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  1. Maybe that's true, but Match bullets are not really cheaper regardless of weight.... 52-77 grain maybe a 1 or 2 cent difference, not including sales. I think anyone with proficiency can see the accuracy differences when they find the correct weight bullet in their rifle, pushed with the correct pressure.. even at 100 yards.
  2. Shorter barrel, no pin muzzle. Easily reversed, but technically permanent.
  3. FYI, You cant stick a pin in the adjustment part of the brace, making it "permanent". Punch out the retaining roll pin for the spring, the small plastic spring seat will fallout, cut an appropriate sized pin to fit in there, re-assemble. epoxy over the roll pin.. done. I threw a Daniel Defense Improved Fashhider on mine, Pretty sure its just an elongated A2. But it's ridiculously good for flash. It was also free for helping assemble a friends AR-15. https://danieldefense.com/daniel-defense-flash-suppressor-assembly.html If i had to buy one, my go to these days is the BCM comps mod 1 and 0.
  4. KAC? Did they stop making civvy AR's? Honestly, these companies aren't doing themselves any favors. They will build and sell these arms for the government, but not for civilians. At least that is the message they are sending. I understand the market is saturated, but people would still buy their rifles over the others if they had their shit together. It really just sounds like they will sell overpriced contracts to the government.. and not much else is worth their time. The only other products they mentioned are handguns that civilians are willing to pay a pretty premium for.
  5. A lot of people funk around with max loads because they never get the velocities they state in manuals. I am a little guilty of this myself... but great care is taken to not go over the max load for any reason. As stated things start to pressurize much quicker with fewer powder added... some types being more forgiving than others. In most my handguns, i get no where near the stated velocities for titegroup. And subsequently they are loaded at max, group great, and have factory velocities.. I hear people have similar issues with CFE in .223.. But i know Titegroup will over pressurize way quicker over max then squeezing out an addition 20fps... clearly not worth the chance. The biggest issue is that pressure can spike quickly with a few tenths of a grain over max, like major spikes, and you only see a marginal increase in velocities. This is why starting low and working your way up will give you the actual "curve" of velocity to powder. And YOU get to see if adding a .1grn of powder is even worth it. My biggest fear with going over max, as others have said, is the accuracy of your loading including your scale.
  6. keep in mind, NJ doesn't necessarily think protecting yourself outside the home is legal. I would never use self-defense as a reason to carry or own a knife...
  7. I hope they try and top the last kill count.
  8. https://www.guns.com/news/2019/09/16/colt-reportedly-to-stop-making-rifles-for-consumer-market Seems like a completely different article than the breitbart "Shooting Illustrated reported that Colt’s rifle line production is occupied, at least for the time being, with outstanding contracts which include orders through police and defense channels."
  9. Makes zero sense... All of their LEO models vs civilian models are nothing more than a m16-trigger pack and Lower receiver... It would cost them near nothing to produce low volume for people who like the name.
  10. It's only illegal If you get caught with it But that would be a easily believed lawful purpose to own them. e.Certain weapons. Any person who knowingly has in his possession any gravity knife, switchblade knife, dagger, dirk, stiletto, billy, blackjack, metal knuckle, sandclub, slingshot, cestus or similar leather band studded with metal filings or razor blades imbedded in wood, ballistic knife, without any explainable lawful purpose, is guilty of a crime of the fourth degree.
  11. It's widely accepted that daggers are doubled edged and come to a symetrical point designed for stabbing.. same with the Dirk.. figured the state would treat any double edge knife with respect to either. You can call it what ever you want, prosecutor won't give a shit. At least with a single edge knife you can argue it's not on the list of banned weapons, provided its not one of the other mentioned.
  12. It was my understanding that double edge blades were flat out illegal in NJ?
  13. So what this guy claims, has been and was already vetted. Regardless of his accusations, not a single person has come forward to claim victim or even corroborate the event. If anything, this current dig at Kav does nothing but hurt the left. They want to impeach him over something already determined to have been baseless. It just serves to piss everyone off on the right, and really makes these people look crazy to the moderate.
  14. I agree. However if you are not immersed in the law and all the ATF opinions, you could find yourself in tough spot here in NJ if the wrong eyes figure out its a home build.
  15. If you never built one before, i don't entirely see the point starting with one of these.. It doesn't have to meet NJ AWB, so you are free to do what you want. This is all in the non-NFA sticky thread at the top of this subforum.
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