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  1. I'll have to try that. I don't practice enough with my M4gery, just 50 or so rounds every once in a while, standing and from the bench on a bag, just to make sure I still know how to look down a red dot.
  2. Because recoil from a 223 is a mutherfucker.
  3. I think you have that backwards. The Mini Comp is just a comp, it's only ported on the top. It's sole function is to control muzzle rise.
  4. A gun range on School Road.... good luck with that.
  5. This is a rhetorical question, right? Money is power, power is money. Politics, religion, organized crime, criminal justice, banking and finance, construction, waste removal, there is nobody at the top in any of the aforementioned who does not have some blood on their hands. Where there is money, avarice will find it and do whatever it takes to obtain as much as they can at any cost. Some people make money the same way race car drivers earn a living. They are literally willing to put their lives on the line because their lust for power is so overwhelming. A man wearing a $12,000.00 business suit does not look like the type, but they live dangerous lives.
  6. Anything less than two hours is a waste of time for me.
  7. 1) Back to top button at bottom of all pages. 2) Button at the top of all pages to temporarily disable notifications.
  8. The thought had crossed my mind. With proper training in social engineering, it is not at all difficult to manipulate an easily influenced person. The more troubled the person (useful idiot) the more easily they are manipulated. With all the social media we have today, anyone can find the right useful idiot to exploit.
  9. Yes. His adoptive mother refused to believe her son was causing trouble. The last line in the second quote says it all. Some in the affluent neighborhood where Cruz grew up said they called authorities on him frequently. Every few weeks, it seemed, police cruisers were pulling up to the teenager’s house to sort out the latest complaint.
  10. While the current severity of your hearing loss may not be permanent, the damage (to some extent) is. Hearing loss is cumulative and irreversible. You can permanently loose it all at once or a little at a time. With single layer earpro on all the time on the firing line, we loose a tiny bit of hearing every trip to the range. While you may temporarily loose all your hearing for hours, or even days, it will never be 100% when it returns. The generally accepted sound level for hearing loss starts at 85db. Normal speech is around 60db, a typical 20" push lawn mower puts out about 80db and a back pack leaf blower puts out around 115db. A 22lr rifle spits out 140db and a 30-06 will hammer your eardrums at 165 db. Pro grade ear muffs reduce levels (on average) by 30db, and plugs underneath add an additional 30 or so db reduction. -60 db is pretty impressive, it can completely muffle out the noise of a nagging wife, but is still inadequate for 100% protection when firing a .308 that cranks out 163db or even .223/5.56 round that claps out 160db. Doubled up, you are still experiencing a 100 db or more hit to the drums. There is no question that double protection is essential to preserving as much hearing as possible. Especially if you are in the habit of popping off a hundred rounds or more a week.
  11. I think for these kind of firearms a bright green laser is a good option. Shotguns are more of a point and click device.
  12. I may not have a giant throbbing boner for my Shockwave, but I certainly do not hate it.
  13. Now that I've spent some time with the Shockwave (a little over 3 months), I'm starting to notice some of the flaws. I wouldn't say any of the flaws are major, but just the same, Mossberg could have done better. First is the finish. Racking the slide has scraped the very thin finish, which Mossberg calls a "matte blued" finish, off a number of contact surfaces. The barrel and the mag tube are the most visible areas and will require extra attention to keep rust at bay. The receiver scratches pretty easily too. Compared to my early 90's 870, the Mossberg action seems sticky. One may attribute that to it being a new gun but I've racked it at least 500 times (OCD) and it is still sticky on the pull back. Maybe it will mellow out after a couple thousand rounds, who knows. One of these days I'm going to do a full disassembly and see if I can't slick up some of the internal friction surfaces with a Dremel. What could possibly go wrong. The inside of the barrel (ie, the bore) is horrible. When I first got mine I looked down the bore and saw a black sooty finish. I dunno if Mossberg "matte blued" the bore too, but it looked terrible. I cleaned it before I shot it, cleaned it again after I shot it, cleaned it again after I shot it again and still the bore looked dull. I considered buying a pricey barrel polisher but came up with a cheapskate alternative. Using my cleaning rod and a brass bore brush wrapped in gauze, I doused the gauze in Hoppe's and had at it with my cordless drill. The bore came out a bit better than it was, but still a long way from bright and shiny. I guess I'll have to buy that bore polishing thingy after all. A slick bore and chamber isn't just about beauty. When the bore and chamber are polished, it reduces drag on the shot cup, facilitates smoother feeding and extraction, and makes cleaning easier too. The front sight is a joke. It's not like it's super functional to begin with, but did they really have to drill and tap the barrel clean all the way through? That little hole is a shit pocket for crap to accumulate, and it's like super hard to get the shit out of the recess. This method of attaching the front sight is the epitome of a "Bubba" job. I mean, I have actually seen Bubbas on youtube exactly like it. What is broadly mocked on gun forums has become a manufacturing method at Mossy. If it was not for the fact it collects gack and the gack sticks out in the bore like a sore thumb, I probably would not care one way or another. Like I said, no major flaws but I'll tell ya what, no gun of this quality would have rolled off the line at Mossberg or Remington 20 years ago. It still functions as advertised, will still keep the home secure, be a blast at the range, will still be reliable and last a long time as long as it is well maintained. I think another $30.00 in manufacturing costs for fit and finish would have made this "firearm" just about right. <sigh> I guess I'm just a little sad the honeymoon is over. She looked a lot purdier in the pictures and with all her makeup on. But I'll keep her just the same. She's still a ton of fun, does things for me the other guns won't do, and after all....looks aren't everything.
  14. Not yet. We'll call you.
  15. This is pretty much the way I see it too. From an engineering standpoint, the more moving or mechanical parts in a system, the more likely it will fail. I did a couple projects with a friend at one of his rental properties where we used sharkbites. I was surprised at how simple and effective they are, but when it comes to doing my own home projects, I still sweat a copper pipe.