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  1. Louu, With regards to the often stated phrase "oh your crazy, that will never happen here." I agree with you in that I believe it absolutely could happen here given the right circumstances over time. I think it's a function of the human condition, governments, and control. Google "JFPO Genocide Chart". The LOW end of the range of people killed by their own governments in the 20th century is 70+ million. I would venture to guess that there was a time in every one of those countries when the citizenship thought "it could never happen here". Perhaps, just perhaps, part of the reason it has not yet happened here is because we have had a 2nd Amendment.
  2. Given the very challenging times we are experiencing especially here in NJ, I am taking the liberty of reposting something here that I had posted in the 1st Amendment section three years ago. The broader membership, including the many new forum members that have joined since that time, might benefit from reading it. It as relevant today, if not even more, than it was then. In the many recent threads on the new laws just passed, there is lots of discussion about what the government can or cannot due, might or might not due, or could do if they had the will, etc. I feel it is important to be reminded of history and what ACTUALLY HAPPENED as a point of fact. As has often been said, if we ignore history we are destined to repeat it. My post was as follows: Recently finished reading “Gun Control in the Third Reich-Disarming the Jews and Enemies of the State” by Stephen P. Halbrook. I strongly urge anyone who values our freedoms to read it. Despite the title, it actually covers the period from the birth of the Weimar Republic in 1918 thru the Nazi regime in 1938 and the “Night of Broken Glass”. For me, what is most striking about this book are the parallels between what took place then, and the gun rights challenges we face in the present times. To name a few examples taken directly from various sections of the book: • Vague firearms laws that were harshly enforced • Decree(s) requiring the surrender of all firearms and ammunition else punishment of X years in prison • During the timeline covered by the book; possession of a firearm or ammunition was also punishable by being arrested, shot on the spot, or being sent to concentration camps. • Entire populations being designated as “undesirable” or “unreliable” and banned from possession of firearms. This included not only the Jews but also anyone labeled, for example, as a gypsy or a communist. • Forced Registration. Before Hitler came to power, the government assured that these records would be protected and remain private. Guess what. Subsequently the Nazi’s later took control of these records and used them to further confiscate and persecute gun owners. • Mass confiscations • Needing to convince the local authorities of your need for a firearm and obtain their approval (sound familiar?) • Manufacture and importation of arms severely limited. • Preventing sporting clubs from providing instruction or training to their members. Later, such clubs and associations were banned and/or taken over by the government. • Massive police raids, house to house searches, and confiscation of “military” weapons from civilians. • Need for a license to acquire a firearm or ammunition whether the transaction is commercial or private. • Trade in firearms prohibited at annual fairs, shooting competitions,and other events. • Government officials and police exempted from most of these onerous laws. And so on. As has often been said; “History Repeats Itself”. This is more than reason enough for us to remain ever vigilant to protect our 2nd Amendment Rights.
  3. I have not ordered from sgammo in the past. However based on your post I perused their website. Very good selection of ammo types and excellent pricing. Will definitely try them for my next order. Thanks.
  4. Some vendors will require a copy of your DL and FID card. Some if purchasing handgun ammo, others for any ammo purchase. I have purchased from various online vendors and never had any issue.
  5. Hi, a follow-up to my Nov 6, 2017 post above. Finally managed to get out to EFGA's 100 yard range several weeks ago with my RPR. Shot the remainder of ammo choices I had purchased. Bottomline is the following seven brands/types of factory ammo(I do not reload.) will be my primary "goto" ammo when purchasing match grade for my RPR. Now that I have narrowed my choices to these; I will be focusing on buying these online and building up an "adequate" onhand supply. Black Hills Ammunition D556N19 556 Nato 77 grain TMK Tipped MatchKing Federal Premium Gold Medal Berger, 73 grain #GM223BH73 Federal Premium Sierra Match King, Gold Medal Match, 77 grain #GM223M3 Gorilla #GA22377SMK 223 Rem 77gr Sierra Matchking Hornady Black #80267 223 75 grain BTHP Norma Sierra MatchKing HPBT TAC-223 77 grain #10157502 Sig Sauer Elite Match #E223M1 77 grain OTM Match All of these shot 1 MOA or better based on a 5 shot group. If I counted the best 4 out of 5 shots, then most came in close to or under half moa. Noteworthy are the Sig Sauer with which I managed to shoot a 5 shot 0.307 MOA group. Left the range very happy. The rifle, with it's 1:7 twist clearly likes 73-77 grain bullets.
  6. Round 3 sent as well.
  7. Just also sent the email from my other Gmail account, using the web browser access. For those of you who have not done it yet, don't wait. The process requires only several minutes of your time. In response to my earlier first email, I did receive 4 or 5 form letter email responses. In one case, the response did begin with "Dear Arthur" so perhaps someone actually initiaited tht response. In addition to the ANJRPC verbiage, I also added a paragraph of my own to express my personal concerns.
  8. Ok done! I was unable to send it using the Windows Live Mail program on my Windows PC. Kept receiving an error. Per the suggestion above, I logged directly into my gmail account using my web browser and had no issues. It sent to everyone in a single go. Also received the auto reply from Assemblyman Wayne P. DeAngelo. regards, Art
  9. With the caveat IANAL, In the past, I have had reason to think long and hard about this topic. You may be able to search and find some of my past posts on this topic. So a few “bottomline” thoughts as follows: 1. The more relevent issue is how you will answer question #26 on the STS-033 form. IMO you clearly need to answer “Yes”. In particular , note words “ever” and “outpatient “ that are part of the question. 2. Lying on the STS-033 form is a felony. Said felony would disqualify you from ever owning forearms. Hence you must be truthful. You do not want to lie and forever have to worry about the lie being discovered, whether now or anytime in the future. 3. Given you answer "Yes" to Q#26, in the box state "See attached letter" and include a carefully written letter describing your issue and treatment. See Lambo's recommendation above. Keep it short, simple, and factual. 4. Once you answer "Yes", you will by definition always have to answer "Yes" on future STS-033 applications. But at least you will be able to make reference to the fact you have been approved in the past(ie your current application). 5. The mental health form is so they can check with the county to see if you were ever committed to a mental institution. With that said, some police depts will use that to dig deeper. 6. Hopefully your application will be processed smoothly and promptly. HOWEVER, once you start this process, you must be must be ready to see it through it's ultimate conclusion no matter what, even if it requires a doctor's note, lawyer, appeal to Superior Court, whatever. You do not want to be Denied by your local PD and let that decision stand. Msg me privately for any further questions you may have.
  10. Ant, I appreciate your and Sandy’s effort to have the senator on the show. I also appreciate and respect the senator for attending. While her position on key 2A issues seems solidly entrenched, the start of communication and in person relationship building can only help over time. Time will tell.
  11. I purchased a Crickett last year for my then 7 year old grandson. So far have taken him to an outdoor range twice. A wonderful grandfather-grandson experience. Is single shot and the right size for him. My fullsize 22lr rifle is much too big for him.
  12. This, and your Plan A/B/C should also encompass firearms, magazines, and even spare parts where appropriate. Depends how strategically you want to plan. E.g. In 1974 new spare magazines for my then new Mossberg 144 rifle were $2.50, now all I see are beat up used ones on Ebay for $50.00. Lesson learned...
  13. +++ Already anticipated here since three years ago when 22lr was scarce. My own Plan A has been completed. At least for now......
  14. Peel, thanks for locating my post. OP: I have since also purchased the P3Racker and recommend it. When using it you can keep the muzzle pointed down range. That is not necessarily the case with the HandiRacker. Btw my hand arthritis issue is in the area where my thumb joins the hand. It is almost impossible for me to load my Glock 9mm mags by hand using my thumbs. For that I use an UpLula mag loader which works great. In addition to 9mm Glocks, I recently also purchased a Ruger GP 100 38/357(5” barrel from Davidsons). It’s weight, coupled with shooting 38 spec in single action mode, has been more comfortable for me than my Glocks. Less felt recoil and I can also pull the hammer back with my thumb without an issue.
  15. Sale at Brownells. Various ammo on sale including CCI Std Velocity 22LR at 5 cents per round. Free shipping for orders over $49.00. Code "MCP". https://www.brownells.com/ammunition/rimfire-ammo/standard-velocity-ammo-22-long-rifle-40gr-lead-round-nose-prod82463.aspx?utm_medium=email&utm_source=marketo&utm_campaign=2018_04_06_ammo&utm_content=ammo&mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTW1RMlltVm1ORFl4TldNdyIsInQiOiJ4TjdcL3diWHpJbGlKNkNRU1R1Y1N4Z1dyY1JsbWl6ZkR2OG1LTDNzQWpTOGdBQkswQnloV1wvRmtKa1dKVDN2YlhRbjlYRlFyVUU0SEZESVdLK0p0T3lYMmY1dGtnRDJoWURSbW5aTEhJVVdMZ3dpWUNnUnNFOVBmWGgwaXNMNjFPIn0%3d