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  1. Find out from Tandem Kross when the ruger 22/45 mk3 competitors kit will be available.
  2. have you checked voltages and does the heater have prepurge timing sequence ? If so you may have wrong ignitor there are two prepurge times the longer one can be installed on the shorter purge but not vise versa.
  3. Installed Timney competition Trigger( flat blade) in the AR today. Trigger is amazing was not difficult to install they even provide the Allen wrench needed. Just have to remember to put safety in before putting the pins in the trigger group. Now I am chewing at the bit to get to the range.
  4. Purchased DSI 9 from GSSC chose it over the troy mainly because trigger and mag release. trigger was really nice on the DSI and the mag release button was easy to push and smooth the troy was hard to push mag release and had a snap to it.
  5. maybe but I would not want to be that Guinee pig.
  6. The NON-NFA approved firearms are marked right on them "other firearm"
  7. Tony, Thank's for a great purchase and all the Hospitality.
  8. Purchased DS9 Typhoon NON-NFA from Tony @ GSSC, 1-7-2020 chose it over the troy due to trigger and mag release operation, trigger was smooth and crisp good break, mag release was smooth also easy push and dropped right out. Mounted a Tasco propoint that I had sitting around and sighted the DS9 in. After sighting in was easy peasy to shoot bullseye @ 20 yds at GSSc's indoor range. Overall it was a pleasure to shoot all went smooth right out of box.
  9. Dig the fire smoldering in the background with vid blown up. I have that 9mm in my sights.
  10. No not really, waiting on some other parts that are on back order, if time allows I might start making them too and cancel order.
  11. Installed Romeo 5 today. Not big fan of the dot looks like some 5 year olds pom pom. decide how I like it after shooting and sighting it in other than that the Romeo is nice piece. had to cut down the ruger rail to fit over the hi-vis sight rather than remove it. So if you have installed an aftermarket hi-vis some fitting will need to be done pic below shows front sight and fitting to rail.
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