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  1. Maks, thanks for the prompt reply. Btw, I just posted my own Ruger RPR 556/223 1:7 twist match ammo results in a thread in the Ammo and Reloading section. You may find it of interest. (Unfortunately, I do not have any friends at Hornady, Sig, or Black Hills, etc. LOL)
  2. I purchased a Ruger Precision Rifle in 556/223 about 18 months ago (i.e. before they discontinued it in that caliber). It has a 1:7 twist rate. Have been to the range with it six times and shot at 100 yards. My primary objective during all those visits was to test various brands and grain weights of ammo, most of which were match grade ammo(think $1-1.25 per round), to see what performed best. Then I could focus my purchases on just those. (Btw, I regard myself as a novice precision shooter. However I did stay in a Holiday Inn, lol.) Shot from a bench with a bi-pod in front and a mono-pod in rear of rifle. I compiled the results into a spreadsheet, and fortunately a pattern did emerge. As expected 70 and higher grain weights performed best. Not sure if these results will apply equally to a semi-auto AR with 1:7 twist. Perhaps barrel length may also matter. The results are shown in the screenshot below. Those in Red are all over 1 MOA. Thus off my shopping list. Notice they were generally the lighter grain weights. The two standouts are the SigSauer #E223M1 and Hornady #80267 which averaged 0.678 and 0.784 respectively. The Hornady is a bit less expensive at .75 per round. whereas the Sig is $1/round. For me, rows 2 thru 6 are now my "go to" rounds when shopping for precision ammo for my RPR. There is still a place for the cheaper 55 grain stuff. E.g. for warming up, shooting steel plates at 100 yards, etc. So will usually also have some of that on had.
  3. Maks, Cannot make it this weekend but thanks for invite. I did watch your video on Slav Guns this evening and subscribed! This firearm in 556 is really of growing interest to me. I do not currently own an AR. I noticed the specs of the gun state it has a 1:7 twist rate. (As does the Dark Storm DS-15) Is that correct that it has conventional rifling? I.e. no different than any other AR. The reason I ask, is somewhere I recently read about an "Other Firearm" that has straight or no rifling, which made it legal, albeat inaccurate past 100 yards or so. Appreciate any clarification you can provide on this point.
  4. *** TRUMP WANTS TO BUY GREENLAND *** https://www.marketwatch.com/story/trump-may-want-to-buy-greenland-and-the-internet-says-wait-what-2019-08-15?siteid=yhoof2&yptr=yahoo Read the Twitter feed that is in this article. It is hilarious!
  5. THIS is the real strategic danger and endgame with smart guns. Issues such as their lack of reliability (while valid) are a distraction from the real issue, which is the complete rendering of the 2nd Amendment into a state of impotence. Just words on a piece of paper. I am referring to the future ability of the government to know AND CONTROL (ie deactivate) the firing of every single round of ammunition that is fired. And they won’t need the drone jamming technology mentioned above to do it. Commonplace existing technologies such as cellular, GPS, big data analytics, etc can do the job. Yes, Smart Gun “Version 1”, will be relatively crude. However, with each successive version(e.g. 2,3,4,5,6,......->N) more functionality and CONTROL points will be added. As an IT professional, I could easily detail out what I think that feature progression would look like and the roadmap to achieve it, but I dare not, lest my thoughts are used to architect our own demise. Rest assured(be forewarned ) that by Version “N”, the government will be in a position to control the firing of every single round of ammunition from a smart gun in the United States. That my friends is the real danger and their endgame. Enabling the complete control over firearm usage, effectively gutting the 2nd Amendment, and opening the door to unrestrained tyranny.
  6. I plan to be at the rifle range at Easton Fish and Game tomorrow starting around 9:00 am. Will be shooting my RPR in 5.56. If you also have plans to be there, please do say hello. regards, Art
  7. If a miracle occurs and SCOTUS did impose Strict Scrutiny for all 2A cases, am I correct that with regards to laws already in place, nothing would change overnight. I.e. existing laws would have to be challenged in court and then takes years to wind their way through the judicial system? OR would such a ruling equate to them immediately being struck down and invalid?
  8. Have been challenged with motion sickness my whole life. As long as I am operating the vehicle(car, jet ski, etc.), I am fine. Otherwise motion sickness kicks in almost immediately. I fly alot on business but they won’t let me fly the plane, lol. If the time on the boat will be in limited durations(eg 4 -5 hours at at time, then I recommend Dramamine. In my case I take one third of one pill approx 1 hour before boarding. Last about 3 hours. Eat light. Avoiding chocolate, coffee, etc is very important. If each duration on the boat will be most of the day, then recommend Bonine. My sons have used it and it works well. I myself am allergic to Bonine(body aches, flue like symtoms.). If your sons have never used Bonine, recommend they try it in advance of the trip. If you are going to be on the boat continuously, then I recommend asking your physician if the patch (scopolamine, sp?) is safe for them. I used it 10 years ago on a week long trip to India. Worked extremely well for the flights and extreme traffic congestion while there. Wore it continuously from the time I departed until I arrived back home. (As I recall, each patch lasted 3 days. Then put on a new one.) However, this is a strong medicine and I experienced a very uncomfortable dryness in my mouth and throat while using it. Drank a lot of water tonhelp with that. Hope this helps. p.s. I also have tried using the “Relief Band” device. $150.00. Sends an electric shock into your wrist every two seconds. I suppose it is to distract your brain from inducing motion sickness. However was not effective in my case.
  9. Hi Rosey, yes, that is my grandson Cameron. It was a great event. Cam really enjoyed the experience as well as all the stuff in the gift bag. In fact, he wore the camo cap he got all day today. My son and his wife had to work so could not attend. However, we are all so proud of him. I cannot thank all of you enough for all the hard work it took to make this opportunity available. So a big thank you to CNJFO, UHGC, ROC Training, Legend Firearms, all the volunteers, and all the corporate sponsors (Keystone/Cricket, GunForHire, Henry, Tandemkross, .....). There is no doubt in my mind that this experience will be a lasting positive memory for all these kids. Best regards, Art
  10. Thanks Ant. Am out of state on business but will be checking! I had lost faith in the judicial system when Drake was denied. The Drake decision, along with NJ changing their decision to hear Pantano, left me very disillusioned. As you and Sandy made brief mention of recently, I have felt like we are being played. I hope and pray they grant cert this time around.
  11. I installed a gable vent fan myself about 15 years ago. Has worked well ever since. Has a thermostat that i have set to 125 if i recall correctly. Runs all day (e.g. noon until early evening) on really hot days. Had an electrician run the electric to it from an existing circuit in the attic. This thread reminded me to go up and turn on the power to it. Going to really heat up tomorrow.
  12. I concur with W2MC. As long as they are NJ legal, you should be good to go. Regarding ammo, in NJ you need the NJFID to purchase Handgun (not long gun) ammo. You can also purchase ammo online. Depending on the vendor, you may need to provide a copy of your NJFID. Plenty of threads here on that topic. You will also note in the faq above that registration is voluntary. Do not volunteer anything. Nothing good will come of it. regards
  13. Welcome to the forum. We also have various meetups. What area of the state do you live?
  14. I specifically heard Allen Gottleib, head of the Second Amendment Foundation, last year state to the effect “if there aren’t 5 votes to pass it, there won’t be 4 to hear it”. I believe that was on an episode of the American Armed Radio podcast, where he makes frequent appearances.
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