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  1. The new 5.5" 8-shot Ruger Redhawk is on my short list for my next revolver.
  2. I bought a long gun on Thursday around 4pm. NICS was about 25 minutes. Can't complain about that.
  3. I am on the road alot and try to stop in to gun shops when I am driving by them. Stopped at Sportsman's on Rt. 130 yesterday to find that is now a multi-vendor thrift shop. The gun shop will still be there, but it will be much smaller and deal mostly in used guns. They say they will order new guns on request, but will not keep a large selection of them on hand.
  4. Someone give a shout out here when a) you see one for sale or b) have one in stock.
  5. I think the quick change magwell swap system on the PC is genius in its simplicity. I also think it would be foolish for Ruger to stop with just 2 adapters. I would buy a magwell for each of my 9mm handguns if offered. Heck, I would buy magwells for handguns I don't own if priced reasonably. As long as Glock refuses to make the 9mm carbine that tens of thousands of customers have sworn they would buy, other companies like Kel-Tec and Ruger will fill the void and profit. Ruger is listening to customers more than any other company I can think of and making some really innovative products.
  6. I have had several PCCs over the years. CX4 was my favorite, but I sold it in a time of need and have not been willing to pay $700 to replace it. Was never a fan of the looks of it or the sights, but it shot great. Sub 2K in .40 was not pleasant to shoot. Sold it. Marlin Camp 9 was pleasant to shoot, but I did not care for its quirks. Or cleaning it. Sold it. This one has caught my attention. Reversible mag release and charging handle, glock magazine adapter included, rails, good sights and..... it's a takedown!!! I love my 10-22 takedown with the magpul backpacker stock. Ruger might just get more of my money in the near future.
  7. Maverick 88 is made by Mossberg and is a slightly cheapened 500. I picked one up on sale for $190 today. I have not shot it yet, but it feels identical to my 2 Mossy 500s.
  8. Thanks Howard! Eneloops are the best. Been using them for my speedlights and pocketwizards for years and years. It may be time to refresh the supply.
  9. My 16-year-old son wants a bow for his bday/xmas present. I know nothing about them and could use some NJGF'er wisdom. He is a lefty, already 6' tall, probably on his way to a skinny 6'2" or more. Shooters in LEH says he has a 31" draw. He has been using a hand me down bow from his 5'9" uncle, but that needs $200 to bring it up to snuff and it would still be too small. Not worth it. Any good archery shop recommendations for getting him set up? He just wants to shoot recreationally, with a compound bow, and no hunting at this point. We are going to A&M in Lakewood tonight to look around. We are hoping to get into a beginners bow for $400 or so. Educate me.
  10. I sent my P320c out on the 2nd. They got it on the 6th. I just got notification that the gun is on its way back, eta Wednesday the 15th. So, a 2 week turn around including shipping on both ends. Not too bad at all.
  11. As a photojournalist, I have had the honor of flying on a few WW2 bombers over the years. In 2009, as a Star-Ledger staffer, I photographed Charles Steffens. He served as a B-17 tail gunner during WWII. His family sent him for a flight on a restored B-17 as a birthday present.
  12. I used to go to Stafford Forge WMA at least once a week and I never saw any type of officer. I assume it would be Fish and Game.
  13. WMAs are unmanned and can be a free for all. You are in charge of your own safety and the safety of those around you. If I go and there is a yahoo there, I leave.
  14. If you are willing to go on a little drive, Tanner's in Jamison, PA has both wood and synthetic new for $179. They used to have Kryptec takedowns for 239. If you can wait a month or so, black friday sales usually include a basic 10/22.