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  1. This one is interesting. GB listing. Wilson Combat Professional 9mm/.38 Super 2 Barrels, 7 Magazines, 3 Grips, Never Been Fired mishoot A+(79) Add Favorite Seller Seller's Other Items Factory New Condition FFL is required Ask Seller a Question Watch Current Bid $0.00 Minimum Bid $3,299.00
  2. New, PM me some prices on 38 super. I have had 4 wilsons, 2 Baers, Never had a Brown.
  3. Looking for another 38 super, Toss up between Wilson & Ed Brown. Opinions?
  4. Still waiting for my permits!
  5. Just another BS ploy to cut ownership & deny your 2nd right! If they ad more steps to get the permit people will stop buying guns!. We better fight corslime 2 tooth and nail!
  6. VERY NICE!!!!!!!!!!
  7. RIP, Sorry for your loss.
  8. need 100K https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/national-reciprocity-nations-17-million-concealed-handgun-permit-holders
  9. Last 6 or 7 dogs were rescues! Lost our last boxer & SPCA had bulldog. http://imgur.com/a/EQzrJ
  10. I always thought Aug. for blowfish! Water has to warmup.
  11. Colt 38 super. Last one to go! http://imgur.com/a/8KYsE
  12. Rescue Amer. Bulldog! Had him for 8 months. Rescues are the best!http://imgur.com/a/EQzrJ I would take a Pit without question!
  13. I got it used. It is from 2000.
  14. Commander 38 super bi tone night sights. LW frame! Will pic when received, permit wait. sitting at FFL!