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  1. If all else fails. My offer is .30 a round. And maybe throw a trade of something in there as a bonus
  2. For those who travel through maryland. Roc training from union hill gun club in monroe. They now are offering the class to carry in md. The best thing about it is rocco that teaches the class has the ability to do md fingerprints on site. Look into it. Its a pita to get the printing done. It is a 2 day class. I went there today to get printed. If you have a dd214 or i believe if you’re an nra instructor. You are exempt from the class time. Me. I have my dd214 and an instructor so my exemption takes place. But look into it.
  3. Exactly this the the only approved way for us court ordered folks to legally carry anything other than whats listed on out court order. Until it expires
  4. Listen to last episode of gun for hire radio. It explains alot about what court cases are being pursued
  5. Hopefully with lawsuits from anjrpc and other orgs this will be stopped. Donate donate donate!!!! Get involved
  6. Agree with 10x. Leaving chips and 2 approximately 24” stumps. Around 225-250$. Removing grindings. Adding soil and seed. About double that price
  7. Same here except for gerd. Im going for the same exact ratings. Airwing ?
  8. Theyll handle any case. Think about it. The higher the percentage they get you the more money they make. So its a benefit for both parties interests. And they streamline and mainline it. So the faster everything gets submitted. The faster you and them get paid Not alot of vets know theres companies like this exist
  9. Yes. I used veterans guardian. They take care of everything. The higher rating you get. The more money they get. Its the first months payment they get. Like i said though. They do all the work. 30 percent is where you want to start at. Ill be getting 10 percent for tinitus. As i sit here in quiet and all i hear is a wizzing ringing sound. Then 30 percent for hearing loss. There are other companies out there. Ive heard really good reviews of a one in cali. Vet guardian is in nc.
  10. Ok. Ill take it for 100$. I should be going to sjsc in the next week or so. Right by you. Ill be in touch
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