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  1. Welcome! Princeton PD has been okay with permit turn around.
  2. Tackling some jerk over a purse I understand the policy, but a firearm, magazines, and ammunition? He did the right thing. This policy seems to say, "hey gangsters,and active killers, have at. We won't stop you!"
  3. Which 10 round magazine to fix in place durability wise?
  4. I was there. It was terrible. I feel bad for everyone involved. TTC is a lovely place with friendly professional staff.
  5. Thank you for providing a scenario to put pt 1 in context.
  6. I don't have much different AR trigger experience beside an older Bushmaster, and alg combat I put on an AR build, but I will say it runs a bit heavy @ 7-8 pounds. It has very little uptake,short reset, and no mush. For range play and social work I think it would be fine, but isn't conducive to longer precision work. It did not come with LRBHO, but I bought on on gunbroker @$30 and it was a 10 second plug and play install. I've run the stock Ares pencil barrel upper, Bushmaster and Noveske upper on it and the swap is Easy and the fit has no slop. It reminds me a little of a Ruger Ranch as far as weight and pointability, if that helps. So far approx 700 rounds through it no issues. I am curious how long the return spring in the stock will last.
  7. Ah so. Quite right. I bought an SCR awhile back and don't really miss the pistol grip. I have an ambi charging handle to make racking easier. I can't reach the mag release w/o adjusting my grip. It might not be an issue for someone without stubby little fingers like mine or an extended release.
  8. I've got one. It's nice. My 15/30 pmags and 15/30 stanags work fine w/o modification.
  9. I've had both 455 and 512. still have the 455 which is a pleasure to shoot. Eventually sold the 512 and bought a 10/22 to fiddle with. 512 had wonderful fit and finish, shot well, but has an odd manner of disassembly and reassembly.
  10. I think this is a good start for Seattle. If only this had been in place in Colorado before James Holmes went on his rampage that additional $31 dollars in tax revenue would have prevented that tragedy. I think they should pass a law requiring Gun Free Zone notifications to be done in neon, or at least in a size 48 font, laminated, on sturdy card stock. Further more I think they should really review their CCW permitting process. It is entirely too easy for felons to get their permit. It only cost $50.75, AND the wait time is 30 days. Perhaps if they raised the price to $57.25 and made the wait 32 days there would be less gun violence by prohibited persons. Sheesh, you think as the home of Microsoft, Starbucks, and the Sea Hawks they would have their ish together. So disappointed in them.
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