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Found 36 results

  1. I have been asked to run a class to prepare people for carrying a defensive firearm by my home range, Phillipsburg Pistol club. It will be held on August 6th, from noon until approx. 4pm. We will cover safe use of a holster and a number of defensive shooting techniques. The class will finish with running each student through HQC1 and a certificate will be provided for those that achieve a passing score. It is open to all, but members of Phillipsburg Pistol Club will have spots reserved for them. Sign up here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/holster-use-and-defensive-shooting-techniques-registration-675278625547
  2. Going to do a few posts on at home training including what you need, how to do it safely and cover some drills. From basic to some more advanced stuff. Really the importance is to focus on perfecting the basics and make it become second nature. It's important to start slowly, fix any mistakes, and build proper muscle memory. Avoid getting sloppy or lazy and developing training scars. Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes permanent. Only perfect practice makes perfect. I like to spend about 20 minutes a few days a week. 5 minutes for setup and clean up, and 15 minutes for practice. That's all that's really needed. Make sure you have a goal in mind on what you want to focus on. This will prevent you from getting sloppy and getting training scars, and will help you stay interested by allowing you to constantly improve. SAFETY: Setup a safe area where you will not be interrupted. Place your targets in the safest position in case of an accidental misfire. Immediately check and make your gun clear. Do the same with the magazines you will be practicing with (recommend 2 empty magazines). Retrieve all of the items you might need for this training. You don't want to have to go back into the safe or storage where your live guns and ammo are once you start practicing. Store and lock up all live ammunition away from where you will be doing the training for the entire duration of the training. If you can't lock it up, it should be in a separate room where you will not go until your training session is totally finished and you are putting everything away. Every time you pick up the gun, check that it is clear. Even though you know its clear, this creates the mindset to always check the status of a gun when you pick it up. When you are done training, you are done. Don't go back and do one more thing after you start putting things away. This is when accidents happen.
  3. ****NEW YEARS SALE**** Servo Group Tactical has their 2018 NJ course schedule up... Jan 1- Jan 5 15% off all Servo classes for 2018 training year. stay lethal... www.servogrouptactical.net
  4. I am looking to gauge the intrest in holding an " Introduction to Smallbore F Class " Clinic in 2020. The Clinic would be held in either Pa or NJ and would cover the following material: What is Smallbore F Class Rifle Optics Bipod/ Rest Ammunition Targets Basic Wind Reading Course of Fire The Clinic would be taught by experienced SB F Class Competitors
  5. To promote proper firearm use and gun safety, we have our Youth Firearms Academies. These week long tactical training and safety class seek to teach your child practices for safe firearms handling, operation, and marksmanship. These courses are available to teens aged 13-17. With a wide array of available firearms, your teen will learn the best practices for handguns, rifles, shotguns, and even muzzle loaded firearms. All academy classes run Monday through Friday, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm. Basic Academy Dates: June 24th-28th July 22nd-26th Advanced Academy Dates: July 8th-12th August 5th-9th Learn More and Register Today
  6. Costa's Final NJ Training session. We are taking it to another state after this. There are a couple slots left...https://costaludus.com/courses/carbine-elements-theory-1-cet1/
  7. Sunday Feb 24th - 9am to 11am Join us for National Shooting Sports Foundation - NSSF - safety and basic firearms familiarization session oriented towards the person who has very little to no shooting experience. The First Shots Shooting Experience will consist of classroom and range sessions led by experienced instructors. The Tactical Training Center of NJ and the NSSF will provide all necessary firearms, ammunition and safety equipment. SEND A NEW SHOOTER TO OUR "FIRST SHOTS" EVENT Sign up here
  8. Must Watch Video 8 Seconds Faster 8 seconds faster because “Smooth is Fast”. If you watch the video and keep track of the time, you’ll see that this shooter, C.S. (our shooter in the drill) is about 8 seconds faster than the majority of the other shooters. Listen to how long gunfire from other shooters continue after she completes her drill. Becoming a fast and accurate shooter, is a combination of acquiring skills and understanding efficient human movement. Speed and accuracy does not have to comprise safety, it should augment it. Learning to shoot fast and accurately is an acquired and appreciated skill. It takes time, instruction, practice and the development of skill to acquire it; and it will depreciate if it not maintained.
  9. Remember when you acquired your first firearm? For most gun owners, that time was both exciting and scary! On one hand, you acquired your first handgun and had hopefully gone to the range. At the same time, let's admit it, unless you were in the military, you were at least a LITTLE bit afraid, either of scratching up that shiny new bluing, not being able to put it back together after cleaning, or even leaving it unattended. After a while however, you become accustomed to it and it becomes "yet another gun." Much in the same way, I look at "going to the range." It is the near universal experience of gun ownership. You purchase your gun and then you end up going to the range to shoot at least once or twice a week for the next 3 to 6 months. Every trip is exciting as you become more and more proficient with the gun and discover your passions for different firearms. At some point however you average day in the range goes from 4 or 5 boxes of ammo to a mere social event and 1 or 2 boxes of ammo becomes the norm. Simply put, going to a typical range and standing in a port and shooting at a bullseye or a zombie target was no longer fun or appealing. If you are at the range, it is typically to function check your gun, chrono your loads or just to make sure the gun works and remains rust free after that unfortunate boating accident. This is why I believe in and encourage community members of all experience levels and interests to go out and try some form of matches, whether it is steel matches or one of the practical shooting sports such as IDPA or USPSA. Not only is it fun, but it is also a great way to take your shooting skills to the next level. But what if you can't do that? I recently came across some targets made by REFactor Tactical. The company is a veteran lead business catering to military and civilians, offering products and solutions for on and off the battlefield. One of their solutions is their line of shooting targets which I have come to call "Targets With a Purpose." There are 4 that I have come to really appreciate. The first target is your standard USPSA/IPSC Practice Target. Generally I am a fan of using the thick cardboard targets for nice clean holes and the ability to paste them. This lets you use use the targets for quite a long time. Unfortunately there are a few downsides. First, a pack of 25 or so has some weight and they take up quite a bit of space to store. Secondly, it is not so easy to use the cardboard targets at many indoor ranges. The challenge is, with a cardboard target, you are attaching the head next to the carrier, so unless you want to risk destroying range equipment, a good portion of the target is unusable. The REFactor Tactical target is printed on paper with wide margins. As such, you can easily use them at an indoor range or outside with wider target stands. When it comes to rifles, my favorite target is the Hitman Target. The target comes complete with a grid overlay which is extremely helpful for sighting in a rifle with a new optic. Once dialed in, the left side of the target has bullseye target grids ranging from 1" to 3" boxes. They are great to use for 1 MOA groups out to 300 yards. The right side of the target features similar triangles and a bullseye target on the bottom. Even though it is meant for rifles, this target is also great for handgun training at close ranges. The other two targets are meant for "gun work," or targets designed to work on the fundamentals of shooting. The IQ Target is a full sized target made up of a combination of shapes, colors, numbers and letters. This allows the shooters or instructors to create a variety of shooting problems to solve. IT could be simple as "on command, draw and fire 2 rounds at the Square 2" or "on command, turn, then draw and fire 2 rounds at all of the green circles, reload and fire 2 rounds at all of the blue triangles." To make the IQ target even more effective, REFactor Tactical offers playing cards/shooting decks which contain various exercises ranging from static shooting to more difficult turn, draw, move and reload ones. At a recent range day, I really enjoyed practicing with these targets and the cards. What is quite eye opening for me was finding out that despite not having difficulties with accuracy, I had real issues shooting triangle shapes, typically shooting just below them. Perhaps to make it even more challenging, I practiced with a completely different handgun than I am used to shooting, a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm versus my go to 1911s and CZ 75 SP01 Shadow Custom. To make it even more interesting, I alternated the magazine between my regular match loads and Speer Gold Dots +P ammo. (Or perhaps I just happened to leave my gun game guns at home and the M&P was the only handgun in the range bag with some ammo.) Finally, the other target that I believe would be of great interest and benefit to gun owners is the Essentials Shooting Target, It is a full sized target of various sized squares and circles, along with a bulls eye. It was designed around a 150 round drill which covers multiple aspects of pistol marksmanship including slow aimed fire, strong and weak hand shooting, target transitions, speed changes, drawing and reloading. You can find the drills in their book, the "Essentials Shooting Guide" or simply create your own drills. Bottom line, these were some of the best targets I have shot in the last 15 years. Factoring in that you are supporting a veteran owned company who produces the targets in the United States at very reasonable prices, there are no reasons why a few of these are not in your range bag for your next trip.
  10. Upcoming Costa Ludus courses at Cobra One Tactical in Great Meadows. 5/4 to 5/6 Carbine Elements Theory 1 5/8 to 5/10 Handgun Elements Theory 1 8/31 to 9/2 Handgun Elements Theory 2 9/4 to 9/6 Vehicle Elements Theory Contact me directly for more info [email protected] NOTE: The May courses are almost filled.
  11. Hello all, My name is Ryan Quirk and I am the owner of Servo Group Tactical. I registered on here some time ago however would like to become an official vendor however am unsure on how to do so. I messaged one individual I was told to contact but it hasn't been read. Just looking for some insight so I can post future courses we are hosting in NJ and PA. thanks in advance, stay safe and hope to see you soon, Ryan CEO Servo Group LLC www.servogrouptactical.net
  12. I am going to run another introduction to IDPA class in September. There are quite a few members here who have taken the class and followed up with going to matches and having a good time getting off the X. If you have been wanting to get into practical shooting matches, but want a step up so you don't walk in blind, please consider this class. Sign up is here: https://idpa-intro.eventbrite.com Thanks for looking, Stu (Mr.)
  13. Hi, Hello from Black Hat Training Corps, BHTC (http://bhtcorps.com). We have opened up our RECCE/DMR course for registration. This is an and/or course. You can bring rifles set up for either task and shoot them both if you wish. 30 second elevator description: -- This is a high round count, long distance rifle course that focuses on practical employment of the AR platform rifle with magnified optics either 10+(DMR), or the 1-4 or 1-6 range (RECCE) out to the furthest possible distance. Both you and your platform will be pushed to their limits. We recommend 200-250 rounds for each class of rifle you bring. Bring more == shoot more. -- If you don't know about us, feel free to ask openly here, on snipershide.com, pafoa.org or the njgunforums. Full Info and registration: http://www.bhtcorps.com/?page_id=518 CONCEPTS OF INSTRUCTION: DMR/SDM Definition, Role, and capabilities Evolution and Demand of the DMR and RECCE platforms, and how it differs from other roles A look at different and useful ways to configure both platforms Ballistics, Trajectory Review on range estimation Practical Alternative zeroing techniques SBU prone engagements Significant amount of Reticle work Multiple target engagement techniques Distances for course shots are 100 to 800Y, with available targets to 1040Y if you want to go after them Working with non-traditional support Shooting from hasty positions Some work on traditional unsupported positions Full darkness night fire (green laser designator illuminated targets, no NV or suppressor required) Scenario based final exam with pass or fail elements
  14. I have reserved the dojo at RTSP for April 24, 1pm-4pm. $120 + $10 for a training knife Tactical Knife Proficiencies: D.R.O. 2 This seminar will expand on the physical skills taught in the D.R.O. 1 course of using a knife for self defense. We will be covering additional situations and drills to advance the participants' attributes in the following skills: Deployment - Accessing and utilizing your blade (focusing on the use of a folder) Retention - Retaining/holding onto your blade Obstructions - Getting your blade to your target while something is attempting to stop it Without addressing these three aspects, you can't use your knife to protect your life or others around you. This seminar will be taught by Chris LaCava, M.S., L.Ac. Participants need to bring the following: *Eye protection that can be secured to the head *Folding Training blade
  15. GAPP will be offering an AR beginners course on April 17, 2016 at Fort Dix Range 14. This course is the NRA First steps rifle course (specifically for the AR rifle platform). It is designed to introduce the new AR-15 owner to their rifle properly and safely. The classroom portion covers the history of the platform, disassembly, reassembly, cleaning, and aftermarket accessories... as well as the laws regarding rifles of this type. Several models are available to look at and will be used for demonstration in the classroom... and one can be provided for use on the range if you don't own an AR yet and just want to learn how to shoot one. After lunch, we head out to the range and zero your rifle... and see if you can hit a steel plate at 200 yards. The course length is approximately 6 hours and the cost is $180. If you're a new AR owner or if you've had one sitting in your safe for a while, come out and learn more about it. For registration info, go to http://gappnj.com/rifle/ar_beginners. The class size is limited so register soon.
  16. If you’re in the Philadelphia viewing area, Action News (channel 6) is previewing an “Arming Yourself Against the Active Shooter” segment for tonight’s (2/26) 11 o’clock news. Previews show folks buying guns and getting training – I have no idea how the news station will treat to topic – just a head’s up if you want to watch it.
  17. I am going to run another Introduction to IDPA class like the ones I did last year. The date will be August 15th and we'll be using the special events bays at Easton Fish & Game as before. If you're interested in IDPA and want to learn the basic rules and techniques in a friendly, low stress environment, please sign up. Please note, IDPA is not for novice shooters. There is a lot to think about other than manipulating your firearm so I ask that you have at least 1 year's shooting experience. Here's where to sign up: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/introduction-to-shooting-idpa-tickets-17889121845 Cheers, Stu.
  18. GAPP will be running a Defensive Carbine course this Sunday... yes Superbowl Sunday... at Shooters Sporting Center in Little Egg Harbor. The course is designed to teach each student the basics of defensive marksmanship with a carbine... any platform (AR, AK, SKS, Saiga, Mini 14/30) is acceptable. Topics covered are gear selection and placement, proper hold and stance, reloads, battle sight index, shooting from cover, and more. If you're interested in more information and registration, go to www.gappnj.com/rifle/defensive_carbine_1
  19. Anybody have any feedback on the more advanced training classes at RTSP please PM me. Any constructive feedback would be great. Thanks Dman2112
  20. RTSP is excited to announce our partnership with Spartan Group! Unparalleled training at New Jersey's premier facility! Are you ready to take your training to the next level? For more information visit our website: http://rtsponline.com/spartangroup/
  21. I have set up an NRA First Steps Pistol Class at Shooters in Little Egg Harbor, NJ on Feb., 8, 2014 from 2pm - 5:30pm. The instructor is Kharis Sepulvida who is a NRA certified instructor. Kharis has hosted a number of training courses that forum members here have attended, he is very personable, safety conscious and very easy to learn from. Class size is limited to 6 people for this class. Here is the course description from his website: Course Description The NRA FIRST Steps (Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training) Pistol program is designed to provide a hands-on introduction to the safe handling and proper orientation of one specific firearm model. This course provides an introduction to firearms safety, handling, and shooting skills. It is an ideal program for new pistol owners. This course satisfies the requirements to obtain a concealed carrying permit in various states. (Please check your local laws and regulations for information pertaining to the application process.) Textbook and course material are provided. It is recommended that the student bring their own handgun with at least 50 rounds of factory loaded ammunition. If, for an extra fee, a handgun and ammunition needs to be provided, please provide advanced notification. Cost: $160 ($50 deposit required to register for the class) If you are interested please post here and I will inbox you with registration info.
  22. Anyone taking the Tactical Response Fighting Pistol or Fighting Rifle classes this August in Palmyra? I just signed up for the Fighting Pistol class... still trying to decide if I can get the necessary shit together for Fighting Rifle. Also, anyone from NJ ever take their Fighting Rifle course? Can I survive with only 15 and 10 round mags?
  23. Back in late April I attended the GunForHire Urban Pistol 3 class at the GFH Area 51 location. You can see my previous review where I used my Walther PPS 9mm here: http://njgunforums.c...post__p__472642 Today I headed down to the Winslow location to retake the Urban Pistol 3 class. As I have recently started competing in IDPA I decided to use my Sig P226 9mm (USPSA sub-model) rather than the Walther PPQ or PPS. We had a mix of students, about 13 in all as we had some cancellations due to the forthcoming storm. As per last time there was a mix of firearms including 2 Berettas, my Sig P226, an M&P, a CZ and a few Glocks with calibers of 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP. I had a few failures to feed and double feeds with the Aguila 124gr 9mm (495 rounds shot in total) which was disappointing however this gives real practice at clearing malfunctions on the move. I then switched to my standard Speer Lawman 124gr 9mm and had no further issues (although this was only 186 rounds) There were enough differences from the prior Urban Pistol 3 to ensure that the class remained interesting and new even for the repeat students. Previously we started with dot drills, this time we instead used different targets to the usual GFH targets and had timed drills of shooting 10 shots in 10 seconds at 10 yards; followed by 10 shots in 10 seconds at 7 yards, and finally 10 shots in 5 seconds at 5 yards - all from drawing from the holster. This drill quickly highlighted any issues with trigger control, trigger reset and sight picture which we then focused on before return back to the 10/10/10 drills where the students typically saw noticeable improvements. Following the above 'warm up' we moved through a variety of standard Urban Pistol (UP) drills, although pushed to the next level, e.g. for the barricades you had to switch between strong and weak handed shooting, there was shooting on the move, the famous UP3 'Catch Up' drill which was run a few times; and then more of an obstacle course which included crawling through a giant 'barrel' and shooting followed by some scenarios in and around a vehicle. We finished the day by setting up and clearing a shoot house which demonstrated the need for pieing, working angles, identifying the targets, being aware of your surroundings etc. A number of these exercises were undertaken paired with another student which changes the approach significantly. Compared to the previous UP3 the key differences were: Winslow rather than Area 51 - Winslow is a better location however an extra 80-90 minutes drive for me The warm up Dot Drills were different as this time we had 10 shots at a variety of distances/times - I preferred this as isn't something you can typically practise at a normal indoor range. More use of Steel for shooting - I like Steel so this is another positive The 'obstacle course' - not really sure what to call this however last time we never had to crawl through large 'barrels' and shoot. The shoot house - this was fun! This time around we didn't try shooting at 60 yards and didn't do the figure 8 drills. While Urban Pistol 3 continues to drill in on the fundamentals, you are moving and shooting in much closer proximity to other students which changes the dynamics. Compared to my last run through of UP3 back in late April I noticed a clear improvement in my accuracy and overall shooting, particularly in the Catch Up drill where Joe (Instructor) tried twice to follow and catch me and FAILED!!!!!!!!!!! One big positive about the GunForHire classes is you can retake any class as an Alumni which gives a 50% discount, so for $125 I received a full day of training. In total I shot 681 rounds and had a great day. I should also add it was good to see IrishPete and IrishPete'sWife again, in addition to meeting some others from NJGunForums and other fellow shooting enthusiasts from NJ/NY. Well worth attending! TheWombat
  24. In August I took a 1:1 training session with Chuck @ GunForHire and posted my review, which was overwhelmingly a positive experience, here I decided to go for a follow up 1:1 session yesterday evening to help focus on some of the development areas from my first 3 IDPA competitions and also to undertake some training that can't be done at the standard range. Once again, for continuity, Chuck was my instructor. I had emailed some specific areas I wanted to focus on and Chuck created a session around those. During the 3 hours: 1) Chuck reviewed 5 videos from my IDPA competitions and was able to ascertain some of the fundamentals that needed to be worked upon. 2) We then moved to the F.A.T.S simulation and they ran me through around 10 or so scenarios. They supplied me with a Sig P229 F.A.T.S firearm as I am currently using my Sig rather than the Walther. If you've never tried F.A.T.S then I can say it is very humbling in showing exactly where you are aiming and quickly highlights any trigger and sight picture issues. After each scenario Chuck would play back the scenario with my muzzle/shots overlaid and then explain what went well and where I needed to focus more on my fundamentals. As I focused on the fundamentals the results improved. 3) We then moved to the range, having the full 25yds x 25yds open space to ourselves. Chuck set up some cones, barricades and targets and then told me to start sprinting from side to side across the width of the range.. WTF!!!! I didn't realize I'd get a fitness workout included :-) Joe was nice enough to come and sprint alongside me and show me that I'm getting old! After 3-4 widths of sprinting, Chuck would call out a position and instructions, e.g. left cone, 2 and 4, kneeling; move to right barricade, pelvis shot; etc The above sprint->firing scenario was repeated 15 or so times; before we moved on to something different. Once again throughout the ~2 hours on the range Chuck focused on my fundamentals - trigger control, sight picture, upper body position. The purpose of this was to force me to focus through the adrenaline, oxygen starvation and ensure I still hit my targets. As a technique it worked well and by the end of the session I was mentally drained from the level of focus I was needing to apply. Excluding the F.A.T.S I shot 550 rounds live fire. The session was set up so I reached the point of diminishing returns at the session end. I've kept the summary above very high level - suffice to say there were other tricks that Chuck (and Joe when he was being "helpful") incorporated to ensure I had to think through malfunctions and other items. This is by far the best Training Session to date. I got home exhausted - physically and mentally, however I learnt far more than I had expected. The big positive with continuing the sessions with Chuck and Gun For Hire is that both the single and group sessions continue to build on each other since both Chuck and Joe know my level of experience and developmental areas well by now. Thanks to Chuck & Gun For Hire - summay take away is .. focus on the shooting fundamentals! TheWombat
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