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  1. I replaced the buckhorn with a Marble bullseye and the front with a HiViz. Makes world of difference for not too much coin.
  2. I heard Phil opened up a Harley shop on Rt. 70 just west of the Rte. 539 intersection. It is closed now.
  3. What the hell happened that they got so jacked up? I like the shop cuz its on my commute. I used to stop to look around.
  4. I can vouch for the XT-22 YR. Very light and accurate. I wish they still made the stainless version. https://www.marlinfirearms.com/rimfire/xt-series/model-xt-22yr It comes with a single shot mag well insert, as well as a 7 rounder. Can take the Marlin 10 round mags, too. I put in some Williams fire sights. Can be used with Tech Sights, which I have a few sets of and can also recommend. When he outgrows it, I will put it in an adult-sized stock and he will have a nice little 16" barreled bolt gun. I got mine for under $200. If you go with the XT, check the sights carefully before taking possession. The first gun my FFL got in had crooked sights and had to be sent back. My first son started with the Savage youth in a lefty. It was not terribly accurate and we sold it. I have not fondled the Ruger, but it seems to be a great choice, too. The Cricket/Rascal are OK, but there is no room to grow, so to speak. They both will always be single shot youth guns.
  5. Same here. I stop in when in the area. Last visit, I picked up some Glock 19 mags for $17 each.
  6. Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and homemade burgers dusted liberally with Goya Adobo.
  7. Nice job, Katie. The offer still stands if you want to do some shooting.
  8. Agreed the 3rd book was not as good, but I was in it to finish it.
  9. I found the section on ham radio to be unbearable. Another series I really liked was the "One Second After" books written by William Forstchen. Much better writting than the Patriot series.
  10. NJ also allows handgun transport between home and gun shop and back. Find a gun shop on your way home and stop by to browse. Exempted location...check.
  11. The new Ruger PC Carbine should not fall under any future legislation, as long as they don't ban ALL semi-automatics. No pistol grip, no flash hider.... It is a semi-auto rifle with a removable magazine. I love mine, very accurate and easy to shoot.
  12. There is absolutely nothing wrong with thinking of things past. I bought my first rifle, a Marlin 60, from Effingers in 2010. I worked in Somerville at the time, and stopped in a few times a week to shop. I made a point to buy a box of ammo every time I went in. I was always treated very well. I wish they were still around. I purchased a few firearms from them over the years.
  13. I am sure RU would get a work around for the football team.
  14. We care, brother. That is why we are here.
  15. You are correct, I know of no one who was jammed up over mags alone. Aitken was jammed up, but it was for more than just his hi-cap mags. I don't know if his situation would have been improved with legal mags. I have not been jammed up because everything I have is legal. And everything I own will continue to be legal. Stashing banned mags is a lot less risky than going to the range and shooting with one. I worked at a gun shop/range. I saw some things that were illegal. I would politely and discretely inform the owner that what they had was illegal, they should be very careful and inform them what they needed to do to be within the law. Sometimes they cared, sometimes they didn't. I do not think the NJSP would walk down the line. I would be more worried about a nosey lane neighbor making a scene or summoning local police. Again, where I worked, I saw guys who were super pissed off about the noise of the AR in the next lane while they were introducing their wife to a .22 rifle. I saw guys get into arguments on the range. The wrong guy, on the wrong day, and I could see local police called to report a guy with a hicap mag. Likely...no. Possible...yes. I am not a worrier, or a "what if" kinda guy. I am not judging, preaching, or recommending anything. These are just thoughts that I am adding to the discussion of risk/reward.