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  1. 300-400 is the low end for a 39A. In that price range, expect 50% blueing, pitting and probably a few rust spots and handling/use marks, maybe even a crack or chip in the furniture. A nice 39A with 90%, or better blueing, minimal handling marks no rust, little pitting, sharp rifling, in that condition, 500-700 is about right. A pristine unfired or barely used example could easily sell for 800-1200. Of all the AR-7s, the Charter Arms may have been the worst. They sell for very little, unless it's NIB or LNIB condition, then only a collector will pay a decent price for that gun. For it's intrinsic value, the CA is worth about 150-200. If you want an AR-7, you are better off buying a new Henry. The Nylon 66 is a good buy at 250-350. I recall reading that some years had trouble with extractors, but it's easily fixed.
  2. Their cruise missiles can carry a 1,000 Lb payload 2500Km. I think Iran conducted the strike with reduced payload to send a message that they can hit them harder with the same pin point accuracy. The amount of force and destruction was carefully calculated so as to not require a massive response that would lead to all out war.
  3. Each oil tank appears to have several rather large holes, but none big enough to be from a cruise missile. A cruise missile would have annihilated those tanks. I think they sent multiple GPS guided drones (basically, fire-and-forget) at each tank, just to make sure at least one reached it's objective. The drones were probably more airplane like, probably a smaller version of the Reaper. I heard something interesting tonight. It's pretty much a foregone conclusion that Iran is directly, or indirectly responsible for the bombings. The question is; why would Iran attack the Saudis? Iran loves to be assholes, no doubt, but this was more than just being a-holes. Iran carried out the attack, as part of a broader plan, to drive the US into a recession. Hmmm, who else wants the US to fall into a recession, I believe it's the democrats and late night ass hat hacks who call themselves comedians. Simply put, Iran bombed the tanks in an attempt to foil Trump's aspirations for re-election. While the attack seems impulsive, it was but a part of a larger plan. Stay tuned folks, more to come.
  4. deleted because of website misrepresentation and high shipping cost.
  5. My first hunting/clay gun was a 35 year old (at the time) Stevens 311A SxS, my second hunting/clay gun was an 870. Back then, I shot clays to practice for hunting. Now, I shoot clays with a Browning Citori, because that's all I do with it. I still enjoy shooting clays with all 3 guns, but the Browning is my go-to gun if I'm shooting regulation trap. Some shotguns, like the Browning BT-99 and BT-100 are dedicated entry level single shot trap guns for beginners. It's not a good all around gun, in fact, it's probably the worst since it's a single purpose gun. Why get caught up in what gun is best when almost any gun will do the job, and the "best" guns will severely limit your use. Again, I reiterate, buy/use a gun that will serve many purposes like hunting, HD and clays if you are a casual shooter. If you are serious about getting into clays, then buy a gun better suited to that. But keep this one thing in mind. If you cant shoot well with an 870 or a 500 or maybe even an 1100, going out and buying a $2,000 trap gun will not help you shoot any better.
  6. It's the other way around. Stoger is a marginally acceptable gun for hunting. You won't be shooting very much and it's so cheap that, if it goes in the drink or gets beat up, it's no big deal. On the other hand, casually used trap/clay guns can easily eat well over 1000 rounds each year and it will wear down a cheap quality firearm in no time at all. There are plenty of O/Us in the $600 to $800 range that are better. CZ, Stevens and Mossberg make O/Us in that price range. That fella was probably Gene, the owner, and he's absolutely correct about single shot. In fact, most of the folks that compete in sanctioned ATA trap use single shot break actions. They are not using NEF or H&R guns though, most of the single shot trap guns start at around $1,200 and average around $1,800, but can cost as much as $3,000. One of the main differences between a trap gun and a field gun is the angle of the stock. Trap guns have a straight comb for control and better recoil management, while field guns have an angled comb better suited for offhand shooting. One does not need to have a $3,000 shotgun to do well shooting clays. Shooting for fun is one thing, competition is another level. If you enjoy shooting the single shot you have now, then enjoy it.
  7. Peel, that Parker vice alone is worth a couple of bucks, it's a fine example of American craftsmanship from an era when America was an industrial juggernaut. I'd take it off your hands, but, I already have too many vices.
  8. CA's law restricts the rifle mechanics, if the follower gizmo works without modifying the rifle, then there's little they can do. The only magazine restrictions are capacity. If it ain't part of the rifle, then I think it won't be illegal, that is, until the communists make it illegal.
  9. If it works with the "bullet button" I see a market in CA.
  10. Well, there you have it folks. They have a uniform, they are using tactical gear (yes, goggles and respirators are tactical gear, they usually have some sort of item to use as a weapon, ) and they even have a flag. I'd say it's pretty clear. They are an assault squad. A poorly trained team, but a team none the less, they are an organized and becoming more and more militarized as time goes on.
  11. We formed a focus group, then a committee, and finally a tribunal. We thoroughly investigated the matter, by which I mean, we looked at a package of Taylor Pork Roll, and it's STILL Taylor Pork Roll. Seriously, as litigious as NJ is, I'm surprised nobody has sued these greasy spoons for false advertising. If they are selling a product as ham, it had better be ham.
  12. My neighbor bought a Ranger about two months ago. He loves it.... His wife loves it more. It's a great looking truck, and about time the Ranger design actually looked like a work truck instead of a toy.
  13. Yep, click bait. The luncheonette counter in the main building at Collingwood Flea Market has one of the best PEC in NJ. Good burgers and fries too.
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