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  1. I'm considering buying a Roku TV primarily used for kids. I want to check the website for what channels are FREE. But free is not easily identifiable. I would call free meaning no subscription needed at all. for example. Disney Junior. Is it free? I don't know it says something like "after you find the channel please log into your providers credentials". So to me that is not free you still need to pay for cable TV to get access? What am I saving on then? Is my only savings that I'm not paying for a cable box? What is the best way for me to find out which channels truly free, which are available on the Roku TV but I need cable subscription anyway? leave network channels and premium HBO out if the equation, really what is the benefit of a roku TV if a lot of channels yiu had to log into a cable subscription anyway to view it on the TV? Is it just the box savings?
  2. And deliver it to Paramus. These pop up on Craigslist for $100 but they are gone fast. i will pay more for delivery and or quality condition of the ladder
  3. Which one stays the Prisoner or the Pauillac?
  4. Can anybody here with a lot of experience with HIK Vision please PM their number? i can't figure out how to separately record motion. I have motion set, and it tags motion in the continuous record feed as yellow. But shouldn't I be able to have motion events stored in a separate "folder" or location to view those vents without having to scroll through continuous record? im running version 4500. YouTube is not a lot of help older versions layout is very different.
  5. It seems we spend a lot of time discussing quality of the cameras here and a lot of times we drift into very high technical discussions. But what is missing mostly to people who are thinking about setting up the system is the cost. And the main difference i believe is not the hardware but the ongoing recording monitoring fees with the cloud systems. So I feel like the decision to go plug and play cloud system like Nest versus DVR is do you mind paying monthly fees or not. i think the decision heirarchy for most would be. 1. Do I want to record or just live view? 2. Do I want to pay monthly fee or not? 3. Am I indoor or outdoor? (This matters because yiu cant stick an indoor camera in the window to look out at night). only after you know the above should you decide what system you want. I started with a Simplicam system used it 2 years but just recently got DVR system for new house.
  6. Please elborare more on what IR source does and how it can be inside or outside dome? What would the language read on the product description ?
  7. If the phrase "port forwarding" doesn't mean anything to you you probably are better off going with a cloud based system. Otherwise be prepared for a lot of frustration.
  8. I'm pretty sure there's a strong case for the book definitely NOT being their high school senior yearbook.
  9. I'm using the Hikvision. I can't even find the wiods "motion detection" on the iPhone app. I don't have the desktop link yet. Okay so it seems like indeed I can't have both constant record plus motion stored in folders. I'll hae to digest that. As far as "why would you want to have to playback hours of nothing to find an event". Because with Nest/Simplicam as you scroll back the scroll has highlighted colors where there was motion. Also, I've had motion for 4 years on the Nest. What i have learned that if the "motion" was far away or in a corner the recording eventually stops even though there is still activity. This solved the before after buffer problems. Also. On an indoor camera, people having a conversation does not set off motion to records. I have played back conversations being able to scroll back that would not have been picked up on motion only.
  10. Just had cameras and DVR installed. Installer coming back in a couple of days to walk me through it. I thought I could figure out features on my own. Here are my questions: is the system not in constant record mode? For say a week or month? Why can't I just play back something from ten minutes ago? Does it only record motion? i previously had something similar to Nest it was constant recording. All I had to do was just scroll back the bottom curser to see something. My optimal strategy would be to have it for a couple of days constant but also save motion saved in a folder.
  11. He finished the course the gun is showed clear i feel very safe
  12. Picayo is best restaurant meal had in my entire life. I ate there two nights in a row. El San Juan hotel for nightlife vibe.
  13. What I like about unload and clear is that it's not about making the shooter safer it's about making everybody else feel safer at the range. as I'm getting older I'm more and more worried about OTHER people mistakes. I can't wait for WP range to open and members only floor.
  14. Just saw a video on a rifle that was "integral suppressed".. the suppressor was built into the rifle barrel.. direct from factory.. does that violate NJ suppressor laws? Before I call the AG and ask for his statement on it....I figured I'd see what you guys say.. :-)
  15. So in sinners and saints only those two guys were the good guys and all others were the bad guys? I hope so because those guys running toward the fire were gonna get shot in back the guys behind them. I would only guess that yiu are not supposed to be shooting while running and your partner is running in front of you and the head shot with the rifle from 10 feet away? It's not his rifle he has no idea where the zero is at close range with riser sights.