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  1. They’re covering it. Except from the “he shouldn’t have had an evil Salt Wepoon”-perspective.
  2. I don’t know. Mine is a soft case and I usually don’t put ammo in there (unless it’s a quick range trip and I don’t want to lug an ammo can). If you want a hard case for 3+ handguns, gear, and ammo you will need something else. Pelican sells cases and you can get custom foam inserts but it will cost more.
  3. Why not hook the bike lock around your road wheels to up the challenge to 11?
  4. I just have a midway range bag, something similar to this. Handguns (in cozy’s), ear/eye pro, and other crap go in the main compartment. Mags in another. Ammo in separate ammo-can(s).
  5. Do you want a Urinal Dump? Because that is how you get a Urinal Dump.
  6. Why do they close for 30 minutes twice? Is that the period between their “new” established blocks?
  7. Is this just a map of shitty beer? BTW, NJ has a ton of really good local breweries now.
  8. Anyone else slightly concerned that AVB’s first post since Biden was sworn in occurred in a thread about suicide?
  9. from It was mentioned elsewhere that typically justices are assigned one opinion per term and Thomas and Barret were the only two (of the expected majority) that hadn’t authored an opinion. It was speculated that they wouldn’t assign Barret to such a controversial case. Thought this was interesting too
  10. Yeah…where was this 5 years ago when republicans had the majority?
  11. By definition right? The ruling isn’t out yet and didn’t come out today so it HAS to come out no earlier than tomorrow.
  12. Interesting case on the subject UNITED STATES of America v. Remy AUGUSTIN And
  13. So honest question, what happens if they don’t? What “forces” anyone to comply with scotus?
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