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  1. Thanks - why not use the TSA locks? (Already bought 4..)
  2. Has anyone done this? I know there's a whole procedure with the locked hard case, declaration form, etc., but wondering if anyone has any practical tips to make the process smoother. Assuming this relatively commonplace and that airport staff are trained on how to deal with it, but any horror stories out there? I'd be flying out of Newark, so bonus points for any EWR-specific tips. Thanks!
  3. I'm sitting on around 3,000 rounds of 9mm, 3,000 of 5.56/.223 and ~500 12ga. 00 buck shells, excluding what's in my safe to use as range practice ammo. Just started stockpiling last year, so fairly pleased with how it's going, especially given the absolute lack of good 5.56 since like November. So, how's everyone's stockpile looking?
  4. Anyone have any experience with the 1 moa SRO? Is the dot easy enough to find? Do you need to crank the brightness up to be able to pick it up quickly?
  5. TacticalLawyer

    Tavor x95

    Just wanted to say, I picked up an x95 a couple months ago, and put around 1,000 rounds through it. With a few minor modifications (Manticore Arms butt plate and gas port cover), and a Holosun optic/magnifier, this thing is so freakin' fun to shoot. Everyone tells me they don't like bullpups for some reason, but I love my x95!
  6. I'm planning on concealed carrying an S&W Shield Plus, but going back and forth on whether to get it set up with an optic. Presumably, concealed carry distances won't require it, but given the short sight radius and stresses in a self defense situation, it may give you a crucial fraction of a second advantage. What's the conventional wisdom on this?
  7. In Harrisburg, PA early February. Thinking about going, and wondering if anyone else is going (or has gone in the past).
  8. Dammit! I wish I hadn't put down a deposit on mine! That's a great price, too.. Will def. keep these guys on my radar
  9. Tried doing that, but it gave me a message saying "You are only allowed to send 0 messages per day.". Not sure how to fix that..
  10. I never noticed, but will look out for that next time I'm there!
  11. Just wondering if I'm going a bit overboard with my lead mitigation protocol. Basically, I try to keep everything range-related completely segregated from my non-range stuff (except my HD firearms which are in a safe in my bedroom). So I have separate range clothes, shoes, etc. which I keep in my garage. Before I go to the range, I get undressed in my room, and head down to the basement/garage level and put on my range outfit, get my range bag/guns and put on my "intermediate" shoes, which I use just to get from my basement out to my car and to the range. Once at the range, I switch to my range shoes. After shooting, I wash my hands at the range thoroughly, then go back to my car but switch back into my "intermediate" shoes before getting in. I also have a clean hoodie that I put on over my long sleeve range shirt, and lay down a towel on the seat. When I get home, I go straight to the garage/basement level, take off all my range clothes, put them in a separate laundry bag, and take a shower on the same level with de-lead shampoo and bodywash. Once a month or so I take all my range laundry to a laundromat where I wash everything with de-lead detergent. Friend told me today I may be going overboard - what do you guys think, and what do you do? One important consideration is that I have little kids at home and don't want to inadvertently give them lead poisoning!
  12. I ordered a Benelli M4 from a major brick/mortar gun retailer in Bergen County back in November, and now hearing that they won't be getting any M4s in before March/April time. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there that big of a backlog on M4s?
  13. I'm eligible for another handgun purchase the first week of February. If you still have it by then, I'll take it off your hands for $350 cash.
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