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  1. Yesterday, did yard work. Put the snowblower away in the shed. Put out my patio set, umbrella, etc. Got an estimate on a new fence. Today am going to tuneup and change the oil in my generator. A Honda EU3000is. Btw, if you have a gas genny, do you run it from time to time and cycle/pump out the gas before it gets too old. A nice day to do work in the driveway.
  2. I don't know anything about AKm's so can't help you with your inquiry, but welcome to the forums. Recommend you introduce yourself in the "Introductions" forum. regards
  3. Can we please return to our regularly scheduled program, namely “No Police...So What?
  4. Forgot to mention also I purchased from Costco and installed a ceiling light in my garage. One of those approx 4’ long led ones. Very bright and adjustable. Much better illumination for the table where I clean firearms, do other projects, etc. Includes a remote control. Was $30. Highly recommend it.
  5. Here are examples of what I have been up to. - Interestingly, I am not snacking as much and am eating better. Have not had an Oreo in over 3 weeks, lol. - On nice days, taking long walks with the wife. - Lost 4 lbs so far. - Ammo supply was already adequate and inventoried, so nothing to do there. - Did purchase a Streamlight TLR-2 HL G light/laser and Sig Romeo5 red dot for a long gun I acquired in early March (Phew! Just in the nick of time). Will be mounting them this evening. - Inventoried my spare mags. They were empty. I loaded a number of them. - Started thinking through what specific items a firearm “Go Bag” should contain. Starting with the bag itself. A fun planning exercise. - Will re-clean several firearms that have been in the safe for quite some time. - Things have not yet deteriorated to the point where I would carry within my home full time. However, did locate my gun belt, holster, etc and did carry this morning to ensure these items were readily at hand and comfortable. - Need to update my inventory xls of emergency preparedness supplies(non-firearm related). - Got caught up submitting various medical claims, EOBs, etc that were awaiting my action. (I usually procrastinate on that.). - Started working on my taxes.
  6. From Google: "The Jersey Shore is the summertime haunt of bennies and shoobies: bennies are those from North Jersey and New York who travel down to northern regions of the Shore, while shoobies come from the Philadelphia region to more southerly destinations like Atlantic City and Ocean City."
  7. I am certainly no expert on defensive use of a shotgun, but you may never get the chance to fire that second shot. I think I recall reading that a bad guy can close a 21 foot distance in under 3 seconds. Or maybe he just shoots you in the head before you have stopped the threat.
  8. When I purchased my 12 gauge shotgun 6 years ago(btw, my first firearm purchase In decades), I naively thought non-lethal rounds would be a good idea and purchased several varieties. However, after further educating myself, my goto shotgun defensive round became #4 buckshot. If confronted with an armed intruder, and fearing for my life, once I make the decision to shoot, I want it to be as effective as possible. Why give the intruder a second chance to inflict unspeakable horrors upon you and your loved ones.
  9. I do have numerous grandchildren who live within a short walking distance and who often visit at any moment(during the day/early evening). Hence the reason they are kept in safes(specifically, Fort Knox Pistol Boxes). FWIW, I do have firearms in safes on both levels of my home. As was noted above, maintaining a posture of firearms safety is still critical. So that needs to be balanced against the need for rapid access depending on your particular situation and the situation at large.
  10. The better (and legal) question is when and under what circumstances you would actively carry within your home and on your property, what steps are we taking to be at a higher state of readiness in the event of a potential home invasion, etc. In my case, after Hurricane Sandy, things were in a significant state of distress in my locale. Including Eg strangers from elsewhere roaming the area, isolated reports of looting, etc. That is an example of when I would be inclined to carry within my home.. Also double checked how many rounds are in my spare mags, etc. All my guns remain in their respective safes. However may pre-enter most of the combo each night for the handgun safe that that is under my bed to enable faster access under stress. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  11. For of you debating the meaning of restaurants closing, my son worked as a bartender at at restaurant in Sea Bright and one in Red Bank. Effective today, both have completely shutdown and he is out of work. There is no confusion here as to the financial impact of this virus on those businesses and on us.
  12. An update. My McMaster order arrived at my door in 24 hours! The standard shipping was a very reasonable $7.42. Am very satisfied. I had ordered 4 pints of 70% alcohol and a pack of disinfectant wipes. In hindsight, I perhaps should have skipped the wipes. Judging by their packaging, they appear to be industrial strength and will kill every virus within a hundred miles, lol.
  13. Given Trump’s speech moments ago which includes a ban on all travel from Europe(excluding the UK), the level of anxiety will now ratchet up to a new level. The shit has gotten real. Buckle up.
  14. Thanks. Btw, my local Costco in Hazlet is out of alcohol. However, ironically they had plenty of Flents "Wipe'nClear" eyeglass wipes in stock in the same aisle. Three boxes of 75 were about 10 bucks. Work great on eyeglasses which is why I purchased them While it does not say it on the cartons, I realized once I got home that they are isopropyl alcohol wipes. The individual wipe packets list the ingredients as "Water, Isopropyl Alcohol, and Detergent". They measure about 4x6". However only lightly impregnated with liquid. One wipe is fine for eyeglasses but would likely need to use two to sanitize your hands. Will be interesting to see how long they last once people catch on.
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