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  1. I will have to remember not to buy house or car from you guy's..LOl..
  2. i believe dumbo at a drive in and jaws..
  3. Go down this road every year working on boats.. getting worse as i get older. have tan on my upper back sun going through my shirt.. i wear 70 spf all day apply several times and that stuff burns in your eyes when you sweat.. the spray ones are better on those hot muugy days they do not run as much. today was actually pleasant. mon and tuesday were brutal.
  4. yes if you were member uspsa they had program where guns were 50% off had to be on the list. you purchased direct from remington and shipped to your ffl.
  5. Maks, the remington carry comander i purchased has excellent fit and trigger i was not expecting this when i purchased it through the uspsa program, i never held one just could not pass up the offer. I have made that pistol one my home defense guns.
  6. Does anyone own a M9-22 ? Would like some feed back on how the pistol performs and operates. Is it ammo picky ? What failures have you had ? Do the mags release easy or do they have to be pulled out ? any miss-fires ? how is dis-assembly and assembly ? accuracy with ammo ? Does the safety operate smoothly ? Any issues at all on-off ? Has anything come loose or fallen off ? Well built or cheaply made ? I am going to look around to see if i can find one in stock somewhere to look at but 1st hand experience would be great.
  7. my tricons amazingly still have some light to them they are about 28 years old. they are on my 41AE Baby Eagle.
  8. Must not know much about gun forums either. The lesson has begun. Chapter one page 1
  9. I purchased the 20 inch ryobi mower love it.. no more fuss with the fuel..dam thing works very good i was expecting some lack of cutting so im impressed. I also did quick review took a pic of mower in finished shed i reload in and have the blue press in the background. review is under tony357 LOl.. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Ryobi-20-in-40-Volt-Brushless-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Battery-Push-Mower-with-5-0-Ah-Battery-RY40180/206481611
  10. friggin scammers..unbelievable.. not sure the atf will be able to do anything.
  11. 1999 ford f250 super duty utility is my work truck i drive it 75% of the time. my personnel truck 2009 GMC sierra 2500 HD diesel drive it 5% of the time. my personnel car is 2010 chevy cobalt ss drive that another 5% The rest of the time is in my wifes 2016 GMC Terrain. My favorite is the GMC sierra the cobalt is fun but rough ride little bastard gets it.
  13. Trust me you will start with single stage and end up with progressive. It's an addiction. My new dillon 650 just finished setting up 223 i also purchased the shell feeder. I am only doing rifle on the 650 as i have had a dillon square deal since 1987 and have all my handgun calibers for it. dillon650.mp4
  14. For the 9mm to be as effective as the 40Cal, I believe it would have to be +p+ load to have the same ballistic effects. if you have to shoot twice as much ammo to be as effective as one thats downfall so having more capacity makes bad sense most 40 cals are high capacity also. I remember the 9mm and jump to 40 cal just seems odd to go back again. but hey most of those 40's probably need replacing by now anyway. i can also remember the issues with 1st gen glocks having to file the mags down so they fit in the guns after being loaded for extended periods of time.