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  1. Looks like some extra surface area the FATF seems to dislike.
  2. Honestly surprised that we haven't been targeted yet. Op, my wife went on disability and FMLA this past fall. Your looking at 2 months for a check to show up
  3. wait, so if I have owned a maxim defense brace for a few years now im covered under the injunction?
  4. I grew tired of the constantly yearly call to bargain down the price... " sorry no new promotions, oh you really are going to cancel, OK we have the cheaper price now" It's good if it has what you need or want, but I just want to stream music and there are cheaper alternatives. It's also good if you live out in the middle of no where. But around here there is enough tree coverage to get spotty reception in the summer.
  5. It's says to make the barrel 16" or longer, the FATF has always recognized a pinned and welded brake as part of the barrel.
  6. I think the primary point to consider is that if the 3rd Circuit decides to overturn Bumb, Alito could fast track an appeal to the "shadow court" and have that overturned within a few short months.
  7. Do you know how circuit assignments work? He is responsible for ANY "emergency" based appeals, which this will ultimately fall under.
  8. Uhg, no. This is all PRELIMINARY. Nothing has been struck down or upheld, yet. The fee issue doesn't warrant preliminary injunction, the plantiffs can't meet the high standards even if they can show its unconstitutional.
  9. Best case for someone already established with joint accounts is to place notifications on withdrawals and payments. There are also ways to put money into interest bearing accounts under only your name in the name of "retirement".. No one said you couldn't get creative to avoid the unnecessary trust conflict. At the end of the day, money earned is typically communal within a marriage unless otherwise stated.
  10. Not sure how they just throw out a legally binding document unless someone violated an agreement. It's also why you can't half ass a prenuptial, if it's not written clearly and both parties don't have independent counsel, than it can be disputed.
  11. Me and the wife, and she makes 2x my salary, have separate accounts. We decided early on that we would maintain seperate accounts, determine what we each would contribute, and then put money into a joint account for monthly expenses. It's works well. She has sperate savings as do I. Our joint account basically only has a month's worth of bills in it. If we want to make big purchase we then discuss how to pay or save for it. A lot of reasons for this, she has student debt and I don't. I have some inheritance money, and most likely more coming in the future. We don't have to justify what we are spending our own money on etc. Money is the #1 reason people get divorced.
  12. It's a fact at this point we will never see pro gun legislation pass congress. Not in my lifetime.
  13. Not entirely surprised, but has there been no movement on the lawsuits brought against the ATF?
  14. Adding a forward grip to a pistol makes in an AOW, NFA regulated.
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