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  1. First, a poster child for why banning standard-capacity mags is bad. Second, also training. Third, don’t turn your back on the enemy.
  2. Citarelli‘s only platform was “I’m not Phil Murphy”. While that is a platform to base a campaign on, it isn’t much of one.
  3. The argument is demonstratively false considering there have been a non-zero number of mass shootings where the shooters used small magazines.
  4. Typical state fear-mongering arguments. Them pushing that numbers don’t equate to common use is nonsensical. Judge asking about ruling for the standard capacity mag ban but against AR (features) is concerning. Smacks of interest balancing which is explicitly forbidden under Bruen.
  5. I like what another person said: strip it down to just the lower and leave it up on a cinder block.
  6. Schmutter should have told Sheridan that sledgehammers are also protected under 2A and that needs based scrutiny was prohibited under Bruen.
  7. In NJ a Right is only for the left due to all the jughandles. I agree though that there was zero reason this case stalled back at the district level the second time. Even the CA case that was remanded all the way down has hit the 9th again.
  8. If anyone knows beating with 3”, it’s you.
  9. I mean.. I think I see corn… jus sayen.
  10. Probably a bad analogy. Car manufacturers get sued all the time. There was one where Jeep was sued because the automatic braking was an optional feature.
  11. You spelled Trans Visibility Day wrong. /s
  12. With extra pineapple? More likely the media hyping the hot topic. They did the same thing with railroad accidents after Palestine.
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