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  1. And don't forget about inherited guns... There is no legal requirement in NJ to register guns you inherit, including handguns.
  2. I had a Sub2000 gen 2 in .40 S&W. It was not a pleasant gun to shoot in that caliber. It is considered a rifle as the gun cannot fire in the folded position. I do like the folding concept. I will probably get one someday, in 9mm, if I find a used one for the right price. I think new it is overpriced. As for compliance work, the Gen 2 has a threaded barrel, so you either need to weld the provided thread protector on (which is what most FFLs do to it) or have a muzzle brake welded on. The Gen 1 rifles do not have a threaded barrel, but you want Gen 2 for the improved design and sights. I would only buy a Gen 1 if it was a screaming deal. The adjustable stock has been cleared by the State Police firearms unit as being OK in NJ, as it is needed to take the gun down for cleaning. If you want, I can try to find my copy of the letter. All that said.... I own the Ruger PCC 9 and agree that it is a superior rifle in just about all aspects. It is heavier and less compact than the Sub2k, but it feels like a real gun and it has really fantastic ghost ring sights. It takes Glock magazines from the 26/19/17. I have the original version, but the new aluminum handguard version really looks nice. Let us know how you make out.
  3. This is a great write up and fantastic photos.... https://www.npr.org/sections/pictureshow/2019/06/06/730233605/ready-go-i-jumped-out-of-a-vintage-wwii-plane-for-d-day?utm_medium=social&utm_term=nprnews&utm_campaign=npr&utm_source=facebook.com&fbclid=IwAR3_komQ0gP4XK8CwgRkMAakjwSxzEHoEoKHvR04pxVY8IaPPDFB84HGp8E
  4. Misplace permits in a warehouse somewhere, stop printing new permits, blame it on an unnamed vendor and BINGO! Totalitarian handgun control. Clever that Murphy.
  5. Steel case is fine. No green tips, steel core or bird shot.
  6. I believe they have both to rent. They will rent to you solo only IF you bring your own gun with you.
  7. I had a '78 Volvo 242Gt from '86-91. That car was indestructible. I crashed it, we rebuilt it from junk yards. I crashed it, we rebuilt it from junkyards. I have very fond memories of me and my dad cruising thru junk yards looking for parts. Thank god Volvo used the same parts on all of its cars for over 30 years.
  8. Remember to check and see if NJ is offering any incentives to upgrade and replace old stuff. You do not mention your furnace or what fuel it burns, but a few years ago we were able to get some very nice rebates from NJ and get 0%apr on-bill financing for 10 years thru NJNG for converting from oil to natgas.
  9. "Flags that were placed by Boy Scouts; in a similar Civics lesson." Correct. I took this on assignment back in the early 2000s.
  10. Yes, things are not like they were when I was 17 in 1987. My parents carried my insurance for me. And I was clueless as to what real life cost. I am doing my son a huge favor by making him budget and pay for his own insurance and gas. My son also knows how to cook and he knows how to do laundry. My son has never been told he is a special special snowflake. He is a human and he is not special. If he wants to be special, he has to work for that.
  11. Several years ago, we were out for a drive to a U-pick farm in Chesterfield on Memorial Day weekend. We passed by the Brigadier General William C. Doyle Memorial Cemetery. I abruptly turned around and we drove thru. What a sight and what a civics lesson for my 2 young boys. Thousands and thousands of US flags on thousands and thousands of grave markers. I highly recommend this destination any day of the year, but especially on Memorial Day weekend.
  12. Agreed 100% My kid got my hand me down on his 17th bday at Thanksgiving. Which is a hand me down from my wife. A 2010 Scion Xb with 215k on it. It is a very reliable, efficient car. He is on our insurance until he is 18. Then he gets to own the car and his own insurance policy. Right now, he pays $100 month for his car insurance. He also pays for his own gas. As for CYA, we should probably have a +/- $2mil umbrella policy as long as he is on our auto policy, but I have neglected it.
  13. Agreed! I tried to join the navy when I was a senior in high school in '88. The recruiter said "NO" to me when he learned I have asthma. Case closed. So, last week my son's USAF recruiter, when he learns of my history, said that he would have asked for an EKG test to get me in. I was a competitive swimmer in high school, so I had the lung power. My son's recruiter says I could have easily made it thru basic. I have regretted for 30 years that I never got to serve.....only to learn that I was not able to join because of a lazy recruiter.
  14. Have you seen the under the bed type gun safes? More long winded history about my motorcycling........ Around 2007, I lost my job. And my bike needed alot of work that far exceeded its value....valves, carbs, suspension, tires etc. Easily $2000 worth of work on a $1500 bike. And I had a couple serious "holy shit" scares on my bike, mostly on my commute thru Whiting. And my second son was born. And I saw the clouds on the horizon with the recession. I made the decision to sell the bike while it was still worth something, with the wife understanding that I would want a new hobby to occupy my time. I used the bike $ as a down payment on my first ever new car. It took me a few years to figure it out, but in 2010 my oldest son was 8 and was taking an interest in guns...mostly video games and what not. I talked with my wife and said "I want to get a .22 rifle to train the boy in appropriate gun use and safety". My biggest fear at the time was him going to his redneck friend's house and getting into that dad's unsecured guns without any clue about how they worked. She agreed, as long as I had a proper gun safe for storage. I bought the safe whilst I waited on my FID card. That one Marlin 60 has turned into 30 guns. And my oldest son (now 17 and headed for the USAF) is properly trained on gun safety. If I have a gun out, he will ask to look at it and then he will clear it. He has called dibbs on at least 10 of my long guns when he gets his FID this fall. We are in the process of building his first AR. Son # 2 (now 12) shows very little interest guns. I have unloaded guns in my office all the time and kid #2 will come in to talk to me about whatever youtube bullshit is on his mind, see an unloaded .357 on the desk.....and not even notice it. Hiding guns from my kids was not the answer. I decided to expose them to guns early to take the mystery out of them. I consider training both of my boys proper gun safety and marksmanship to be one of my best parenting decisions.
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