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  1. He didn't say anything about the closet Johnny!

    Don't put words in the newb's mouth.

    He's just delurking as we get nearer to the Promised Land (when NJ is Constitutional Carry, no mag limits or AWB.)

    Welcome, @PingMerchant

    Please enlighten us as to your screen name. (maybe the sound of an empty clip leaving an M1?)

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  2. We used to go to Delaware to buy toys. Not sure if DE rules in that situ are the same as past.

    Coming back over the Del Mem Br was always an experience! Flash of lightning at the halfway point, and lo and behold, that toy you just bought has been magically transformed into a NJ firearm!

    YMMV these days, with everchanging 'rules' from the wannabe tyrants.

  3. You young'uns don't know the difference between a Rexograph (spirit duplication ... ahhhhhhhhhhh, what a niiiiiiice smell) and a Mimeograph (ink-thru-stencil printing ... not a high-inducing product)

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