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  1. about month ago i made up new 230 gr with the coated bullets, I used 6 different powders and started with 2 sets of each 2 grains apart 10 rounds of each fired 5 through the chrono and five into a target for grouping. And yes the coated bullets did pick up about 50 fps over jacketed bullet for the same load. working on the 40 cal as we speak for coated bullets.. It is trial and error getting what you need just have to keep pressing on until you get good results.
  2. This is cool, I ordered the needed parts from dillion to use my LEE die set, I have always reloaded 41AE on single stage press. Awesome to be able to use the 650 with the powder measure and primer seating over running single stage press. I could not use case feeder as the base is smaller than bore, the cases fall inside each other and will not release so i dropped them in by hand one at a time. Also had to put locking nut on bottom of tool head as the dies were to short to leave on top needed that extra bit to set dies. 9mm shell plate #3 buttons 41 magnum powder die. #5 station locator medium case feed body bushing. yellow case feed adapter powder check. left the last stage open that would crimp with 3 die set. the lee set i have is two die sets depth and crimp in same function. IMG_1489.MOV
  3. Well if the dog had collars on the hunter is an idiot.. Coyote in brothers game cam..
  4. 6.0's are what i was reffering to.. still running my 7.3 and not giving it up anytime soon..
  5. If you want to change it up look at the 1911 .380 I have been eying these up.. http://www.browning.com/products/firearms/pistols/1911-380/current-production.html
  6. I have boat hauler who does long distance hauling been going thru powerstrokes every year last fall he switched up to dodge cummins so we will see how that one holds up.. he was always a ford guy so time will tell..
  7. i have done them 3 times on my super duty they just are not what they use to be, i purchased replacements from local auto store in rolls and made them up.
  8. A little more porn..
  9. Transmission failure on all three..one engine failure. and lots of other sensors and what not..And all the maintenance was done i still have one sitting in yard 4x4 stopped working engine is consuming oil at high rate so i parked it eaating quart every week. and all three have the infamous exhaust manifold leak i repaired the one we replaced the engine on replacement engine also was rotted had 94k on it purchased from cosmo's with 90 warranty no shit!! Plus the body and cab rusting out..They just were not good vehicle..the 97 through 2002 f150 is a throw away truck.
  10. Thanks everyone.
  11. HORNADY.
  12. my buddys tundra rusted out all over the place. after the rusted frame was replaced..those early fords were junk went through 3 f150s last one was 2002 scrap yard picked it up in the spring. stick to chevy or gmc.
  13. Three people that attended the concert filed lawsuit against FIRE SOLUTIONS. Article listed below. http://fox59.com/2017/10/09/las-vegas-concert-goers-file-lawsuit-against-bump-stock-company/
  14. Nice good luck with it, been a good day so far.. lots of 1911 goodness..
  15. Came with dawson tooless guide rod,Dawson fiber optic front site and also the extended mag release the last run of these they made had both of those items added to them.