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  1. PPQ
  2. How many mags are we talking about? if it is just few not worth involving your lawyer, does not hurt to bring the statue with you when you pick up and ask for them back stating you have the grace period for your FFL to permanently make them ten rounders or sell for you to legal state.
  3. The Cigars are to make the taste go away, The Beers wash it down..
  4. Do you have a round count to date? change it out before hand.
  5. Crash landed..
  6. Do you have your house boat here this year? I forgot you slipped at Viking.I go to breezes once in a while seven stone and clutch dog are friends of mine that play there. been by boat twice this year. have to give you a holler to say hello.
  7. sent you a pm while back..
  8. you need to file counter suit with small claims, when you file you will find out if it is legit they will have it on record. also contact your insurance co at the time before filing they should pick it up and there lawyers will handle it but stay on top of them you need to file soon.
  9. I have quite few solar lights this style are the only ones giving me trouble, I have angled ones on my pilings on the dock that are two years old all work and are bright, have 3 year old flood light out back with motion sensor and separate solar panel works great and small one in my porch that has separate solar panel one year old and works great with motion sensor.
  10. These ones have no photo cell. I originally thought that until I took them apart.
  11. So these solar lights tend to last about year, ones that sit on top of fence post. I clean the solar panels with polishing compound twice year keeps them clean once they turn white they do not charge. so out of dozen I had about 4 still working. What I learned was they operation is very simple, the solar panel also turns the light on when it stops charging thus the sun being down, two of them the wires corroded off the panel underneath sodered back on and both worked, the rest were dirty connections to batteries and switches which I cleaned and then lubed which I did to all of them while working on them, three had bad batteries which I can pick up. I caulked all the panels so water could no longer get underneath and corrode the wires off. guess ill see how long they last after making mods. saves me from dropping another 148.00 on set of dozen again this year and made good little project.
  12. I attached the link to article, apparently she has posted on her website preliminary steps. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20180330/antigun-democrat-introduces-partisan-ammunition-control-bill-claims-no-right-to-bear-bullets
  13. Nothing like stuffing ammo and 1OZ liquor bottles in Easter Eggs, had to add 2in to large eggs with poster board to fit liquor bottles in.
  14. It is form of confiscation, we need this in courts. I posted that last night.
  15. I was talking moving there look out here comes 1 million gun owners..