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  1. Just gonna leave this here... for those who criticized.. https://www.njherald.com/news/20191215/freeholders-asked-to-declare-sussex--second-amendment-sanctuary
  2. I had no idea they were part of xtreme bullets..
  3. How can I possibly remember all those letters and numbers? Password would probably be easier to remember.
  4. I recall that, but then youre left with US based products, and there is very little options there.
  5. These people were using default passwords and usernames.. Not that you cant get hacked otherwise, but using these examples is not really being genuine to the "flaw" in using them. Realistically, the werent even hacking anything... they just tried default passwords and gained access to the system via the online software. The internet has never been kind to stupid people.
  6. I just ordered some sniper grey cerakote. I was thinking of doing a black/grey theme for my m9a1
  7. Is it substantially identical to a VFG they ok'ed through ATF official opinion? No. They already said no to AVG's... i cant possibly see this being ok then.
  8. Wouldnt they have to walk up to the camera to cover it?
  9. There is no legal basis for the department to treat him as mentally ill. If he was already evaluated.. why get a second evaluation? What he needs is a formal statement from the person who evaluated him the first time. That he was not diagnosed with a mental illness. That's all. Nothing more nothing less... no statements about firearms or such..
  10. This is why you never give up your firearms unless someone hands you a warrant. I'd always advise volunteering to be evaluated if asked by law enforcement. I'd have a lawyer draft an intent to sue unless the firearms are returned, or unless they can provide a legal statement for the seizure. I would provided with that, the documents related to your evaluation and release from the looney bin.
  11. Around here they do line maintenance once a year around the main lines. They trim back trees, in fact they completely topped some large trees on a line that cuts through the woods next to my house. They seem to contract companies year round. I see them surveying at least twice a year in spring and summer. My power lines are buried from the main. I feel bad for the saps who are on side streets that barely get looked at. But we live in the woods, technically.. so I dont expect much from them.
  12. "de facto" doesn't come to mind? On the other hand, owning a gun is a right still.. So if you cant afford it, will the government be providing this insurance?
  13. It's not, and I did before asking. I asked because..... I couldn't find a statement you were referring to.. no one suggested drinking water from roof run off. Rain water IS potable... Tap water is potable too, I wouldn't suggest drinking out of the toilet tho.
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