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  1. Cool name i saw on a grave today. Jesse jackson owens. Born in 46 died in 93.
  2. Dont you shop at the husky dept at sears zeke? Omg i showed my age. Im gettin old bambergers too
  3. Good to know. Whats the form numbers?
  4. So this thread inspired me. Tomorrow im going to see the site with all the remembrance flags. Im heading to a brother Marines house that lives five minutes from the cemetery. He has a rebuilt willys jeep. Im stopping at his house then were driving to the brig generals cemetery. He is one of the troop leaders that usually puts up the flags for the last ten years. This year he couldn’t. So he was happy to see it got done. Next year im volunteering to help. He said its awesome to see how every year within 20 mins every grave has a flag on it. Theres that many volonteers. So say hi if you see a wlleys jeep about 8:30 am. Thats me and my brother Marine.
  5. That’s awesome. My bil is an officer there. Hes full Republican. Im sure hes all for your efforts. You have support. Most of his dept was probably backing you too.
  6. Here 08534. Also have an axis deer. Beautiful mounts. They’re from tejas
  7. And don’t forget you can get an exemption to buy multiple pistols at one time. Bob. Whats the form numbers?
  8. Thats a fair price. I got mine for 1k at tanners. It was used Maybe had 50 rds down it. You can tell usage by the wear on the underside of the bolt. After i bought it i realised it was shooting way off. They put the wrong height front sight post on it from the factory. I had tanners send it back free of charge. Springfield sent it back. No problems. That’s probably why the last owner sold it. My gain. Btw. The m1a is probably my most favorite rifle to shoot. Other than the m107a1. Cant wait till i move to nc. To shoot it suppressed. If i owned one. Btw. Did I mention the mounts are for sale? make offer
  9. Yes. Corn sucks soo many nutrients out of the ground. I did a 6/12’ raised bed of asparagus 3 years ago. Soo much asparagus. Its a perennial. Lasts for about 20 years.
  10. Also. If you tap on the photo. It comes up very clear. You can then dissect the photo at full clarity if that helps.
  11. Ray ray. As per your response of they are 12 lbs. if you have girly arms. Well you should lift weights or something. Thats not my issue if 12 lb weights are too heavy for you. I have no problem with that rifle standing. Neither does the military. Idk what to tell you.
  12. What. Like serial numbers? They are far from bench setups. These are fighting rifles. How many wars and conflicts have we used them in. And currently are still using them. Sorry. But i don’t understand what you’re asking
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