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  1. Its limp wristing. Guaranteed. Not degreasing or anything else now he has a better idea of the recoil. Very common new shooter problem
  2. Thanks bro. Im out. Sat gotta work.
  3. Im in. Whats the date. G19 vickers. A pistol is a pistol. High exposure squadding up with us?
  4. 34. Armor piercing got me.
  5. Show off. Whatcha get. 1 miss. Niiiice.
  6. Agreed^^^^show us how good your blocks can shoot.
  7. Howard. I couldnt be more happy for you. Well miss you. Youve turned out to be a real competitor. When im down your way. 5 years and counting. Ill look you up. Be well. Congrats.
  8. This bottle is at least 20 or so years old.
  9. I have an old little spray bottle of bens deet. On it it says. With prolonged use it will cause cancer. Thats where i got that from.
  10. Bens 99 percent deet. Kills ticks. And will cause cancer. Its a toss up.
  11. Ill be there with my girl thursday. First time i shot trap was last Thursday there. We had fun. So were doing it again this Thursday. Say hi. I’ll probably not look like the rest. Probably shooting an mk3 or pump hd benelli. Youll know us cause shes the tall thin young blonde girl. If you’re there say hello. I don’t bite.
  12. Glenn. Where ya at bro. This is your favorite pistol???? On vacation ??
  13. Just checked their website. Its an 82. Thanks though.
  14. Game starts at 7:00.
  15. I have 4 tickets if anyone wants them. Theyre free. For tomorrows game. Starts about 7 pm. I cant go. Can be picked up in lawrenceville or Pennington.