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  1. It won't show up on the NICS, it will show up on your Mental Health Background check. Unless of course you don't use insurance to pay for your doctor visits....then you might be ok.
  2. $1250-$1500. I think the place that Bergen County Officers go to in Oakland charges $1500.
  3. So I took tonight. It was really geared towards people who have never shot a pistol and wanted to give it a try. I've shot pistols and long arms before and knew everything they taught. I THOUGHT it was the beginner NRA course, which is what I really want to take. Either way, I got to shoot a bunch of different handguns(g17, xd9, kimber 1911 .22, an SA .22 revolver), as well as my own g21. At the end of the class I stuck around and got to fire one of the instructors high end 1911. I shot the best with that, but I'm still glad I got my g21. THey gave me a voucher for 30% off of the basic NRA course which was cool as well. Their range was kind of ghetto, but considering it's been a range since the early 1900's, I thought that was pretty cool. Besides, it's a gun range, does it really need to be pretty? I guess its one of those things. When I played in a band, I always loved those venue's that were total shit holes.
  4. My wife sent me the same thing. Figured for $85 I can't go wrong. Hitting up the Oct 6th class.
  5. Order a Glock 21 through galleryofguns.com and the closest AND cheapest FFL they could ship to was Wortendyke Arms in Midland Park. All I can say is what a painless and awesome experience. Jeff definitely went above and beyond. Besides being a nice guy, he is also one of the firearm trainers at the Bergen County Academy. So he went over a few things with the gun, how to do a basic field strip and suggested a few places to go shoot. Spent about 45 minutes with him and I tell you, if/when I buy another firearm, I will be purchasing through him.
  6. You pay a little up front, and then the remainder in cash when you pick up. They figure out what's what as to what amount goes where and to who. All I know is I owe $495.60 in cash when I pick up. Check out galleryofguns.com.
  7. I didn't, but only because their pricing wasn't exactly where I needed it to be. $699 + taxes and NICS. I paid $670 all included online.
  8. I'm intrigued by those sights, but let's see how much I like the standards. Since it's going to be mainly for HD, I'll probably end up getting the night sights at some point. Planning to take a class or two in the near future. G4H is most likely going to be the first one.
  9. Went back to the RO in Ramsey and had a much better experience!
  10. Put a down payment on a Glock Gen 4 G21. Ordered off Galleryofguns.com, and will hopefully be coming to a local FFL within the next week!
  11. Seriously! I can understand not wanting to waste time on tire kickers or window shoppers, as bas as it is, I understand. But if I have my FID and P2P in my hands, come on! PS, RO in Paramus around mid-day today was DEAD in almost every department. NO one even in the gun department, yet there were 2-3 salesmen in the area. Ramsey was a little busier, but they had more staff to handle all the customers.
  12. I plan to check out Meltzer's, but Ramsey is the town over from where I work, and Paramus is the town over from where I live. I should have. The Paramus location had workers just standing around shooting the shit with each other. I work in sales currently. If I had a customer walk into my place of business, I'm going to ask them if they want help, regardless of whether or not they looked at me. Just poor salesmanship if you ask me. The first time I went to look at a few pistols I went to a place in NY over the border with a co-worker. I walked in the door and was greeted before the door even closed. THat guy even knew I wasn't going to purchase that day, but still took 30 minutes out of his day to let me fondle everything I had wanted.
  13. Recently received my permits, and went to RO in Ramsey to look at some firearms. Figured I'd check them out and see what their pricing was like. Maybe find something used that was up my alley. Anyway, The RO in Ramsey was a little busy when I went, but still had a few people behind the counter NOT helping anyone. After looking for about 15 minutes, with permits in hand, I ended up walking out because even after making eye contact with 2 or 3 people, not one "Do you need help with anything?". So I decided to check out the RO in Paramus. Walked in with both permits in hand and walked out with a similar experience. It's unfortunate because I would have used either store to pick up cleaning supplies, safe, ammo, etc etc. Oh well. Anyone else have this sort of experience? And it wasn't just the gun department. I didn't have one person come up to me and ask me if I needed help anywhere throughout the stores. With the way the economy is, I'm shocked at the lack of service.
  14. Isn't the idea to be comfortable with whatever I buy? It WAS the first one on my list until I felt how cramped the grip was. It's just not tall enough.
  15. You know, when I search ammo, I guess it depends on quality and manufacturer. Some boxes of ammo in .45 aren't THAT much more expensive than their 9mm counterpart. SOME companies... Honestly, a Glock 17/21 are the front runners for the first gun. Hopefully I'll be able to shoot a bunch this weekend if I go to RTSP. They have the g17 AND the beretta...so I'll get those two out of the way. Obviously not all .45's will be the same, but I assume if I can tolerate and live with the "push" of a .45, It would be similar between a glock and another polymer...
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