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  1. I've been trying to convince the groups to do a mass application for years. Skewing the rejection statistics wildly and then throwing cameras in the local assemblymen/senator's faces would definitely cause a ruckus and force them to confront the issue. Especially if the racial angle is invoked as the Inner cities categorically deny citizens from even applying (NJ2AS has had several videos showing this)
  2. I'm laughing coming across this topic as someone who played for manalapan soccer club 20 years ago, and refereed there in my teen years, I can assuredly tell you someone is making money. There is absolutely no reason to "mandate" that price of "training" (99% of these training companies are horrendous and know nothing). I watched that club give good people the run around and drive out coaches they didn't like. The idea they think they now exist to compete with academies is laughable the fact is, no town travel team is good. They exist for glorified recreation. If you're kid is actually good, as someone mentioned above, they will go to a proper academy with former professional players who are paid to coach them in a for profit structure. This is just government goons abusing free resources to compete in a for-profit environment with none of the for-profit risk or expenses (bankruptcy, field use, etc) do what everyone else is saying - take your kids and run away. If they aren't taking soccer seriously, there are dozens of clubs within a 10-15 minute drive that you can join that won't give you the politics manalapan did , and apparently still does. I've since moved back near to the area and my kids will never play there
  3. Good to hear from you bud - you get it. It's not that i care ANJRPC "raises awareness to shooting sports" or runs a range. That's fine. It's that they pay out a 6 figure salary, for the figurehead to tell other groups not to "poke the bear" on his beloved relationships. What is he preserving? Nothing changes year over year. A year from now, we will have a democrat in the governor's mansion. What did it help us to play defense for 8 years and not upset Christie? If anything, you should have been annihilating him while he still had the prospect of getting re-elected. The mentality of these groups is backawards. If you are making a 6 figure salary and during your tenure, your accomplishments are "we've endured 100 different gun control bills in our legislature, and we stopped 5 of them!!!!" That's not winning, that's losing. That is incremental fascism, a loss of rights. Winning is having incremental freedom, more choice, more liberty. And you get there by attacking You say they don't have the funds? Start with his salary. With 100k I could pay 10 black citizens of Teaneck to apply for the carry permits, get denied, and then buy them each a video camera to walk into Loretta's office and call her a racist for denying their permits. Then ask her on camera "why do you think your white ass is worthy of gun protection in the state house, but you think myself as a black man is too stupid to carry a gun for protection?? Do you hate black people" That's a lose lose scenario for her, and it's viral in 1 day. News coverage instantly That's disrupting the enemy - changing the narrative If we had 1000 people doing this getting denied, we'd have carry in 6 months. It would be too toxic for politicians to ignore the obvious problem. But instead, we listen to 6 figure salaries Telling us "not to poke the bear" while the state stands with their boots on our collective necks. What the hell are we "preserving" here??? We are the victims! Let's start acting like it! I would have dozens of minorities applying for permits and crying foul on camera all day. More effective than any letter or email to your assemblyman. Or the endless years of promises of closed door conversations from the lofty above us in the NRA world. Old Glock Guy said it best -they told us to wait, and now I'm 2 years older and still can't carry What more proof do you need of what I'm saying? It's staring you all in the face.
  4. Without me pontificating and name dropping like a douche, you'll have to take me at my word when I say I've had deep experience in the liberty movement. This isn't just relating to 2A - every group everywhere hates all like groups. They are competition for donor dollars. The NRA is a 501c4 business that just happens not to pay taxes. They protect that at all costs above all else, including being effective in NJ , where they decidedly are not , and there are reasons for that. When you have a brand, you don't want to associate yourself with loss. That harms your brand. Fighting in NJ is an ugly, uphill battle that requires confrontation and metaphorical casualties along the way. Businesses are risk averse and protect their brands You will never see ANjRPC drop a deuce on chris Christie. They are protecting their relationships, at the expense of being effective. Saying things like "coming together" is laughable to someone who knows this world. If you talked to the 2A leaders behind closed doors, they are all sneering at their competitors fighting for the supposed same cause. They have no interest in coming together. Only idealists who don't know that world think that is possible, or that it even matters. Moreover, there is no reason to "come together" with groups who aren't fighting the same battle you are. If you aren't attacking, you're defending. If we're defending, we are losing. It's very simple. If I ever got the pleasure to meet you in person at an event, I would gladly shed light on what I'm talking about. But I've worked in that world, travelled the beltway, been to private donor events, seen the backdoor conversations ----there is no lovefest to be had. And you'd be shocked if you learned how little most groups care about their actual results, consequences, or mission statements. It's a business that doesn't pay taxes. No one wants to harm that when you have people's mortgages on the line
  5. The problem is all of those groups, barring maybe NJ2AS , are just social clubs. No legitmate progress can be attributed to them. If you want to get together and talk about how great 2A is, wonderful, have fun. If you want to win, you need to be attacking the enemy, not defending them or having secret conversations with them that year over year result in nothing You don't win by arguing about guns, or talking about constitutional rhetoric. You win by using the language they already cherish and understand - racism, sexism, victmhood, patriarchy. You round up cameras, put them in loretta's face, and ask her "why are you supporting the genocide of your black constituents by denying them carry?" You shift the conversation away from guns and focus on race. She can ignore gun talk based on the demographics of where she lives, but she can't ignore a news story talking about her being racist. We all need to radically adjust our perception of what fighting in this world is. This is war, and their resources vastly outnumber ours. It's like Belize trying to take over the United States military - it will never happen because toe-to-toe our arsenal and resources are profoundly superior. So you have to resort to guerrila tactics and disorient the enemy, not unlike Islamic terrorists do- they don't march in screaming with their entire brigade- they send a sneaky individual in and cause a minor disaster and disorient. You need to send in people and create a cognitive association between guns and racism. Because that actually garners media attention. Your little 2A protests in Trenton or endless faxes and emails to your representatives do absolutely nothing - they ignore them. They admit they create outlook rules to delete any 2A emails. Stop wasting your time talking about guns, start ATTACKING the enemy with accusations and disorient them. Make it unpalatable for them to support anti-2A stances by associating it with racism and sexism - and all the other things progressives love. Why was Carol Bowne a news story? Can any of you name 3 people murdered in Newark last year? No, but you know Carol Browne. It's a demographic story . It's tied to gender, and the inequality of her and her murderer. Embrace that radicalism and use it to your advantage. That is where the narrative needs to shift for us to win
  6. You are living in a state, where for the last 70 years, you have had exclusively - incremental gun control. Your rights have ONLY decreased for 3 generations. Continuing to do what you're doing and expecting a different result is insanity Attack the scumbags by shoving cameras in their face 24/7 - and call them out on being the sexist/racist pigs they are. That will get you media attention and results faster than Hopelessly reading form letter responses from your petitions to the state legislature. The years keep rolling by, and we are only losing. It's time to win
  7. I worked in that world and had first hand experience. If you hear the conversations behind closed doors, that is exactly what people like him discuss - preserving their position, long term viability, and not rocking the boat on their relationships with those in power. Give it time, you hear things come out eventually It's anything but a conspiracy. Sometimes the hard-to-say things are the truth. Notice they never ardently attack Christie, and always promise they are "working on something" behind closed doors. Christie is NOT our friend. The only reason to be secretive and silent is so as not to upset relationships. We should be destroying people with damning video evidence and wild accusations until they fear us. Not cozying up to fascists who think their lives are more valuable than ours
  8. I have been hawking this effective guerrila philosophy for years , but only a select few are listening. People are still stuck on calling representatives. That is the same vain as the Orange detective project
  9. I haven't posted in probably a year or two. But I'm glad the tone is at least slightly different now - most of you are seeing what a joke Scott Bach and the ANJRPC/NRA is. They are entities that thrive on nothing changing in a NJ, because then they'd have nothing to fundraise off of you with Bach loves the status quo. Bach will love even more when a D wins the next election and they can scream to the heavens of the battle ahead and fill the coffers with donations, while still having no substantive achievements. I've been saying this for years and only one person has listened and heeded my advice; and achieved actionable consequences due directly to his activism. You don't change anything donating to the NRA. You don't change a thing calling and emailing statist lemmings with an IQ of 79. You cry foul about the -ism's of injustice - sexism, racism, etc. that's the language these statists understand, and those are the labels they publicly can't afford to tolerate - not anti 2A or gun bigot - they can be called that all day long and the electorate doesn't care. last year Bach spent a year promising us in secret that "we're working on something you just sit tight" nothing happened. Then a brave man recorded an Orange detective admitting to denying black people, old women, small women, and handicapped people their permits. 2 days later the governor put out his order on carry in December 2015 and directly cited that video as the impetus for it. That's real cause/effect, without the BS cryptic promises with no results. The governor did nothing and sat on that report for 9 months - when that content came out, they felt compelled to respond immediately and cite the activism because it was damning. That's how you cause change- not calling some unpaid intern at an asinine rep's office. Christie doesn't care about your rights. Neither does Bach, if he did he'd stop protecting relationships with the very people who are responsible for our woes. The "pro 2A" community characters hate each other, and secretly are all jostling for their relevance and power within the group. And most of all, the biggest ones NEVER want to rock the boat because they want to protect their cozy relationships with the very politicians that screw us everyday You wait and see what the ANJRPC is up to. You're giving your money to people actively preserving the status quo for their benefit. It will all rise to the surface eventually - The answer is video of these representatives put into uncomfortable conversations where they are exposed as sexists and racists - not anti 2A. That's the language they understand and cherish. That's the language they can't afford to be labeled as. And you'll get instant results, as one individual has shown us
  10. If I were you, I would record every single interaction you have going forward with any agent of the State. I feel for you and wish you the best of luck. I will say lawyers will happily take your money and you may wish to try to document the problem further and make it a public issue. The law is expensive and slow, embarrassment is swift. Keep us updated. If you want to divulge the town, i would happily coordinate other people to confront them and record them without mentioning you by name
  11. Incorrect. One party consent state. As long as you're in the conversation it's perfectly legal.
  12. I'm third person to assume this is englishtown, because my friend just went through the same fascist bullshit. You should have ZERO reservations in divulging the town. Why are you protecting their horrendous behavior? Until people call them out publicly, nothing can change. You all know my proclivities here. I would be walking into that station and secretly taping video of that chief repeating that he is denying your application because you refuse to let some storm trooper march around your house. It's absolutely fascistic and cancerous on our part to submit to such requests. If you put that video on YouTube, you'd get that township in beacoup hot water and it would resonate beyond our state borders. It's this type of stuff I'm always advocating- sunlight is the best disinfectant. The problem is people don't even know or comprehend how bad the problem is here already
  13. . Feel free to PM me. I can discuss more openly in private and open to hearing what you have to say. I have experience in this stuff and I know it's more effective than talking to a Loretta Weinberg or Sandra Cunningham. (And I've done that too)
  14. Yes Mipa. Stand by everything I said. No one else is acting. Everyone is talking, and talk is cheap. Took that tone in that other thread because it related to other side conversations on how I disagree on people worrying about kumbaya moments, selling tshirts at gun shows, bowling events, and other things that are fine social pursuits but 100% inconsequential. Meanwhile when activism that exposes hypocrisy in the pursuit of media attention is shared, often the reaction is to critique, as if what is holding us back from succeeding is some editing advice for the only group putting out content The fact is, if you had 100 videos of towns on YouTube denying people permits, or calling the governor a liar, we go from a few "pariahs" with errant online videos to a documented epidemic requiring attention May sound coarse to you, but in a way you're right. I'm not here to listen to advice. I already know what works and it's not democracy, it's guerilla warfare in the media. I'm trying to recruit others who see value in this activism to help replicate and scale it.
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