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  1. Have been living in my home for 20 years, the C-130 reference best describes my attic as well! After reading this thread I now find myself worrying about my house imploding into itself. lol. Time to clean up the attic.
  2. In one of the articles referred to above, I found a post mentioning www.smartstopstart.com. They sell an easily installed relay that disables ASS. When we buy the Blazer, I intend to seriously consider buying one of these.
  3. Great thread. My son has a 2018 Traverse AWD. Good size to hold him, his wife, and the five little ones. I like the vehicle. However, I hate the idea of this auto stop/start. My problem is my wife wants to buy the new Blazer, which of course will also have this. Glad there are some workarounds to it.
  4. Still there and active. Now says will expire in 21 hours.
  5. Great news, congrats. Kudos to you for perservering through what is a difficult and no doubt stressful process.
  6. ^^^^^^^ This ^^^^^^^^ and ditto for all the “supplies” one needs to operate said firearms.
  7. Received my guage today in the mail. Just checked my bolt and it was ok. (I purchased my 15/22 in April 2014.)
  8. I remember reading last week that the state requested, and was granted, an additional 30 days to respond. If I find where I read it, I will add it here.
  9. Op, I believe PK90 is in Arizona. “Out back” is the desert. I am not familar with USPSA, but on a bit more serious note, Easton Fish and Game Association in Easton, Pa has an “action range”. You must be a member which only costs $50 per year. Perhaps that would suit your needs. Others will no doubt chime in on what is offered at other ranges..
  10. I will also be attending the Carbine 1 class with S&T on June 1st.
  11. Yes, I can attest to that. I own the GP100 in 22lr as well as in 38/357 (5” barrel version from Davidsons). Op, consider a Ruger Mark 4 Hunter. Beautiful gun.
  12. Yes, a free “auto” feature, no bumpstock needed! Humor aside, I also just ordered the gauge so I can check my bolt.
  13. After reading this thread, I checked my town's website. Middletown Township started using the new system effective Feb 18th. Step 3 of their instructions(link below) does state that you can use family members as references. So that at least is a welcome change. https://www.middletownnj.org/DocumentCenter/View/3991/FARS-Sheet- Cannot comment further until I have actually used it.
  14. "- Mandatory state-issued license for inheritance of firearms" This is a new one. The word "inheritance" did not even appear in the 2013 list of proposed laws nor do I recall it ever being made an issue of. They really are looking under every rock for undiscovered "loopholes". There will never be an end to their supposed "loopholes". Oh wait, it will end, once they achieve their goal of eliminating civilian ownership of firearms. Then the real tyranny begins....One only needs to look at history.
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