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  1. The ATF won't even drag home built lowers into a court room, bumpstocks etc. They pass laws to scare people like you, are willing to arrest someone and then tuck tail when they realized the case won't make it past indictment, or runs the precedence to actually trigger a civil case and the outright elimination of the law together. Better to leave a useless law on the books to scare people than give someone the power to wipe it out. You won't be hard pressed to find a lawyer willing to take a portion of your winnings that would reach tens of millions. NJ bail reform will have you out of police custody within 2 days... Now i.dont even think it gets that far, most judges even in NJ wouldn't let a prosecutor up hold a law that's been struck down by SCOTUS, literally shit that will get you thrown off the bench and even possibly disbarred. Ultimately this will depend on the verbiage of the ruling and how clear cut the opinion is... Politicians can play this stupid game, but the judicial system doesn't typically as a whole. Not to mention, if a judge violates your civil rights, they CAN be charged with a federal crime if SCOTUS finds their behavior intentional and strips them of judicial immunity.... judges like their immunity and I doubt theyre gonna play with that type of fire.
  2. This has nothing to do with ffls, atf or buying guns. This is a fact of life now on these p2p commerce sites, and I wish more places did it. The number of scammers out there is insurmountable. So if people want to scam on their site now, they have to provided proof of ID. Another forum I'm on, there're attempted scams almost everyday by accounts that can't be verified, and its no where near the size of gunbroker.. And if you are running a proxy IP address that hides your location, you basically appear to be a scammer in their system. I wish more places did this, would stop 99% of scammers without making you pay for access to an account.
  3. I stay out of democratic shitholes for the same reason.
  4. I would predict that lawsuits won't happen. NJ will drag its feet, but they won't risk multimillion dollar civil suits to charge someone that will 100% win on appeal. They are better off passing a law and getting people licensed than risk unlicensed people carrying they cant prosecute. In places like NY, you don't even go to jail anymore for carrying a firearm illegally until you're successfully found guilty.
  5. OP was asking how Others would be affected regarding the ban of braces(on certain weapons) Yea sure it could have been worded better but the information he was looking for was easy enough to answer. Except.... you started your opinions in this thread with applying the point system to an other regarding the VFG. AND the new rules mention two handed smooth bore weapons over 26"... such as the tac14 and shockwave, any brace would be a no go.
  6. I thought the OP was direct in their question, and have framed my responses as such. I see no reason for the OP to even ask about Pistols, they're illegal in NJ prior to the ATFs proposed rule change
  7. An other is over 26" POINTS DO NOT APPLY. An other is NOT a PISTOL. It's NOT designed to be fired ONE HANDED. That just about makes everything the ATF has published as proposed rules changes completely moot to OTHERS. If that's not enough to convince you, nothing will. Most stabilizing braces are not specifically designed to make only pistols easier to fire, and thus are not designed specifically for one handed operation. The SBA3 for example was designed for ANY weapon with an milspec tube, where the individual doesn't want a stock, and wants an accessory that can offer stability. So the rules mention that over 26" with a brace is a no go for one handed operation... that leaves Others pretty much excluded from any rule changes. How often do you shoot a pistol one handed anyway? The ATF's entire proposed rule is an extremely weak one when considering statutory language with respect to others and pistols, as they argue when a brace can be beneficial or not has absolutely nothing to do with one handed operation of a weapon just because it's designed to be fired with one hand. They also are attempting to lump every brace created with this reasoning of one handed operation. It also applies a check box process of intent, when every lawyer on earth knows proving intent is difficult and creating a made up form is not proof of anything. Example: 1) adding a vfg is pretty obvious you intended to use it as a secondary grip location. 2) Adding a brace to literally anything only shows intent to increase the firearms stablity. If the atf wants to pen a letter making others with braces NFA regulated, I plan on replacing the A5 extension with a carbine and filing for an AOW.
  8. You seem to be making arguments for the FATF that even they aren't making... They say weapons designed to be fired with one hand, that's not what an other is... If they want the rule to apply to others it should not just be more clear, It shouldn't use language that explicitly excludes them.
  9. First, this is the second time they have gone after pistol braces, the first time around they dropped the proposed rule. Second, "one hand' applies only to pistols. An other by default is fired using two hands wherean imbalance wouldn't be observed.. so the above statement wouldn't apply to a firearm over 26" designed to be fired with two hands, where a brace can add additional support.
  10. This is exactly why the rule will either never go into effect, or be unenforceable if it ever does. The law doesn't state anything about practicality, accuracy or intent. Giving the same exact brace two different classifications based on what it's attached to is far outside any statutory powers. In regards to others, the above statement doesn't apply, as it's designed to be fired with Two hands, and in this case with the addition of a stabilizing brace. We also have the option to file for AOW if it becomes an issue.
  11. A stoves "life" will be directly related to what its made from, and how well it's maintained to prevent chimney fires and over heating. What kills a stove is overheating it, and that comes from either too dry wood, or creosote buildup from wet wood that eventually burns. Unfortunately, long gone are the days of a 100% cast iron stove that would last multiple lifetimes when properly used. All new stoves are required to have three stage burns cycles, catalytic converters are pretty much standard and THAT has become the weak link in these wood stove Unfortunately. We run a regency I2400 insert with a blower, pre catalytic version. I personally clean it out once a year, we're on year 6 and i can't see any noticeable "wear" on it. Newer stoves use replaceable firebrick that line the entire burn chamber and I will probably have to replace them in maybe 20 years of use. If I pack this thing, and they do make a larger unit, I can get 8 hours of burn if I use a combination or larger and smaller logs and wood should be around 20% moist or slightly under. I think peoppe misunderstand what what burn rate is, I can load at 7am leave for work and return at 4pm(9hrs), stove is still warm(200f) along with the house, and drop seasoned wood in on coals, close door and be back up to temp in 15 minutes. The key is to clean out the ash every couple days to maximize the space. Once you burn wood at 15% or lower, it just burns to quickly. I now only use 1 year seasoned hard woods. Burning wood below 10% is actually dangerous with new epa stoves because you CANNOT shut them down, and risk a runaway.. you can hear the high pitch whine as the secondary burners suck air through a non adjustable inlet. ask me how I know... luckily I was able to get it under control, but my pipe coming out the back into a double walled liner has some nice purple coloration to it... a bad sign of overheating. Get yourself a chimfix, not sure what I would have done without one.
  12. There is a reason my stocks are allll magpul. You can actually drive a pin in horizontally under the mechanism and through the spring for the same effect, you just have to remove a small amount of plastic to get the pin to fit. I don't drill all the way through for a blind pin fit. I've also used a smaller steel pin that fit in the spring so I could retain all the parts using the above videos method.
  13. Night vision is a tricky subject. There is a lot of quality differences even between products of the same exact model due to tube construction. It's more important that you not just buy a quality high end model, but you buy from a store that will test and confirm its quality.
  14. MIM isn't inherently bad, its a problem when it's not done right. They use MIM tool steel for trigger components even for high end ones such as giessele, and you rarely if ever hear people complain about their quality. But MIM definitely leaves the door open to poor quality parts. I have no doubts thats a MIM part, and its horrendous it would break considering its a low impact and stressed part.
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