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  1. Wasnt the Nat. Gaurd carrying around empty m-16's?
  2. I am 100% sure people would stand up for what they believe in, even if it means fighting back, even if they knew they would lose. That's kinda like the definition of a martyr, and it doesn't take many to prove point when casualties start hitting the news. Remember, the government folded during the Bundy stand-off when a very small group organized. I don't see anyone looking for trouble, but when it comes knock'n.....
  3. I can appreciate that you vote for what you believe in... but you have made it clear that your votes go to people who do not in fact support the 2A... So saying you support the 2A is nice and all, but it doesn't sound like you actually do support it, specifically where it matters. Maybe in theory you support it, but not in reality. You seem to enjoy firearms, and believe in the second amendment, do not confuse that with supporting it. The judges you most likely helped get into power told all of us that this is not a burden on gun owners, so i'm puzzled as to why they are costing you so much money. I hope you don't see this as insulting, there is a lot of irony in everything you have said per this thread when you contribute to almost all of the reasons it happened in the first place, including reasons as to why it hasn't been struck down in two courts.
  4. Not all your fault, but you vote for anti-gun politicians... So I'm not sure why you're participating in this discussion. This was something you voted for... So I have no idea why youre making it a point to tell us your story, and specifically the expense of new magazines. It's a little insulting personally.
  5. They will sweep it under the rug If they sense you have the resources to fight it, and are an upstanding citizen. They love PTI. Otherwise, you will get screwed.
  6. With all due respect, its people like you in this state why these laws even exist. and I'm sure you will be taking that voting record of yours to which ever gun friendly place you retire to, so you can ruin it for them as well.
  7. How much has he been paid to speak at ANJRPC meetings? All of this had him "selling out" seats over the summer that they had to bring him back for another seminar... I want to know how much ANJRPC has paid him for this. No, we did not need him or any lawyer to tell us what the laws says... It's very obvious what it says, and ANJRPC has its own lawyers in the ranks.
  8. Im not sure if you can, I had a DVD player headunit put in my last car yeaars ago, 2005, and they were requires by law to hardwire the DVD function into the handbrake. It only worked when pulled. Now of course they showed me how to twist two wires together to bypass it... So I'm.not sure how that law they were required to follow might fit in here. https://nj.gov/lps/hts/phone_down_overview.html This all falls under distracted driving.
  9. This just affirms my undeniable distaste for Nappan. I find him to be a little more than a fear mongerer who capitalizes on making people feel extremely scared so he can. Inform them at a small cost.
  10. While directed flawlessly, there is nothing wrong with a little passive aggressive sarcasm to lighten ones day! I feel like the average person today actually gets off on pissing people off.
  11. USPS operates under federal guidelines, they have federal officers. If they want to open it, then yes i would imagine you are correct. If the local police want to open it, they would get a warrant from who ever they normally do(county?). The package is not protected from state level authorities and their jurisdictional powers if they believe there is something illegal within.
  12. but, wouldn't it require one regardless?
  13. If i put them in a USPS box and pay shippage, but don't ship them yet...when does the box become not covered by the 4th?? how long do i have to ship? Im pretty sure that right to search only applies once the USPS has the actual package logged into their shipping system, and it applies to them as the carriers... where as UPS could open the box per their policies. any box in your vehicle that is sealed is subjected to the 4th amendment with its limitations.... Anything in your possession for that matter. I dont follow this line of reasoning, you and your possessions are always covered under the 4th. The USPS must adhere to those rights when they are in possession of your property.
  14. yeah..uh, me too!
  15. What ever happened to that doctor who was caught with an assault weapon in this fine state about a year ago?