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  1. I mostly use my iPad to view these forums. I have been meaning to post the same question. In recent few months I have experienced the same. Often when i click on a thread topic, after a delay either a popup or, more annoyingly, a full screen ad appears, and I have to either close it or hit the Safari back arrow. I have been meaning to troubleshoot this further but have been tied up with work.
  2. Brings back memories. The last valve adjustment I did was on my friend’s Chevy Vega in the early 1970s. Lol
  3. My generator is ready to go. Recently converted it to propane and have plenty on hand. (Details of the conversation are in the generator thread.)
  4. Funny, I have been saying the same thing! Got a Jeep Grand Cherokee in July 2019, and have been waiting to test it out in the snow, lol. I think I am in the 3-6 band. I used to have a 2005 Trailblazer 4x4 with a locking rear differential. Was fantastic in the snow. I assume the Jeep is just as, if not more capable. However, it’s highway tires may be a handicap.
  5. From a personal perspective, the answer depends on how old you are. In my case, I will be 68 next year. So while I remain hopeful, I am not optimistic that I will ever be able to CC in NJ. My runway of life grows ever shorter. Drake, and recently Rogers, were bitter disappointments. Even if and when Justifiable Need is overturned, NJ will likely drag their feet and institute unreasonable qualification requirements. Then these would have to be challenged for yet more years through the courts. Hope I am wrong. This topic brings to mind the glorious ONE DAY in my life three years ago when I spent the day concealed carrying in PA. Shortly after , PA stopped recognizing all non-resident permits (including Texas in my case.). In sharp contrast to NJ, my recent renewals of my Utah and Texas carry permits were routine and fast. Both informed me 3-6 months in advance of the upcoming need to renew. Amazing.
  6. Similar here. In fact, the panic of 2012-2014 coincided with my new found preparedness mindset that stemmed from Hurricane Sandy. That new mindset is what got me back “all in” into 2A and firearms. So over these years have acquired an “adequate” amount of ammo for my needs. Worth repeating something I once read. “The ammo you have on hand may be all you were ever have.” and factoring this into your inventory planning. As an aside, about a year ago I donated approx. 4K rounds of 22lr to CNJFO for their youth shoots. Still thrilled to have done that regardless of the current price.
  7. My wife took our mini-van for inspection at Eatontown on Tuesday. Had expired the day before. There was no wait. I am not near my van at the moment, but I assume the new sticker is 2022.
  8. This was also the policy(and I assume may still be) at Garden State Shooting Center when I was a member there. Even if you were a well known member, if you wanted to rent and shoot alone, you must have had one of your own firearms with you. I wasted a trip there as a result but respected their adherence to their policy and the reasons for it. On subsequent occasions when I only wanted to rent, I would bring one of my long guns with me (i.e. no risk of an unreasonable deviation while transporting). p.s. normally would need to provide your DL, not FID, when shooting.
  9. Rlsmedia.com has an article on this. (Am unable to copy/paste the exact link.). Man was there with two friends to target shoot. He fired “a few rounds” downrange, then turned the gun on himself in an apparent suicide attempt. Per police , not believed to be an accident or horse play.
  10. OP, I have been meaning to look into firearms insurance. Currently dont have any other than what NRA provides. To obtain the coverage, what info do they require? E.g. do you have to provide a detailed list or.just specify the total amount of coverage you wamt.
  11. Last Saturday late afternoon while on my way home from Cherry Ridge, I stopped at ReloaderzNJ in Wayne. Had never been there and it’s always fun to check out a new local gun range/store. And whenever I visit a lgs, I always make it a point to spend money there and buy something. This is not a review, rather just wanted to share a few impressions from my visit. The facility is ultra-modern and clean. Really quite impressive. Was very crowded when I was there, so clearly a popular range in that area. I did some browsing and purchased about $65 worth of cleaning supplies and a few accessories. My one criticism is my experience checking out at the register. After scanning my items, the clerk asked me for my drivers license. I asked her what exact info did she want from my license. She replied that they scan them. I declined and told her to make it out to cash. She again politely pressed for it and I again declined, at which point she completed the transaction. I am very sensitive to any business that as a standard practice asks for more of my personal information than is required. In this case, my license # and date of birth (and god knows what else is encoded on my license) is none of their business. This really soured the entire experience for me. Lastly, not intended as a criticism, but rather a humorous sign of the times; behind the gun counter they had a 200 round “range pack” of 9mm ammo(I believe 115gr FMJ) available for sale for $299. Yikes!
  12. Thanks all for the feedback. Ryu, unfortunately I was at the 200 yard range so missed you. If you noticed a guy in a silver grey Jeep Grand Cherokee drive thru the 100 yard parking lot around lunch time, that may have been me checking it out, lol. Perhaps next time we will be able to introduce ourselves. Overall, had a great first day at Cherry Ridge. Spent the morning at the 200 yard range shooting my RPR 556. Will measure my groups tomorrow but overall was pleased given it was my first time shooting at 200 yards. It was very windy, so that was an added challenge. On average there were only 2-3 guys there including me. After lunch I visited the 22 plinking range. Lots of fun. I contributed 300 rounds of brass to the "wade" area, lol. Lastly, I spent some time using the 5-Stand clay throwers at the shotgun range. Only the second time I have shot clays (or more accurately, TRIED to shoot clays). The first time being an NJGUNFORUMS meetup at Clinton about 5 years ago. I was able to confirm that I still suck at it, lol. A true Opportunity for Improvement, as we say in work. For someone shooting alone, it was nice that you can set a delay (1-5 seconds) before the clay is launched. regards
  13. I have been a non-range member of ANJRPC for the last seven years. Decided to upgrade my membership to include range privileges. Completed the orientation and quiz last weekend. Am planning to go to Cherry Ridge tomorrow for the first time. Looking forward to seeing the facility, lay of the land, etc. If any of you will be there I encourage you to say hello. I will be the bald guy wearing a NJ2AS cap. Am driving 80 miles to get there so want to make the most of the day. My primary shooting objective will be to shoot my RPR (556/223) at 200 and 300 yards. Never shot beyond 100 yards before. Plan to also bring my Ruger Mark IV 22lr to shoot at the multi-purpose range. My understanding is there are numerous metal targets to plink at there. Thirdly, will bring my 12ga shotgun to try at the 5 stand clay range. However the range calendar shows an all day shotgun class is planned. So not sure if that uses that range. I will call today and see what guidance I get. Lastly, there is also a precision pistol state championship there this weekend. Will be interesting to observe. Hopefully the facility won’t be jammed up with people/cars. I would appreciate any thoughts, guidance, tips, etc that you may have. thanks, Art
  14. I completely concur with Johnny’s advice. One more thing, be mindful that moving within NJ would trigger the need for a change of address on your FID card. So avoid moving, so you don’t have to deal with the (re)application process. Better yet, move out of state.
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