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  1. Doesn't matter how much you put down, your monthly payments cant exceed a percentage of the amount of available cash you earn that doesn't go towards paying off any other debts. Like I said, this ain't 2007 anymore. I'm not sure how you know so many people who paid 3.5% for a down payment, but it just increases their monthly payments with mortgage insurance. Yeah the same house costs astronomically more money, but they still have to earn an equal percentage as if they put down 20%. It doesn't change the liability or threshold for making your payments since its factored in. I think people severely underestimate the costs of running a home and keeping up with those costs. Very few people can afford to have someone come fix every little issue that pops up. I would have been out of my house the year I moved in if I wasn't capable. However, being skillful and resourceful has saved me probably 50 grand in my home in the few years I've owned it. That includes pulling proper permits when required.
  2. Mortgage companies will not approve a loan if that were true. What does happen, is after people get their Mortgage, they pile on credit debt until they can't manage it anymore. Aka, living beyond their means. I have seen VERY few foreclosures take place in 2 years let alone 1. They would literally have to not pay a single payment from day one. Its takes forever to evict someone.
  3. Meh, I dont see the same metrics in the housing market that were around pre 2008. You had people foreclosing on homes they could never afford before they bought the house. If the economy slumps foreclosures will rise, that's a given, but its not going to drive the recession like it did in 2008. In 2016 we went through a very lengthy financial process to open a mortgage, something that didn't really exist before 2008. If the housing market enters a state of "crisis", basically everything else will be too. However, it will be due to increasing unemployment and not junk bonds or people who would default on their loan by taking a 100 dollar a week pay cut. With the current economic state, foreclosures are going to happen no doubt.. and the longer this artificial shutdown goes the worse its going to be.
  4. Just trying to justify the purchase even if it is cheap. I have the JP enhanced spring in one of my rifles I like, but wanted to see if it compared. I'm gonna pick them up even if just for spares.
  5. It will be interesting to see what happens. Knowing how Trump had bumps stocks banned does not sit well with this. 80%'s should be safe under federal law, but braces may not be so lucky from a procedural point. Without pushback from gun rights organizations on the honey Badger, its gonna green light the ATF to do what ever they want.
  6. If you have a fpid, long guns are legal to possess. END OF STORY.
  7. I'm trying to get a deal on a Liberty Colonial 50. Keeping my eye out over the next week+, otherwise I'll have to purchase at full price.
  8. Last year I used fiocchi speed steel #6 which worked well. I wouldnt take close shots.
  9. Round up only works with direct contact at the leaf surface, dries very quickly, and biodegrades in a few weeks. Nothing will work better. Don't matter how low you cut them, they will grow back unless you get the roots. There is a number of other products you can use to kill them, but if you do it well before harvesting any produce roundup is fine to use. Most herbiceds a designed to break down within a month.. some even days
  10. The above mentioned only applies to handguns if you have a fpid.. If you don't have an fpid it applies to both handguns and longguns. This really isn't that hard to understand and this conversation has nothing to do with carrying and transporting handguns. YOU DO NOT NEED EXEMPTIONS, IF YOU HAVE A FPID, TO TRANSPORT LONG GUNS.
  11. This still only applies to handguns if you have a fpid.
  12. AMD has been rolling out the best processors on the market the last year+. Im sure you could build an intel! lol But no, its not like people are building bitcoin rigs these days hogging all the good stuff. Those days are over thank God.
  13. This is not at all accurate. Do you hunt? I've taken shotguns to friends houses, slept over for a 3am departure, carpooled to the lake but... stopped for gas, chow, coffee.. returned back to said friends house, spent the afternoon plucking feathers and returned home sometime before dinner. Not a thought went through my head that I wasn't allowed to do this, and we do it almost every other weekend from now until January.
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