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  1. I will take the LWRC for $1100 if still avail....sending PM.
  2. I work at Shooters Hardware in West Creek. We have a wait list for this gun. It is now about 10 people deep. You can call the shop at 609-296-4080 and go on the list. We will call you when your turn is up. No deposit needed and no obligation to buy, as we will simply move onto the next person on the list or put the gun on display. We are not gouging on the price of the gun, only doing a fair markup.
  3. Yes, those are legal in NJ. Yes, you can replace the fin with a pistol grip. Now, will an online retailer sell one to a NJ resident? That will vary. Some retailers will not ship to states with restrictive laws. The muzzle brake must be pinned, but other than that, you are good to go. With shipping, transfer fee and compliance work, you may be approaching what a NJ gun shop will sell you the gun for.
  4. We have that gun on the shelf if you want to come look at it.... and cheaper than the one you linked to once you factor in transfer fees and shipping. Shooters Hardware 218 Main St. West Creek, NJ 609-296-4080
  5. I will add that my kids are 16 & 22. If I had little ones that crawled on the floor and put fingers in mouths, I would do the outfit & shoes routine as well.
  6. I can understand your aversion to lead exposure. I work at a gun shop that until recently had a busy indoor range. I am surrounded by guns and ammo daily and I fired guns several times a week. After shooting, I use D-Lead soap or wipes on my hands and face, then wash hands and face with soap and water. I shower when I get home from work. May I suggest you have your doctor add a lead test to your annual bloodwork lab. My most recent test showed only slightly elevated lead levels, nothing my doctor was concerned with.
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