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  1. ?. It’s Dec 4th. 6 days to go.
  2. BobA: better yet, a safe deposit box at a bank OUTSIDE of NJ. Also as others have expressed, it is not the risk that is great. It is the consequence if you are caught in conjunction with some other event (e.g. domestic issue, house robbery, ...whatever). Each individual will have to judge their own circumstances and comfort level. One thing is for sure, it will be much more risky to transport them after Dec 10 than before.
  3. This was my thinking as well. Hence, all my >10 round magazines are now all vacationing in Pa. As a matter of principle, I am not modifying, destroying, turning in, .... anything ever. The more of my property they force me to exile, the greater my resentment, and in turn, desire to purchase a home elsewhere.
  4. Refer to the “Can you kick in $10?” thread in the Current Gun Law section.
  5. On the gunforhire podcast #390 from this week, Scott Bach suggested, perhaps too optimistically, that a court decision might come as soon as Thanksgiving. Not. So the countdown to Dec 10th continues. 16 days and counting. With each passing day more and more of lawful citizens will morph into felons come Dec 10th. Disgusting state of affairs.
  6. Cap, not sure how your post relates to the gun mag ban. Did you intend to post it in the Cheeseman thread? There is a recent update there from him. regards
  7. After doing a bit of research and giving this some further thought, I am leaning towards opening an account and getting a safe deposit box($40-75 per year), at a bank branch in Pa. Seems to be the least costly and best option for me. Hope to do so in the next few weeks. (Thinking longer term; at such time that NJ declares any of my firearms to be assault weapons (a joke unto itself given they are 22lr and 9mm), my plan would be to move them to Gunsitters in Pa, and my exiled magazines can rejoin them there.)
  8. I wanted to share this option since it appeared things had gone quiet in recent weeks regarding what options are available. Each of us will have to decide what is best for our own situation. E.g. do nothing, bury them, have them modified, store them out of state at a relatives house, use Gunsitters, destroy and discard them, safe deposit box out of state, boating accident, and so on. Some options are legal, some are not. Pick your poison. And yes, this whole situation really sucks.
  9. My main piece of advice is to call them and obtain the answers to whatever questions you have first hand from them. With that said , my understanding is they worked out their process in conjunction with the appropriate NJ authorities. Ie you would be able to legally take your box of mags to the post office to mail it to them. They are an FFL and can legally store them. After Dec 10, you would have to have them shipped out of state, otherwise yes, you would become an instant felon. Lastly, IANAL
  10. This was one of the other options that came to mind. Getting a safe deposit box over the border in Pa. Anyone do so or have any suggestions? It has been many years since I last had one here.
  11. With the December 10th deadline quickly approaching, those of us that have been watching the legal aspects (e.g. injunction request, etc.) from the sidelines will soon be forced to act. One option, I researched this morning was to store my >10 rnd mags at Gunsitters in Whippany. I am a past customer of theirs, having stored all my firearms there while on vacation last year, and had a good experience with them. I spoke with Eric at Gunsitters this morning specifically about their new magazine storage service. For those of you who are Gun4Hire podcast listeners, Eric and Gunsitters should be very familiar to you. In short, for $1.25 per mag per month they will legally store your magazines. The process is to purchase the magazine storage via their website and they will email you instructions on how to box and mail your mags to them. Upon receipt, they will check to make sure the mags are unloaded, verify the count, and store the box you sent them in their secure facility. Lacking any relief from the courts; after December 10th you would have several options. You could continue to store them there as-is long term, have them modified to be compliant, or shipped to their PA facility where you could retrieve them and bring them to your new PA/TN/SC home(wishful thinking on my part).
  12. I assume that is because the humidity does not have an opportunity to build up given you are airing it out frequently. Btw, any papers I have in my safe that are not in sealed ziplock bags always feel moist and smell from being in the safe. (Fortunately, paper does not rust, lol.). I found it ironic that I had put my bolt in it for safekeeping but the safe itself turned out to be the biggest risk to it.
  13. I have owned a Sentry Safe for 10 years. Originally purchased it from Home Depot or Costco. Likely similiar to yours. I strongly urge you to NOT store ammo or anything firearms related in it. I believe the moisture comes from the fireproofing material that is in it's walls. The constant humidity and associated smell is every bit the same today as when I first purchased it all those years ago. I tried using trays of descicant, to no avail. My safe is in my garage but I would not trust it even if it were inside my home. When I first purchased it, I put the bolt from my 40 year old 22lr rifle in it. Six months later it had a light coating of rust on it. This was a bolt that never had a spot of rust on it ever. I do not have room for a large gun safe. What I have been using instead are several Fort Knox Pistol Boxes which are in several places inside my home. Rock solid, not fireproof, no issues with humidity at all. Btw, in addition to my handguns, I also keep the bolts from my rifles locked in them. Hope this helps, regards.
  14. I donated $50 this past week via the gofundme site.
  15. Congratulations. As I read your post, I felt genuinely happy for you and your wife; as well as envious. Please stay in touch with those of us still here.