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  1. Just because you can, don't mean ya should. It depends on whats wrong, how mechanically inclined one is, and how long you can wait for the parts you need to replace because you lost some.
  2. This.... And especially this. It's good to know your firearm intimately. I know my ARs better than any other machine I own because I built them. But I ain't gonna take em completely apart to clean them up. If you really know your firearm, you would know it's unnecessary.
  3. I learned something similar to that in military school. Take care of your gun, and your gun will take care of you. Also, a well oiled gun is a happy gun.
  4. Relax, breathe, proper stance, proper hold, concentrate, take your time, but hurry up.
  5. They all need love, even the ones past their prime. I know a guy that buys absolute junk at shows on purpose. He's a retired gunsmith and makes a restoration project out of them. Kinda like animal rescue, he saves them from the trash bin and rehabilitates them.
  6. A&M Lakewood. I've only been there once, and that was years ago so I cant give you much info. Quick Google sez they are rated pretty good and have a 20yd indoor range. They are open until 3 today. git moving. http://www.amarcherynj.com/index.html
  7. Double D, I highly recommend getting a forearm guard too. Raking your arm with the bowstring really sucks.
  8. No, but if you get caught with one, life will have become very complicated and expensive. Let's face reality for a minute. Law abiding citizens will comply, even if they agree NJ laws are bullshit. Only criminals and stupid people who push the envelope will get caught with >10rd mags. In the latter case, a person with an otherwise clean record will have that charge hanging over them for the rest of their life. Bottom line, do whatever the fuck you want to do and take your chances.
  9. It was probably a Model 60. The anti semi-auto political machine grinding law abiding citizens into dust. Tube fed is a whole other animal because you can put ammo with a very short OAL in the tube. I dunno how many 22 shorts or CBs I canfi t in my 39D, but I know for sure its way over 15. I think the laws have relaxed on tube fed, since they cannot be quickly reloaded.
  10. Unless it's a white guy shooting up someplace with an AR-15, the use of +15 mags is never mentioned.
  11. Nope, I sure dont. But the fact is there were a lot of posts warning on the pitfall of constructive intent. At any rate, I'm a remy 870 lover, but bought a shockwave just to avoid the exact scenario you mentioned.
  12. This is just a guess, but based on my research for building an M4gery with a 14.5" bbl, possession of such a barrel, even with plans on installing a muzzle device to bring it up to the legal 16" length could still get you busted if you were in possession of a lower receiver. I believe, as long as you have a all the parts, in the eyes of New Germany, it's the same as having a fully assembled prohibited item. Something or other about "constructive intent".
  13. YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! --> Watch it FULL SCREEN <--
  14. Here's a tampon for your period.