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  1. Lol this thread really switched gears
  2. I shall PM him thank you!
  3. Hey guys, so like the title says I’m looking into putting an addition on my house. Tried doing the lovely google to search for some but then thought let me ask you guys on here if anyone recommends a company. I would need them to work in South Jersey, if they have their own architect that be a plus so it’s not a back and forth type deal but I’ll deal with it if so. Any recommendations iobs let let me know!
  4. Iron out is smart idea thanks for that. rifleman - did you happen to see how much brown gunk you had? When I tore my unit apart it had A LOT, not only coating the drum and in the barrel, but at the bottom of the barrel it was decently thick.
  5. Funny you posted that video, after calling around and getting no where I went to internet and found that video. Let’s just say I know every damn nut and bolt on this washing machine. Turns out the whole drum in the inside was covered in this gunk. I brushed it with a bleach and water solution and got it all back together. Now trust me there was a few “mother f*****s” present but saved money from someone coming out to do it or say “you need a new one”. Ok now it’s time to drink whiskey...
  6. Took off hoses, slight rust, going replace...but then I took the back panel off of the washer and notice the shell of the internal drum which is a white plastic, has a brown color on inside it at certain parts. No clue how to dismantle this and clean.
  7. I would say couple weeks, girlfriend would say 20 years
  8. Well water, and just got a brand new tankless hot water heater installed last week. When I get home from work I’m going check the hoses out.
  9. Top loader, I’ll go out tomorrow and get new hoses to see if that does anything. Trying google a manual on it or any info to tear it apart.
  10. So recently I have been having an ongoing issue with my LG washing machine. After doing some loads of wash I notice a brown gunk like substance on the clothes. I can easily shake it off, but I do not know what it’s coming from. Bought the washer machine cleaner, did 4 loads in a row of that, nothing. Did bleach, nothing, even did vinegar to be mr all natural and nothing. The unit is not new so no warranty with it, too load without the post in the middle of the drum. If anyone one has any clue please let me know.
  11. So the gf wants to redo one of our bathrooms, well she found the mirror of her dreams lol for this bathroom and turns out it’s bigger then the norm. Which now means light, which we are replacing, needs to be moved up higher. I took the old off today to see what previous owners did, and yea there’s some good size oops holes. Has as anyone used those metal mesh screen patches for drywall? Review? Or should I cut out and latch with drywall?
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