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  1. I will put this question to the collective wisdom of the forum... I have an asphalt driveway that needs some love and I have neither the time nor the tools to do the job myself. Located in Bayville. Who does good work?
  2. I took my 2 boys on a road trip to Dayton 2 years ago. It is an excellent museum! The boys got to see the planes their grandfathers flew or worked on in the 1960's. I also highly recommend the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum out at the airport... https://airandspace.si.edu/udvar-hazy-center They have Space Shuttle Discovery, which you can walk around.... impressive to say the least. In my mind, I knew shuttles were big, but... holy cow....to stand under it is amazing.
  3. At the end of the day today our shop was getting back checks we submitted on Monday the 18th.
  4. Trade pending..... I will update this post when it goes thru.
  5. Ammo is gone. 126 rounds of brass cased .308 Win 380 rounds of 7.62x51 Total round count is 506. I want to trade for your brass cased .45 ACP. The ammo web-bots say brass .308 is at around .70 per round and .45 is around .45 per round. I can meetup in Bayville or LEHT.
  6. WTS.... Used Zero Halliburton aluminum case. Latches work. I do not know the combo. Measures 21 x 13 x 7
  7. Marlin XT22YR .22LR bolt action rifle. This is the youth model, made around 2016, comes with single shot adapter and a 7-round magazine. I replaced factory rear leaf sight with Williams fiber optic sights. $250 $225 The buyer is responsible for all transfer/NICS fees. I will meet you at a FFL of your choosing in Ocean County. I will ship to any FFL for $35. The first person to post “I’ll take it” gets it.
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