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  1. Just about all their over head cam motors are adjustable.
  2. Compensator finally arrived removed mock up comp and installed permanent one. Mounted bipod.
  3. tony357

    Info on Ruger 57

    found it. Ruger 57 - America's 5.7x28 Answer! - Detailed Look At the Brand NEW Gun! - YouTube
  4. tony357

    Info on Ruger 57

    Maks did write up on the 57. Look at his channel.
  5. Picked up comp from shooters today to use until other one comes in. Also picked up set high rise mounts for scope. Two picks one with dust cover closed and open with NJGF logo showing.
  6. Thanks. Im having fun assembling the AR15.
  7. Still in Maryland for the last two weeks sitting at USPS transfer. JP Enterprises Standard Compensator Muzzle Brake 223 caliber 1/2-28 (midwayusa.com)
  8. with rail on. I have to get photo of other side.
  9. Installed anodized extended charge handle latch, used the tooth pick alignment idea again installing the pin.
  10. This is where the bushing sits on standard barrel nut. this was my issue with the striker nut for rail. Hole for rod does not line up bushing sat on top of nut.
  11. Ra into an issue with strike industries m-lok free float rail and the Adams Arms gas piston conversion kit. The barrel nut for the rail does not have adequate space for gas rod bushing and spring, had to relieve the area by grinding with sand paper roll in Dremel. Aquired the correct spacing from a standard barrel nut with caliper and relieved necessary area until all parts were free and operated correctly.
  12. I was interested in conversion kit but it is not in stock.
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