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  1. There is no definitive process. I was told by the Gloucester County clerk that all you need to do to amend a permit is to file a motion with the court. This can be done without a lawyer. They will schedule a hearing for you to talk to the judge. The downside is the hearing may be scheduled months in advance.
  2. I would think that loading/unloading a firearm in a publicly visible area is probable cause for a search at minimum, not to mention could get you a nervous cop with a pistol aimed at you.
  3. Rumor warning... I was talking to a retired police officer who is now working at a range in Gloucester county. He said Gloucester and Camden counties have begun collaborating on defining minimum standards for the qualification. He said there are some places running qualifications with as little as 20 rounds and without any distance shooting, and they want to stop that.
  4. Ask your local police clerk. The NJSP directions state 2"x2" but the application says 1.5"x1.5". When I asked, she told me to get the standard 2" passport photos and they will cut them.
  5. Nappen is paid by ANJRPC to answer questions of members. It says this in every newsletter edition. Anything more than questions is not included.
  6. I emailed the Sheriff of Gloucester County regarding restrictions on which firearms you can carry. I mentioned that permits are being issued with restrictions based on qualified firearms. Here is his response: You are correct according to NJS 2C:58-4(a) "One permit shall be sufficient for all handguns owned by the holder thereof but the permit shall apply only to a handgun carried by the actual and legal holder of the permit." So until they change the law or amend it, this is the way it is. There was no direction given to any agency on how this was to take place. This leaves it up to agency discretion on what they will accept. Please refer to the following link https://nj.gov/njsp/firearms/pdf/NJSP_WEBSITE_REVISION_FOR_PTC_v2.pdf Thank you Sheriff Jonathan M. Sammons Based on his response, it is up to the individual agency's discretion as to whether they will allow firearms that are not listed on the permit. This is wild.
  7. Some people are getting permits that are marked No Restrictions AND have Qualified Firearms listed. This is confusing.
  8. Yes. Your police department will need to give that to you. My township gave it to me before I submitted my other paperwork, and would not take the paperwork until the prints were done. Other townships want the paperwork first. Talk to your police clerk to find out how they want it.
  9. Yes, it was Tracy. She was very nice, and helpful. I don't know why she said they're only doing them once per month if there are more than that this month. Good luck with the hearing! Please let us know what that entails.
  10. I just talked to the court clerk in Gloucester county. She said they are doing hearings once per month for permits, and it's a lot of work on top of a busy schedule. They are very backed up. She said they are requiring Zoom hearings, and will contact applicants via email with info about your hearing. She said they are giving permits that are restricted to the specific guns you qualified with. If you want to add guns after you have the permit, you need to file a motion with the court (which you can do without a lawyer), and get scheduled for a new hearing. You don't need to go through the entire process again, but it will be time consuming.
  11. Did they give any restrictions? Does it list the guns you qualified with?
  12. What does that “amendment” process entail? Do you have to repeat the entire process, or just submit a new qual letter to the court with a nicely worded letter?
  13. I'm expecting the NJ legislature to pass some type of law like NY, which makes most places prohibited. I think that' would be a bad move economically for a business not to explicitly allow guns. If even 5% of a business's customers decide not to patronize an unfriendly business, it will hurt them.
  14. It was a mistake. I shouldn't have done that. I was getting some other papers notarized, and it was free, so I just added it to the pile.
  15. I have her name, but my point was that she was joking. Aside from a dark sense of humor, she was very helpful. Another thing… I had my consent for mental health records search notarized, but she said it should be signed in front of her. She accepted it anyway. She also said she is a notary, and would have done all the notarizations for me if I needed. I wish she had put that in the info sheet she gave me initially.
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