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  1. Omg.  You are permitted to make reasonable deviations from exempt locations.   You need food fuel any necessities that are reasonable.  You are exempt.  If you have a fpid card.  You can carry a long rifle all day everyday with you. Hell legally.  You can walk down any roadway with a long gun and its legal.  If you have first obtained a nj fpid card.   

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  2. 2 hours ago, 124gr9mm said:


    "Points" are hits on the target.  Making you load mags and listen to barking commands while trying to hit the target was an attempt to put the shooter under a level of "stress".  Obviously it can't replicate the stress encountered while in an actual shootout, but it's done to get you off your game a bit and make it different than slow-firing at a paper target.

    Sounds like my wife

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  3. Im doing doylestown on monday.  Openings all day.   If you live anywhere near pa.  Lots of openings. Ewing has no openings   Btw.  All week I couldn’t figure out why I couldn’t schedule an appointment at identogo. I talked to my local pd today.  They forgot to give me a service code.  Idk if they’re all the same.  But mine is. 2f164b.  Use that code.  You will also need a case number from your pd.  

  4. 1 minute ago, JohnnyB said:

    I know you can have multiple non resident permits but if get a Jersey resident permit and no longer reside here, I would think your NJ CCW would be void.

    Much like your driver's license, when you move, you have to get a license in your new home state.

    Nah.  Im thinking like if you’re an out of state resident with a fpid.  Address just needs to be correct

  5. Handed all my stuff in yesterday.   Did my qual at ttc yesterday.  Btw.  Mr stu is doing quals at phillipsburg range.  [email protected]   Weekdays only now.    When i qualified yesterday.   There are folks that should not be handling a firearm.  Never the less carrying one. He was next to me.  Dq’d.  Just an fyi folks.  Get some professional training if you’re not totally comfortable with accuracy and safety of said item.  

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  6. 1 hour ago, MartyZ said:

    Is that different the the first steps pistol course? It was a 4 hour course with range time

    Yes its a different class.  But at this point who tf knows what their requirements are.  Im trying to figure it out also. Im trying to to ask alot of from those who know.  And at this point   Those who know.  Dont even know

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  7. 15 hours ago, KurtC said:

    This is where the permitting system remains subjective.   You have to convince your Chief of Police and a Superior Court Judge that you have satisfied the competency requirement.

    You can easily find out from your local PD as to what they will accept.  The Superior Court Judge, not so much.  There is no way of knowing which judge your application will come before.   There are usually several in each county. 

    Just take the nra basic pistol class.  The instructor will probably have range time qualifications set up after the class.  

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  8. 1 hour ago, JimB1 said:

    Even better, keep reading. Thomas flat out says 2a laws must be judged using the 2a text and history and cannot use any other criteria to determine if it is constitutional. So if 2a doesn’t say magazines can only be 10 rounds and there is no historical context for the limits, those laws are gone too… amazing ruling!

    Cool.  Im putting a deposit down on a warthog

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