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  1. Golf battery

    Shorty 50BMG

    We had nuclear rounds for them. Aim horizontal. Takes out any close enemy forces. Its used for final protective fire. Bad thing was. It destroys the barrel. You can only use it once.
  2. Dont want to be. That guy. But this topic belongs in rifle thread. #krdshrk
  3. What shape is the buffer in?
  4. Ok good. Cause thats embarrassing. I guess the first 100 or less. Got them all ghetto spelled
  5. I believe it’s “conspicuously” posted. Is what it says. Im 6’. If it’s within 5’-7’. Its good for me. I went into an eyeglass store the other week. The sign was at the entrance about a foot from the ground. I walked in with no concerns.
  6. Read it again. How is protection spelled? Every mercer county permit ive seen. And mine. The morons spelled protection incorrectly!!
  7. So if i put a brace on a m107a1. Its now a pistol sbr or whatever the f they consider it. Just asinine
  8. Right. confusing and ridiculous. I need to see their brace definition. They’re idiots. They are plain outright idiots. More stupid than the floor underneath my feet right now. Government employees at the peak of their intelligence.
  9. The brace is considered a stock ? By the atf diagram. It says remove brace. And gtg. But now you still have a sbr in nj according to the letter sent to troy. Saying in that configuration its a other. ????? Please explain. Thanks
  10. This confusion is going to get alot of people jammed up.
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