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  1. Awwww I feel so bad for him - NOT That'll teach him to go to a Rub-n-Tug !
  2. njJoniGuy

    First Time Handgun Purchase

    Sorta like the 30 day requirement for the PD to issue Firearm Purchaser ID cards and Pistol Purchase Permits.
  3. njJoniGuy

    Daily humor thread

    Can't wait to see the first prosecution over this short barreled shotgun!
  4. njJoniGuy

    Bolt Extractor - does it really need an o-ring?

    The o-rings can be had at Home Depot and Lowes for pennies. Got to the plumbing dept and buy a pack of #60 o-rings
  5. Yes, that very real possibility is disturbing.
  6. njJoniGuy

    Is *Insert any semi automatic handgun* legal in NJ?

    It's time to block Lord_Fudd. His (supposed) FFL-07 has apparently gotten to his brain because he thinks he's the be-all, end-all of 2C:39 and 2C:58 knowledge as it applies to non-licensees. Don't rely on his muddled thinking to keep you out of legal hot water here in NJ. Sayonara, and don't forget to take some treats for Greenie.
  7. That's total bullsh1t I pray for the big one that turns Idaho, Utah, Nevada and Arizona into beachfront property.
  8. njJoniGuy

    Better buy you laser sights right away :(

    So the state rejected his CCW application when they ran his prints and he came up as a felon from Mississippi, revoked his FOID but never moved to take his recently purchased M&P 40 away. Next of kin of the murdered should sue the State of Illinois for that shit.
  9. Out of one frying pan right into another. Good thing for us - we're going to need as many trigger fingers as we can muster soon.
  10. The protesters are probably a little bigger than the squirrels Is there a handicap for target substitution??
  11. I'll take the Bushmaster A2 stock setup PM incoming to you Thanks!
  12. njJoniGuy


    If, for example, you used a device to make your semi-auto AR into a non-semi-auto, you cannot use a 30 round AR mag in it unless it is permanently fixed in place (thus no longer detachable) You could put a blob of weld on one side of the mag body, then file a matching groove ito the magwell to accept that new "fat mag" that would no longer be usable in a standard AR lower, and get away with it. Doesn't Ruger make a .22 bolt gun that uses the same mags as 10/22? If so, then you cannot possess a 15 or 25 round 10/22 mag with the excuse "it's for my Ruger bolt gun" even if you don't own a 10/22. It's the 11+ mag that's illegal if it can be used in a semi-auto.
  13. njJoniGuy


    Only if the mag you're using in that bolt gun can be used in a semi-auto are you limited to 10 rounds Otherwise, the sky is the limit
  14. njJoniGuy

    Cali plane crash caught on nest camera

    I wonder how long it will take for this incident to be shown on Smithsonian Channel's "Air Disasters"
  15. njJoniGuy



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