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  1. You may want to refer to a dictionary instead of a thesaurus for the definition of intimate. Jus' say'n.
  2. A) Check that gun did not cause bullet burr. B) If gun did not cause burr, buy better ammo. Look, we get it, it's your first gun, it's dangerous, not a toy, a murder machine, and the seemingly awesome power in your hand frightens you a little bit. That lasts about 10 minutes once you get going. It certainly can be dangerous but it's not going to cause a tear in spacetime. Get some snap caps and finger bang that gun every night until you know everything about it. How it feels, it's weight and balance, the mechanics, trigger pull, how it sounds. Get downright intimate with it.
  3. Malfunctions are rare. Malfunctions that send you home with a busted, jammed up gun, even rarer. If you don't already have snap caps to practice manually cycling the action, get some.
  4. All white people look the same, even if they are abolitionists.
  5. If I am not mistaken, you are within reasonable distance to Solomon's Shooter Supply in Farmingdale. Gene's prices are good, and he always has what you need. His shop is probably the last of it's kind in NJ. A true mom and pop shop. Bring cash.
  6. Do you not have a set of test weights? Additionally, do you not love your fingers and eyes? The Ministry of Silly Walks.
  7. ^THIS The best way to learn (pretty much everything), especially when dealing with explosives, is by watching an expert with ten fingers
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fgDxAASI_c
  9. You could do either. If you put down granular weed killer/fert, wet the lawn first so the weed killer sticks to the leafs better. You are not watering the lawn, just enough to get the plants wet. If there are not that many weeds, and the lawn is thick and healthy, then use the Milo fertilizer, and spot/area spray a weed killer concentrate. I don't use retail chemicals much, so I can't really recommend any. I have used Ortho Weed-B-Gone in the past with moderate success. It does not do well on some tough to kill weeds.
  10. GSSC FB page is down too. Also note, the weshootusa site is not secure and could have malware.
  11. I went and go-funded Canterbury last year when I bought Bush Craft 101. Very sad for the puppy tho.
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