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  1. Totally agree. I feel the same way about the steel M-16 20rd waffles (blocked at 15, that I had to throw away ,thank you gov'nah beaverpuss asshole) that I bought for a Vietnam era M-16 S/A clone I built for a retired USAF Lt Colonel. 10 rd plastic mags in an M-16 look retarded.
  2. @Dave Archibald For whatever reason, I am not able to view the pix on imgur. I believe you have my cell#, could you send me a few pix. Honestly, I need another 22lr rifle like I need a hole in the head, but, it's a Marlin, and that is a fantastic price.
  3. Aguila's reputation for stinky ammo comes from the brands use of Eley Tenex primer in their 22lr ammo. The "cat piss" odor is pervasive at every top level 22lr match around the world. Eley primer is considered the most reliable and most consistent. Most folks that shoot 22lr are not familiar with the odor because most folks are not willing to pay $20-$30 ( in normal times) for 50 rounds of match grade 22. The use of Eley primer is not to say that all Aguila is match grade, but it is very reliable. Mexicans take their 22lr ammo very seriously, as they do with shotgun ammo, because that is typically all they are allowed to own south of the border.
  4. This is only a guess, based on the limited information, but I'm thinking it was either a double feed or a double charge. In which case, you rip the mag out, pull back the CH, lock the bolt catch (or hold it) finger bang the mag well, and shake or diddle the rounds out of the action.
  5. It would seem, the OP did not come here for a solution, but as an opportunity to whine about pinned stocks. Get over it, work the problem, move on. Oh, and also vote for the party that supports 2A.
  6. Well, if you are not willing to clear the jam without disassembling your rifle, can't help. Good luck.
  7. Have you tried poping both takedown pins and seeing if you can separate or wiggle the stuck bits loose?
  8. Please describe the nature of the malfunction. Is it a stuck case, are you able to open the action by pulling the CH?
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