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  1. Join the 1 percenters and work your way up
  2. Saw an article. Menendez wants to ban silencers in nj. Just how ignorant are these idiots. Grandstanding morons.
  3. Srt392. Sweet call sign. Welcome. Pizza bob may race you for pink slips. Btw. Yup. Pork roll.
  4. It all comes down to once again. What news sources you follow. You cant fix stupid. Voluntarily brainwashed lemmings.
  5. I agree with you on this statement 100 percent. This what ive been saying since 46 started running. I cant use the word campaigning. Because that never happened. Good call.
  6. Sorry. I gotta be the first. It looks like it will fit a kimber
  7. F them both. They cowarded to the left. Dont use them.
  8. How bout this. When he has a fundraiser. We all help him out. It costs big bucks to compete with the dems. Soros and the ilk.
  9. Venus. just ordered a nice set for a friend that tech disabled. Magpul. Only really has black in stock
  10. Oh it’s seriously small. Ill take you out from here. .5 moa is a big miss for me. .3 or more is my goal
  11. Were homies. Well it shows were mechanically inclined. Fixing stuff inclinded for mechanics of items. Idk bro. I don’t see it. If so. Lets put a hemi in my mazda.
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