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  1. Please Lord. With extra RED if you please. MAGA 2.0
  2. It's like driving past a wreck and rubbernecking ... you can't help yourself sometimes. But with sleepy creepy Joe in charge (or so they say, Barry!) the fear is that the light at the end of the tunnel is really a thermonuclear event that we helped cause by our political leaders' actions (and inactions)
  3. The ONLY incandescent bulb in my apartment(s) for the last 22 years is the one inside the refrigerator. FPSE&G My 20c per kWh (all in) right now is high enough already, you bastahds!!!!
  4. @MLArmory Any interest in a S&W 1026 10mm ? PM me if yes.
  5. Does this mean, in a 'John Belushi was right in 1941' sort of way, that we need to have the Germans bomb Pearl Harbor ?? Maybe Joe can talk to his buddy, the German President Mitterand and arrange it ? Shake those coconut trees into compliance ! ! Damn those rebels !!
  6. It wasn't just 1 judge. It was a unanimous decision by the Hawaii Supreme Court. The insanity that surrounds us just fucking amazes me sometimes.
  7. Nickel a pop is a decent price these days. Though not the penny a pop of my youth ... sigh
  8. https://www.thelancasterpatriot.com/reuben-king-sentenced-with-probation-fine/ Though he had to forfeit all the guns that were seized, and his Federal conviction stands, Reuben King avoids any prison time.
  9. Your FFL-free transfer (as a resident of PA selling a long arm to another PA resident) will soon be a thing of the past, as your Governor Josh Shapiro hates guns in the hands of the unanointed. Though the events of October 7 may have changed his personal beliefs since that date.
  10. Just an example of the Florio Effect. It's when a screwed-up Legislature, Executive and Judicial systems set a really REALLY bad example the whole nation follows.
  11. Just wait until the day (soon enough, I'm afraid) when the lights go out and don't come back on. EVER. All of a sudden, we're all in H.G.Wells mode, back in 1850 in the blink of any eye. And who among us is 1850-able?? And for how long?
  12. My best guess is that this 3 judge panel will sit on this case until the en banc ruling on the other (the mag ban) case in play there. Welcome to the world that the assholes here in NJ helped create in '90, Commifornia and Illinois too.
  13. Actually, 12 year old boys have accidental discharges. It's their older brothers, fathers and uncles that have negligent discharges.
  14. @Golf battery does snow removal. Give him a minute, please. He's also one of the RSOs at your range.
  15. https://youtu.be/MVpMUgKtds4?si=a05SIblqzRdvyij2&t=23
  16. We should do that EVERYWHERE there's an anti-store. Remind them of THEIR LOSS.
  17. Order direct https://www.rjkventures.com/products/ar15-m4-m16-mag-coupler
  18. Couldn't agree more 45Doll ! Strange world we're living in, here in in 1933 Europe, oops, 2023 America. The world has turned into one big shit sandwich, with PedoJoe behind the counter, and big bites are coming for EVERYONE.
  19. I seem to remember that he was gifted the gun by a satisfied client of his architectural firm.
  20. Wondering what effect the Bruen decision has on NJ's size limitation (0.75 oz) on Pepper Spray and similarly packaged defense products.
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