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  1. You say 295/55/40 corridor. That is only a a few miles from PA. Would a place 20 miles into PA work for you? I would assume PA rules would be easier to deal with.
  2. The article talks about the Ocean County numbers being so high, but officials "do not know why". The first thing that went through my mind was the super high number of retirees that live in Ocean County. Lib grown children from Madison scared by 90-year-old dad with his guns living in Holiday City so they call in a red flag? I will be following this story to see if the officials actually look into this.
  3. The Universe...she works in mysterious ways.
  4. Nevermind....Mossberg got back to me and says they do NOT sell the fancy walnut as an accessory. They looked at the wrong part. Numrich it is.
  5. On a whim, I emailed Mossberg about the Retrograde furniture again a few hours ago. A reply came back very fast.... Thank you for your email. We do offer that furniture for accessory purchase. If you send me your serial number I can get you a quote for what it would cost to make the swap. Sincerely, Customer Service Team O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc. Still waiting to hear back on the quote. I have a 500 Cruiser wearing plastic furniture. If Mossberg is too pricey, I think I may go with another Numrich wood set for $31.25.
  6. Centerfire rifles up to .30 cal!?!?!? I hope this new rule will eventually make it down to Stafford Forge! No mention of rimfire?
  7. 4 of us did R14 this afternoon. With the 70* weather, I was really expecting a wait, but we got right on the pistol range. Took 2 new shooters and did not want to overwhelm them with the screaming ARs on the 200 yard range. Shot .22, .38sp and 9mm. A lovely day.
  8. My 6'3" 18-year-old son drives a hand-me-down 2010 Scion xB. It has easily been the best car I have ever owned. It is basically a Toyota Camry drivetrain with a boxy body on top. Look for 2006-2012 model years. The previous version of the xB was really small. My wife bought it new in 2010 and drove it 100k miles. I took it over in 2015 and drove it another 120k. My son has had it for a year and a few months. It is currently at 230,000 miles. Nothing on the car, other than replaceables (brakes, rotors, battery, spark plugs, tires and 1 coil pack) has ever gone wrong with the car. It simply will not stop running. It has a surprising amount of head/legroom and used ones can be had right in that $5k price range. Probably 95% of xBs have automatic transmissions. I have recommended this car to everyone that asks. If Toyota still made it, I would buy another in a second.
  9. Scorpio64 is correct. Lever and pump guns with tubes have never been restricted in NJ at all. I have a Henry .22 that can hold at least 20 .22 shorts. You should be able to find or order that .17 Henry anywhere at a NJ shop. Tube fed semi-autos are the only thing that Murphy gave back to us last year (after Florio passed the 15-round law back in '90). I have purchased 2 Marlin 60 rifles with 17 round tubes from NJ shops. It is a shame that Marlin decided to redesign ALL model 60s to comply with NJ's 15 round laws. I have always wondered how many 60s they sold per year in NJ. Good luck.
  10. I was sitting in the waiting room while my son got his wisdom teeth out earlier this morning. Dentist had a CBS morning news show out of NYC on the tv. CBS reported on the shooting and showed a safe for breakfast version of the video. The hosts then went on the heap praise on the guy that popped the bad guy. "We can only imagine how much worse it could have been..." I thought...cool on the hosts for coming to their senses about civilians carrying guns. But you just know what these same journalists and their network overlords would say about CC for residents of NYC or NJ......"NY and NJ are different than the rest of country...too many people....more guns would mean more killings...."
  11. I got mine!!! $55.45 for 4. Many thanks for the heads up.
  12. <<<<<UPDATE>>>>> My son got the email at 6am and the call at 3.... his first FPID card is ready to be picked up tomorrow. So, 2.5 weeks from start to finish and only 4 work days since his fingerprinting. I am impressed. FARS says my P2Ps are completed, but I am still waiting for the call to come pick them up. EDIT>>>> Berkeley Police called at noon today with permits ready to pick up. 2.5 weeks for 4 pistol permits. So, yes. This confirms that Berkeley is allowing family members to be the references. I am printing up the COEs so he can take possession of the AR we built for him in November, a lefty Mossberg 590a1 and a S&W M&P 15-22. Who knows, he may talk me out of more. Of course, when he ships off for 6 years of the USAF in July, we will transfer the guns back to me until he can take them onto a base.
  13. I say enough with senseless gun laws. We should make it illegal to kill people.
  14. 30 miles from Cherry Hill is Range 14 near Pemberton. $60 a year and $4 per person per hour. http://www.range-14.com
  15. I was a staff photographer for some of the best newspapers in the state. The rewards for my good work?..... Layoff after layoff after layoff. Since 2013, I have been a freelance photojournalist, working for any and all in the tri-state area. It pays just enough to justify the expense of buying $5000 in new cameras every few years. This legislation terrifies me. If this goes thru, I am done. Unless they carve out an exemption for journalists...which I find unlikely. The sad thing is, relocation for us is not doable. My wife works for the NJDEP cleaning up dirty gas stations. It is good, honest work that actually makes NJ cleaner and makes money for the state. We are stuck here because Gov. BigBoy said NJ workers must live in NJ. I see a name tag in my future.
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