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  1. EWC88

    Drywall patch

    I shall do that lol
  2. EWC88

    Drywall patch

    So the gf wants to redo one of our bathrooms, well she found the mirror of her dreams lol for this bathroom and turns out it’s bigger then the norm. Which now means light, which we are replacing, needs to be moved up higher. I took the old off today to see what previous owners did, and yea there’s some good size oops holes. Has as anyone used those metal mesh screen patches for drywall? Review? Or should I cut out and latch with drywall?
  3. EWC88

    Home security cameras

    Awesome thank you!
  4. EWC88

    Home security cameras

    Oh that’s nice I like that! Question with the setup you recommended, is there anyway to have it so we can check on our phones for live footage? Girlfriend just mentioned how she’d like to be able to check cameras at times when at work or whatever.
  5. EWC88

    Home security cameras

    Hard wire for sure! I do want to have smaller cameras for interior so it’s not noticeable as well as eye sore to the lovely decor lol.
  6. EWC88

    Home security cameras

    Thanks for all the responses. I am looking for the camera to do night vision, would want at min 2 exterior and 2 interior but thinking maybe best to do 4 and 4. Far as wireless or wired, either or, wireless is a plus but I’d be worried it losing signal at the most important time. Storage is a must just in case god forbid I need to go back and look, I’m young but still clueless on this cloud crap, so DVR or flash drive be easiest. Accessing the cameras, whether I need a tablet, or do on my phone either or doesn’t bother me. The one camera will be by my front door that’s under a porch with roof so far as distance on that is small, but my rear is where I would want to get more distance, I own a acre, not looking to see the ant at the end of my property but some distance is good. I’d perfer to install because I’m anal and want to make sure if wired the wires are absolutely impossible to find and I’ll make it clean. Budget, always a good one. Not looking at dropping a couple grand, I’m cool with the $500-$750 range but if I need to spend more it’s fine, it is a safety insurance so how could you put a price on that...
  7. EWC88

    Home security cameras

    What are people running? Looking to get exterior and maybe even some interior cameras. Curious on where people have bought there’s and reviews on them.
  8. EWC88

    Photo pros need some help

    Awesome thanks guys
  9. My grandmother died a year ago, and my grandfather who cherished her has a picture of her that he has everywhere he goes. This picture was zoomed in so it was just her and because of that it’s not the clearest. Is there anyway to make it nice and crisp whether I can do/someone can do/ company can do? I would like to get it done so he can have a nice clear picture of her instead of a slightly blur
  10. EWC88

    Height of lawn

    What patch seed do you use?
  11. EWC88

    Height of lawn

    Good information guys thank you! I will be changing my water settings to 2 days a week and long times. I will also be highering my lawn mower settings. Is there any good way to get rid of moss? I know sun will help with that, but till I get permission from my neighbor on cutting his tree down to get more sun in that one spot, what else could I do?
  12. EWC88

    Height of lawn

    Sweet thanks guy, I’ll make sure I higher it for next cut. No clue if blades need to be sharpened since it’s brand new last year, but going drop the blade off at a shop to get sharpened to be safe. As mention I put a lawn weed killer down so hopefully that will help. Watering the lawn for a day or two a week is news to me lol. I water every other day, and each zone gets 13 mins of water. Might look into the reducing it to 2 days and longer.
  13. EWC88

    Height of lawn

    Random as hell question, but what height do you guys keep your lawn? I just did first cut last week which was a low cut, but then fertilized to feed and try to kill weeds. Then was going maintain it at 2-3” height to help slow the weed growth. Opinions?
  14. EWC88

    New Moderator - Mrs Peel

    Congrats Mrs Peel!!
  15. Yea he was telling me how the ecoboost are nice for a short period but otherwise to much to go wrong in a long period, espically the turbos. He did mention how they have seen more of the ecoboost then the v8, just a proven simple motor. He didn’t hate on the eco just only recommended for short time.

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