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  1. Shooters had a used mossy 500 in 20 gauge on Friday. I don't know if it is still there. They open at 8am tomorrow.
  2. Shooters just got one in tonight. I do not know the price. They open at 9am tomorrow.
  3. I will take the Mossberg barrel. Sending PM now!
  4. I think Shooters in LEHT has the XD-M
  5. The Hi-Point needs to have the thread protector welded in place. We sell them all the time at Shooters. Perfectly legal.
  6. Shooters in LEHT has a 4" and a 8" in stock. $1249 on 8". $1299 on 4".
  7. It was about 1 to 2 days last week. Juneteenth was a state holiday and NICS was short staffed, so that thru them behind a bit. I have a NICS that was put in yesterday at 8am. I will update when it comes back.
  8. I work in a gun store and I get to fondle guns all day, everyday. When a customer comes in with no clue about what duty-size striker to buy, I show them everything. After taking the customer "around the world", the guns I sell most are Glock 19/17/45, Sig p320 and Walther PDP. If I was looking at another of this type of gun, I would go with a full size Walther PDP. It really is a nice gun and it practically sells itself. I have sold 5 this week. fyi....Smith & Wesson is the brand of gun we send out for warranty repair the most often. And I mean a LOT more often than any other top tier brand.
  9. Want to buy..... 12 gauge 28" field barrel for my 6-shot Mossberg 500. New or used.... I only care about function, not cosmetics. Thanks
  10. FYI.....Shooters in LEHT had a used KS7 on the rack yesterday at closing. They are closed today, so if you call them when they open tomorrow at 9, it should still be there.
  11. We do have a Don who has been with us for decades. He now just works 4 days a week and only digs thru the mountains of paperwork in the back.
  12. As I am just a lowly employee at Shooters, I would rather not get into public posting of prices and availability. PMs would be better. NICS are about 1 to 2 days out.
  13. You will only pay additional fees if you are buying the gun online and shipping the gun to a local FFL. You will pay the online retailer for the gun & shipping. You will pay the local FFL a transfer fee and NICS. If you go this route, figure on paying an additional $100 or so for shipping and transfer fee. If you buy from a local FFL, you will pay for the gun, a NICS check and sales tax. Most shops in NJ have built in the price of compliance & magazine work.
  14. I work at a NJ gun shop. We get guns in all the time with high capacity magazines. If we can swap with 10- rounders, we do that. If 10-rounders are not available, we will modify the mags. We then put the high-capacity mags in the attic and wait for Pennsylvania gun shows to sell off the mags. As for your Glock 19, Glock ships the guns with either 10s or 15s.
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