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  1. Dam! 410Guy is correct. According to the Division of Fish and Game website, they have closed the ranges for at least July due to Covid furloughs. So the ranges were closed due to covid, then finally open a few months ago, now reclose due to covid furloughs. Wonderful, what a bunch of bullshit.
  2. A few addl thoughts: -recommend you and your wife rent a firearm before you make a purchase decision. In particular, recoil from a 12 guage is very significant. My wife could never shoot one(well maybe once, lol). An AR-15 platform, may be superior and more controllable depending in the use case. Also aiming proficiency is just as important with a shotgun. Remember, there is a lawyer attached to every bullet/pellet you shoot. -I do not recommend the closet and trigger lock idea. There are a number of safes available for long guns that would provide more secure storage with the ability to access it reasonably quickly. And yes, welcome!!!
  3. I want to also emphasize what Bob has stated. To my knowledge there are no non-resident carry permits that are recognized by PA. A few years back they did recognize a few such as Texas Non-resident which I had obtained while in Texas on a business trip. I then conceal carried in PA for exactly ONE glorious day before they stopped recognizing them. My taste of freedom was wonderful but short lived.
  4. You may wish to consider Easton Fish and Game in Easton, Pa. Yearly membership is only $50. They have a 100 yard rifle range and several handgun ranges. All outdoor. I have been a member there for about 6 years.
  5. Welcome from Middletown. I second the recommendation to first rent and try out a handgun before purchasing. It is helpful to see how the gun feels in your hand under recoil while shooting. Regarding the S&W 15-22, I have had mine for 5 years and it has been a great fun gun to shoot at the range. Have shot approx 3,500 rounds through mine with rarely any issues. I almost exclusively shoot CCI AR Tactical and Mini-Mags thru it. Garden State Shooting Center (now known as WeShoot) in Lakewood has a good selection of rental firearms. I also have purchased most of my firearms there. As mentioned above, Howell Gun Works is a good place. Also, Legend Firearms (Ira) which is located inside the Union Hill Gun Club (in Monroe) where I am also a member. Also recommend you look into acquiring a NJ Hunting license. That will enable you to shoot your long guns at the wildlife management areas. (Shooting the 15-22 outdoors is the most fun.) Fyi, Podcasts I listen to include: 1) Gun for Hire (NJ specific), Gun Talk, and American Armed Radio. My favorite Youtube channels include: hickok45, sootch00, IraqiVeteren8888, Paul Harrell, and gunblue490, among many others.
  6. I recommend you check out Garden State Shooting Center, now known as WeShoot, located about a mile away from SS. I used to be a member there and always regarded them highly.
  7. I read the filing. I appreciate the NRA/ANJRPC’s involvement and support. Am planning my next set of donations to them. The continued closer of indoor ranges (just like the closure of gun stores and outdoor ranges) clearly shows the hate, disgust, and vindictiveness the Gov and AG have for us. I know I am singing to the choir. It is just so profoundly disrespectful to someone like myself who has lived here my whole life. Last week I posted on Facebook that he would keep them closed until most/many are financially crippled to the point they will never be able to reopen. Given the filing, I anticipate he will allow them to reopen just prior to the date they are required to respond to the lawsuit. Hopefully, they can continue the suit for monetary damages, etc and set a permenant legal precedent. Gotta run...can’t be late for my massage appointment.
  8. As a member here, I appreciate you posting your experience and perspective on this topic. However, I am curious if you realize you resurrected a 3.5 year old thread.
  9. For those of you familiar with the Hitler parady videos, this is one of the best for those of us in NJ. https://captiongenerator.com/1866032/Phil-Murphy-Reacts-to-Losing-His-Grip
  10. For me, cleaning guns is a chore. Nevertheless I do strive to clean them after every range trip, within a week or so. With that said, despite it being a pita; when I am done, it’s does feel good to know my firearm(s) is clean and well maintained. Any one firearm may be in the safe for quite a while before it gets shot again. So would not want to have it sitting around dirty for an extended period.
  11. I was listening to the NYPD Brooklyn scanner frequencies last night. Things were pretty intense. I was very impressed by the woman who was handling the dispatching. She clearly was very effective working under pressure.
  12. Yes. I shot 223/556. Both are less than “.30 caliber”.
  13. Join a gun club. Pay once per year.
  14. If you are referring to state court. You may be thinking of the lawsuit to open the OUTDOOR ranges. The ranges have since been allowed to open. Am unclear as to the legal status of that lawsuit. With regards to INDOOR ranges, last I saw is that Anjrpc is prepared to file another lawsuit at the appropriate time to get them opened as well.
  15. I agree the EVF lag is the downside of my new mirrorless R body. So I will continue to use my 7D for action/sports/wildlife images and the R for landscape, portrait, etc. I do notice the extra detail I get from the R (32 megapixel) vs my 7D (18 mp), especially when I zoom in the image in Lightroom. As an aside, the extra resolution of the R's full frame sensor was a benefit when I recently completed "camera scanning" 200 rolls of slide(~6000 images) going back to 1974. Still left me with 20+ mp after cropping out the portion of the slide mount that was in the capture. (Btw, last year I digitized 782 rolls of prints(~17,000 images) using an Epson FastFoto scanner.) My life long photo collection(prints, slides, 8mm silent & sound, VHS-C) is now 95% digitized.
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