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  1. They were the best. Most are gone now.
  2. Sweet!!
  3. Really hope it works out, my last 6 dogs have been rescues. No matter how short we have them we get attached. My last was an American Bulldog, someone dropped him at the pound at 7, we had him for 1 1/2 years, Loved that guy! Still tear up because we had to put him down in Feb. Best friend. I feel your pain!
  4. Mike at Ocean Armory is around that price. I have seen some charge 50+. 35 including NICS is a good price.
  5. You picked a nice one!
  6. Now, yes, if you have correct docs. After Oct. 1 must go thru FFL and adds 35-50 or more to the price.
  7. I think this jerkoffs time in the senate is coming to a close! We can hope the ILLEGALS don't turn out to vote!
  8. Think these are illegal? https://imgur.com/a/1P6Ia
  9. ATF website. 03 is a collector FFL. I have had one for 10+ years.30.00 for 3 year license
  10. Buy it. Now you can save the nics.
  11. Signed with pleasure!
  12. Better yet, beat Bucky Beaver at his own game. Everyone apply for a C&R and WaLa! No nics. on C&Rs.
  13. Then they have a record of where the guns are!
  14. I thought Oct. 1 ?
  15. Just has a phone # on door.