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  1. https://www.congress.gov/bill/115th-congress/house-bill/7115/text?r=1 Check out this shit. oh. And this. Any part necessary to assemble a semi-auto “assault weapon”. Think about that. And it was submitted by Frank Pallone (D-NJ). So don’t think our lovely local legislature hasn’t already cut and pasted this for Smurphy to rubber stamp.
  2. Suit filed against NJ https://www.ammoland.com/2018/11/saf-defense-distributed-seek-temporary-restraining-order-against-n-j-atty-general/
  3. I like the idea of the Nest units. But at >$100 per its a tad price prohibitive.
  4. Agreed. I should have been more clear. The code has changed several times (bat only, hardwire only, now both). We will go in for smoke detector activation and find the homeowner still has the unit from when the home was built 25 years ago. Eyes are rolled and explanations given. Really no excuse.
  5. I’ll leave this here. A little over 2.5 minutes from inception to flashover. You need working smoke detectors.
  6. Some of the newer smoke detectors come with 10 year batteries built in. Guess how long a smoke detector lasts... 10 years (or less). By code (since the 80’s I think) your detectors should be hard wired. This is good since without that an activation in the basement could go unheard until it gets bigger. At least one in common area on every floor and one in every bedroom. Another thing. Get CO detectors. Either ones that are combined with your smokes or separate. CO can kill... quietly. Get the loud beepy thing.
  7. When it is her turn to go, I hope it is peacefully after a long happy retirement. Not stroking out writing the dissenting opinion on a pro-gun rights decision.
  8. Maybe some fresh voltage, live-streamed, would mend it?
  9. Stir? No. His keyboard is set on frappe.
  10. Trenton has been raping the citizens of NJ for so long we all have a scortching case of the Stokolm Symdrom.
  11. The next phase will be to ban online ammo sales and mandate all ammo purchases go through an FFL with a background check. The goal is to add barrier after barrier, cost after cost, and make it as hard as possible.
  12. Isn’t that already a metaphors for how he’s treated on these forums? Id certainly subscribe but I have my doubts about how they’d fill the content beyond the first two minutes.
  13. If your backbone is any indication, any part of your skeletal system would be a downgrade for her.
  14. I nominate @Zeke. We all know that with his experience here as a mod on his resume he would zoom through the nomination hearings.
  15. As a modification, one must have a federal firearms manufacturer licenses to change mags or be charged with a felony.