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  1. I just moved from Nj to Florida this week. Drove down with about ten firearms in the trunk. All unloaded and bullets kept separate.
  2. One other option is your battery and alt are fine but you have something drawing the power and killing it over night. For example an interior light or bad trunk or hood.contacts causing a light to stay on 24/7.
  3. I need a set done in my house. In Morristown nj. Morris county. Not looking for an expensive job. Just a standard decent job. Maybe just a regular carpenter? I'd like to support a pro 2a guy. Drop me a pm.
  4. Some tpms systems use radio frequency sensors in the valve stems. While others use a style around the axle using the abs sensor to measure revolutions to monitor the air pressure. In 2008 the tpms system became mandatory on all cars. If your car was made after 08. You have tpms.
  5. I'm in a very rural part of Morristown. I had thousands yes thousands this year. The skeletons are still everywhere. Massive huge grave piles at bases of trees. On any given day the cicadas where sooooo loud ,they sounded like an alien space ship landing. At one point one side of my house was almost covered in exoskeletons. Got whacked in the forehead at 35 mph on my motorcycle with my visor up. Ouchhhh.
  6. I'm in Morristown and can do your axle if you need Ryan. Pm me if interested.
  7. Might want to consider doing the rotors too while everything is apart.
  8. I always do plenty of research before purchasing parts
  9. I service cars in my home garage in Morristown. The apt I rent sits atop and also includes a six car garage that I use for all my work. I have about 12 years experience. With most repairs I recommend getting a quote elsewhere and I will do the repair for half. Part cost plus 50% of the labor (I've also found that buying the parts new on eBay can save around 40% aswell) Anyone can feel free to drop me a pm. No I'm not a licensed shop its all cash. I posted this to be a nice money saving service to the njgf community. Please spare me any speeches or drama about being uninsured or whatever you have a problem with.
  10. Uh oh I have ammo on the way from cabelas right now. Hope it arrives okay.
  11. beltfedmx5

    Good deal??

    I've personally had both so I can offer you my opinion. If I had to choose between the two. I'd take the ruger. However the ruger is a tank and is extremely heavy. But its a workhorse and will last you forever. The Smith is nice but I never liked it. The triggr was very sloppy and unpredictable. I swear it would have a different pull everytime. If I could give you my honest opinion I wouldnt get either. Sounds like it might be your first gun so I'd save up another hundred and get something better. A g19 glock or a Beretta. Maybe even the Smith m&p series or a ruger SR9. Dave.
  12. Went above and beyond to make a sale. Even stayed to teach me about item. Great seller.
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