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  1. IANAL...but I believe your "home" is where you hang your hat...owned or rented makes no difference. I think you are over thinking/worrying this. Bring your NJ legal ammo into NJ. Drive like an adult on your trip here. Unload ammo into your apartment. Dunzo.
  2. I work at Shooters. Yes...we stopped rentals last year. During the great gun buying panic, we sold off our rentals to satisfy the need for used guns. If we decide to offer rentals again, we will put fresh guns out.
  3. And.... You do not need a P2P or a FPID card to legally inherit any gun. Just make sure the gun and any magazines are NJ legal.
  4. FYI... Most ranges WILL let you rent by yourself........ IF you bring in your own handgun.
  5. Yes, calling ahead is always a good idea, 609-296-4080.... but.... we have many of each for sale. I am in tomorrow from 730 until 600. Ask for me...David G.
  6. It is a long drive from Summit, I know, but Shooters Sporting Center in Little Egg Harbor has LWRC and Daniel Defense rifles in stock.
  7. Sold! Thank you Griz!!! PM sent.
  8. Come on people.... Take these off my hands....... $20
  9. 9/11..... This is gone.... Please delete ad.... Thank you..... My son bought this huge tank, used it for a few months, and then ran off to join the Air Force. I have had it in my garage for a year and I am sick of it. Please, please, please...... come take it away. It has a 78" x 18" footprint and is 24" tall. This is HEAVY and will require at least 3 adult men to load up. It has a home-made 2x4 base that we then put on cinder blocks to support it. Pick up in Bayville, Ocean County.
  10. Groove Percussion drum kit. Brought new for my son. He has graduated to an electronic drum kit. This is a basic kit, but has upgraded Sabian cymbals. Original cymbals included. No throne. Asking $200 $175 Pickup in Bayville, Ocean County.
  11. This is a test. This is only a test.. All 3 cots for $30. They are all in the original carry bags. Pickup in Bayville or LEHT.
  12. Thank you CAL..30 M1... There we have it.... Looks like I have Herritt target grips for a N frame. Any takers?
  13. I wish to sell a Canon EF 24-70mm f/4.0 IS USM lens. It is in excellent condition. Original box, manual & caps included. Asking $500
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