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  1. Murphy says he wants to make our schools safer. Let me ask you this, How many mass school shootings has NJ had in recent times? Zero! so that tells you are current strict gun laws are working. No need to change anything! Dumb ass.
  2. Wow - I haven't been on this site in a few years and all of a sudden I am getting email notifications about shooting squirrels in the backyard and I am like "WTF is this" then I realize I am the original poster from SEVEN years ago. Honestly, I don't know what I was thinking, but at the time I was a new gun owner and all I owned was a 22 Buckmark Camper at the time. Now looking at this, I don't know what the heck I was thinking. Rest assured, I did not shoot any squirrel in my back yard.
  3. Thanks. Good to know. Although times have changed over the years.
  4. This question is for police officers and/or those in the field. Not looking for opinions or thoughts of those who don't know the answer. About 6 months ago my son (20 years old) was in a parked car with his friend and they were both arrested and charged with possession of less than 50 grams and marijuana. Eventually the case was dismissed entirely for my son and his friend was eligible for conditional discharge, which he is pursuing. Two questions. 1) When the case was dismissed (about 2 months ago), he never received any paper work regarding the dismissal. Should he have received an official notice? How can we check what his record shows? Should he call the court house and request documentation? 2) My son is a senior in college and a criminal justice major. He wants to be a officer officer. He was arrested but not convicted, he will answer honestly on his application. He knows what he did was wrong and it was a bad judgement call. He was never in trouble with the law, has no prior record of any kind, not even a speeding ticket and will never do this again. Can he at least get through to an interview before a background check is done and he has an opportunity to explain the arrest? Will he get a fair chance to become a police officer?
  5. Seriously, why was this a-hole not charged with trespassing? That should have been the only arrest made.
  6. Thanks Howard, I will consider it. Need to see what the the price range is and if it fits my budget.
  7. Don't need it for Christmas so I am wondering if it would be even cheaper after Christmas.
  8. It's not critical, but if there is anything I read so far, is that everyone regrets not getting a bigger TV. I currently have a 57 inch, my feeling is the 65 inch may not make a dramatic difference so I want at least a 70 inch. The Samsung 75 is a little out of my budget and may be too big for my room. I feel if I get the samsung 65 inch I will regret not going slightly bigger.
  9. I know this is an old topic, but now I am in the market for a new large screen TV. I specifically want a 70 inch. Samsung only makes 65 inch or 75 inch - no 70 inch. So I guess I can't go with them. Going to go with the Sharp Aquos Q series (LC-70SQ15U). My budget is up to $1.700 Forgot to add. Is there any reason NOT to get this one.
  10. Right and the member is taking his two friends. This third non-member is looking to go as a guess.
  11. Haha! Would nee to see a picture first (of the shotgun that is).
  12. Def the 20 GA if just for education and home defense.
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