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  1. Oregon is one of the most beautiful places ive been to. I go to the far west nursery show out there just so i have a write off and can walk run around the trails in the mountains. Also to visit seaside Not comparable to our Seaside. But kinda still the same name.
  2. Ok thanks. I was thinking of bringing the revolver since pretty much thats all ive been competing with for the last year. Gracias.
  3. Thanks. Im just trying to get as much info as possible. Its a big commitment. 800$. 4 days and 6 am to 9 pm days for me if i do it.
  4. Btw. Welcome.
  5. Thanks Brian.
  6. Well thats an easy answer. Pork roll. When i was in parris island my drill instructors said when youre out of boot camp you gotta send us pork roll and tasty kakes. So. Yeah. There it is.
  7. So i just got an email from gun for hire. Hes holding a class at my range. Sjsc in august. Its 800$ for four days. They say 8 am to 7 pm. Is it worth it for what he can put out. When i have some time tomorrow ill try to link it. Or unless some kind soul here can link it for me. So whats your thoughts. Im all in for it if its worth it. HE im hoping for your advice. Thanks bros fill me in.
  8. Sewer grade is just fine unless you're going to be running heavy equipment or vehicles over it.
  9. So i have maybe 12 months now before my ccw nh permit is no good in pa now. Which i still havent got.!!!! F the govt.
  10. Go with 4". Bigger the better at nearly same cost. Yeah daylight it if you can.
  11. Im putting you all in time out.
  12. Right now i dont have time to read through the threads on this but. As i wrote last year. Beware. Murphy is out to f us. Do all you can do to bury him. This is a game changer. You will. Have 7 rd mags. Rifle and pistol. Do all you can do to stop him. Do it now. It will happen. If you dont step up. This aint bs. Its scary and it will happen.