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  1. You can take something otherwise classified a pistol and turn it into an other, You would need an 07FFL to "remanufacture" the firearm so it is no longer a pistol tho, thats just for NJ. People take pistols and slap vfg on them all the time if they are over 26OAL, in Merica.
  2. Out of curiosity is you CWFL filed as "resident" ?
  3. I believe you are correct... but you still have to have a septic put in within like 90 days.. The health department will yank your COO Anyone buying rural will tell you Septics are the biggest killer of home sales.. I was in contract when the inspection failed on a home... we backed out that day after reading the report, once I saw solids made it into the distribution box.. nooooway. Well actually I renegotiated the price 30k lower to fix the issue, they said no..I said bye. That house was on the market for another year, and wound up selling for even less than i offered. So definitely budget it into the sale, and walk away if it doesn't work out A lot of work goes into the leachfeild. It's basically a massive bio filter with layers of filtration. $$$$ The law only passed in 2012 and these things cost an arm and leg before that.
  4. @Oakridgefirearms Correct, a home cannot be sold with a cesspool unless you plan on having a septic put in very shortly after. It's actually a huge headache to do it after the sale, and you might not even get a mortgage unless there is a working septic. Not to mention the county health department will be up ur butt. Septics can vary in price, but not so much the size of tank(determined by #bedrooms).. but the size of the leech field(determined by drainage). Expect anywhere from 20-30k. I personally walked away from a few really nice properties because they had cesspools.. its really something the seller should have done before even listing a property. People can't really get approved mortgages with a heavy expense like that.
  5. Legally, SCOTUS has determined they have a presence in NJ at a minimum for tax purposes.. If NJ tax LAW applies to them.. well.... I would like to see a reference from Nappan, I cant possibly imagine he would suggest an out of state business break NJ law simply because they don't have a store here. from a legal perspective they are "doing businesses" in NJ and need to follow the law.. They've even sued over online advertising.. its not like they haven't sued before, they do it all the time.. I'm not saying one way is right or wrong, It's just a matter of fact that nothings settled in regards to the matter.. but similar cases do not show favorable outcome
  6. Honestly, You want good produce in early summer you need to start in march... Most people dont have a green house so the basement with a makeshift light can get you a month and half head start. Im usually started in mid march, but this year has me going a little crazy.. You wanna get a little more into it you can get grow tents for 100 bucks, I use a small one for Cerakoting.
  7. Probably is going to be recyclable. I see MAJOR issues with this tho... Polymer... in a hot chamber? good luck. especially at "battle" temps. Not to mention it's probably gonna cost a lot of money...
  8. In all fairness, these cities are on full lock down. At least in the late evenings into morning. The cops are basically doing stop and frisk all over again.
  9. Direct sunlight after 1? At my old house we had a similar garden placement.. everything grew pretty good, but we had a lot of tall tree coverage... i just had to deal with a lot of mildew. Even my squash in my current garden needs to be pruned to prevent it. Gardens need a few things, good loose soil, enough sunlight to dry out the upper vegetation each day and enough water to supply the roots. And someone to tend it every few days. I also grow lots of strawberries and cherry tomatoes for the chipmunks... tends to keep them occupied from the other garden items..
  10. You're not "ahead" I plan on planting my seeds indoors today, actually a little behind schedule this year. What do you mean by 75% sun? My garden gets about 10 hours of direct sun light everyday. It's not that plants need a ton of light to grow, obviously you get much more produce when they do.. but they need lots of sun to prevent things like mold and mildew. My cucumbers grow up a lattice structure and I still have to treat them for powdery mildew once or twice a year.
  11. What if teachers have to work more, will you support tax increase? Administration? What experience do you have that suggests they stopped working? MY district is working overtime right now over budget issues and curriculum. Do you just stop maintaining a building because no one is in it? "Busing" is usually contracted.. good luck getting that money back.. Any other brilliant ideas? I would be more prone to asking that sports savings for the spring be applied to the capital budget, and saved for a rainy day... I've taken some time to participate in these "online" BOE meetings.. and its apparent that no one has stopped working or is working less. I would suggest everyone watch them in their own districts. It's bad enough people don't ever show up to them in person, no excuses now.
  12. I was simply sharing an experience of an ICU doctor, and his own struggles. His 40% number is anecdotal. Actually numbers for people recovering are MUCHLOWER. https://www.npr.org/sections/health-shots/2020/04/02/826105278/ventilators-are-no-panacea-for-critically-ill-covid-19-patients If you cut through the bullshit, the point is hospitals don't actually have resources to help you recover. There is no treatment for the disease..
  13. Illegally selling regulated items in NJ. The tax Nexus basically solidified any arguments around this...
  14. Context? A doctor working in the ICU contracts covid 19, can barely breath, chest paint.. has an SpO2 of 83... Refuses to go to hospital... Luckily he has gotten better the last few days on zpak Most people on the ground are recognizing that ventilators aren't really helping people up to this point. In fact some hospitals are showing 90% rate of failure. People with medical experience, and he's not the first one, are weighing if the additional risks with ventilators outweigh the benefits. Its actually at a point where they've started conversations about if its even worth using them due to the prolonged use of hospital resources.
  15. My best friend was working the ICU and basically said the last thing you want is to be is there and on a respirator. Obviously you don't have much of a choice if your about to die, but he did say it should be an absolute last resort because the rate of recovery was actually lower than that at about 40%.
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