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  1. A great design for guys like me that prefer the look of walnut and blue steel but still want to enjoy the modularity of the AR platform.
  2. CANCELED... R14 meetup is postponed due to weather. New date TBD.
  3. Then it would be all cheese because Taylor ham only exists in the minds of miscreants..
  4. “He seemed very familiar with firing the weapon,” Villanueva said. He added that the shooting was not a “spur of the moment act,” but officials have not determined a motive. Federal and state investigators are also trying to determine whether the handgun used by the suspect was made from parts purchased separately and then assembled, law enforcement sources told The Times. These so-called ghost guns are unserialized weapons manufactured from parts that can be ordered through the mail or machined parts acquired from underground makers. The sources said the gun design appears to be unusual but emphasized that officials don’t know its origins at this time. Investigators found several firearms during a search of the teen’s home, and some were not registered. Villanueva did not specify what types of guns were recovered. The L.A. County Sheriff’s Department is working with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives to trace the origins of the .45-caliber handgun used in the shooting.
  5. the more time she spends on the campaign trail, the better. She could be in DC writing more unconstitutional laws. Being on the road is a loose-loose proposition for her, thus a win for us.
  6. Not just here, the same thought is occurring on other forums. It's just too coincidental and convenient for the dems to have this so they can switch from impeach mode to ban guns mode.
  7. There was a time in America where the best solution to this problem would have been obvious, and especially convenient this close to Thanksgiving.
  8. NOAA updated the forecast to; High 45, mostly cloudy and breezy.
  9. Mom's Olds Custom Cruiser with a slightly modified 403 is what I learned to drive in. My sister's bf was a mechanic, he threw headers, a Holley 4bbl and some other stuff in it. Loads of fun to drive in the snow.
  10. I dated a gal in the 80's who's stepfather owned a shop for exotic and top tier luxury cars, Rolls, Bentley, Jag, Lambo, Porsche, Ferrari etc. He lost AT LEAST one customer every two years to death by incompetence. Many of the cars he serviced could not be legally driven beyond second gear. The ones that did not kill themselves usually damaged their cars in some way or another. Lots of blown clutches, thrown rods, wheels/suspensions busted from sliding into curbs and plenty of body work.
  11. This event is open to all NJGF members and their guests. You do not have to be a R-14 member to participate. Cost $4.00/hr Start time, 10:00 a.m. End time, who knows. Probably 2ish, but definitely by 4:00 because that's the time the range closes. We will be shooting rifle, handgun and shotgun. Steel allowed at 200yds. Directions, +40° 0' 4.14", -74° 32' 44 or 40.00115 N 74.545664 W
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