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  1. Your first entry into the Battlestar Galactica collection.
  2. Fuck that guy. Fighting with your spouse is no rationalization for killing your kids.
  3. Not a trick. How you answer will be THE critical factor as to your acceptance here. You could admit you voted for Murphy and still be accepted if you answer correctly.
  4. If Remington wins, can’t they go after them for legal costs?
  5. I wonder if for the backers of this lawsuit, is it more about what they can get from Remington in discovery and not winning the case itself. The suit itself looks like such a stretch that I can’t help but look for ulterior motives.
  6. So it must have been planned because the shooter can count?
  7. Hindsight is 20/20. Would he have made the same assessment if nothing had happened?
  8. You use that word.. expunged. I do not think it means what NJ thinks it means.
  9. Wasn’t the specific marketing they're basing the case on a Remington add that said something to the effect of “Get your man-card back” with associated SEAL-type operator in the background? to claim that’s marketing illegal activity is a worse stretch than a fat man in a yoga class.
  10. Don’t be jealous. All the non-crockpot meatloaf I can eat. Toms River: where the cars fly higher than the turkeys.
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