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  1. I have extra 175 gr fed match ammo. If you want to meet up. Ill shoot it with you for free. Being semper fi and what not. My home base is south jersey shooting club if you want to meet up there.
  2. Actually nothing semi auto that were used to as of now will be legal. Sooo. Any of you that are that worried. Ill buy it from you. Cash. Right now. Just pm me. If you’re that scatterbrained worried you should sell it now!!! Ill pay half of market value. That is the going rate. Just to be fair. Pm me im wating.
  3. Hey shit for brains. Mda has weekly meetings around the state. I think thats right up your alley. You can drive your(mercedes) prius there with your hillary and obama stickers on it. Seriously though. You really need to step back and be rational. You try to portray yourself as an intelect. Well thats where the problem starts. Over thinking things that are so simple of an answer it needs to go no further. The depth that you delve is like jumping in a pool of 8’ depth with 2’ of water. You need not go deeper. The apparence is on the surface. All of our answers are there 1” before your face smashes the concrete. So. The problem isnt with the firearm. Its with the human behind it. Call of duty from a young age perhaps. Idk. Look at the extenuating circumstances. Why did it happen. Why did this person do it. Not the tool they did it with. This same thing has been said time and time again. Grasp that truthful realism and take it from there. Stop grasping for straws. Be realistic. Not idealistic. Youre not a prophet. Step back. Look at the whole picture. Not what msm feeds you. Be well. And f off. Youre lucky you got all that. Usually i have not patience for one with an egoistic intellect. Douche.
  4. Sigmund frued in da howse. Can i get an oh yeah. Whatever. Go tell your wife your problem. Friggin snowflake. Ok. You support the 2nd a. At your interpretive version of it. Its all or nothing. And furthermore. You just love the attention of having all these peoples attention focused on you. Thats why youre wasting everyones time here. You get off on having them fixated on YOU. Get a life. Join the circus or whatever you do in libitard America.
  5. I usually find a wide ass group like that with loose rings has either alot of hits one side or the other. But its possible to have a group like that with loose rings. Somethings up. I hope its the rings. Locktite it. Ps. The bipod wouldnt do that. No matter how much it sucks.
  6. Can “i like” this 27 times? Wtf. Shut up. We get it already.
  7. I would beg to differ and say reverse. But hey. Never know till it happens
  8. I f’n know for sure we would have a winning chance. Elitists think all mil/leo are going to follow unconstitutional orders. But they’re not. So f off.
  9. Adjust 4 up if you’re using moa scope 9 if mil.
  10. Looks like your trigger control is off. Get a better trigger. Looks like a 3-4 moa rifle. Is that because of you the shooter? Did you set your paralax correct. Also ive found that ammo blows. You prob have a 1-11 twist. Try fed gold match ammo. 168 or 175. That will make a large diff also. That moa is unacceptable. Ill shoot around 1 moa with my stock dpms lr 308. So. First change ammo then trigger Then try again. I have a nikon p308 on mine 4-16. Shoots about 1moa. But i load my own I use smk 168 hpbt. For longer distances i load 175 sierra tipped
  11. Strange question from op. Just wondering.
  12. Sounds like aprior di. Agree about 95 percent of his talk. Ok.