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  1. Those decisions were above my pay grade.
  2. Sweeney's goal is to bury and embarrass Murphy so he can run in 4 years!. PS - Wanna hear a twist? I was sad that Menendez walked free. You too? If Menedez went down Murphy was going to give Sweeney the seat to get rid of him and get a more palatable senate president. We would have been triple screwed! So hear this from me - I am glad Menendez kept his job (never thought i would EVER say that!). This is the back door shit the majority does not know about. I got a lot more but I cannot post. Ant
  3. Better than CA, NRA gave us their law firm In DC. Big Hitters. And Dan Schmutter and Scott Bach are the point men in NJ. Me I'm just the agitator. As it should be. As God intended! Ant
  4. Cannot comment too much but that olive branch has been extended and and it has been received well. I also might have met with the new speaker of the house a few times. Wink. Wink. Lets just say Sweeney hates the Gov more than he hates us! A lot of this shit we can not advertise so I can say no more. Ant
  5. I am always available. I do not sell guns. Only transfers for members. Last 10 years NRA and ANJRPC spent over 1 mil on lawsuits. Mostly RTK. As for future lawsuits, we cannot sue until Murphy signs the bills into law! And believe me we are all prepared and ready. Anthony Anthony@gunforhire.com
  6. Did I make any headway with her anti position? Probably not. I think I did achieve something really good. Civil discussion and she spent 2 hours in the range walking around and taking to customers and staff. So maybe, just maybe, the next time she is drafting a bill she may go a little easier. Who knows, only time can tell. I will say that we have been communication a lot and she might put me on an advisory panel! I had to take the shot. Digging our heels in and insulting her is not going to win her over for sure. We are in the weakest position we have EVER been in, in NJ so I extended the olive branch. Now I am working on getting the new Gun Czar in. I almost had the new AG (who has in fact shot here a few times) to come in but because I a the EVP of ANJRPC and we have the carry lawsuit against the State there was a conflict and he had to cancel. I will say we should stop with the insults and be civil. NO I an not getting weak, I am being realistic. Have a nice day! Ant Oh, one more thing..... Ray, is that really you posting?
  7. I knew she was walking in the most anti gun senator in NJ. The worst that could happen was that she leaves the range the most anti gun senator in NJ. I believe I have achieved a small victory. I humanized our side and shared my opinions and she spoke to staff and customers for a few hours. We shall see, we shall see.........
  8. Taping GunForHire Radio #364 with State Senator Loretta Weinberg in the show. Yes! Senator Weinberg. Tune in this Sunday.
  9. https://gunforhire.com/blog/2018/05/13/the-gun-for-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-363/
  10. This week on GunForHire Radio #361 the NJ 2A Dream Team in the studio. Bach! Schmutter! Nappen! Listen and learn. https://gunforhire.com/blog/2018/04/29/gun-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-361/