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  1. And that means explicitly stated in a will or some other document. Not sure the estate can legally distribute to non-next in kin without that. Otherwise it technically goes to the heirs who can then transfer it to the non-family members but that needs a FID.
  2. voyager9

    New 590a1

    Yeah I agree, after thinking about it for more than a few seconds: 15% more light at 33% more cost. Midway has the 1000-lumen one for $118
  3. voyager9

    New 590a1

    Would you stick with the 850 lumens or their 1000 lumen model?
  4. voyager9

    New 590a1

    Nobody has opinions on the Streamlight racker or 2pt slings?
  5. voyager9

    New 590a1

    I managed to snag a new Mossberg 590a1. My first shotty. I’ve yet to get a chance to strip and clean it let alone get to the range it with but I’m already looking at upgrades. While it can be for HD, it won’t be my go-to, so I want to keep it simple for now. Mainly a sling and a light. For the light I thought the Streamlight racker seemed like an interesting idea. Wasn’t sure if it is a gimmick. Has anyone uses it? Surefire has something similar but it’s a lot more money. With both options I’m concerned with how for back and underslung they are and barrel shadow. For sling I was looking for a two-point QD. I have blue force gear vickers sling on my ARs and wanted something similar. Not sure the best way to add QD to the 590a1. Looks like ggg and magpul both have options for the front. For the rear ggg also has an option but it seems to stick out quite a bit. Getting the magpul stock, which has a QD, could be an option though seems silly to replace a stock just for a QD socket.
  6. Yeah. Especially the one about marrying one’s sister.
  7. I too am a criminal. I didn’t look both ways when crossing the road this weekend. I also failed to address someone by their given pronoun.
  8. The Illinois case isn’t about purchase. It’s about possession in the home without a FOID.
  9. I don’t think this would help against the current NJ FPID since you are allowed to own firearms in this state without one. For now you can bring them with you when you move. That said, the proposed law requiring someone moving from out of state with firearms to get a FPID, and any criminal penalties for possession without one would fly in the face of this decision.
  10. Isn’t there a NJ case against Justifiable Need making its way through the courts? If so that one is well positioned to be ruled in line with the outcome of the scotus decision
  11. I joined the queue on the 16th. Supposedly the state cleared that backlog on Thursday. Haven’t heard from my FFL yet.
  12. Nobody said what they showed here was the exact same as what was available decades ago. But the technology existed back then. What was shown above was evolutionary advancement. Not revolutionary. You seem awfully angry and defensive on this topic. Do you own stock in Gravity or something? You’re coming across with much more of the attitude you’re accusing others of.
  13. Here is an article. Unfortunately they don’t link to the studies they mention. Here is a report from 2016
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