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  1. .. edit: misread something
  2. Someone call the AG and ask if it's illegal to lie to a cop.
  3. You never EVER call any police department or administrator to get an answer to something as grave as could be a felony. You have no idea who you are speaking to. And 99% of the time whomever you are dealing with will give you their personal answer just for a matter of public safety. "Can i have my mags loaded in the trunk?" "no" "can I drive around wth an unloaded shotgun in my front seat?" "no..... anything else I can help you with?" and worst off all if you did get jammed up in something the "well I called the office and they told me it was okay" defense will not save your ass.
  4. Well what are you defining as "be compliant"? I'm sure there are a ton of people in NJ who live in a place that does not match their FID and they don't care one bit.
  5. Ruger just released earnings and they were a blowout.
  6. I mean if you hate champagne then anything you get is worth it I suppose. I think you should invite friends over and give em a pop.
  7. If you're not a reputable wine guy I doubt you'd get really any money worth you're trouble selling it. Anybody who really wants to buy great wine (even faceless on the internet) wants some sort of confidence about the provenance.
  8. What's bad about the "leave multiple chips around". Is that the idea is that there are multiple chips around it leaves a higher chance that a child will get to it it.
  9. I'm confused.. so the part I get is that the technology is very cool.. what I don't get is that like how/when/where am I supposed to be carrying the chip? so lets say the chip is in a wristband of some sort. So like am I supposed to wear that wristband on me 24/7? Am I supposed to sleep with it on so that in the middle of the night I can access my weapon? I just saw a video that was a coffee table that had a false bottom that when and RFiD "card" was pressed on it the bottom swung open to release the pistol. So like do I carry that CARD in my pocket 24/7? Yes I think the technology is better than a finger print swipe but I'm just confused. How are you actually supposed to "carry" the chips around with you all the time? Or sleep with a band on? Shower with it? If you take it off to shower then you have left it laying around for a child to take. I think I would be prone more to leave my "chip" somewhere far away from the weapon when its actually needed. At least I know my fingerprint is with me 24/7
  10. Elon Musk says one powerwall battery with solar can run a 4 bedroom house lights outlets and refrigerator forever.
  11. I was taught paper faces the warm side. The garage is the cold side. So I would not want to have paper out. Attics in NJ should not see paper.
  12. If I take one of these home invasion classes and I told them "the scenario is it's late at night and someone is pounding on the door and I feel like I should have my gun in my hand" Will the instructors tell me how I should be opening the door or will they tell me "if you felt like you would only open the door armed you should probably just call the police that someone is banging on your door"
  13. I'm intrigued by harassment across the country. Do you live in NJ now? Did said harassment occur in NJ?
  14. Lowered to $25
  15. Howard please link where you see that it will only be available for Mobil devices ?