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  1. Model AX11652. This is a "rifle" safe but i took the top shelf out so it could accommodate 3 shotguns. I still have the shelf if you want to put it back in. I covered the entire interior with soft felt material so my guns didnt bang the inside. I have the auxiliary external power pack in case the batteries ever run out. And yes that does work. I went like over 2 years without opening this safe, the battery had died. I plugged in the external battery pack and BOOM fingerprint worked first time. Amazon wants $360 + tax. I'm selling for $200. i am located near Paramus area.. i would travel up to 25 miles to meet you for delivery. Please make sure you know the size/specs on this if you are going to purchase. I kept 3 shotguns in it its snug but they fit. When i had an AR i dont recall if i could get my AR and the shotgun in it the receiver of the AR is way wider we all know. First to say i'll take it gets the item.
  2. Jeep Power Wheels with 18 volt upgrade: this is your standard Jeep Power Wheels, however i added the 18 volt MLToys upgrade. This is not a 18volt power drill battery upgrade. Google around for ML Toys power wheels and see. Its fast.. It does donuts. This guy is a little beat up (wheels are bologna skin) because its very fast. Price $150. The battery upgrade with charger cost $110 so youre getting the Jeep for $40. If you are a dad and you own a power wheels, get this to romp on. and then just transfer the battery to your other one. 12 Volt John Deere "Gator". This is less than a year old and is in great shape. Its a beast.. the large tires really make a difference. Walmart new price $400. I'm selling for $200. The power wheels fits in my SUV.. i'll have to check on the gator dont know if i can transport that one. willing to meet about 25 miles from Paramus area for sale. These are appropriate for i'd say 3 to 4 year olds. 12 volt is legit.. its the way to go with these things.. and of course 18 volt is just flat out fast for a 3 year old.
  3. 686 is spoken for.. pending inspection. If anything falls through i will update...
  4. so looks like the Prevail is spoken for.. regarding ejectors extractors.. i'm gonna have to figure that out.. i either dont remember or didnt even know the difference. i will post that later..
  5. I was very into clay games.. then you start a family and things change. These guns have not been fired in 4 years and have been in my vault the entire time. I will get back into clays but it'll probably be another 4 years from now. All three of these i am the 2nd owner of these and were a couple years old when i purchased. These were all shot very lightly and are in immaculate condition. lockups are solid.. really exceptional condition. Bottom pic: Prevail SV10 32 inch. Sporting model. (Prevails were only made sporting model). I bought this off of Shotgun World. I paid $1,700 middle pic: 686 White Onyx 30 inch. Sporting model. The barrel is actually 29-1/4 inch. The wrong choke was put into it (if you know about Berettas Optima/mobil etc). The barrel was sent to BRILEY and 3/4 inch was taken off the end and rebored by them. i got this gun from Joel Etchen. (when i asked about the condition/provenance of the gun i was told "thats easy.. its the manager's son's gun"). I paid $1,500 top pic: AL391 Teknys sporting. This gun does not suffer from the notorious "bent carrier" situation. Along with it i have the famous Seamus "disassembling the AL391" manual. bought off Shotgun World. cant remember the cost. for each gun i have the hard case and a ton of chokes..I have 2 socks. I have one unused soft foam case. I have different size butt pads (butt pad is off in the middle pic) i have cleaning kits stuff. I have like 2 cases of ammo i would split between the sales. Prevail: looking for $1,000 686 Onyx: looking for $900 AL391: looking for $900 (i dont mind keeping this one so a bit of premium) Buy all 3: $2,300 Buy both OUs: $1,600 I know there are very strict Classifieds section rules. this is a weird sale. I know guys will want to see more pics DM me your number. I know you will want an inspection before purchase too. The trap club in Fairfield would work for me. If you are interested but i am wayyy off on these prices (like i said i've been in retirement for 4 years) let me know and we'll discuss it. Thank you...
  6. If someone is selling long guns face to face and the new law says it has to be transferred via dealer for the checks. Someone please tell me what are the FID requirements of the SELLER? It’s been so long for me I don’t even remember if the old paper way had the SELLERS FID info on it. What are the new dealer rules doing? What if the seller cannot find his FID? What if sellers FID does not match his current address? Are dealers doing this check on the seller? Or only stringent checks on the buyer? I can understand HG would be very strict both sides But what about LGs?
  7. thank you regular guy. I don’t even know why I am stressing about it. With my luck once it’s installed I’m sure we don’t lose power for a decade.
  8. These were great explanations. I have a very technical question: is a CIRCUIT shed or is just the appliance shed? So I had to pick an AC to shed and yes like you said we would need to alter living conditions for the short term. That’s easy. But what if I wanted to “switch” which AC is the shed. Is it easy to switch? Is that switch done in the panel? Or is it a wire that runs to the appliance?
  9. This would be a Cummins standby Nat gas whole house generator. Every circuit “would work normal and one AC would load shed if it would cause an overload”
  10. Man. It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here. Time flies during lockdown. So I’m told because of small diameter gas lines that I can’t get a generator that can power the whole house. But alas he says you can get a smaller generator that load sheds. It was an extremely confusing conversation. We boiled it down that one of my 3 ACs would be on the load shed. But there was also some talk about like load A. And then load B. I’m totally confused. Is this all determined at the panel? Or at the generator? What I think is this: The generator goes on. I run my house normal. If too many ACs turn on then one “sheds”? Means it turns itself off? does it turn itself off or does it just not turn on? I’m totally confused. Then I have to pick which AC. Do they “shed” it at the panel or at the cindensor itself? What if later I want to switch what device is “shed”? Is that hard? Arrgh was like talking Latin to someone.
  11. Where can I find a track that has go karts for kids as small as 5? My kid has maxed out his power wheels that I’ve upgraded to 18 volt. It goes about 15 mph. The 25 volt Razor does not have an adjustable seat. I want to get him on go karts now. All the places I’ve called says 5 years old is too young. for the rentals. I was told there is a place in wall called mini outlaws or something but there is no phone number for them.
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