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  1. I want my property taxes reduced by the amount of savings for schools being closed. I want teachers pay reduced to the amount of hours they have worked, and my taxes reduced accordingly. I want school administration pay stopped because they haven’t administered anything. Also my taxes reduced accordingly. Reduce my property taxes by those savings and I will be happy.
  2. Kohler has a lot of manufacturing in China for the box stores. Majority of products in plumbing supply are Made in America. Buy from box store, support China, get the junk you deserve.
  3. Maybe if as Americans you refused to buy Chinese made products there wouldn't be such a reliance on China. Like that shower for instance. Doesn't look like anything Kohler makes.
  4. Well that is disappointing. Is this forum ever going to get tapatalk working. I can not deal with it without it.
  5. That POS AG and the rest of the Communists in Power better be ready to spend a lot of time in the office.
  6. Has anything changed with FFL03, as in actually following the law and longguns are ok to have shipped to your home if you have FFL03 and it is C&R eleigible.
  7. Yeah but the difference is even the laws they pass in Richmond won't mean a thing when they can't be enforced because there are armed militias ready to stand with their fellow Virginians, which include an overwhelming majority of sheriffs? Who is going to want the blood on their hands? Who will enforce the laws if County Sheriff will not? National Guard? Not if Trump pulls an Ike. State Police? I doubt it.
  8. Good for you. About time someone went against the grain. Wonder what my chances of getting a tax stamp for a MG-34 would be. Machine Guns are allowed in NJ if approved by a judge. I'm sure someone rich and connected legally has MG in NJ. Best part is you aren't restricted on magazine size or belt links.
  9. Not according to the people of Virginia. Small County of 74,000 had 450 people show up armed with semi auto rifle and sidearm for first Militia Muster. The AWB failed in VA Senate Committee. There were at least 5 Dems that didn't want blood on their hands.
  10. ATF issued a letter specifically that Franklin Armory Reformation can not be transferred.
  11. Simple solution eliminate unconstitutional background checks.
  12. I hope there is another thread on this case. The doctor said he was not threatened. He said he knew where he lived in reference to bringing the media to the doctors house. Thankfully firearm's owners in VA have a set.
  13. Vaping worked for me. Don't use the preloaded pods. They are filled with bad chemicals too. Best to get a vape and look for a good natural juice that you like and step down the nicotine. As for cure for cancer read that deworming medicine for dogs fenbendazole worked for a couple people 100%. There was promising research going on with pinworm medicine for humans mebenzadole, but supposedly testing came to a halt and price of the medicine increased 7500%.
  14. Ok. If you happen to be down in his area (Morganville) I would buy and you can leave with him.
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