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  1. I did see best buy having j belive the roomba or the shark for 499 that has the station and it self empties. I’m sure we will still use our normal shark vacuum as well, but the robot would just help her a little, through out week.
  2. Looking at getting one of these for the misses. There’s several out there, so coming here to see if anyone has one and what they recommend. I have hardwood and carpet, and also pets, if that helps anyone on helping with which one to pick.
  3. Will be going to iron horse this week, and also been scanning craigslist a lot. Anyone have any reviews on Hyundai sonata’s? Found couple low miles (50k). if looking at a Honda what would the highest mileage you buy at? Same with any car with the 3800 motor? I had a boneville with that motor and it did great and last long.
  4. Thanks everyone for commenting on this! I am open to whatever and far as gas mileage, yes I would want something good on gas, but in reality I’ll take whatever. I will check out those grand prix’s and John I will call them, Sewell it’s right down road from me!
  5. Open to anything. Been scanning Craigslist and all over place. My huge this is what mileage number should I be nervous of. Yes all depends if the owner beat the balls out of it, but still is over 100k a nightmare or still good.
  6. Far as budget maybe $6-$7k? Willing to spend more if have to but not trying spend to much where I can just go to dealer.
  7. So my job has me all over the place and I think it’s time to start looking for a beater/commuter car. Doesn’t need to be pretty just functional/good on gas preferably. If you guys were looking for a commuter/beater what mileage number would you stay away from? What brands? And even maybe how old of a car would you max go?
  8. Ok cool thanks guys for the fast responses! If exemption takes a long time like mentioned then I’ll just wait the 30 days in between.
  9. Hey guys have a quick question. My father is moving and in doing so he wants to give me 3/4 handguns of his. I know I need to get my permits but what is the process on doing this the proper way?
  10. Good info Malice thanks for that! Also thank you guys on giving me the run down on rating and all.
  11. I have a older flat screen tv that is slowly starting to go, some parts in movies are extremely dark but when watching on different TVs it’s not that dark where you can’t see anything. So with sales going on I figured time to check TVs out. I was at a Walmart for something’s and also BJ’s so checked those at first. Saw your normal name brands (Sony, Vizio, Samsung) then some brands I have never heard of. The next thing I noticed when I saw dirt cheap tv’s was it then said “Roku TV” or things like that. Lastly I saw QLED/OLED etc so I’m lost lol. I use to be all about technology but now I’m a AIR head when it comes to it, so I need some help. Currently we have Comcast, now I don’t know if we will end up saying goodbye to it and stream. My biggest thing of not knowing is because the only time I ever saw someone stream something it froze more times to enjoy the show then anyway. We do use a amazon fire stick as well plus dvds. I think I want to be in the 65” size. Any input to help me out I appreciate.
  12. Franklinville NJ 08322, thanks everyone!
  13. Yea looks like a quick google search the US banned it in 1988 lol
  14. What treatments or companies do you guys use for termites? When I got my house they did a preventative that lasts for only so long, and I’m do for it. Don’t know who the sellers used, or if I should go with big name brand like terminix or do a mom and pop.
  15. Lol this thread really switched gears
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