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  1. Been working on my deck all summer, it's been NOT fun with the weather, either way to hot in the sun or rain.. The last two days were amazing and I was able to get the Trex Rainescape finsihed. Took today to get the siding back on after looking at the forecast and started a couple deck boards. Just in time.
  2. If you can wait, like posted above, Beretta has sales every couple months on mags for under 20 bucks.
  3. Those "cubes" are designed for high end gaming believe it or not. They started getting bigger to mount radiators for liquid cooling and the larger video cards that typically dont fit. I have a Mid Tower from Thermaltake and it might as well be a full tower.
  4. When you buy a prebuilt computer, you are almost always getting cheated out of components somewhere. Remember, many of these pre-builts come with the "chip set" of the component they advertise, but the component itself is usually a cheaper made version. About the only thing that is equal when advertised is the actual processor.
  5. If people weren't so divisive over Trump. A recall could happen. There are more registered democrats than republicans, but there is more registered independents than either alone. Murphy is terrible for NJ and everyone in the middle to right knows it.
  6. https://www.anjrpc.org/?legal_advice Perks of being a member.
  7. I used Bug-B-Gone and it seems to work pretty well. My property back up to a tick haven of woods and tall grass. With two dogs, I only found one last year, and so far only one this year. I also use round up in key locations, like by the over grown grass from the access trail to the power lines to create a barrier of nothingness to the lawn. Property is too big to use cedar mulch, which is a great bug repellant.
  8. You don't need a wiring kit, any 12 volt operated cam can have the "lighter adapter" cut off and spliced into a 12 volt source either in the fuse box or behind the dash... just pick something that turns off when the car is off. That adapter allows you to draw power from your battery when the car is parked and prevents it from killing the battery.
  9. I mean, their oral arguments are basically whats written in the briefs.
  10. Im pretty sure this is normal. Think of it as an indictment hearing, to determine if there is merit for trial. It would be nice to get an answer now, and it seems trivial to go through all this effort for an injunction when the courts could just use the time to figure out if the law is even constitutional. This means it went well. ANJRPC's oral argument was enough to convince a judge that their case has merit, and the state failed to convince the Judge that they do. Moving forward with a "full blown hearing" is a good thing. If anything it means that the states argument was so weak, the judge is giving them a extension to find something to argue.
  11. I've been running a DOD tech LS370W for 2 years now, and its pretty damn good. It sits in front of my rearview and I cant really see it from the drive seat. Look for something that has the updated sony sensors. Most dash cams are separated in their night vision/recording clarity. A decent dash cam will run you upwards of $200
  12. Would you like some Glock with that RDS? Haha.
  13. Hit up gun broker and find a deal on just a frame. Then build it out.
  14. you can order anything you want for an upper. Just know that you could be in illegal possession of something until its pinned.