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  1. Not too long of a read. Didn't see an executive summary of our Republik's performance What does the data presented mean??
  2. Let me add, I totally agree But better before it's too late than after.
  3. Does this mark the official start of Purge Week?? Spend Night Out getting the lay of the land Noting fields of fire etc
  4. The mag law is in effect, but has a 180 grace period for legally owned 11-15 rounders (as far as possession goes.) The transfer law has a delayed effective date, namely the 1st day of the 3rd month following signing, therefore Oct 1.
  5. Just read the entire decision. Verrrry interesting. Gives you an insight into the mind of the legislators (or their aides who wrote it) at the time the original 2C:39 & 58 were proposed as bills and negotiated over.
  6. Yes, do! It's FREE now, after all.
  7. Certainly wouldn't put it past them to try
  8. Sorry, Ms. Pandora - The cat's out of the box already! Ain't no way that genie is goin' back in the bottle now.
  9. Let me try to answer your questions one at a time. I've been a member at SJSC since 2006. I'm one of the RSO's and also one of the Youth Rifle Instructors (Tues afternoons, ages 10 to 17). I shoot on the SJSC High Power Rifle Team (100yd TriCounty League) and compete in the 200yd NRA Approved Matches and the wintertime 300yd Frozen Nutz matches. I also run the CMP Rimfire Sporter Matches (there's one this Sunday morning at 10AM) and do the stats for all of these competitions. There is NO TIME LIMIT on your guest-bringing day other than the range hours. By Winslow Twp ordinance, the range is hot from 9AM to dark Mon-Sat and from 10AM to dark on Sun. There is generally no wait to get onto the range of your choice. At the moment, the 7-10-15yd handgun range is closed, but we are hopeful of receiving a zoning board variance to re-open it. The 25yd handgun-caliber range has targets at 7 and 15 yd for those who want to shoot paper closer than 25. You may shoot steel at 25yd with handgun-caliber firearms on the 25. (.223/5.56 and 5.7 are NOT considered handgun caliber and are not permitted on the 25) The 50, 100, and 300yd ranges are all open to steel and paper at their full distances. You may shoot from closer (i.e. 200yd) on the 300 range if all shooters at that time agree. Obviously, if you're the only one on the 300 (as happens a lot, especially during the week) you're free to set up downrange until either you're done or someone wants to shoot a longer distance than you. The RSO crew is pretty laid back, with our job to keep the range safe for everyone. Empty chamber indicators are a must a SJSC. There is a flag system on the line: RED is HOT and GREEN is NO HANDLING OF FIREARMS on or behind the line. The Chief RSO's (Fred and Dan) run new member orientations on the 2nd and 4th Sunday every month at 10AM. $250 individual or $350 family membership per year. NRA membership required. Come check it out. I'm the RSO on duty tomorrow (Sat 7/21) from 10-4
  10. Yes, green tip .223/5.56 (M855) IS STILL LEGAL IN NJ AND THE USA. It is NOT armor piercing under Federal or NJ definitions.
  11. Tony at the Gun Rack wouldn't steer you wrong (on purpose)! Yes, the 17 round Marlin 60 became legal again with Gov. Gopher's signature. Now, how does Joe Pelletieri get that portion of his life back????
  12. I had my non-assault formerly assault weapon (Marlin 60) out at SJSC last week with its new 17 round inner tube in it. Felt strange getting 18 shots in a row downrange without reloading it!
  13. Tube-fed semi-auto 22's are no longer considered "Assault Weapons" if their mag capacities exceed 15 rounds. But they are NOT EXEMPT from the new face-to-face requirement (Dealer-run NICS) effective Oct 1, 2018 (except for "immediate family" and FFL03 (C&R) transfers)
  14. We have until the end of the day on Sept 30 to use COE's to transfer long guns face-to-face without going through a NJ licensed dealer except for transfers between "immediate family members" as defined: "For the purposes of this section, “immediate family” means a spouse, domestic partner as defined in section 3 of P.L.2003, c.246 (C.26:8A3), partner in a civil union couple as defined in section 2 of P.L.2006, c.103 (C.37:1-29), parent, stepparent, grandparent, sibling, stepsibling, child, stepchild, and grandchild, as related by blood or by law."
  15. When you live in a disagreeable sanctuary socialist state, governed by a disagreeable buck-toothed carpetbagger, and legislated over by a disagreeable head-busting union thug ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!