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  1. Boy. Mipa pissed me off alot. But heres his sentiments. Why would you and are you cowering down to them? Leave the rounds there. This attitude is what has got us to this point. Its friggin ammo. Soo what. If its not illegal. Leave it there. F them and f them with their attitudes. Dont be a bitch. Out.
  2. Strong arm only shooter?
  3. Damn. I was just gonna offer 3k
  4. Nj 101.5 debate between the two. 7 pm tonight. Sooo. Now
  5. I heard that. Thanks bro. This we should all tune into.
  6. I was just on the horn with hirsh. Ill keep you all informed. Ill be meeting with him hopefully to discuss 2a topics Since jack backed out of an event he was supposed to show up for. Im now entertaining h singh.
  7. Got a friend looking for one. Lemme know. Im sure my only response will be the cicadas. But here’s hoping
  8. All i own is ford for trucks. Dont get one They’re best for heavy duty work trucks. For every day driver. Gmc or chevy.
  9. Even better than a pickup truck. Im selling an 09 f550 dump truck. 12’ grain body with 9’ boss plow. Now thats a pick up truck. That pays for its self.
  10. Join the 1 percenters and work your way up
  11. Saw an article. Menendez wants to ban silencers in nj. Just how ignorant are these idiots. Grandstanding morons.
  12. Srt392. Sweet call sign. Welcome. Pizza bob may race you for pink slips. Btw. Yup. Pork roll.
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