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  1. I spray it on a rag pile my casings on to the rag and wipe them keeps lube from getting inside cases.. geez I used crc 5-56 for years this way last year when I ordered my 650 I ordered 2 bottles of dillons lube probably switch back I like the 55-6 better..
  2. Ham, cooked it last night, turkey is in oven, stuffing, sweet potatoes, reg potatoes, coleslaw,potato salad, apple pie,pumpkin pie and lemon Morang. so you know what we will be eating for the next week, all the kids and others are coming. Will bring mom and pop plates later today mom just got home from hospital so they cannot come today..
  3. curbside I am sure, your going to need a walker cart for the second floor.
  4. Beretta 96A1
  5. Here is a nesting pair from great bay blvd little egg harbor inlet..
  6. you should have been 2nd inline if i did not take it..
  7. if i knew i would take it.. send me pm what you have.. ill probably buy it all..
  8. I was trying to figure out what you were having for dinner the other night by listening to what utensils you were using and how you were chewing..
  9. They are probably there more than you think they just go unnoticed.. especially this time of year a large number of them migrate south.
  10. HAHAHA.. THE 41AE has 9mm base smaller than the case so the shells slip into each other locking them up if you try using the shell loader, so you have to drop them in one at a time.. cool part is no more single stage loading..been doing that since 1991...
  11. One hell of a woman.. https://twitter.com/deputyvanpatten?lang=en
  12. I just cannot believe people voted for higher taxes and sanctuary cities..
  13. Beretta 92C wood grips adjustable rear target sight..