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  1. That.... doesn’t look anything like how I remember the book. It might be good and it would be cool if they tied it in with the Jack Ryan series. But..uhh. Yeah.
  2. Semi-auto with pistol grip.
  3. Notice I said “need” not “have”. The current block-1b has an effective anti-surface mode.
  4. You’re right that there is a fine line between preparedness and paranoia. That’s a balance each of us must find and it is not a one-size fits all answer. Both terms are subjective. That said, relying on any intruders retreating doesn’t seem like a safe strategy. You don’t know the intent, experience or state of mind of the intruders. If they are desperate, used to being around gunshots, or whacked out of their mind on something, then they may not retreat. If you assume they will then you’re left at an extreme disadvantage. Does that mean you need a 30mm Phalanx in your driveway? No. But to recommend a single 3-round magazine is equally dumb.
  5. I think the quote got messed up. Both what EdF replied to and what you say he said: Came from Smith.
  6. How many assailants are usually involved in a home invasion? Hint: it does not equal 1.0. How many rounds does it take to stop a threat? Hint: It’s not 1. What is your hit percentage at 20yds under stress? Hint, it’s not 60% That math alone shows you need more than 3. Non-quantitatively, why would I base a home defense strategy “assuming everything aligns”?
  7. When I looked closer it appears the previous owner had bolted their own “skis” to the existing shoes. Just thin aluminum runners that tore. Not sure why he added those. I may be able to lower the existing shoes or just replace with tougher ones.
  8. That happened to me while I was out. Two staggered plows went by and effectively plowed two lanes of gunk at the end of my driveway.
  9. The runner up was to name it “Rovy McRoveface”
  10. Maybe 4” but it feels like 2-3 since it turned to sleet. Broke the ski/plate/shoes(?) on the snowblower.
  11. Except for the W10 part. That should be a crime against humanity or grounds for impeachment.
  12. I think you have that backwards. Most people download far more than upload. (For example my family uploads 5% of our downloads). That said, there are reasons to upload. An ISO will easily overrun any bandwidth caps. I had to push up a custom RHEL/Redhawk ISO and agree that it can take forever.
  13. Alex Baldwin in shambles. HfRO is the best movie adaptation by far.
  14. Makes me glad I have a Wood stove. Get it started, close the door. Wait. Maybe open the clean out door briefly.
  15. It’s been snowing like the dickens since 8:30 or so but I went outside and there was only two or three inches on the ground. Less on the driveway.
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