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  1. yes.
  2. boorish
  3. <dislike> I hope you are kidding.
  4. I bought the Echo trimmer because it's slap in the battery and go. No 2 cycle gas to screw around with, no cold starting, no carb to get gacked up every year from ethanol. I do enough of that at work. When I take care of my own lawn, I want as little hassle as possible. Now, battery powered mower, maybe if you have a tiny law,n but for most people it's not practical. Still not enough power or run time. I look at battery powered yard stuff the same way as my cordless drills etc., it's a convenience, not a tree hugging feel good thing.
  5. Fish knows what he's doing Peel. We have to weed out the Taylor Hamsters before any more of them become mods here. Welcome to the forum Soclcy....Solcyl....Soly....well, anyway, welcome to the forum Soc!
  6. If you find yourself wanting a cheek riser after you try it out a couple times, have a look at the Beartooth comb rising kit. It comes with 6 pieces of hard foam rubber of varying thicknesses that you sort of shim until you find the ideal cheek height for you. I put one on my O/U and it's helped quite a bit.
  7. LMAO @ myself. At first glance, I read Libertads as libtards. I was like, wtf, no, that can't be right. Man, I really gotta get my eye prescription updated.
  8. I don't think that a parent buying a rifle for their child is a straw man purchase. Obviously we have all experts here. Let's just drop this. I'll conceded that you all are many many more times brilliant than I, and leave it at that. I'm wrong, you are right, pat yourself on the back and revel in your awesomeness.
  9. I'm sure there were some youth models that were under 26". He didn't say (nor did I) that ALL youth rifles were illegal for an adult to purchase for themselves, he just said THAT particular one, which was under 26" could only be purchased for a youth. Are there a million kiddie rifles like that in circulation, no. But they do exist. I saw the rifle with my own eyes, it was so small it looked like a toy.
  10. Dunno about lawn mowers, but a couple weeks ago I bought an Echo 58v trimmer for my own home use. We use Husky and Red Max on the job. The Echo cordless trimmer is just as powerful as a pro gas powered. The only problem is the charge only lasts a little over a 1/2hr on high and just a hair less than an hour on low under pro use conditions. On both high and low, the trimmer head speed is variable. Those figures are based on continuous use trimming thick weeds, grass and english ivy. I took it to work one day just to see what it's limits were. I was very impressed. For the average homeowner, it has more than enough power (torque) and the battery will last long enough to handle trimming curbs, sidewalks, fence line, trees and beds on up to a one acre property. The problem with battery operated lawn equipment has never been power, it's battery life. Echo offers an extended capacity (8 Ah) Lithium battery but that sucker costs $200.
  11. Oh come on Peel. You are in a safe space among friends. If we didn't like you, we wouldn't harass you nearly as much. Go grab your therapy handgun and just dry fire for a while.... DRY fire..
  12. Any time brother. We fellas got to stick together. You can join me for a beer at the clubhouse later, after <cough> umm.after Darla's done with me pushing her on the swing..
  13. How dare you! <accusing glaring stare> A man pours out his heart about caring for and nurturing a living thing, making the world a more beautiful and orderly place, and you step all over his feelings. And women wonder why men don't open up to them. sheesh.... Lawn care is an art and a science, it is an expression of one's deep love of nature and for pride in ownership they have. It's a man's way of saying, "hey world, look at this beautiful lawn, I did this, yes, me. I took the time to create hundreds of thousands of beautiful little lives and care for them like a man.". This is nothing less than stepping on his first amendment right to express himself. It's like walking into starfucks wearing a MAGA hat. All the hate and judgement against traditional values. I mean, what attack must we men endure next? Will we be mocked for perfectly trimmed hedges or making a lovely rock garden?
  14. Like I said, the issue came up in a conversation at an LGS about 7 years ago. Details are vague. There was a very tiny cricket single shot bolt rifle on a shelf that a customer was inquiring about. It was like, really tiny. The barrel was certainly shorter than 16 inches and it was bone stock. The LGS owner refused to sell him the rifle unless he produced an age appropriate tiny human that his wife birthed.