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  1. If my employer had a sarcasm-clause I’d be fooked
  2. Happens all the time. Look at employers and “wrongful termination”. They don’t fire you for what you did. They use a generic “uncooperative workplace”-clause
  3. The article also states that they weren’t disciplined for the weapon section of the handbook but they’re changing anyway. Yeeeeaaah, right. In other words “you’re suspended for causing a Problem after we tried to suspend you under the weapon section”
  4. I’m a fan of co-opting the left’s slogans: #meToo, just say no, etc. Either that or Dr Seuss. 1A, 2A, 3A, 4. Self Defense is at our core. Or alternatively “inherent rights are at our core”. My 2A protects your 1A Ban Assault Bills Cosmetic features are for makeup 9 of 10 criminals agree: gun control is job security (or “makes them safer”)
  5. I love the quote from the school in this article. Public opinion on the internet is not correct but we can’t tell you why it’s incorrect for..reasons.
  6. It’s 1am and the formatting is all messed up, but.... Average Police Response Time: 10 minutes; Yet NJ wants us Disarmed #MeTwoA (Me2A? Idk) Thoughts and Prayers don’t save lives; Responsible gun owners do NJ:Sanctuary for illegals; Prison for responsible gun owners Responsible gun owners are not the problem; Punish violent criminals 9 out of 10 NJ oligarchs agree: security for them, but not for thee Fuck Weinberg
  7. In their defense, how often do you see a picture of Steve Bescemi holding a rifle? And an Artsy black and white one at that.
  8. They probably wouldn’t recognize it.
  9. Just rain here. Looks like if anything we are in the 1-3” range. But it is supposed to be above freezing all night. Brother is getting 12-18”
  10. What Zeke said. And stay away from any British restaurants for a good bit afterwards
  11. Because if you don’t your teeth get in the way of your foot in its way in.
  12. For exactly that reason. When the age for handguns was increased the court could say “but they can still get rifles” so it’s not unconstitutional. Now every firearm in FL is 21+ and that logic no longer holds.
  13. So you can enlist in the military and sent to die but can’t vote in the election for those that sent you there? Doesn’t seem fair.
  14. I’ll care once I start mowing again.