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  1. If I recall from my short career in gun sales, a NICS check is good for 30 days.
  2. I use a $17 Wilson tennis racket bag. A folded and cut to fit piece of yoga mat provides protection for the separated AR upper and lower. External pocket for magazines.
  3. EDIT....Sorry, my question should be a PM and not posted here.
  4. Shooters in Tuckerton is good. A new shop in Beachwood called Freedom Firearms has a good used selection, too....including some high end stuff. I know both are about an hour East of you. I drive a lot for work, so an hour to go to a gun shop is nothing to me. Make it a road trip!!!.... hit Garden State in Lakewood, Freedom in Beachwood, PK in Manahawkin and Shooters in Tuckerton. On your way back home, have lunch at Lucille's on Rt. 539 in Warren Grove.
  5. Our library gets all the movies. We see about 2 movies a year in the theatre, all the rest we get thru Ocean County Library. We may have to wait a bit, but they get most of the movies.
  6. No. It is still on my record. After all this time, I see no point in getting it expunged. It has not been an issue at all in my life.
  7. Fret not.... I am 50 years old, but I grew up slow and stupid. My NJ driving record as a young man is downright offensive. "Multi-page" as they say in law enforcement. I had at least 2 DL suspensions under the age of 22 for speeding and careless driving offenses. I also have a disorderly persons (DO) conviction on my record...outside of NJ a DO called a misdemeanor. I have learned from my mistakes and have not been ticketed for anything in over 25 years. When I applied for my initial NJ FPID card 10 years ago, the township detective called to talk about my DO. I was honest and forthright......I told him... "I was a dumb kid who did not 'get it' until I was 25. The rules are meant for everyone. I am not special." I got my FPID card without any hassle. I get 6 pistol permits every year and I have passed every background check ever submitted. I say go for it. If they deny, then go nuclear on them with an attorney. With any luck, you will not need to.
  8. That kit does have a lot of stuff, but I have switched to bore snakes and will never buy anymore rods and jags and scrubbers. My collection of rods/jags/scrubbers, that ALL seem to have different thread patterns, is infuriating to work with. As they break or piss me off, in the garbage they go. I have about 5 rifle snakes that take care of 90% of my caliber needs, pistols included. They hang on a hook on work bench peg board. When they get really dirty, I soak them in some simple green for a day and then run them through the washer with work rags. Snakes are more up front cost, but I feel it is worth it.
  9. I own a Police Special 92fs & I love it. The Sig 2022 is a very solid, and economical choice. I have yet to drink the CZ cool-aid.
  10. I may be wrong, but I thought NJSP dumped the SIG 229 .40 and went to Glock G19 around 2016 or '17.
  11. I shot this in .308 and I thought it was the cat's pajamas! If NJ ever really screws us with an AR ban, I will go this route.
  12. I carry my NJ FPID card with me at all times. I also carry a pistol permit in my glove box. I travel throughout the state and I like to stop in at gun shops when I in the neighborhood. I like being able to buy a gun or ammo whenever I stumble across something that interests me. Your NJ FPID card allows you transport a cased and unloaded long gun in your car all the time (as long as you are not transporting onto forbidden locations....schools, gov. buildings etc). Handguns are still regulated by NJ's transportation laws. Sadly, I cannot carry a cased, unloaded gun in my car all the time. My work takes me to a school everyday. When school is out, I do transport a take-down .22 rifle everywhere and bring it in every night. If that is the only way to be an armed citizen in NJ, I guess I will take it.
  13. FANTASTIC!!!! EDIT>>>>> Can I assume Troy will have magazines?
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