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  1. Common sense == opinion Opinions are like assholes therefore these assholes have common sense.
  2. There are so many fallacies in that “opinion”. Except CCW laws only got relaxed in 2022 and really that impact wasn’t see until late in the year. Has no bearing on the decrease in “gun violence”.
  3. That’s cool. This guy was chilling in my driveway a while ago..
  4. How….did you get my family photo? Why am I craving Hershey Kisses?
  5. What if my Critical Thinking Hat is made from aluminum foil?
  6. My family up in coastal New England said it was -10 this morning.
  7. That was me folks. Sorry. Had Chipotle…
  8. They also submitted bills to remove suppressors, SBR and SBS’s from NFA. I applaud the effort but it won’t get through the senate or PODUNK. The time to do this was in 2017.
  9. With my family my bug-out bag would have to be an RV. With kids/dogs it would be impossible to fit enough food/water/etc for more than a day or so in the SUV.
  10. That was clear from the “The bill says there is evidence of historical analogs….why isn’t it presented here?”, “……”, “that’s what I thought, moving on..” exchange That said: Cai isn’t stupid so I don’t think she’s over her head. The State handed her a crap hand and Sometimes you have to bluff with a pair of 2’s.
  11. Play something something Win something something.
  12. I hope Amazon leaves all of Ms Cai’s boxes in the middle of the road.
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