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  1. I hear ya. Just needed to clarify the law to this gent.
  2. No. He wants to stay at his bil’s house with the pistols. Thats not an exempt location. You can only travel to and from exempt locations with your pistol. Your bil’s house is none of the such
  3. Join sjsc and become a rso. Outdoor range and more options
  4. Rosie Great event tonight. Great turn out. Jay Factor is amazing with his constitutional 2a knowledge. Btw. Vote Republican. Theme of the night. Incrementalism. Think about it with your 2a rights.
  5. Golf battery

    TTC tomorrow afternoon 1-18

    Possibly. Picking up a sw mp 2.0 tomorrow. Ill letcha know.
  6. Golf battery


    That is very true. Most of the wood im selling now was split in October. All of my older wood was sold by dec. if you get wood now. Try to get ash. It burns faster but dries out within a month or so. This year was very hard to get the wood to cure/dry out. We had precipitation every few days.
  7. Golf battery

    Pistol Pemit Changes

    Maybe just hand in the legal paperwork and when they ask for the illegal paperwork just tell them those forms are illegal to ask for per 58-### if you have any questions please contact the state police or ag office and i will see you in 30 days for my permit. And just leave it at that.
  8. Golf battery

    WTS: Colt 6920, excellent condition

    Duh. You’re right.
  9. Golf battery

    WTS: Colt 6920, excellent condition

    Isnt it a 6940? Socom?
  10. Yes there is. Nics section. Keep looking. Youll find it. Merry baby Jesus.
  11. Nah. Its all good. Christmas season is the best moods people are in all year long.
  12. Busy hustling Christmas trees all day. I woulda closed the shop for that deal if i saw it earlier. Ill meet you tonight with 500$
  13. Golf battery

    Formal Instruction?

    Did 2 of black hats classes at lewiston. Well worth it for the price. The hotel right down the street is 100$ a night if you dont want to sleep at the range.

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