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  1. oldguysrule649

    Dna genealogy kits

    Just got coffee at my local deli. Noticed one of the front page articles on today’s NY Times describes how China is using forced DNA testing to persecute the Uigher minority there. That aside, I believe there is lot’s of potential for your DNA information to be misused in unforeseen ways. Which is why I will not use these DNA test kits. I do realize this is yet one more patch of ice, among many, on the slippery downward slope of personal privacy we are one, like it or not (e.g. cellphone tracking, LPRs, facial recognition, social networking, data warehouses & big data analytics, ...).
  2. oldguysrule649

    NRA ballots are dropping. Colandro for NRA please.

    My ballot arrived in the mail today. Bullet voted for Anthony(#2 on my ballot) and Tom King. Will be mailed back first thing in the morning.
  3. oldguysrule649

    Better buy you laser sights right away :(

    Howard, I was watching the news coverage earlier on Fox when the news broke that the gunman’s handgun had a “green laser”. Had exactly the same thought as you. Watch the ignorant anti-2A idiots start calling for bans on green lasers.
  4. oldguysrule649

    16" 458 socom upper

    Hi, I don’t know a lot of build details, however a family member of mine just built a 458 Socom AR. My understanding is he purchased a complete 458 upper and mated it with a standard AR lower. I was present for the initial shooting of it and seemed to run well. He did say the ammo can be a bit hard to find and is expensive. So that may be a consideration.
  5. Definitely deserving of its own thread. Thanks. Would be a game changer if they grant Cert. Especially following the NY case which was recently granted Cert. Am excited and optimistic. However the disappointment of Drake is still fresh in my mind.
  6. oldguysrule649

    NRA ballots are dropping. Colandro for NRA please.

    I am including Tom King at the recommendation of AC. But I agree that also casting votes more broadly for the well known names offsets the vote for AC. Hence the need to bullet vote.
  7. oldguysrule649

    NRA ballots are dropping. Colandro for NRA please.

    I also called member services last week. Since I only receive the magazines electronically, wanted to be sure my ballet is forthcoming. Was told they do the magazine mailings first, then the remainder of the ballets. Said I should expect it before Feb 15th. I have two bullet votes ready to go, one for Ant and one for Tom King.
  8. oldguysrule649

    FID Permit Advide Needed

    Could not find my specific old post I was looking for but did find another one(below) I had posted a few years ago on the topic of Q#26. Your primary inquiry has been addressed above, but sharing this for further reference. I assume your application is on hold pending you getting the required letter from a psychologist. If so, once you obtain and provide the letter, hopefully things will progress smoothly. HOWEVER if despite that, you are still presented with complications/reluctance from your local PD, then I would recommend you consult with a firearms attorney(refer to the ANJRPC website or newsletter for recommended attorneys). The bottomline is once you start this process, you need to see it through it's successful conclusion(ie the issuance of your FID/P2Ps) no mattter what. You don't want to be officially Denied and allow that to stand. regards and good luck PM me if I can be of further assistance. Note that I am not a lawyer, although I did stay in a Holiday Inn last year. p.s. Lastly, you are not "screwed". You just need to persevere no matter what it takes. In the end, it is worth it. "A few other considerations related to Q#26 in general: - it is a felony to falsify your responses. So you must answer truthfully and be confident you can defend your answers should they ever be questioned in the future. (I.e. if you get caught lying, you are screwed.) - once you answer “Yes”, you must always answer “Yes” in order to be consistent with your prior submissions. In my case, I have answered”Yes” on two subsequent P2P applictions and included a letter stating that I answered Yes in order to be consistent with my earlier applications. In that letter, I also affirmed(truthfully) that there has been no further treatment bla bla bla. These last two applications were routinely processed and approved without any issues."
  9. oldguysrule649

    FID Permit Advide Needed

    Further to Pizza Bob's post, the psychologist who specializes in firearms evaluations is Dr Gianni Pirelli, Phd. 80 Pompton Avenue Suite 204 Verona, N.J. 07044 and 1 Cattano Avenue Morristown, NJ 07960. (973-944-0810). His website is www.gpirelli.com. The aforementioned information is straight out his ad in the most recent ANJRPC newsletter page 28. Dr Pirelli has been an occasional guest on Anthony Colandro's GunForHire podcast. Highly recommend you look through past episodes and listen to the ones he has been on. Master podcast list w/o descriptions: https://gunforhire.com/master-playlist/ iTtunes episode list WITH descriptions. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-gun-for-hire-radio-broadcast/id1180720262 Will get back to you regarding my earlier Q#26 post and guidance.
  10. oldguysrule649

    FID Permit Advide Needed

    I have faced a Q#26 challenge myself and have posted my Q#26 advice here in the past. Will try to locate it. I cannot elaborate at the moment but will respond in more detail later today.
  11. Amazing video of them fighting the fire
  12. This Oregon bill is discussed at length on the 1/16 episode of the American Armed Radio podcast. Well worth listening to.
  13. Released on bond? Really??? “Williams was released on bond after being charged with shooting into an unoccupied vehicle, possession of a firearm by a prohibited person, menacing, and reckless endangerment. He was the only person injured.”
  14. Merry Christmas to everyone and your families. I am thankful to be a member of this community.
  15. oldguysrule649

    Spouses & Guns...

    Great post Peel. In my case I have written a Word document for my wife with approx seven pages of information and directions on what to do in the event I meet my demise. It is aptly named "IN_CASE_OF_DEATH_README_FIRST". The document is kept in a safe(non-firearm) with our wills and she knows how to access it. So does one of our sons in case she pre-deceases me. (I update it periodically to keep it current.) The document spans the whole gamut of things she/he will need to know, including but not limited to: What critical things to focus on immediately (e.g. make sure real estate taxes are up to date, homeowners insurance in force, etc.) The password to the encrypted database which contains ALL the hundreds of passwords we ever have used or currently use. This item is critical. I.e. I like to call it the "Keys to the Kingdom". A list of all bank accounts, balances, and life insurance policies. What bank account to use to pay bills and how (e.g. using online bill pay.) Info on any United States Savings Bonds, both paper as well as those that are held electronically at the Treasury Department. A list of re-occuring charges that automatically hit our credit card(s). Combinations to all safes, including firearms. List of all re-occuring household bills. Our email accounts and the importance of monitoring our inboxes for incoming bills, important notices, etc. Directives to NOT cancel or discard our cellphones since they are required to log into accounts that use two-factor authentication. A dedicated section dealing with all aspects of the firearms and accessories that I own. (Inventory, location, ....etc.) (Your post above has given me some additional ideas on things to add.) I have more to add to the document but it is a valuable resource in it's current version. Would be very stressful trying to figure out all of this without it. regards

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