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  1. Thanks for the info that's what I was confused on
  2. I took my hunter Ed course 20+ years ago I looked online but can't seem to get a clear easy answer on the process. Needed
  3. I have the Kuro and Cryo both made in China. Just got the cyro it is heavy the Kuro I ve been carrying for over a year it is a great knife
  4. Probably a field mod to make a trench knife. I own one were the blade has been made to a clip point and the grips replace with Plexiglas
  5. http://www.japanese-swords.com/ if you web search Fred Lohman he seems pretty respected. Also when it come to japanese sword work you get what you pay for.
  6. I can not say I am surprised he would say something so ignorant. Why do people in NJ keep electing these jokes of Politian's? Why? I
  7. Does this mean if the smart gun law takes effect you will no longer be able to buy antique handgun in nj
  8. I hope this is the right place to post.The case reminds me of NJ justifiable need.
  9. The truth is I do not think I am ready to try to install a free float and that I m kind of new to the AR and lack skill.Plus theere are so many brand and options out there to pick from it gets overwhelming.
  10. I am sorry.I sometime do not get my what mean to sound right. I shall be more clear.After looking into I have a stag 3h.I was wondering if there are any extended drop in quad rails other then the UTG extended carbine quad rail.
  11. Does any company make an extended quad rail that would fit on a carbine other then UTG The Stag Upper I have has a lower then the handguard gas block any advice would be a great help.
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