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  1. We often (once or twice a week on average) get these people coming to our door. Most are there to sell solar. I tell them sternly that I am not interested nor will I ever be. If they keep talking, I tell them the conversation is over. I also get occasional home improvement companies (POWER among them) and send them away as well. They strike me as sketchy. E.g. no business cards, ID badge facing backwards so you can’t read it, etc.
  2. Related to this topic, I recommend you go to “gun.lawyer” and listen to Evan Nappen’s latest podcast entitled “Guns and Mental Health”. Moreover, I concur with others in recommending you consult a firearm attorney. Otherwise you risk going down a rabbit hole and permanently losing your 2A rights. Also recommend you search these forums for “Question #26” for past informative info on this topic.
  3. I would recommend being especially vigilant, not complacent, and top off all your preps if you have not done so recently already. Especially water, water purification, food, otc medicines, batteries, power generation to name a few. (See Peel’s thread from a few months ago for more info.) Also I want to point out something that under normal circumstances is something highly unlikely you would ever need; BUT if you ever needed it, would be impossible to find. And that is potassium iodide tablets. In particular, the gold standard which is IOSTAT manufactured and sold by www.anbex.com. Check their website. They are currently out of stock but you can put your name on a list to be notified when they come in. More expected “mid-March” but I am sure they will sell out very quickly. I have had enough on hand in my home for all my immediate family, children, and grandchildren. Given current events, I have given them out to my kids to have at hand in their respective homes.
  4. About a year ago, I was shooting my M&P15/22. After shooting around 300 rounds of non-CCI ammo, my shots started being off paper even at 25 yards. Once home, I could not even force my cleaning rod thru the barrel. Yikes! Filled the barrel with Hoppes for 24 hours, no help. Did the same with Ballistol, no help. What finally did help loosen and remove the lead(chards of it) was a lead removal cloth (from Brownells as I recall) that I cut up into patches. Ever since I only use CCI Mini-mags and AR Tactical in that gun.
  5. I live in north Middletown along the bayshore, about six blocks from the bay. If you live around Neptune or the bayshore in Monmouth County, check out Tri-State Storm Watch on Facebook. He is an excellent local weather forecaster. As of 10:30pm last night he is predicting 12 - 16 inches for Monmouth and Ocean counties.
  6. You quoted me, but I assume you are directing your question to Old Glock Guy. I myself am still stuck in NJ. Hoping some year soon to get a vacation place in a free state.
  7. DT, I also know that surreal feeling you mentioned. I did a lot of business travel to Texas back in 2015-2016. This was a few years after I got back into firearms and all things 2A related. So was acutely aware of, and felt daily, the oppression we live under here. Visiting Bass Pro and other gun shops in Dallas there provided a wonderful taste of freedom and respect for our rights. Actually got to browse and touch the boxes of ammo on the shelves! Wow! As an aside, on a short business trip there in 2017 which spanned a weekend, I managed to get fingerprinted and attend the CHL class and subsequently received my Texas non-resident permit. (With that permit I was able to conceal carry in PA for ONE glorious day in my life. Shortly after, PA stopped recognizing non-resident permits.).
  8. I have also been a USLS member for several years. Have not had to use it but does provide me some piece of mind. I am not aware of any other such services that provide protection for the various possession laws we must adhere to here in NJ. (As opposed to actual self-defense use.). Have you attended any of the USLS seminars with Evan Nappen? They are informative and you can address any questions or concerns (from reviews) you have with their rep. And yes, I hope to god they are responsive when I need them.
  9. I can receive my local town, Middletown, and most of the surrounding municipalities without any problem. The one notable exception is Hazlet which is encrypted and I assume uses the P25 protocol you referred to. Fwiw, my scanner is a Uniden BCD396XT. I control it via Proscan on my Windows PC.
  10. Peel, Actually you are doing quite well and off to a great start based on what you have shared so far. As Sniper stated, it is a journey. Slow and steady wins the race. Thing about about the various emergency scenarios that may affect you, decide what your goals and priorities are, compile a list of the things you need to do/purchase, and then execute on that plan over time. It is developing and maintaining a preparedness mindset that is most important. That will enable to you also recognize emerging risks and act to prepare and mitigate those risks before the general public panics. Moreover, being prepared for what may come is comforting and gives you some semblance of control when unexpected events occur. An example of that mindset was when word of covid first started to rear its head in early 2020, it was a call to action to me to recheck my preps inventory, identify any gaps given the emerging risk(s), and address those needs. At the time, I was as concerned if not more so, about the public's reaction to the news reports, than I was to the virus itself. I vividly remember going to Costco one evening in late Feb/early March 2020 and spending close to $500. After checking out I sat down at one of the food tables and sent a text to my adult children stating in a very serious tone that if they had not yet given thought to emergency preparedness, now was the time to do so. That was a full 2-3 weeks before shortages started to appear. With all that said, I am in much better shape preparedness-wise than I used to be. However not perfect by any means. And lastly, there is one major weak link in all of this that concerns me. That weak link is me. I turn 69 in a few months. While in decent health and wanting to live for another 40 years, the clock of life is ticking. Thanks for reading and hopefully has provided some food for thought.
  11. Hoping you can get some ideas from the following. Of course tailoring it based on your own needs, budget, and planning scenarios. My full list of preps are documented in a detailed spreadsheet whose columns include: Prep Category, Item Name, Description, Purchase Date, Expiration Date, Vendor, Manufacturer, Storage Location (e.g. Carton #), and Quantity on Hand. There are currently approx 260 line items in the spreadsheet. All preps are stored in numbered cartons/bins located in my home and at a separate storage unit. These are all dedicated supplies for use in an emergency. Items with expiration dates (canned foods, batteries, medicines, etc.) are rotated as best as I can with our day to day supplies. I initially developed my ideas of what preps I want to acquire by: 1) My own brain dump while sitting in my cold dark house in the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, with a yellow pad, pen, and flashlight; committing to paper all the things I wish I had had. 2) I subsequently read the book "The Disaster Preparedness Handbook-A Guide For Families" by Arthur T. Bradley, cover to cover, with my yellow pad and pen at hand. I routinely follow several preparedness channels on Youtube (City Prepping, Alaska Prepper, Magic Prepper) as well as r/preppers on Reddit, with the goal of continuous learning and identifying any gaps in my preparedness. Prep Categories, with some representative examples of each, include: 1) Communications: Police scanner, Shortwave/Weather/AM/FM radio(s), FRS/GMRS Handheld transceivers, TV antenna and (if required) digital converter box to receive over the air TV. 2) Cooking: Barbecue grill(propane), Coleman Stove(propane canisters), Burton Mr Max Tabletop Stove(butane canisters). 3) Documentation: Manuals for your generator, emergency radios, medical/first aid, etc. 4) Cordage: Clothesline, Paracord, Bungee cords, etc. 5) Electrical: Dual/Tri fuel Generator, Extension cords (e.g. quality ones such as Prime Bulldog Tough), outlet boxes, UPS units for computer/other electronics, power strips/surge protectors, batteries(triple set for every radio, flashlight, smoke and CO detector, etc in my home). 6) Food: well stocked pantry, Canned goods, manual can openers, Longterm Storage Emergency food buckets 7) Fuel: Propane, Gasoline, Matches, Waterproof matches, Cooking sternos, barbecue lighters, fuel transfer hand pump, etc. 8) Hygiene: Body cleansing wipes, Toilet bucket, toilet seat for bucket, Toilet Waste Bags and deodorizer. 9) Lighting: Coleman lanterns, Flashlights, Head mounted flashlights, etc. 10) Medical: First aid items such as bandaids, ace bandages, neosporine, Bleedstop, anti-diarrheals, cold medicines, pain relievers, vitamins, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, etc. 11) Misc: Sealants (e.g. JB Weld, Shoe Goo shoe repair, cauking,etc.) Duct tape, contractor garbage bags, large tarps. 12) Nuclear: (yes I said nuclear, lol) IOSTAT radiation tablets from ANBEX.com, Geiger counter (check Amazon) 13) Safety: Rainproof coveralls, N95 masks, eye safety goggles, heavy duty work gloves, nitrile surgical gloves. 14) Security: All things firearms related, locks, security cables, OC/Mace sprays, whistle. 15) Water: water filters of various types, Water Bob(for tub), water treatment chemicals, fine mesh paint filters(for pre-filtering water), water storage boxes with mylar bags, water siphon, etc. I have not yet researched portable solar panels and solar "generators". That is on my todo list. I do have a Honda EU3000 generator and my house is equipped with a transfer switch(6 circuits). Feel free to ask for any clarification or details related to any of the above. p.s. I do not have a dog. However my home does have a central station fire and burglar alarm system as well as various security cameras.
  12. Been meaning to chime into this thread. For starters, a few quick thoughts after reading thru the posts so far. 1) You mentioned liking the fact your generator has electric start. However, unless you test run your genny relatively frequently, monthly perhaps(?) your battery may be discharged when you need to rely on it. In which case you would need to rely on the pull start anyway. 2) Check the owners manual for your genny's maintenance schedule (e.g. oil changes, spark plug replacement, etc.). Stay on top of maintenance to maintain your confidence that it will be dependable when you really really need it to be. 3) Do you have a holster, and a quality gun belt, for whatever handgun you would carry on your person within your home when things get dicey. This would be in addition to whatever firearms you may have staged in your home.
  13. My Sentry safe is very humid inside. Hence vacuum sealing to help prevent the bills from getting musty smelling. Also a stack of bills vacuum seals into a nice flat brick. Also importantly, regarding cash: my bank(JPMorgan Chase) has a default $1000 limit that you can withdraw from their ATM on a single day. Last year, I called customer service and they raised the limit for me to $2000. Btw, we have kids/grandkids living nearby. So that factors into how much cash I keep onhand for emergencies.(i.e. I have their backs.)
  14. While my first preference is a genuine Honda Power Equipment generator(I have an EU3000), I also recommend the Harbor Freight Predator line of generators. A month ago purchased the 2000watt inverter model as a Xmas gift to my son and his family. Was on sale for, if I recall, $550 plus the modest cost of an extended warranty. If anything goes wrong with it, they will swap it out for a brand new one. Re cash on hand, I keep 500-1000 readily on hand for everyday use. In addition, we keep $5000 vacuum sealed (using a Foodsaver) in my fire resistant safe for emergencies. I plan on upping the amount in the safe to a total $10,000.
  15. City Prepping is one of the best of the prepping channels I subscribe to. Here is an excellent perspective on the role PMs will play after a SHTF situation.
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