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  2. all presses have there little quirks.. i have only used dillon press since mid 80s two years ago purchased 650 to reload rifle. plenty of vids on you tube for fixing little quirks with both machines.
  3. i have that set on my reloading bench.. i keep stealing the smallest one to knock out accelerator arm pin on quadrajet carbs..
  4. Steel matches at oldbridge with your 22. great way to break into sport shooting and ill tell you the ro's are great my daughter did a few matches with me there and she loved it.. Heres vid sammy shooting the 22 light
  5. CZ's are great pistols.. Your going to be addicted.. just as bad as the 1911 bug.. I have two clones Baby eagle all metal 41AE and 9mm compact steel witness..
  6. Glock 41 long slide in natural.
  7. there are two different types of clogged injectors, one is from carbon on the tip the other is clogged screen, 99% of the time a clogged screen will not come clean with injector cleaner the injector needs to be removed. The injector cleaner the dealer uses will clean any and all carbon internally in nozzle out and on face to repair spray pattern this can be caused by the misfire and may need to be done after misfire is repaired. I pull and clean a lot of injectors from outboards mostly new engines on old boats with dirty tanks and not actual dirt, scale on the tanks from sitting and the ethanol erodes in very fine particles under 10 micron ultimately clogging injectors.
  8. Glock 41 long slide in natural, moved this to jokes.. lexcruiser's pistol was too nice to leave this hear..
  9. Cape coral is nice place my aunt moved there about 25 years ago. been about 15 years since i visited..it is just too hot for my northern but there.. The range officer is sweet pistol, good luck with it..
  10. i recently purchased bucket of bullets from cabellas on sale but i also purchased 500 brick federal that was on sale also just in case but sounds like i may make out ok with the golden crap.
  11. There not changing a thing they are raking in a mint on this whole permit process.
  12. I have a set up with DVR, they are set to record when motion activated, their is also a grid screen you cam block out small squares for tree motion or anything else that may move. yes you can replay anything from a 24 hour period by hitting rewind after that you go in and do it by date and time. it is a learning curve but not to difficult.
  13. imagine if Tex had a Serpa and a Glock.. Oh My..
  14. Ole Tex and his Serpa 2
  15. I will have to remember not to buy house or car from you guy's..LOl..