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  1. Thanks 67 for letting me post. I’ve lost alot of brothers over the last 30 years since d storm. This one hurts alot. He was like a forrest gump guy. Not one bit of hatred in his body.
  2. My brother. My Marine. my friend. Ssgt nathaniel knox Age 49. Has passed on. We served almost 6 years together. He was a very sincere humble and caring person. His funeral service and burial will be this Saturday in Bridgeton. ill be there. We’ll miss you nate. God speed. I shed a tear for you my brother. I’ve lost too many.
  3. Btw. Jan 20. Whos in for a dc trip. ?? More to come
  4. No. Just no. This man had minimal experience in firearms shooting. Even with nerves that wouldn’t happen. Watch the video 5 yards. Wtf No. Dont try to justify it.
  5. Nick. Fyi. There was no glass it was open. See you this upcoming week to do that thing.
  6. And. I it looks like 3 plus yards. If you shoot in his position. Its to kill. A neck shot. Really? What friggin idiot. He f’d up. One way or the other. He f’d up. Cant even handle correctly his own firearm. He should not of had that job
  7. From what i see. I have experience with pistol shooting. Hell i teach it. When he shoots. His muzzle rise is like 3”.if you know what im saying. With this. You have experience. A high level. When i shoot comp or at all. My shots. And follow up shots have about 1” of muzzle rise. I can tell you. This man does not have more experience than most of you out there. I think its nerves with a nd.
  8. Totally different circumstance. No. Just no. And btw. Those weren’t the circumstances.
  9. How can we set up a go fund me for her family. 14 year Air Force veteran. Killed unarmed by capitol policeman. I think she deserves it. Trying to stop the steal. Look it up. Google her. Any thoughts
  10. Meets power factor. I think even for pcc at carbine. If not. Very close at 115 gr. Ouch. Far from pf. Like 20 off
  11. Missing the gap. Photoshopped
  12. Ill send you my 9mm recipe. Have used it for 7 ? Years now. In semi. Not 929 smith. Makes power factor and smooth push.
  13. A few powders just became available. I got 8 lbs cfe pistol. Cfe 223 available in 1 lbs. get it quick
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