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  1. TheylL only pay up to 660$ this time.
  2. Huh. Yeah the vp 9 is not known as a good accurate ergonimically correct pistol. Yeah i geuss youre right.
  3. Agreed
  4. Sweet. I think most people would have no idea what to do with 7 mags. Uh. Maybe try uspsa. With mags to spare. Double barney mag
  5. 4 extra. So youll get 6 ? Cause they usually come with 2.
  6. Pistol or rifle?
  7. I know. Thats one thing ive never done but should. On my list and will be done.
  8. Yeah. And the father and son toth's. The son is a third generation marine. Currently reserves and on the marine corps rifle team. Great family. They were on squad 4. First time uspsa shooters. Im trying to get them to do 3 gun at quinton 2 weeks from now. Theyre from my town. It was a great shoot. Ps. I hate steel.
  9. Wtf. Another one. Number 18. This ones not the ok one. Deer tick. Small one. Im doomed. On my neck again. I dont think ill see 2018 at this point. I gotta change beers.
  10. Just pulled off number 17 crawling on my neck.
  11. Looks alot my hi point.
  12. Good turn out. Just trying to sell us law shield or whatever. Google it. Then tell me if its really worth it.
  13. I aint had lymes yet
  14. Yeah. The a head zone.
  15. Yeah guru howard. I shot small and missed big. They actually move when you shoot at them. They have a mind of their own. Wasnt cooperating with me. I gotta go back to revolver.