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  1. 86 is a pretty full life. R.I.P. Danny
  2. Been that way since Tony Montana and the rest of the Mariel boatlift arrived.
  3. Nope, we have choice now! https://www.bondarms.com/shop/gun-barrels/6-inch-barrel/
  4. Bond Arms 2 shot derringer: .22LR 3" bbl .357mag 3" bbl .40S&W 3" bbl 10mm 6" bbl .45acp 3" bbl .45Colt/3"-.410 3.5" bbl
  5. In the very wise prophetic words of Spirit (on The 12 Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus) "It's nature's way of telling you something's wrong." So long, Ruthie. Vaya con dios, por favor.
  6. You mean like the Lifetime Warranty I bought from Leslie Edelman's in the mid/late 70's on my S&W's ???
  7. Match bulletin is attached here Don't forget to pre-register to save yourself a spot on the line FN2019_20.pdf
  8. You guys should get your sh!t together at 300 over the winter to prepare for the first 600 prone match at Cumberland in the spring. Opening weekend in Millville is April 4/5, 2020. Saturday is 200/300/600 cross-the-course. Sunday is 600 mid-range prone (sling) and F-class (rest) Come out to SJSC (Winslow Twp, Camden County) for 300 prone Frozen Nutz to practice. Matches are Sunday 12/1/19, 1/5/20, 2/2/20, and 3/1/20. Since we are limited to 3 relays (it starts to get dark) you MUST pre-register during the week preceding the match. Easy to do - just PM me here - I'm the guy that squads the match.
  9. njJoniGuy

    10mm Glock

    Similar to the difference in case length between a .38Special and a .357Magnum But likewise, a hell of a difference in power!
  10. njJoniGuy

    10mm Glock

    What could be bad with a ".40S&W Magnum" ??
  11. njJoniGuy

    10mm Glock

    Biggest problem with my 10 (S&W 1026) is that it ejects the brass so far that they go out the back window opening on the 25yd range at SJSC and I have to chase them down in the grass behind the shoot house! I'm considering a HiPoint 10mm carbine (to go with its .380, .40 and .45acp brothers) if I can find one at a great price. You can't beat the lifetime warranty (ask me how I know) and the excellent price point of the HiPoint carbines.
  12. So THAT'S what Greenie looks like!
  13. njJoniGuy

    Blown brass

    I carry a broken shell extractor in my shooting stool for such an occurrence during a hi power match Similar to this one I don't see a 5.7 listed in the choice of calibers though :-(
  14. When I was in college and needed a safe space, I went to the rifle range for team practice! Sadly to say, Lehigh got rid of its range and rifle team in the early 80's Coincidentally, that's also when they lost my financial support as an alumnus.
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