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  1. Sorry to dredge up an old post, but I would love to fondle one of these before I buy. Anyone seen the 527 Carbine in 7.62x39 at a LGS?
  2. I have one. Sadly, I have only had it out twice in the past 5 months for a total of about 300 rounds. It is a lot of fun to shoot. I have had no failures of any kind. I run Glock mags in it. I really like the ghost ring sights. If you want, we could meet up at GSSC and you can try it out.
  3. 15 rounders? What 15 rounders?
  4. All 3 guys I met today were really great. The drive was too far to them to be my regular FFL, but I will certainly stop in again when down that way.
  5. Phewf. I asked the shop about it and they assured me it was now legal. Glad they were right and I am not a felon.
  6. I bought my first gun off of gunbroker yesterday and I was able to go to The Gun Rack in Vineland for the transfer. Nice guys down there. I got a gun that was considered a super deadly assault rifle a few months ago, but is now legal........ a Marlin 60 with the 17 round tube magazine! I really don't need another 60, but I got it for a song.
  7. Your best results would be to find the negative and take that to a reputable printer for custom enlargement.
  8. You say you are using an Argus with shutter speeds limited to 10, 50, 100, 300. I am not an Argus expert, but it sounds to me like you are using a 60 or 80 year-old camera. I tried doing that a few years back with a vintage Agfa folding 6x6 with similar results. It was not very satisfying at all and cost me a mess of money. It now decorates a bookshelf in my living room. Argus was never a great brand when new. Simply put, your camera is most likely only suitable for decor at this point. If the camera has sentimental value, make a display case for it. If you really want to learn film photography, pick up a decent SLR so you can have consistent results. A SLR lets you see exactly what will appear on the film. If the image is in focus in the viewfinder, it will be in focus on film. If you can afford it, nothing beats a Nikon FM series camera with a 35mm or 50mm lens. The Pentax K1000 has always been a good film camera for those on a budget. I recently bought an example of my first real camera that I got in high school in 1985. I bought a mint Ricoh with a 50mm lens for a total of $43 off of ebay. You really don't need to spend much to get a decent film camera. With an older SLR, you want to pay attention to the foam used to seal the back and at the mirror. If the foam is sticky, it needs to be replaced. It is not a huge deal, but you need to be aware of it. A good repair shop should only charge you around $100 to replace the foam. If you shop smart, you can avoid this. I know it is not near you at all, but the camera shop I use, and most of my fellow pros in the Trenton area use, is Allen's Camera in Levittown Pa. They have a large supply of used film cameras, from Pentax to Leica. Pm me for a contact there. Drop my name and he will treat you right. Chasing good images out of a worn out ancient camera will only lead to frustration. I recommend you spend a few bucks to get a decent machine. EDIT...... 302w, I really want to see you succeed. I started out my career shooting film and I miss the craft terribly. Nothing beats shooting a roll of film and then making stellar enlargements from a good negative. I am here to assist as much as I can.
  9. It all depends on how cool your local cop shop is. Call them and ask...they may just help you out and extend from mid-March. EDIT.... Mid March would push it out to Mid June....2 weeks ago..... You may be SOL.
  10. In days of old, without a meter, you matched your shutter speed to your film speed (200 ISO film gets a shutter speed of 200 or thereabouts), and then used the "Sunny 16" mantra. F/16 aperture for a bright sunny scene, adjusting down from that. And always bracket if possible. Film boxes used to have a chart. I am sure 12 seconds on Google would get you the chart you need.
  11. I use a magnet tool holder that I got at Home Depot to store all my metal magazines on the door of my gun cabinet. Loaded or not, it holds the magazines perfectly. I have noticed no ill effects on the mags at all.
  12. Hi its Bill. I traded for your 2 holsters once before at range 14.


    I will take thos holster too.  How much .223/5.56 you looking for?

    1. dajonga


      Hey Bill,

      I don't know...what does $60 of .223/556 look like these days?

    2. Bellasdaddy


      I would say $8 for 20 rounds. What do you think?

  13. When I worked in firearms sales, I would show new shooters on a budget the 2022 all the time. The shop I was at sold quite a few of them, too.
  14. Tanner's has 500 rounds of 40 grain copper plated round nose for $17.99. They have 700 bricks coming in. Limit 5 per customer. They hit the shelves this Friday. I may try to get over on Friday for my 5.
  15. I replaced the buckhorn with a Marble bullseye and the front with a HiViz. Makes world of difference for not too much coin.