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  1. Fort Knox Pistol Box I have three hidden and bolted down in different areas of the house. Approx $200 each. Very strong.
  2. This was a front page article in Friday's(11/22) edition of the Asbury Park Press. In the APP article, it also states that "Maggs (the attorney) said he was worried; he had seen posts from Conti's Facebook page that included references to guns." I assume it was his Facebook page that revealed to the attorney that he was a firearms owner.
  3. Recommend you consider a Ruger Mark IV Hunter and/or the GP100 in 22LR. I have them both and they are high quality firearms, imho. (On a side note, after always regretting not purchasing a 7” fluted barrel back in the 1970s for my High Standard Sharpshooter, I finally scratched that itch 45 years later by buying the Hunter.)
  4. Fwiw, the article is from a few days ago but the incident being described (finding the gun) was in 2012.
  5. Yes, impeccable timing indeed. Two weeks before the Supreme Court hears it’s first 2A case in a decade.
  6. I recently purchased an Agile 52 safe from SecureIT. Am very pleased with it. Recommend you check out their product line to see if any of their products fit your particular needs. I have mine installed in an upstairs bedroom. Will writeup a full review when I have time.
  7. Excellent post OP. I voted by mail about three weeks ago. I really like voting by mail.
  8. To quote one of the comments below the Ammoland (actually NJ2AS) article, the NJSP will action on this right after they finish finding Bigfoot in the Pine Barrens. This is disgusting and yet another example of the contempt and oppression we law abiding NJ gun owners live under in this state. This MDA puppet knowingly breaks the law and will no doubt get a pass from the Governor and AG. While they would not hesitate to destroy our lifes over the slightest misstep.
  9. Am thinking of going to Stafford WMA tomorrow. Will be my first time there. Mainly plan to shoot clays at the shotgun(clay) range. Curious how busy it gets there on Saturdays. Appreciate any info and tips anyone may have. May also do some shooting at the muzzleloader(rifle) range as well.(Unfortunately was unable to go to the meetup last weekend).
  10. Glad to hear it went well. On a humorous note, I had very much looked forward to my class for several months. Hoped to go to the class well rested after a good night’s sleep. Not! Had to travel to Ohio the preceding week. Unable to fly home until Friday evening. Plane delays resulted in me arriving home at midnight after traveling for 9 hours door to door. Asleep at 1:00 am, up at 5:30 am for the 2 hour drive to Pa. Then the class in the scorching sun all day. It was also very obvious that I (66yo) was by far the oldest of the group. The next oldest was a very physically fit LEO who was about 15 years my junior. Average age of the class was 30 something. Nevertheless did ok with the various drills and came home with my certificate which I am quite proud of despite the aforementioned challenges.
  11. JMich, looks like the weather will be perfect for your class. I took it back in June and it was a scorching 85-90 degrees and sunny. Despite that, I really enjoyed the class.
  12. If you scroll down to the September 27th date and click on "Main Document", I believe this is the document being referred to.
  13. This article in the Florida Sun-Sentinal really caught my eye. Entitled "Thousands of guns taken under Red Flag law, but South Florida lags in applying it". https://www.sun-sentinel.com/news/crime/fl-ne-red-flag-law-review-20190921-ygedayoyybaczmpzrrsy7kssdu-story.html It is mainly criticizing the fact that some counties are using it less aggressively than others. But that aside, it is the frequency with which it has been used strikes me as quite alarming. One quote: "Florida has taken guns away from 2,000 residents in the year and a half since the state passed its Red Flag law, ......" And for anyone who still thinks that judges will respect and protect due process: "So far, judges have gone along with law enforcement a vast majority of the time — nearly 97 percent of temporary orders and 99 percent of final orders are granted statewide." If this is the state of affairs in 2A friendly Florida, just imagine the draconian way NJ's Red Flag laws can be applied here.
  14. Good that you were proactive and have stored your guns at Gunsitters. Your lawyer can advise you whether it is better for him to hold the keys or if you should pass temporary ownership to Gunsitters as Mr Stu mentioned. As far as the marital relationship is concerned, whatever you are feeling(stress, anxiety, etc) and whatever the outcome, just trust that the time will come when you will feel happy again and life will return to a state of normalcy. Remain civil in dealing with your wife and always keep the best long term interests of your children, and your relationship with them, in mind. I speak as someone who went thru this and got divorced 28 years ago, with two young children. Even in the best of circumstances, going thru a divorce is a very very unpleasant experience. Fwiw, I am an IT professional. So I totally get the logical/rational vs emotional personality contrast. That remains a challenge even with my current wife (married 22 years.) Best of luck
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