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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed the courses - great instructors and course structure, although I think at times I unintentionally dropped one F word or two.... I am buying 2 cones of shame, one for me and one for my Kimber.
  2. Hmm...... now I know where I stand. Not sure which is better, a visitor or a backup? I feel so proud, thanks to Mr. Wombat. off to Walmart I go.
  3. Stuffed animal? I can assure you that there's no silicon in me.
  4. Pants on fire!!! Honest answer for Mr. Wombat should read (1) Jessica Alba (2) Mrs. Wombat My answer is (1) Jethro Gibbs (2) Mr. Wombat
  5. Like Mr. Wombat said, we did a NRA basic pistol training somewhere else, which I thought was not too bad actually, there were definitely more "theory" (text and slides) and inevitably I did feel a bit dozy at times. Today's GFH 1st Step course with Jimmy was really good, maybe it's his hyper voice, or the tact he used to engage dialogues (such as throwing questions at us), or much fewer slides, I truly enjoyed it and stayed alert throughout the class. The 2nd Step was great fun. Although it's not quite simulation of a real situation, it gave enough stress for each student to feel the adrenaline pumping. (Again it may be due to Anthony's thundering scream "THREAT!" behind us.) It's really an eye-opener that differs from shooting in a range with a still paper target and all the time in the world to reload, aim, pull trigger... etc. I would really like to see how we will react in a simulation class with even more realistic threat, so that may be our next course. The only thing I would like to add to Step 2 is probably a non-designated target until threat occurs, i.e. "THREAT number 3!" so we don't get to fixate our sight at a certain spot before we react. A bit like whack-a-mole I guess, although I am not sure if it's too advanced for Step 2. Overall safety was paramount at all times even though for most of us this was the first time we had ever walked and shot at the same time. (And beating Mr. Wombat made the day from good to great! ) Thank you GFH, you will see us again soon. Mrs. Wombat
  6. Thank Tony. As a matter of fact, I was having a slight difficulty choosing between SA EMP and another Kimber however not Super Carry but Ultra Carry II. After reading numerous forum discussion and reviews, I sort of concluded that EMP is the one to go for me. my other 2 guns are both 9mm which is also a small contributing factor. It seems that the 1st batch of EMP did have its share of problems, but it has since been rectified (somehow) and EMP owners are generally happy with it. No doubt Kimber's Super/Ultra Carry is also a superb choice, maybe after I win the lottery... That's one sweet modification and cool dad! I should send that link to my dad or father-in-law, Christmas is just around the corner. oh wait, they don't even have guns.
  7. Thanks. Well, it's good enough that Gibbs has graced my dreams a couple times so far... Don't you forget that! Feeling satisfied with Kimber 1911, I am contemplating on getting a Springfield EMP as my CCW
  8. Why did you have to make me sound like a bimbo? I did pick Kimber Custom Aegis II for its look, but today I found out that there's more than meets the eye and I am not talking about its performance in the range (which is superb). It took me triple the time to field strip/clean/reassemble than my P228. I did not have a clue what the manual instruction was on about, after consulting almighty YouTube I finally manage to complete the service (with recoil spring plug flying off a few times). Hopefully after a few practice I'll be able to reduce field stripping time. Mrs Wombat
  9. MrsWombat

    Walther PPQ

    Not true, I don't make any choice entirely on aesthetics, functionality is equally important. That's why I married you. Mrs Wombat
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