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  1. I carefully drilled out the roll pins. Also, the bolt in the position selector is threaded into the buffer tube. Thanks for the help everyone.
  2. I have a MT6400c from colt. I'm looking to use the magpul fixed carbine stock. The problem I'm having is that the buffer tube is to long. I've removed the buffer spring to measure it and depth inside the buffer tube. It's all cabin Length, but the out side length of the buffer tube is to long about 3 inches and will not work with the magpul stock. Is this because its a nj Compliant rifle? Do I have to replace the buffer tube with the real carbine length? Or can I cut the tube down to carbine length to work with the fixed magpul stock?
  3. I filled out my FID online and printed it out. I guess I don't see that I hit the wrong key when entering my phone number. The detective ended up calling my work looking for me. He wasn't every nice about the error, but he did pull the effort into locating me instead of denying for miss information or mailing it back to me. Over all it went smooth for me. The only thing that now bothers me is the detective or the department sends a reference form to my employer .
  4. Does anyone have any info on the budd lake hill top rod and gun club? Or hill top rod and gun club. I Live and work with In 5 minutes of this place. Thanks guys
  5. This is the time, right now, for all gun owners to call the Gov and thank him for not Demonizing gun owners and not passing those bills. And that we will support him and his Reelection as long as he keeps supporting the Constitution and law abiding citizens!!!
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