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  1. Agreed. Purchase price? And from where? I thought their msrp was a bit much and color needed to be changed. But yes. When i wear them it seems like 34 decibel muffs.
  2. Thats what i knew from many years. Just like tullytown pa. I hear they recently changed it to 6.
  3. Would never step foot there. 5 rd maximum. Ridiculous. Fuds.
  4. Refs can be a relative. And employers can only answer if they are employed by them or not.
  5. I have With disdain. I agree. You are correct sir. This is the only thing i agree with you.
  6. Its a hobby of bobs. Yeah. Gotta give a big thank you to rich kulak. Hes 100 percent in it to advance our second amendment rights. Or even to stop the infringement of our 2a rights.
  7. Thats roger the roo. He died in 2018. Im thinking steroid abuse. Heart gave out.
  8. I dont do that shit. But thanks
  9. Ya know the vp9 has many adjustable back straps and side straps to make it to contour to your hand size? I may have one for sale.
  10. Hah. Nice. The prep is more fun than the action
  11. Hey. Even with the dnf. You stillcame in first place for revolver. Yeah. Tiime to load your own. Its an omen.
  12. Hearing armor. Got them at shot show to demo. Better than anything else there ive tried.
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