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  1. Stu’s the man. But I don’t think they give a f about idpa uspsa or icore standings. Well see
  2. Yes its a different class. But at this point who tf knows what their requirements are. Im trying to figure it out also. Im trying to to ask alot of from those who know. And at this point Those who know. Dont even know
  3. Just take the nra basic pistol class. The instructor will probably have range time qualifications set up after the class.
  4. For nra pistol instructor class. We have to shoot 18 of 20 rds in about an 8” circle. At 20 yards. Practice on that
  5. When they make these stringent rules. How many of you will actually qualify. And re qualify? Dont kid yourselves thinking it will be that easy.
  6. Stop your orgasms. Just remember. It aint over till the fat lady sings. Also remember. We should all be constitutional carry. Its a win. But a far cry from the constitution as written if we still have to jump through hoops and fill out alot of paperwork to have our God given right for the pursuit of happiness
  7. I cant see that. How do you assume that. Just asking
  8. Yes green tips or steel tips shouldn’t be used indoors
  9. Absolutely. South jersey shooting club. Great club. But management. Fudds and assholes as of 4 years ago. From experience
  10. I collected money for a living in my 20’s and early 30’s. Don’t bother youll never get it off a deadbeat. My collections were more of the violent type if you need any help. Let me know
  11. Calling ant from gfh. Please add your insight. If anyone can. Its you. #gunforhire.
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