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  1. What single shot .22 bolt rifles were most common in the late 80's, early 90's?
  2. Found a picture, but it looks recent. I know the new range deck/roof/building was built in 2010, but it's a start. I was hoping to find out what type was shot there in the late 80's early 90's. Can anyone ID these rifles?
  3. I'm an ex Boy Scout and I was discussing the rifle merit badge with some friends at the range the other day. I recall (around 1990-1992) taking the class at Forestburg Scout Reservation in NY, and it was my earliest memory of firing a firearm and taught me the fundamentals of safe shooting. I clearly remember shooting a single shot bolt action rifle chambered in .22 short I believe. I'm trying to figure out what make or model rifles these were? Are there any former boy scouts or scout leaders out there that can remember what kind of rifles these were? Anyone have any pictures of the rifle range with possibly a rifle in it? I'd love to purchase one for nostalgia sake!
  4. Just an update on the permits I dropped off to be renewed. I dropped them off on Thursday the 15th, was told it would be a few days and they'll call. They called Tuesday and said they're ready, but I didn't play the message until Friday morning (they usually send a letter, not call). I picked them up later on Friday and saw they were renewed on the 15th (the same day I dropped them off) but I didn't get a call until Tuesday the 20th. This is typical as when I originally pick them up, they are dated for a few days before then. I guess they do the permits and 'issue them' on a certain date, and on the same day mail out a letter to tell me they're ready, and by the time I get there to pick them up, roughly a week has been wasted on them. I guess I shouldn't complain too much, as they're usually pretty good on issuing them (about 4-5 weeks usually). So, they were essentially renewed 112 days after the original issue date. I absolutely know it can only be used 180 days from the original issue date, and in fact I don't have anything in particular in mind to purchase, but it's nice to have a clean permit ready if i come across anything.
  5. I dropped them off on Friday, she said it takes a couple days to renew and "we'll call you when they're ready". I've renewed permits quite a few times before, so I'm hoping I get a call (unlikely, as they usually send a letter telling me they're ready, and I go pick them up with no issues. One time I bought a pistol with one permit, and knew I couldn't buy another for 30 days and noticed my next permit would expire before then. I tried to drop it off to get renewed and was told that it wasn't close enough to the expiration date, and to come back with it in a week or two. What's the difference if they renew a week or two later? It's still 180 consecutive days from the original issue date. I'll update this post when I get word, either way.
  6. I'm wondering if I can renew a permit after the initial 90 days has expired? I received a couple permits on June 29th, so they expired on September 26th (if I counted correctly). They've been expired for almost 3 weeks now, and I just realized this. Is it possible to still have them extended for another 90 days? Obviously they would have to go by the original issue date and only extend them until the 180 consecutive days from the June 29th date. Is this possible now that they've lapsed from the first 90 days?
  7. What should I be looking for internally on these? What guy in Manchester, and can he do?
  8. I came across a police trade in Sig 228 today, and loved the feel of it in my hand. It had plenty of holster wear, and has obviously had plenty of rounds down the pipe, but looked pretty decent down the tube. Exterior was about 70% with the holster wear. Came with three 13 round (I think) 'Law Enforcement/ Government Use Only' marked mags and original Sig plastic case. I didn't get a chance to look at the date code on it, but it was certainly made in Germany, so does that make it pre-94? I'm wondering how hard it is to come across these, as I can't find any originals for sale anywhere. I've seen the M11 for sale, but not original made in Germany police trade ins. I like having the police connection, as I'm a collector of US marked military weapons, but am unsure if the wear on it is enough to turn me away. What would something like this be worth on the market?
  9. My friend (a North Carolina resident) is coming up this month and we would like to swap rifles. He was going to drive his into NJ, and we were planning on doing the transfer at my FFL to cover the incoming rifle being tranferred via FFL into my possession. How should we handle the other side? Can I just fill out a COE for both of us and let him drive the outgoing rifle back into NC? Or does it need to go (shipped) to a NC FFL?
  10. I'm wondering what the process entails to swap/trade a rifle with my friend who lives in North Carolina? Basically, we want to swap 2 NJ legal rifles. I'm certain the incoming rifle must go through my FFL for me to accept, but does he need to ship it directly from an FFL in North Carolina or can he just send it through UPS or FedEx himself? On my end, do I need to ship the outbound rifle from my FFL, or can I ship it directly to him? He has had rifles shipped directly to his doorstep from other out of state gun shops previously. Or, can he drive it in next month, and we do the transfer at my NJ FFL when we are both present, then drive his back home with him?
  11. Wow, that's early, are all if the vendors set up by then?
  12. I see there is a show at the Philly National Guard Armory this weekend, says it's 400 tables. Anyone ever make it to this one? Worth making the trip? I've been to the really big show at the Philly Expo Center in Pheonixville a couple years ago (massive), and went to the Warminster, Pa show last year. They said the Warminster show that's in the Sports complex was like 700 tables and I was shocked how small it really was compared to the Expo center show. Is this National Guard show super small? Worth the trip?
  13. Still 8-12 Sunday, right Dave? Might swing by, also toying with the idea of hitting the Philly show this weekend.
  14. Anyone have any contact info for either Pat or Leroy....phone or email? PM me possibly?
  15. Looking for a true 1863 Springfield that has seen Civil War duty. I'm wondering what to look for as far as condition and problem areas? I'm sure there are reproductions out there that have been made to look like originals, so what should I be looking for to spot a fake? Where are the best places to find one? Any trusted websites specialize in these? I'll be on the lookout at shows and private sales from word of mouth, but was looking for some tips from others.
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