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  1. Maybe it’s just so they can gavel it “moot” right it way and pad their numbers..
  2. SCOTUS sending a case back to the circuit with direction to re-evaluate based on strict scrutiny would be “forced to”.
  3. So interesting dialogue on how tragedies are remembered over time. As a comparison, how was Pearl Harbor remembered in 1960?
  4. I’ll watch the documentary by the two French brothers every year. Still brutal to watch. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0312318/
  5. So this EO is bullshit if one equates “improper” with “illegal”. Of course the state does not and “improper” more equals “any at all whatsoever”
  6. I thought it was already prohibited for an insurance company to cover an illegal act.
  7. What does this even mean? Retailers that sell direct to consumers already have to be FFL’s and follow those processes. Manufacturers don’t sell direct so they’re not involved in background checks. And financial institutions? That’s just State-funded extortion.
  8. True. Though part of me would like to see the Republicans submit it again and get the Democrats on record and call them out for voting it down.
  9. That’s basically what was proposed back in 2013. Buyer uses a public NICS portal to initiate a background check. They get notified if/when it passes and is given a token. Seller uses that token at the portal to verify prospective buyer passes. Transaction completes. Seller does not have access to buyers PI. No info on the firearm is passed or even if the sale commenced seller gets piece of mind that buyer was not prohibited what’s not to like? oh, right. It’s not a registry and it’s not a burden or PITA so the Democrats killed it.
  10. I don’t know how they compare with the Tacoma or F150 but I test drove one a while ago and it was pretty nice. I had a 2001 Ranger and I’d say the new ones are better.
  11. I’m not going to this boiled sausage party..
  12. While I agree with the intent of your comment, I believe it is technically incorrect. Since the applicant submits a sworn statement they can be prosecuted for submitting a false claim. Whether that is enough of a deterrence? I doubt it...
  13. But but but they were only wounded. If France has the same gun laws as the US those 9, and a bazillion more, would be dead. /s
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