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  1. I'll do you one better. Wait until you yourself is a senior parent and is now living in a senior building in order to make financial ends meet. I have 100+ neighbors here who would absolutely shit themselves if they knew the extent of my totally legal collection. And hearing the discussions in the lobby about the 'situation of the day' and how great 46 is after 45 ruined the country raises by blood pressure by unhealthy amounts. So I remember the adage about not arguing with a fool because people might not be able to tell the difference. And I go on living MY life. RSO shifts, teaching the kids in Junior Rifle basic safety and marksmanship, and running matches at the range, and sometimes just old fashioned plinking at the range. Now if ammo were plentiful and cheap again ... Ahhhhhhhh.... for the old days
  2. We are so far past the Gates of Hell already, they're long gone in the rear view mirror. Given the lessons from Weimar & Nazi Germany from the 20s and 30s, there is but one path remaining ahead for us. IS THE LINE READY ON THE RIGHT ?
  3. That might be a little more information than @Mrs. Peel might want to ever know!
  4. That's an awful lot of money for a limp dildo, no matter how long and/or fat it is.
  5. I guess the generally undersized Chinese men no longer meet the needs of their Chinese women! Given that the shipment originated from the Dark Continent (oh, is that racist these days?) remember what they say: ONCE YOU TRY BLACK, YOU'LL NEVER GO BACK.
  6. Poorly designed and executed tool. Mine broke (at the supposedly welded seam) not too long after I got my Storm in .45acp new, back in 2005. No problem though, as I mounted a red dot on the top rail and don't use the factory irons.
  7. Having only been to R14 a few times over the past 15 years, my biggest complaints are the range-wide cease fires every 20 minutes and the rule about placing steel only at full distance (~225 yds) Personally, I much prefer the two ranges I belong to, South Jersey Shooting Club in Winslow (Camden County) and Cumberland Riflemen in Millville (Cumberland County) Participation in the TriCounty Rifle League has allowed me to shoot rifle at other outdoor ranges, including Square Circle Sportsmen in Gibbsboro, Hutton Hill in Winslow, USANA in Elmer, Telco in Atco and Holmesburg Fish and Game across the river in Philly. I've also shot rifle matches at Central Jersey, but currently their matches are only open to their own members, though I expect that will change soon. I'm glad you found a range to shoot at @Ouchthathurts, and if @Sniper could assure that his girl with the shovel, pictured a few posts up from this one, would be there to dig holes for me, I'd be at R14 in half a heartbeat just to watch her sweat!!
  8. Just one more reason for Nasty Nancy to keep the fence and the troops in place forever.
  9. Within the last year. The one I got when I moved in 2020 was still 2 sided and they rolled my print on the back on my way out the door. The one my neighbor got in 2021 is only 1 sided, with no print on it. I guess fingerprints are racist now because the downtrodden can't afford to have them.
  10. No, but the current one-sided paper version of the FID doesn't either. What a friggin farce, the whole NJ firearms permitting scheme.
  11. And STILL, the new digital FID card: is STILL missing the verbiage on my original paper FID (Form SBI-159-7-66) issued, very coincidentally EXACTLY 44 years ago TODAY. The front reads: ... is hereby granted permission to purchase and carry rifles and shot- guns pursuant to provisions of N.J.S. 2A:151-32 and 41 with amend- ments and supplements. The law didn't change to eliminate our right to carry rifles and shotguns, but the bitches on State Street just don't want you to know you can.
  12. Reminds me of the story of the gopher and the swami standing on top of a hill, looking down on almost 9 million sheep in the valley below. The gopher says "Let's go down there and fuck some of those sheep" The swami replies "Let's go down there and fuck 'em all. I know how. I went to law school."
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