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  1. Working usually when matches are. Open 7 days a week. Its been a bad last 18 months for me to make matches. Last year i made only maybe 5. Only three this winter. Now im back to work. I need to retire !!!
  2. No. I was there about 2-6 pm. I linger at the 300 usually.
  3. It is. But just a nuisance. If this keeps up. Cant wait till mosquito season. Loads of fun.
  4. No idea. Other than when they did the grading. That my guess. Why. Whats your hypothesis ?
  5. Yes. Lets focus on topic and not get sidetracked aint gonna happen before 3/30
  6. Problem is. The 15 rd mags are still illegal. 10 years. So i wouldn’t do that.
  7. The optics will make a huge difference. Dont skimp. High quality match ammo will get you your hits.
  8. Kevin. We were just talking about a trip there2 months ago. Maks must of been reading our texts. Iron sights out to maybe 800 yards will work. Spotter will do all the work then.
  9. Im good with weekdays. Late june worksfor me. I have done 2 day trips to lewiston range 3.5 hours away. A 2 day with overnight makes it much more enjoyable.
  10. Maks. Any possibility of making it a two day That way we just stay at a nearby hotel And can concentrate and work on our true dope.
  11. Hell an ar will do 1200. You just have alot more figuring out to do. And an 80 moa top rail
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