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  1. You may be right. I think some of it was self-fulfilling though. The Networks didn't even show the National Anthem on TV unless it was a special game. Should I be more upset at the person who I didn't see not stand then I am at the network for not showing it? The Networks only started showing it, and talking endlessly about it after Kaeperputz did it.
  2. So where is the bar that defines "anything"? What does someone have to do with their life before their worthy of listening to on this topic? Is what they players are doing any different from the protesters, counter-protesters, media, Hollywood, pundits, and everyone else who has a pulpit into the eyes and ears of the population? you can argue they don't deserve the money they make. Many would agree. But what does that have to do with the above?
  3. I don't think no viewership of the NFL is down because of political grandstanding. It's down because there is a commercial or other stoppage of play every 5 minutes. Didn't a few players get released when they tried this at the preseason game?
  4. Not Indy but if you want a chilling read check out the supplemental report from the USS Fitzgerald collision. http://www.secnav.navy.mil/foia/readingroom/HotTopics/USS Fitzgerald/Supplemental Inquiry USS Fitzgerald.pdf or a summary at http://cdrsalamander.blogspot.com/2017/08/fullbore-friday_18.html?m=1
  5. Will these silly glasses protect you from the zombies?
  6. No to both. But looks like the ACU is pretty easy to replace. Minus the cost of the part, of course.
  7. Bad ACU/computer. Yay
  8. My wife's grandfather served on the Indy. I forget if he was there when she went down. I don't think so. Glad they found her. Hopefully they leave her alone.
  9. Took the top off and got the door unlocked. Service manual was underneith. AC power goes to an RFI then right to controller
  10. Yes. Power at the outlet Thanks for looking! Do you have a link? All the searching I did said that the washer didn't have a fuse, just the dryer
  11. It's a whirlpool duet. I know the model is on the inside lip of the door and on the back. Since it is full of wet laundry and door locked it's hard to get to both for now.
  12. From what I've read it doesn't have any internal fuses. Hard to tell because I can't get to the label with the model number
  13. i think the storm last night torq'd my washing machine. No lights and won't turn on. The outlet wasn't GFI but there was an external GFI device in the other plug of outlet and it tripped and appears shot (won't reset). Biggest problem is front-load door is locked with wash in it. Any ideas? storm also fried one or two spotlights on the exterior. Need a 35' ladder to replace. Maybe update to a ring.
  14. Civil unrest? Sure. You saw it in Baltimore and other cities. They burn out (either literally or figuratively) eventually. None of them have momentum or national spread. BLM, right or wrong their cause, was the closest and even that wasn't wide spread. The current scuffle is the same. A small group of assholes pissed of and fought with another group of assholes. The media gets it and fans the flames and "normal" people get pissed and post to Facebook. Until they have to go to work, or pick up the kids or anything else.
  15. Nobody in their right mind would jump into this turdy punch bowl unless they were dragged in.