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  1. Recommend listening to the 10/07 American Armed Radio podcast. The guest in the first hour is Allen Gottlieb, head of the 2nd Amendment Foundation. He has stated in the past, and mentioned again in the above podcast that: You need four SCOTUS votes to grant cert but 5 to Win. Ie "If you don't have the 5 votes to win, you won't get the 4 votes to grant cert." As mentioned in prior posts, this is to not risk an unfavorable decision becoming the law of the land forever. Hopefully, we will now start seeing 2A cases get Cert. Mr. Gottleib also stated the SAF has two cases awaiting cert during the current SCOTUS calendar. So they may the first ones to watch.
  2. Bubbaj, that is quite a collection of fishing gear! Can you post a pic? Would love to see how you have your 4,500 rods and reels stored and organized.
  3. This is not related to Fed Schedule A. Rather, refer to NJ-1040 Line 45. "USE TAX DUE ON INTERNET, MAIL-ORDER, OR OTHER OUT-OF-STATE PURCHASES".
  4. I agree, no issue with that sentiment. I also felt that declaring nothing would invite unwanted scrutiny of one’s tax returns. Especially in this age where so much is purchased online.
  5. I was merely pointing out that, in theory, the OP’s question is somewhat mute given the tax law. Compliance with it no doubt has been lacking. I try to make a good faith effort to identify and declare significant purchases.
  6. Bear in mind, even when you were not charged sales tax in the past, you were still required to declare those purchases and pay the sales tax on your NJ State tax return. And I for one, did so.
  7. One clarification. You do not have to qualify for both shotgun and rifle. (It is bow that requires additional stuff). Once you complete the firearm class and test you get the safety course certificate and with that you can purchase your actual hunting license. At the WMA muzzleloader/rifle ranges you can shoot muzzleloaders, shotguns(slug and buckshot only) and rimfire rifles. No handguns, centerfire rifles, or birdshot. Some WMAs such as Clinton have a separate shotgun clay range where birdshot is used. Collier-Mills does not have a clay range.
  8. GD, you may wish to consider obtaining a NJ Hunting License. You can then should your 15/22 at the various Wildlife Management Area ranges. I usually shoot at Collier-Mills WMA near Jackson. Outdoors out to 100 yards. With my bolt action 22 with a scope, the best results I acheived were with CCI Green Tag ammo. Expensive but worth it once in a while when shooting for accuracy. As I recall I shot 1 MOA groups with it several times from a bench rest. 1/2 inch at 50 yards. Lastly, I have mostly shot CCI Minimag and CCI AR Tactical through my 15/22. In a recent trip to the range, I shot 100 Remington Std Velocity round nose through it and experienced the worst build up of lead in my barrel that I ever encountered. So much so that I had trouble getting a cleaning patch or brush down the barrel. Had a hell of a time getting the barrel clean.(a story for another thread). So for me I will stick with the above CCI going forward.
  9. Boba, take a look at Peel’s post early in this thread. That may address your question.
  10. The conference your friend may be referring to might be the NJSAFECON conference that took place this past Saturday. Refer to njsafecon.net. If you were not aware of the conference, I recommend you listen to the gunforhire podcast, now also on youtube. It was heavily promoted there for the last several months.
  11. OP, a family member of mine is building a gun room in his home. Certainly no where near the size of your “collection”. I would love to hear the details of your storage practices. Specifically, the size of your gun room; and your approach to environmentals, security, insurance, any special rack system being used, floors reinforced, etc. I am guessing your collection spans at least 10 calibers. At 10K per caliber == 100k rounds of ammo. Curious about your ammo storage practices. Also curious if you are are a member of the PAFOA forum and your screen name there. I assume 700 makes your collection one of the largest in Pennsylvania. Can’t imagine you would not be active there.
  12. Troll crossed my mind when I read the first post. I did not want to disrespect a new forum dabbler so I kept quiet. However, 700; 320 of which were inherited from his grandfather, really? Company provided houses, cars, etc since 1995..... That is quite a tale he has woven.
  13. Other than newspapers, magazines, and junk mail, we shred everything. This includes all address and shipping labels. I also bring my targets home with me from the range and photograph them as a means to learn and shoot better over time. I also shred those paper targets.
  14. Capt, if you do not have them already, I recommend you install a security camera(s). I have a set of Lorex cameras mounted high on all four sides of my house. Recording 7x24. Also recently installed Ring cams, specifically a Ring Floodlight Cam on my garage. They will provide you a means of monitoring what is happening outside without revealing yourself. Also capture video evidence. To clarify, are you saying they opened your garage door? Scary. Shows intent to do bad things.
  15. For an outdoor range, you may wish to checkout Easton Fish and Game, also in Easton, a short drive from Heritage Guild. $50 per year and they five ranges all outdoor. I can comfortably shoot at their 100 yard rifle range all day long next to all kinds of center fire rifles and have no issue with noise or concussion.