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  1. Readington is awesome. They were fast and actually called me on my home and cell phone when they saw I forgot something in my initial application.
  2. Yes. A quick google search will give you a bunch of articles on it. It doesn't get much more public then her saying it in testimony/speech on the floor of congress. She gave it up at some point apparently but she had one for personal protection. Her current stance (with her gov't protection) compared to her quotes back then make my head hurt.
  3. Ah too bad. Since I'm on the outside looking in, I say it's a terrible decision! Hopefully next year brings better news to some of us that want to join up.
  4. Hi all. I've been a lurker on these boards for some time, I finally decided I was ready to get my FID and pistol permit. I must say the Readington PD process was quick and painless. It took roughly 23 days and the only extra item they wanted was a copy of a pay stub to verify employment. I'm not one to post too often but I'm enjoying all of the great information everyone provides.
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