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  1. Zeke may want to borrow it for his next meatloaf. It’s a somewhat closed forum (password, sorta) where there is less moderation. People can post whatever they want and are mostly free to reply however they want. No filters. It’s locked away to avoid getting crawled by search engines and then getting legs.
  2. Set a record for scaring a newbie away. Didn’t even leave her intro thread. Thanks, BCP
  3. Another is “why the 2A?” What does animal cruelty DP have to do with firearms that warrants a lifetime prohibition? What about voting? Or writing? Or even owning other animals? (Can those convicted as DP under 4:22 continue to own pets?) I get it though. Those that typically commit animal cruelty offenses are scum of the earth. I don’t see anyone justifying their actions and most would agree with any punishment as long as it was justified.
  4. Your attempt at playing devil’s advocate just veered into reductio ad absurdum territory. There are some legitimate concerns brought up that you’re just dancing around. Because...animals.
  5. Can drop the pot too and just call him Crock.
  6. Hot pockets are f’n delicious. Better than pork roll.
  7. I see your point but I still find this bill suspect. I have a problem overall with losing a constitutional right over a misdemeanor. If the crime is serious enough to warrant that then it should be a felony. Losing your 2A right over one misdemeanor after another is the definition of slippery slope.
  8. They charge you under this bill after the police shoot your dog while serving a Red Flag warrant for posting on this forum.
  9. The concern would be that since this bill expands the law to include minor convictions it creates a gray area where once again what can cause you to lose your 2A rights is up to interpretation. Sure that may not be the intent but the concern is there given the subjective nature of the expansion.
  10. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the crockpot.
  11. Really can’t be well regulated if you eat Pork Roll.
  12. During the day the prevailing winds come out of the west so NJ smells more like PA. At night the winds die down so the overpowering stench of Trenton is able to seep throughout the state.
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