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  1. Thanks Ant. Am out of state on business but will be checking! I had lost faith in the judicial system when Drake was denied. The Drake decision, along with NJ changing their decision to hear Pantano, left me very disillusioned. As you and Sandy made brief mention of recently, I have felt like we are being played. I hope and pray they grant cert this time around.
  2. I installed a gable vent fan myself about 15 years ago. Has worked well ever since. Has a thermostat that i have set to 125 if i recall correctly. Runs all day (e.g. noon until early evening) on really hot days. Had an electrician run the electric to it from an existing circuit in the attic. This thread reminded me to go up and turn on the power to it. Going to really heat up tomorrow.
  3. I concur with W2MC. As long as they are NJ legal, you should be good to go. Regarding ammo, in NJ you need the NJFID to purchase Handgun (not long gun) ammo. You can also purchase ammo online. Depending on the vendor, you may need to provide a copy of your NJFID. Plenty of threads here on that topic. You will also note in the faq above that registration is voluntary. Do not volunteer anything. Nothing good will come of it. regards
  4. Welcome to the forum. We also have various meetups. What area of the state do you live?
  5. I specifically heard Allen Gottleib, head of the Second Amendment Foundation, last year state to the effect “if there aren’t 5 votes to pass it, there won’t be 4 to hear it”. I believe that was on an episode of the American Armed Radio podcast, where he makes frequent appearances.
  6. It was great meeting you guys last night. Maks, appreciate you setting this up and making the long drive. Tony, thanks for supporting this.
  7. I plan to attend. I look forward to meeting all of you. -Art
  8. Have been living in my home for 20 years, the C-130 reference best describes my attic as well! After reading this thread I now find myself worrying about my house imploding into itself. lol. Time to clean up the attic.
  9. In one of the articles referred to above, I found a post mentioning www.smartstopstart.com. They sell an easily installed relay that disables ASS. When we buy the Blazer, I intend to seriously consider buying one of these.
  10. Great thread. My son has a 2018 Traverse AWD. Good size to hold him, his wife, and the five little ones. I like the vehicle. However, I hate the idea of this auto stop/start. My problem is my wife wants to buy the new Blazer, which of course will also have this. Glad there are some workarounds to it.
  11. Still there and active. Now says will expire in 21 hours.
  12. Great news, congrats. Kudos to you for perservering through what is a difficult and no doubt stressful process.
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