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  1. My boss used to mock me for using a respirator whenever I spray. He has cancer, I don't (at least not yet) have cancer. He now uses a respirator and no longer mocks me.
  2. Erm... I don't think growing christmas trees and flowers is actually all that dangerous. I guess if you whack your foot with a spade when you B&B a shrub, that could hurt a little.
  3. All dogs are liberals. They depend on others for everything, will hump anything, including a leg, and if allowed to run wild in packs, will attack just for fun.
  4. Well, Newfoundland is an Canadian province, sooooo....
  5. Poo and urine have been mother natures fertilizers since the beginning of time. Asians have been shitting and whizzing in the rice paddies for centuries. There was a time when urinals flushed to holding tanks to reclaim the ammonium nitrate. During the age of discovery, chemists figured out how to synthesize ammonium nitrate and caused an explosion in agriculture, they also discovered how to create explosives from the nitrogen compounds. The only problem with human waste is cooties like e.coli and other not so great organisms. Modern processes sterilize human and animal waste byproducts, or at least they are supposed to, and turn them into safe products.
  6. Goosegrass is an annual, just like crabgrass. If you are using pre-emergant crabgrass and weed control, you are already treating for it. However, if the treatment is not working, you may not have goosegrass, but have quackgrass. They share similar traits in the way they look. The way to distinguish between the two is the root system. If it has a sprawling root system that runs along the ground, then it's quackgrass. Goosegrass has a single cluster root system (like regular grass), whereas quackgrass spreads with rhizomes. Quackgrass is far more difficult to get rid of because it's a perennial, and can not be controlled with a pre-emergant or 2-4-D. There will be some collateral damage in eradicating quackgrass. Kill quackgrass by sponging or brushing Roundup on the plant. Hopefully what you have is goosegrass, because quackgrass is a mofo to get rid of.
  7. According to the Lowe's website, this product is a slow release fertilizer that lasts up to 3 months. If you put it down a month ago, it should be good for another two months. We have had a lot of rain though so maybe in another month you will be ready for another fertilizer application. Here's the problem. If your next scheduled application falls just before the hot (and dry) summer months, you risk burning out your lawn. If you have an irrigation system, then your risk of burnout is lower. If you want to play it safe, use an organic fertilizer.
  8. When did you do the first application and what did you put down?
  9. A few weeks ago I was BSing with a friend, we got to talking about dogs and how silly he thought small (chihuahuas and such) dogs are. I mentioned, dogs are dogs and a pack of tiny dogs would be like getting attacked by piranhas. One is not much of a threat, but you get attacked by a pack of 15 tiny dogs and you will be dead meat.
  10. Just what he needs. A shit and piss soaked outdoor carpet.
  11. The ammonia will break down on it's own, there is not real cure for an over "fertilized" lawn. YOu can water the area to percolate the chemicals into the ground, but you will most likely turn it area in to a mud wrestling pit, especially if your soil is heavy clay. You may want to try out seed mats if the dogs will be running up and down the stairs to do their business. They are fairly expensive and are not as good as a properly done seed job, but this is a special circumstance.
  12. Seeding can't hurt. If the doggie didn't go full chemical warfare, some of the grass will recover on it's own but there will be dead spots where ammonia is concentrated. Areas that are beaten down from foot (and paw) traffic will probably come back if the root system is healthy. Don't just throw the seed on top, use a steel rake and work it into the soil. The trick to good germination is soil contact and moisture. I recommend programmable sprinkler timers for things like this. Set it up to water 10 minutes every hour.
  13. He obviously slipped. The other 7 states are "deep states".
  14. In my opinion, this is the bottom line. Steel case is questioned all the time on all the gun forums.. Will it hold up over time, will it hurt my rifle, etc etc... Conversely, nobody ever questions brass. Steel case may be okay as range fodder, but I would not bet my life on it in a life or death situation.
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