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  1. Breda's and Beretta"s are both very well made!
  2. The Winchester tools were garbage by the time Italy got them. They manufactured new tools and made some of the finest M1s! Breda & BMB both made them.
  3. Had a chance about 10 years ago to buy an orig. Looking again.
  4. 65 barrel gauges new! With CMP service grade papers.
  5. Some Great advice here! check CMP for sale forum, Some nice ones for sale. I just received a Letterkenny with a new 66 SA barrel for 1K. Will post pics.
  6. Barrel gauges a little high, Lead heel, Nice looking, Should run about 1K. With CMP papers? LMR barrel is a plus, Looks like a HRA stock.
  7. I thought I was in good rothman hands!
  8. It is in 2 different litigations now. Otherwise I would shout out the DRs. name!
  9. 62 years old, Hurt on the job @54. Needed back surgery, fusion with rods and screws, Failed! Then had bloodclots both lungs, 2 heart attacks. Had to put in a spinal cord implant. Worked about 50% but would not charge. DR. had inserted it wrong! Had to go thru the back surgery again! Finally working now. Get about 50% pain relief. They were giving me opoids by the 100s. Still have lots of pain. Stay away from back surgery! Needless to say I cannot work anymore!
  10. Recently sold a rifle on armslist, Received FFL, check EZ check and lo and behold numbers check to different town and address! Called the guy and told him I was contacting the ATF!
  11. Very Nice! Always liked the C-stocks!
  12. Need Pics!
  13. Both correct with matching stocks.
  14. Below ground oil tanks could be an issue.