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  1. dajonga

    Ruger Mini-14

    FYI....Shooters in LEHT has a new Mini 14 on the shelf.
  2. Weird that I cannot get PMs. Maybe my annual membership did not post?..... I still have your contact info and I will text you tomorrow at a reasonable hour.
  3. I have the Ruger American Ranch in both 763x39 and 556 (AR mag) and I love them. They shoot so well. Shooters in LEH had the 556 yesterday for $500.
  4. The Troy A4 OTHER, in either 10.5" and 12.5", are completely legal in NJ. They come in 9mm, 5.56mm, .300 AAC BO and .308.
  5. FYI...Nics had a backlog of almost 4600 checks as of 0800 yesterday. They were still working on submissions from 12/31.
  6. https://www.njportal.com/njsp/nicsverification They will sometimes post the number of submissions in the que and tell us the day they are working on. For the past few days, they have been saying.... "In an effort to protect the health and safety of all personnel, the NICS Unit will experience reduced in-office staffing levels from Tuesday, December 12, 2020 through Tuesday, January 5, 2020. NICS checks will continue to be completed during this time. However, please anticipate delays as we work through these challenging times. Your patience is appreciated."
  7. Yesterday, 1/4, NICS was working on submissions from 12/27.
  8. Shooters in LEHT has some.
  9. Where are you located? Shooters in LEHT had a few wood 12ga 18.5"/28" combos yesterday. They should sell fast, so call/go early tomorrow if you want it.
  10. Call Shooters Sporting Center in Little Egg Harbor. They have the Colt M4 in stock.
  11. You will get several emails throughout the process, but the one you are looking for says this, more or less... " You have a pistol permit that is ready to be executed" "Executed" is the key word you are looking for in an email.
  12. This... All shooters that come into my range get more of my attention until I can see that they can safely handle their equipment and follow the rules.
  13. Shooters Sporting Center in Little Egg Harbor has 16 lanes, 150 yards, steel targets at 150 yards, each port separated by walls. $20 walk on. No handguns, only rifles and shotgun slugs.
  14. This. If NJ if forced to become a shall issue state (after years legal battles), I believe NJ will make the CCW process so onerous and expensive that, once again, only a select group of citizens will have access to it, leaving most of us with nothing. I want the right to CCW, but cannot afford it if that "right" costs me thousands a year between licensing and training and insurance...You just know there will be a huge insurance requirement.
  15. Ya...I am hoping for some information shortly.
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