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  1. Thanks bro Pretty much a stock DDM4v5. Added a BCM Gunfighter Grip, Troy BUIS, Raptor Charging Handle, and the BattleComp
  2. My first AR, haven't even shot her yet - that's tomorrow. Figured I'd post a pic though
  3. Just got my V5 in Wednesday, have yet to shoot her but she looks good.
  4. Spiderman want his grips back. Just Kidding. I had an HK45 - which is pretty much the P30 in a .45, i think. I took to a course and put 1500 rounds through it and that's when I realized had to get rid of it. I was so used to riding the safety - me being a 1911 guy - I kept on pressing down too hard and engaging the decocker. I know there is a piece available to make the pistol SAO, but if I want a SAO pistol its tough to beat the 1911. I eventually sold it to my friend and picked up a P220.
  5. I love my Dan Wesson. In my opinion, they are the best 1911's before you get into the custom guys (WC, EB, LB, etc). I have a CCO and its a joy to shoot and carry, point of aim point of impact.
  6. I ask myself that all the time. But I moved back for work, took a job in NYC.
  7. Hello everyone, just checking in before I start posting. I just moved back to NJ after spending 5 years in AZ. Before I left for AZ, I was mildly interested in firearms but the only shooting I did was when I was 10 or 11 years old at summer camp in West Virginia. Arizona turned me into a pretty passionate firearms enthusiast. I love shooting and have been through quite a few tactical and defensive pistol courses. I am now getting into rifles and just acquired my first AR. I can't take it home until the NICS goes through though :-/ Anyway, I'm excited to use this forum as a resource. Thanks for having me, any questions just ask!
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