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  1. Would this compressor work for running autoshop lifts and airtools, or is it an overkill.
  2. Yes very happy with my E8 but it is kind of loud so don't get to use it daily because I am up and out at least an hour before the family.
  3. I stopped reading at AVB's suggest that typical houses have balloon framing. Not since the 1920s has balloon framing been in widespread use. 2x6 depends on the span for code. However if you aren't planning on putting heavy items in the attic and are only using for storage the 2'x2' 3/4 T&G would be the easiest to install and best bet. If you are really concerned with strengthening then add 2"x10" joists. Its an overkill and completely unnecessary IMO. You can also reduce the load some by installing collar ties between the ceiling joists and roof rafters.
    Steve has some of the best prices around and you can't beat the conversation. Highly recommend.
  4. Tapatalk still doesn't work. For those complaining about ads in Tapatalk spend the $1 for the pro version.
  5. I'm in Central NJ one of the few Republican areas of the state. Granted Chris Smith is a RINO. Also not my Rep anymore due to the Gerrymandering that was permitted here, but is still for my parents in the next town over. I did lose the few mags I had due to a Rogue Wave while target shooting in International Waters. Probably wasn't the best idea going that far out in a 25' boat when the seas were so rough but other than losing the mags we made it back safe.
  6. Barrel was replaced. I've shot originals with low serials. The whole heat treatment thing is overblown IMO. That one should be good to go. Just do not use modern commercial ammo.
  7. I am surprised too. I always thought guys were joking. I proudly tell me my wife how I got this all matching Mauser for $1,000. She doesn't really care, just says that's nice. Sometimes she will ask what can you sell it for. That's about as far as it goes.
  8. My wife knows and knows what I spend. She may not like it at times but as long as the bills are paid and our lifestyle is not changed why would she say anything? Why would anyone sneak around their wife for real? I've joked about it and I thought others were joking as well. If you have to hide your hobby from your wife you need to reaccess who really wears the pants.
  9. I know was hoping update made a difference. Hopefully one day Tapatalk works again Ill b back when it does.
  10. capt14k


    @Barmsjust wanted to remind you that you were wrong about the future of Bitcoin.
  11. Yeah I can't do the browser thing. Too much crap on the screen. Seeing people's stupid signatures. Need native app or Tapatalk stat.
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