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  1. Look at the completed listings. The security/ feild combo is going for 400-500, the standard fields look to be normal price. I over paid for my 10/22 by about the same.
  2. Youre probably seeing a lot of entry level firarms being bought up due to the surge, your standard handguns too. 8 million in sales only equates to an increase of about 7 thousand firearms.
  3. first off , fuck dicks, Secondly, I though they shut down anything firearms and hunting related in their store? First it was black rifles, then everything
  4. There are 450 listings on Gunbroker right now for just the Remington 870 And buckshot was in fact OOS or inflated in 2012 as well. I know because I bought a case of it in May and went to get more after the events and couldn't. 2012 is burned into my memory forever. I got into firearms In 2010.. by the time I was putting together a collection and stacking ammo, and was flush with cash... i found myself twiddling my fingers waiting for instock notifications and overpaying for everything. many things I could not find back then, are at least available right now.. Like people were fighting over 10rd box mags for 10/22's.... i couldn't even get email notifications fast enough to catch in stock multiple times. Wasn't something I prioritized either, it was just amazing.
  5. Isn't this old news? Its not like 2012 was that long ago to forget it was JUST AS BAD. Cheaper than dirt was actually selling cases of 5.56 for 800 bucks... I paid like 350 for a used 10/22, and couldnt find extra mags for it for like 8 months... Ar15's were gone almost indefinitely, sub par rifles selling for a premium... I see one small change today, and its that handguns seem to be in shorter supply, but I recall that as well back in 2012. Realistically, right now is actually better than 2012 was, but things can always get worse. I was getting into reloading back then and I couldn't find anything... not just bullets primers and powder but also dies and equipment was OOS In 2014 I was still overpaying for powder.. I can buy powder and bullets at normal prices right now... primers are hard to find.
  6. There are no ar-15's "capable" of fullauto.. it was literally designed as a semiautomatic only rifle. Thats why the rear portion of the reciever is filled in where the auto sear would go. Making an ar-15 full auto would require the use of a DIAS, or lightning link, both regulated under the 86ban.
  7. I did the same thing last week prior to emailing them, my cart said the same thing.
  8. Rifle isn't more difficult, just more involved. You have to worry about lubing the cases to prevent them from getting stuck, and trimming them to correct lengths when needed. I started with 9mm, but moving to .223 wasn't anything crazy difficult.
  9. I sent an email out last week and got zero response from them. I will be canceling my credit card with them and discontinue business. Why support a company that won't support me?
  10. pick something in .45 and rent the tommy gun if you still have any left over! I find the .45acp shoots just as well as 9mm, not nearly as snappy in full sized guns.
  11. Handgun ammo is the only one regulated, yes most stores require it for all ammo purchases.. i don't blame the out of state retailers that get caught up in this bullshit, but local ffls shouldn't be asking for rifle or shotgun amm.
  12. How did you get that from... "Illegally selling regulated items"? If I sold you a box of handgun ammo in NJ, and you didnt have an FPID.. does that make general ownership of ammo illegal? No. The tax nexus ruling established that companies have a physical presence in a state under certain conditions... if that is applied to tax law, there is no reason it wouldn't apply to any regulatory law, or at least argued.
  13. Curious about this arrangement. Its advertised as an other, but clearly ifnunder 26" its NFA regulated. Is the muzzle device pinned? Could that help get over 26"? I believe the reciever extension is superficial, maybe even foldable, which may be why it's considered 25.8" with a 14" barrel. Not to mention the price is way high... 700 bucks over MSRP and all it has added is a sba4. I won't even count the red dot it comes with as any value.
  14. Do you file NJ state taxes every year? do you lie on them when you didn't pay tax on a out of state purchase? WHO collects the tax isn't much the point, by law you always pay sales tax regardless.
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