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  1. Good riddance to Assholes! (or was that some other body part?)
  2. Yep, that one's next on the Hit Parade. If they can redefine 'Large Capacity Magazine' as they just did, what's to stop them from redefining 'Assault Weapon'? See here or here. You might want a trash can nearby as it might make you vomit.
  3. Buy the lady a drink!
  4. My list just got a +1 and in my favorite (read stocked up) caliber! And now it's off to GunBroker to see what they're asking ...
  5. Spoken like a Patriot and a RHIoT graduate.
  6. How do you know? Have you met @Greenday?
  7. Does the word 'invertebrate' bring any pictures to mind??
  8. One can dream, can't one?
  9. Yes, but that doesn't change the Statutes we're subject to here (until SCOTUS hears a case and then tells NJ that 2C:39 and 2C:58 are unconstitutional and they have 180 days to correct that).
  10. Yes, we know the grace period ends next Monday 12/10 But really, when was the last GOOD 2A thing that happened in the PRNJ??????? We're not stupid, just realists.
  11. PSA

    Based on those shipping restrictions, they're NOT GETTING ANY OF MY MONEY.
  12. If that's how you read it, you need to go back to grammar school. And I quote the NJ Permanent Statutes: 2C:39-1 Definitions: y. "Large capacity ammunition magazine" means a box, drum, tube or other container which is capable of holding more than 10 rounds of ammunition to be fed continuously and directly therefrom into a semi-automatic firearm. The term shall not include an attached tubular device which is capable of holding only .22 caliber rimfire ammunition. (my emphasis on the underlined portion) Please explain how an empty magazine body meets this definition.
  13. That would certainly work, as long as you were not in control or possession of the part needed to assemble the evil 11+ mag
  14. Obviously, you'd have to divide the parts up so that neither party had the components to build an evil 11+ magazine. Or send a box of evil parts to mama's basement!
  15. I noticed that they did not tell us about another non-obvious way to handle our soon-to-be-non-compliant mags Both you and a shooting buddy should disassemble your 11+ mags. One of you keeps all the springs and the other keeps all the followers and floor plates. Neither of you has a magazine that will continuously feed rounds into a semi-auto firearm. As long as neither of you has possession or control of the missing parts, you cannot be charged with constructive possession. All either one of you has is a collection of plastic and metal parts, none of which can be assembled to meet NJ's definition of a magazine.