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  1. Haven't been around in a while but hope y'all are well and are making it through this mess ok. Looking to purchase a semi 308 and the ones I'm targeting are the 417/SR25/N6. I know at least a few of you on here are holding one or more of these so thought I'd drop a line. If you have one and will let it go PM me to discuss or feel free to shoot a text to 732-684-1777. My collection is cut down to mostly what I shoot so all I have to trade is cash, maybe NV or thermal.
  2. Up for sale is my used but not abused Steiner M5xi 5-25x56 scope with illuminated MSR reticle, mil/mil knobs. Mounted in a US Optics UMQDS 20MOA mount. No box. Glass is perfect, IMO very damn near S&B PM2 quality. Tracks properly. No issues. This is the german model, not the cheaper US model. Sells new 2800-3200 for just the scope. Mount is another $300+. Steal it here for $1850 If you have a MTM PAS23 or a set of high spec WP RNVG or DTNVG will trade with appropriate cash on my end. First "I will take it" gets the scope/mount. Located in Ocean Gate, 08740 for anyone who would like to inspect before purchase. Price does also include shipping via UPS ground to your location. Not a firearm so no need for FID etc. Payment via cash, USPS MO, Paypal, Venmo
  3. Dirty Digz yup the 407 has been selling for under $200 during sales for a few months now. Both options seem to be very good options for the $$.
  4. Bought one of these from Schuyler Arms last time they were on sale and just bought another 2 since they are on sale again. I was skeptical of the Holosun to begin with but after putting a bunch of rounds on it I actually like it more than my RMR01's. I have an astigmatism and the RMR gets blurry on me but this circle/dot stay super crisp. Shop is legit hundreds of dudes on Reddit have ordered from them in the last few months with no issues, and those guys are notoriously finicky. Pic of one on my G19 https://www.schuylerarmsco.com/4th-of-july-sale/red-dotsoptics-993/holosun-technologies-507c-red-dot-2-moa-dot-32moa-ring-multi-reticle-system-dot-ring-both-black-finish-7075-t6-aluminum-multicoated-lens-v2-optics-system-shake-awake-technology-side-battery-solar-failsafe-picatinny-rail-2880796
  5. That's super light. I think the rifle was 5.9lb bare.
  6. Haven't been on here in a while so wasn't really aware of the whole SBF thing. Saw Howell Gun Works post the Mod Mat SBF on Facebook and said oooo that's cool and pulled the trigger. Taking to the range tomorrow to sight in as I just got it kitted out the way I want it. Ended up swapping out a ton of parts and now that I've read through the thread I think I will start another sbf build, either a KAC or HK 416 clone. Swapped sba3 for sba4, stock trigger for G SSA-E, ch for a raptor, fh for a surefire fh that accepts a warden. Slapped on a eotech exps3-0, dbal a2, sf m600df, rail scales, qd sling mount, src3, and a ms4 sling (getting swapped for a slingster or vtac). She got a little heavy kitted out at 8.6lb loaded but it balances pretty well due to the short barrel. Will see how it shoots tomorrow.
  7. I looked thru the NY SAFE laws and the NRA site and believe I am good to go, but figured I'd post here as well for shits and giggles. Next month I am heading into NY for a long weekend. Will be staying at a cabin on a few hundred acres that has ample shooting ground. Looking to bring my long range rifle to have a little fun with while there. All signs point to being ok to bring rifle and shoot on the private ground but figured I'd see what the forum had to say. LR porn as bonus...
  8. Congrats on the pickup! I had a NXS 5.5-22 and didn't have any complaints about it except for the SFP, which is a debate unto itself. Best of luck with it!
  9. Like was stated earlier, if you are going to have one and use it for competition, I'd personally go w/ proven quality. STI is the first one that comes to mind but the DW VBOB is also a good option. The STI also hold their value pretty well. I would look for a used one on the various forums. I had one of these and the things was lights out. You legit couldn't miss w/ it. Another forum member now owns it and I'm pretty sure he likes it as well. https://stiguns.com/guns/tactical-ds/
  10. Blake


    Just like the dot com boom, there will be a few winners that change the way we go about our lives and the rest of the coins will go the way of the dinosaurs. I have no skin in the game regarding BTC (sold my position some time ago) but I do feel that there are several very promising projects that possess the potential to change the way large corporations transact and how commerce is tracked. I have invested substantially in these projects despite them being risky "cryptos."
  11. mmmmm time to set up a trust...especially w/ the shitty laws coming our way
  12. FYI for y'all pretty much everything is negotiable at Optics Planet. I have gotten some steals there thru the live chat feature. Basically name your price and see what they come back with. Lat time I needed a KDG rail for my SCAR I used that feature and they took like 30% off the next cheapest price I could find online.
  13. Good deal on a lightly used one is $300 ish. Cheapest I have seen a new one is $350 Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
  14. Ordered these cans during the black Friday sale. Not as good of quality as issue cans but are def worth the price. Sent from my SM-T580 using Tapatalk
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