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  1. Ten days ago three forecast sources, NOAA, Accuweather and weather.com all said today was supposed to be 52 and overcast. Jus say'n.
  2. How much do you want to spend and how often will you be using it? For relatively little money you can get by with a foot pedal type where you stomp on the release bar. I bet if you put up a WTB ad, someone here has one they'd love to get rid of. A manual trap will be easy to transport, there is no battery to lug around and they are substantially less expensive than an electric trap. However, once set up, it is much MUCH easier to shoot by one's self with an electric trap, unfortunately the ease comes at a stiff price. Champion and Do-All both make great machines in the $250 to $400 price range. Champion's WheelyBird is popular because it comes with wheels, and can be upgraded with a wobbler when you are ready to up your game. They all come with a foot activated switch, but some (like my Do-All) came with both foot switch and a wireless remote. I like the wireless because there is no cord to trip over, but the remote is tiny and can be easily lost. If you add up the cost of a thrower, wobbler, battery and accessories, you could easily end up spending over $750. You might be better off shooting at trap range if you are only going to shoot a few times a year.
  3. Didn't know they can be renewed on-line. I've been using Walmart and DSG for that. So, whatever license you got, that's what you renew.
  4. It's not like a fishing license where you just buy it, ya gotta take the hunter ed course. Firearms hunter is what ya want.
  5. Can't get a break. I'm officially calling it. According to weather radar, it's going to be steady until early afternoon.
  6. If it's raining Sun a.m., we'll have to postpone to the 10th. I'm also working tomorrow. The last shoot was cancelled due to rain, and it didn't fuk'n rain, so I'm not pulling the plug just yet. The forecast for Sunday is calling for less than 1/5th inch of rain with occasional drizzle and passing showers, with a very low probability for T storms..
  7. Anyone slinging Fentanyl should get the wood chipper.
  8. It's actually going to be pretty mild Sunday, in the low 50s, and cloudy too. Call me crazy but I prefer clay shoot'n when the sky is overcast. Having the clouds up there gives me a better sense of speed as I track the target. Yanno, you are only a few miles from 287. I'll be literally driving right by you. If you want to come, I'll be happy to give you a lift. The only caveat is you'd be in for the full ride. I'm the first in and last out.
  9. No worries, I got another suc...ehh, I mean early bird with a thrower getting there by or before 0830.
  10. Wagon or a hand truck. If I have room in my truck, I'll bring a hand truck.
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