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  1. I took down a deck that was attached to the house with a ledger board. That area now needs to be re-sided. Its a tough predicament because its such a small job, its only like 24 inches high by about 12 feet wide. After 3 phone calls last fall i actualy got the guy who built the house to come by, he said "sure, i can do it when i get some down time". I havent heard from him since. i get it. its a small job. I'm a pretty handy guy and out of desperation i could probably watch youtube videos and figure out how to patch this by myself but i think id get lost on trying to match the color and i only need a small amount of material i'd have no idea where to buy a small amount. So i'm gonna try here if anybody knows a vinyl siding company who wouldnt mind doing what i suppose would be a 30 minute job. I am fully aware that i would need to have his fee make it worth while for the project even though its such a small patch job.
  2. Wow havent been on the board in a while and happy i saw this thread. Im in the market for a "slimmer" pistol case. We are getting new bedroom furniture and my existing BARSKA top opening (13 years old) will not fit in the new night stands.. NJ Sig and FDHog are you pleased with how the fingerprint response is on this Vaultek? thanks..
  3. "mesh" style.. i used this for sporting clays about 6 times.. gave up the sport years ago just discovered i still have it.. they dont make this exact style anymore so i cant comp the price but similar ones go over $100 new.. the size is MEDIUM. if you want it but you hate the fit you can back out of the deal. I'd ship it too if you cover the cost.. Paramus location.
  4. send me a DM and i'll put it outside for you to come and take..
  5. Barms


    this is the greatest storm models forecast i've evers see in my 500 years:
  6. Barms


    whats a knot? :-) BTW... i just learned today that sometimes when you embed a link it will UPDATE. check out my original post.. now the visual is dated today Sept 11.. yet i posted it last week... and if that one path to NJ becomes true.. it will be the first time on record that a hurricane follows the outlier path.. its true.. i've been tracking storms for 500 years.
  7. Barms


    you must be fun at parties.. If i said "reading" then only storms that have been measured apply...
  8. Barms


    Models have Lee project to reach top wind speed of 205 mph.. It will be the highest reading of any storm ever in the Atlantic
  9. Barms


    more spaghetti strands closer to the coast...
  10. Barms


    you can always count on me to talk about a potential hurricane 7 days or more away. Hurricane LEE seems to be veering more and more west with each model update. It will be a major storm regardless of it hits the coast or not. Keep an eye on it.. All the focus on this storm will be if it is not able to keep pushing east as it heads up the atlantic coast. Just as recent as this morning there was not a single model run that had it touching the US coast. Now simulations have it hitting Massachusettes.
  11. ants were never an issue.. it was crickets and beetles.. and any other insect that touched down by the front door porch because they were attracted to a light. its amazing really how everything at the perimeter of our house would be dead. which means nothing gets in the house which means happy wife..
  12. had to fire the exterminator was using for past two years. year one was great. But this year i have no idea how it got so bad. I was paying (each month) for the quarterly year round spray/barrier, and then a spring summer mosquito treatment.. In June i had noticed they hadnt been to the house at all in 2023. He apologized, but made no attempt to offer a rebate. I let it go because was so pleased with the peronnel and results. But i made it clear that i dont want to have to call in July and ask again "why didnt you come". Well sure enough he didnt come in July. It just boggles my mind why they wouldnt put the people with annual contracts at the top of the list.. so anyhow i'm looknig for recos. we want the year round (in this case they sprayed quarterly) perimiter house spray to keep all bugs out. i'd be interested in knowing if you are on a regular annual plan and they dont miss treatments. thank you.. (no, i'd rather not out-them on here.. honselty their google reviews are good, and its just sad our relationship fell apart, i really had liked them, but fool me once shame on you..fool me twice shame on me i cant keep paying you if you wont show up.)
  13. got this umbrella end of season last year. however, we just rearranged out patio layout and a 10 foot umbrella is no longer needed. i got it from this site: https://www.midtownumbrellas.com/the-lean toggle to 10 foot. its $199 plus tax. i'm selling for $89. (NOW FREE) The color is what i would call a dark navy blue, on the site they call it "midnight". I am very pleased with the quality of this umbrella, i've actually just bought another one same company , just smaller size because of our new layout. You cant go wrong with this umbrella for $89. (stand/base not included) located in Paramus area. If any serious interest i will post a pic..
  14. this model: https://www.homedepot.com/p/Little-Giant-6-CIA-ML-1-3-HP-Submersible-Automatic-Sump-Pump-506160/205030763?g_store=&source=shoppingads&locale=en-US&&mtc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D26P-026_005_PUMPS-NA-NA-NA-SMART-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NEW-NA&cm_mmc=SHOPPING-BF-CDP-GGL-D26P-026_005_PUMPS-NA-NA-NA-SMART-NA-NA-NA-NA-NBR-NA-NA-NEW-NA-71700000081569455-58700006932068292-92700062338492157&gclid=CjwKCAiA85efBhBbEiwAD7oLQKsxHUgJKPs1vtTGu0tOipyvrf4S247mfXyyK3O_0RcLpfLsJxgOjBoC6ywQAvD_BwE&gclsrc=aw.ds probably 8 years old.. never used.. always kept it as a backup but my new setup is a float and the old one was the "auto pressure on" switch. so take note this is the kind that works without a float.. $162 after taxes from Home Depot.. i'm selling for for 50% off.. $81.. Pick up in Paramus..
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