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  1. Only if it is a rest stop on 295 outside of Trenton
  2. I’m the last person you want running any social media campaign. I’m not social any my wife is my “Facebook proxy”.
  3. If the various groups are coordinating and have a plan, that’s fantastic. Notice I said “see”. That same sentiment was expressed in your other thread on the subject by many people. The impression I see (here at least) is that folks are weary from past promises of other orgs that haven’t lived up to expectations. Showing, announcing, highlighting any cooperation and coordination between the orgs could help rebuild the trust and enthusiasm. It could also be that folks here are just keyboard warriors and assholes. Jury is still out on that.. and don’t take anything above as an inditement of your posts. You’ve provided a lot more info on what’s going on than I’ve seen in a while.
  4. I’m curious how this wouldn’t violate interstate commerce. Are there other examples besides actual firearms similar to what they’re trying to pull with ammo?
  5. That is the point. They want to make it as hard as possible. Sure some could figure creative ways around it. But most wont have time. Eventually it becomes too much of a PITA and the majority will stop. Those that keep trucking will be “nuts” or “suspects”
  6. Maybe stupid question. FFL is a federal license. Doesn’t that mean that the uses for that license are federally defined?
  7. ON the subject at hand, every movement needs different personalities to fit different roles. It’s ok and preferable to have a good cop, bad cop, blowhard, schmoozer, etc. the key things everyone working the same plan. That’s what we don’t see between the various orgs in NJ.
  8. The only round that will soon be legal in NJ for self defense. I don’t see how these could work. Maybe if the barrel was dumped in the mud. Normal cleaning I would think the impulse would be too short to really scrub anything out.
  9. I don’t disagree with anything of substance you have said. My only comment would be that in this day and age it may be advisable to expand to other social media platforms besides Facebook. As much grief as they got sometimes, I liked how the SAPPA group mirrored their major articles/milestones here. Really helped those limited to this echo chamber stay aware writhing fishing the interwebs
  10. Agree there. Unfortunately I don’t see what the individual can do. Support Rallies? Nope, legislature don’t listen. Support candidates? Sure, but they’re few and far between. Support organizations? Sure. But unless they themselves unite they’re on the fringe. As you said, funding lawsuits and defense cases may be the only route available to us in the short term
  11. Did you take extra Sanctimonious pills this morning? Cmon.
  12. Well duh. No self respecting bomb maker since Wile E Coyote would be caught without matches.
  13. I thought CNN reported it contained black powder, shrapnel, and something about Christmas lights. Then again it’s the MSM so who knows. Having just put up my lights, I can understand why his bomb failed. F those lights.
  14. Took you six months? I contemplated it after the third ultrasound.
  15. Lol. Infant twins tend to take the tarnish off the idea of more kids.