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  1. Dirty Digz yup the 407 has been selling for under $200 during sales for a few months now. Both options seem to be very good options for the $$.
  2. Bought one of these from Schuyler Arms last time they were on sale and just bought another 2 since they are on sale again. I was skeptical of the Holosun to begin with but after putting a bunch of rounds on it I actually like it more than my RMR01's. I have an astigmatism and the RMR gets blurry on me but this circle/dot stay super crisp. Shop is legit hundreds of dudes on Reddit have ordered from them in the last few months with no issues, and those guys are notoriously finicky. Pic of one on my G19 https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/4th-of-july-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/holosun-technologies-507c-red-dot-2-moa-dot-32moa-ring-multi-reticle-system-dot-ring-both-black-finish-7075-t6-aluminum-multicoated-lens-v2-optics-system-shake-awake-technology-side-battery-solar-failsafe-picatinny-rail-2880796
  3. That works for me. Thnx re: furlough. I am actually fine with it, it sucks having the reduced pay via unemployment but I'm honestly enjoying being outside every day plus I got all of the house projects done for the year. I count it as a win overall. I will send you a PM about meeting up.
  4. Was only averaging once a month before the 'rona hit. Now that I'm furloughed and it's back open I'm going like twice a week lol.
  5. I have 2 brand new in box Gun Vault Speed Vaults for sale. Model #SV 500. Bought these a while ago with the intention of using them to keep some stuff stashed around the house but ended up going in another direction. $60 each. Picked up in Ocean Gate 08740.
  6. That's super light. I think the rifle was 5.9lb bare.
  7. Haven't been on here in a while so wasn't really aware of the whole SBF thing. Saw Howell Gun Works post the Mod Mat SBF on Facebook and said oooo that's cool and pulled the trigger. Taking to the range tomorrow to sight in as I just got it kitted out the way I want it. Ended up swapping out a ton of parts and now that I've read through the thread I think I will start another sbf build, either a KAC or HK 416 clone. Swapped sba3 for sba4, stock trigger for G SSA-E, ch for a raptor, fh for a surefire fh that accepts a warden. Slapped on a eotech exps3-0, dbal a2, sf m600df, rail scales, qd sling mount, src3, and a ms4 sling (getting swapped for a slingster or vtac). She got a little heavy kitted out at 8.6lb loaded but it balances pretty well due to the short barrel. Will see how it shoots tomorrow.
  8. I have a gen 4 fde with both 9 and 40 slides. Would want to sell it as a package. Not used or abused, has maybe 500rd on the 9 slide and 300 on the 40 slide. PM if interested.
  9. I have for sale an as new Holosun LS321G. Comes with everything it did from the factory. Used for about 3 hours. Unit works great, almost as bright as my full power DBAL A2 unit. Illuminator has a flood adjustment which is nice. I purchased this new from a Holosun rep off of this forum. Laser range and brightness performs just as well or better than the civilian versions from L3 and Steiner. $550 shipped ConUs takes it home
  10. I have up for sale a Wilcon Combat CQB 1911. This particular pistol was a government contract over run they produced in the late 2000's as part of an order being fulfilled at the request of an Army special forces unit. These pistols becam knows as "Cave Guns" and it is stamped with the appropriate "SF" serial #. Pistol is an absolute tack driver and is in very good condition. Light wear on the parts you'd expect including safety, hammer, magwell, rail. Comes with everything it did from the factory and you see pictured. WC bag, paperwork, takedown tool, etc. Also comes with 7 mags (6 WC 1 Ed Brown) and a spare set of VZ grips. $2400 Not really looking for trades. Located near Toms River. Happy to drop at a local FFL if you don't have a permit. All NJ laws apply.
  11. I will trade you a 15rd g4 factory Glock mag for your 10rd if you still want to. Also in the tr area. PM me if you still have it left. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  12. Golf battery claimed one of them. One case left. Sent from my Pixel XL using Tapatalk
  13. I restocked on a bunch of calibers at once and thought I ordered 380. Oops.
  14. Bought these by mistake, my loss is your gain. 2 cases factory fresh Federal 130gr 38 special. 1k rd per case. $250 per case or $480 if you take both. If you take both I will also toss in a couple boxes of old 357 hunting rounds I found in the back of the safe. Pickup near Toms River 08753. Buyer must have FID/DL.
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