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  1. 'Easily reversible' is probably a no-go for the PRNJ Now if you put a drop of JB Weld in the hex recess of the locking plate screw so it was NOT removable, then you'd stand a chance of beating it in court, IMHO
  2. And your law degree is from what school?
  3. AND lists him as an Incumbent Republican WTF ???
  4. But according to Nappen's interpretation of the new statute, you cannot TRANSPORT them anymore. So HOW DID THEY GET TO THE RANGE??
  5. As a high power rifle competitor, I can't help but count shots when someone shoots rapid fire. During my RSO shift last weekend, I counted 15 from an AR shooter on the 50 yd range. When he was done the string, I approached him and asked if he knew about the change in the law back in June. HE HAD NO IDEA.
  6. Welcome, Ken, from the heart of Gloucester County. Look for me at SJSC. I'm the RSO on duty next Saturday 10/27 And come join us for the Nov 4 Frozen Nutz shoot at SJSC. I'll be the one signing shooters in. https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/92560-frozen-nutz-match-series-at-sojersey-shooting-club/
  7. My vote would be for Trenton. Don't worry, we'll give you a nice sendoff if sh1t happens.
  8. Can't be fake - I saw it on the internet. Besides, it's the truth!
  9. With Kavanaugh now on SCOTUS, this could be the case that frees us from Trenton's Tyranny after the Third sides with the state's illogical logic.
  10. Said the tour guide on the USS New Jersey: "We can hit Trenton from here" Replied my buddy: "So what's stopping you??"
  11. I wonder what Hillary had on Web Hubbell that forced him to sire Chelsea???
  12. Damn right! I have one in .45acp with a small boatload of 8045 mags and the matching (mag-wise) Stoeger Cougar. They both need to come out of the safe soon and get a workout.
  13. Well, that sucks!
  14. For those interested in shooting MidRange Prone and F-Class matches this fall and winter, the Frozen Nutz matches at SJSC are just that, only at 300yds See the thread:
  15. F-Class is all prone, using a front rest or one-piece sled and shouldering the rifle. Most F-classers use scopes. The sighting black of the target is 36" diameter and goes out to the 6 ring (The 5 ring is white). The F-Class target is one ring tighter than the standard (sling) target of the same distance. Cumberland Riflemen (Millville, Cumberland County NJ) is hosting its final MidRange Prone (sling up) and F-Class match of the 2018 season this Sunday starting at 0900. Registration opens by 0800. Pre-register by sending Walt S. an email to my6mm107@gmail.com The last few matches have sold out or been close to range capacity, so don't risk not having a spot reserved for yourself. Match bulletin can be found at www.CumberlandMatches.com This is the ONLY 600 yd range in NJ. If you're coming, it really helps if you have at least a 300yd zero on your rifle. The experts there will help you put a 600yd zero on even before you pull the trigger the first time. This match is open to non members and the front gate along Rt 49 is locked open on match days.