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  1. I had the same concern as the last membership card they sent me says 2022. I originally joined in July 2022 but also just made a donation ten days ago. Low and behold, at 9:32 PM this evening I received an email from FPC stating the following. So check your Inbox. Arthur, We're sending you this email in light of today's opinion regarding who is covered by the pistol brace injunction in FPC's case. If you are receiving this email, you are an active member per our records and covered by the injunction. Should you have any questions, please contact our customer support team at [email protected]. Also, please remember to encourage your friends and family to join as well at JoinFPC.org to be covered under the injunction. Stay Free, Firearms Policy Coalition
  2. An update: This evening I tested the Lehigh Defense 9mm 90gr XD ammo in my Glock 26 which will be my primary carry firearm. (Left the Glock 19 home this time.) As before I used Glock 19 magazines (numbered 1, 2, & 7) with the X-Rite adapter. Two of these three mags were used in my prior testing as well. Shot a total of 51 rounds, 17 through each of the three magazines. I loaded and shot each mag with 9, 3, 3, & 2 rounds. I.e. four insertions of each mag. I consider the results to be excellent, although not 100% perfect, and I came away quite pleased with the reliability. There were no failures to feed nor any jams as was the case with my prior testing with Hornady Critical Defense. The only issue I encountered was one Failure to Eject. Specifically, When I was shooting mag#7 loaded with nine rounds, the first three rounds fired fine and the slide went back into battery. However when I then pulled the trigger, I heard a Click-but no bang. I dropped the mag, pulled back the slide and the empty casing ejected. I frankly think I may have limpwristed on that one. So the bottomline is I now consider this ammo to be my carry ammo of choice in my Glock 26. (Once I acquire more, I will likewise test it in my Glock 19.) Hope this helps.
  3. OP, I certainly encourage you to pursue your FID and enjoy the exercise of your 2A rights, and to do whatever is needed to accomplish that objective. With that said, I want to emphasize the importance of what Bomber said. Do not apply before seeking legal advice. Do not be tempted to apply "hoping for the best". If you do so, you may be sorely disappointed with long lasting consequences. In today's GUNFORHIRE podcast, Anthony make mention of a psychologist (Dr Arnoff(sp?)) who also has a psychiatrist on staff. That may be a helpful resource. Give it a listen. Check anjrpc.org for a list of 2A lawyers. Good luck to you.
  4. Thought I would share what I feel may be a helpful male fashion suggestion. Approx five years ago I obtained my Texas Non-resident CCW. At the time it was recognized by Pa and I had one glorious opportunity to carry there before they stopped recognizing non-resident permits. I normally wear Wrangler jeans size 34Wx32L. At that time I purchased the next bigger size (36Wx32L) to accommodate my IWB holster. Worked fine enough. However the larger size was a bit baggy in the seat and thighs. Fast forward to today. I hope to be issued by NJ PTC in the very near future. I got to thinking. What if I purchase the "slim fit" version of the Wrangler jeans in that larger size in the hope that it would provide me extra room at the waist but fit normally elsewhere. So went to Walmart the other day and purchased a pair of "Wrangler Five Star - Slim Straight(Slim Seat and Thigh)" jeans in size 36Wx32L. While there I also purchased a pair of "George" brand blue casual chinos in size "36Wx32L Slim". Tried both on last evening and I am pleased that they both fit quite well. Plenty of extra room at the waist while fitting like my normal jeans in the seat and thighs/legs. Plus the Wranglers also have some "Flex" in the waist band. I also own two Big Foot Steel Core gun belts. One in my normal length and one two inches longer for use with the above pants and IWB carry. p.s. Not sure if the aforementioned helps the ladies, but also refer to Mrs Peel's thread.
  5. Just received my order of Lehigh Defense 90gr XD. Interesting looking bullet. This week is a busy one for me. Hope to get a chance to test them on the weekend. Will report back.
  6. Just wanted to acknowledge some of the additional feedback above: Regarding cartridge dimensions and recoil spring weakness: certainly valid considerations. However now out of scope for me since I have decided to move on to other cartridge alternatives. I have ruled out the X-Rite adapter as the root cause. In both test sessions, the failures occurred both with and without the use of the adapter. I have ruled out the barrel/feed ramp itself as the root cause. In both test sessions, the failures occurred both with both the G19 and G26. (Btw, made doubly sure I did not limp-wrist last evening.) I have just placed an order with MidwayUSA for some Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense 90gr ammunition. (Similar in concept to the Norma NXD suggested above.) Am looking forward to testing them in a few weeks time. Will update everyone. (And yes, this ammo testing endeavor is sure getting expensive....lol)
  7. Thank you all for your interest and feedback. I just got back from the range after doing another round of testing. Same two firearms, the Glock 19 and Glock 26. This time I used two brand new OEM Glock 19 Gen4 10 round mags I purchased about six years ago. I numbered them "#7" and "#8" respectively. In the G26, I used the X-Rite adapter as before. This evening I shot a total of 96 rounds (Hornady Critical Defense 115 gr FTX #90250). Shot 48 rounds thru each gun with an equal amount of new CD brass cased and older stock CD nickel plated, thru each of the two mags. Loaded each mag with only three rounds at a time to maximize the number of "last rounds" I would be shooting. Ie 32 mag insertions each containing three rounds. Experienced a total of three failures to feed, all on the last round, all brass cased, all with mag #7. Frankly, I don't think the case material matters. Nor do I think the mag really mattered given both were new. I took much better pictures this time. Various pics attached below. In all three failures the round appears to be getting hung up on the bottom of the feed ramp. The bottomline for me is that it is time to cut my losses and select/evaluate an alternative non-hollowpoint expanding cartridge. Given the approx 4% failure rate I encountered across these two rounds of tests, I not confident at all in the reliability of CD in my two intended carry firearms. The thought of encountering a malfunction at a critical moment in a self defense situation is terrifying. So some personal lessons I have learned: - Do test your carry ammunition in your carry firearms. Don't assume they will be reliable just because your firearms have been flawless with FMJ range ammo. - Use new(ish) magazines in your carry firearms. - Do practice malfunction clearing drills. Your life will depend on it. - Do carry a second magazine. Not just for more rounds but also in the case you need to replace your primary mag in the event of a malfunction. I will let everyone know what alternative brand/type of ammo I select and test. (Corbon Powrball (sp?) comes to mind.). Suggestions welcome.
  8. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately I was so disgusted with my original that I threw it out once I installed the new one. In hindsight I wish I had saved it for comparison sake. I can only assume that yours is a newer better designed VFG. Mine was absolute junk.
  9. HE, Thank you for the feedback. Am heading to Florida tomorrow but will try out your suggestions when I get back. Regards
  10. Was not thrilled about the expense. I still have 100 rounds of CD left over that I will not be using. With that said, of course our lives are worth far more.
  11. -The guns and magazines were clean. - These specific mags have fed fine with regular range ammo. In fact they were the ones I used to recently qualify for my PTC. - Never had an issue with the X-Rite with my G26. (Note that two of the five FTFs were with my Glock 19. No adapter in use.) - Did not notice a difference in felt recoil. Regarding how they were positioned. Most if not all were as shown in the attached pic of my Glock 19. Ie it appears the front of the cartridge got hung up instead chambering. (The picture is not great but it was the best I could do at the time.) I believe the slide partially moved forward before getting hung up by the rear of the cartridge. This was the nastiest of the five failures. Had trouble clearing it. Almost called over the RSO for assistance. Ended up holding the slide back, used a wooden dowel to push the round down, and then was able to release the slide. Only then was I able to drop the slide and clear the round. Thank you
  12. It has been often recommended that you test your firearms with the ammunition you plan to carry. As such I did so this morning using my Glock 26 and Glock 19 with Hornady Critical Defense(#90250, 115 grain). Wanted to share my findings. Bear in mind that this is MY experience with MY specific firearms and magazines. So YMMV. The key take away is how truly important it is for you to test your carry ammo first before you rely on it. (Fwiw, my PTC application has been submitted and is in process.) The short version is: I have concluded that Critical Defense is unreliable in my Glock 19 and Glock 26 for self-defense use. Experienced five Failure to Feeds out of a total of 114 rounds. Am disappointed to have to say that, since I had hoped it would have been flawless. In the coming weeks, I intend to evaluate alternatives starting with Critical Duty, some of which I already have on hand. The longer version for those interested: Prior to today the total round counts for my Glock 26 Gen 4 and Glock 19 Gen 4 were approx 1,500 and 3,000 respectively. The vast majority of that was with various brands of 115gr FMJ range ammo. To my knowledge, the Glock 26 had previously experienced only two failures to feed ever and the Glock 19 one failure to feed ever. Both firearms are as they came from the factory. No modifications. This morning I used two G19 magazines. When used in the G26, I use an X-Rite adapter to fill the gap. (I normally shoot the G26 this way for comfort sake due to arthritis.) Half of the rounds thru each firearm were older stock CD with the nickel plated cases, and the other half were recently purchased CD with brass cases. I took notes during the session. The five Failure to Feeds spanned both firearms, both magazines, and both CD case types. The one point of commonality was that every FTF that occurred was the last cartridge in the mag. Also, the resulting jams were rather nasty. The mags would not eject and it took multiple attempts to manipulate the slide to get the jammed rounds to fall out. The thought of this happening during a real self-defense situation was quite alarming. Thoughts and suggestions are welcomed.
  13. Again welcome. If you are referring to your Introduction post dated Feb 25, it appears to be still here with all the replies you received. I see it when i view your profile and scroll down through your posts. Hope this helps. (And yes, it is pork roll, lol).
  14. I am finally getting around to asking this question. Am curious about the VFG that came on my Troy A4. I purchased the firearm in March 2020. The VFG that came on it was a lightweight plastic/polymer VFG that came loose the first time I shot it. I was unsuccessful in trying to tighten it back onto the rail. After examining it more closely, I concluded it was an absolute piece of crap. I ended up ordering a "Modular Combat Grip" VFG made of hardened aircraft aluminum (https://worldoftroy.com/grip-modular-combat-blksgri-trg-a0bt-00.html) and discarded the original VFG. The new one has been rock solid. Am curious what type of VFG came on yours and your experience with it.
  15. This is a follow-up to my Feb 6th post regarding the Pistol Storage Device. Please refer to it first. The information below is intended to complete my writeup of my experience with this device. Do with this what you will. YMMV & IANAL. The three pics below show the PSD mounted on my Troy A4. - No modification at all was done to the Troy, other than sliding off it's SBA3 brace. I did the following modifications to the PSD: 1) Using a Dremel tool and cutting wheel, I removed 3/4" of material from the front of the PSD "Buffer Cover". (I wrapped bright colored 3/4" electrical tape around it and then cut along the edge of the tape. The material melts as you cut though it but is easily removed.) This enabled me to mount the PSD close to the castle nut and have the buffer tube extend approx 1/4" inch beyond the rear edge of it. Thus not extending LOP nor providing surface with which to shoulder it. 2) I Dremeled off some material from the lower front edge of the PSD wings so that it does not dig into my hand behind my thumb. 3) With regards to PSD "Part B" (see the instructions), I cut off the back cap, sanded the sides of the straight portion to enable the buffer cover(Part A) to clamp tightly and securely, and enlarged two of its(Part B's) holes for the screws that pass through it. This was required since its holes do not line up perfectly with those of the Buffer Cover. (I.e. because these are rifle, not pistol, buffer tubes.) 4) Put blue Loctite on all screws/nuts. A few days ago I took it to the range and shot 40 rounds. My impressions are: - Aestheticaly, it looks much better than a bare buffer tube. - It stayed secure and did not loosen up or crack. - Am right handed, so I held and shot the firearm with my left hand holding the VFG with my arm fully extended. My right hand holding the grip and the PSD/magazine resting lightly against the side of my right forearm. Used the Romeo5 red dot as my optic. - While in a normal world I would prefer shouldering a brace, it was reasonably comfortable and steady to shoot the firearm in this configuration. I was also pleased with the accuracy and consistency of my shots. The recoil impulse was fine even with my now 70 year old hands. (Geeze, 70. How the heck did that happen, lol.) - One other downside of removing the brace is that you lose the rear sling attachment point. With the above now completed, I plan to reattach my brace while monitoring the progress of the Brace Rule legal challenges that are underway. Anyway, hope you found this informative and helpful.
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