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  1. Y'all can be used when addressing a specific individual, or a group. An example of the singular. A Texas trooper pulls you over and you are alone in the car "How y'all doing today, sir. Drivers license and registration please." When greeting a group of friends or strangers, "Howdy y'all" is fairly common. Hank Hill addresses a specific group of strangers. All y'all is for specified or identified groups only, and is often used in relation to an action. For example. "I'm gonna fuck all y'all"
  2. I really wish I could be there after you return to Texas and are chewing the fat with your old pals, and whoops... A little bit of Jerz slips out. They may even tar and feather you.
  3. Boy howdy, ya got me there Tex. Bless your heart, Ya caught me wearing my ten gallon hat n' herding three cats. Must be all the time I spend on the Marlin forum. Those fellas are a bad influence.
  4. That can be tweaked with any one or a combination of powder charge, payload and even a wad-cup can influence pressure. So, yeah, you can increase pressure many ways. Just don't do them without knowing you are doing them.
  5. More or less. You can adjust the amount of shot, powder, wad and primer in many useful ways, but it does not increase accuracy per se, it's more like tailoring a shell to your particular shooting style. Kinda like having your own bowling ball. The Lee loader will get you whatever custom loads you want, but you have to develop them. Honestly, I'm not a good enough trap shooter that custom loads would make much of a difference for me. I just stick with replicating loads I like, such as Rem Gun Club or Fed Top Gun.
  6. Hard to tell without seeing the driveway, but even 15 seems like a lot.. You have to poke around to see where it's thin and where you have too much already. You should rake down built up areas before you drop any stone. Better off going through a wall. Every hole on a roof invites leaks.
  7. 20 does seem like a lot, especially for a top dressing. If they drop 20 yards, and it's too much, you will have a serious problem. It's far easier to put down more than it is to scoop back up.
  8. Lame. No windshield washer booze dispenser in the glove compartment. Now THAT was a party trick.
  9. Well. This sucks. For over a decade, Gene has been my go to guy for shooting supplies and runs a great trap club.
  10. The WMA is the natural habitat of the Fudd. In fact, it exists for the Fudd. I'm jus say'n. I can see issues down the line when folks are getting smacked in the face with hot brass. I am happy to police the spent brass there, so the more people leave behind, the better.
  11. IMO, there are too many benches. They are too close to each other and with all the asshats bringing their "deer hunting" AKs to the range doing double and triple tap "hunting" drills, well, in that cramped space, there's going to be problems. It is MUCH nicer that we can drive up to the benches and trap field now.
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