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  1. There is no such "rule". It is a practice adopted by some, believed to avoid potential problems associated with inserting a mag on a closed bolt (typically assuming there is one in the chamber), or misfeeds (problem stripping off the first round) from a fully loaded mag that is under max spring tension. There has been much debate on the topic, it all comes down to personal preference, what you feel comfortable with. Some folks load minus two or three. In a free state where one can load 29 or 28, it's not a big deal, but in the DPRNJ, that one round becomes precious, so there is a lot of motivation, if not temptation to go 10+1. Experiment at the range any way you like, and make your own decision on how to load your mags.
  2. I don't know about gun shows at Carlisle, but I know the Carlisle venue very well. I used to work car and motorcycle shows there. It's a huge venue and the management runs good events. The trip isn't that bad. Plus, there are a lot of LGSs and other interesting places to burn cash on the way to and from.
  3. I had a lengthy discussion with a rep at Charlie Cooper about the 10th round (or last round) problem. It was like pulling teeth, but he finally fessed up that they purposely make it so the tenth round barely fits, even if it could cause a malfunction. They are more afraid of being sued by NY or Cali than they are the widow of some guy who's gun would not load the first round off a fully loaded modded mag. It's the morons that try to force an 11th round in 10 round mags that made that a necessary decision for Cooper. No matter what the mag capacity, it's generally a good practice to load any mag "minus 1". I knew this all along, before I called Cooper, and always loaded my mags -1. But, I'm a stubborn fool sometimes, and goddammit, I paid for a mag that functions with ten rounds and that bitch better hold ten, even if I intend to only load nine.
  4. I cannot speak to how some individuals make the mod permanent. Just how Charlie Cooper and GMW do it. I can assure you, the epoxied mags are as permanent as permanent can be according to the law. I've also seen roll pins inserted laterally through the floor plate.
  5. Epoxy and rivets have been used (separately) by major resellers to make plastic mag mods permanent.
  6. IIRC, after SH, 22lr held around 12-16cpr in mainstream retail channels, but occasionally could still be found at national retailers like Cabelas for 7-9cpr at the peak of the shortage. I believe the most I ever paid for 22lr was 15cpr for 300rd packs of Swamp People that I got from a Podunk outfit with a fancy website. GB was averaging $100+ for a brick. Interestingly, 22lr had a higher % increase than even green tip. 22 neared quadruple while M855 doubled.
  7. When gasoline is $5/gal this summer, you may have to sell some of that stash to fill up the tank.
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