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  1. I hate to say it but the judge isn’t wrong. Wrenn was decided by a different District (DC) so he has to look back Drake as precedence. SCOTUS would have to affirm Wrenn before it becomes precedence nation-wide.
  2. Forgive me. I assumed you were talking about the bills this thread is focused on.
  3. This. People may complain about having to wait but there is an advantage to the challenge side too. If you filed a suit before the bill was signed then it could be changed last minute in a way that invalidates your challenge but doesn’t change the intent of the bill.
  4. I’m the opposite. Prefer the AppleTV, though I only have the FireStick to compare it to. I hear the FireTV is a lot less sluggish. Either way, I signed up for Now because of this deal. Whether I stay with them after July remains to be seen. We are not using it much yet but I’m still weening the fam off the Xfinity boxes.
  5. FYI: https://www.directvnow.com/appletv
  6. I guess CA hates all the even-numbered amendments in the bill of rights.
  7. More likely adding it to her “list” of things to bring up at a more opportune time. Like when you’re arguing over what movie to see, or you make a comment about her cooking, or she catches you with two shovels, a garbage bag and 3 bags of lye.
  8. Most of the flyers games are in CSN Philadelphia. That’s not on DirectTV Now but I thought it was on PSVue
  9. I was looking at PsVue. Started with DirectTV Now because I got free HBO with my ATT mobile plan and they were offering a green AppleTV for 3 months pre-paid. The Now interface and guide isn’t as good as Xfinity. Maybe once the 3-months is over I’ll try PSVue
  10. Keep in mind that a typical Netflix HD stream is 5mbps. 25 if UHD(4K).
  11. Been trying to ditch cable for a while. The kids mostly watch Netflix and a YouTube so live channels are mainly for ya old folks. Paying Comcast 250/month for phone, internet, and TV. I just signed up for DirectTV Now to get the free AppleTV. Going to see if that’s good enough for cable replacement. Ideally I’d like to just get Internet via Comcast and DirectTV Now for television. Should be able to get that down to 150/month.
  12. I’m rivited to the royal wedding. I can’t miss a second of it. I can’t wait to see the guy and whatshername walk whatever they’re doing with the horse and stuff.
  13. Tried it. Forget what blend. I thought it was really good but a little too pricey for me to order all the time. Picked up one of their Coffee shirts too.