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  1. Were you ever on the fence? Let’s be honest, most here are not given the topic of this forum. I’d like to hear from someone who was undecided that flipped (or not).
  2. There is a lot of pro-gun info in the article. Nice job on the interview! Unsurprisingly the article is pretty biased overall. You would think domestic-violence groups would be more balanced on their stance. I would imagine the victims of DV would benefit more from legal ownership/carry than the perpetrators.
  3. Do we really? Whatever problems there are with Guadagno she's cheap toilet paper compared with the trip to the outhouse basement that is Murphy.
  4. Once everything requires a check of some form it will be easier to advance the screws by changing the criteria of the check. No laws, no bills, a simple admit order changing what they look for to prohibit. Not only is it a slippery slope, but with UBC it's a slope through a tunnel. They saw the No Fly List and said "hold my beer"
  5. Holy shit what a biased smear-piece. Count how many times they reference vegas, "assault weapons", military style, or any other of the terms in the anti-gun lexicon. Hey, three nurses went out and had a fun outing and nobody got hurt, in a brick and mortar murder-haven.
  6. Good thing I don't want a weapon of war. I want "arms" as guaranteed u see the 2A and further affirmed under SCOTUS rulings on Heller and McDonnald "common use" provisions. "I was a sharpshooter" is as meaningful as "I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express" to this conversation.
  7. Easy to say. Harder to do. Are you going to sacrifice yourself and family to be the test case? Look a SAPPA. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of time. Meanwhile you're a felon and career could be in jeopardy. The law is owned by the rich.
  8. And SCOTUS can't address the circuit split without a case that challenges it, right? So we're still F'd for 5-10 years
  9. So if I follow the logic: semi-auto + Bump stock = Increaded rate of fire so the bump stock must be banned. Does then this apply: 15 round + BAD = decreased reload time so it must be banned (in NJ). I don't know if anyone that doesn't admit the BS is a legal gray area and probably against the intent of the law. Still.. such a slippery slope. Drop in triggers or anything with a shorter reset would also be banned in Feinstein's version.
  10. It was allowed because the ATF actually looked at the law and recognized that the device complied. The law could be changed but that opens some interesting doors. How would the law change so that these types of things are forbidden without running afoul of the existing precedent? Too specific and there will be new devices that are just different enough. Too general and it gets struck down.
  11. More immediately, even suggesting he might talk to them about it drives Trumps base insane. Sowing further chaos and allows Dem to maintain an upper hand politically.
  12. I’m torn. My daughter loves unicorns, but hates loud noises. What to do?
  13. Tried that. Doesn't always work
  14. I've had it work once in a while. Usually it says I don't have access.
  15. He doesn't need a light. Based on his slippers he has the Force. The optic is unnecessary too.