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  1. +1
  2. We are in the 180 day grace period. You can no longer buy them in NJ, but everything else (possess, use anywhere, transport, modify permanently, destroy) is still good to go UNTIL THE 180 DAY GRACE PERIOD EXPIRES. Read the bill as passed.
  3. As of this past Wednesday, you can no longer buy 15 rounders in NJ You have 180 days from Wednesday to permanently alter them or get rid of them. But until early December, you can still possess them and take them to the range.
  4. Then you have to send them ALL in to the ATF in West Va
  5. A couple of them: http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/S1000/798_I1.PDF http://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/A1000/655_I1.PDF
  6. I believe this is a case of AG Goodbeer Drywall doing his best Joseph Goebbels imitation at the behest of Gov. Gopher. Obfuscate Confiscate Incarcerate
  7. Glad you're ok. Would have been a lot worse if it had been a case of spontaneous human combustion!
  8. Welcome to South Jersey! Closest outdoor ranges are South Jersey Shooting Club (Winslow Twp), Cumberland Riflemen (Millville) and USANA (Elmer). You should check the Elk Twp municipal codes to see whether there's a discharge ordinance or not.
  9. All the more reason to wait until the 180th day to epoxy the mag closed. Make the necessary adjustments prior to sealing it up for good.
  10. And the common factor in this thread is: Don't stick it in crazy. It never ends well.
  11. Yes, but Slick Willy thinks it's definitely an improvement. That's why he let Web Hubbell sire Chelsea instead of doing it himself.
  12. You can lead an old (and I mean ancient) horse to water, but you can't make it drink (You can however drown it or shoot it in the head)
  13. The $50 fee to register was dropped prior to the final vote
  14. Instead of wearing our shirts that say: I'm the NRA And I Vote We should get shirts that say: I'm Robespierre Watch the Fuck Out
  15. Yes they did. Face-to-face transfers (without dealer NICS checks ) will end in October