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  1. Very good argument. Many years of draconian NJ firearms laws with some of their unreasonable and obsolete requirements for firearms ownership had done their damage to our minds. With modern technology there is no need for multiple references and endless renewals. This is a hardship for some and especially for older people. Some of their friends are gone, other lost their minds and joined the antis. There is a generation divide between parents and their grown children. All these petty requirements have only one purpose, to make it hard or impossible to own a gun in NJ.
  2. It all depends on how many primers you need to get rid of. My favorite way to dispose of them is to fire them in the gun. Some dented cases can be resized enough (with primers in them and decapinng pin removed) that they can be chambered. Sometimes I would use a bench vise to hold the case and use a pin and a hammer to set the primer off. When I do that I wear heavy leather gloves, a full face shield and have a fan in the window working on exhaust.
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