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  1. In about the 25th post in the link I provided is this... https://www.icpsr.umich.edu/files/NACJD/ORIs/34oris.html All ORI's for NJ towns. Use the 9 digit number on your NJ FARS application.
  2. NJ has been switching over to an online application process called NJ FARS...No more paper applications. Here is recent thread that discusses the new system. It is supposed to make applying for NJFPID card and P2P easier and quicker.
  3. 10X and Johnny B are correct. The guns are yours. If the guns are NJ legal (and it sounds like they are), you put them in your trunk and bring them into NJ. If you do not have a trunk, the guns need to be cased. There is no need to register the guns with the NJSP or transfer them thru a FFL. I am sure the NJSP would love to have you register all of your guns, but it is not required by law. I am sure some FFLs would love to charge you $50 per gun to transfer them to you, but it is not required by law. The NJ FPID card allows you to buy long guns as often as you wish & to buy handgun ammo. Legally, you do not need the FPID to buy long gun ammo, but some places make you show it. The FPID allows you to transport unloaded and cased long guns in your vehicle all the time as long as the location is not a prohibited location... ie gov. buildings, schools etc. Without the FPID card, you would only be allowed to take the guns directly from your NJ home to a range, gunsmith or other property owned by you (which also includes any business you own). Deviations whilst traveling with a firearm are not allowed. Best of luck to you.
  4. <<<< UPDATE >>>> My son ROCKED! MEPS last week and is now a sworn in member of the USAF Inactive Reserves. This is what he wants. Even if his fancy intel dreams do not pan out, this is the path he has chosen and we are proud of him....be it with a rifle, a computer or a spatula. He goes to his recruiter tomorrow for job counseling.
  5. The new Honda Passport has been out for like 2 months, at most. Your neighbor must put on the miles fast!
  6. You can still do a face-to-face transfer with an immediate family member. The lower right hand box tells you what color goes to who. Put the white copy in an envelope addressed to the state & the yellow copy into an envelope addressed to the town. I have never used any registered mail for this.... stamp, envelope....done.
  7. The new Honda Passport looks nice, if a bit pricey.
  8. I mean this in the most respectful way, as I do not know your situation, but I will offer up my opinion. Do you really need an SUV or truck? A LOT of people I know insist on driving F150s or Jeeps or Tahoes..BIG ASS trucks.... to drive to work and the store, while getting 15 mpg. They will never go off road or tow. I think a lot of people have been convinced by the auto industry that they need a truck for daily life. If you are an off-roader or tow something bigger than a utility trailer, then absolutely, you need a SUV or pickup. I do none of those things. I drive 30,000 miles a year on paved roads and I drive Toyotas. I was a Honda guy, but I think Toyota now makes a superior product. I will also never buy a new car again. There are too many great 3-year-old off-lease cars out there. I gave my son a 3rd-hand me down 2010 Scion Xb (Gen2 Xb was a Toyota Camry with a funky body) with 210k on the odo. Not 1 thing, ever, broke on that car. I am currently in a 2010 Toyota Avalon due to the comfort, the 30 mpg and the reliability. A gently used 6-8 year old Toyota anything should last you many, many years.
  9. From the Range 14 rules, available here.... http://www.range-14.com/rifle.html 14. Paper targets, plastic jugs, tin cans, plywood targets (no more than 1/8 of an inch thick), and clay targets, are acceptable targets. Above ground targets must be a minimum of 15 yards and all ground targets 25 yards. 15.Glass bottles, bowling pins, plywood (more than 1/8 of an inch thick), batteries, produce of any kind, sports balls including but not limited to, golf balls, baseball, softball, tennis balls, stuffed animals, manikins heads or bodies, archery 3 d targets, toys, electronics, solid wood, and books are NOT permitted to be shot on Range 14. 16. ALL metal targets must be inspected by Range 14 staff, and be a minimum of 200 yards, upon approval.
  10. And don't forget about inherited guns... There is no legal requirement in NJ to register guns you inherit, including handguns.
  11. I had a Sub2000 gen 2 in .40 S&W. It was not a pleasant gun to shoot in that caliber. It is considered a rifle as the gun cannot fire in the folded position. I do like the folding concept. I will probably get one someday, in 9mm, if I find a used one for the right price. I think new it is overpriced. As for compliance work, the Gen 2 has a threaded barrel, so you either need to weld the provided thread protector on (which is what most FFLs do to it) or have a muzzle brake welded on. The Gen 1 rifles do not have a threaded barrel, but you want Gen 2 for the improved design and sights. I would only buy a Gen 1 if it was a screaming deal. The adjustable stock has been cleared by the State Police firearms unit as being OK in NJ, as it is needed to take the gun down for cleaning. If you want, I can try to find my copy of the letter. All that said.... I own the Ruger PCC 9 and agree that it is a superior rifle in just about all aspects. It is heavier and less compact than the Sub2k, but it feels like a real gun and it has really fantastic ghost ring sights. It takes Glock magazines from the 26/19/17. I have the original version, but the new aluminum handguard version really looks nice. Let us know how you make out.
  12. This is a great write up and fantastic photos.... https://www.npr.org/sections/pictureshow/2019/06/06/730233605/ready-go-i-jumped-out-of-a-vintage-wwii-plane-for-d-day?utm_medium=social&utm_term=nprnews&utm_campaign=npr&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR3_komQ0gP4XK8CwgRkMAakjwSxzEHoEoKHvR04pxVY8IaPPDFB84HGp8E
  13. Misplace permits in a warehouse somewhere, stop printing new permits, blame it on an unnamed vendor and BINGO! Totalitarian handgun control. Clever that Murphy.
  14. Steel case is fine. No green tips, steel core or bird shot.
  15. I believe they have both to rent. They will rent to you solo only IF you bring your own gun with you.
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