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  1. Hah me too. By the end of the night my eyes were soo blurry I couldn’t even see my front sight. Went to the range the next day and got all 20 in the 6” multiple time.
  2. I just did the nra bit class the other Saturday and on sunday the basic pistol instructor class at union hill gun club. With roc training. Rocco Larocca. I did the nra rso class a few years back. Thank you Rosey for letting me know about the classes. If anyone out there wants to do any of these classes. Contact him at union hill. Great instructor
  3. Oh my. Probably cause. Id like to see booker run for pres and aoc for vp. We can finally get this party started. I love humor
  4. How did i just get a vote for aoc donation pop up on this site? Really?
  5. Going to see nathaniel rateliff in philly tomorrow at noon. Then having early dinner there.
  6. No. That cant be correct. Speak to the manager. Thats. Stealing. Well the pistols come with firing pins. But sometimes we need them !! Is that acceptable?
  7. Here’s a great candidate. I’ve been at a couple of functions when he was there. He has a great chance. We must come out in droves to get mr burns out. I like how he’s playing their game already https://www.nj.com/politics/2020/02/in-swipe-at-murphy-republican-governor-candidate-vows-his-campaign-wont-harass-women.html
  8. Just got intel from ffl’s. So. Its an election year. With it comes hysteria. Does trump get elected? Does a dem get elected and ban whatever and whatnot? So prices are going to go up. Especially in this uncertain climate. So. Buy ammo now to cover you for atleast the next 12 months or so. So not to to be gouged. Save up and buy it now. Free advice.
  9. His pistol takes .25. Hmm. Explain that. This really baffles me on legalities. I was at an nra class today and yesterday. Leo and civilians were there. No one had an answer to legality. Baffled i say.
  10. So. Is that the catch? Not a solid projectile?
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