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  1. Thanks fishnut. And if if you dont know tit for tat and yenta ing it up means. Youre not from jersey. Just sayin. And if you dont know what quoits are and dont play it. You’re def not from deeeep central jersey. Hamilton trenton area.
  2. I have both. Shot competition with the 92. Cz. 100 percent. Just my opinion. But take my opinion. The ergos on a cz are incredible If you want. I can bring both to ttc for you to try out. Oops just saw you got a cz. Good choice
  3. This site has dem mods. Welcome again. I live in central jersey. I can tell you haven’t been raised in jersey by that response. Since there is clearly a north south and central jersey. Enjoy. And by the wAy. Being from nj. We like to tit for tat shit and yenta it up. So have a thick skin.
  4. Id hope so. I put my wife on that job. Ill ask her when she gets in.
  5. Thanks. I reflect now watching this how nice it is to be able to wear shorts. Cant wait to wear shorts in January maks
  6. Bret? I did enjoy shooting your other rifles with maks out in pa. I gotta get me the 9mm. That thing is sweet. Sorry I forgot your name. I thought it is bret. ?
  7. Welcome. Thank you for posting. Sorry. But. taylor ham=troll poster. Ill let you slide. Just this one time. Welcome anyways
  8. Gotta get me a few when i head to nc. In the meantime. Where can i get one of those njgf wave caps you’re wearing ? First for the move is uzi then full auto ak and galil.
  9. So yet another poster that doesn’t post in the newbie thread with a legal question. Like other forums. They should have to be vetted. I asked where they got info from another forum. And no response. Troll. C’mon guys. Dont be so anxious to answer troll questions
  10. What forum ? I agree with usrifle30cal. They’ll eat your babies here. Lots of zombie liberals walking around half dead here.
  11. Just a reminder. Get out and vote. This will be a low voter turn out year. Nothing big going on. Please show your support. Get out there and vote. Every vote will be important this year. Vote GOP. Vote republican. I walked many of miles this year in hopewell twsp for votes. Vote for jenn williams. State assembly. Great lady. I ve spent plenty of time with her to know her well. Ive spent time with bob hugin. He fully supports her and me of course. Her brother is a marine. Btw. Vote for me. Hopewell twsp committee. Your vote matters. Vote for the republic.
  12. Yes every time. Minimal time is usually 3-4 hrs. Odd thing is pics goes through in like 5 mins. Thanks for the info.
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