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  1. Congrats on the move to Florida. You sharing does make me feel happy for you and your family. I have too many family here to move anytime soon. So will continue to remain and support all the 2A organizations in the hope things will get better here. -Art
  2. I have traveled many times to Easton Fish & Game where I am a member. In addition to the guidance above, I believe you must travel directly to/from the range while transporting in PA unless you possess a concealed carry permit from any another state (even if it is not recognized for concealed carry in PA.) In my case, I have had Fl,Utah, and Texas nonresident permits, so no concern about going to a store or place to eat after the range. Please do your own due diligence on this point including searching here on the forums which is where I originally learned about this nuance concerning transport.
  3. OP, a few months ago I posted a range report with pics of the newly renovated Collier-Mills range. Recommend you search for it. (Sorry am on a work call at the moment so can’t look it up.) I am sure you will find it informative. Btw, am in Middletown as well and a UHGC member.
  4. In addition to the resources above, I have and use the “CCW-Concealed Carry 50 State” app on my iphone.
  5. Has anyone else joined and following the threads on the Reddit /r/wallstreetsilver sub-reddit? I have been reading it almost constantly for the last three weeks. Learned a heck of a lot regarding the silver market, manipulation of same by the banks and some mints(e.g Perth Mint), allocated vs unallocated, SLV ETF vs the PSLV, and the growing silver squeeze movement. Exiting and fun stuff to follow and be part of. (I can now consider myself an ape with diamond hands. If you don’t understand the reference, check out the sub-reddit.) Since my earlier post, I have acquired a number of 2021 American Silver Eagle coins. My first purchase of silver coins ever. They are beautiful and nice to hold in one’s hand. I purchased them from my local coin store. Their prices were very competitive with the online bullion dealers. Paid cash and no shipping needed. Instant gratification, lol.
  6. Their endgame is: Confiscation and the elimination of civilian ownership of firearms. Then the real tyranny and persecution can begin.
  7. For the benefit of those thinking of getting into PMs, thought I would share my experience as a novice so far. · All my purchases so far were through JM Bullion. Am pleased so far with all aspects of their selection and service. The other reputable online dealers mentioned above are likely fine as well. Just have not dealt with them yet. · I was very apprehensive at the outset making such potentially expensive purchases online. So my first order was relatively small so I could get comfortable and develop trust of JM Bullion and their ordering and shipping processes. · I had in mind what I wanted to purchase in total. I then spread that out over a number of additional orders as opposed to one large order. · The price, which includes NJ Sales Tax, is locked in at the time of the order. Same for the quantity you ordered, even if it subsequently goes out of stock. I.e. no surprises. · In all cases, I paid using Echeck/ACH, utilizing funds in my checking account. Purchasing is as easy as a few clicks of the mouse after you initially set things up. (They use a financial intermediary known as PLAID. Google it.). Items ship in 3-5 days after your order date in order for them to confirm that your funds have cleared. · In all cases I opted to pay extra for the UPS 3-Day Select service ($4.99 - $14.99 depending on the weight, e.g. for a gold and silver order respectively). A signature is required so someone must be home waiting for UPS to arrive. All items were very securely packaged. · In most cases, the item arrived the day after I first saw that the UPS label was created. Very fast delivery from Nevada! As fast as six business days from date of order to receipt of the items. However, in one case it was much slower and I feared the item was lost/stolen in transit. Nevertheless, it did arrive on the third business day after UPS picked it up. · Their Wishlist and “Notify me when back in stock” notifications work well. · Their mobile app works well. Let’s you shop, place and track the status of orders, etc. (Hint: Click on Store, then click on either the Gold or Silver coin, then use the menu pulldown on the upper left to login. From there you can see the status of all your orders, place new orders, etc. · And yes, having to pay NJ sales tax is a bummer as compared to other states like Delaware. However, given I am acquiring PMs as a hedge against a future systemic financial SHTF situation, I deemed that added cost to not be prohibitive. If I instead were investing for the shorter term, then it likely would have been. So I have officially caught the PM bug and have joined the ranks of “stackers”. Am very much enjoying watching PM related YouTube videos, Podcasts, and learning as I go along. So I have a suspicion that these won’t be my last purchases. The 2021 American Silver Eagles sure do look tempting. As was said above in this thread: “Come on in, the water is fine!”.
  8. Here you go! (I downsized the files to 1980x1024 and they now seemed to have uploaded fine.)
  9. Yes I do. Had issues posting them (error code -200) with my original post. Will troubleshoot and try again this afternoon.
  10. Several weeks ago I visited the newly renovated and reopened range at Collier-Mills WMA. Thought I would post my impressions. (I am having problems posting my images. Will do so later once I resolve the issue.) - Overall a substantial improvement over the prior range facility. - The shooting benches in particular are a great improvement over the old shooting benches. The countertop area is quite spacious and accommodates both left and right handed shooters. I found the ergonomics were great when shooting my Ruger Precision Rifle(556/223). The benches/tables are made of smooth concrete. Recommend bringing a towel or moving blanket(Harbor Freight) as the concrete seats can be cold/damp depending on the weather. - One of the eight shooting benches has no seats in order to accommodate handicapped shooters(e.g. wheelchair). - There are two handicap parking spaces directly next to the shooting positions. Other than that, you need park in the same area as before. It is possible to temporarily pull your vehicle down the hill near the benches in order to offload/load your gear. I was very much hoping this would be the case. In the past, I didn't like having to lug all my stuff to/from the car in hot weather. (Am not as young or fit as I once was.) - The line of shooting benches are approx 25 years further back from the berm. So the range is now approx 125 yards rather than the pervious 100 yards. This also means you are 25 yards closer to your vehicle when you go to/from it during the course of your visit. - The roof over the shooting line is large and provides much more protection from the sun and rain than the old concrete bunkers did. - There is a slanted concrete structure in front of the shooting line to stop bullets from going over the top of the berm. I.e. when shooting you do not have line of sight of the top of the berm. - My only criticism, and it struct me as quite odd, is that the shooing line is skewed to the left relative to the berm. If you imagine a straight line from each bench to the berm, only the approx left 3/5's of the berm is being used. I do not believe this is an optical illusion. Another shooter there thought the same. For those of you who may be unfamiliar with NJ Wildlife Management Area ranges; you need a NJ Hunting License or be the guest of someone who has one. For the Collier-Mills WMA in particular, you can shoot rifles (up to and including .30 caliber) and shotguns(slugs or buckshot only). No clay shooting nor handguns are allowed. Refer to the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife website for information on the various WMA's and what types of shooting is allowed at each of them.
  11. Am already "invested" in copper, brass, and lead; but In the last few weeks I myself have become intrigued with the idea of purchasing some gold and silver as a starting hedge against some future SHTF financial situation. So I dove into the PM pool so to speak. For now, just putting my toe/foot into the water. My intent is to hold on to whatever I buy and keep it indefinitely and pass it down to our children. So my time horizon is infinite. Am in the process of purchasing several Credit Suisse and Valcambi 1oz gold bars (New with assay) and several Sunshine Mint 10oz silver bars(with Mintmark SI authentication). I am getting them from JM Bullion. They seem to be one of a number of well known reputable online dealers based on the research I did. (SD Bullion and APMEX were also on my list.). They only had stock of these items intermittently, so my purchases are spread across a number of separate orders, two of which have arrived so far. The remaining items should be arriving next week. Feels great to have physical possession of them. I anticipate adding to my inventory over time. I also plan to check out local coin shops, learn what they have to offer, and further educate myself. One of the Youtube channels I subscribe to is City Prepping. He had an excellent video on precious metals from a SHTF prepping perspective. This link to it is: regasrds
  12. I had a bunch of ammo product notifications active in my MidwayUSA account. The other day I received four or five emails stating that a number of them were discontinued and would no longer be carried by MidwayUSA. Was surprised to see these two in particular since they are so popular. (The other discontinued notices were for variants of these two. E.g. an ammo can of 400, etc.). Brownells still shows the XM193 but of course it is out of stock.
  13. Wow, there are approx 200 containers visible looking at it from the rear. Assuming approx 20 sets of those from stern to bow == 4000 containers. Imagine the headache if that ship listed more and tipped over in the canal.
  14. Also, the earliest they will decide whether to hear the case will be Monday. It is also common for them to hold it over until the following week after week after week, .........before making a decision. For something that is so clear “Shall not be infringed”, the nuances of the legal process to get something decisively ruled in our favor is a sham, a rigged game, it is all theater. (Eg eg things like the use of lesser levels of legal scrutiny, reversing decisions to hear cases (NJ Supreme Court) by stating it was “improvidently granted”, etc.)
  15. Have hope, but don't hold your breath. They had a perfect storm of gun cases to choose from last year and took none of them. That was seven years after they refused to hear the Drake case. Something that deeply disappointed me and my faith in the court. I do realize the composition of the court has changed since last year. However, I regard Scotus as having been pummeled into submission (eg Kavanaugh) and impotent when it come to taking decisive action on 2A.
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