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  1. FTF is no issue. just verify all docs and dates.seller has to mail PP to state and local PD.
  2. 03 was designed for a collector, firearms older than 50 Years only. So to buy a 100 year old 1911, I have to apply for PPs and wait 3 months, then I can only buy every 30 days. I am disabled and cannot work an 01 license or I would.
  3. Phil faded into the sunset!
  4. I think they start around 750 and go to 1000.
  5. Great Vid.! Thanks OP.
  6. I am not disputing a license or background check. The PP itself should be fought! My god, I have been thru 500 background checks, at least! Then the 1 every 30! Really, enough is enough! If I passed background checks for the last 25 years.and have a FFL, even though it is a C&R, Why the fuck do I have to get a PP for every handgun?
  7. The process of having to get a PP should be the basis for a lawsuit!
  8. Last I heard there were 187 C&Rs in this shithole, I am one of them. Last time the ATF stopped by, he asked whether I really wanted to renew? I am giving it one more go round!
  9. Most likely silverline, used to be in kenilworth then new brunswick. Then Anderson bought them in 2008 or so. Look on the silverspacer between the glass, might have a name and sometimes a partial date. Like, ine 06.
  10. That is a different animal! Pivot shoes are another problem! Do you know who made the window?
  11. No it really shouldn't. Did you try to adjust the old ones?
  12. No can't cut, When you mount it, just lower the screw hole. 1/4" or so, no issue. This is a spiral balance, Right? Philips head screw up top? Do you have the adjusting tool? Hook looking thing, Used to have a couple dozen. been retired since 06.
  13. Go with the 28.
  14. Shit, don't even mention the A word! Gives me chills!
  15. Hell, get a dog and the 2 handguns!