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  1. It was on a movie set with a supposedly prop gun... not sure I would apply safety rules here. I do wonder how the fuck two people were struck with what was supposedly "blanks" I recall the guy died while filming The Crow, because the blanks cartridges weren't properly loaded..
  2. Afaik, binaries are illegal due to the one trigger pull one bullet law. It fires 2 rounds with one pull of the trigger. However, the rarebreed FRT is "legal" but they are fighting the atf right now in court.
  3. I bet it still takes months to received a purchase lol
  4. That's is my understanding, as well.
  5. Typically, as in when people aren't panic buying and driving prices up. This has been a supply chain issue from the very beginning. There will be no improvements anytime soon. I also don't see how cheap Russian ammo plays into this, or components. Russian components made up an extremely small presence in American markets. Even more common complete cartridges make up something like less than 5% after considering all other imports and domestic production. Cheap Russian ammo going byebye is gonna really only hurt those who buy specific calibers. Most companies like Wolf, had already been moving production out of Russia anyway. With the current clusterfuck around the world, inflation etc prices are gonna suck for a while. However, demand is not weaning and thus shelves being stocked is not necessarily a good sign of improvement. Powder and primers trickle out every week, anywhere reasonably priced sells out in minutes or hours.
  6. If stuff is on the shelf more than a few days it's because of high pricing. Those bottles are typically 27 bucks and those primers are 35...
  7. There was a guy over at arf.com who claimed to work with smokeless powders. They would throw jugs of powder in a outdoor storage shed subject to large tempature swings and humidity. He claimed the powders were relatively unaffected due to stabilizers. Powders and primers should be stored in an "open" box such as a wood crate. Moisture absorbing chemicals wouldn't do much. Under no circumstances should they be stored in metal sealed containers since smokeless powder gets its explosive properties under pressure. Powder jugs are sealed, so moisture shouldn't be a problem. Many people have stored primers for years in attics and they still go boom.
  8. I always liked the fact some of my Beretta handguns came with a "speed loader". I use it across all my firearms, it will be money well spent when you can enjoy shooting without sore thumbs.
  9. Literally. Safety check it's unloaded and have at it. Unless it's a ruger Mk 1 2 or 3, it's hard to screw up.
  10. I run the 11.5 bcm barrel, bcm m16 BCG, and the A5 extension with H2 and standard spring. The super 42 rifle spring you're using may not like the additional compression in which the A5 system operates. Not sure which springco spring you used, but they do sell an a5 green standard spring. BCM also sells the a5 system with standard H weights, so I don't think the H2 is really necessary, but most guys run these things suppressed and want the extra mass. I ran mine at H wieght and it was fine, experimented with some tungsten weights to bring it up to h2 and it would well, too. A5 systems can be finicky but great when set up right since they use rifle springs and proprietary buffers.. at sbr length barrels the gas port size alone can make or break a configuration.
  11. That's what the lawyer is for. In a situation like this, I'd expect a thoroughly scripted statement that is vague enough it wouldn't create corners to be backed into unless the guy was straight up lying. They guy doesn't need to provided a statement to prove or defend his innocence, legally. Yet, it's clear as day he has no intentions helping anyone find his fiance, which is really what most people are focused on. The fact he's showing zero interest is very telling. Not sure if the missing 21 year old girl is even innocent in all of this considering she was the one having meltdowns and hitting the guy.
  12. So LE wasn't watching this guy, at all!! He just up and vanished days ago ...
  13. Neo is like 100x John Wick on steroids. And I agree, the plot needs to be better than Neo just being put back into the matrix. It may be a new Neo, though. I would just hate to see the story feel like a repeat. It's probably going to be another multi movie series.
  14. Is the question in respect to the milspec brass deflector that is part of the upper reciever? Or an add-on modification?
  15. Don't forget, it has a locking diff!! Great price btw. I've got the newer model x570 and I can confirm it's a beast, purchased in 2017 and not a single hiccup. With the power flow blower, I rigged up some leaf tubing on a John deer cart and built my own leaf vaccum!! I now enjoy the fall cleanup like it's not a thing anymore. Seriously, if you're in the market for a larger garden tractor, this is your buy.
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