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  1. I have DirectTV Now to stream to the Apple TV, FireStick and Roku TV. It’s.... ok. It has most of the channels I’d want but navigating the guide with an AppleTV remote is a pain (swipe, swipe, swipe, oops too far, swipe back). It also glitches out sometimes. For $40/month it’s cheap, but didn’t pass the WAF enough to cancel Xfinity so I’ll keep looking. Maybe PSVue or YouTubeTV
  2. The 320 may be big enough for your hands but obviously is overshadowed by the size of your head. I’m willing to go shooting. I have demands: you shoot first, you can’t be at the same range as me, The event will be on the third Thursday after a leap day, and I can only travel by sled dog.
  3. Probably a picture of his wife standing behind him yelling “I told you so!”
  4. I have two kids in diapers. Go through my trash, I dare you.
  5. When I started work in the late 90’s we had systems where the only persistent storage was reels. They’re still fielded/supported though slowly upgraded. Hard to find CMS2 developers.
  6. You’re overthinking it. Just put a smaller in-wall safe next to this one to store the key in.
  7. Use your keys to hold your jeans zipper up
  8. Use Em to hold your jeans up
  9. Someone’s upgrading their porn stash...
  10. Months. July to be exact. And as far as I know there hasn’t been anything new. Still expected to be reviewed en banc and overturned.
  11. And not to politicize things, but to put the word Sacrifice in perspective..
  12. If you haven’t seen the whole documentary, check it out. Fantastic. amidst all the call of “Oh shit”, you hear “Let’s go!”