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  1. Heavier bullets are inherently more accurate than lighter ones due to the higher ballistic coefficient. But, you need a twist rate fast enough to stabilize heavier bullets.
  2. M855 is Jersey legal, but dont expect any accuracy from it, it's garbage. Besides the green tip range fodder, you can get 62gr in a variety of flavors, most commonly available is soft point, OTM and full metal jacket. Several companies make 62gr OTM cartridges, but I can't say anything good or bad about them. Your 1:7 barrel will stabilize bullets up to, at least, 77gr. YOu may want to skip the 62gr non green tip and go for 69gr, 75gr and 77gr OTM to see what shoots best in your rifle.
  3. Nothing here, go to the next house.
  4. http://outages.firstenergycorp.com/nj.html The storm didn't seem too bad here in 07724, but 20 minutes after the storm passed, the power went out. Running on generator now. According to NJ 101.5, only Sandy surpassed this level of outages.
  5. Sounds like anxiety. Some people freak out when they get to the open sea, especially when they can no longer see land.
  6. Okay, so, you press in a clip, remove hand and first round strips off the clip and chambers, pull (press) trigger, it goes bang and ejects spent shell (so we know the bolt is moving back like it's supposed to and the extractor is working) second round does not get chambered. Is the round stripping off the clip but not chambering? Can you chamber the second round by manually cycling action? After the first round pops off, is the bolt open or closed?
  7. Hire an architect to evaluate the house. It's like buying insurance against making an incredibly big mistake. The same architect should be able to give you an idea of your options for a one wall standing remodel.
  8. What if Zeke only wants two or three, maybe Michael's, Joann Fabrics or Hobby Lobby.
  9. Stay as far aft as you can while underway. Don't eat a big meal or a greasy meal before heading out. Don't look at stuff close up for any length of time, like, don't read a book. Move around. Don't sit with your head down and eyes on the floor. EDIT: Have your cuppa Joe well before you head out, dont drink citrus or acidic beverages. Get yourself a bag of Gem brand ginger chews.
  10. PANTONE 186 C Color values: RGB 200 16 46 CMYK 2 100 85 6
  11. Makita Teal Blue Color Values Pantone 321 C RGB 0 140 149 CMYK 96 3 35 12 Flat or satin lacquer should do the job. There's a guy on e-bay selling Makita white die cut vinyl decals.
  12. Here's your color scheme right here. Order Cerakote DeWalt yellow (H-126 DeWalt Yellow) and DeWalt decals off Amazon.
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