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  1. Those reports are skewed. It says 1 issued in hopewell twsp. I guess the 1 is me. And only me.
  2. Me and the crew are registered for this Sunday . Might even do Wednesday if im feeling frisky
  3. Thanks Brian. You are correct. Ive barely slept this week. Now i just flew into vegas for shotshow. Just getting back on the forum. Big al ill take the chargemaster. 100 percent. I wont be back till about 10 days. Ill pm you now
  4. Im good with that 250$. Sold pending funds. Pm me for pick up. I Im good with that 250$. Sold pending funds. Pm me for pick up. I take it all works no issues. And instructions manuals included
  5. I didn’t think it had to be the same date. Thanks
  6. Question. Where does it say ccare class and live fire quals need to be done on the same day?
  7. Yup. Exactly. What i was texting you last night. Within new bylaws. Do you need a use of force class if you qualified prior to their dates listed It denotes nothing about that.
  8. If all else fails. My offer is .30 a round. And maybe throw a trade of something in there as a bonus
  9. For those who travel through maryland. Roc training from union hill gun club in monroe. They now are offering the class to carry in md. The best thing about it is rocco that teaches the class has the ability to do md fingerprints on site. Look into it. Its a pita to get the printing done. It is a 2 day class. I went there today to get printed. If you have a dd214 or i believe if you’re an nra instructor. You are exempt from the class time. Me. I have my dd214 and an instructor so my exemption takes place. But look into it.
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