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  2. Just adjust the seating die to your desired height.
  3. Had good convo with my attorney yesterday joe and his wife do not own the home they live in. looks like im writing this one off.
  4. yes will find out tomorrow what I will be doing about officers conduct.
  5. Just putting this out there, robbed by Joseph Marri Helped by local PD who made me release his boat back to him unpaid repair balance of 5400.00 marina balance for storage and slip fees also.
  6. Yes but I don't think it named an actual populace of people in real life.
  7. It works great, nice to know actual wind speeds. I have had it for a year still has the same lithium batts I put in it. This fall I will change them before winter.
  8. This guy needs to trade his pistol in on a shotgun or maybe a blunder buss.
  9. It was hot yesterday, I have been working early starting at 500am and making it through the day. Yesterday I came home at 200pm I was spent and heat was too much working in yard. That sensor is in the wind monitor two feet above roof. I have a second temp monitor n the shade that one was at 98 deg.
  10. Don't think about it. Stay busy.
  11. had to go out and look its a pilot..
  12. My neighbor has one with almost 100k just about everything has gone wrong with it, now his air compressor took dump he is disappointed with it. said he is trading it in and getting rid of it.
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