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  1. Insanity runs rampant in the State House in Trenton. Maybe it's something in the water.
  2. Yes - buying addicts want to know!
  3. Oh, they're going to change soon, I'm afraid https://www.murphy4nj.com/issue/gun-violence/
  4. Welcome to the land of the not-quite-free and the home of the hopeful. The only 600yd range in the state open to civilians is Cumberland Riflemen in Millville (Cumberland County). Check out the match schedule at http://www.cumberlandmatches.com . Next weekend (Aug 5/6) is match weekend there, open to members and non-members alike. The front gate on Rt 49 (normally accessed by key card) is locked open during matches on the big range, so feel free to come down and check it out! New shooters are always welcome and a 600yd zero is a good thing to have!
  5. Both starter punches (which hold a roll pin to get it started) and pimpled punches (used for driving roll pins without fooking up the ends) are extremely useful when doing AR work.
  6. I did not call I was there
  7. As has happened on many occasions before, the Attorney General's office is perpetrating a fraud on the People of New Jersey. The "non-negotiable price list" they are paying on at the buyback includes BB, pellet, and Airsoft (even though they are not classified as firearms) weapons, and they are only paying only $20 per. This is in direct conflict with the definition of a firearm, as previously quoted in 2C:39-1 And functionality is irrelevant. This is according to Annaliese Gancarz, an Asst AG who is representing the AG's office at the Camden location today. So take your unwanted Airsoft and non-functioning pellet guns in and get your $20 each. Or make an old school .22 zip gun from a telescoping car radio antenna and get your $120 Otherwise, stay the hell home.
  8. Regardless of what some nameless person told a caller on the phone when asked, under 2C:39-1f, BB rifles and pistols ARE considered firearms in this G-d forsaken state. " f. "Firearm" means any handgun, rifle, shotgun, machine gun, automatic or semi-automatic rifle, or any gun, device or instrument in the nature of a weapon from which may be fired or ejected any solid projectable ball, slug, pellet, missile or bullet, or any gas, vapor or other noxious thing, by means of a cartridge or shell or by the action of an explosive or the igniting of flammable or explosive substances. It shall also include, without limitation, any firearm which is in the nature of an air gun, spring gun or pistol or other weapon of a similar nature in which the propelling force is a spring, elastic band, carbon dioxide, compressed or other gas or vapor, air or compressed air, or is ignited by compressed air, and ejecting a bullet or missile smaller than three-eighths of an inch in diameter, with sufficient force to injure a person. " So to paraphrase a well-hated Socialist Senator from Kalifornia: "Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, TURN THEM IN !!!!!!"
  9. You owe it to yourself to check out the Henry 45-70 models before you buy a Remlin. Operate the actions. Squeeze the trigger and drop the hammer (gently, held back by your thumb, please!) The Henry stands heads and shoulders above the Remlins.
  10. Midway sells an insert (flush allen screw equipped) to fill the slot nicely for about $5
  11. Hillary’s Urgent Request Upon hearing the awful news that a member of the Supreme Court had passed away, Hillary phoned the president’s office. It was just past midnight. “I need to talk to the president, it’s an emergency!”, exclaimed Hillary. After some cajoling, President Trump’s assistant agreed to wake him up. “What is it that’s so important that it can’t wait until morning?”, bellowed Trump. “A Supreme Court Judge just died, and I want to take his place,” begged Hillary. “Well, it’s OK with me if it’s OK with the mortuary,” replied the President.
  12. And on that note, all I can say is "Die, Ruthie, die!"
  13. When a friend in Cherry Hill (Camden County) last applied for a PPP and listed me as a reference, notarization of MY signature was required on the reference form. Not really a big deal as most banks have at least one notary on staff. And as far as legality goes, I don't see it as an infraction of the statute as they're not requiring anything additional of the applicant, just looking to verify the true identity of the person providing the reference.
  14. There's a CMP Rimfire Sporter Match at SJSC on the 30th https://ct.thecmp.org/app/v1/index.php?do=matchRegistrationListUpcoming&filter=designation&filter_value=RIMFIRE
  15. I hate the buckhorn sights too On my .22 Henry's I installed William peep sights on the 3/8" grooved receivers The Big Boys are drilled and tapped for one-piece scope bases, but Williams has a set specifically for them. Haven't gotten my hands on one yet, but it's in my plans for all 3, the .357 and .45LC brass models and the .45-70 steel As a match rifle shooter, I'm spoiled and really prefer aperture sights (rear AND front when available)