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  1. This week on Gun For Hire Radio #420 Tony Gallo for Sheriff joins us to discuss how he intends to follow the Constitution! We also discuss the future of the GOP party in NJ. Gallo4sheriff.com #gunforhire #gunforhireradio https://gunforhire.com/blog/2019/06/16/the-gun-for-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-420/ 3EAC9DF5-9F39-4719-9CA5-FB67DD51C7AE.MOV
  2. Here we go again! NJ is set to punish the Law Abiding citizens again! 6 bills are being heard this Thursday that have NOTHING to do with crime reduction! Light their phones up! https://www.anjrpc.org/page/ThursAssemblyCommtoAttackGunOwners 8BDFE467-38FA-49C5-8AC2-496446C06479.MOV
  3. Ant’s Rants. Scott Bach weighs in on the Rogers Case awaiting the Supreme Court. F the haters. Unity and activism is key! #antsrants EB538AD3-C835-42F5-9B04-4E3990415B23.MOV
  4. The Second is for everyone! https://gunforhire.com/blog/2019/05/30/blazetvs-andrew-wilcow-lessons-from-a-gun-range/
  5. https://gunforhire.com/blog/2019/05/30/hbos-vice-news-interviews-gun-for-hire/
  6. The Supreme Court took no action on ANJRPC's challenge to New Jersey's carry law in the Rogers v. Grewal case. Since then, the high court has relisted other cases for consideration at its next conference on May 30, but it has NOT relisted the Rogers case. We believe that the holding of Rogers is ultimately a serious and positive sign -- a sign that the high court intends to finally and definitively address critical Second Amendment issues, including right to carry. If our analysis is correct, there will not be further word on Rogersfrom the Supreme Court until after the NYC case is decided. Gun owners need to remain patient as the legal process continues to unfold. B25F3AD5-AD7C-4C59-AC61-65A6C3FFB8D8.MOV
  7. Who else as the Tip of the Spear in NJ and has Nappen, Bach, Schmutter, Jensen, Et al, at the range? Who else is the EVP of the State NRA, and an NRA Board member? Who else has a target on their back in NJ as big as mine? Who else hosts a podcast GunForHireRadio.com with NO filter to educate the masses? Answer(s) - NO ONE! Support those who support you! Tomorrow 9:30 am click the link below and see if our Rogers case was granted Cert! Case #18-2366 https://www.supremecourt.gov/orders/ordersbycircuit/18
  8. This week on Gun For Hire Radio #417 Meatball steals the show and we discuss the upcoming Rogers case and the future of our youth! https://gunforhire.com/blog/2019/05/26/the-gun-for-hire-radio-broadcast-episode-471/ 0ECF1E10-745B-419E-AF34-01D1EAD5E16B.MOV
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