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  1. So as of now with NJ laws the threaded barrel is allowed because there is no pistol grip. Is that correct? And can any brake be put on it? Not welded? Please just remind me again the reasons why this threaded barrel is NJ legal? Don’t want to be a pain we are just so programmed to believe rile + threaded barrel = illegal
  2. Before we get that technical remember this basic about rifle sites: The red dot sit a couple of inches HIGHER than the barrel. Pistols are not like that. Just imagine if your dot or sites was perfectly horizontal, and If the bullet came out horizontal and defied gravity then every hole would be a couple inches below the bullseye. So: to account for this you want the bullet to “rise” a little bit (or you want your sites to angle down a little bit) but really is the former because of gravity but bear with me because I’m just trying to get you to understand height differences between sites and barrels. so that is a good explanation of why of course at 50 yards you are not hitting the same spot as 25. Because your barrel angle is never coming out straight from the beginning. If you are a bullseye pistol shooter and then start getting into rifles it is a real mind fuck trying to process how you have your rifle sites on the bullseye but the bullet doesn’t go there at different ranges. Those sites being HIGHER than the barrel is a real predicament if your goal is to hit the little red target only.
  3. What scares the piss out of me is that if you hold the revolver same fighting grip as your pistol you blow your fingers off weak hand from the side blast? Is that true ?
  4. Forester Whitaker eye is perhaps the greatest meme I’ve ever seen. How did that guy get so popular with that eye? Could it be that his performance in Fast Times at Ridgemont High was so great that thespians look past it?
  5. Cheers to you taking in your mom, man. God bless.
  6. These are the kind that compress inside the door/hallway. I have three of them. 2 are very classy looking brown iron looking. With auto swing close. One is brown wood. These are not cheap plastic the metal ones are $55 each new If you have a newborn this is good deal. $50 for all 3 gates. Paramus. If interested PM me and I will send pics.
  7. Always good debates about how wide your pellets get at what distance. There are some who say wider is better “you just need to nick the bird”, to “wider is not better if you are constantly off target the bird can sail between the wide spread.” i think the best advice I heard for wanting a tighter spread is that it will make you want to improve more. Yeah it’s adequate to chip birds. But VAPORIZING them is the shit. And you don’t vaporize then with a wide spread.
  8. Salt like my post post is salty? Or SALT ? i hope it works. I’m just trying to save people from thinking this is automatic. It’s not.
  9. He created a law that said a municipality can create a charity. Then that town if it wishes will apply credit to your property or school taxes if they wish. This does not automatically mean the IRS is okay with that charitable deduction. Ernst and Young is already out saying fat chance Uncle Sam will believe you got no services from said charity. File taxes at your own peril. The purpose of this post is to stop people from spreading fake news “Murphy says I can now deduct my property taxes as charity”
  10. That right there is the nightmare and why you can’t be careless about this. People I think will really want to test again even though you have a “certification” perhaos there is a way you can think of what the all in price of that demo work would be Then just hang onto that and when you go to sell the house you list the house and then after the buyer learns of the tank you say “I’m giving a $xxxx credit for the demo work
  11. I saw the email too late. Was anybody at North Jersey Trap Saturday for the CZ promotion? Just wondering what it was like? It said pistols would be there too but I’m sure just for handling.
  12. This brings up an interesting issue. So, anytime you sell a house you will be asked was there ever a tank. You will say yes it has been removed. You will provide the paperwork HOWEVER the new buyer may still want a soil sample or someone else to check it. Let’s jjist say that a test comes back bad. What do you as the seller do? You pray that you go back and get recourse from the company. What if they are gone? if we lived in a world where a piece of paper from the company and a sign off from the town was suffice for every buyer then I’d say do it ahead of time. But if there is a chance, just a chance that years later someone says “contrninsted soil” then you are screwed. I think maybe I would go to contract with a buyer. Tell them there is a tank and you will pay to have it removed. The tank gets removed you show the buyer the documents they say okay you get the hell out of dodge. Maybe I’m too conservative and buyers are like “yeah there was a tank but this piece of paper says we are good to go.” But I’d just be too worried all the time “did they really get it all?” if you do the removal at the time of sale the new buyers will much more confident it was done and you get to leave knowing the buyer said “it’s good”
  13. Just thinking about this more as I’m updating thoughts about my will. Honestly; unless your kin is really stoked to get a firearm, then don’t burden them with it. All this crap about kin not knowing what to do with firearms... it’s irresponsible of you to leave firearms to unready people. My will will give guns to someone I know is prepared to take them instead of my kin who is unprepared. You may value your firearms more than your car, but for people unprepared for firearms it’s stress, not money And with NJ laws you might get them in jail It’s shameful to read repeated posts “what do i do with my dead fathers guns?”
  14. Really kitten kaboodle or auto prompt?
  15. Can someone opine if we go more evil features laws in NJ will this rifle fall into scope? It is not a pistol grip. And if you go crown barrel that is not a brake issue. Would it just be a semi auto rifle with detachable mag? Would that never be an assault rifle?