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  1. got this umbrella end of season last year. however, we just rearranged out patio layout and a 10 foot umbrella is no longer needed. i got it from this site: https://www.midtownumbrellas.com/the-lean toggle to 10 foot. its $199 plus tax. i'm selling for $89. The color is what i would call a dark navy blue, on the site they call it "midnight". I am very pleased with the quality of this umbrella, i've actually just bought another one same company , just smaller size because of our new layout. You cant go wrong with this umbrella for $89. (stand/base not included) located in Paramus area. If any serious interest i will post a pic..
  2. this model: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Little-Giant-6-CIA-ML-1-3-HP-Submersible-Automatic-Sump-Pump-506160/205030763?g_store=&source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&&mtc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D26P-026_005_PUMPS-NA-NA-NA-SMART-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NEW-NA&cm_mmc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D26P-026_005_PUMPS-NA-NA-NA-SMART-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NEW-NA-71700000081569455-58700006932068292-92700062338492157&gclid=CjwKCAiA85efBhBbEiwAD7oLQKsxHUgJKPs1vtTGu0tOipyvrf4S247mfXyyK3O_0RcLpfLsJxgOjBoC6ywQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds probably 8 years old.. never used.. always kept it as a backup but my new setup is a float and the old one was the "auto pressure on" switch. so take note this is the kind that works without a float.. $162 after taxes from Home Depot.. i'm selling for for 50% off.. $81.. Pick up in Paramus..
  3. okay.. i get it.. its the carry reason.. yes.. but prior to that i had recalled the tone of the board here was that for all the anti-gun stuff this state was pushing that at least if you posessed a gun in a legal way (home premises or to/from range) that if you got jammed up the first issue you'd have to deal with was NOT "do you own this gun?".. because this state hated all guns, it didnt matter if you owned it or not.. it was the POSESSION that was the issue.
  4. Sorry reviving this topic. Dumb question: why is it important you have a doc that proves you bought/own the gun? In what situation do you ever need to prove it’s YOUR gun? As long as you know you procured it legally, and like you know the gun wasn’t used in a felony or whatever… why do you need to prove ownership? I don’t believe you need to prove ownership to sell it.
  5. apparently all i had to do was Google around.. ill make some calls. thank you for the referral, that company has some pretty good reviews.
  6. i've really had it with the hard water in bergen county. my six year old boiler/furnace heat exchanger core just broke and i truly believe its the hard water. my finished basement has like ZERO room in the mechanicals area. a year ago i asked a plumber about the new GE unit its quite compact and he said he wouldnt install it "i'm not familair with it and if it fails later you will blame me." (okay i kinda get that). the garage is on entire other side of house of city water supply. i think the GE unit can get in a corner but i'd need to be able to "slide it over" if my electric panel needed a major service. So basically i need to find a plumber/installer who will really sort of customize how/where i want to install it. and also the sump drain is right there to.. thats another thing you have to think about discharge. i'm a pretty handy guy but i need to plumb out: split off city water with a bypass, then plumb around the irrigation/lawn supply, then plumb over to the GE unit but make it easily accessible if i had to do the aforementioned "slide over". But all i know about "compact" systems is what i know from googling around.. maybe a dedicated company can suggest a split system or something.. i dunno..
  7. thats right.. take these youth LEFTY golf clubs for free.. (how someone from my loins is lefty is beyond comprehension..) but he writes right handed people tell me thats a special power somehow.. and this BILT brand youth helmet size MEDIUM (50-51 cm) is extremely lightly used.. minimal scratches, i can send more pics.. i'd say total time this helmet spent on my kids head was 100 minutes. Bergen County..
  8. these are gone.. actually got money for them on Craigs.. sorry i didnt respond. I feel awful listing things here then dont respond.. i wont let it happen again..
  9. yes, i responded to your DM. sorry for the delay.. i havent been checking the board..
  10. this is a desktop, not a laptop. 1 years old iMac. comes with Apple Care until 2024. bought for my son, but he now wants to pivot to PC instead of Apple products. Specs: MacOS Big Sur iMac (24-inch, M1, 2021) Chip Apple M1 Memory 8 GB device is in mint condition, the keyboard and mouse are unused because he was using gaming peripherals. we went to trade this into Best Buy for $400 credit and two guys behind the desk said we are crazy and can get $1,000 for it because it still has Apple Care on it. Brand new 24" units start $1,299 and apple care is like $300? i'm asking $950. I have the original box and documents. meet up in bergen county.
  11. soooo.. i had custom molded ear plugs made years ago.. i wore those.. and i wear howard leight muffs.. thank you for posting about how the plugs might have aggravated something.. i'll make an appointment at the ear doctor.. thanks!!
  12. shot indoors first time in years.. i was plugged and muffed and range wasnt even that loud.. no rifles.. and yet i SWEAR right now my already bad tinnitus is like 2x worse and its been 5 days later. Has anybody read/heard about that once you have tinnitus it makes you massively more at risk for more damage. honestly i can swear right now i never want to shoot again i cant take it getting anymore worse than this right now.. i mean is it possible that just the vibration of gunfire can rattle your skull and make your tinnitus worse?
  13. the "grid" of the tile allows water to flow through easily. i can hold them for a couple of weeks if someone says they will take them..
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