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  1. Don't forget a case gage for each caliber you reload. (I like the Wilson brand gages myself) When you reload YOU ARE THE QUALITY CONTROL GUY. Every round you make then shoot puts YOUR LIFE AND EYESIGHT AT RISK. Check every round you make before you box it
  2. Now USING A GUN IN SELF DEFENSE here in the PRNJ - well that's another story. The government would like to make it a Capital crime.
  3. The latest word from the owner is that the gun shop will be open in the new W.Deptford location (off Exit 21 of 295) by the 1st of July. The range will open shortly thereafter (within 2 weeks) when the range renovations are completed.
  4. I'll pit mine in .223 against any of the 7.6x or 9mm variants of the Mauser! Interested in shooting it? - PM me and come to SJSC or Cumberland on a day I'm there. Bring some .223 ammo and have a blast!
  5. Of all the voting that happened today: S101 passed 24-13. The Senate version was substituted in the Assembly and it will come up for a vote during the next Assembly session. S3897 passed 34-1. The Senate version was substituted in the Assembly and it will come up for a vote during the next Assembly session. A5455 passed 52-16 with 5 abstaining. Next stop - the Senate. A3696 passed 59-15 with 2 abstaining. Next stop - the Senate. A5452 passed 43-24 with 5 abstaining. Next stop - the Senate. A5453 passes 58-10 with 7 abstaining. Next stop - the Senate.
  6. Yes, threaded barrels are legal, they just constitute an evil feature. You can have ONE. You can also have a Jersey-legal AR pistol if you can find one of the older Bushmaster or Professional Ordinance bare-barrel models. I have one of each.
  7. And even if you were able to get the weight under 50oz by ordering the model made from Unobtanium, the barrel is threaded and is (partly) shrouded, and the mag inserts in other than the pistol grip. Way to many evil features for the Garbage State.
  8. So far, the Senate has passed 2 of the bills before it: S101 (smart guns) passed 24-13 S3897 (straw purchase) passed 34-1 No idea what has happened in the Assembly. My brain can only handle so much legislative bullshit at a time.
  9. Funny how the State Legislature's site is down the night before these 12 bills (6 pairs of identical anti 2A bills) come up for a vote??
  10. Six pairs of identical bills are on the voting agenda in the Assembly and Senate tomorrow. A1016 / S101; A3696 / S2240; A5452 / S3876; A5453 / S3879; A5454 / S3897; A5455 / S3898 Once these all pass (an almost forgone conclusion given the super majority the Dims hold in Trenton), total firearms registration is the next logical step in their plan to finally disarm us.
  11. As of TODAY, you're right. But once the a'holes in Trenton vote tomorrow, that will change.
  12. The rulebook doesn't apply to illegals. Anything that would jeopardize their right against self-incrimination is racist. RACIST, I tell you
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