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  1. Still uploading photos. keep getting error 200 edit: all uploaded
  2. Looking to sell 1940 dated, Sniper marked Tula Mosin-Nagant with 40rd of Yugoslav Surplus LPS ammo with 2 clips. Rifle began it's life from the factory as a PEM pattern sniper rifle, sporting a copy of a German ZF-39 scope on a side mount. After the war, it was decommissioned and placed in a laminate stock, with the optic removed. Despite the stock replacement, the buttplate was retained from the original stock, and is numbered 217 like the rest of the parts. Rifle functions, and shoots fairly well, and the bore is in good shape. Photos provide proof of previous optic mount. Included: Rifle, 40rd surplus ammo, 2 clips Price for all pictured: $550 cash Located in Warren county, will not drive further than 45min from washington
  3. Update: After doing research, it has been determined that the rifle is a Sino-Soviet Type 56, manufactured during the first year of production (1956) and is a carbon copy of the Russian version, without any of the corner cutting and cost saving present in later models. This includes blade bayonet and long barrel shank, and a lack of certain lightening cuts introduced later in production, among other things.
  4. It's blank, just serial. Gun is devoid of markings besides serials
  5. Looking to sell SKS I got in a trade a few weeks ago. I believe it is Russian and the metal parts match in serial number. Already have an SKS so I'd be willing to part with it. Asking 750, located in Warren county.
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