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  1. Must sell out of state
  2. Cold Turkey! Smoked 2 packs Marlboro red for 25 years, I used coffee stirrers about 16 years ago. Still had cravings for about 2 years.
  3. Sorry, Nothing beats a Garand from WW2, except BAR.
  4. That will buy a shitload of collectibles!
  5. I think Italy is on the right track! Wish we did that here!!!
  6. up now
  7. For 2 days now. I guess the 1911s overloaded the system!
  8. I agree, most likely a keyboard warrior, or an aide to one of our liberal politicians! Looking for more items to ban! Stop feeding the troll
  9. Some garands can be worth north of 3K.
  10. Don't see MSM talk about this do you?
  11. The more ILLEGALS=more democratic votes! You would have to be an idiot to not see this! I worked security at social services for awhile and what I saw would make you sick!
  12. 12 ga shockwave never fired with box.
  13. I have one NIB, location?