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  1. Barms


    lol. What about the people who bought Snapchat or Blue Apron IPO with home equity or a cash advance on their credit card? Cmon. Don’t conflate risk management with a good debate about this topic. SNAP is down 75% in 10 months. Blue Apron is down 84%
  2. Barms


    For those who did buy at $10k or higher, why would they ever sell? BTC is an option that never expires. You never sell an option that never expires. If you bought it because you think you’d earn 10% or 20% then just own stocks. But if you are in it for 5x or 10x then you’d never sell. There is no time decay against you
  3. Barms


    More bullish now than ever before.
  4. Barms


    Great timing to revive this thread actually. Yesterday was the exact ten year anniversary of the first bitcoin block. So it’s a ten year scam, a ten year bubble, a ten year manipulation, what have you. Every day it doesn’t go to zero just means it will live longer. i don’t think Tulips lasted ten years. And if you held bitcoin for the past ten years even with an 80% drawdown from the peak you “earned” like 100 times more money than if you held that long in a bank account.
  5. Barms


    So some manias are bad and some are good. Sometimes a mania brings notice to something that otherwise wouldn’t have been noticed. So for all the people who bought a “little” at the top and then spent the rest of the year diving down the rabbit hole and got enlightened about what a farce the fiat system is and how much a savior that non censored money is to the 4 billion people on the planet who use bitcoin as freedom (Time Magazine, not me). Well then for those who spent a little at the top and a LOT at the bottom then I say 3 cheers for the mania. Edit not 4 billion users, 4 billion population who live in countries with like. 10 thousand percent inflation
  6. Barms


    I’ll save this.
  7. Barms

    Baby gates. Free

    I have 3 different baby gates to give away. 2 are nice brown iron looking ones. One is all wood. The iron ones have a couple of extensions too. Paramus area. Mesage me if you want link to exact model. Paramus area. Free. (Or box of 9mm would be a nice gesture.
  8. Barms

    Weather eye

    Models are saying regardless of where in mid lantid it hits it will then stall and stay near coast for a while. That means HUGE rain. And two more storms behind it.
  9. Barms

    Port forward misery.

    I lucked out. My installer called me and I have him my Optimum log in and he did it remote he knew what the IP of the DVR was. I will snap a picture of the settings for if it happens again. Thank you all for guidance!!
  10. Barms

    Port forward misery.

    Yes. YouTube is telling me 80 and 10554 my bloody issue is where on that screen shot do I type in the IP address? Where does it say IPV4? its like the worst user interface. And what is difference between Port and Forard To Port? Do I just make them both 80?
  11. Barms

    Port forward misery.

    On Optimum is it the Port Triggering tan instead?
  12. Barms

    Port forward misery.

    I reset my router hoping to get my internet faster. It worked. Bad news is it knocked out my Hikvsion cameras. I had a pro do the installation. I’m lost now. I’ve watched some videos on how to add the port to router but man Optimum router not looking anything like YouTube videos. I’m gonna try to attach a pic. “Select a Host?” What’s that? And I don’t even see where to put in the IP address? If anybody has done Optimum port forward please a little help.
  13. Barms

    32 foot extension ladder.

    I foolishly bought a 32 foot ladder not considering how hard it is for one person to operate. It’s aluminum/metal. I’m just not professional enough to maneuver it I bought it for $75 from a moving sale. I’m asking $45 just get it to someone who would really utilize it. Kind of embarrassing I feel lame this ladder is too much for me. Message me and I will send a pic if you want. It’s is a solid beefy ladder. Paramus area.
  14. I must be crazy. Because I read the bills and I don’t find it confusing at all. have a semi auto that holds more than 15 now illegal. Use magazines that hold 10 or less if you want a functioning firearm. If there exists a firearm that will not function if altered to hold less than 15 then you register it. If you own mags more than ten you get rid of it, you surrender to police, you make it an inoperable relic or you modify it to only hold ten. Modifying is allowed it must be considered permanent. Just sticking a block or a pin in the bottom which you could just switch in or out easily is not permanent is considered temporary.
  15. How many 30 round and 20 round AR modified mags are you guys carrying around now but somehow now carrying a 15 round pistol mag modified to ten is illegal? I’m really flummoxed why modified 15 rounders was okay but modified to ten is not? and I still can’t believe I’m hearing in places that registering allows you to keep a 15 magazine. Or that you need to register to possess a modified ten it’s last page of the bill. 1[4.]5.1 (New section). ......during this time period the owner or a semi automatic rifle or magazine shall: a. Transfer it... b. Render it inoperable or permantly modify a large capacity magazine to accept ten rounds. Or c. surrender it If I felt fine possessing 4 20 round AR mags modified to 15 I feel fine possessing my 15 round pistol mags modified to ten after I hope someone here comes up with a simple way. I’m happy to give you my money for conversion.

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