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  1. What does it say on the receiver? If it says Ruger 10-22, then it is a Ruger 10-22 and you are good to go. I have seen Ruger 10-22 M1 carbine type guns for sale in local shops.
  2. Eye of the beholder. I like quirky cars.
  3. I like to pass on info of good companies that stand behind what they make. I purchased an inexpensive Wheeler gun smithing screwdriver set not too long ago. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/297593/wheeler-engineering-28-piece-space-saver-gunsmithing-screwdriver-set On the first usage, the magnet fell out of the driver. Not a big deal, as I have many magnetic drivers. Last week, a bit was bent whilst removing a stubborn screw in my Marlin 336. An email to Wheeler, with just a few back and forths with a rep and a few pics, got me a complete replacement set within a week. I only requested the replacement bit. That is great customer service.
  4. While on the topic of cars. The CRV is excellent, but ...... My 2010 Scion xB is currently at 215,000 miles without a single repair. Ever. All I do is change the oil, filters and replace tires and brakes. It is a Camry 2.4L drivetrain under a boxy body. I recommend the xB as great car to all who will listen. They stopped making them a few years back. If they still made it, I would buy another. It will go to my soon to be 17-year-old son.
  5. We used the USAA car buying service for my wife's new 2015 CVR. Took all the hassle of negotiations out of the equation. I know Costco has a car buying service. I liked the simplicity of the deal. Near invoice for a popular car with a very clear out the door price. I would imagine car buying services would work with used cars, too. I have bought 2 new Hondas and 1 used Nissan from Honda of Toms River and I have been pleased with the dealer. As for the CRV, tell your nephew it is a great car (not really a secret). We are at about 90,000 mies without any issues at all and the car still drives like new. The CVT took some getting used to.
  6. Let me start with this.... I am in no way a great shot. I bought a used Mossberg MVP Predator rifle with the cheapo 3-9x scope that came with it. My first outing with the rifle at Range 14 had me ringing a 6" steel plate at 200 yards. Round after round after round. It got almost boring after awhile. Range 14 is limited to 200 yards, but I was very pleased with the rifle.
  7. That thing is the size of Georgia!
  8. Agreed 100%. If you have a hard time selling, perhaps consider donating it to a museum? My wife's grandfather worked on blimps in WW2 and the rest of his Navy career was at Lakehurst. When he died it was decided to donate as much of his stuff as the Lakehurst Museum wanted.
  9. No experience with the gun meeself, but I think Garden State Shooting Center had one on the rental rack a while back. If you do decide to rent it, bring your own gun so can rent it by yourself. Without your own gun, even with FPID, you cannot rent a gun by yourself at GSSC.
  10. I reload magazines at my car as well....never had an issue
  11. Its called Shooters and has a huge inventory. Its about 28 feet east of the Parkway.
  12. Closing this thread down. I picked up a 1978 336 at Tanner's today.
  13. $365!?!?!?!??! That is bull shitake. Pistol permits cost $2 each. Finger printing and the mental background check should not cost more than $30 each. Someone is, again, giving out bad info.