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  1. What the NRA should or will do is a big if. The environment in this state is toxic for firearm owners. The NRA will not unfortunately invest much time on NJ. They know how to pick their battles and they will obligatory object to these NJ laws. In all reality that’s about all they can do. Corzine got his way so will Murphy unfortunately. I know someone who has spoken to Murphy privately and told me this guy is unhinged about firearms.
  2. This is going to be a put up or shut up type of thing. It's nothing new that NJ has been heading in a death spiral for NJ firearm owners. It seems the NRA flexes its muscle in more tolerant firearm states. I've always have and will still support the NRA but, in all reality their not going to be able to do much for NJ firearm owners. I look forward when within a year people in NJ will turn on Murphy in mass. People will be calling 101.5 FM moaning about one issue or another and more than likely half of them voted for little "governor moon beam Jr.". Is there going to be a massive buy out of ARs and 15 round magazines and how the hell can it be implemented? Wake up NJ residents it's not only firearms.Trump said it right it's a s..t hole.
  3. I'm sure internet firearm and ammo sales will come to a halting screech soon.Then some ridiculous tax will be implemented on all firearm related products. Imposing taxes is the liberal way of life. All those in NJ gov't who are privy to armed protection who favor more gun control should lead by example, request no armed protection. The ignorant don't see it's not only about guns, this guy and his cohorts will start poking their grubby hands into everything. Soon they'll be looking for CA emission standards on all NJ cars. Until everyone's little world is affected then will they know what firearm owners go through.
  4. Their going to have to build more jails.
  5. Unfortunately Murphy will have a blank check with the democratic state senate. I feel it will be as bad to the degree we're hoping it would ever become. It seems NJ is a knee jerk reactionary state to every trending issue. Do they expect thousand of firearms owners to start plugging magazines or turning in ARs. Although Murphy is a buffoon not only on gun issues but, his stance on immigration and legalizing marijuana seem to be his big goal. The shooting community comprises a small population of NJ. The mindset of the average NJ resident seems to be in some kind of static state. I put a lot of this on the ignorant populace of NJ residents for voting for this left leaning poor example of a governor. Have you ever gotten into a discussion with someone who's not a gun owner? They can't relate to us. Tell someone who's a smoker that's anti gun how would you like it if you can only buy a carton every 30 days. Ask an avid TV couch potato how would you like a limit on TV viewing time you're wasting too much energy. Here's one for the chronic gambler you know, your gambling will be monitored especially if you're on Social Security. The maximum speed limit is 65mph, there should be a ban on cars whose speedometer goes up to 140 or 160mph. I think you might start to see an eventual closing of some firearm stores and stores like Dicks etc. will stop selling firearms and related products.The small FFL who dabbles for extra income and enjoys it just for the comradery what's left in it for them when things get tighter. Scrutinizing firearm owners is easy and to the common average NJ citizen who are oblivious to the world around them will clap like trained seals for this Jerry Brown wanna be and, Murphy said it more than once, he wants to make NJ just like CA, so take it from there. I can see it now on the internet relating to firearms ,ammo etc. NO SALES TO NJ. If you can't make a major life change to move out of NJ like a lot of us can't presently, there's not much to look forward to for firearm owners in NJ.
  6. I heard the store is not paying rent, if its true this landlord is foolish or I hope he rents out condos.
  7. Recoil is offering yearly or hourly rates. My point was Garden State Shooting Center, Shore Shot ,TTC in Flemington etc. sell guns and also offer hourly and yearly range time. So because the gun store in Union Hill is not owned by the landlord they can sell guns there, wow someone has a good line of shit or these regulations are very subjective to interpretation. So this manager gets to sell guns and the landlord hopes people will join the range. The store is probably open to the public and you don't even have to be a member. I think this landlord made a mistake. He only should have had a store there if the whole place was open to the public, but he was handcuffed by regulations. Is this guy paying rent for this store, and the instructors to use the class room? Sounds like a cluster F...k.
  8. Well I've never been to a gun "club" with a store in it.Yes, I heard about the self anointing title, what a pair of balls. The store owner "manager" will probably be raking in the rewards while the building owner has to wait years to break even.That will get old real fast when the owner sees it for what it is.The self appointed manager store owner will be happy when Murphy stops internet gun sales. When they continued taking memberships dues during all the delays without an end in sight and kept people swinging in the breeze for years with no compensation was wrong. This gun store will have its array of groupie flunkies who will work for free to get a deal on a item. You see it all the time, it's F'n nauseating. Don't forget about the classes also another money maker. Lets wait for Recoil at least it's called a range and they never took upfront membership money.
  9. With Murphy looming in the wings clenching his hands to impose as many restrictions on NJ gun owners, it's inconceivable a range with a gun store in the same building has no NRA affiliation or NRA membership requirement. Is there any association with ANJRPC? All that should have been addressed earlier but, I suppose its more of a range than a " club ". I suppose some clubs like OBRPC, Central Jersey, Citizens, South River, Monmouth etc. was established by people who have a love of the sport and not concerned about profits. So if I have this right this club was created by business men who are primarily motivated by profit and not concerned about the NRA, Murphy's gun grab and restrictions. Nothing wrong with making a profit but that club thing is BS. If you just want a place to sling ammo down range it seems like the right place. Annual fees, a store , and classes being offered for a fee. Drop the Club in its name and replace it with range.
  10. I noticed there's no mention of being an NRA member before joining UHGC, unless it's there in fine print somewhere. Most clubs list that as a requirement, I just find it kind of unusual. Do they have any affiliation at all with the NRA?
  11. Has anyone here have experience with Cabin Firearms. The website didn't list their hours and I was wondering what you guys think overall. Thanks
  12. If a NJ resident holds a non resident CCW and if the NR act passes, I don't believe it would help a NJ resident to carry legally in NJ. According to most things I've read you would need to have a CCW issued to you in your native state. It would be a plus for legal NJ gun owners if they can ride on the back of this bill but, I don't believe NR is the gateway for NJ residents to be issued a CCW for NJ.
  13. I understand your point but, in actuality they hit a snag as soon as they started digging that’s why the building was elevated. The early delays were obvious.The lower level was impossible. My main point was I give Recoil Range credit for not taking money up front till they open and who had more delays than them. I just think the people who paid $400 up front should get compensated in one form or another.
  14. When the delays started they should have stopped the pre construction early membership that’s a fact. The people that paid up front and waited this long should get some form of compensation regardless of the reasons for the delay.