandemic, NJ NICS took an hour or two. That argument wouldn't fly anymore if challenged.
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