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  1. If I recall correctly, these 3 guys accidentally crossed the NJ border into NY, hence the shit storm.
  2. Here is the link... https://www.gunpartscorp.com/search#query=1437590
  3. Got tired of waiting around for Mossberg and decided to gamble $30 at Numrich on a used set of wood. It is not a corncob style fore end, but the set matches and does appear to be walnut. I am very pleased.
  4. I have found most dealers will give you a price over the phone. Buying from out of state may not be cheaper after you figure in shipping and the transfer fee. Each dealer sets its own transfer fee, some as high as $50. NICS is charged either way and costs about $16. She has picked a wonderful gun. I should have bought a PPQ with my last permit.
  5. I am all set with my ARs. With Murphy on the anti-2A rampage, I expect a stiffer AWB within the next couple years, up to and including a full AR and maybe even a semi-auto ban. Of course, we get to keep our Marlin 60s. Any AR purchase would have to be crazy cheap for me to buy one now, knowing that I may need to dump it in the near future. I wish I had made my AR purchases face-to-face back in the day and not in gun shops.
  6. I stopped shopping at Dick's, although I doubt they noticed. I was not aware WalMart also put a 21 year old restriction on gun sales. I am not a big Walmart shopper as it is, but I will make an effort to avoid them.
  7. "Seems all my Hi Cap Mags were the victim of a boating accident while out fishing?" WOW!!! That happened to me last week! I hate it when that happens.
  8. I use 2 similar cabinets in my basement for guns and ammo. My only fear is my kids getting into my stuff, and I find both cabinets to be sufficient for my needs. I have a house alarm. Any bad guy who enters my house will be met by a deafening sound and a police response within 5 minutes. I doubt they will have time to find a tool to pry open my cabinets before the police arrive. I do not own any guns that are special or unique or have any sentimental value. Most of my guns could be replaced within a week. On the stealth idea.... I have an upright freezer with a keyed lock. When it dies, I will convert it into a gun cabinet.
  9. I do not have the finances to learn too much about high end bourbons. I treat myself to a bottle of Knob Creek or Bulliet or Buffalo Trace from time to time, but Evan Williams satisfies on a tight budget.
  10. Hail and snow falling on 37W out of Seaside Heights.
  11. Ooops. My mistake for using the words open carry. Let me clarify.... I have no intention of wearing a full-size, drop-leg tactical rig for a full size gun. By open carry, I mean a small OWB belt holster for a snub that would most likely be covered by a tshirt or a work shirt. By using the term open carry, I simply meant I would not be using an IWB rig. Sorry for misusing the terms.
  12. Thanks 45Doll! Just what I was looking for. 1563621.... As to why carry at home? .......If NJ will not let allow me, a law abiding citizen who has passed at least 40 background checks, to legally carry outside of my home, I will choose to exercise the limited rights I have in the hope that minds will be changed. If LEO rolls up on me for mowing whist carrying, I need to know the statute.
  13. I have spent the past 45 minutes looking here and googling for the NJ statute that allows (exempts) for open/concealed carry at home. Does anyone have a statute/link? I carry a snubby S&W on my hip whilst doing chores at home, indoors and outdoors, and want to have that statute handy. Gracias
  14. A suggestion....get one that is not black. Black things hiding in a range bag in a dark range look the same. I went with orange.