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  1. Updated quantity Only 1 case left.
  2. I don't know. My 60 was a 1 7/8. You are more than welcome to bring your gun and try them out.
  3. SOLD...... I have 3 Wilson Combat magazines for the 1911. 2 are in original packaging. 1 is not. I also have an unbranded 1911 magazine. Asking $20 each for the Wilsons. Buy all three and I will throw in the no name for free. Pickup in Bayville or I will ship on your dime. The first "I'll take it" post gets dibs.
  4. SOLD I have 2 Sig Sauer P320C grip modules for sale. These are used. 1 is black. Medium size. The other is a gray color, size small. This one started life out as FDE, but I RIT dyed it to get to this gray color. Asking $25 each. I also have 2 Sig branded holsters for the P320. Sig used to give these away for free with the P320. I have no need for them. Make an offer. All items pickup in Bayville or ship on your dime. The first "I'll take it" post gets dibs.
  5. sold.... I have 2 leather J-frame holsters that I used with my S&W 60. I am no longer in the J-frame game, so they are for sale. Both are right hand draw. First is a Bianchi paddle holster in brown. Second is a Don Hume belt holster in black. Both are in good condition. Asking $20 each picked up in Bayville. I will ship on your dime. First "I'll take it" post gets dibs.
  6. We have seen AR & Tavor sales go up considerably this past week. And people are starting to stock up on ammo again. It is a cycle.
  7. 1 Pelican Storm Case IM2750 Black, Used, but in excellent condition. 2 are in photos, but only 1 is available. All handles and latches work properly. With foam. Wheels and handle. New this sells for around $ 350. For sale for $ 175 $125 . Ext. dimensions = 24..6 x 19.7 x 14.4 inches --- Int. dimensions = 22 x 17 x 12.7 inches Pickup in Bayville or at my work in LEHT.... or I can drop off to you along GSP/ Rt. 9 between Toms River and LEHT.
  8. Indoors. As for how many people are on the line, I do not know. I have been off for a few days and have not witnessed the Re-Qual in action.
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