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  1. My 16-year-old son wants a bow for his bday/xmas present. I know nothing about them and could use some NJGF'er wisdom. He is a lefty, already 6' tall, probably on his way to a skinny 6'2" or more. Shooters in LEH says he has a 31" draw. He has been using a hand me down bow from his 5'9" uncle, but that needs $200 to bring it up to snuff and it would still be too small. Not worth it. Any good archery shop recommendations for getting him set up? He just wants to shoot recreationally, with a compound bow, and no hunting at this point. We are going to A&M in Lakewood tonight to look around. We are hoping to get into a beginners bow for $400 or so. Educate me.
  2. I sent my P320c out on the 2nd. They got it on the 6th. I just got notification that the gun is on its way back, eta Wednesday the 15th. So, a 2 week turn around including shipping on both ends. Not too bad at all.
  3. As a photojournalist, I have had the honor of flying on a few WW2 bombers over the years. In 2009, as a Star-Ledger staffer, I photographed Charles Steffens. He served as a B-17 tail gunner during WWII. His family sent him for a flight on a restored B-17 as a birthday present.
  4. I used to go to Stafford Forge WMA at least once a week and I never saw any type of officer. I assume it would be Fish and Game.
  5. WMAs are unmanned and can be a free for all. You are in charge of your own safety and the safety of those around you. If I go and there is a yahoo there, I leave.
  6. If you are willing to go on a little drive, Tanner's in Jamison, PA has both wood and synthetic new for $179. They used to have Kryptec takedowns for 239. If you can wait a month or so, black friday sales usually include a basic 10/22.
  7. GSP exit 58 puts it about an hour away from you. Worth the trip, IMHO. The staff there is excellent. I do not know who is the trap gun person, but the selection is impressive. http://www.shootersnj.com
  8. Where are you located? Shooters down in southern Ocean County has about the largest inventory of guns that I have seen in NJ.
  9. I like buying my airguns at Walmart in Pa. They ring them up just like toilet paper.
  10. I really appreciate the offer for LE info. My son is only a sophomore, so he has time on his side. This is the 1st year VoTech has allowed sophomores into the Law enforcement program. I have always wondered what guys on the job thought of civilians tooling around in Interceptors.
  11. Thanks for the heads up. He knows that a degree is needed. This Votech program is very cool. He will graduate with 21 OCC college credits in the bag that he can take to any state school. Thanks all. If he wants a Crown Vic, we will look for a civilian model.
  12. My son is going to be driving in a few months. He is enrolled in the Ocean County Vo-Tech Academy of Law and Public Safety, which is a career track high school for kids wanting to enter into law enforcement. He is thinking NJSP or Homeland. I am looking for a first car for him, and saw some low mileage surplus Crown Vics on CL. He would get a kick out of rolling around in that. Any opinions, especially from those who may have used one of these on the job? Are they reliable/safe enough for a first car?
  13. Excellent!!!!!!!
  14. So, is he allowed to operate the FFL out of the Rt. 9 shop?