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  1. Regarding "it's too heavy". If this is for clay sports you're only holding the gun for 3 seconds at a time. Between shots waiting for your turn you are resting your barrel on the pad. its 95% waiting your turn 5% shouldering it. Maybe atshootup meet ups people are holding the gun in their hands all the time to not offend the loaner. i see guys with $7k guns resting on the pads. rest. Relax
  2. The CONCRETE telephone poles got blown over that's incredible
  3. I get that all else equal you would never voluntarily pick a town that is outright firearm biased. Because your enjoyment would be stifled. But I think for longer term happiness you should be thinking about the town taxes as percentage of cost of house first and then the permits to concur yours plans or not. If youre rich and it doesn't matter, then you might not care.
  4. Hmmmm. My name isn't Debbie BTW.
  5. 4 Raymour Flanagan "Logan" dining room chairs. Bought a couple months ago for a dining room area never used. Seriously there is less than a dozen butt count rounds on these chairs. Brand new they are $139 each (I think I paid more but that's what's on the website now). I am offering for $75 x 4. Serious, as new condition. Chairs are fine, just going in a different design direction Location Paramus.
  6. Am I the only one who got the awesome joke about the house used to be a gas station?
  7. Best video review of this gun is that guy from Thunder Ranch. Compare that to the Hickock45 review and boy you really learn a lot.
  8. So besides for HD of course to save your ears if you are shooting in your house, but for most of us who will never be in a place where we would shoot a pistol outdoors on private land tell me when suppression is usable? If even ONE person at the range is shooting non suppressed you gotta keep your ears on. Believe me I'm not being a hater. I will be first to buy threaded pistol for the home (after i learn pros and cons of fumbling in dark to put on the can because nobody has a pistol box large enough to keep the can on
  9. The issue of "why don't people common sense have storage already?" My guess is it boils down to SPACE. That would be the first issue for me. Where would I keep 40 gallons of fuel? I'm not just thinking containers but I mean location? Don't want it in the attached garage. So then where else? Even ten cases of water. Most people's homes as jammed with clutter already. produce a creative way to store water and fuel for a typical house With typical family and I'll bet you get rich.
  10. Regardless wheee it goes both models have it a CAT5 at landfall I believe. One run said like 870mb.
  11. Why do professional landscapers with years of experience still do the mulch volcano? It's indisputable that it's a major No no but yet they still do.
  12. Do it fast. Irma will be Cat5
  13. The Hubble module is CAT5 size plug. Not regular phone size. BR 866JC. And also the pins don't line up. So I'm back to the drawing board.
  14. KRD you lost me there. But the CAT5 nuances you mentioned don't matter for this. The CAT5 wired in the hiuse all goes to a separate block. My ordeal right now is regular ol POT. The back of modem is POT I just need a POT female on the block. I just ordered the Hubble it will arrive in 2 days.
  15. This info will help: It's a new house. The guy who wired the house ran the POT from the rooms all down to the basement and fed them onto the block and ended it there. I guess the iseas was to leave it open ended for homeowner to decide optiimum or VZ. So here I am with a wired block and a modem and I just want to connect the two. So remember there is no "original" phone connection. The alarm is all cellular. do I plug the Hubble adaptor onto the pins horizontal or vertical? I'm guessing vertical right i want to make contact with at least two of the 4 wire POT right? I don't need to touch the pins on the "other side" of block because I'm just melding the modem to the POT wire coming from upstairs. Right ?