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  1. It does not say that on the state form, but my town has a page that says family is ok for refs. Your town may differ.
  2. Very thin.... 2 Sig 9mm, Px4 9mm, S&W 459 nickel, HK USP .40. A few older hunting guns, pumps and bolts. Some oddball stuff too..... a 9 inch or so Single Six. Nothing like normal times, but these are not normal times.
  3. Thanks for the graph. I work at a shop in Southern Ocean County (I know...A long haul from Sussex) and we are pretty cleaned out of Glocks, Rugers and Sigs, but we still have some Springfields, FN, CZ, Beretta, some S&W. We have a few good used handguns, too. Lemme know via PM if there is something you are looking for and I will get back to you.
  4. FYI...My town, Berkeley Twp, allows immediate family members to be the references. I use my wife and my father. Of course, your town may be different.
  5. I work at a gun shop and we were getting results back from the 30th late yesterday, so I would think Monday would be likely.
  6. That does look to be in good shape. I usually throw 1 in the Midway/Brownells cart just to add to the stash for my fleet of Marlin 60s/795s/70Ps.
  7. Very, very happy to hear you are enjoying it. A Marlin 60 was my first rifle and they will always hold a spot in my heart. I woulda kept this one had I not stumbled into a near perfect long barrel, long tube, LSHO version last year. I really don't need 3 model 60 rifles. FYI...I never did have a look at the buffer...they tend to get brittle and break after a few years. I wish you and yours many years of enjoyment.
  8. How often do you run this class? I am very interested, but the date on this does not work for me.
  9. I have done 2 outgoing transfers with Chris and he is legit (and 1 mile from my house)!
  10. This is a heads up to any 3rd gen S&W semi-auto fans out there. Shooters in Little Egg Harbor has a brandy new 5906 and 5946 in the case.
  11. NICS is running 5-7 days behind now.
  12. I think we have one left on the shelf as of closing time today. I do not recall the price. I think it is in a black synthetic stock. I am in at 9 if you want to call. Ask for David.
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