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  1. I don't agree with taking guns first, asking questions second... The fortunate part is that a judge has to rule of the confiscation first, then they have to uphold it after for permanent removal... THEN their ruling has to withstand various higher court appeals. You may think they would CYA and error on the side of caution... but they also have to worry about cases being overturned and states/counties getting the shit sued over civil rights violations if there is little proof to support confiscation. Give it another year or two and these Red flag laws will create such an incredible mess in the justice system they are going to be forced to fix it. If these people had the foresight now, they would be very careful in who they take guns from. Just look at CA, they probably already have a class action lawsuit in the brewing over their ammo laws.
  2. Not gonna lie, I know a family personally that could benefit from this.
  3. Level III steel plates will not stop even m193... Standard 55grain bullets consistently.. I'm aware of the standard ratings which is why I mentioned it. Who else would be buying level III if not for the purpose of stopping standard rifle rounds? Like I said manufacturers came up with the Lvl III+, and I said check with them,whet they are capable of.. and that the point was to include the standard 5.56 rounds. If the plates surpass lvl 3 ratings then why would it be BS marketing? A plate doesn't have to stop 5.56 to meet lvl 3 requirements. Many people don't understand that that rating are based on the round and the energy it carries when it hits the plate, and that it doesn't even have to stop all of the rounds, I don't remember what the acceptable failure rate is.
  4. Why would you be upset that you can get an extra thick coating that will take more rounds before failing? Have you measured the thickness between the two companies? Edit. I just looked and Spartan does a buildup coat too, and they suggest you get the plates with it. https://www.spartanarmorsystems.com/blog/encapsaloc-fragmentation-mitigation-antispall-body-armor-coating-spartan-armor/
  5. level III is tricky... MANY level III steel plates will NOT stop 5.56 check with each manufacture, they came up with the III+ rating for steel that stops it.
  6. Over the ar500 standard coating... or their extra "build up" coating? The ar500 paxcon build up coating is serious... so i'm assuming your referencing their standard base coat.
  7. For Turkey.. all you need is: a spot they are at and is legal to hunt Correct clothing, mostly woodland. A decoy, and you need to be able to call. Extras would be a nice ground blind. Pheasant hunts are fun with friends, I avoid the WMA places like the plague tho.
  8. Easy solution, stop loading 55grain.. lol.
  9. pretty sure she spent her entire military career flying copters in neutral zones.... she most likely never touched a weapon beyond basic training. "Between 1994 and 2004, the U.S. banned the purchase of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, and gun massacres where six or more people died dropped 37%. " I wonder if someone would kindly point out to this dumb ass that all gun related crimes saw a similar decrease, and then some.
  10. Looks like there is very real chance the ATF will start to reel all of this in... another bumpstock fiasco.
  11. We are not in some grey area here. The State police already gave their opinion that the submitted "firearms" are legal, and ANYTHING substantially identical.. I have no doubts that regardless if you had a TROY MM or DS or home built, they will probably take your gun for inspection... because even those listed could be reconfigured to be illegal.. so what does that letter you hand them really do for you? All of this hinges on whether the cop thinks the gun is legal.... I had a cop give me a ticket when i moved because the DMV stopped giving out stickers for licenses, all i had was a print out from the DMV.... So just be aware theyre gonna do what ever they want regardless and let who ever figure it out later. DOES MM EVEN HAVE A LETTER? all i found is DS and TROY.
  12. We all need to look at this with a realistic approach.. Most cops don't know these things are legal... I HIGHLY doubt a piece of paper you hand them will just clear all of that up on the spot... They will take your gun... and figure out if its legal before charging you... which wont happen because... Just don't be the dumbass who gets caught with parts and an AR-15.
  13. Every single one of my AR-15 is home assembled.... Ive been a walking test case for over a decade. I've relied on the same "substantially identical" definition and its worked out just fine for me. I wouldn't own any guns if i was worried about an uniformed LEO putting me in jail for a legal firearm.
  14. Really? Pretty sure the fact these things even exist in this state is enough.... hardly doubt the fact one can be assembled from a transferrable receiver would push them over that edge. The fact is, the state wants these registered through their NICS system... thats it. The fact is, they are legal to build... as outlined in their own letters, no such law states they cannot. The fact is, they outline the legal definition of substantially identical to include anything the resembles by law the firearms given the green light. THE FACT IS, once you build a substantially identical "firearm" it makes zero difference if it was built from a receiver or purchased... A complete home built firearm... is NO DIFFERENT than a MM Firearm.
  15. Why were the cops involved?... sounds like if the boat was being held in placement of an unpaid bill that would be a civil matter.
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