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  1. If only there was someone here with access to West Law or LexusNexus' searchable database of cases.
  2. Rocket Dirty Harry Scheissemacher
  3. Read it, processed it, and this is my 2 cents. No matter who you are, where you live, how white, brown or black you are, or how rich or poor you are, there is someone who wants to kill you. The only reason you are still alive is that the person that wants to kill you just has not had the opportunity to do so. It's just a matter of being in the proximity of the person who wants to kill you. The person who wants to kill you probably does not even know you exist. All that matters is they know who they want to kill based on a set of parameters they created based on identity. Sometimes they go to where they can find victims, other times they wait for a victim to come along as a target of opportunity. No matter who you are, you are on somebodies list.
  4. Without a doubt, there are a few sociopaths in government, but the sad truth is they are mostly just selfish power mongers.
  5. He is a sociopath. When one has no conscience, they have nothing to fret over. They are the most dangerous and unpredictable people because there are often no signs of a mental defect.
  6. Yesterday, I was reading that there were four people involved. I thought it strange that today they are only talking about one person. BTW, .... They want to ban the semi auto, but not the other guns. Bad logic.
  7. From a discussion in another firearms forum that is more internationally oriented. Gun laws in AU and NZ are not identical. A person in NZ may buy, and keep in their home a semi-auto rifle but, by NZ standards, have to go through an extensive background check that involves interviewing family and associates. Storage requirements are more strict as well. If one owns a semi-auto rifle they must have a safe and keep them locked up at all times. NZ firearms law is very similar to NJ concerning long guns but is extremely restrictive with handguns. NZ has no NFA equivalent for suppressors. In fact, they encourage the use of them.
  8. The right price is for you and a buyer to work out. I'm only the info nerd.
  9. If I did not already have irons in the fire, I'd be very tempted. The PH Hussar action is one of the best from what I read about them. I've heard of Parker-Hale, but not with the Hussar roll mark, so I did some research on it. The action is very popular for project guns. If my research is correct, it has a Czech BRNO ZG74 action. While it's not a 98 action, it is basically an extremely well made copy. So, how did a Czech copy of a 98 action find itself on an English rifle? At one time, PH was struggling to make rifles (long interesting post WW2 story, if you are interested, GoOGl3 it). They basically contracted BRNO (now CZ I believe) to make the actions for them. At the right price, the action will be an excellent foundation for a precision rifle build.
  10. Okay. Look, either he's legit or he's not. If he is, then now he knows that convicted felons do not easily get their 2A right restored, it's expensive and will involve a judge. If the OP is a MDA Everytown shill, then they will have learned that convicted felons do not easily get their 2A right restored, it's expensive and will involve a judge.
  11. I've heard rumors, that a non-violent offender, convicted of a felony has a slight chance of getting a FPID, if they can prove to a court (if he can find one willing to hear his case) if he can prove that he was basically a boy scout, went to church on Sundays and holy days of obligation and stepped around insects on the sidewalk. ever since then. It is possible, after a period of time, to have a record expunged. How the OP ran his own report, probably a website that does background checks, is dubious at best. If he applies for a FPID his conviction will almost certainly show up in a NJSP report and disqualify him. On the very slim chance the OP can get his 2A right reinstated, it will be a long and expensive process.
  12. As it stands now, no. You will be denied. Hire a lawyer. Expect that if you do apply, because of your previous conviction, you will be investigated thoroughly. They may even give you a DRE.
  13. This morning on the news, I heard that the shooters wanted the attacks to be the catalyst for the Balkanization of the USA. I also heard (or maybe read) that they used "automatic weapons". To me, automatic means machine guns, but I think the media or whomever it was that made the statement, was trying to conflate semi-auto with fully-auto.
  14. You may have to go to IRC (Undernet) for it.
  15. The dog does have an asshole. You could name just that part, Barry (or Greenday...The band of course). Every time you need to take the dog out for a walk, don't forget the Barry bags.
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