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  1. I love this Thunder Ranch guy.. maybe in another lifetime I'd get out there.. "I went to cowboy shooting competition and I pissed everybody off because I showed up at the line carry concealed.." "just because your slide locks back and your out of ammo don't stop pointing it at him.. he probably wont know its empty.."
  2. I just bought a 4 pack today. Because the 4 slice tastes wayyyyyy better than the 8 slice.
  3. When you see him you gotta not be tense about it. You gotta be calm mature and resonaible. “Yeah I got a couple of old shoguns my dad gave me. Man we used to have good times hunting back in the day.:.. did you know there’s this rule where if I move I’m supposed to let the town know? I never even knew there was a rule but my new Neigbor mentioned it I saw all his fishing and hunting gear. So anyway, there was this question about seeing a doctor so of course I listed you why wouldn’t I? So just fill that out I guess right?”
  4. If you want to be really hip and cool, don’t attach the deck to the hose with a ledger anymore. Freestanding decks are all the rage if you read most DIY construction chat rooms. Yes you need more footers but the new wisdom is don’t fasten it to the house. You leave a small gap for water/snow etc.
  5. Did you just say that if no more coins are added to the supply that the price goes down? That the “demand” for coins is based on the supply of the coins? If you think the number of coins affects the utility/demand for coins (which drives the price) then we should just stop right there.
  6. raz I’m not really sure what your issue is. Is your point that it’s a “flaw” that as soon as nobody wants to post blocks that the system crashes? It’s clear you know more than most on here. But what’s with the “nobody wants” part? saying the system doesn’t work if nobody wants to maintain it is an exercise in immeasurable hypotheticals. It’s like saying well what happens when a 51% attack does occur? That’s like saying what will happen when aliens come to our planet. Well. We don’t know. But does that stop us from space exploration? I think you are underestimating the impact a global decentralized protocol will have. (Said with all due respect Raz that I know we are talking on a technical basis here).
  7. Link to hash power series. http://investorfieldguide.com/hashpower/ listen to these = get smarter. Here is a pro tip. You can play these 1.5x speed still understandable.
  8. It’s ironic that a board full of people who embrace freedom are against bitcoin. The purpose of bitcoin was to establish a global currency that could not be oppressed or stolen or controlled by a government or dictator or corrupt banking system. It’s the ultimate freedom. The white paper is called “a decentralized peer to peer currency system”. All you guys who want silver and gold because you don’t trust the banks or the government or are fearful of inflation? Satoshi is one of you! He just invented s way for that to happen digital, that’s all. But if you don’t want a “regulator” of your currency you need trust in something else to make it work. That trust is the Bitcoin operating system
  9. Once again nobody. I mean nobody really tries to understand what “the people who maintain the Blockchain” do. They are not MINING for bitcoin there is no “production cost” to get a bitcoin. There are approximately 2000 volunteers to want to add block transactions to the chain. They are called nodes. Anybody can plug in an be a node. There is a competition to add blocks to the chain. It’s designed to be random; but you can get an edge by having more computing power. Human nature people are greedy. They will invest in computing power to get an edge to solve the block and get paid some coins. Now read this part slowly it’s onky the 3rd time I’m posting it here. Whenever it becomes unprofitable to solve the Blockchain people who have $10k rigs will unplug. Does that mean the entire operating system stops!?!? NO IT DOES NOT. It just means someone who only spent $5k on their rig has a chance to solve it now. Then after they evtuuallu unplug the guy with a Mac Laptop can maintain the Blockchain. It’s perfect supply and demand. As long as the price of coin covers the cost of the guy who spent the most on ASICS then he will stay in the game. If “cost” of computing power gets to high then that guy will unplug. THAT HAS ZERO EFFECT ON THE PRICE OF BITCOIN. People are expending large sums to be nodes to win the coin because at this coin price level it’s profitable to be a Blockchain node. High coin price means very few concentrated winner nodes. The LOWER bitcoin gets it would actually entice MORE not less people to be nodes because now you can post blocks without an ASIC machine to be the winner. If the price of bitcoin drops to a hundred bucks then college kids in their dorms will plugging in to be nodes and they are doing the EXACT same process that the guy need to the Hydro plant is doing. It will just be easier for the college kid to get paid because he’s not competing with ASICS. If BTC goes to $100k then the super equipped computers will keep winning. Lastly every 4 years the prize for solving a block is less coins So the mining thing is not perpetual upward reward Right now you win 12 coins every ten minutes. Then it halves to 6 coins then 3 etc (It’s called halving that’s an important term) You guys need to make an effort to find out what Proof Of Work means. Google it. the word “mining” isn’t even the original Satishi white paper. The term mining was used to mean the trial and error search for the mathematical “riddle” that makes you the winning node of the next block, and your reward for that is a coin. theres just so many great YouTube videos explaining how this all works. If you spend a lot of time in your car listen to a podcast series called #HashPower by Patrick Oshaugnesey. You will learn what the bitcoin operating system is, what the SHA256 cryptography system is. What a decentralized ledger means, what ICOs are and what people invision the future will be. (Please note I have not mentioned in the above what the “value” of bitcoin is nor debate if it’s even necessary in the world it’s too polarizing of a topic. But the math/science/trust in the operation system is black and white. It’s just a matter of education on how it works. Even after you know it’s design you are still welcome to say “we don’t need that”. but the idea, the architecture, the decentralization, the trust imbedded in it is breathtaking. It’s not without flaws, scalability right now is an issue. (And that’s why litecoin was invented that’s another topic) It’s fine to think the price should be lower because it will never be widely adopted. But the argument for how big the “network effect” of bitcoin will be is completely independent of the science/math as the foundation for how the system operates.
  10. I have 19 of these mint condition brushed stainless cabinet pulls.. these may look round in the picture but they are OBLONG. I have the bolt hardware for them too. Cost new for these would be about $50.. i will ship at your cost.. or Paramus area meet up. shame to have these go in the trash.
  11. And now to make us all laugh fellas. (It’s all good by the way). The US government just shut down. Bitcoin never shuts down. Cheers. :-)
  12. And lastly regarding “how’s it doing now it went down 50%” let ye who doesn’t think gold ever went 50% down cast the first stone. ya know the Nasdaq when down 80%. Every asset has risks. Pick your poison
  13. You guys mentioning mining are so clueless words cannot describe. Did you guys get your bitcoin knowledge from yahoo news? Your ignorance wants to make me vomit. Have you even read the Satisho white paper? It’s only 9 pages. Do yourself a favor and read it. I’m okay debating the “value” of it. But please. It’s insulting you have no clue what mining is. There is no fucking floor to the price based on electricity. You make me laugh. Do you know what the miners do? Do you know what solving for the nonce is? Do you know the 600 second rule? If you don’t know then be ashamed trying discuss the operational aspects of it. Again, fine to discuss the global adoption network value in the future of it and bubble nature of any asset but please don’t bring up up bullshit about energy cost and unsustainably until you have smallest iota of knowledge about how the nonces are maintained and what “miners” do. I’ll give you a little hint. The lower the bitcoin price goes it means MORE not less LESS people will want to try to mine it and that means less energy used to solve the block. High priced coins means people can throw more ASIC power at it. (If yiu don’t know what ASIC means then again just STFU about operational side of bitcoin) if the coin goes down in value then the ASIC guys unplug and the GPU or CPU guys can maintain the ledger. I’ll say it again. Lower coin price means more miners not less becaise the Ferrari computers leave and the Toyota computers can mantain the system.). I can keep my mouth shut about valuations (still in the green since my OP across Ether and Litecoin) But i just can’t be silent and let you guys spout nonsense about how the network works. Ya know when gold was first discovered a lot of the environment was torn up looking for it. Why did they do it? Because it was profitable to the first guys to exploit it. The ASIC miners are throwing big bucks at it because it’s early and they will say “because we can, come and stop us”. But at some point they will pack up and the regular “pan handlers” will mine (maintain the ledger) for gold (bitcoin). i just want you guys to know the truth about how things work. If you don’t think $50k because a non fiat currency won’t get popular that I can respect. But at least really learn how the distributed ledger system operationally works before you talk about mining costs as an excuse. the entire point of a decentralized monetary system based on peer to peer census is that freedom means if guys want to have an edge and use ASIC maintain the lesger then good for them. Have at it. It doesn’t mean it lasts that way forever just like the guys who used water cannons to flush out the gold eventually move on. Again I respect if you feel that all currency needs a government backing for “trust” in that currency but i gotta set the record straught about the role of what the miners are doing. They don’t just dig for coins. They are the referees of the ledger. They don’t do it for free. The referees get paid. That payment is the coin. And they race to be the best referee. When the all star team decides they aren’t getting paid enough the JV team can move in. And the JV team can mainitian the ledger from their house, not from a hydro electric plant. Peace Out.
  14. Whatever you do do NOT buy that car. You’re totally not even considering the tax you will pay. Plus you will be paying the cost of car that was based on 36k miles when maybe it has 45 or 50 on it. Shit happens. You’re stuck. 3 months before lease is over they will beg you to turn it in early. If you like the manufacturer and want another one you say “well I was thinking about keeping this one. You want me to come early you take my car back AS IS right now then we will talk.” If you dont want same manufacturer you shop around and then say “I need a new car I need you to take back this one no cost to me”
  15. Just strap a rifle on...