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  1. Ah, that was me. Was breaking in my new Tavor, and it shoots great
  2. I just wanted to re-itererate my positive review for Steve that I gave from my first impressions with him. He was able to secure a FDE Tavor for me quickly and at a great price. On top of that, because he hadn't gotten a chance to pin the magazine that it came with yet, he gave me one that he already had done to hold me over until he got a chance to modify the FDE one. Had a chance to shoot the rifle over the weekend, and it is as good as it feels! Thanks again Steve, and I look forward to buying from you again in the future.
  3. Interesting. I will certainly be renting this once I can re-assemble my media center!
  4. Yeah, met him over the weekend and totally agree.
  5. Yeah, broke it down when I got home and cleaned/re-oiled the whole shebang. Much easier to do on a big table haha!
  6. Was a great time. Embarased that my 870 desided to completely fall apart, but I appreciate that people jumped in to help. Can't wait to do it again, though next time, I think I will get a different brand of shells...
  7. Managed to wrangle up a load of shells, a box of clays and a chucker. Going to enjoy this quite a bit
  8. Grew up on a sheep farm in PA, used a .22LR and a .223 bolt action to pop groundhogs and even used the .22LR to save our Newfoundland from a real nasty one that had bitten her up and cornered her.
  9. Do you have to have a hunting license to attend this event? If not, then this would be a nice way to break in my shotgun!
  10. Sure thing! TruGlo Variable power scope with Red, Green or Non-illuminated crosshair Fore-end Rail UTG Adjustable Hight Bipod Sorry for the terrible lighting. Had just gotten done doing a full takedown and clean of the whole rifle, since I had put about 1000 rounds through it.
  11. As an FS2000 owner, I really enjoy the rifle. Haven't really had too much issue with ammo yet, since I got quite a bit when Cabellas had a sale a few years back. Personally I love how it handles, and even my Vet. father was amazed with how much he liked it, since he was trained for non-bullpup rifles.
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