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  1. I’ve had iPhones for years and was going to stay away from the X for the same reason (and cost). Honestly it took less than a day to not miss the button.
  2. No, No. That’s completely differrrrr..oh wait. Yes. Yes it is.
  3. If you’re just talking a single phone it’s probably just preference. The screens on the newest galaxy phones are really nice, but so are the ones on the iPhone X’s. Maybe not as good. The facial recognition on the X’s works really well. The benefit to iPhones is the “apple ecosystem” in that data is shared between iPhone/iPad/Mac/AppleTV. Safari tabs, website (and app) credentials easily synced. There are separate services that do that but not well integrated. Family sharing across IDs for some data as well.
  4. Yeah. If you were on the “show unread” page the side bar would automatically close and the page reload. I forget but I think if you were in a thread the side bar would close but the page wouldn’t automatically reload.
  5. Notice the threads behind it aren’t bold. It used to reload “unread” at this point.
  6. Wasn’t all of Facebook down for 24-hours? Maybe that causes it to miss the cusp of coverage?
  7. It’s a new business opportunity. A different kind of Tree Service.
  8. Didn’t you know Brave New World was an instruction manual? They’ve only ready the first half, though.
  9. That’s not response time. That’s the time it took them to apprehend a mobile suspect moving between two different locations. Not actually surprising.
  10. Seems justified: And the article says he’s Australian
  11. No more “new” guns for you, you mean.
  12. Add to that, they know the top court is significantly overburdened. They take up what, 10%, of the cases presented to them? Its like one child misbehaving because they know they won’t get punished because their parents are focused on their sibling.
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