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  1. Perhaps... but I also know that gun sales in NJ are 3x what they were before the "great panic". At our shop, before the panic, on a busy Saturday our total NICS checks submitted were in the 30s. Now, that is what we run on a slow Wednesday. On a busy Sat or Sun, we run 60-70 NICS checks. Our highest NICS submitted in 1 day was 168 during the peak of the panic. Methinks the NICS unit has not added enough staff to deal with this new reality. Perhaps they are hesitant to invest in more people, fearing a slow down in gun sales. I do know several NICS managers have retired or moved on in the past couple years. I can only assume they have also lost staff.... a NICS worker bee probably does not make a lot of money. Until the NICS unit adds enough staff (or pays enough OT) to meet the demand, I think taking your gun home the same day is never coming back.
  2. 3 years. I work at a gun shop. Ever since the "great panic" started in early 2020, there have only been a few days since that approached same day approvals...like 6-8 hour approvals happened 2 or 3 times. NICS gets caught up, and then they have a holiday or a weather closing and they get behind again. With Easter coming up soon... who knows.
  3. Sam Ash in Cherry Hill has a no guns sign posted.
  4. I saw the headline and I thought.... $600K of Springfield Hellcats!!!!!
  5. I "laminated" my original FID from 2009 with shipping tape and it still looks brand new. I did the same with my PTC. I trimmed it down as tight as possible and wrapped it in shipping tape. Fits in my wallet perfectly.
  6. Smith & Wesson is well aware of the problem and they do not care. They keep selling the same magazines, with no attempt to fix the problem. Just another reason why I will never purchase, nor will I recommend, a current production S&W firearm.
  7. That would be fantastic
  8. Yes, FFLs in NJ have had to record handgun ammo purchases on paper for many years. A PITA. That collection of paper was to be kept in case NJSP ever needed to inspect it. To my knowledge, they never did at our shop. The new FARS system went live this week without any notice. This electronic collection scheme will not only add $1.50 to each transaction, but it will add 2-3 minutes to each transaction. That may not sound like much time, but at a busy shop, this will be a huge nuisance. I believe this electronic scheme only applies to ammo leaving the building. If you are shooting it on location, it does not need to be recorded. For those that shoot first and then buy ammo after the session to resupply stash, I now highly recommend buying ammo going into the range.
  9. Yes, Henry has the Homesteader coming out... with a MSRP of nearly $1000.
  10. I would agree 100% that .40 is a caliber worth considering, especially now that people are dumping their 40s because they have read online that 40 is a dying fad. Think back to 2-3 years ago during the "great panic". The shop I work at had short supplies of 9 and 45acp, with purchase limits on each. .380/.38/.357/.44 was nowhere to be found. Prices were climbing quickly due to the shortage. The .40 S&W ammo shelf? Stacked deep and priced low...$19.99.. I wish I had bought more at that price. At that time, I picked up a used Glock 35 cheap and have not regretted it once. I do not shoot it often, but I have it and a couple thousand rounds. During the next shortage (don't think there won't be another shortage), I can shoot all I want of .40 and not think twice. The S&W 10mm revolvers can also shoot .40 S&W. The S&W Governor shoots 3 calibers... .410, 45 colt & 45 ACP. If you are thinking about a big bore revolver, I would recommend something in .460 S&W. Those shoot 460, 454 Casull and 45 colt. Not a cheap gun to own or shoot, but I do like a 3fer.
  11. You may be trying to sell that, but I am not buying it.
  12. I normally do not react like this but.... WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Jesus H. F****ing Christ...... If little ones are around, why are your guns within their orbit?!?!?!?
  13. Ocean County update. 8/12 Applied at Berkeley township police dept. 9/12 application sent to Ocean County 2/14 got the call and picked up permit (dated 2/6). My applicant number is 537. 3 guns listed, but no restrictions. 6 months
  14. I am bringing home a lovely 4" S&W 28-2 Highway Patrolman this week. It is wearing Herrett's aftermarket grips. I want to put a set of correct S&W magna service grips on it. I know ebay, Altamont, GB etc. can provide, but I'll try here first. If you have a decent set gathering dust in the basement and want to turn them into cash, the Herrett's or some ammo, lemme know. Thanks.
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