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  1. If I need my trunk gun in mere seconds, I'm fucked. If I have a few moments to retrieve and load it, I'm covered. When the shit comes down, I'd rather have it than not.
  2. This has been discussed here before. A non-NFA 'other' is NOT a long gun per PRNJ statutes. So carrying an 'other' like many of us carry 'long guns' as trunk guns is not necessarily a good idea imho. Each individual must assess the amount of risk he is willing to tolerate in his daily life. Otherwise, we'd all be carrying loaded handguns on our hip (like they strongly suggest at the "Juan, Jose & DeShawn Gun Shop", which is on this corner in a '66 Impala tonight, and in a '70 Imperial on that corner tomorrow night. And the only paperwork involved is GREEN)
  3. That's the most intelligent sound that has eminated from Nadler in a very long time!
  4. Sounds like a great "trunk gun" except for the fact that its not a "long gun", but an "other" for 'FID carry' purposes.
  5. And the air in Terre Haute used to smell like freedom, too. Didn't it?
  6. For those voters registered Democrat, the ballots will be in your mailbox very soon. For Republican and Undeclared voters, expect your ballot sometime around Kwaanza.
  7. Nice thing about Aguila ammo is that every shot smells like a Margarita!
  8. Too bad American Civics is no longer part of anyone's curriculum.
  9. Phil's MUCH smarter brother Bubba J !!
  10. Very interesting to see the Civil War from this perspective. Thanks for posting it, Paul.
  11. Sorry. This is still the PRNJ. Stun only. And then only if your DNA matches the setting on the Smart Phaser.
  12. Karma's a real bitch sometimes, isn't she?
  13. At this rate, you'll be able to use the second permit on a working Phaser!!
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