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  1. Couldn't agree more 45Doll ! Strange world we're living in, here in in 1933 Europe, oops, 2023 America. The world has turned into one big shit sandwich, with PedoJoe behind the counter, and big bites are coming for EVERYONE.
  2. I seem to remember that he was gifted the gun by a satisfied client of his architectural firm.
  3. Wondering what effect the Bruen decision has on NJ's size limitation (0.75 oz) on Pepper Spray and similarly packaged defense products.
  4. And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all, here on my last full day in Punta Cana on my 1st vacation (and most likely last) in 9 years. Flight back to PHL tomorrow on my birthday, then it's back in the Glorious PRNJ, where there's always a loaded firearm within easy reach. Enjoy the Black Friday sales, especially you Forum Vendors and FFLs.
  5. Actually, in my case it is. With BOTH my ex-wives
  6. Johnny, Looks like the kit is lacking a pistol lower (obviously), charging handle and BCG. Good luck keeping the (soon to be cannabalized) upper kit to under 50 oz assembled to a polymer lower. You might be able to do it. Brian, waiting for my scheduled massage here at Hard Rock Punta Cana D.R.
  7. Well, the Ukies are very well incented to do in the Russkies HOWEVER they can. (Sitting at the Hall of Fame beach bar at Hard Rock in Punta Cana, D.R., where airsoft is considered a firearm. And you thought NJ was retarded!)
  8. Are you sure he didn't say that NJ was a RETARDED state?
  9. No, that was a two-handed overhand discharge. Aim small, miss small. Nice shot!
  10. Not when you understand that this case is not so much about the 2A or a piece of plastic that lets you shoot a little faster if you want, it's about the over-reach of the alphabet agencies. Same with the fishing boat case that will also be heard by SCOTUS. A big win here is a BIG win for every 2A cause and case.
  11. The recent drop in prices almost feels like the moments leading into a tsunami where the water does a big retreat first. the little hairs are awake.
  12. A quick therapy session you can relive any time you want.
  13. Angela will be 10 pounds lighter when the judges are done with her. She's pulling EVERYTHING out of her ass in her answers.
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