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  1. They are coming for your weapons of war. They definitely look like weapons of war. Not at all for eating meat, since everyone's eating worms and grubs in that dystopian utopia.
  2. Generally, ranges have strict rules about uncased firearms being anywhere but on the firing line. In other words, if you aren't on the line shooting, your firearm must be in a case. No opportunity to do any cleaning, and likely no place to do any cleaning. Like Mr Stu sez, no range is going to expose itself to unnecessary risk.
  3. So.... If the US destroys all it's nukes, then were good, right? I mean, all we have to do is get rid of ICBMs and we are free of any threat of nuclear war. We should get right on that.
  4. Sunday May 5th 2024 Don't get caught with your pants down. Practice now. Shooting commences at 0900 and keeps going until we get bored, run out of ammo, or hear mom calling us home. Shoots go until at least 1300, leaving plenty of time for everyone to stop in at any time and join the party. As always, these clay shoots are informal gatherings, just plain good fun to promote shooting sports and encourage training. Please feel free to bring friends and family. Shooters of all experience are welcome, if you have never shot clays before, or want some tips on improving your skills, this is your chance to dust off that shotgun sitting in a dark corner of your closet and gain some needed experience. What you will need. Bring your shotgun(s), as much #7.5 or #8 lead target/field loads as you want to shoot, and depending on how much you want to shoot, a carton of clay pigeons would be great. Targets (ie. clay pigeons) are available at Solomon's Shooter Supply in Farmingdale. Some Walmarts carry targets. Sadly, Shooters, as we knew it, is closed and has become Shooters Hardware, relocated to 218 Main St, West Creek, NJ, 08092. Don't forget eyes and ears. Also recommended is a chair, sun screen, insect repellent, and something to drink. I will be bringing an automatic trap machine, if you have a thrower, please bring it as a backup or second station. If you don't have a shotgun and just want to see what clay shoot'n is all about, a loaner shotgun will be available. For those who plan on shooting rifles, you must have a firearms hunting license, or be on the rifle range with someone that has a license. In addition to the traditional rimfire and muzzle loaders, Stafford now allows center-fire up to .30 caliber. Basic Checklist Shotgun and/or rifle Ammo Firearm hunting license, if you have one (not mandatory, just helpful) Eye and ear protection (mandatory) Clay targets (optional but recommended for volume shooters) Shell pouch (optional) Folding chair (optional) Hydration County Rd 539, Barnegat, NJ 08005, USA , Little Egg Harbor Township. GPS Latitude: 39.58980 Longitude: -74.35647 ATTENDING: 1) Scorpio64 2) Air Traffic Controller 3) High Exposure 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10)
  5. GMRS tx is locked out on UV-5R radios because the tx wattage is too high.
  6. The versions I used were downloaded from some popular ham website. I was able to program five radios with four labeled channels. My radios are capable of advanced settings, but I like to keep it simple bcuz I'm stoopid.
  7. I had to get three different cables and try a couple versions of chirp before I found a combo that worked on my radios.
  8. Any doubts about canned goods? Worried about strontium contamination? Get a TZ-2000 food safety tester.
  9. I ran into a similar situation about a year ago. Contact an admin and have them reset your password, you will automatically be e-mailed a temporary password, along with a link. Once you sign in with the temp password, reset it to whatever. btw, it IS okay to write down your passwords. Just don't do it on a post-it and stick it to your monitor.
  10. This just in. The eclipse will cross the US-Mexico border at around 13:33 CDST and make it's way up and across the country towards Canada. At approximately 15:12 EDST it will enter New York state, where it will receive a prepaid debit card, an additional EBT card, free phone, free legal representation, free health care, and free education. Well, free to the eclipse at least. You and I are the suckers paying for it.
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