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  1. Um..... Pretty sure as illustrated this is a sawed off shotgun or sbr
  2. One of the very narrow and specific set of things that makes the shockwave and Tac-14 legal is the birdshead style grip. A letter went out to LE stating that both firearms, in their original configurations, are legal. Any modification that removes a component and replaces it with anything other than an exact duplicate is inviting trouble. How much trouble is anyone's guess. But I bet finding out would be expensive.
  3. While our minds are occupied with Thanksgiving preparations and tying up loose ends at work, and the hustle and bustle of black friday shopping, this is what's happening right under our noses. Basically, one of the very few things that BO actually did right was to protect net neutrality. The former Comcast exec Ajit Pai is set to take regulatory power away from the federal and state government and make it so that ISPs can charge you a premium for normal internet speeds and if you don't pay you will be kicked down to a slower lower priority network. They are making deals with content providers like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. From the actual inventor if the Internet The internet was created as an open source society and now the ISPs want to hijack it, set up toll roads and control your access to the WWW. If your ISP does not like a website, they can slow down your connection to a crawl, and there won't be a damn thing you can do about it.
  4. Family traditions are often manifest through recipes . Historically, holidays are the few times of the year time the whole family, near and far, gathers and celebrates. The words festival and feast are very closely related. It is only through the gathering and the festival that we can maintain the continuity of tradition. It's kinda funny, I'm the only boy out of seven children and I'm the only one who knows most of my family recipes, both Sicilian and Irish. I find it somewhat tragic when family traditions die out with passing generations. I applaud you for carrying on the family tradition. I believe It's important we all have a tangible link to our past.
  5. I'm going to eat my wife's pie.
  6. Just ban him. I did an extensive google search and the username came up on many different forums with varying ages, locations and interests. He also has rifles posted as for sale on at least one other forum. Also claims to own an M21 that he hunts with. This guy is worse than a troll, he's a spy on an information gathering quest. Every account on the forums I checked has a zero or 1 post count.
  7. This is how I felt some days. It was a nasty soul crushing job.
  8. I used to be one of the so called head hunters. Head hunters are recruiters looking to poach people with a specific skill set to place in another company. What you were dealing with was a sales person. They can be very aggressive, their monthly quotas depend on how ambitious they are, and the tactic works. Not on everyone, but it is a numbers game. You just keep pushing till someone says yes. I would think that a job placement service for vets would be funded by a government program or a paid for by a donation funded non-profit. That the head hunter (as you put it) would charge you a fee for hiring a vet does not pass the smell test. I'm guessing they are signed up for some kind of government program where they get a kickback for finding a vet a job and are looking to double dip. Fees are not uncommon though, it's actually the norm. If a company is looking for an executive, the agency that finds and places the exec gets a percentage of the annual salary. So, like if the exec would be paid $250K annually, the agency may get 15 to 25 grand. But in the reverse situation, an unsolicited offer, especially when they make it seem like they are just trying to help vets, and then blindside you with the signing fee, that's pretty underhanded.
  9. Says the person who quotes the entire wall o text
  10. CNJFO, ANJRPC, Former NJ2AS leaders, NRA-ILA, and other stakeholders are who need to put together a joint statement, a mission statement if you will. What we need is an all star team, hand picked. If this coalition can put this team together, I will carry water for them.
  11. When can we expect a joint statement? It would be very helpful to the movement if we have something from the collective that encourages the 2A community. I think this is extremely important as morale is at an all time low and it will demonstrate that this is a truly organized push back..
  12. Going tomorrow, probably getting the Premier A/S. It has Turanzas on it now and they don't have enough grip for my liking.
  13. I'm going to donate $100.00 now to cnjfo as a sign of good faith. If the collective can get it's shit together by January, more funds will follow.
  14. My money is going to whomever presents the best plan to sue and win, and initiates the plan. Then, and only then, will they get my money. I have about 20 years of NRA dues not paid that I'd be willing donate but they have to actually do it, not just talk about doing it. Show me what ya got and I'll show you the money.