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  1. Probably better than swallowing your pig soup
  2. I was reading too quick and thought Zeke posted the picture.
  3. Ok. That looks good. Was this before you put it in the blender?
  4. They probably look the same coming out the back end.
  5. This recipe looks awesome! How have I not see this thread before?
  6. Had what seemed like a tornado here in Burlco. Lost a few smaller trees and tree-sized branches from the big ones.
  7. I guess maybe. Just seems counter to the standard Xfinity behavior toward their customers. I just looked and from the router itself I’m routinely getting 360 on a 350 plan. That’s with my own router and modem. It could be that they do it to compensate for congestion on the head-end. From what I remember that is susceptible to congestion from neighbors/etc all using the same frequency range between the modems. I doubt it’s to make 3rd party routers look better when Xfinity makes money renting a competing product.
  8. Xfinity would never do that. Are you kidding. They’d say that you have to rent their modem/router combo box to get advertised speeds. On the router side I’ve Used Xfinity’s box and also had various Netgear/ASUS types and always had bad areas of the house. Went with an Eero 3pack when they were on sale and it’s night and day. Light on the configuration options but works really well.
  9. You can’t return it until we figure out why it’s happening. Can’t leave us hanging!
  10. Ha! At least two digits to the left of the comma. Just the QSFP25’s for 100G are a couple grand.
  11. Can you change the FIOS box config so it doesn’t use 192.168 as the LAN range? That would determine If there is a problem with the TrendNet seeing that subnet on its WAN port. Shouldn’t matter what you pick since it’s just between the two routers (assuming their IPTV boxes are on their own network you can’t change)
  12. Agreed. Though I thought it was mentioned that it could not be put in bridge mode because of the FIOS IPTV boxes.
  13. We are going down a rabbit hole, especially if the problem is fixed, but I love talking through this stuff. Since I can’t do it at work, might as well spam the thread Your idea would make sense except presumably the TrendNet assigns LAN IP’s on the configured 172.16.x range when disconnected from the WAN but his devices get a 192.168.x IP when the WAN is connected. I’d find it very odd if the TrendNet nerf’d it’s config to the point it assigns 192.168 only when WAN is connected. It’s possible though. It could be that the TrendNet doesn’t like having a private IP on the WAN side. That isn’t the norm. As you said it may have some hard coded logic for 192.168 and maybe it doesn’t differentiate LAN/WAN Port for that subnet. That bug could allow the FIOS DHCP through to the LAN. The clients will use the first DHCP reservation they receive. It could also be that the FIOS box is MUCH faster than the TrendNet to respond that clients always get that one first. Wire shark on a client would show that almost immediately.
  14. Has he? It wasn’t clear. I’d love to know what the resolution was. regardless of subnets, no router should pass WAN DHCP over to the LAN side unless it is explicitly configured as a bridge (Not router). Since it serves out DHCP when the WAN is disconnected it makes me think the router is in some dorked up half-bridge mode. Whether the configuration allows that or the router is AFU, I tend toward the latter. Get an Eero or similar and never look back.
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