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  1. FDR couldn't pack the court. Biden certainly will not be able to. 2 Dem Senators Manchin and Simena are on record that they will not vote to end the filibuster. They would lose power if they did. That means Dems have at most 48 votes. With filibuster in place Dems need 60 votes for Cloture to pass any laws that would increase the number of SCOTUS Justices. Will not happen. Just like more restrictive federal gun laws or making Puerto Rico a state won't happen. In 2 years GOP will have control of the House.
  2. MeWe has grown. Our Milsurp Waffles group trades more Milsurp Firearms, Edge Weapons, and Ammo than any forum or Facebook group. Averaging 10 transfers a week with as many as 25. Also have a couple other Milsurp Groups such as The Milsurp Firearms Forum which is a larger group on Facebook but MeWe is over 2,000 members, our guns and parts group has over 5,000 members. There is another Facebook Group Old Guns and Old Farts with 8,000 members in it's MeWe Group. Also lots of reloading groups. One of the better groups is the Scammers group with over 1,000 members and nearly 150 scammers identified across all platforms.
  3. Put up sign. Call tow company that will tow. Had a guy doing it on my lot. He was hiding from warrant and repo man. Was warned once by myself. Tow company came the next time. He was pissed told him I warned him and handed him care of tow company. He never got his car back since tow and storage fees were over $500 and kept get higher everyday. Cops got him on warrant and I Never saw the guy again.
  4. Any update on this since it seems the bankruptcy is still on going, but range is open. Any contractors get paid? I doubt it. @Carajany news? Old thread was closed for no particular reason so figured I would start a new one since it is kind of important to know about the people elevated to leadership positions.
  5. You were lied to or they didn't understand or you misunderstood. NJ law does not apply outside NJ. Dual residents can buy handguns in other states and bring to NJ. ATF agent for NJ told me Face to Face that FFL03 can be used to purchase C&R eligible firearms outside NJ if you are physically present. The only reason firearms can't be shipped to NJ is because of COE which is a NJ requirement. When buying longguns outside NJ that PICS or NICS check is done on no COE is filled out. Using FFL03 to buy longgun or handgun that is C&R eligible outside NJ is perfectly legal.
  6. FFL03 to FFL03 sales of C&R firearms do not require the use of FFL01. Basically the same as it was before.
  7. Just to update Wolf extended emergency order for opiate epidemic for the 11th time in August. Obviously order has nothing to do with fighting opiate epidemic being Philly is the Heroin/Clandestine Fentynal Capital of America. To the point that addicts were camped out for 24-48hrs waiting for dealers to be resupplied. Why was this? because NJ/PA gave unemployment benefits to homeless and general scumbags who haven't worked for years. So drug addicts suddenly had $10k from government. So what did they do with their influx of cash? Buy more drugs of course. To the point of buying out dealers. Great job Gov Wolf, that emergency opiate declaration is really working, working to prevent open carry and that is about it.
  8. I want my property taxes reduced by the amount of savings for schools being closed. I want teachers pay reduced to the amount of hours they have worked, and my taxes reduced accordingly. I want school administration pay stopped because they haven’t administered anything. Also my taxes reduced accordingly. Reduce my property taxes by those savings and I will be happy.
  9. Kohler has a lot of manufacturing in China for the box stores. Majority of products in plumbing supply are Made in America. Buy from box store, support China, get the junk you deserve.
  10. Maybe if as Americans you refused to buy Chinese made products there wouldn't be such a reliance on China. Like that shower for instance. Doesn't look like anything Kohler makes.
  11. Well that is disappointing. Is this forum ever going to get tapatalk working. I can not deal with it without it.
  12. That POS AG and the rest of the Communists in Power better be ready to spend a lot of time in the office.
  13. Has anything changed with FFL03, as in actually following the law and longguns are ok to have shipped to your home if you have FFL03 and it is C&R eleigible.
  14. Yeah but the difference is even the laws they pass in Richmond won't mean a thing when they can't be enforced because there are armed militias ready to stand with their fellow Virginians, which include an overwhelming majority of sheriffs? Who is going to want the blood on their hands? Who will enforce the laws if County Sheriff will not? National Guard? Not if Trump pulls an Ike. State Police? I doubt it.
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