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  1. dajonga

    Any boat trailer experts here?

    I have lived within 4 miles of Barnegat Bay since I was 10. Locals do not go on the water on weekends if they can help it.
  2. dajonga

    Any boat trailer experts here?

    I do. I am into the boat about $100 and 10 hours of labor so far. I am working on it with kid, so that is a plus. The benches are done and ready to be installed.....donated 1" Mahagony from my carpenter brother, covered in spar varnish. Transom is ready to install. Hull and inside are painted. She should be ready to go when the weather warms up, I just need a trailer. I may just throw on the utility this year and see how it goes. Who knows, I may love going out on the bay and just taking a nap on it.
  3. dajonga

    Any boat trailer experts here?

    He brought it over on a utility trailer. I do have a utility trailer, but converting it to boat duty seems like a PITA. I think I would rather have a dedicated boat trailer. It is a simple aluminum hull jon boat in good shape, all things considered. The kid is now 17. When he leaves home, the boat gets sold if am not in love with it.
  4. For 10+ years, my FIL wanted to give me a fixer-upper 14' Starcraft boat. For 10+ years, I said no. I do not fish, I have no desire to own a boat and I don't want a fixer upper. So, he gives it my 16-year-old son last year. The boat appeared in my driveway before I could say "WTF!?!" My son has no money, so now I own....... a fixer-upper 14' Starcraft boat. It is a simple V hull, 3 bench fishing boat. It did come what I am told is a nice running 9 HP outboard. It needed a complete strip down to primer to get the 43 layers of flaking brushed paint off & a repaint. The benches, floatation and transom need to be replaced. Thanks pop! And it came with no trailer. From my interwebbing, it looks like a 15-16' trailer with simple carpet-covered bunks is all I need, perhaps with a centerline roller or 2. Web says I should keep the bow about 30" from car, and the boat should hang over the back of the trailer by a foot or so. Does this sound correct? I am trying to find a cheapo trailer on CL or FB and need to know what I should look out for. Any advice? And, of course, if you have a trailer that fits this description, lemme know.
  5. dajonga

    marlin xt22

    Walter replied to my email. They do allow in-person pick ups of Gunbroker guns. I like it when NJ shops allow this. I will add him to my favorites and follow his listings. BTW.... The Gun Rack down in Vineland allows this, too. I got a Marlin 60 for a song last year and he let me pick up in person. Only had to pay for NICS.
  6. dajonga

    marlin xt22

    I have never been to that shop, but I believe they moved to another location on the same street. There is a thread about it somewhere.
  7. dajonga

    marlin xt22

    Lemme know what he says about in person pickup (for future reference)
  8. dajonga

    marlin xt22

    You are more than welcome. Let me know if you are going to bid on it, and I will stay out of it. I like my 2 XT rifles and would add this one to the stable for the right price.
  9. dajonga

    marlin xt22

    Here is one on GB. Not exactly local to CJRPC (if they allow in person pickup), but for the right price, it would be worth it IMO. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/798929934
  10. dajonga

    Time for a lever action, need some input

    Bad post. SOrry
  11. dajonga

    Recent Hague's reviews?

    No credit cards. No in store pickups. They are not trying hard to win my business.
  12. And 1 of the cops has been shot twice before! https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Unnamed-senior-officer-wounded-in-shooting-has-13570049.php
  13. Not new to owning or shooting my AR, but new to replacing spring loaded parts on my AR. Whilst unscrewing the comm-spec buffer tube, I forgot to contain the buffer tube detent......PEW! Methinks I launched that puppy into low orbit. I heard clicks and echoes all over the basement. Funny thing is I found 2 springs during the rescue operation. I am confident 1 of them is the right spring, just don't have any idear which one it is. No detent. I will restart the search mission at daybreak, but I am not hopeful. It's like searching for an airliner in the ocean. You read about it, but until it happens to you, it is only words on a screen. Are those 2 parts sold local, or do I need to go to fleabay? I can get 2 sets for $5 shipped, so no big deal...... just annoying.
  14. I am hoping the Ruger PC carbine gets some new magazine inserts (Beretta 92 and Sig 320?) and perhaps a caliber conversion. And some aftermarket support, especially from MagPul w/ a backpacker style stock. And the retro Mossberg 500 is interesting.

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