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  1. Yeah so for 3 gun matches. Usually at quinton or old bridge. Where they usually have an accuracy shoot at 100 y. I keep my dope set at 100 yards. The closer shots i just hold over about 2-3”. You can always just know your dope and adjust for the stage. Its usually just one stage you need to be adjusted for 100 yards.
  2. Hey. Its your property. Do whatever you want. Personally. I’d put it in conduit.
  3. Atleast you didnt come in last place. And. You came in first place in revolver. It was a good day for you.
  4. Its the machinery that kiils ya. Not the downy mildew on the melons. But then again. Cancers from the chemicals. Ive sprayed alot of roundup. No non Hodgkins lymphoma signs yet though.
  5. Hell. I need a flag too. Im a farmer. Thats in the top 10 deadliest professions.
  6. Get a revolver. Right Bob ? Go old school. Bob. Did you happen to get my jacket at Somerset?
  7. Its ok. Hes in liberal training mode. There’s still a chance to stop it. No seriously though. Im a purist when it comes to things like this. Its like. Where do you draw the line. If you have to ask yourself that. Then be a purist. Some things like our US flag. Should not be screwed with as far as debating There is our flag. The red white and blue. The one that my brothers died for overseas so that we still speak American english. The one flag that our parents grandparents neighbors et al suffered for. Lets just leave it alone. Respect it for what it stands for as it is.
  8. Looks like we have alot of libs showing their true colors here. Lets keep it true and keep it clean. Red white and blue. !!!!!!!!!!
  9. Let know your thoughts. I can pick them up tomorrow
  10. Hey. Would you take anywhere near 200 for the pair.
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