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  1. How about this for an unintended consequence. Home heating oil will get caught up in diesel pricing and suffer the same shortages. If there is no heating oil, people will turn to wood burning stoves. Thousands of acres will be cut down to heat homes. So, the lefty idiots get their win by fucking up oil, but caused deforestation.
  2. Not sure but I think it was last year. If you look all the way at the bottom of the membership page, a day pass is listed at $15.
  3. Range-14 at Ft Dix. They do non member day passes now.
  4. use this opportunity to divide the roots/bulbs if they have been underground for a long time. I mean, hey, who can't use a free peony. One of my lawn accounts has two gigantic Tractor Supply livestock water tubs on what appeared to be short legged saw horses. It looked pretty cool, but I wonder how long the tubs will last.
  5. They make excellent coffee. I've had four of their roasts, and they are all excellent. If you are a true coffee nerd, they also have limited runs of beans from exotic places. Best of all, they don't say shit about shit, they just make coffee.
  6. They fill 'em all the time. Especially boat tanks. I wouldn't bring the drum to the gas station, off loading it would be a mutherfuker. I'd just make a few trips with three or four 5gal containers and fill it where it would be stored. There may be fire codes about having tanks at home larger than X, but I have a place off property to store it.
  7. try filling 6x five gallon cans twice a week, a 30 gallon dump truck and two 25 gallon pickup trucks. We are loosing lawns every month because of the price increases. Whatever are we going to do with the illegal immigrants doing the jobs that nobody wants to do, that nobody wants done anymore. Last year we lost three lawns to robots.
  8. I regret not taking up an offer for two newly emptied 55gal fuel drums and filling them up at $4.27 when I had the chance.
  9. I have to admit, Biden did make good on a big campaign promise. He vowed to unite America, and he's done it. Everybody is disgusted with him. America has not been as united since 9/11.
  10. I believe the NRA offers a qual course most CCW states accept. Dunno if the Glorious democratic people's yada yada will accept it though.
  11. That's exactly what it was. They are already harping on mail order, gun shows and out of state purchases. Blaming PA because he went and bought mags there.
  12. Please enjoy this gif of a hot chick doing yoga, to commemorate the successful conclusion of this sale,
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