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  1. And then the teletype and keypunch operators. Does anyone here remember how to send a TWX? (and we're not talking about UPS'ing those chocolate candies!)
  2. I hear doggie style has overtaken missionary during this time of social distancing!
  3. After listening to the hour-plus oral arguments in front of the 3 judge panel, I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to hear the private judges' conference afterwards. The state's attorney came across as a real asshat imho.
  4. But for Hillary, a taste of her own medicine would be JUST FINE!
  5. Getting and burning a new NJ permit is the price you need to pay for your OH-based asshattery. And don't forget the FFL's transfer fee and the NICS charge. Live and learn.
  6. Pertinent question: 1. Does your 'repair friend' hold an FFL? If so, why did he not enter your gun in his repair book and then ship it back directly to you? If not, you brought this on yourself by not driving back to OH to retrieve your 'unlawful transfer'
  7. Who knows ... we may be shooting sooner than expected if this thing drags on for months Got ammo??
  8. Most DYFS workers are working from home, with the exception of emergency intervention people.
  9. They won't Not unless forced to open them by the courts. I hope this this is instrumental in torpedoing Murphy's plans to serve a second term. It's SO MUCH MORE IMPORTANT to release convicted criminals from the prisons and leave the pot shops and liquor stores open than to protect the fundamental safety of the law abiding citizens subjects of this state. It's been that way for a long time and it continues. Long-standing, apparently lawful (ha!) behavior of officials who think they are our better.
  10. Walking into Tanners is reminiscent of shopping at the old Leslie Edelman's at the Airport Circle in Pennsauken. Glass showcases filled with new and used handguns, and the walls behind the showcases filled with new and used rifles and shotguns. Ahhh, for the old days.
  11. Yeah, that's NOT gonna buff out!
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