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  1. Try a 38 Super! 9mm on steroids!https://imgur.com/a/q0gRA Another, https://imgur.com/a/D1pSw
  2. I collect US M1 bayonets, The following are all Wilde Tool Bayonets. The 16" ones run 1000.00 up to 1500.00. The cutdowns to 10" run 5-600. https://imgur.com/a/Y0qvf Forgot, Just the correct grip pair can run 500.
  3. Azek is top $, Frame out with Treated. Use sono-tubes for footings. Print out deck layout to code. Add your name to it, Perfectly legal. price out 2x10 joists. Trex decking & Vinyl rail is where the cost is. 25-30K is out of the correct range. 18K-20K max.
  4. I see a cavity on canine #4!
  5. Lucky!
  6. My kind of dog!!! Anyone that has been to my house knows. I tell them keep your hands in your pockets and don't make eye contact with the dog!
  7. Now that is awesome!
  8. Sometimes depression wins out.
  9. Kroil soak is recommended
  10. Nice one!
  11. Get ready for a screwing! Or get your FFL NOW! Get a C&R, gives you a leg to stand on!. There are 180 C&Rs in NJ. If everyone applied for one?
  12. FFLs are required to have a separate book just for ARs. NJSP rquire it, I wonder why?
  13. And ginsberg takes a dirt nap too!
  14. Educated Consumer! Shop around!
  15. Was with allstate for 46 years! Switched & saved 50%! Same with H/Os!