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  1. Selective pruning. Will keep you busy. But the correct way. Air gets in fungus gets out.
  2. You got it spot on. Ive seen full semi loads coming back to hopewell with expired plants. And they eat it. The margins are stupid small. Theres a long story to it but yes greed wins. This is the stupid f'n world we live in. Big business controls our livelyhood.
  3. Nice Nick. Now you just need landscaping.
  4. Most of the plants from our north east area aregrown by hopewell nurseries. Insouth jersey. Theyre taking over alot of smaller growers there. Thats ok though. They supply the home depots in and around our nj area. Good for them. They really dont affect our pricepoint around here.
  5. When you need them let me know. For a price.
  6. I may have your dna.
  7. Cleaning out the office this summer. I found an old catalog from your dad. Tri fold yellow. With the rc's and the list of availables. Memories.
  8. Is he still alive!?
  9. Not sure. Im not up on them. Always wanted one for some reason.
  10. There is no way the deer have eaten pieris or leucothoe or even browsed on them. Impossible. I need pics. Impossible
  11. Wow. Shut that down quick.
  12. Many companies sell diy pits. Check with your local paver hardscape supplier.
  13. I believe the salute is held only for current military, veterans and those in uniform of the United States. More to read to get technical with that.