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  1. Sadly, yes they do. And that makes pellet gun use in your own apartment technically a crime. FNJ
  2. Personally, I use a folding workmate with my RCBS Rockchucker bolted to a piece of 2x8 which is secured to the top of the workmate. Fold it up and stand it up to store it when not in use. But MOST IMPORTANTLY: Remember, @Cheflife15 , you're the QUALITY CONTROL guy at your new ammo factory. Make it right - EVERY time! Your well-being is behind every round you make and shoot.
  3. Ahhh ... Chicken Wing ! It works when you practice it. Nice unsupported offhand, sir.
  4. I guess the Camden and Newark branches of the "Juan, Jose & DeShawn Armory" might see a sales increase with Biden''s assclownery.
  5. Behind every blade of grass, as Yamamoto told his colleagues.
  6. That would be https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0075784/
  7. Especially inside BOTH chambers in the StateHouse. Damn Garbage Dump!!
  8. Seriously (yes, I know where I am): Is there a proper Psychological term for someone who identifies themselves (in a really big way) as a target to those who may wish him harm, but doesn't care (sort of like a berserker) ?
  9. This story is a reminder of two basic tenets of life:: 1) You generally only get what you pay for. and 2) Life is too short to deal with people who come across as assholes ... they usually are!
  10. This was the Northern District of Illinois. Where is this illegal peaceable alien's FOID card??
  11. Today's case was one from Delaware. Where are we on Judge Bumb's case(s) in the 3rd ??
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