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  1. That is what every one is afraid of. I don’t think it will happen. The 9th book should be out in time for it to be adopted and the writers are actively involved in the production of the show (unlike GoT). I can see them shortening the books 7-9 content into something that will fit in season 6. There is a lot there that could be side stepped (for a later spinoff perhaps) while still picking up the major series arcs.
  2. I saw the 686 and it looked sweet but that’s a lot of coin.
  3. Wife came to be earlier and said “I think you need a revolver”. Guess it’s time to apply for another p2p. Any suggestions? Probably look at .357 since she could shoot 38 out of it with manageable recoil. I had a list of candidates years ago when I was looking but lost it in a boating accident. Maybe I can parlay this to also get something to teach the kids with. Maybe an AR-10
  4. It’s more of a Pull, given where Sniper is with respect to said edge.
  5. I think this is right. The writers are involved in the production of the show so presumably can include it in any S6 discussions. I haven’t picked up any of the Novellas yet except The Churn. That was part of my book 5 reread getting ready for S5. Will hit Vital Abyss and Strange dogs shortly then maybe Auberon (though that seems a logical follow on to Churn).
  6. The production really stepped up once if left SyFy. Amazon has done a great job. Really looking forward to S5. I’m curious if it is just book 5 or combines books 5-6. If they knew S6 was their last I could see them combining as there wasn’t much huge in book 6 that couldn’t be cut short. That would leave S6 to try to cover as much of books 7-9 as possible to leave the series with a fulfilling end.
  7. He dissented on the grounds that the case is moot. NY had already changed its policy and brought its handling of religious locations and gatherings in line with secular ones.
  8. I think there are 15 total? I forget. I read elsewhere that there were two other judges appointed by a Republican that voted no. all things considered that may be ok. Faster to SCOTUS.
  9. I can’t compare to anything else but it’s not the first time I’ve heard it called that. Basically everyone is home from college, no classes, no work the next day.
  10. I will say that cleaning the one we have is very easy. All the rollers, brushes, wheels either pop out or are easy to work around. A lot easier than the Dyson we also have.
  11. We have a Roomba. Not sure what model. It works fairly well except: -The bin is very small so with pets/kids it will fill up very quickly. -It constantly gets stuck. On the brick hearth, under chairs. -It seems to seek out situations to get stuck. I’ll put it at the far end of the room and it will flip a 180 and beeline for the brick. -It doesn’t seek out the base when the battery is low, or if it does it is horrible at it. -My house isn’t conducive to one either since we have steps/whatever that it can’t navigate to do the whole house/floor in one go. -The toddlers like to ride it. Or throw things at it. Or put play dough in front of it.
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