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  1. SJSC is a great range here in south jersey. Your best bet to check it out is on a weekend day between 10 and 3. Park in the front lot near the drive-thru gate and go in the walk-thru gate in the fence adjacent to the clubhouse building. The RSO on duty (not me this weekend) will be glad to answer your questions and give you the 10 cent tour of the up-top ranges (15yd, 25yd, 50yd, 100yd, ,300yd). There are 2 more ranges in the back that are used for events (and by various LEO departments during the week)
  2. Same here, though I'm leaving "the hood" shortly. Finally got into senior housing in Cherry Hill, so I'll be out of here by end of the month. Staying in the prnj because my kids and grandkids are here. And remember what grandkids are ... ... they're the reward you get for not having strangled your teenagers!
  3. It's actually William Penn atop Philadelphia City Hall, not Benjamin Franklin. But the joke still works because Penn was whiter than Franklin!
  4. Actually, it's the ago-old question of why would a married man flying a small plane with his wife and her sister aboard crash into the ocean? Because HE WANTED TO !!!
  5. I think the packaging is worth more than the primers! I wonder what percentage of them would no longer pop?
  6. That's some OLD CCI packaging on the primers in the OP!
  7. or a bullet or a bridge or a tree or an overdose or even a small airplane The Kennedy bag of devils is overflowing!
  8. It would remove 1 of the 'evil features' Depends on how many others the pistol has whether it could be jersey-legal.
  9. And if the BLM supporters have their way, "Restricted" will have a new meaning in our society. Sad state of affairs!
  10. If it's a PA-legal AR pistol (as most are) your best route is to either sell it to the dealer, thus even avoiding a PICS check, or put it on consignment there. Either way, you've never taken possessive ownership and should not need a background check.
  11. You'd better be. That's a helluva deal you're getting!
  12. It's a very nice club. Been there quite a number of times. Not just a range, but a true sportmans club. Clubhouse with a bar, indoor smallbore/pistol range, shotgunning, turning pistol targets, 100yd rifle range, multiple archery ranges. Work days are necessary. Probationary membership at first. Sponsorship by a current member is required. Email Bill Kurth (kurth1911@gmail.com) He can hook you up with the right person to talk about membership. Tell him Brian referred you to him.
  13. How long have you been in the Glorious Peoples Republik of New Jerseystan???? There's no exclusions for anything, unless you have a badge or a friend in high places.
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