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  1. OP, perhaps a long shot. I assume you are using a PC to download the doc. Do you normally run any VPN software such as for example Nordvpn? If so, try “pause”ing it or log completely out of it. See if that helps. I have had issues in other (not gun related) situations where it gave me link issues.
  2. Thank you all for the feedback. Based on it, I plan to: - I will no longer drop the loose round into the chamber, even if the risk of extractor damage is low in a Glock. - The idea of having an empty mag to assist in reloading the loose round is a good one. I may be able to manage loading that single round into the empty mag by hand. And I can just keep that empty mag in the lockbox so it is always available. - The suggestion to carry a second full mag was a good reminder to begin doing so in earnest for many reasons. (I just received my PTC three months ago so had not yet progressed to doing that.) - While I did carry with an empty chamber for the first month, I now always carry with one in the chamber. For all the compelling reasons that have been discussed in other threads; as well as the fact that racking the slide quickly and efficiently is a challenge due to the aforementioned arthritus. (For now, I am carrying OWB at 3 o'clock.) - I also avoid carrying if I know I am going solely to a sensitive place. (Eg going to dinner with the wife at a place that serves alcohol.) Also, I try to arrange my trips/errands to avoid stops at sensitive places. regards, Art
  3. Let me preface my question below by pointing out that due to arthritis, I am unable to load rounds into my Glock mags by hand. I always use a Maglula. I also carry with one round in the chamber and ten in the mag. It is also not practical for me to use the Maglula while sitting in my car. With that said, whenever I am carrying and need to visit a sensitive location (e.g. restaurant that serves alcohol), I remove the mag and rack the round out of the chamber, then secure my G26. After returning to my vehicle, I lock the slide back, take the loose round and drop it into the chamber, release the slide, and then insert my mag. My question is: Is there any safety or functional concern with respect to my loading the firearm in this fashion?. I.e. dropping the loose round manually into the chamber. (As opposed to inserting the mag first and allowing the slide to strip a round out of the mag and feeding it into the chamber in the normal fashion. Which would then leave me with 9+1.) As an aside, a few days ago I came across this Youtube video by Massad Ayoob. At the 5:30 mark, he specifically addresses my question. For functional reasons(extractor damage) he advises not to do it; albeat he is focused on a 1911, not striker pistols, in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJdsSJsNKU8 Appreciate any feedback or guidance on this topic.
  4. I am also looking forward to attending. Hoping the weather cooperates.
  5. Others have posted the official rules above. However I have been to Collier-Mills many times during the past ten years and have almost always brought 22lr spinners with me. Both the metal kind as well as the orange rubber kind. I usually set them up at 25 yards. Never had any issues. On several occasions I have brought and setup AR500 steel at the 100 yard line. It is the people who bring disk brake rotors, paint cans, car windshields, etc who are the problem.
  6. Yes, I agree the forecast sounds nasty. As such, I will not be attending tomorrow. (I am available on the10th should there be a postponement.) Regards.
  7. Several of us will have hunting licenses. No sign-in required other than perhaps someone here keeping track of who attended. I would be up for a diner visit afterwards.
  8. I am planning to attend. It has been quite some time since my last one so am looking forward to meeting everyone. Will bring my Mossberg 590, two boxes of clays, ammo, as well as a new thrower that I have not yet used. I wil caution you. My clay shooting proficiency is over 90%. That is to say, I miss at least 90% of the time, LOL. As an aside, it was at my first NJGUNFORUMS clay shoot in 2014 that I learned of the existence of clay and rifle ranges at the WMAs. Obtained my hunting license shortly thereafter. Have since enjoyed many days of outdoor target shooting at various WMAs, Collier-Mills in particular. Very thankful I attended that day.
  9. Received my NJPTC on Monday. On Thursday afternoon I submitted my application to Pike County. NINE MINUTES later, they replied stating I can call to schedule a day to come in to pick it up. Will be driving there tomorrow morning (Monday). Amazing service.
  10. I thought that as well. I wonder how many simultaneous incoming enemy drones and missiles a carrier group can repel. Only one needs to get through to have things really escalate.
  11. I had a similar experience at Collier-Mills today. Didn’t know what they were called until I saw this post.
  12. In support of your point, I just watched the Guns and Gadgets segment below. Your post and that video has me considering taking it back off until a final ruling is made. The ATF apparently is saying since they don't know who is or is not a member of these organizations, they are going to still go after people. This also got me thinking. Since the removal of the brace and being left with a bare buffer tube negatively impacts the utility of the firearm; may as well seriously consider going and purchasing a full sized compliant AR if you don't already have one. (:-)
  13. My understanding is that the PI covers FPC and all its members (regardless of where they live). Not home at the moment. Will try later to site a specific reference.
  14. Given the two Preliminary Injunctions issued in the last several weeks covering members of FPC and NAGR(I am a member of both.), I have removed the "Pistol Storage Device" that I had put on my Troy Other and have reattached its original brace. (If curious, refer to my detailed PSD writeup I previously posted on NJGUNFORUMS.). I look forward to my next range trip with it. p.s. Members of SAF and GOA a may also still be fine based on their prior injunctions. However, I lost track of the status of those.
  15. I was thinking the same thing. My understanding is that a carry permit from ANY state (eg. Utah/Florida non-resident) mitigates the to/from range transport restrictions.
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