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  7. Som current pictures. Thank you all for the support. Anthony
  8. 6 ports 50 and 60 ports 25, sorry.
  9. Thank you for the extensive and positive review. We aim to please (how tacky is that!). The casual observer does not realize what it takes to feed this machine and we are by choice labor intensive and I personally sweat all the small details with my staff (no man is an island). As you can see by the diversity of the clients as well, it is a game changer for the 2A community. We break the stereotypes every hour of every day and as a 2A advocate when many of those people leave the range with even a neutral opinion of our sport that is a win for all of us. Thank you again and welcome to the GunForHire Family. Anthony Hopefully early 2018!
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  12. http://www.bachbio.com/ No online petition sorry. Paper only. Email me. I'll send you a sheet.
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  14. Here is the Gun Doc Form! http://www.keepandbeararms.com/downloads/gundocform.pdf