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  1. I handle shipping guns at our shop. Here is how it works... You bring the gun to me. I give you a repair receipt, I log it into my repair book, someone pays for shipping and I send it out. The repair facility fixes the gun, someone pays for shipping and the gun ships back to me. I call you & you come pick up the gun and it is logged out of my repair book. End of story. No transfer fees and no NICS.
  2. Ocean County update.... Word on the street is they are working on applicant #'s in the low 200's. As applicant 537, I expect to see my permit around Easter.
  3. Berkeley Township, Ocean County 8/12 Fingerprinted and Application dropped off 8/25 BTPD called my references (after 10pm!?!) 9/12 BTPD sent my application to Ocean County Superior Court 11/4 Emailed Superior Court contact for update I am GP-OCN-537-22
  4. And, to be honest, I would choose a better gun. This thing is Turkish made. Not that Turkish made means bad, but what is the company like to deal with for repairs/warranty work, how available are extra mags/parts etc. A good ole US made and supported Ruger 10/22 would be only a little more money and a better gun.
  5. It looks like it has a threaded barrel. It could be pinned and welded on, making it NJ legal, but they probably don't want to deal with NJ BS.
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