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  1. They do it is called Twinsert. Thread inserts for metals HELICOIL® | Böllhoff (boellhoff.com)
  2. was this left in the water? Helicoil does make two stage kits where you can put one inside another. That was quite few years ago so would have to check if they still do.
  3. I thought only NY city cops did this. Gee i left my gun in the bathroom.
  4. I recently read that repeatedly doing this with the same round can cause a Failure To Fire in that round so I started dropping a round in and rack the slide forward (I don't release it or sling shot it). This is part of your problem your not suppose to drop round in the barrel and release the slide as this will damage your internal extractor. The round is suppose to come up from the mag and it sets it under the extractor. putting one in the chamber makes the extractor pop over the case stretching the extractor bending it outward reducing your tension and bending extractor head backwards. Have a new extractor installed and tension set for your caliber.
  5. Selling in total 5000 bullets, they are part of a lot of seconds I purchased long time ago. selling per hundred @ 15.00 hundred. lots will be weighed not counted. Post I will take it and the amount you want to purchase so it can be deducted. Buyer pays shipping or can be picked up in person with prior arrangements. I do not check the site during the day only after work and in the morning, it may take a day for me to respond.
  6. That is sweet, nice purchase.
  7. Ruger® PC Carbine™ Autoloading Rifle Model 19122
  8. You are not half as confused as the people who wrote those laws.
  9. Maybe it was an Albanian SKS armorer that repaired it. LOl..
  10. They put those biscuits in the stock to repair crack. Edit: It is similar to repairing crack in engine block (stitching).
  11. They seem to have a-lot of ww2 era equipment, one can assume it may be that the land they have invaded does not have modern weapons themselves so why deploy it if it is not needed at the time, or they just do not have it good question makes you wonder if they did that to invite other countries to fight against them and then deploy modern weapons wiping them out. Theirs a whole lotta WTF.
  12. tony357

    Taurus 617

    It has an MSRP of 618.00 which is not bad, i have a 608 and it is great gun the machine work is actually nicer than my 686. which i have done a thread on here before.
  13. I do not like that they are not wearing their country's clothing and everyone is wearing bejing attire.
  14. I am switching away from NJM lady gave me hard time about plowing, Then same woman gave me hard time about dropping my old truck and adding new one she did not want me to drop old truck because i did not sell it or dispose of it and yes it is up for sale my policy on those trucks for work is 5400.00 this year that is a 1100 increase. They increased my personnel truck last year by 400 and i switched that truck to a policy 450 less same coverage and this is with no accidents in 17 years i had one claim in 2004 i backed into small car that parked behind me did not see it. my home owners jump last by 400 and it is coming up in two months cant wait too see what it is this year. I have already been getting quotes 400 to 450 less than last year for home owners. Plus i pay 290.00 to be a member of NJBIA in order to have NJM ins.When i 1st joined NJBIA was 150.00 year so that was not bad they offer no other perks to me other than benefitting NJM they hold seminars for business none that pertain to my field some are free and others you have to pay for. and i get 2 magazines a year on NJ business.
  15. Prices are crazy, im selling my old superduty 7.3 with utility body, utility body is 3 years old just want to recoop the 10500 for the body going to list it for 15K OBO
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