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  1. This may be an interesting addition to this thread.... My son just turned 18 on Thanksgiving day. He applied for his initial NJ PFID card before turkey dinner. I applied for 4 pistol permits at the same time. We are in Berkeley Twp. Berkeley says family is ok for the references. He used me and a buddy as his references. I used my son and my father as mine. Let's see how this shakes out in the "initial fpid" vs. "another round of pistol permits". EDIT.... He did not have to pay a dime on the FARS, but I had to pay 20-something bucks. We both have lived in at our current address since 2003. Do they ding us more for pistol permits vs. PFID?
  2. If he was super good looking and shot sub MOA groups...that was me!
  3. Agreed. We were 12 days without power and potable water from the faucets during Sandy. We learned a lot of lessons from her.
  4. I picked up a gardening auger bit for my cordless drill. It makes digging holes for posts super easy and fast. The holes the post hole diggers make are way oversized for target holders.
  5. Another thing to keep in mind.... If you are really in need of water in an emergency situation, you can drain your water pipes and your hot water heater for drinking use. I have a 40 gallon hot water heater. I don't know how much water is in all the pipes. Also, I have a WaterBob for use if a hurricane is ever aimed at me again. It is a sealed bladder with a spigot that fits in your tub. Fill it up pre-storm. https://www.amazon.com/WaterBOB-Emergency-Container-Drinking-Hurricane/dp/B001AXLUX2/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=water+bob&qid=1575408981&sr=8-1
  6. We saw "Knives Out" last week and it is fantastic! A perfectly made who-done-it with lots of laughs and a great ending.
  7. At any given time, I have 5 or 6 cases of Costco water stashed in the garage. I think a case of water is about $3. We freeze the bottles all the time to keep things in a cooler cold or when I am going to be on the road all day in the heat. We have yet to have one burst when frozen and thawed.
  8. I called my town's PD about this a few years ago. I asked if I could shoot my Daisy Red Ryder at soda cans in my backyard. Behind my fence is woods. The cop on the phone said I could not shoot in my yard due to no discharge laws. Now.... have I shot my Red Ryder at soda cans with my kids in the backyard?... yes, on many occasions. Do I fear arrest and prosecution for shooting my Red Ryder in my backyard?...not really. I am able to shoot without my neighbors seeing me and we only shoot a few times a year. The sound from the Daisy is so quiet, I doubt it would register as a discharge with my indoor dwelling neighbors. It is a risk I am willing to take. I certainly would not shoot a 1000 fps pellet gun in my back yard.
  9. Yes. Immediate family members (not second cousins) can still transfer face to face without a NICS like in the good ole days. Long guns need COE with matching DL and FPID. Handguns need P2P.
  10. I just read that police do not know when the accident occurred and that the driver stopped answering texts from his girlfriend around 1. Accident was reported around 630am. So, these guys could have been upside down and slowly dying for several hours. Horrific.
  11. One veteran cop on scene I was talking to off the record said he would guess the speed was around 140-150.
  12. Hey! That is my photo! They say the crash happened at 630. A local said he heard the crash. I got the call at 8am and was on scene at 830. The car jumped the median, then the curb, traveled about 100 feet down into this embankment and that was all she wrote. The car landed in building upside down and sideways. At the speed they were going, I wouldn't be surprised if the impact with the embankment killed them instantly.
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