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  1. Barms

    Drum Kit

    And it’s gone.
  2. Barms

    Drum Kit

    now offered for free.. shame to put it in garbage.
  3. Dirty thanks for posting that but I had read that too. It barely addresses the questions I had I was hoping to get a review from someone who attended. Thanks though
  4. In 2019 we went to Monster Jam at MetLife. We arrived at 6:30 for the 7:00 show. This year my son says he wants to arrive earlier to walk around the trucks. My questions: 1. Is walking around the trucks before the show a separate thing from the Pit Party? I think It said Pit Party starts at 2:00. If Pit Party is something different than just being able to walk around the trucks in the parking lot, is the parking lot trucks free of charge? Like what I mean is do you need to present tickets just to even get to the pre show hang out with the trucks? im asking these specific questions because it is an extremely long event and my wife is no way gonna arrive at like 5:00 for a 7:00 event that will go to 9:00. so please offer me some advice oh how I make a 6 year old happy enough that we were able to walk around the trucks but not have it be 5 hour event in total. in 2019 at 6:30 it seemed like all the trucks were just pulling into the stadium area to prepare for the show and that is when my son was like “I wanna see them up close next time” Thank you !
  5. Barms

    Drum Kit

    7 piece drum kit. I purchased this pre-owned for my kid.. he has lost interest. Priced to sell. seat/throne is not included Paramus area. PM me if you want sizes/measurements. All pieces function fine nothing is broken, but its not a sparkling new set. $100. I'll drive up to 20 minutes for meet up. First to say i'll take it gets it.
  6. Well I was expecting it to be some sort of “commercial grade”. I mean not a $2,000 one but several hundred dollars at least. I was going through over $10 a weekend in ice during the summer anyway. I fill up a large cooler of ice in the back each Sat and Sunday during the summer to keep all the kids drinks cool, and a dozen cans of beer all the time. When you have a pool and young kids the gatherings turn from nothing to something fast. When you said “tank” you mean like a tank that can be filled by hand?
  7. Regarding freezing my own trays: too much work. I want like a constant 12 pounds of ice at the ready. This summer there was just way too many unexpected gatherings. Thanks for the feedback on the height that ain’t gonna work. I’m pretty handy with the pex i just don’t want any holes in the garage walls. I could just buy a freezer and then just do one ice run for 12 pounds each time. It’s just one less stress I want each summer “oh shit I gotta get ice”.
  8. I want to put an ice maker in the garage. One that would hold about 12 pounds of ice. There are many for sale. I have a question about water supply. Ideally I don’t want to run a water line to inside the garage. I’m wondering if I could just rig up a gravity Fed line line to the machine. Like have a bucket of water up above the unit to flow down a poly line to supply the water when it wants to make ice. Do you guys think an ice maker needs some sort of PSI water flow to supply it?
  9. Yeah. They did a ticker change. Was AAXN. now AXON
  10. Reiterating AXON. (The former Taser and now dominant police body camera maker)
  11. I lost my cool couple weeks ago ranting to Sniper about coin. Drank too much wine and I’m ashamed of myself and gave myself a timeout. I want to apologize and don’t know why I got so fired up. I don’t even want to go back and read it, seriously. I’m not commenting about coin anymore. Congrats to all the longs in BTC and ETH. Buy the dips. $100k next. Stay humble. Peace and Love.... peace and love....
  12. Obviously me and Rutgers follow the same guys. Hey sniper: If I you create a Coinbase account I will send you 1/2 a bitcoin just so I can stop you from warning us about the crashes. If you own some will you just stop it? I would send you a whole one but a half a one is up 100% in a month. Just stop man. You can dunk on us all you want when we are defeated but as of now it’s SO MUCH WINNING so just stop. It’s like I know a buddy of mine I’ve been telling him to buy for like 5 years and he keeps telling me about money laundering and terrorist financing and I’m like it’s 50x in your face and your still preaching to me Just give up. I don’t know why it bothers me so much but you just can’t help yourself to comment negative about the coin Look at the scoreboard man. I’m not telling you to buy. If it’s not your gig that’s fine but stop it with the “oh oh looks like it’s gonna crash”
  13. Hey sniper. At what price of bitcoin up will you stop talking about the “crashes” that bitcoin holders don’t give a rats ass about. You do know there has not been an asset ever before thar goes up the way bitcoin has. You know what we do when it “crashes”. We buy ficking more and it puts in another 5x from there. So at like what price in the future will you give up? $50k? $75k? $100k? We don’t give two fucks about the crashes when we believe the next turn is all time high again. So please. Just tell me the number? 2x from here? When I’m 10x up will you still tell us to watch out for the crashes? When I’m 20x up? I mean just stop it. Just call it a ficking home run for people that own it and move on. Jesus I can’t take it anymore when there is so much winning and someone is like “ oh but watch out for the crash”. Just be happy for the winners for crying out loud. It’s almost like you HATE that there is so much winning in bitcoin. It’s crazy Why do you hate it so much?
  14. AAXN up another 5%. I am reiterating there is no limit to how much revenue this company can get as body cameras and Tasers become mandatory for all police.
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