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  1. I know who they are. Everybody here should. It's SAD that folks even have to ask... People took turns helping hold signs & banners. L-R in middle of sign --not holding it in foreground-- is David Padua (face partially obstructed), the one & only Mark Cheeseman (sunglasses & beanie--the SCOTUS Petitioner), and William Hayden. Patriots ALL!
  2. I have been summoned, so I am here, lol! @DirtyDigz You're not the ONLY one who doesn't know where we're meeting. I'm their leader & even I don't know YET. I'm bringing the banners, so look for them. Theresa Inacker, our Communications Director, will be coming with me. @AlexTheSane will be driving us there from his house (he's a Jersey transplant). You & several others mentioned interest. If I were to tell you ahead of time where to be and the Cops set-up a mobile command post on that spot, I've wasted my breath, so let's see what the land lays like the day of shall we? I can tell you where we won't be! That's next to anyone wearing "Battle Rattle". Between the state of "EMERGENCY" BS & metal detectors & only one way into the grounds thru said detector(?), it promises to be an interesting day. I'm there to make contacts & show support, not dress-up for the "Boogaloo" which I hope never happens & then be forced to stay completely off Capitol grounds along an enforced (possibly fenced-in_ perimeter. PM me so we can exchange ph numbers. I got an iPhone now, so I can actually text Rosey
  3. BOOM! ALL IT TAKES IS ONE PERSON IN EACH TOWN! To everyone reading this: What does it REALLY DO they ask? It proves we're not sheep. It proves we're not crazy. It proves there's still people that CARE! And most importantly, it MAKES NEWS! Positive GUN OWNER News for a change. It's like a Train Wreck: Everybody IN THE MEDIA has to report on it or they look stupid. When they report on it, they try being fair (in appearance) so as to not piss-off what few subscribers they have left. Our message gets out there instead of being completely squashed. So maybe a guy 6 towns over decides he'll stand-up, and 3 towns from him is a woman who wants to fight back for her right to defend herself. And so on, and so on, and so on! Like a snowball. It's called GRASS ROOTS people. You can READ about it OR YOU CAN BE ABOUT IT! CNJFO is about BEING about it. If you're not a member, please FIX that. If you ARE, or WERE, you can rejoin or extend your renewal date by a full year at any time. Our software will extend you automatically. Or snail mail a check to P.O. Box 768, Sewell, NJ 08080. http://www.cnjfo.com/join-us
  4. I have been summoned (tagged), so I am here. Phone people want everything in little bites. The 2A community is behind every good 2A idea. Some wear many hats. Most are leaders. There are three kinds of gun owners in NJ: 1. Those who MAKE things happen (like myself), @USRifle30Cal, Doug, a few others here; Mark Cheeseman, Jay Factor, and several dozens of others who will NEVER bother to come here to get harassed or to have to put up with Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham! 2. Those who WATCH things happen from afar, afraid to put skin in the game, all the while using their wasted energies on Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham 3. Those 2A "part-timers" that haven't a clue as to WHAT happened! These folks depend upon guys like me to carry their water. The NRA haters, the bitchers, the distractors, the time wasters. A forum is a great thing until it's time to actually communicate. Most don't have the time or brain cells to absorb multiple paragraphs from people that really know the subject. Things get lost w/o inflection, knowing the other party, etc. It's time to stop giving lip service & type service to the 2nd Amendment. It's time to LISTEN instead of chest pound. It's time to stop being ignorant asswipes. It's time to put down the Taylor brand Pork Roll, and get FOCUSED ON WINNING instead of watching or NOT KNOWING WTF is happening... I'll be carrying all your water next Monday at the Virginia statehouse. Rosey
  5. Thanks to you both! Please share to friends & family! Rosey
  6. CNJFO's TWAS THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS: A TIME TO CELEBRATE OUR CHERISHED FREEDOMS! by Black Wire Media Christmas 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Twas the day after Christmas and all through the range, Not a port was open and man was that strange! They came by the thousands these Jersey gunners did, New sidearms they be carryin' from whence they were hid! Reports-a-plenty from .22's, 9's, .40, .45 cal, even .50 AE, When the new guns ignited they yelled, YIPPIE! Paper, plastic, targets of every shape & size, Struck again and again by little girls & guys! Smiles on faces and eyes wide as can be, As they learn about safety, tradition & American History! A lesson the schools will never again teach, How to live like a FREE People is still within our REACH! EDITOR's NOTE: Moms & Dads please get the kids to the range this week. They are our FUTURE and they must be infected with the desire to maintain what their grandparents & generations beyond had to endure to keep this country great, and uphold our cherished 2nd Amendment! And to all the family that helped Santa put a firearm under a TREE, we say congratulations & thank you to the Patriots YOU BE! ---The Editor (c) 2019 Black Wire Media Photo by: Walter Andersen
  7. Smokin .50

    Henry Axe

    And 28's aren't too far behind, lol! Steel case prices are almost a car payment!
  8. What if the NJ resident has a second or 15th house in Fla? Or somewheres else in FREE AMERIKKA? I've been tellin' you people that land owners have more gun rights...here's another blatant example^^^!!! Buying anything NJ "illegal" has always been on the Jersey resident. Suing out-of-state enterprises for shipping goods goes against the commerce clause of our Constitution. When B&H Photo caved & sent sales records of NJ residents that had camera equipment shipped to Jersey to avoid Jersey sales & use tax, they did so under Jersey law. The BUYER was held responsible for the sales tax (sometimes in the thousands)! If I had a Florida bidness I wouldn't even answer the suit on Constitutional grounds! ~R
  10. Here's your List: 0000000000000000000000000000000 There are no commercial, for-profit, walk-on outdoor pistol ranges in NJ where a non-member can shoot by themselves w/o being escorted/guested into the facility by a member. Ditto of course for all of the private club ranges requiring memberships. Even Ft. Dix Range 14 requires SOMEONE in your party to be a member! That being said, if you were to shoot ONLY organized leagues sponsored at private clubs, you could shoot year-round Most clubs allow non-members to shoot their leagues & simply pay non-member (higher) rates to shoot the matches. My local club holds all the leagues I mentioned above & more. Some are even in a heated indoor range...USPSA Indoor Action match is this Friday! Most clubs have rules regarding safety flags, safe tables, muzzle direction, holsters, etc., etc. So is it a financial "thing" that you're against club membership or you just don't want to have to prove competency with a sidearm? Or something else? Reason I ask is that the action leagues will all put you to a "test" to make sure you know HOW to safely draw a sidearm, as they should! ~R
  11. I do my best every day. I will die a poor man because of it. I can only give one life. I need helpers, NOT LURKERS! Tonight I will pour myself a drink. And maybe a second! I have earned it! WE HAVE EARNED IT! You did a great job on that article. You write more creatively than I do, and have a larger vocabulary. (CLINK) A toast to YOU Sir! ~R
  12. You have several options. Are you looking for organized league events for static (ringer) and knockdown steel, IDPA, USPSA, Black Powder, etc.? Or are you buying & setting up your own targets & then cleaning up afterwards? Do you expect to be by yourself on a Saturday or Sunday morning OR with other club members & guests having fun? Once those questions are answered I can give you ideas on what to look for in an outdoor pistol range. Rosey
  13. So who on this forum wants to be in charge of this project? Be the lead, the Go-To Person. Maybe get interviewed? 2A: YOU CAN TALK ABOUT IT OR YOU CAN BE ABOUT IT! Rosey
  14. Pizza Bob is on point. There are several SASS clubs in NJ, and I'm sure what ever happened to your SA has happened to others' in the past. I'd seek those SASS folks out as a resource that might be able to point you in a "single" direction ~R
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