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  1. TTC in Flemington is 14 or so miles. Classic Pistol is about 17 miles over the border in Southampton, PA. Wicens in Furlong, PA is 11 miles across the border.
  2. Thanks for info. Added a link to photos
  3. I'm not looking to sell, but thank you for the heads up in potential value. He did carry an M-14 so that makes sense. I just want to halt the rust, remove what I can, and keep it for sentimental reasons.
  4. While cleaning out my dads house I found his sea bag from when he served in Marines back in the sixties. Inside was his bayonet with a decent amount of surface rust. I applied some clp for the moment, but am hoping someone more experienced could advise on basic restoration practices. Sheath says M8, but Bayonet says M6 on the tang https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1zah4DjqQGmIrhwmHaBqSYbx-iBBpKwVO?usp=sharing
  5. Been going to TTC almost three years. Really nice people, clean, well vented, and reasonable prices. Having to plan a bit more for a range trip in the short term, will hopefully keep them in the picture long term.
  6. It is a tomato pie which has a smear of golden mustard with the red sauce. I was skeptical, but it works. (If You like mustard)
  7. For a tomato pie I go to Palermo's outside Bordentown. The mustard pie at Papa's in Robbinsville sounds weird, but tastes great.
  8. The tragedy assistance program is a highly rated charity for Gold Star Families. My family usually donates on Memorial day rather than go shopping. https://www.taps.org/
  9. Duo lingo is a decent free app, which funtions across both mobile and pc platforms.
  10. All you need is a drum magazine
  11. Welcome! Princeton PD has been okay with permit turn around.
  12. Tackling some jerk over a purse I understand the policy, but a firearm, magazines, and ammunition? He did the right thing. This policy seems to say, "hey gangsters,and active killers, have at. We won't stop you!"
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