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  1. All good suggestions , however the only issue is the only place I’ve seen this pistol is on Gunbroker. Online retailers have very little inventory. I already asked a small FFL that I use but he was not too hot on the idea of going through Gunbroker etc. Possibly I can ask some dealers if they would swap out the high capacity mags for 10 rounders that’s if they even stock them most people in free states want higher capacity.
  2. There’s pistol I’m interested in but , it’s difficult to locate one on line that ships with 10 round magazines. However the 10 round version does exist but these dealers inflate the overall price by about $150 for the 10 rounders. Most dealers won’t deal with compliant states, although I thought NJ FFLs can except higher capacity mags and then plug them for a fee. One dealer said he would discount the pistol a little and ship without mags but, that makes no sense because the discount hardly covers the cost of 3 mags that would have shipped originally. Besides telling me to move, how have some of you fellow shooters dealt with this?
  3. Any updates on their progress? Seems like things have slowed down.
  4. Scorpio it's nice of you to stick up for your friend, but you guys are too thin skinned. Some of my best friends are douchebags and I would like to consider you as my best friend.
  5. Hey Smokin I thought you had all the answers, another legend in his own mind.
  6. Will the NRA be planning pro 2A rallies nationwide or at least in DC over the course of the next few months?
  7. Remember Teptows in Milltown, a small shop with firearms and fishing equipment. I think they also rented out canoes and campers.
  8. We never were or will be the problem. We're just the path of least resistance for additional useless gun laws.
  9. Murphy is the perfect governor for the ill advised and ignorant bumper sticker voter. The man is a disgrace as our highest ranking official for NJ. He continually embarrasses NJ to the entire country. After he finishes with gun issues, it will be about the necessity to raise taxes and, that will be when the zombie NJ voter gets wound up and will know how 2A supporters feel. This is what happens when people don't vote and have their proverbial heads up their ass. According to statistics 1 in 6 eligible voters bothered to vote for governor in NJ 2017. I'm starting to feel the average Jersey citizen is kind of a mindless blank slate. Keep texting, watching sports, facebook, selfies and all the other mindless crap people do and you'll see what NJ will become.
  10. Why do you need a car capable of doing 160mph when the speed limit is 65mph?
  11. Hollywood should produce more musicals, comedies and non violent movies. They're a group of money hungry hypocrites that only like guns when it lines their pockets.
  12. Everything these days is perception and visual. Eddie Eagle and Dana Loesch aren't the answer. Saying the NRA having a huge rally would be perceived as over reactionary? I think a girl standing in front of a huge crowd with a tear running down her cheek in DC is all a visual aid whether authentic or not can be taken as reactionary. The NRA is being crushed in the media war. It's not 1960 they have to keep current.
  13. Why can't the NRA organize a pro 2A rally like the anti gunners did last weekend in DC. The country music community has big conservative names in their camp, stage it like last weekend. Organize hundreds of buses from all over the country, there could be over a million people pouring into DC. IMO it seems like the NRA is a little out of touch with what grabs media attention these days. I'm beginning to think their out of touch and keep beating the same drum. They need a fresh look with new faces. Putting Dana Loesch out there as the front spokesperson isn't working. She comes off as cold and robotic, the NRA better come up with some new tactics. My concern is do they want to? I would like to think so.
  14. Because they have no idea how to address issues in NJ such as property taxes, state pensions, teachers union, or the money that's been poured into school systems in failing urban cities. They pick on easy prey to show they've accomplished something. NJ is ranked 49th in desirable states to live in and are in the top 3 of states people are moving out of. Maybe that should be looked at damn frauds that they are.
  15. I could only surmise that a lot of NJ gun owners feel that any objection to NJ gun laws is an effort in futility. They feel the proverbial fix is in and the NJ legislature will do whatever they want whether it concerns guns or any other issues. I suppose it feels good to think you have a voice but, unfortunately a lot of NJ citizens have given up. You can perceive NJ as a put up or shut up state. The same issues have been plaguing NJ for many years such as property taxes, auto insurance, state pension system where workers come out of retirement from a state job then return back to the same state job then collect a salary and keep collecting a state pension double dipping the system. Pouring money into inner city school systems thinking this will make a difference when actually it rarely has. The gun issue is a low priority for NJ politicians and they will go with the side of the issue that is trending. Other than local NRA representation is any national NRA reps coming up from DC to support NJ gun owners? We can sure use some big names up here for support. I hope a lot of people show up on the 26TH, I'll be one of them.
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