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  1. Had a ranger stop me the other day tell me I am not suppose to be out riding around we are under quarantine, I was like ok I did not get that out of governors speech that it was voluntary and not to gather in large groups and I left. no way he was convincing me it was mandatory quarantine.
  2. Have set in my GMC 2500 and purchased set for my cj7 the cj7 mat has large treading and my heel gets caught in it on gas pedal foot jamming it up and I have to pick my foot up to release it, I am going to silicone that portion flat. other than that great matts
  3. I use a 20 series sports battery thrown 300 clays with it and was still good.
  4. I have two 38 supers, reload all my ammo. one is BBQ gun other is all black 1911.
  5. That is ok for pump but not an auto loader, the auto will fill your face with gas and unspent powder.
  6. The employer should be paying his legal fees and any other bills since they provided him with the ammo. The police dept should be paying also for framing this guy.
  7. Not uncommon especially is some one was doing transmission work on it. One of my friends just had GMC van trans in and out twice one year later making knocking noise when started up rev engine would go away ended up being same problem you have there thinking bolts overtightened or was pried on.
  8. If this is handled correctly he will not need a go fund me, this was blatant disregard for the law on behalf of the law. This is an over reach by this dept.
  9. Years ago friend of mine adopted Chinese girl and had to go to china to bring her home spent like 12 days their came back and was telling us about these markets. That was about 1995 or 6.
  10. Saw a segment on fox news about it, They were also talking about moving it a while back never heard anything about that afterwards.
  11. yes all were in the 10% range except wawa there was a non branded station that had issues once in a while. Ethanol is added to fuel at the fuel truck when fuel is dispensed into the truck the ethanol is stored in separate tank from the fuel. It is simple test vial you fill it with water to the mark add fuel to the mark shake it and the ethanol separates and then you read the amount of ethanol on the graduation. with boats being vented to the atmosphere water intrusion is a big problem it only takes one teaspoon of water per gallon to create phase separation. The chemical used to mix ethanol with fuel and keep them suspended together breaks down separating all the components water on bottom of tank ethanol and chemical suspension gasoline on top. Yes you can remove the water and the ethanol off the bottom and have pure gas only problem is gasoline is about 66 octane without the ethanol so I am told by engine manufacture so the whole tank must be drained and refilled with fresh fuel, then there is a waste disposal fee for every 55gal of fuel 400.00 85.00 for approved drum and rest is disposal fee and murphy's administration ( DEP) restructured contaminated fuel disposal methods 3 years ago safety clean has been the only company I could find to take the contaminated fuel two other company's I use to use one was shut down the other no longer would take it and safety clean had to file paper work with NJ to be able to pick up from my business and it has to be filed every year.
  12. wawa gas is better than it use to be, at one point we were seeing up to 20% ethanol in there fuel. Older carbureted outboards would not run with the 20% ethanol. One way to see if fuel was problem run engine on separate tank. test kits were also available to us which I found in marine supply catalog. I still have one that I use but we do not see the ethanol spikes that often anymore. they stay pretty consistant at 10% now at least in our area but hey we did rat them out they also paid out for tanks being pumped and refilled.
  13. Eplains that im not Glock fan.
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