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  1. It's an accessory, there's no paper to be had. This would be like requesting permission to put a light on your pistol. The paper you have for your "other" doesn't make it legal anyway. It's not a legally binding document.
  2. What is your application? There are stand alone illuminators from great companies that are more than half the price, and go well beyond 100 yards. Surefire makes the v1 vampire that was tested to 150yards and is well under 300 bucks.
  3. I would be careful with using HP data for round nose. The bullet profile and seating depth can have a big affect on pressure. Make sure the bullet length and OAL would provide a similar seating depth before proceeding. This will ensure proper case volume when using the same charge data. Golden rule... reduce min load by 10% and work up.
  4. There is no way you will squibb a round that falls within lead load data. Keep in mind, all else equal, lead bullets will have less pressure and move faster at the same charge than an FMJ. Theoretically, you should have more pressure for cycling, but the bullet will move slower. You can run plated with a higher charge and jacketed even more due to the bullet maintaining Integrity at higher pressure, and no worries about fouling the barrel, velocities may not be significantly faster though.. The term "gas check" is used to describe when the gases get a head of the bullet when too much pressure blows passed the rifling. At high pressure, lead doest seal as well against the rifling as plated, and plated less than fmj. You are on the low side for FMJ, but that just means it will be a minor load, very soft shooting. Depending on your recoil spring it may Fail to cycle worse case, and accuracy may be bad, or good.. never know till you try. You are supposed to run plated bullets with lead data. So that would be a starting charge if it were me.
  5. Steer clear of motley fool. They always parade around about their "best" advice... I've never been impressed with their track record. You don't need these investment advisors to help you, they simply track which sectors are trading well each day and jump on a few well performing stocks... in essence they are chasing the trends most of the time. That's not how you play stocks. If you want to trade stocks and be successful, you really need to dive into a specific sector and spend time reading about it each day to see what companies are doing, and what they are marketing. If there are regulations being imposed, and if companies are having issues. This is where it's super helpful to read about a companies profile and financial statements because you can see who is actually profitable. Montley fool stands out as a pump and dump type scheme, to me at least.
  6. If you're not ready for anything, then you're ready for nothing.... The boys scouts had it right, always be prepared.
  7. https://www.ar15.com/forums/armory/77gr_Sierra_TMK_loads_/42-458016/
  8. For the MRO? No, actually you would gain significant improvement. The parallax issue is more specifically from "odd" position shots where you cant get being the reticle on center. Like laying on the ground. The MRO suffers when the dot is at the extremes of the glass, from POI. Within the middle majority of the glass the red dot is still on POI like every other red dot. Using a magnifier will place you more appropriately on center since it WILL have parallax limitations to even see through it. The dots always increase in size with magnification, a 2moa dot at 3x is 6moa. A 1moa dot at 3x is, 3moa. moa doesn't change at distance. 1moa is roughly 1inch every 100 yards.. its an angle thing. so a 6moa dot would cover a 12" plate/target at 200 yards. If you maintain proper cheek weld and treat it like any other optic with parallax its irrelevant. I find the benefit with the MRO is the field of view. I would take the MRO with worse parallax than an aimpoint pro that gives me tube vision.
  9. 77gr won't fit into a standard ar15 magazine, but they will chamber by hand with long ogive. The hornady 75 grains don't even fit. The 73gr hornady eld bullets are the heaviest substitutes that fit, they were developed specifically for ar15 mags. Those 69 grains will run max oal to fit your armags.
  10. Did you really think that question through and think an ffl would ever do that? First, the less obvious ... You cannot remove a stock from a rifle and transfer it as a rifle. The FFL would be redefining the statutory definition of the weapon to no longer meet the requirements of a rifle. A stock must be attached to it. The more obvious, Not to mention the FFL would be idiotic to let any weapon leave their premises that isn't documented as having compliance work done when required. There is no FFL that would ever do something like this. They could put a fixed stock on, and give you the non-compliant one detached. I have seen it done... But even then most places wouldn't do that in fear you would simply put it back on. What will they tell the ATF when they walk in the door holding a non complaint rifle that they transferred? Will they at least offer documentation the rifle was legal when it left? Or they simply gave the illegal parts separately to the customer?
  11. This stuff is in stock everyday. If you need plinking ammo better scoop some up.
  12. Yeah stock shoes are really just meant for flat driveways there so short.
  13. Could be the surface he was clearing. Aluminum is super soft. So many aftermarket options these days with composites if you need that, the Arians shoes flip over once you wear them out so you get 2x the life. Yet after 4 years of use, they still look barely used.
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