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  1. I’m confused. I’d congress passed the law giving the CDC this authority how is it the executive branch overstepping?
  2. He was trying to talk about standard and high capacity magazines but accidentally let the cat out of the bag: they want to ban all semi-auto firearms.
  3. No no. The possessed spawn of hell that turns the owner into a violent psychopath like a Stephen King character.
  4. If you read their response it’s because their lawyer is too busy with other cases. Like, “sorry, Scotus. You’re not the priority”
  5. If I remember right, the 2% increase cap was on the budget. That doesn’t mean your individual tax burden increase is capped. So Jack’s statements are consistent.
  6. If they increase the budget you will almost always pay more in taxes regardless of your property’s valuation. They could just raise the budget and you’re xx cents per $1 dollar assessed value would go up accordingly based on the current valuation ratio. Also, And the higher property values can’t be used by the township right away. They have to do the total assessment first to document the new values. That can take a year or more. Could they do what your talking about? Yes. What should really scare you is the total value of all properties relies heavily on commercial ratables. How many vacant commercial buildings do you see in your town?
  7. This. Your property tax = Township Budget * Your property value / sum of All property values
  8. voyager9

    New 590a1

    I finally disassembled, cleaned and lubed it the other day. Also installed the racker light. I might have mucked something up because racking it now is extremely stiff… worse than when I first took it out of the box. Not sure what’s going on but I have to pull it apart again. The TL Racker did seem very tight sliding over the barrel and the guide arms (or whatever they’re called) was tough to get into the slots of the upper.
  9. It’s a misinterpretation of a common missive. There are known-knowns (things we know we know). There are known-unknowns (things we know we don’t know) and there are unknown-unknowns (things we have absolutely no clue about). Probably more famous for shooting his hunting partner with a shotgun
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