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  1. With recent news, I need to look into added an addition to my home. Trying to see if anyone on here recommends any architects in the South Jersey area? Also any information regarding all these steps I have to take? I’m new to this, not sure a round about idea how much architects cost, what to look into with one, etc. Thank you in advance!
  2. Hey guys, does anyone know of a good company that deals with mold inside a home? I was in my attic yesterday to find where certain wires are located and I noticed what appears to be black mold. I want to get it removed but problems solved. Location in Franklinville if anyone knows.
  3. I am starting to look right now, been checking indeed out a lot, going probably even reach out to some recruiters too.
  4. Glad to see surgery went well. As others say make the move, I’m in a career right now that I’m trying to look for something else to be able to spend more time with family. I feel I work more then being with them and I am not a fan.
  5. Ahh glad you said that, I googled couple hours ago and saw metal detector. Got someone to let me borrow it but I’m having a hell of a time figuring this thing out. Going try to google user manual to figure what setting to do and all that.
  6. Anyone have any idea on how to located in ground sprinkler valves? I have 9 zones, and out for the 9 I can only located 4, and of course I have a zone not working which is one of the valves I can’t seem to find.
  7. Anyone know or recommend any auto body shop in or near the Franklinville area? Got into a accident, insurance deemed it repairable, now looking for auto body. Ones I know of are Caliber Collision, Rocco’s auto body and Elmer auto body, but never had to get bodywork done so not sure how any of them are.
  8. Yea that’s totally accurate bomber, I wish I could hold off but this is to help to move some water away, if it was just a concrete patio that could wait.
  9. Some spots the pad is 3.5” thick others higher to almost 6”.
  10. I debated on doing it, but realization kicked in that I have more projects then a project manager that at times paying someone is just worth it lol.
  11. Hey guys wanted to bounce a quote I got off you guys. Now this is second quote, this one I added more concrete but the original quote before adding the additional, both contractors came close to price. Now google states sq ft of concrete should be between $4-$8 but I don’t always believe internet so that’s why bouncing off you guys. 4500 psi concrete. Rebar placed in foundation so pad doesn’t sink. Roughly 309 sq ft. $5107.00 They will have to removed some patio pavers, and also river rocks.
  12. I did see best buy having j belive the roomba or the shark for 499 that has the station and it self empties. I’m sure we will still use our normal shark vacuum as well, but the robot would just help her a little, through out week.
  13. Looking at getting one of these for the misses. There’s several out there, so coming here to see if anyone has one and what they recommend. I have hardwood and carpet, and also pets, if that helps anyone on helping with which one to pick.
  14. Will be going to iron horse this week, and also been scanning craigslist a lot. Anyone have any reviews on Hyundai sonata’s? Found couple low miles (50k). if looking at a Honda what would the highest mileage you buy at? Same with any car with the 3800 motor? I had a boneville with that motor and it did great and last long.
  15. Thanks everyone for commenting on this! I am open to whatever and far as gas mileage, yes I would want something good on gas, but in reality I’ll take whatever. I will check out those grand prix’s and John I will call them, Sewell it’s right down road from me!
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