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  1. Windows changed a while ago so that Ctrl-alt-delete isn’t required to bring up the unlock screen. It used to be special and handled in the hardware to avoid someone spoofing the login screen. I’m not too familiar with vanilla windows as my machine is corporateized. In my machine pressing any key or clicking the mouse brings up the password prompt. No double-key press required.
  2. Years ago I found myself on a big gray boat 35 miles off the coast of KSC the night of a launch. Would have been between the pad and where the boasters land in the ocean so it would have flown right over my head. Launch was postponed 24 hours so the next night I was quite a bit further away. Could still see it but it looked like holding a lighter at arms length. Still cool but not the same.
  3. I thought he just boils them until they fit. Like spaghetti.
  4. That’s what I thought. I couldn’t fathom a context where Embargo made sense for the county to issue a business. It’s like they found an orange sticker and made shit up. There have been a lot of messages where the messenger was a POS.
  5. Started watching it after seeing this thread. While it’s a little tropey, it’s very good. Midway through season 3. Plots and characters are great.
  6. NJ isn’t violating the Constitution. It just believes that document identifies as a placemat.
  7. Granted my experience is limited to R14. I think it has around 25 ports between rifle and pistol ranges (not including shotgun and archery ranges) with up to 4 people per port. Depending on definition of “range” in the EO limiting all of R14 to 10 would be severely limiting. Even if just applied to individual ranges it’s still a big restriction. Given that restriction and demand I may not get range time for 4 months. Ironically that’s when mom will let me out of the basement.
  8. I don’t know why any range would bother opening under those restrictions. 10-people on the range at one time? For most ranges that’s got to be under 10% capacity (20 ports @4 per port). How many employees do you need on site to run a range and economically can you make money with that limit?
  9. Hopefully they learned the lesson of the NYC case to always claim damages so the case can’t be looted.
  10. With R14 being closed I’ll have to look into Jr Marksman again.
  11. Count Corvid is a main character on the new Murphy television show SezaMe Street.
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