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  1. We had a guy years ago in town we called bull shit Joe, he told stories all the time that were not true. Sounds like you may have run into him.
  2. Ruger 22/45 lite is awesome, the gen 4 even better.
  3. This could be a plan to put Murphy's illegal aliens in Newark and pay them for their vote. There are 3 sides to a story.
  4. Guess he is going to have to buy all his guns at gun shows, you know through the "loophole".
  5. Had a vizsla growing up as kid, we named him tippy because he had white tip on end of his tail ( was not cropped) we got him from family friend.. He was good dog just as long as you were not wearing Halloween mask because then he would bite you in the ass. Did not like hats either or cats.
  6. If it gets legalized and you can grow it, I for one am making planters out of all my 15 round mags.
  7. The Smith & Wesson slam fire.. When you did not try but are as cool as an SKS...
  8. Has Henry rifles come back with anything?
  9. M&M stage 1 front pond. Tony's gun jams .. @ 5:58 casing from left handed gun bounces off my barrel. m&mstage1.mp4
  10. We did 10 ducks per guy each guy paid. http://mmhunting.com/hunting/#released-mallard-shoot
  11. No, you have to call and reserve hunt, I went with 16 guys but if you call them they may be able to pair you up with other hunters they have 6 blinds. there is a morning hunt and afternoon hunt all blinds have a guide with dog they rotate you out to each blind or until you have reached your quota.
  12. Had very good time on this hunt. went with a 16 person group of friends. Both my boys shot with me in blind. My brother and one of his friends shared a blind. If you like Duck hunting or pheasant this good place to go. Tony's Mssberg 500 jammed up on 1st round he is using my backup Mossberg 5500 I have not used that gun since about 1996 pheasant hunting but always bring it just incase a gun brakes. Camera is my tachyon mounted to my hat brim same one I use USPSA. M&M_stage2.mp4
  13. Spent few hours cruising through the pine barrens today both Wharton and bass river forests.. That bridge is beginning of bass river, it starts out as swamp land runs through the woods out to Newgretna Viking yaghts and allens dock are both on this river, it runs into the Mullica river and into great bay.
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