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  1. And that is EXACTLY their point. Not to prevent violence by criminals, but to turn law abiding citizens INTO criminals. Then selectively punish them, just like holding Jan 6 trespassers in solitary confinement in the DC dungeon for a year and a half while letting REAL violent criminals back out on the streets to terrorize the public. Crazy friggin world we're living in!
  2. And don't forget the Use of Force classroom training that all cops get at the academy. That will remain on top of the Range Qual requirements for carry permits here in the PRNJ
  3. They certainly do. Ask Alec Baldwin. He never lies.
  4. As @10X says, if/when the Glorious Peoples Republik of New Jerseystan is force to drop "Justifiable Need" from its carry requirements, we civilians will still be required to satisfy the same hurdles as both Active and Retired LEOs, namely the classroom training in "Use of Force" and the twice yearly range qualification with the limited number of firearms we will be allowed to carry. The PRNJ will ALWAYS be the most difficult state to carry in. The old question "Well WHO carries in Jersey" will have an answer in addition to the current answer. Currently: Jersey cops and the bad guys. Future (hopefully): Jersey cops, the bad guys and those who have managed both the time and expense to jump through all the administrative hoops.
  5. Personally, I like the 2'x2'x4' gang boxes available at Tractor Supply or similar industrial sites. The padlocks are recessed so cutting the shackles is unlikely. And there's LOTS of space inside, for guns AND ammo.
  6. Kudos to @Golf battery on his offer to teach shooters how to "roll their own" For those interested in learning, I highly recommend some pre-class learning, namely a large format paperback called" The ABC's of Reloading" by Bill Chevalier. It's a great overall guide to reloading EVERYTHING and will serve you well as an excellent reference book when you actually begin doing the deed. And as @Mrs. Peel said, there's really no substitute for live instruction. Knowledge is power. And there's no substitute for SAFE reloading practices.
  7. All the Bubbas in the Cook County jail released a press statement that they were sad to see Jussie released. They also said that with his talents, he was well qualified to be Vice President.
  8. I think the new brand name is "Yugo Bang."
  9. That looks like AOC's favorite ... an uncircumcized straw !
  10. Sort of like telling the wife "You're SO much better in bed than your little sister!"
  11. He's just topping off the container of "special sauce."
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