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  1. How this thing just lingers on FL for 72 hours from Wed to Saturday is just incredible. I’m guessing the evacuation lines are gonna be bonkers.
  2. noon model updates.. its shifting westward.. it no longer will cut across FL instead it is staying in the gulf but by staying in the gulf it is invoking a STALL. All 3 models have it in the gulf for AT LEAST 3 days before exiting. Also, the models are saying its a Cat 3/4 for sure. One one hand its a gift its not cutting across central Florida but if it stalls in the gulf the rain will be outrageous for 3 days non stop. good news for NJ it appears to be fizzing out by the time it goes over us October 2nd. However, i have no idea how much rain it could still bring with it. remember some of our worst flooding came from former 'canes now just "storms". "storm" "hurricane" "major hurricane"
  3. noon update shifting back to the west as opposed to cutting a swathe across central FL. its kind of amazing watching these model runs every 6 hours.. Shift more toward panhandle is better for NJ we want it to die out before it gets up to us.. However IDA last year was in midwest the entire time before it got to us and we got flooded with water.. 110mph seems to be concensus though across models for FL.. the GFS model was a panhandle strike yesteray, then ovenight it went to across central FL.. now its back to the panhandle.. coast guard has issued the "secure your boats warning for FL. i'll post again tomorrow afternoon.
  4. 6 am model updates: FL is gonna be toast in these runs.. the best case scenario is it doesnt stall. the worst case is it comes up the keys and rips diagonally across central FL over a 3 day period before exiting by Jacksonville. i dont remember the storm in 2004 i think it was that ripped through central FL and tore all the roofs off and subequently i think building codes changed after that.. for NJ the GFS model has it fizzling out way before it reaches us.. the CMC model has it over NJ as a Trop storm. about October 2nd.. link again for models: https://spaghettimodels.com/ then in upper left click "GFS" or "EURO" or "CMC" then on the right hand side advance the hours/days ahead and look to the formation in the gulf..
  5. 6 PM updates are showing NJ a lot less dangerous.. none are showing a "hurricane" over NJ anymore. thats great news. the models for 98L are now just a function of it is pounds the Gulf side of FL or the north eastern side. Jacksonville.. but good news for NJ so far.. lest we forget that IDA last year was not a hurricane but a tropical storm.. and there are still two more maybe formations in the Atlantic.. I'm sorry i project concern too much.. i used to live in a flood zone and it really changes your outlook on things.
  6. Both GFS and Euro model have it spending SEVERAL days spinning in the gulf as MAJOR hurricane. this is incredible.. Harvey that put 3 feet of rain on Houston stalled specifically at the land. This appears to be more in the middle of the gulf but 4 days? how far can the rain bands travel? what is storm surge like if its 4 days? the fate of NJ is unknown.. i will update often only because the stall over us was concerning. .. dont get me started about the other two formations to the east also.. next week there could be 5 named systems in the atlantic at one time, with 3 of them being actual hurricanes.
  7. 12pm GFS model update.. i'm not posting these because i think it will happen i am posting these because if it plays out its catastrophic. It will now stall in the Gulf for about 4 days pounding the gulf states. then when it flows up to NJ on Oct 3 it appears to stall over NJ for about 24 hours because its bumping into what i think is Gaston. It would be just under a Cat 1 during that time. If you think a near cat 1 hovering over NJ for 24 hours is a bad thing.. then its time to pay attention.. model is below: https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=gfs&region=atl&pkg=mslpaNorm
  8. GFS model updates every 6 hours. i will post updates here just for the sake of potential preparedness.. Especially if you have interests in western FL. Category 4/5 probably requires evacuation.
  9. Cat 4/5 on the panhandle on Sept 30th.. then meanders to directly over NJ as Cat 1 on October 2. https://www.tropicaltidbits.com/analysis/models/?model=gfs&region=atl&pkg=mslpaNorm clicks through the numbers on the right (thats "hours ahead") to start advancing it toward 9/30. watch the development in the Gulf.. another model has it stalling in the gulf as a Cat 2 for 4 days! check your sump pumps stuff now..
  10. Looks like over an hour away for me. Probably wouldn’t get a delivery that far
  11. i need to extend my patio. its probably going to be that although i need less than 50 square feet, i have to buy the entire pallet which is 100sf. if you want to partner with me and take the other half the pallet (or even more than half if I use less than 50sf) you can have it for $183. Pallet delivered to me is $730. half of $730 = $365 but you can take it for $182. here is the product: https://www.techo-bloc.com/shop/slabs/blu-60-slate/ and the color would be "champlain grey" you'd have to come retrieve it from paramus. PM me if you are interested we'll discuss the logistics. I will give a finders fee to anybody who can source this product in LESS than ordering a full pallet.
  12. My dilapidated deck needs a facelift.. i'm looking for contractor recomendations in Bergen County. Would like someone who is licensed and can show pics/portfolio of work done since i'm going into this blind as opposed to reco from a friend. I'd prefer someone who is experienced with very modern style materials like cable rail systems, steel posts, vinyl/PVC trim etc. So i guess i'm looking for a deck artist right now as opposed to a deck "builder". thanks..
  13. If you mean a place to put your water bottle? yes it has a cargo kit.. :-)
  14. this is still available. its a size "M"
  15. Sorry for the late reply.. i responded to DMs.
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