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  1. Scorpio64

    Shockwave recommended upgrades

    @Ray Ray brother, you know I love ya but I'm afraid your taste is all in your mouth. This is what Shockwave perfection looks like. True, it's not as utilitarian as one decked out with lasers and lights and marine coating. But. aesthetically, this is what perfection looks like.
  2. Scorpio64

    Shockwave recommended upgrades

    How are you liking that Bulldot?
  3. Scorpio64

    Daily humor thread

    Posterity even
  4. Scorpio64

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    That's a good plan. More American than a barrel of AK-47s. Every time you rack that lever you become more like The Duke.
  5. Scorpio64

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    DUDE!!! That's like buying new boobs for your woman and not touching her. wtf?!?!
  6. Scorpio64

    Spotting Scope for my AR-15

    If you have a digital SLR, you can easily attach it to most spotting scopes using a T-ring adapter. They are inexpensive, under $20.00. But, like Maks said, the smartphone adapters are pretty useful too. I bought a Celestron Ultima 80 20-60x80 three years ago, it sells for $170 on Amazon. I'm very happy with it. It's easy to see 223 holes at 200 yards. I have not used it beyond that range shooting but I guess it would be good at least up to 400, maybe 500 yards with splatter targets. It's fantastic for bird watching and looking at the moon too.
  7. Scorpio64

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    Not quite true. Marlin was having a lot of problems a few years ago. They started to turn the corner about two years ago. Reports from a Marlin forum I'm on suggest about 80% satisfaction with the current production quality. Most of the QC issues have been fixed, but a few lemons still slip through. That said, I only buy JM stamped Marlins. They are the best. But, I would not turn my nose up at a nice BLR or Winny. Also, some of the older Marlin department store guns are great too, like Glenfield Western Field or a Sears Model 45. Just as good as a JM stamped Marlin at a fraction of the cost. You should be able to find a decent 1894C 38/357 for somewhere between $600 and $800, but you may be looking at just a little over $1,000 for a 95% or better JM stamped 1894.
  8. Scorpio64

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    Make sure the deck is level.
  9. Scorpio64

    Help ID Garand Barrel

    Just wondering if the Danish barrel indicates a contract bring back. Garands can be so complicated.
  10. Scorpio64

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    Sometimes furrows of debris will be left if the grass is tall or there is a lot of leaves. When that happens, we have to hit it with a back pack blower to spread it out, but that happens with any kind of blade. BTW, a word of caution using a mower to pick up leaves (gator blades or not). It may be tempting to lower the deck for better vacuum, but don't go so low that you are scalping the lawn. It's better to just blow out whatever is left behind.
  11. Scorpio64

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    Gator blades work like any other blade.
  12. Scorpio64

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    Sure. It's similar to what we use on commercial zero turn riders. Really, Gator blades can be used on any mower.
  13. Scorpio64

    SOLD john deere lawn riding mower $250

    Gator blades are fantastic. I started using them initially on a JD rear engine rider with a trac-vac to pack more in and reduce clogs when doing leaf clean-ups, but then threw a set on my 48 walk behind just to see how they worked. They do a great job mulching but they don't work good on all decks. It depends on how they are baffled. Gator blades don't generate a lot of lift so they don't really chuck the clipping out of the chute like a good high lift blade, so, if the grass is wet, it turns the clippings to pulp and clogs the deck. But, under normal conditions. they pulverize grass and leaves. If you like stripes on your lawn, don't get your hopes up.
  14. Scorpio64

    Help ID Garand Barrel

    Was this a contract rifle brought back and sold through CMP?
  15. Scorpio64

    Help ID Garand Barrel

    Yeah, it's almost identical. Same crown proof marks

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