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  1. Awesome. I get too see bald eagles all summer they nest near us and they like the trout in the lake when stocked.
  2. Well hear it is ocean county compliance patrols. https://ocscanner.news/2020/05/16/oc-sheriff-compliance-patrol-cameras/?fbclid=IwAR1z6ZhnRmkeYjRLfImXYwBmFMCPF5UeLSKnYdu8oKRYB6HoU6MyDRDjZMc
  3. Just learned they were ticketed again today and get this shit they put up a mobile crime tower down the street. Murphy is using inner city crime tools to spy on businesses.
  4. Stewarts Root Beer stand and drive in was fined by county covid police for patrons eating their food at tables at marina behind store. all food was take out. other restuaraunts are putting tables 6 feet apart outside and selling take out. this is going to get nasty in the days to come. EDIT: My understanding is Dynasty Diner in Tuckerton Ratted them out.
  5. HAHAHA. His and hers revolver set's.
  6. Air soft just purchased new one from STI off evike.com. I use a box with front cut open hang rag inside box and plastic bb drops in box bt goes through paper target. I use a coat hanger poked through box to hold rag draped over it clip my target to front of box. Purchased the co2 mags and green gas refillable co2 cartridge the co2 cartridges themselves are little more powerful than green gas mags. No I did not get the john wick version. DVC version. https://www.evike.com/products/12737/
  7. https://www.shootersnj.com/products/handguns-taurus-1tx2224110-725327932635-2950
  8. Just received the email tonight I have not been opening them for while from kahr and clicked on it and read tonight's email. clicked on it and opened it pretty cool idea not sure it is something worth owning but nicely put together they have some other tributes as well. https://www.auto-ordnance.com/PDF/1911BKOC8-Trump3.0-Retail.pdf?mc_cid=759494e972&mc_eid=21d942aaa4
  9. just read this article and came here to post but I was beat to the punch. great news finally.
  10. I was out putting some lime down as it was coming the front had a small twister which ran across the street over the niehbors houses wind was honking when it came, took art of the shingles off neighbors roof was full of debri going about 30 feet or more above houses. I have to check my camera see if it caught it another neighbor did catch it on thiers and post it on face book block away down other side of street as it ran across lagoon.
  11. My landlord at the marina works on a tug said all they been doing is pushing oil tankers they are lined up outside the inlet as far as you can see just sitting their waiting.
  12. Nice,Congratz, love my Kimber. Now you just need murphy to open ranges unless you have private place to go.
  13. 2lb 15.8 in holster full mag Hor critical Def 230gr 45acp. Rem r1 carry commander DeSantis holster.
  14. It is not bad with the right rig. Most women have more than that in change in their purse. LOL..
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