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  1. Yes With a NO GUESTS ALLOWED policy
  2. My left-handed Stag match rifle in .223 has a left-side charging handle in addition to the left-side eject port. The bolt carrier was drilled and tapped by John Scandale of Keystone Accuracy in PA and my upper had the additional milling done by Mike Berezin of MB Sons in Vineland, though Keystone also provides that service. The modification allows me to cycle the bolt carrier without disturbing my adjustable cheekpiece on the Elisio stock I use
  3. https://www.northjersey.com/story/news/columnists/mike-kelly/2017/10/05/kelly-five-common-sense-steps-gun-control/731414001/ Mike Kelly is a very dangerous ignoramus. Look how well National Registration worked for the people (esp the Jews) of Germany not long after the Weimar Republic's National Gun Registry.
  4. And that's why EVERY piece of ammo we crank out goes in a gage before it goes in an ammo box. WE are THE quality control guy. There's NOBODY else looking out for us. Good catch, Old School. And a really good reminder for the reloaders among us.
  5. First, sorry Iggy and Ed. I can't make it on 10/29. It's the last match of the TriCounty Rifle League that day and I haven't figured out how to be in 2 places at the same time. Damn you, Albert Einstein! As far as the rest of you and shooting 300yds, come out to the Frozen Nutz shoots this fall and winter at South Jersey Shooting Club. All the details are in my thread https://www.njgunforums.com/forum/index.php?/topic/87817-frozen-nutz-matches-at-sojersey-shooting-club/ Brian
  6. Bump to top, as the first installment is only a month away.
  7. Sounds like the Firearms Unit stuck it to Eric. Pulled (or non-renewed) his PRNJ Retail License which will cause the ATF to yank his FFL. Too bad, I liked Eric. On another note, the former site of Ed's (Tarpy) Gun Shop on Cooper Street in Deptford (Gloucester County) is the future site of "The Arsenal". The owner Tom says he hopes to be open in time for Xmas shopping and will be specializing in what he collects: WWI and WWII weapons and uniforms. Locals like myself are curious to see what he's got.
  8. If all you're going to be shooting is 55 or 62gr ammo, a 1:9 twist is perfectly sufficient. The 1:7 you speak of is necessary for the higher weight (ie. match rounds) 77, 80 and 90gr bullets. Generally speaking, 1:9 twist will properly handle up to 69gr (like Nosler or Sierra match) bullets. Faster twist is not always better. Consider the bullet weight you will be shooting.
  9. IMHO, neither organization really gives two shits about our fundamental 2A rights here. They make more money collecting for their (pitiable) lobbying efforts. After all, we are the whipping boys of the 2A community here in the USA. An example of what the rest of the nation may become if you don't send them your hard earned money. <rant off>
  10. The legislators in Trenton go one step further - They wipe their collective asses with the Constitution I hope the SAPPA suit sets them straight
  11. My older Blackhawk is in .45LC (with an extra .45ACP cylinder) The 4-5/8" bbl is also a 3 screw and it's staying that way! They're nice cowboy action guns.
  12. I don't have a scale that precise with that capacity. The post office frowns upon bringing evil things in just to use their scale! For that matter, so does ShopRite.
  13. The Jersey-legal Bushmasters and ProOrds (both now out of production) have carbon-15 lowers and uppers, metal LPKs, shorter-than-normal bolt carriers (with standard bolts) and proprietary plastic buffer tubes and skinny buffer springs. I have a polymer lower in my safe, transferred as a handgun on a permit (by PK90 when he was still here) awaiting the time when one of my factory carbon-15 lowers fails and needs replacing. The factory 7.5" fluted and/or govt profile (skinny in the middle) barrel really helps to shave weight off the finished build. I had one of them out at SJSC last week (at the final fun night of the Youth Rifle League) and the sucker is still worthy of its name - "Thunder and Lightning" !!
  14. Two of the best things about buying long guns in DE are no sales tax and the free NICS call. The price on the hang tag is your price out the door. I've happily bought from Cabela's and Millers (just up the road from the airport, with the big GUNS sign on the roof) The AR lower you want can't be just a lower without a stock. They're only available to in-state residents, as they are "OTHER" on the 4473. A complete lower, with stock, is listed as a RIFLE and you're good to go buying it in DE And don't forget to include your DE purchase in your out-of-state purchases when computing your NJ Use Tax on your NJ-1040 next April ;-)