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  1. "Now I watch multi-millionaire athletes who never did anything in their lives but play a game" That basically sums up why I don't watch any sports. Waste of time.
  2. Very important, with such a variance you could get an out of battery discharge, or see serious pressure spikes if the round is forced passed the chamber lip. Unfortunately, mistakes when reloading can have disastrous effects. U got the right idea tho, check every round with a no go gauge.
  3. Semi auto are not less forgiving, if the chamber specs are correct it should make zero difference unless the OAL is different. Most bolt actions for precision actually have tighter tolerances making them less forgiving. I'm curious why your not measuring your cases after resizing? That's standard with rifle loads, especially cases with a neck. Your reloads should be with a few hundredths of a inch, not a few tenths.
  4. Most professional, least fun.
  5. I watched a friend of mine and his mother-in-law try and figure out why her lever action .22lr wasnt working. It wouldn't load the rounds, and eventually got jammed up really bad. It took me all but a second to figure out they were trying to load .22 magnum when I popped the jammed round out. It's cringe worthy to think that people successfully shoot 380 in 9mm chambers until they figure out its not cycling properly.
  6. I see this as both good and bad news. You can be damn sure that the 9th or third circuit will never hear a case in this regard as to mount conflict at the district level triggering a SCOTUS hearing.
  7. I concur, Kim doesn't have the issues on her side to win, at least the ones people show up to vote for in this state. Even her tax plan has major holes in it that wont engage people to show up and vote to keep taxes low. If she changed her position on legalization, she would in effect cut a major issue out of the race. That's huge for revenue and the justice system, and enough people in the state support it. I don't think we're going to smear Murphy into losing. We have to beat him on the issues with real solutions... Making this a difficult race. Murphy has to much support from people who will gain much under his term. The only way to win is for Kim to gain support from those impacted by taxes, and those who don't stand to gain under Murphy. I know a few people who would vote Murphy just over legalization, a lot of single issue votes there.
  8. That's kinda subjective, Leupold definitely makes top grade optics, they also make "cheap" options. It's hard to tell where their RDS fit into.
  9. Which springs are you using with the ACT and PNT, afaik there basically the same thing.... The ACT I believe is made by Geissele, and was meant to be nothing more then a smooth GI trigger and lighter pull with the blue? Spring. I have the ACT trigger, rra 2 stage and a few geissele triggers, I would wait for a SSA to go on sale for about 170... Sounds like your going to end up with one anyway based on your previous purchase history.
  10. His question is not really dooable at all. Maybe your situation was worked out, but there is data on the bullet he asked about, and it's min. OAL is too big for magazines. I would never suggest to someone to go outside the load data. Maybe he can do it, but then what's the point? The ballistics will be terrible. 308. Bullets can increase in grain without adding to much length due to the larger diameter bullet. It's an entirely different situation. These 75grain amax bullets also add dead space at the tip, making them even longer then needed.
  11. Speaking with pure experience, he has every public worker showing up at the polls in November... You have a lot of angry people right now in this state, and they are not concerned with taxes.
  12. Don't think much about the primary turn out, the state always has low turnout, record lows. They had their chance today, so don't hold your breath for November.
  13. I heard really good things about the updated Hornady single stage. I started on a progressive and still want the single stage for more precision loading
  14. After moving out to the sticks, I keep one on my side all the time. Property backs up to woodlands where there is known black bears and coyotes living. With two dogs, and the fact I'm outside a lot it just makes sense. Either way, I'm ready for a predator.
  15. 75gr amax will not cycle in any semiauto, as stated there OAL is longer than the maxazine allows. They do make 75gr BTHP that fit..