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  1. Peel, strongly encourage you to get your hunting license so you can use the WMA ranges. That is what I did about three years ago after attending my first NJGF Shotgun Shootout. Once I obtained it I went to Collier Mills to shoot. That day was absolutely magical. Upon arrival, had the entire range to myself! .First time I had the opportunity to shoot outdoors in 35 years. I have since been back there numerous times and last year took my 8 year old grandson with me several times. Great times and memories. I usually target shoot at 50 yards and plink at 100 yards with my M&P 15/22 semi auto and my 1974 Mossberg 144 bolt action(a heavy and accurate target rifle). If I was going to purchase a 22lr bolt action today, I would definitely consider the new Ruger Precision Rimfire. (Would be a nice companian to my Ruger Precision Rifle 223/556.) Bench rest outdoor target shooting remains to this day my most enjoyable shooting activity. regards
  2. Donated to Mark’s Gofundme. Plan to donate again in the future along with all the other 2A orgs I am a member of and periodically donate to, including CNJFO.
  3. Glad to hear this is working out for you and that your interaction with the police department was positive. I assume he is sending it to the chief for his final review, approval, and signature. Hopefully the next call you receive will be to come and pick up your FID/permits. Congrats
  4. Several years ago, I had on a number of occasions flown from Dallas back to NJ with shotgun ammo in my checked bag. Always less than 10lbs per airline rules and usually put it in a plano ammo case within my checked bag. Frankly, it is more trouble than it’s worth. I would frequently have to stand on the much longer customer service line instead of being able to just check my bag with the self service kiosk. Then, when declaring to airline person the fact I had only ammo, they would either do nothing different at all, or incorrectly try to treat it as though i was transporting a firearm and i would have to correct them. Did not have any issues with TSA. It is so much easier ordering online and having it shipped to your home. i recommend you do so, and quickly, while you still can.
  5. I recently browsed a copy of Motor Trend while at the barber shop. Only then did I realize how much research and money is being devoted to self driving cars. In addition to the concerns expressed in that magazine and elsewhere; one overriding concern immediately came to my mind. One that I had not seen expressed elsewhere. That concern is MOTION SICKNESS; something that I have had to manage throughout my entire lifetime. As long as I am driving, I am fine (even a boat or jet ski). The thought of being forced someday to always be a passenger raises real concerns for me. I would have no way(short of medication) to preclude becoming nauseous. I am sure this would affect many others as well.
  6. I second PNG’s recommendation of Gunsitters (Whippany and Easton, Pa). Depending on your exact circumstances, this could be a good option for you. (I am a past customer of their Whippany location.)
  7. Am interested as well. Am waiting to see what kind of accuracy people get at 50 yards with it. Wondering whether it is any more accurate than my Mossberg 144LSB 22lr target rifle (circa 1974). I recently acquired a Ruger Precision Rifle in 223/556 somthat is my focus right now.
  8. Guess my M&P 22 (22 long rifle) will have to join your 1911 in exile. What an absurdity.
  9. If you have the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the lease, and choose to do so, the mileage should not matter. That was my experience quite some time ago.
  10. Mossburger, I just saw the notification that you quoted me. Please let me know where you found that. I do not recall ever posting it nor did I do so in the Union Range thread. Furthermore, I do not understand your comment. I assume “this guy” is a reference to me. I do not know why. thank you
  11. I recently purchased a GP100 357 with a 5” barrel(model #1740) from Galleryofguns.com. Had it to the range about 2 weeks ago for the first time and am very happy with it. Was my first time purchasing thru Davidsons and was very pleased with the process.
  12. Welcome as well. Am also from Monmouth Cty and a GSSC member. Hope to see you at the range sometime.
  13. Welcome to this community.
  14. I would consider this new Ruger if I did not already own my JR Carbine in 9mm Glock. My JRC is a keeper. Takes all my Glock 9mm mags from G26 up to G34. At some point I would like to rent and shoot this Ruger and compare it’s recoil impulse to that of my JRC. Even though it is just a 9mm, I find my JRC’s recoil somewhat bothersome to my arthritic hands.
  15. There is a front page article in Saturday’s Asbury Park Press on this topic. Did not get a chance to fully read it yet but definitely plan to pursue this.