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  1. Thats a steve martin quote Sorry to hear about your fathers passing. Too young
  2. Some people have a way with words. And some not have way
  3. i was trying to figure out how to get in. Im in. Im off of work all winter so that works for me.
  4. Omg. KISS. All of this over thought is totally ridiculous and redundant. Fire your firearms more and you’ll realize all of this above is bs. What a waste of words and my time reading it.
  5. Lets see what happens. My parents are flying in from Vegas tomorrow. Then driving to sebastian fl. There home down there. They cant win it seems. Their one home was in punta gorda. Hurricane charlie landed right on them. They moved to the east. Less hurricanes. Not. Moved to Palm Springs. One year later. Hurricane. Now they built a house in sebastian. Hurricane headed straight for them. And no. They’re not in the witness protection program They just like to spend my inheritance
  6. You’re still driving for ICORE Sunday right???
  7. With that hitch on the ss we can make it work. Jon im trying my hardest to sell it for you.
  8. Pizza bob. Where ya at. ?
  9. Dmso with lsd would be more interesting
  10. Just totally ridiculous. He must of drank the dem koolaid by accident
  11. Agree above. Check out the criminal aspect of it. If you can get the police to file a report of theft by deception. Thats your ticket. I worked in the check cashing industry for 17 years. I never lost a case. If they file it. Actually if you insist. They can not not file it. If he gets hit with that. He might want to settle right then. Its simple. Even a default judgement works just fine. It will follow him for the rest of his life. If you need to play hard and get a judgement. I can hook you up with bear swamp recovery. Theyll take his boat back. I miss those days. F’n with the dead beats.
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