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  1. Just purchased house that was hooked up to city sewer and has a well spent 1700.00 for well inspections and water softener to pass testing. they charge 100.00 quarter for sewer and have already been sending notices to hook up to water not mandatory yet.
  2. If the price don,t scare you off i would go with the sporting black A400 larger bolt, carbon fiber rib very nice sporting gun.
  3. Bob from aquamarine construction has a gmc envoy for sale 4500.00 https://aquamarineconstruction.net/ i have couple pics ill get them off my phone and post them has tear in drivers seat.
  4. I only used T/C maxi balls cast my own. Miss muzzloader hunting have not ever since i started the business back in 2003.
  5. tony357

    CZ 75B and +P+

    Federal 9mm +P+ ammo features a 115 Grain JHP bullet and it is loaded extra hot, therefore please make sure that your firearm is law enforcement grade or otherwise consult with the gun manufacturer prior to use of this 9mm +P+ ammo by Federal.
  6. genset wont be here until mid september.
  7. Ac only needs 3200 watts to run, I also have Boost capacitor on my ac unit. only other appliances i have just fridge my whole house is natural gas. I really only need half the gen i have but purchased it for my larger welder. i can actually continue to use my old gen at the house.
  8. I have decided to hook up to power panel after this last outage, we generally do not loose power here their are no trees, with that said since the closing of Waretown generating station we lost power for one day. During sandy we lost power for only 8 hours and in general have never lost power before that. I have a Coleman 6500k gen that i use for welder it is about 15 years old so i decided to upgrade for this install will also help since new welder is also larger to replace welder lost in sandy. Went with portable green power of America 9500 kw will post parts ordered and install as i do it. Will be using dedicated breaker to switch power over in panel with lock out plate will be able to run whole household off this genset. will have total of 60 amp service with the PB30 and genset line. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Green-Power-Green-Power-12000-9500-Watt-Electric-Start-Gasoline-Powered-Portable-Generator-w-460cc-16HP-LCT-Engine-Lithium-Battery-GN12000CEW/314036507 https://www.homedepot.com/p/Reliance-Controls-30-Amp-Power-Inlet-Box-PB30/202213702?keyword=pb30&semanticToken=d03t00r231220000_c87d2b6eabc2055023b1ef3aeab0f9b4_1597561865373+d03t00r231220000+>++cnn%3A{0%3A0}+cnp%3A{10%3A0}+cnd%3A{4%3A0}+cne%3A{8%3A0}+cns%3A{5%3A0}+cnx%3A{3%3A0}+cnq%3A{0%3A0}+cnw%3A{0%3A0}+cnv%3A{0%3A0}+st%3A{pb30}%3Ast+oos%3A{0%3A1}+dln%3A{572047}+tgr%3A{SkuExactMatch}+smf%3A{ca%2Cbr}%3Asmf+nf%3A{1}%3Anf+qu%3A{pb30}%3Aqu https://www.homedepot.com/p/Conntek-20-ft-10-4-30-Amp-125-250-Volt-4-Prong-L14-30-Transfer-Switch-Generator-Red-Extension-Cord-20601-020/309328340
  9. Would love to go hee my quad.
  10. Now you have tipped my curiosity i assumed longer barrel would always increase fps. I just finished installing split ductless in my reloading shed so i will get to loading up the 147's this week and make another range trip. i am also by myself working this week Mikey goes on vacation Tuesday and will be away for 6 days. The heat wipes me out during the day now besides starting at 5 am and finishing 7 pm most days.
  11. ran the 115 gr montana gold 6.7gr power pistol through the chrono. Kimber 1911 5" average 1300 fps DSI 9 TYPHOON average 1520 fps chrono DS9 and kimber 1911 screen shots off video.
  12. Nice write up Bob, Would be nice to be kept up on your Team outings maybe you can post in this thread the Events the Team attends.
  13. lost me. Bronco Sport will be released mid 2021 as a 2022 MY and it will be made in the same plant in Mexico as the Bronco Sport.
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