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  1. Current "new normal" pricing for 147gr NATO surplus is between.70 to .95 cpr., depending on where you look. Add $30 for the can and bandoleers.
  2. Every farmer in Ukraine that can farm, is farming. They are literally farming in the middle of a war. You can't not produce food, people all over the world are depending on it to feed families and livestock. I believe there may have been a couple shipments of grain to Africa out of Odessa.
  3. Ukraine is huge in agriculture. There is a lot of history about how the Soviets would make them grow crops and then they'd take the harvest to Russia and sell the rest on the export market. Do a search on Holodomor.
  4. Glad you enjoyed hanging out with us. you are welcome to join any time. Just keep an eye out for the notifications.
  5. I appreciate the offer, but my reloading mentor would murder me. As a rule, I don't use open power that I didn't open myself.
  6. I will be there at 0900. Rain isn't until after 4. btw look for a white 2005 Silverado extended cab.
  7. We'll definitely get something together. Yep, yep.I've cranked out around 1250 trap loads so far, most of 'em even worked. My last batch had some issues because of a couple stoopid mistakes. I tore down the press as much as I could without me needing three hands to reassemble. Cleaned it up good, got new powder washer and primer feeder spring, and made a few small adjustments. It runs slicker than snot on a doorknob now.
  8. Poking fun at my squib reloads doesn't count as fun. I overhauled my press and also discovered a mistake I was making about the shot cups I was using in one particular load. I guess now I'll have to take responsibility for misses. There is definitely powder in ALL my reloads.
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