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  1. Screwball, thank you that is what I was looking for. I understand forged vs cast but I do not want the opinions, the rifle is what it is. I have a better idea what to look for. You answered perfectly and if I do sell I can do it knowing I am not screwing the next guy. Value is only what someone is willing to pay for it. Thanks again
  2. Thanks, but this is seeming way too complicated. How do I know which parts are new and which are old? Better yet, who can look at it and tell me?
  3. Not looking for forged vs cast. Does not matter to me. I have one, it is a great shooter in great shape. What I am looking for is what is a fair value. I am thinning my stuff and this is not one of my go to rifles so I am looking to sell just not sure what it is worth. Please do not try and compare to a CMP rifle. it is what it is a, well made rifle. With it I will also be selling around 700 rds in clips, 400 or so of it in bandoleers with cardboard inserts. It is non reloadable Danish. not sure value. Thank youthanks for your help
  4. I do my rifle reloading using RCBS powder measures and 5 0 5 beam scales. For both bolt action and semi auto rifles. At 1 point I suffered from OCD and tried to squeeze every last 1/128th out of a round. I tried every technique and gadget thinking that I could be more accurate than the last. I discovered 2 things, 1, I do not have that much time or money to waste 2, I could not tell the difference at 300 yds between standard reloads and I think I am Joe Super Sniper rounds. The guys who shoot 1000 plus yards or compete for 1/128 inch wins or losses, it makes sense for them. I also do not meter every charge for perfect weight. I check every 10 or 20 rounds and if it is within +/- .002 it is perfectly acceptable and you will never know the difference unless you are loading everything at max powder charge, and even then you probably won't either. Just my experience over the years. I load for rifles from 1889 up to modern. Ask lots of questions and read lots of info. Everyone has their own quirks and will never agree 100% with someone else. Trial and careful error is how you will learn.
  5. Smooth no BS transaction, Nice guy to deal with thanks
  6. Smooth deal, nice guy, no BS. The way it should be. Thanks
  7. The NJSP advise local PD's to do this but it is not required. Some people are out of work, some are self employed. Not everyone has a boss, but it is one more BS way to harrass people.
  8. I was surprised how mild the recoil was on a Type 99. I just restored a nice 4th series Nogoya.
  9. Nothing surprises me anymore. Never underestimate the stupidity of a voter.
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