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  1. Youll probably want to look up dave olhasso. Thats what he does. He did my 929 and 638. Hes right in pa Newtown pa. If you want. Pm me. Ill send his website address. He does all of pizza bobs work also.
  2. It specifies you must qualify with the TYPE of pistol you will carry. Not any gun you own? Types of pistols. Semi and revolver. Jus sayen.
  3. I think what the assistant meant wAs the the numbers up to 42 are with the prosecutors right now. Mine isnt. Another friend of mine just said he handed his a few weeks after mine and his number on permit is less than mine. Its obviously not well organized down there. So time will tell. Remember folks. Were dealing with govt employees.
  4. Thanks for the phone number. I called them. They said the permits are at the prosecutor’s office. They are working on number 42. And my permit number is 76. Im guessing another month.
  5. Not to be rude. But that’s funny. They dont eat their own. No matter what
  6. Yup. Im pretty much identical to your timeline here in mercer.
  7. Ill take the pmc 223 ammo. Or as njgf laws are. Ill take it.
  8. I can sell you a little wonder push leaf blower for 100$
  9. I was at tanners in pa today. They had this model for sale. Used. It was like almost new. 450$. If you want to save 150$. Its a really good deal
  10. He was playing Russian roulette. 3 rounds?
  11. Well folks. I guess this is the most applicable heading to post it under. Whos going? Anything yall are looking for. Questions for vendors? Complaints for vendors? Last time i was there was jan 2019. In the outbreak of the plandemic. Funny how i was butt to dick with people and never got it. Well thats another topic. Anyways. Give me your input for any questions. Gracias.
  12. Think about your question. We have no idea what the final outcome will be as of this point. But yes. If i have to. I will Why do you phrase it that way. I answered you. Please answer me. As to why you asked it that way.
  13. No its not. Im not one to cower down or let someone trample on me. Im no ones bitch. Bull headed F them lefties
  14. I guess anjprc strike force and schmutter read my post I will refuse a restricted permit
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