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  1. I worked for my father in jersey city for one year, there was a guard dog co. that would put a dog in your business after you closed and remove it before you opened, we worked on an elevator in this one store that had Doberman pincher guard dog and was kept in a cage on the 3rd floor that son bitch would eat you for breakfast. I was afraid of that dog and it was in a cage and I was not even close to it.
  2. Guess ill let this little guy go.. Friend of mine took pic of this little guy other day in FL. And on another note One of my friends who lives in florida posted not to touch it they carry leprosy!!!
  3. Ok cable guy shows up across the street, I ask him about it. I have xfinity X1 he says unplug the box while on that channel plug it back in and it will reset the channel. I did that and it worked. I was looking up a number to call when he pulled up across the street. worked out great.
  4. I'm calling Comcast today to fix it.. Just odd it is the only channel. usually when this happens other channels are affected. And it is not going away, it is like a middle finger stuck on my 56 button and 820 HD button..
  5. For the last week Fox News has been blipping in and out it is the only channel out of 1000 channels doing this, I also noticed on Facebook when Trumps is speaking ( one of his speeches') comments have been removed and I only see the lefts comments. Is the media controlling trump and the right wing audience over the airwaves?
  6. The title itself is not home made, under manufacturer on the title it says home made? Correct.
  7. My favorite single action clocks to the right, Ruger Black hawk.
  8. I have been using Mcquires leather balm..
  9. on another note how many months was the lease most are 39. we negotiated 36 month last time around @ 15k year.
  10. I am the other way around this time we did 15k year on new lease and the wife is only driving about 8k year now. you don't get that extra payment back either. so with trumps new tax plan eliminating write off's this may not be the way to go for us anymore.
  11. "Imitation firearm" means an object or device reasonably capable of being mistaken for a firearm. Cell phone ?
  12. On the 1911 front I would seriously consider A Trojan from dawson precision.. https://dawsonprecision.com/copy-of-sti-trojan-crp-hard-chrome/
  13. have it pinned and welded.. this is how you do it.
  14. they do not make 5 round mags this will die off in my opinion.. when it comes time will call and send letters flooding them.. hell my revolvers hold more..