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  1. [heavy sigh] Yanno, I was reading the intro and comments and thought you seemed like an okay dude and we were going to get along...... And then I read this.
  2. If you have never done it, you may feel more comfortable having a LGS set it up for you. But, there's no real mystery to mounting a scope. You have to learn eventually. Try doing it yourself, being careful not to bugger up screw heads or strip threads. If you can't get it right, then bring it to a smith.
  3. Nobody more deserving.
  4. Where do the lasers and lights (both white and IR) and laser range finder and bayonet go?
  5. Midlength is supposedly softer, but, big whoop, it's an AR-15. I can't really tell much difference between my midlength and carbine rifles. What I do notice is the lack of realestate on a carbine length hand guard. Midlength gives you more options for mounting stuff.
  6. Well, if that's how Peel wants to roll, so be it. We should be supportive of her lifestyle choices, we are an all accepting group here, mostly, sorta.
  7. Jeez @Mrs. Peel , first you start shoot'n gunz, now your surfing tire rack. What's next, are you going to take up chewing tobacco and spitting too? Are you secretly wrenching your own cars?
  8. Bump.... If there is any interest, let me know asap. I will be putting the car up for sale on Auto Shopper and/or cars.com tomorrow.
  9. I wonder if black rifles or 22lr can be used an indicator for how things will go in November.
  10. I was about to form a support group.
  11. Thread in General probably moved to 1A and merged with existing thread of same topic.
  12. Didn't Trump say something about deregulating, or changing the regulations in the insurance industry where people could buy health insurance out of state. As it is now, insurance companies have the states locked up tight, not exactly a monopoly but a protected market. If shops like your backyard FFL could get insurance from a 2A friendly insurer out of state, they'd still be i business. So, this is a stark example of how blue states use the insurance industry to exercise political control.
  13. I went and reviewed the 2forAR ad, did not see where $1,200.00 invested in each was mentioned. That may have happened in PM, but not seen in thread.
  14. I don't see any AR's being sold for $250.00, which would be half the current going price of an average new PSA basic rifle. Here's the rub. Why buy a used rifle for $400.00 that someone (over)paid $800.00 for in 2014, when you can buy a brand spanking new entry level rifle for about $450.00. The same can be applied to a LWRC rifle. If someone bought a $2,000.00 LWRC for $3,500.00 in 2014, well, it sucks to be them. They may get $1,400.00 for it today if they are lucky, but that's still $1,000.00 more than $400.00.
  15. A new what can be found for less than $400.00? A used PSA Freedom Rifle is maybe worth about $400.00, Good luck trying to find a used LWRC or Noveski AR for $400.00. My grandmother used to tell me "people know the price of everything, and the value of nothing". If all you see is a black rifle when you look at my SPR, that I spec'd and built, and told me it's only worth $400.00 I'd just laugh and walk away. Not even worth arguing about because the person on the other end would have to know the difference between a pos and a quality rig. . A rifle is worth the quality of the components put into it. Just the match grade barrel and Geissele 2 stage fire control group in my SPR are worth well over $400.00. Now, I'm not delusional, I put about $1,700.00 into my SPR but expect that it would sell for around $1,200.00 no problem to a serious buyer, because it has all the right stuff under the hood that would still cost more than that to build or buy today. Besides, it has a proven track record of being a .25 moa rifle. Anyway, it's a mute point cuz I'm ain't never selling that bitch. It was my first build, I hit it out of the park, and she's soooooo sexy. Anyway, the point is, yeah, there are people who panic bought basic ARs at peak prices and some are clueless as to actual market value as time goes on and the political climate changes. But that does not make every AR worth $400.00.