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  1. Exactly, it would still be a rifle, just without a stock... again in the real question is, does putting a brace onto a rifle convert that brace to a stock. Hard to believe it could be absolutely positively considered not to be a stock on a pistol but then immediately become a stock on a rifle. Actually, not that hard to believe with the way things are. Still curious about any legislature defining “stock”
  2. Again, what you’re saying is that removing the stock from a rifle turns it into something other than a rifle. Correct? I’m not suggesting the possibility of changing a rifle into a pistol, a firearm, aow, or any of that stuff. I’m simply talking about replacing a stock with a brace on a RIFLE. If removing the stock from a rifle turns it into something else, then the argument is dead right there, but I don’t see how that would be possible assuming the barrel is 16” and the OAL is 26” the more realistic argument IMHO is the one stating that placing a “brace” on anything other than a pistol or “firearm” would immediately reclassify it as a stock. That’s why I’m curious if there’s any legal definition of a “stock” in NJ legislature.
  3. You’re missing the point, I’m not arguing that it would be anything other than a rifle. It would just be a “stock-less” Rifle. According to that train of thought anyway. The argument remains that if a brace is used on something other than a pistol or “firearm” that it could then become considered a stock at either the state or federal level. I guess it would most likely depend on the definition of a stock, if one so exists.
  4. So what you’re arguing is that a rifle without a stock is no longer a rifle?
  5. Again, this is all just hypothetical. I made it a point to mention in the OP that I’m not concerned if doing something like this could/would land you in jail, because we all know the answer to that question. I’m just curious if it could be a legal work around, to have something on your rifle to provide a 3rd point of contact. Something that is not a stock, and could be adjusted for easy storage, transport, and different shooting positions. That is an excellent argument. This is why I’m curious if there’s any language in NJ law that defines a “stock”. I’m going to check out one of those ATF approval letters to see if there’s any reference to it being installed on a pistol only. Thanks.
  6. Err, let me try again now that I’ve re read your post If it’s legal to completely remove the stock from an AR style rifle and leave only then receiver extension, assuming that the rifle is compliant in every other way (16” barrel, 26” OAL, only one evil feature, etc) in that configuration, then why couldn’t one simply add a part that is not a stock, onto the receiver extension?
  7. I believe you’re missing the point. I’m not looking to transform it from a rifle to a pistol. Even if that were legal federally it would be nearly impossible to get the weight under 50oz with an adjustable brace. I want to keep it designinated a rifle, abide by the 26” and 16” barrel regulation, and simply run it without a stock. Forget the adding a brace aspect for a moment. Let me ask this, if I take the fixed stock off of my AK and leave just the pistol grip, have I changed it to something other than a rifle? Same as if I had a folding stock Ak with the stock fixed to the folded position.
  8. A shotgun is still a shotgun without a stock, why should a rifle be any different? As long as it’s 26” OAL or more I don’t see them changing the definition to anything other than a rifle..
  9. Also, if you’re not familiar with these braces you should do some research and perhaps watch some videos. They are indeed quite useful.
  10. Of course when I saw full size rifle I actually mean a legal size rifle, a carbine. And because it could collapse for more compactness and easy of transport/storage yet still give a 3rd point of contact.
  11. Hey guys. Sorry if this is inr he wrong sub-forum, but the mobile site only gave me one posting option. Anyway, with the recent popularity of adjustable pistol braces from companies like SB Tatical, Gear Head Works, KAK, etc etc I’m wondering what the legalities (or illegalities, more likely) could be for using one not on a pistol build, but on a full size and otherwise compliant rifle? These braces come with ATF paperwork specially citing that they ARE NOT a stock, at least federally. I’m wondering if and if so how NJ defines a “stock”. I very much appreciate any thoughts/insight. P.s. This is not a question of “if a cop sees you with this will you be arrested” we all know the answer to that and that here in NJ we’re guilty until proven innocent.
  12. I'm still acquiring parts. I'm working on both a DMR and lightweight race gun at the moment. Since the lightweight BC is so expensive I'm planning On sharing that between builds. Btw, I did finally pick up and install the polymer LPK from new frontier. Hard to believe that could even work consisting how cheesy and light it feels, but I'll be dammed if that trigger isn't excellent. Also EXTREMELY light. Like it doesn't feel like a LPK when you pick up the bag.
  13. I'm not sure what you consider "south" but here in the Deep South the best actual shop around here that I've found is Seagear at the foot of the cape May bridge. As far as one man operations go I've had great luck with John Terelli (may of butchered his name). His business is Soutb jersey small arms gunsmithing in Millville.
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