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  1. The Sierra 52 SMK is a fine 100yd match projectile, but that's where it ends. Those of us who shoot full distance (200/300/600) Across the Course matches either use 77s all the way through, or 69s at 200 and 300 and 80s at 600 For the Frozen Nutz matches (300yd prone, single feed) most .223s will be shooting either 77s or 80s Don't waste your time trying to push 52s to superior accuracy at 200 and 300. It's a fool's errand.
  2. You can reserve your spot on the line by PMing me here during the week before the match, or by emailing shajens@msn.com in that same time frame. If you're a no-show for the match without an advance cancellation to one of us, you give up your right to reserve a spot for the future matches this year. After the reservations, it's first come-first squadded to the range limit.
  3. And there we have it. It's been a multi-generational move to make all firearms related experiences as "bad" so as to lower the eventual resistance to the apathy we see today. Can you imagine the current crop of congresscritters serving during, say, 1946-1952? There would have been an armed conflict! We are only one or two generations removed from the "Greatest Generation", yet here we are watching our rights go down the tubes. Sad.
  4. I like that a lot! And will spread it all about!!
  5. 18-280 NY STATE RIFLE & PISTOL, ET AL. V. NEW YORK, NY, ET AL. The Respondents’ Suggestion of Mootness is denied. The question of mootness will be subject to further consideration at oral argument, and the parties should be prepared to discuss it.
  6. Not when carried inside your car AND accompanied by a glove and ball. Otherwise, maybe. Ask Gubir. He knows everything.
  7. For those who don't know, this is the former Centaur location. Wish I could be there, but I am running the 2/3/600 yd match at Cumberland tomorrow. Is Eric still there? If so, and you see him, wish him a Happy New Year.
  8. Actually, their agenda got a real boost with a 6.5 carcano in big-D (but that's a horse of another color) Consider who the zombies might be in today's situ. The door bangers? hmmm...
  9. Well yeah, there's always that. But HotHeadism was certainly on the rise in Europe at the time.
  10. I shoot many many more .22lr than any other caliber. More trigger time, less $ .223 is competition loads for 100/200/300/600yd I still have polymer coated Wolf .223 left from the start, when it wasn't the ammo holding me back while I learned the skills with a service rifle. So Wolf's is for playing. .45/70 is the next to load, as I'm all out and it really is a fun Henry to shoot. Esp with Unique powder puff loads that break 1000fps on a 405gr round. And you can shoot it all day without the recoil of full house loads. If you don't already reload, you should seriously consider it, esp now. But remember DON'T BE AN A$$HOLE.
  11. There's never a shortage when you roll your own. As long as you have the components. A little planning goes a long way.
  12. I would expect we'd see an episode of "Air Disasters" once the investigation is complete.
  13. Understood. But I have enough problems claiming a parking space at my apartment. Where the fook am I going to park the howitzer??
  14. Good indoor pellet gun practice is much better than no practice at all. What else are you going to shoot in your apartment, closely surrounded by other apartments?
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