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  1. SJSC looks like such a cool range. Wish it wasn’t 45 minutes away
  2. What is the relationship between chamber pressure and muzzle velocity? And more importantly, recoil? Blasting like an M1A3 sounds great until you have to hold and aim the damned thing.
  3. I thought the law took effect but included the grace period on enforcement. So if it allowed something new then that would now be legal
  4. That is only for firearms that accept a detachable mag that cannot be modified. That is a very small minority of firearms. That option is not valid for a significant number of firearm owners so “Takings” still applies.
  5. If CA can appeal the lower court’s injunction then you’d think the we could as well.
  6. Note that this is just for the Injunction on enforcement, not the case itself. The 9th upheld the lowercourt granting an injunction after the state appealed.
  7. A million other places you can get a BCG. Cheaper than Dirt lives up to its name.
  8. I can understand why the bank would sit on an occupied house. It’s in their interest to work with the resident if they can. NJ is notorious for how long it takes to evict (see all the rent-to-own shenanigans). But why would a bank sit on a vacant house? Surely they know it’s just deteriorating and their losing value as it sits.
  9. All the counties in N.J. have very well established centralized communications. I would imagine CERT would have to tie into those somehow in order to coordinate with PD, EMS and Fire. I’ve never heard any CERT resources on radio but can’t remember any incidents where they were involved.
  10. Though bringing an arrow to a gunfight might be a factor as well.
  11. Well Delran EMS was shut down. DFD is still active. And yes, volunteerism is down. And getting folks that will commit the time for the initial/continuous training plus actual calls is very difficult.
  12. There is no height requirement.
  13. Most first responding orgs, Fire/Ems should have training and activity quotas. That makes sense to me. Gotta stay active to keep the skills sharp.
  14. By in large you may be more interested in joining your local volunteer fire or Ems dept. From what I’ve seen CERT takes a secondary role to those organizations.
  15. I would hope that if this suit against lowering the limit to 10 is successful then that precedence and same arguments would be used for a new suit that targets limits in their entirety.