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  1. Can't help you there!!! Go for a 38 super!
  2. Welcome, Moved out of Union in 1979.
  3. Treerats, Bambi, even those groundhogs in a pinch!
  4. was a stagehand for 34 years. retired in 08. I have met, Muhamed ali, Dustin hoffman, mickey rooney, ann miller, ginger rodgers, Rod Stewart, & loads more.
  5. Blksheep has an 01 also.
  6. Just C&R.for 01, first step is zoning permit from town.
  7. Shipping to a gunsmith does not have to go thru FFL. Same with coming back. Must use UPS or fedex.
  8. No, The idea is one cannot protect oneself! I worked in newark and leaving work at 3AM was easy pickens. I was held up in MSG, had a 45 between the eyes, all I could do is raise my hands! Don't spout your shit about shooting someone!
  9. There are so many pitbulls being put down! Just makes me sick, 55K for a prestige dog! Rescue pitts will love and protect you! Get a rescue!
  10. Unless you are in a very rural area, which Bayville is not. You are asking for a world of shit! I lived in Bayville and worked in the only gun shop in Bayville. I carried to and fro. No issues. But around house while doing chores? Again VERY rural, maybe,housing development, NO.
  11. Chaney won pistolsmith of the year a couple years ago. https://imgur.com/a/6V2z6IH
  12. SPF to Rick! I have one unfired. 45 5" will post pics monday.
  13. Just proves there is an issue!
  14. If any mention of firearm they will lock your account!