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  1. Yes have both. I shoot competition with the full size. So im very familiar with the product.
  2. Maks. You are a gentleman. With my age. I have less patience daily with ignorance. Maybe i should work on that. Hmm. Iraq and north korea? Really. 12 yrs in the US army. Holes all over his story. Jay jay. Please post something that will make me apologize to you. I would be more than happy to make amends.
  3. I cant resist. Jay jay. Go back under your rock. And go f yourself
  4. I wonder. Can i do both. 1911 and revolver. Of course. Not at the same time. I gotta catch up on all the time i missed the last 3 months.
  5. If you build it. Its logged as a lower receiver. So ffl logs wont matter.
  6. Im not too impressed with mine compared to the full sized vp9.
  7. Yeah stu. He can use a different name. Can you count how many different names ive used ? last few matches ive used my real name. But ive had some great ones ive come up with. Next one ill be. Papa sicky wifebeater. Thats from the mentors.
  8. Range 14 is in meters.
  9. Anna. You’re a moms demand action orange wearing hypnotized hippie full of crap ignant sheep. Go f yourself.
  10. 505$ You deliver. Ill put a 11” lift kit and mudders on it. Hell yeah
  11. Bully. I hear ya. Im on the same plane.
  12. I have a club car. Use it every day except in winter. Just keep it charged when not in use. Keep the battery terminals clean. Check once a month for loose or deteriorating terminal ends. Thats all the maintenance there is. You should get a minimum of 5 years on the batteries.
  13. This was probably the result of doctor prescribed ssri’s. This has to stop. Its the drugs they prescribe. Those jackass common sense gun violence people are getting people killed because of their left wing ignorance.
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