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  1. He’s now on record for planning what we feared: repeal the 2002 law and require FFLs to display a SG. Once the market catches on, reintroduce the 2002 law, FOR THE CHILDREN, and effective ban all handguns.
  2. But in your scenario didn’t the “system” work? Someone asked a somewhat suspect question. Folk’s answers were both taking it on face value but also exceptionally legal. Im also completely sure that had the question been less thinly veiled, folks would have immediately called out OP.
  3. Don’t tell @Zeke. He will try to cook ribs with it.
  4. Why not give the correct and legal answer assuming the OP is not a sock puppet.
  5. You spelled brothel wrong.. it would also explain the lift, car batteries, jumper cables, and chains.
  6. Is there a reason they’re picking out the gun instead of you? Wouldn’t it be better if you picked out the gun that you like and they send you the cash to cover the cost?
  7. Are there aliens in Lehigh Valley? How about plasma rifles?
  8. The dual-seat F makes sense. I’d imagine even if the Navy was willing let Cruise fly the plane, I doubt they’d be willing to let him fly solo.
  9. I don’t think Iran has been able to fly them for decades, for the reason you gave.
  10. I wonder where they found one for the movie? I hear Iran still has a few with low air miles.
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