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  1. The Senate Law and Public Safety (LPS) Committee has a meeting scheduled for later today (Thursday 1/23) Currently, nothing is listed on the agenda The Assembly LPS Committee has a meeting scheduled for Monday 1/27 There are 4 bills on the agenda right now, none 2A related These agendas of these committees are ultimately controlled by the Speaker of the Assembly and the President of the Senate This is where the bad sh!t will start at the behest of Gov Gopher and the Swarmi
  2. The pot continues to heat up in VA But the frogs know what is happening I expect bloodshed is coming
  3. "And I'm also a gifted storyteller, according to the illustrious and scrupulously honest NY Times!"
  4. He was the catcher on his HS baseball team because he was as wide as the backstop, so wild pitches couldn't get past him!
  5. I just spent a couple of hours going back through ALL the bills that were listed in the PUBLIC SAFETY - WEAPONS section of the just completed 2018-2019 legislative session. There were 225 bills in the Assembly and the Senate. Only 34 of them had hearings in the Law and Public Safety Committees of the 2 chambers, or 35.3% Of those 34 bills, 12 (actually 24 because for a bill to become law, the same bill must be approved by each chamber, so the law is actually derived from 2 different bill numbers) became law (70.6%), all of them bad from the Pro-2A perspective. They became: PL2018 c34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39 & 161 and PL2019 c164, 165, 166, 167 & 481 (c481 is the new toy gun sales prohibition referenced in a post higher up in this thread) As to HOPE, imho there is NO HOPE on a state-level here in the PRNJ. All 3 branches of government in Trenton are vehemently ANTI-2A. Our only chance of relief can come from the Federal Judiciary.
  6. And here it is: https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/2018/Bills/A4500/4260_I1.HTM
  7. Keep in mind that MOST OF THESE BILLS will NEVER see the light of day and have a hearing in the Law and Public Safety Committees of the Assembly or the Senate. Given the supermajorities held by the Dims in both chambers, be assured that only the anti-2A bills stand any kind of chance of becoming law.
  8. The most comprehensive and up-to-date way to search for and read the bills that relate to firearms here in the Glorious People Republik of New Jerseystan is to go to the NJ Legislature site (https://www.njleg.state.nj.us/) and go to the Bill Search section (on the right) Click on "List of Bill Subject Headings" and choose PUBLIC SAFETY - WEAPONS It will take you to a multi-page listing of all the bills in that section. Choose an individual bill by clicking on its bill number and choose HTML or PDF to bring up the entire text (and explanation) of the particular bill. When done with that bill, use the BACK arrow to return to the list rather than closing the window. Choose another bill you wish to read. Rinse and repeat. The list is currently 4 pages long, but I assure you it will grow by leaps and bounds over the next 2 years of this legislative session, as it always does. Take note of the sponsors and co-sponsors of the bad bills. They are the enemy. Conversely for the good bills. And there are some of them. The good bills' sponsors are the good legislators we should support. CAUTION: If you are on blood pressure meds, have them handy when you read most of these proposed laws, and DON'T OVERDO IT. It may be hazardous to your continued good health, both physical and mental.
  9. Get in touch with Walt Bachman. waltbach@comcast.net He runs the junior program at CJRPC and takes his shooters to matches at Cumberland Riflemen during the season and also to Camp Perry for the Nationals.
  10. Many, many pages of this document have been redacted. And most of the forms are long out of date. WTF??
  11. In an arfcom discussion about the hotness of Persian women:
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