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  1. So sorry to hear that, Ed. 49 is way too young. My condolences. Brian
  2. Alas, I cannot take credit for it, but it should be EVERYWHERE
  3. The box in the pic says #4 buck If you want to come down to northeast Camden County, I can let go of 100 rounds of Fiocchi 00 buck at a buck a pop. PM me when you're ready.
  4. Yes and yes, and it doesn't matter if they are subjects of the PRNJ As long as they are not related to you and have email addresses, they are good to go as long as they won't fook you on the reference.
  5. Welcome to Carol Bowne's world ... except she never even got to the submission step. She was still waiting for her FID card and pistol permit when her ex-boyfriend murdered her in her own driveway.
  6. Ever since I watched the last 2 Democrat conventions!
  7. I'm picturing a bonfire on the Central Ave lawn with the neighboring Ancora residents dancing naked around the fire!
  8. Gopher and Swami would slow it down to barely a trickle if they could. "Fewer guns, more better"
  9. She was a little hottie! Rest in Peace
  10. As I said on the National Match forum, where the same question was posed this evening, China sends lots of money to America. But it's not out of altruism, it's to purchase equity in our nation.
  11. There's that Stacey Abrams park bench again!! EVERYONE should own multiple 1911s ! Do as I say - And I do.
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