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  1. He wasn't sleeping, he was Passed the F out. His hands looked like there were still gripping the rifle lol.
  2. I have always used Avast with great results. The program is kinda bloated now but it seems like they have to be with all of the potential points of vulnerability. I use the free program and havent had a virus ever, but you can pay for the pro version and get extra protection. Jackandjill has a good point tho, if your careless with clickbait something will eventually get in. Most people these days get hit opening email links... Being proactive is half the battle. The virus protect is really just there for a momentary lapse in judgement.
  3. So why are you wasting your time here typing about failures that have yet to take place? Why aren't you busy packing your bags and leaving?
  4. It should shock you if its working correctly and you are grounded.
  5. They can really only limit carry to public buildings and well defined establishments. It always confused the hell out of me how they could limit carrying in places like church.
  6. I only have one internet option, just one. I have no other choice if my ISP decides to control which websites i have access to and if they want to slow down speeds to services like Amazon or Netflix. This whole issue started with video streaming services. Metro PCS stopped all streaming expect Youtube and Verizon was throttling down netflix connections. If you think ISPs weren't doing this then Imagine when you buy your internet service you get to pick packages based on what site and services you use. It makes no sense to allow companies the ability to regulate content. If i pay for 60mbs service a month, the only bottle neck should be on the server end of what I'm accessing. There is no legitimate reason for ISPs to artificially manipulate connection speeds. They are trying to get companies to pay them for priority service... AND get the consumer to pay more for services. This is nothing more than a money grab. If you think this is about breaking monopolies your living in denial about how government regulation is bad. This has been around for only a few years, and there is nothing to suggest it would be any different then before it was implemented.
  7. To each their own, I think it has checkering in the right spots, and never had any issues or bad feels. I know people get the stippling done on them like the glocks. I picked up the factory aluminum grips for my full size 92 when they were 50% off, you would love those, they leave checkered imprints in my hands.
  8. They do make factory 15 round mags for most of their guns, but 17 is standard for their full size. Thats what i meants
  9. I love my compact, perfect size for a 9mm. It is my bedside pistol with a stream light tlr3. The sights dont really need to be upgraded, but like pointed out above trijicon makes some. The trigger could use a little work, and beretta actually sells a nice kit for it... but then again its not really a competition style weapon. The rotating barrel definitely takes some snap out of the 9mm round, but with the laws of physics it only reduces the felt recoil. Also, mentioned above, its a factory 15rd mag, unlike the full size which is 17rds.
  10. Who wants to open up a pot growing operation, or dispensary? All profits and proceeds will be used to purchase firearms and ammunition, we will have a free drawing every week. I can think of no better way to piss off a liberal. Uh, lets be perfectly clear here, the democrats have been running the show for years
  11. Nope. It's an utter pain in the ass to piece together. You will find a lot of disclaimers on parts about compatibility issues. I spent a lot of time figuring out what parts to use. Which is why if someone wanted to build one I always say get the Aero, it takes all the hard work out of the issues.
  12. Yes we need to stand up.. but the NRA JUST SHOWED UP. It's been decades of them take our money and ignoring us. I won't say it's too little too late. Many members here have been working their butts off the past couple years for various organizations.. but what's the NRA's end game? Why now? Other organizations have been taking 25 dollar donations and hiring lawyers to defend our rights. Even on the national scale they didn't need to lobby much for years, just look at 2012 onward. It's like trying to win a race where your a mile behind and out of steam, and now we're just trying to fight and keep a lunatic out of office after years of anti-gun progress in NJ. Without some kinda revelation, we will at best maintain the status quo. Besides most people in NJ do vote with their wallets, because most of them are empty.
  13. The top rail is full length and permanent. You will be limited to what other companies make, too. ALG doesn't even make a 308 pattern handgaurd.
  14. I have the spikes upper and lower forged set, I don't think they even make it anymore. Got it a few years ago and never built it. What a pain in the ass it was to find compatible parts. I had to modify my bolt catch to work, and my aero rail doesn't align perfect, my spikes is somewhere between low and high dpms pattern.. my JP Lowmass bolt doesn't even work with the forward assist. The arrow precision handgaurd is nice, no reason to think the ALG is any better. They offer mlock and I believe solid mouting to the upper.
  15. Get the aero, upper lower and handgaurd You will find that all 3 of these parts do NOT align great when pieced together. DPMS High/Low tolerances and take down pins, maybe the bolt release too... Trust me, it's not worth the headache. I used a spikes set, but I'm helping a friend out together his M5E1, it's cheap imo for what your getting. They also sell a parts kits for it, VERY convenient