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  1. Hey capt14k you can make yourself the "self appointed manager"
  2. Will there be NRA representation at this rally?
  3. Who's funding them and flying them around the country, the networks, Soros, ACLU, the DNC?
  4. I'll double down on you not knowing the complexity of the bill. Sorry buddy think you got it backwards you were not entirely correct. The issue is moot you're not a candidate for a CCW.
  5. I don't believe internet sales was mentioned at the hearing or was it?
  6. Sorry nice try, Congress Bill recognizes it Senate Bill doesn't. As far I can tell it's a long shot at best. You proved absolutely nothing .
  7. Thanks for the input ok, what are the odds on this ever passing considering the recent current events.
  8. OK oh mighty hairless one, provide the precise information that states with a non resident CCW we can carry in our native state that won't issue us a CCW based on justifiable need. The way its been explained to me by a very knowledgeable source your native state would have issued you a CCW to benefit from NR. As of now with the right non resident CCW you can carry in over 30 states but not in NJ. Unless you present actual facts your talking through your hairless A-Hole.
  9. A lot of us support the NRA but, the anti 2A crowd views NRA people as prejudiced, bigoted Nazi memorabilia wearing right wing nuts. The media definitely has a lot to do with this. I don't know the general consensus but I feel Dana Loesch isn't the best choice for making the points for the NRA. She comes off very robotic and cold I think The NRA should reconsider another front person. We voted for Trump not his Fn family.
  10. There's a 25 year old video of a Trump interview where he states there's no need for these "assault style" weapons. Until he ran for President as far I always knew he was left of center socially not economically. Maybe someone in this section could enlighten me and explain why is National Reciprocity the Holy Grail for NJ gun owners, it doesn't help us. What am I missing here?
  11. Forget about Trump, we have our own issues concerning gun control in this state. National Reciprocity will do squat for NJ gun owners, I don't know why NJ firearm owners get worked up over this issue. Can it be the remote chance that NJ will reconsider their CCW law? Also if you have a non resident CCW that's not going to help either. I'm not anxious to see people from other states with CCW's visiting NJ while NJ residents don't share the same freedom. For the next 4 years NJ gun owners are going to be scrutinized by Murphy and his administration.
  12. Does anyone know the background of these RSOs, training, qualifications and experience?
  13. Seems like the rules of this club need some clarification. They had about 4years to iron this out. Some people still think the "self appointed" manager is the owner, that especially needs to be straightened out once and for all. The actual owners should take out some adds listing themselves as the owners. Enough is enough.
  14. That would be a kick in the ass for residents who can't obtain a CCW. Maybe it should be all or nothing.
  15. Although NR should be passed, it only pertains to people who have been issued a CCW in their native state. I don't think it helps a NJ resident with a non resident carry Utah, FL etc.