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  1. Google’d “thomashoard1909”. If the resulting links are all yours, seems like you really get around. So are you 21or 27? It appears you are also interested in African Game Hunting. I am no big game hunting expert, but I don’t think your aforementioned AR will cut it there.
  2. Mmmm, Interesting, perhaps odd, first post. Care to share why you are asking this in a New Jersey firearm forum? May help us provide better guidance.
  3. Update: last evening received an email from Davidson’s that they received a shipment of model #1740 GP100 in 5” barrel length. It is exclusive to them. I had given up hope that the timing and availability would work out for me. I jumped right on it this morning and ordered it.
  4. Thanks for the feedback regarding my selection of a GP100. Am still leaning toward the 6”. It’s extra 5oz of weight will also help tame the felt recoil. My ogam waiting period is not done for another 3 weeks or so. So I have another week or two to finalize my decision.
  5. I had three P2Ps. Were part of my proactive “in case Murphy gets elected plan”. Last month picked up my Glock 43. Last week picked up my Ruger Mark IV Hunter, and in 3.5 weeks I plan to purchase a Ruger GP100 357 magnum. These are in addition to what I already own. After using the third and final permit, I will be done. I am nearing retirement so also wanted to get these purchases behind me while I am still gainfully employed. Still need to decide whether to go with the 4” or 6” GP100; but am leaning toward the 6”.
  6. Howard that is correct. To further clarify: If, as I normally do, go alone and just intend to shoot one of their rental guns, I need to bring one of mine along. They dont care whether the gun you bring is a handgun or a long gun. Hence, my recommendation is nto bring a long gun so when traveling to/from the range, you can go anywhere you wish. Ie stop at a store, meet friends who live nearby, stop and eat whereever your want for as long as you want, etc. There is no benefit to bringing your handgun unless you also intend to shoot it while there.
  7. I myself am careful what I reveal on a public forum, but with regards to the election, I will say that I have been hoping for the best while also preparing for the worst, for quite some time. Which reminds me, I think I have a fedex shipment coming today. (:-))
  8. There are a variety of potential scenarios that could result in contraband being discovered. Eg house fire, home theft investigation, domestic dispute, child issues, you drop dead and your heirs now own contraband without them realizing it, .....and so on. Admittedly each is low risk, but stuff happens.
  9. To be clear, I am profoundly concerned and saddened at the result of this election. Am nearing retirement but have lots of family ties locally. So the prospects of a complete exit are low. So for the time being, we'll be here and prepared to fight for our rights. However will also need to assess options, perhaps establish residency in a nearby state and transition more fully to it over time. Hard decisions await.
  10. No worries, I will purchase 100 mags and have them pinned to hold one round each.
  11. Well, on a positive personal note, I am going to buy a Ruger Mark IV tomorrow. Part of my "in case Murphy becomes governor" gun acquisition plan. Will lift my spirits, if only temporarily.
  12. Am watching CNN they declared Murphy the winner and it was only 8:05pm! Didn’t the polls just close at 8:00?
  13. Due to my business travel, I voted several weeks ago by mail-in ballot. Will be anxiously monitoring the results. Go Kim!
  14. I think the results table I pasted into my post may not be displaying fully. Is there a way to read a thread so it uses the full width of the screen? Update: the above post looks fine on my PC screen. But the MOA results column is truncated when I try to view it on my iPad using Safari.
  15. I did make it to EFGA on October 1st. My work travel prevented me from writing up a range report until now. As I mentioned above, that was my first time out with the rifle. So my objective was just to take it easy, get used to it's operation, and see how accurate I could be with it. Overall, I came away from the day very happy with it in all respects. No issues or concerns with it's build quality or operation. I am by no means an experienced precision shooter so had no preconceived expectations. I am confident the rifle is more accurate than I am. I shot from the bench on the 100 yard range. Bipod on the front and a bag at the rear. Initially, I shot some Aquila range .223 range ammo, but was not even hitting the target. So I moved to 50 yards, saw where I was hitting, and adjusted the scope. Then moved back to 100 yards, was on target, and zero'd the scope. Once I did that, the scope's adjustment remained constant and I mainly concentrated on group size. I shot a variety of the ammo brands and weights that I purchased and listed in my earlier post above. The results were as follows: Date Ammo MOA (per 5 shot group) 10/1/2017 Aguila 223x55 grain FMJ IPC#6-4042000305-4 2.98, 3.18 10/1/2017 Aguila 556x45mm 62 grain, FMJBT IPC#6-4042000324-5 1.156 10/1/2017 Aguila 556x45mm 62 grain, FMJBT IPC#6-4042000324-5 1.78 10/1/2017 Hornady Black #80267 223 75 grain BTHP 0.887, 0.992 10/1/2017 Hornady Black #81296 556 75 grain Interlock HD 0.783, 1.25 10/1/2017 Hornady Black #80234 223 62 grain FMJ 1.12, 1.38 10/1/2017 Hornady Black #81263 556 62 grain FMJ 1.65, 0.522/1.152 10/1/2017 American Eagle (Federal) 55 Grain FMJ #AE223J 0.75/1.71, 1.24, 1.59,1.91 10/1/2017 Norma Match TAC-223 55 grain FMJ #20157442/15-038/2567.3266 0.76, 0.984/1.51 Where I shot more than one group of 5 shots, the results are separated by a comma. Where I list x.xx/y.yy: the first number is the best 4 out of 5, the second number was for the whole group of five shots. They are listed in the order I shot over the course of 3-4 hours. So the Aguila's with the 3 MOA result were the very first bullets ever shot thru the barrel. Now that the barrel has had approx one hundred rounds thru it, next time I take it to the range, I plan to retest these and see how they do. I do realize that 55gr is not ideal for the rifle's 1:7 twist, but will be interesting to see if they perform any better now that the barrel has been "broken in". Interestingly, the Norma Match did well even though it is also 55 grain. It, along with the "Hornady Black #80267 223 75 grain BTHP" appear to be the best performers of the session. Next time will reshoot some of the above brands and also try some additional ones. Have since acquired several additional brands/weights of match ammo (e.g. Gorilla Ammunition, Black Hills ammo). When I first acquired the rifle, I encountered issue with getting the mags to lock into place. Had to bang the bottom of the mag with my palm to get it to lock into place. While I was initially concerned about this, it became less of an issue once I was at the range and had done numerous mag insertions. They still require a bit of force to lock into place but I would rather that than loose fitting mags. Overall, I am very happy with the firearm and am hoping I can get back out with it soon.