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  1. If the color of the gun is messing with your head, preventing you from shooting straight, then it might be worth it. If you are hitting center mass with snoozable regularity, then leave it be. It's a gun, not fashion statement.
  2. If they can get it, let me know. Been looking for that myself. In other news. I was given a bottle of Kentucky Gentleman bourbon for christmas . It came from the MDL PX, so I wasn't expecting much from the plastic bottled spirit, but it exceeded my low expectations. It's not Knob Creek, but it is very good with mixers, and works extremely well in home made BBQ sauce. There is nothing particularly complex about the flavor, it's basic bourbon done well.
  3. I think that's called a sonic boom. We got some Twilight Zone level shit going on. Not saying we shouldn't be alarmed, but level heads prevail.
  4. If you mean they are doing a ground scan with LIDAR, that's a solid theory.
  5. Wondering if the container could be replicated with 3D printing.
  6. Cellular scooter my daisy heads, Bula Vanaka beachside
  7. You did not actually answer the question. Anyway, thanks for playing.
  8. Let me ask you this in a clear and plain way. Do you view cooperating with police during a traffic stop as licking boot? A simple yes or no will do, but feel free to explain. Troubling, to say the least.
  9. Eh, .... In my case, it was a short, very, very passionate prayer for assistance. It was my bad for breaking the chain of command and not appealing to St. Anthony first.
  10. Average in Monmouth is about $3.49, but I've seen it as low as $3.24 at independent stations along rt35. What's driving the price up this time?
  11. It's an action of no confidence against the AG. They are basically saying he is incapable of pushing the leftist agenda and they are bringing in a ringer. The end result will be the same, but the ringer is going to make a shitload of money, YOUR tax dollars at work against you, and all they will achieve is delaying the inevitable. The Ds don't care that they will lose, they will resist resist resist because they have virtually unlimited funds and resources.
  12. Cai got her ass handed to her in this exchange. The judge kept asking for standing and Cai just kept repeating bull shit like Rain Man, State owned, Whopners on at 5, K-mart sux, but but but, state owned. I love how casually Cai says the government can make up laws as they go.
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