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  1. That is sweet, nice purchase.
  2. Ruger® PC Carbine™ Autoloading Rifle Model 19122
  3. You are not half as confused as the people who wrote those laws.
  4. Maybe it was an Albanian SKS armorer that repaired it. LOl..
  5. They put those biscuits in the stock to repair crack. Edit: It is similar to repairing crack in engine block (stitching).
  6. They seem to have a-lot of ww2 era equipment, one can assume it may be that the land they have invaded does not have modern weapons themselves so why deploy it if it is not needed at the time, or they just do not have it good question makes you wonder if they did that to invite other countries to fight against them and then deploy modern weapons wiping them out. Theirs a whole lotta WTF.
  7. tony357

    Taurus 617

    It has an MSRP of 618.00 which is not bad, i have a 608 and it is great gun the machine work is actually nicer than my 686. which i have done a thread on here before.
  8. I do not like that they are not wearing their country's clothing and everyone is wearing bejing attire.
  9. I am switching away from NJM lady gave me hard time about plowing, Then same woman gave me hard time about dropping my old truck and adding new one she did not want me to drop old truck because i did not sell it or dispose of it and yes it is up for sale my policy on those trucks for work is 5400.00 this year that is a 1100 increase. They increased my personnel truck last year by 400 and i switched that truck to a policy 450 less same coverage and this is with no accidents in 17 years i had one claim in 2004 i backed into small car that parked behind me did not see it. my home owners jump last by 400 and it is coming up in two months cant wait too see what it is this year. I have already been getting quotes 400 to 450 less than last year for home owners. Plus i pay 290.00 to be a member of NJBIA in order to have NJM ins.When i 1st joined NJBIA was 150.00 year so that was not bad they offer no other perks to me other than benefitting NJM they hold seminars for business none that pertain to my field some are free and others you have to pay for. and i get 2 magazines a year on NJ business.
  10. Prices are crazy, im selling my old superduty 7.3 with utility body, utility body is 3 years old just want to recoop the 10500 for the body going to list it for 15K OBO
  11. On the fords we went through 3 f150's transmission issues with two of them, exhaust manifold leaks on all of them studs rotting away sucky job to do i still have box with new studs, nuts and gaskets as the transmission went and i parked it, brake wheel cylinders locking up that was an issue on my super duty also that truck went through about 15 calipers in 300k found that the composite caliper pistons would last longer from seizing. Had one with the blown spark plug that was from the way the head was tapped they only had about 3 threads in the head and corrosion could also build up in the plug. those three fords one was 1999 two were 2000 in the end we scabbed one truck together out of the three gave it to my nephew for work truck. Alot of wiring issues with the fords also, my super duty had two harness put in it, key switch and column getting hot. front seals on the drive axle of the super duty about every 40k and the needle bearing also on the drive axle. i could type all night those trucks were alot of work to keep running the front end ball joints were an issue also on the super duty i always had that work done at Causway last time i had it done i took it to shore wheels and he used i believe Moog parts and it lasted a-lot longer But i must say the super duty although had a-lot of service done it also did the work. Those f-150's they really were not worked they were just driven they were not good truck a-lot of service to get to the 180k mark They were the only f-150's i ever purchased. I have 2013 E450 last two years 5.4 yep same issues manifolds leaking, had the transmission rebuilt this spring i believe it was a drum cracked found out this is a common issue also K&N transmission did the work showed me what was wrong from one he just finished 105k on truck, it did throw shift code for solonoid sticking which turned out to be false code because of broken part internally.
  12. Running GMC right now 2- 2500hd LMM just replaced my ford f250 super duty with another GMC 2500HD gas 6 litre. 2015 Gas GMC just purchased with plow 35k It is an ltz Z71 nice for work truck. Im going to miss my 7.3 though engine runs like beast rest of truck not so good though.
  13. Savage 22 LR Rascal Youth Bolt Black New (13775... for sale (gunsamerica.com)
  14. will be interesting to see how she does, try and get wing to hide in the yard and see if she picks up on it that was how i started meadow out. I did not put it out every day every couple days i would put it somewhere i also hid it in a tree limb for her to find. I started at 9 months but i dont see why you cannot start sooner. Most dogs will not point unless it is live bird.
  15. This one is Tri star with aluminum frame weighs 5.4 lbs. single trigger with upper or lower option to shoot 1st. % chokes same as Bennelli and Berretta. I had Tony order it for me he also ordered a G2 camo left handed my son shoots really nice auto 12GA for the price runs great no issues. . Trinity LT - TriStar Arms
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