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  1. Glad to hear it went well. On a humorous note, I had very much looked forward to my class for several months. Hoped to go to the class well rested after a good night’s sleep. Not! Had to travel to Ohio the preceding week. Unable to fly home until Friday evening. Plane delays resulted in me arriving home at midnight after traveling for 9 hours door to door. Asleep at 1:00 am, up at 5:30 am for the 2 hour drive to Pa. Then the class in the scorching sun all day. It was also very obvious that I (66yo) was by far the oldest of the group. The next oldest was a very physically fit LEO who was about 15 years my junior. Average age of the class was 30 something. Nevertheless did ok with the various drills and came home with my certificate which I am quite proud of despite the aforementioned challenges.
  2. JMich, looks like the weather will be perfect for your class. I took it back in June and it was a scorching 85-90 degrees and sunny. Despite that, I really enjoyed the class.
  3. If you scroll down to the September 27th date and click on "Main Document", I believe this is the document being referred to.
  4. This article in the Florida Sun-Sentinal really caught my eye. Entitled "Thousands of guns taken under Red Flag law, but South Florida lags in applying it". https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/crime/fl-ne-red-flag-law-review-20190921-ygedayoyybaczmpzrrsy7kssdu-story.html It is mainly criticizing the fact that some counties are using it less aggressively than others. But that aside, it is the frequency with which it has been used strikes me as quite alarming. One quote: "Florida has taken guns away from 2,000 residents in the year and a half since the state passed its Red Flag law, ......" And for anyone who still thinks that judges will respect and protect due process: "So far, judges have gone along with law enforcement a vast majority of the time — nearly 97 percent of temporary orders and 99 percent of final orders are granted statewide." If this is the state of affairs in 2A friendly Florida, just imagine the draconian way NJ's Red Flag laws can be applied here.
  5. Good that you were proactive and have stored your guns at Gunsitters. Your lawyer can advise you whether it is better for him to hold the keys or if you should pass temporary ownership to Gunsitters as Mr Stu mentioned. As far as the marital relationship is concerned, whatever you are feeling(stress, anxiety, etc) and whatever the outcome, just trust that the time will come when you will feel happy again and life will return to a state of normalcy. Remain civil in dealing with your wife and always keep the best long term interests of your children, and your relationship with them, in mind. I speak as someone who went thru this and got divorced 28 years ago, with two young children. Even in the best of circumstances, going thru a divorce is a very very unpleasant experience. Fwiw, I am an IT professional. So I totally get the logical/rational vs emotional personality contrast. That remains a challenge even with my current wife (married 22 years.) Best of luck
  6. I am confused and concerned about one section in particular. In the section entitled “New Form/Certification”, it mentions memorializing the background check, ”including serial number”, ....... Is that referring to the serial number of the firearm or a serial number of the background check? If firearm , isn’t that registration?
  7. IANAL, but Rosey is correct. I explicitly discussed this with Evan Nappen at several US Lawshield seminars. If you are a member of a club that meets the requirements of the 2:39 verbiage that PK90 posted above, then you fall within this additional exemption. One example of such a conforming private club is Union Hill Gun Club, where I am currently a member. In contrast, this does not apply to a club such as Garden State Shooting Club, where I was formerly a member. (I confirmed this with Tony in a conversation some time ago). I assume because, being a public club renting to walk-ins, does not provide a list of members to the state.
  8. As promised, here is what I posted to Rugerforum.net last year. My RDS has remained securely mounted since that time. No issues. This may not exactly match your situation. However at least some of it is likely relevant and will save you some heartburn. Wanted to share my own experience mounting a Vortex Venom on my Ruger Mark IV Hunter. First I want to thank LanceS4803 for pointing out the “rocking” issue with Venom on the Ruger rail. Had he not started this thread, I would have not noticed that I had the same issue. After three weeks of frustration, I finally have my RDS mounted to my satisfaction and tested it at the range today and am very happy with it. The bottomline, based on my personal experience, is as follows: When you purchase your Venon RDS, I recommend you order the following three items at the same time. This will help you avoid the frustration I experienced and position you for a successful installation the first time. · Tandemkross Shadow rail #TK05N0014BLK1 www.tandemkross.com · UMTactical shim. “Delrin Shim 1.0 Degree for Vortex Venom…” www.umtactical.com · Longer mounting screws from Brownells to connect the Venom RDS to it’s supplied picatinny mount. Part #080-535-645 6-48x5/16 Filister slot headed screws. Details as follows: 1. I recommend not purchasing Ruger’s own #90623 rail for the firearm. They are in fact NOT Mil-Spec. Specifically, the depth of the top grooves should be 0.118” which is the MilSpec standard(refer to Wikipedia.) I measured it to be 0.100. Both my original purchased in November 2017 and one they recently shipped me as a replacement for it were identical. Thus the crossbar on the Venom mount bottoms out slightly. For comparison, I checked the slot depth on the rails on my M&P 15/22 as well as my RUGER Precision Rifle. They all measured between .120-.125”. 2. So I did some research into alternatives and ordered the Tandemkross rail. A bit disconcerting was the fact that the screws that TK ships with their rail have a tapered head while the screw seating area in the rail itself is not tapered. I called TK and they basically said not to worry about it. (Interestingly, she stated they source their screws from Brownells.) That aside, the TK screws were the optimal length and I used them without any issues. I applied blue Loctite to the threads and torqued the screws to 10 inch-pounds using my Wheeler “Fat Wrench” torque wrench. 3. The reason I recommend the UMTactical shim is because I ran out of “Up” adjustment on the Venom itself in order to get a zero at my desired 10-15 yards. On my Venom the “Up” screw will rotate 5 turns for a total of 150 MOA adjustment range total. (Fwiw, the specs state 130 MOA.) Nevertheless, it was not enough. The shim is installed between the RDS and the Vortex supplied picatinny mount that ships with it. Put the thicker end of the shim toward the rear and the thinner end toward the front. I.e. you want to cant the RDS downward in order to raise the point of impact. With the shim in place, I was easily able to zero it without hitting the limits of the elevation adjustment. 4. I purchased the TK Shadow rail in Black. From reviews, their gray color does not match stainless steel. Looks good and matches the Vortex mount and RDS. 5. The screws Vortex supplies to mount the RDS to it’s picatinny mount are T15 head 6-48 x ¼. However they are not long enough to be used with the UMTactical shim. They only grab by a few threads and I easily stripped mine. Hence, my recommendation to use the above mentioned screws from Brownell which are 5/16 in length. Note that the Brownells screws have a slotted head and the diameter of the head is a little smaller than the Vortex supplied screws. Nevertheless they worked fine. I also torqued them to 10 inch-pounds. 6. I shot 180 rounds thru it today and so far everything is still tight. Am finally pleased with the setup! I could not find an exact matching 5/16” length version of the Vortex supplied Torx head screws. I called both Vortex and UMTactical and neither sell them. So if anyone knows where to find a T15 head(.220 OD) Fillister 6-48 5/16” long(the threaded portion) screw, let me know. Hope this helps, regards.
  9. Last year I mounted a Viper red dot to my Mark IV Hunter. Turned out to be quite a challenge. Ruger”s rail was not to spec, needed to shim the rmr to zero it, which then required special screws, etc. I posted a lengthy writeup somewhere. Will try to find it tomorrow and repost here.
  10. I lost one of my fobs to my 2014 Grand Caravan. Searched for it around the house for six months to no avail. I eventually spent the $300+ and purchased a genuine replacement from my Dodge dealer and had them program it. I did consider buying a cheaper replacement from Amazon. However, some of the reviews indicated it stopped working after a short while and their wife was stuck away from home as a result. So I did not want to introduce that risk. p.s. About a year later was cleaning out my closet and in a pair of dress pants that no longer fit me was the “lost” fob, lol.
  11. I asked but was charged zero. (Perhaps because Tony recognized me as a prior member of GSSC?) I did however purchase 40 rounds of 556 and 20 rounds of 300BLK. (As a rule, I never visit a LGS/range without supporting them and making a purchase of some sort.)
  12. I have not spent 10 cents in Dicks in recent years. I now add Walmart to my same list.
  13. This 100%. In recent years, I have endeavored to be open with family and friends regarding my firearms ownership and support for the 2nd Amendment. This as a way to promote the shooting sports and 2A to people who have been conditioned to view firearms ownership only in a negative light.( I.e. a tremendous amount of ignorance abounds, even within my extended family.) However, given these new RFLs, coupled with those already in place, I will likely be much more selective in what I communicate and to whom. The phrase “loose lips sink ships” certainly applies here. Moreover, I cannot think of anything more egregious than the thought of police suddenly showing up at my door to confiscate my firearms based on some unknown person alleging unknown accusations regarding my character or mental state. I have zero confidence a judge in NJ would not order seizure on scant evidence. I.e. seize first, figure it out later. Many of us have spouses and family members whose impressions of 2A are negatively influenced by the MSM and the left’s narrative, despite our attempts to inform them in a balanced way. With that in mind, these laws also serve to sow the seeds of mistrust between husband/wife, parent/child, in-laws,etc.
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