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  1. We need a few more Dave's here..... Gun is sold pending funds.
  2. EDIT>>>>>>>>> Ammo and 2 10-round mags are sold. Rifle with 5-round magazine is still for sale>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> $250.00
  3. Does anyone have a traffic report from Stafford Forge this week? It is about a 30 minute drive for me to get there. As I round that last turn on the dirt road, my heart always drops when there are a ton of cars parked there. When I make that turn and I see ZERO cars, I let out a YESSSSSS! I tend to go on too cold/too hot days just so I can shoot alone. It's not that I don't like people, I just like having the range to myself to shoot as I want in solitude.
  4. I would like to sell my Marlin 781. Serial # puts gun made in 1975. Barrel is JM stamped. Bolt action, tubular magazine, shoots .22 S, L & LR Gun is in excellent condition. Asking $200. I am in Bayville 08721. I can travel, but I would prefer to meet up at an Ocean County FFL for the transfer. Fees are buyers responsibility. First "I'll take it" followed by PM gets it.
  5. Last time I was out there, Stafford Forge still only had 2 benches to shoot from. Is this .30 cal rifle thing at all WMA ranges? EDIT>>> Nevermind. I found it.... *Centerfire rifles up to and including .30 caliber are allowed at the Clinton, Colliers Mills and Millville ranges ONLY
  6. Am I correct that I can bring a legally owned, properly cased and unloaded .22 lever gun to a friend's farm in upstate NY and shoot it there for a few days without running afoul of the law?
  7. Yeah, they raised their rates this past winter.
  8. Per Shooters facebook post from 10am today..... "The Ranges will be OPEN officially on Friday May 22! We have made 6 lanes for pistols too!" Looks like they made 6 of the 16 lanes available for pistols. You should call them to confirm this. It looks like Shooter's is turning 6 lanes into pistol lanes. Call to confirm?
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