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  1. No no no. Dave you said i bought your last garand
  2. If you’re really interested. Like i said. Contact me. Im only 10 mins away from w trenton.
  3. Brian. See you Sunday. Hopefully. Put me far from people with my big banger. Doing the 6.5 with brake. Sorry
  4. Yes. I have about 300 rds for sale. Pm me
  5. Do like Howard. Get a new gun out of it. His glock actually got f’d up from freedom reloads. Or use it in a 929. They like a little wider 9’s.
  6. No. You don’t need to show any proof of purchase/ownership
  7. What you do is pm me what you have. And ill give you a price on them
  8. Hmm. Only problem ive ever had was taper crimp was off that i had that problem with 45’s when i made them. A micrometer will tell the problem. So i have no good answer. Take it up with ts. good luck
  9. What ammo is it. Plunk test is usually for reloaded ammo
  10. Redlines. No. Just no. I would do a driveway with pavers for that sq footage for around 19$ a sq ft. Depending on accessibility Paver and pattern I only work within 20 mins of my shop.
  11. No worries gents. Nappens on it. High priority big money case. Were good.
  12. Pm me if you need help to figure out reloading. Im more than happy to help my brother shooter
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