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  1. I just want to reiterate that the fios modem/router/wifi is terrible for Xbox. I had so many issues years ago with it, NAT settings etc... i couldn't even join servers that my friends in town were in. I wound up completely disabling it, and placed a pass-through to a better router which gave me zero issues after. What ever default security setting they enabled were a brute to fix with my limited knowledge on router settings, and even then the issues still popped up every now and again. This was WITH my Xbox hardwired and not wifi. My internet now is just a basic modem, and my netgear router has had zero issues I was plague with using fios gear. Fios clearly created there system to maintain control over net security unless you are the wiser.
  2. This time of year you want to check your meter and manually put in the reading. They have a habit of estimating when the season changes to keep the bill up, when they know ussage drops significantly. They did it to us 3 year in a row, Oct and , Nov. Told us they used last year to help estimate, but last year was also an estimate... im gonna manually submit the meter reading this year cause I don't trust them... they come around all summer long when it reads high..
  3. Sweeney has been opposing the raise for 2 years now... so we will see. These people aren't as dumb as you think and they know there is a tipping point.
  4. NJ extended its fiscal year, I beleive what ever passes goes into effect oct 1
  5. I appreciate the link, I didn't buy any but like said above.. good prices anyway for fmj
  6. No one is missing the point of increased fees, we have had an open thread on it since news broke about it. I do appreciate the clarity that its part of this bill. However, my hopes are... and really just hopes because the state doesnt listen.. is that they will remove it from consideration as in the past. They don't serve to gain much money from it, certainly not enough knowing they will be sued over it... but their stupidity has never shocked me.
  7. Yeah, i noticed that downloading games they limit bandwith.. on their end. At least the 2 I downloaded with a wired connection was no where near my top speeds. The best thing now if you aren't willing to wire the house, is to get those mesh wifi networks that piggy back signals.
  8. If you have any splitters for the coax, they destroy bandwith and latency.. they also installed new coax where accessible becuase apparently there is much better wire now. Before I moved we had fios and I had to get good ones for it. Verizon built in wifi always sucked, we upgraded to a netgear.. never looked back. Latency is signal speed and not bandwith.
  9. Best advice is to just maintain the records, and certified letters sent with proof of receipt. The state level is a shit show with all of those services. I think we got lucky my wife was already In the system when this happened. I bet they are prioritizing unemployment issues. When we left voice messages they called back the next day, twice. They also answered emails in about 2 days, this way in april- May at the height of it all.
  10. The law is written from the perspective of using "parts". While i agree with your overall assessment, it would be problematic from a legal stand point. Parts suggests just that, as in things not yet assembled. The problem with disassembling or reassembling "evidence" is tampering. The evidence presented in court will not be reflective of what was in possession. Its a big legal mess for both sides. Add in intent, its clear the owner intended the parts to be used in a legal way, as it was assembled in their possession.
  11. Who are you trying to contact within the school system? Our BOE meetings have been running consistently and taking public comment, and our superintendent is doing a good job at the very least answering our questions. We got permits for a house project, maybe a week longer than normal, but town hall has communicated the process for applying and dropping off forms down there. The "state" workers, I couldn't say, I havent had any need to contact them. But my wife was on family medical leave when this shit blew up, and their office took maybe 2 days to respond to emails. DMV has been broken my entire life, lol.
  12. Its not a third circuit ruling... so yeah why would it apply?
  13. Probably shouldn't laugh at that but I've seen squirrels fall outta trees and walk it off.
  14. And more than half the money collected with the tax increase will be paid back to a family making less than 150k as a rebate.. So whats the fucking point in a year when the state is in the biggest hole its ever experienced? Moving forward we know that rebate will dissapear. Hes just trying to pay off his voting base yet again.
  15. Huh? I've seen plenty of 9mm pills all over the place.. Its the .224 that's dried up.
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