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  1. WTS S&W 22A with 5 mags and original case, extra grip screws and buffers. feed ramp has been buffed to feed reliably. Will not break up selling as package. I work long days so thread will be checked late or early morning 1st ill take followed by pm. I prefer transfer at shooters in LEH TWP as I am close and will not have time to go further. possible other arrangements can be made to travel little further plans made in advance. 500.00
  2. Micro 9 sweet gun I shot one at shot show extremely controllable in small platform, accurate. it was fun to shoot.
  3. What really sucks about this bidden check, It will cost every American over 69K. I would much rather have the 69K. That is an exurbanite amount of interest to pay on 1400.00 Plus being taxed on it as income.
  4. same reason gas stations have credit or cash price, retailer loses 3 percent or more when you process the card. I have recently acquired merchant retail card processor from Citi bank that charges the customer back that percentage rate but you have to display cash or credit options. Square is at 3.5% manual entry 4% for American express.
  5. My guess is you will need a transfer pump for your fuel oil since it is up high, A vent in the tank is all you need to cure the Glug Glug. The ez pour kits are great to repair new or old jerry jugs. I like the Rigid spout better than the flex spout the flex spout is nice but large.
  6. Your going to need water pressure and filter, i have inline filter on my ice machine, i have one that will make 50lbs in a day, 12lbs is not much. if only want 12lbs they make countertop ice machines that are in the 200 range i think will suit you for what you need. like this, Frigidaire 26 lb. Countertop Ice Maker EFIC117-SS, Red Stainless Steel - Walmart.com - Walmart.com i would use filtered or bottle water in ice maker.
  7. Have you checked back pressure on converter? Fuel pressure ? Injectors may be clogged that is our biggest issue in the marine industry.
  8. I have strike fire red dot on mine, new version is strike fire2 VTX_M-00261-0_SF_2_RD_P_PM_WEB.pdf (widen.net) Vortex Strikefire II Red Dot Sight | Bass Pro Shops
  9. 12th to the 14th still seems to be on.
  10. Was that case blown out at the feeding ramp or does your barrel have full support ? What Handgun was this fired out of? Do you have any side pics of round? looks pretty similar. I blew up my gun with a double charge - YouTube
  11. Not really, my wood stove was my only source of heat after sandy.
  12. Overheated. Bullet siezed in barrel causing squib blowing up gas chamber.
  13. Just about all their over head cam motors are adjustable.
  14. Compensator finally arrived removed mock up comp and installed permanent one. Mounted bipod.
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