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  1. First, let me apologize in advanced to my legal team that I know is going to tell me stop entertaining the negativity again (Because NJ 2A community is overloaded with it). But I must set the record straight and respond to inaccurate statements made yet again by the individual above. Second; let me answer Angelo. Yes, we have reached out to other Professional organizations many time, many emails we have to prove it and many conversations as well. If you recall, the SAF was on board and fully funding the case back in 2013. I am the one that personally reached out to and proposed my case to Mr. Gotlieb, No one else. Allan immediately jumped on board after vetting me and the case and we laid out the plan going forward, all the way up to SCOTUS if necessary. That same plan was the vision and goal of the previous law firm handling my case in 2013. I also personally reached out to the NRA, but I was rejected by the NRA because they stated only the attorney and or the NJ NRA representative could make an official request for financial support on litigation cases. No request from either was made to the NRA for support, in fact, it was later learned that only $1000.00 was requested from the NRA to assist in NJ for 2014. Something that I was told is shameful because other States request and receive much more due to their Proactive involvement in litigations. But, NJ Representatives have not and do not make these requests for help. As you are aware, I learned from my appellate court decision from a 3rd party and shortly after that, my previous case started to get ignored. This was at the same time that Chris Christie was preparing for a POTUS announcement, and it was during the design phase of the E.O 180. Several people that will remain nameless have told me that politics “allegedly” played a large role in making my 2013 case silently disappear, to not upset CC and to not jeopardize the work of E.O 180. I am telling you, this is only hear say, but the timing of it is all fitting. The fact to me is, the original plan discussed to me was broken and not followed through. I was lead to believe the case was still going forward to a Federal Level, SAF called me on several occasions asking me of the Status on the case because they had NOT received any correspondence or updates, so they were in the dark, I assume, as much as I was. After repeated attempts to make contact, and after “scheduled” telephone conferences went missed, it became obvious to me, that the interest was no longer present, and the communications had seized. The funding from SAF was cancelled due to a lack of moving the case forward. Now, to address the claims of the individual above, stating “I think it is awfully tough to work with someone who has already shown that they are willing to blatantly spread lies and gossip about you to try and raise money. Appears it wasn't even that effective” What LIES are you referring to? What gossip are you referring to? Are you referring to the “factual” multiple attempts made to the NJ NRA Representative and other lawyers in the 2A community, in asking for support in a carry case from a/our dues paying member/s? The discussions that laid out the plans with carry cases, including mine, but went ignored after politics got involved? And the response was “No, we don’t believe in litigating in these cases”, No, the time is not right (as if our lives don’t matter?), or, what about “your case is weak”? (So weak, that Mr. Stamboulieh and I have won, and I have no idea why I continue the fight, when clearly I no longer have to?). What about the multiple attempts asking for help by a retired War Veteran, that has gone ignored? What about the slander made about us, from other lawyers, that “we are fanatics”? If fighting for our rights to defend ourselves against the trash that walks the streets, harming us, our kids and loved ones makes us a Fanatic, well….I AM GLAD TO BE ONE. SO, it seems like YOU do not have the facts, or maybe you do, but you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM IN NJ and it is because of people like you, that either are clueless, naive, IGNORANT or part of the spineless establishment, that NJ WILL NEVER WIN. I no longer have to fight, I won. But I’m still in this fight because I have been asked to and I will not be like Muller. That was my Promise in 2013. I have had one of my feet out of the door many times since 2013, but because of motivated fighters, Like Mike, Mark, Dave, Jay and many more of you great patriots, they have kept me in the fight (sometimes dragging me back in after I was walking away). Angelo, I hope I answered your question, and you are correct about your statement “I'm very curious. I have long stated that the orgs are generally useless in this state except at collecting dues” Now, it is up to you in demanding accountability for your hard earned donated dollars, and I hope you guys prevail in NJ. With naysayers, wheel chocks, and low energy people, it will never happen. Good day all, I’m out. I have to go shopping for extra holsters, thanks to Steve….A great persistent, high energy fighter.
  2. How do we change the legislators in NJ? Do we vote them out? Tried that multiple times, last year, we lost more ground than ever before. Now the left has a super majority. Can we over power the vote from the inner cities, like Newark, JC, Paterson, or Large blue counties like Essex, Hudson, Union, Middlesex, Camden, Bergen and the rest of the freeloading loafers?...not so much. What else can we do? Hostile takeover? Again, not many on our side for that. NJ is Blue and it's getting darker blue by the day. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  3. Thank you for what you're doing..i wish you all the luck in helping change NJ, you guys will need it.. take the lead in winning NJ from here on end. Ill support who ever takes over the fight Another lawsuit against NJ was initiated this morning by the po6..look it up. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  4. Let me guess Willet, your insulted i would suggest the conference is for "profit" and expected me to know better and realize that you have large "expenses" in order to make such a conference possible? When the false accusations claim of a "profit" , that sucks right? Knowing of all the hard work you put in to to in making it possible? Yeah, i know how that feeling is, sucks..like when some guys put a Federal lawsuit together to dismantle NJj gun laws and you have all of these expenses and legal bills to make that happen. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  5. Ive never hidden that fact that i refer it to as that. I dont hide that from no one...it is what it is. And i dont support bullshit, just like you dont support our bullshit, right? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  6. The members of the po6 file yet another Federal law suit against NJ http://www.sdslaw.us/single-post/2016/08/11/Today-we-filed-a-lawsuit-against-New-Jersey-to-overturn-the-Taser-ban Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  7. Thank you. , coming from a guy that hides behind a profile with no real identity..real tough guy Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  8. Recall Sweeney- I donated $500 , and you? Weinberg rally- NO willit, bit i didn't expect you to..you can handle the south, and i organized the one in the north...whats your point? Nj2as meetings- i organized the Newton meeting, and helped with the 1st north sector one...have there been others that im not aware of? Njsafe con? Im not in to dog and pony shows, plus i only support those that support us or that aggressively fight for change..not amateurs Next? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  9. Angelo, if it does end, do you want to know why it will? It will end because the guys at PO6 will be to tired of getting kicked in the teeth by fellow NJ gun owners for challenging the State of NJ. For being told what they are doing is wrong, is not the right time (as if there ever is)? For being told not to cause waves, not to piss off Chris Christie or Sweeny...for being told we are liars, for being told we are pocketing the money (instead of it all going to the legal bills]. That is what will end this, because there comes a point that you say, why continue fighting if they don't want to win? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  10. Here we go again, Johnny boy talking about food again.. Can you for a second not have thoughts of food on your mind? Do it for your heart. Do you really think that money is going to us? Or to the legal bills to fight NJ? Tell me you're smarter than that? Or are you just afraid we will win and your scamming the good people in NJ by keeping them defenseless, while protecting the status quo come to an end? What have YOU done in the years to tear down these insane laws? Let me guess, you voted? How has that worked out? You attended a rally back in 2013? Very long time ago and forgotten about. You organized a for profit conference? Congrats...still has done nothing to try and force a change in NJ. (Why did the soft NJ attorney's just ask our researcher for copies of his hard work at the latest hearing). Do they finally want to listen and use what the po6 is using? Sure, lets talk now? Silly you williet, if you want some bread, go get some. Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  11. Next in line! Thats 2 Federal suits involving Po6 members that are fighting for "you" in NJ http://www.sdslaw.us/single-post/2016/08/11/Today-we-filed-a-lawsuit-against-New-Jersey-to-overturn-the-Taser-ban Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  12. Just calling you out yet again, thats not being grouchy. Good morning by the way ;-) Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  13. I was wondering how long it would take you Johnny Boy to come out of your basement and chime in...hard time getting up this am? Now, dont be an "asshole" and put words on people's mouths ...let us know where newtonia was called an asshole? If anything, Mark was cordial and apologized for the over sight. My comments reinforced what Mark stated. So, wheres the "asshole comment"? Sent from my SM-N920V using Tapatalk
  14. I had a conversation with Mike, he was disappointed that Angelos shirt was mistakenly overlooked. That week he had sent out 20 shirts, out of the 20, 1 was overlooked. So this week when Mark found the oversight, Mike wanted to hand deliver the shirt to you, and apologize. But his work schedule wouldn't allow him to do that, so he mailed it out. Now, that's a man with integrity. Now Rob, as you sit behind the keyboard warrior command post, I ask you, what are you doing to fight NJ? Besides being a key board warrior? Its because of guys like you, that NJ will never respect your 2A rights, many of you are to afraid of such a win, for one reason or the other. Now Nick, how was Mike intimidating? from what I understand, Joe was very enthusiastic in supporting the Po6......And the same question I raised to Rob above applies to you...Let me know how "YOUR FIGHT" works out Have a nice day and carry on....oh, wait, that's right, "YOU" can't "carry" on. :-)
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