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  1. If you do decide to take it to a gunsmith to be checked out, just bring the upper. There's no law against an upper with a flash hider, and I believe it's legitimate to have one if you're literally on your way to a gunsmith to have it checked and, if necessary, neutralized. If you want to cover your bases, call the gunsmith in advance to let him know you're coming, so if you're stopped there can be no question of where you were going. I went through the painful process of trying to decipher the muzzle device rules recently and found this very helpful link. https://sites.google.com/site/featurelessrifleguide/muzzle-devices Unfortunately, anything you put on the muzzle will in some way or another alter the flash signature, so you're never completely safe. IANAL and this is not legal advice.
  2. Agree on the politicians. But they aren't the ones who write these laws. It's the leaders of the Antigun groups. And they are not stupid fools. They are very smart, very conniving and know a lot about guns. They know how to take advantage of "the stupidity, if you will, of the American voter" to do an end run around the constitution under the guise of "sensible gun safety laws." Look at the California unsafe handgun act. If they'd introduced legislation to ban all new handguns, including trivial modifications of existing ones, it would have never passed, even in CA. So they achieved the same result with a common sense law which initially defined safety quite reasonably as not firing when dropped and then, outside the legislative process, gradually redefining safety such that no gun that will ever be produced will meet the criteria. Brilliant. Obama just tested the waters of doing the same with ammunition. Gradually change the definition of "armor piercing" by fiat until all centerfire rifle ammo is gone.
  3. This is much different than the .22 panic where you couldn't get anything but expensive match ammo, and sometimes not even that. A quick search finds tons of reasonably priced ammo in 20 round boxes or battle packs. Just not the xm193 on stripper clips in cans that I really want
  4. I bought one of those loaders as well as the standard Lula loader. It's awesome. I've gotten all the toys. Now all I'm missing is the rifle. Sitting at the gunsmith as we speak being Jersey neutered.
  5. I've been considering this option. Is there any downside at all to this vs. the dedicated 9mm G19? I wonder why everyone doesn't do it.
  6. I call dibs on Tori Nonaka.
  7. I think it's a manufactured panic when I get emails every other day from Midway urging me to buy the last of the steel tips, which are remarkably still in stock. That being said, I am just now getting into the AR game and ordered 420 rounds of XM193 and a few hundred rounds of misc brands right before the SHTF. I wish I'd added a zero to the end of my XM193 order, because I do like the neat stripper clips and cans.
  8. I carry a p938 and like it. Works well with IWB or pocket. The only thing I would change would be to make it DA because I'm still having trouble getting my mind around "cocked and locked." Accuracy is decent with practice.
  9. If this were to happen in an organized and credible manner (sorry NJ2AS,) I'd pledge $1000. I don't doubt we can find 49 other people to match or exceed that.
  10. I wasn't aware of the petition (although I'm sure it's posted in another thread somewhere.) For convenience, it's here: https://petitions.whitehouse.gov/petition/stop-batfe-banning-xm855-ammunition/XrvVh1cj
  11. I don't know much about machining. Is just pinning considered "permanent?" I'd prefer to avoid welding to prevent the risk of messing with the steel temper, but I'd also like to avoid the risk of becoming Evan Nappen's next poster boy.
  12. Hi, I just need pin and weld and pin the stock. Are you able to do an FFL transfer from an out of state FFL? If so, how much? Thanks.
  13. No it's an 18" barrel. I'm not trying to avoid a SBR, just trying to figure out the best thing to put on the threads to neuter it. I'm in Essex, so recs for anyone in the area would be appreciated.
  14. Hi, I have a rather expensive KAC rifle on order and have spent a lot of time researching which muzzle brake to permanently install. I think I'll go with the Griffin M4SD Tactical, which seems to offer a good combination of muzzle control and not blowing out my eardrums. Is the actual pin and weld installation a skilled process, or is it fairly idiot proof? Any recommendations for a gunsmith, or can any reasonable smith do it well? I'd like to use my local smith but don't have long experience with him and would hate to have this permanent job botched.
  15. wooly bugger

    Ham radio

    My Yaesu FT-60R arrived today. My call sign still hasn't appeared in the FCC database, so can't transmit. I've tried listening in on all the local repeaters with no traffic. There's supposed to be a Bergen Amateur Radio Association Net at 8:30 tonight at 444.100, but nothing there either. Can anyone recommend any active nets/ragchews accessible from NNJ?
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