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  1. Even if that happens, we then have a case for relief based upon the 4th Amendment: Equal Protection. Yes it would have to be heard, but it would be a slam-dunk as 49 states' residents would have more rights than NJ residents. I don't think the Anti's want that loss in the books, so something else will be used to rock the boat to make case law. "Separate, but Equal" went the way of the Do-Do Bird
  2. ^^^THIS is the correct, plain text reading. Emotional folks skip over this "OR" just as fast as "OR locked in the trunk of an automobile"! The net result is false interpretation & misinformation on a grand scale!
  3. ^^^THIS! The voting apathy spills-over into this forum all the time! I'm kind of tired of dealing with people that horde ammo, don't vote and won't join a Second Amendment group. So much stupid my head hurts
  4. In the old days prior to the interwebs, the husband would just pick a gun from their SHARED, CO-OWNED collection and ship it to the hiking location (like to the Motel Office the wife is using as a "base camp"). Then she'd unwrap the parcel, buy some rounds at the local hardware store & holster-up! In an inheritance situation, if the NJ wife is named in the will (and why wouldn't she be?), she could assume ownership of 200 hand guns simultaneously & w/o ANY paperwork. Then take it with her on the plane OR ship it to herself. Only the fact that her husband's heart is still beating prevents this from being "legal". But I betcha dollars-to-donuts it happens ALL THE TIME in Free America! Sometimes I still yearn for the old days. Sigh.
  5. Mrs. Zeke: I was just at Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays on Saturday with my son for Father's Day. Their Pro Shop sells Slip 2000 products, so if you can take a ride, shoot a round, buy the Slip 2000 cleaner(s) and drive home you can enjoy the "pre-clean" process
  6. Can someone restate the not-so-obvious, like the 5-W's? I don't have much hair left to wash, so I'd like to meet some of you
  7. Born Free released in summer of '66. I hadn't turned 7 quite yet
  8. The recoil spring is 42 years old (if original & unfired). May have had a hiccup? Is it a plastic ultra-short guide rod that gives the recoil spring a chance to bend outta shape? Call Brownell's in Iowa & ask to speak to one of their gunsmiths that handle old .45's. He may recommend a new Wolf recoil spring to bring that War horse back to 100% reliability . And maybe a 2-pc guide rod kit as well....
  9. I totally disagree Zeke. You'd be right if they saved forever and bought a single gun. Unfortunately that is NOT the case! Most of the DQ "Problem Children" I encounter get 3 permits at a clip, and act as if the Sheriff is going to close-down the Whore House (Gun Sellers) . Meaning they finally got the good job that gives them the disposable income they wanted, so they act like they're making-up for lost time by buying as many guns as possible as fast as possible w/o stopping to learn how to shoot ANY SAFELY & where the controls are. They launch into a collection-gathering mode and buy a skid of ammo w/o stopping to learn thru osmosis (or by taking intermediate classes) at league matches at private clubs they deem "too expensive to join" even though THOUSANDS of shooters are members. Then they get CCW permits for hand guns they don't know how to operate. So the money to do it right is there, but the brain sees training as something they'll "put-off till LATER"!
  10. If more Newbies showed-up to my PPC Match there would be less DQ's in local action Matches . IMHO everyone should learn how to WALK before they try to RUN with a loaded gun. We've had to DQ more people in the last 2-3 years than ever before. Primarily due to lack of gun handling experience as Vlad mentioned above. Why is this? I have an answer: Gun owners are in general so cheap if it cost them a nickel to shit they'd rather puke! Meaning, in general, they're too cheap to join a private club and learn thru osmosis taking baby steps---OR----they're too cheap to spend real money on basic or intermediate classes before they show-up to shoot action leagues. They spend money on getting CCW permits but they can't operate their mag release, safety, de-cocker, etc. They're DANGEROUS to be around. We solve these problems if given the chance in our league. Trouble is action shooting is like CRACK. One "hit" and you're HOOKED, lol!
  11. Here's some info on the Great Deception, Patton's landing at Calais: My Dad landed at Anzio & saw a ton of shit. One day, when my brother & I were "playing Army" I asked to see his medals. He had a cigar box full of them, including a Purple Heart. Rifle Expert, campaign medals, ribbons, his stripes, buttons, cover, and wallet-sized photos of guys he went to war with that never made it back, some of whom died in his arms. It was the only time I ever saw my father weep. He didn't talk much about the War, 'cept to say what he was assigned to do: hump a 75 pound tripod for a Ma-Deuce (as part of a 4-man Heavy Machine Gun Squad) through the Po Valley campaign with the 5th Army. Later he was "volunteered" as the BAR man in his rifle squad. He once harvested a deer with his BAR. His outfit was on rations at the time, so venison was a luxury waiting to be plated. As the story goes, he had a fresh mag & led the deer a little too much since only 18 .30-06 rounds hit his target. Before the meat had a chance to spoil, a bunch of his platoon whipped-out their Ka-Bar's & sliced it up while others made a fire. Good eats that day. Other exploits involved stealing eggs from hen houses, fishing with a pineapple hand grenade & a net, and trading smokes for Hersey Bars & nylons that he'd use to "explore the Italian countryside" . He collected a duffel bag full of Mauser rifle actions and successfully brought them home. That's what he used to re-start his life in the Shadyside section of Pittsburgh.
  12. The confusion continues I see.... And 3 posts in we learn that the real question is in regard to INTERSTATE transport. I drive a sedan, so I just use soft cases & keep ammo in a separate container buried in the trunk. For travel INSIDE New Jersey, you can throw naked, unloaded guns into your trunk & toss loose ammo over the top of them like whipped cream on a sundae and be "legal"
  13. Hey Blob, your quote is out of context. Walt was using the scenario as an illustration, NOT condoning admitting to a fault for running the sign and certainly not admitting to carrying a mini arsenal in his vehicle. Suggest you re-read his last few posts to get the "flavor" of the statements
  14. They haven't changed in YEARS, so they're the same as was mentioned in the last thread about range fees, lol! That being said, $384 annual, plus a $300 initiation fee (only HALF of which is due at sign-up: $192 + $150 = $342). So it's $342 for the first 6 months & $342 for the balance if you join in December. Dues are PRO-RATED since the club's fiscal year is identical to the calendar year. So someone joining on the second Sunday of June (that's when the club runs its' sign-ups) wouldn't pay a full years' dues plus an initiation and then be immediately subjected to an invoice for another full years' dues. Cecil, here's some more answers: 1) There isn't one. You're your own R-O, so HANDLE IT! Just use proper judgement & techniques so kid doesn't sweep herself, you, or anybody else. I trained a 4 year old by leaving the youth model bolt action rifle IN the Caldwell sand bag & pointing the muzzle down range & using a "safe chamber indicator", aka a "flag". And always having the child at your side while changing targets so no one can see a kid near the bench unattended 2) Dues is all you pay plus the aforementioned one-time initiation fee. No nickels & dimes. Show-up 8 days a week if you'd like to. Bring a cooler for lunch & don't forget the D-Lead Wipes! Hell, most members fawn over kids at the range & ask their parents if they need anything like spare targets, ammo, etc. "Here Kid, try my .22 Ruger with bi-pod & $300 scope" is quite common (with the parent's OK of course). 3) A family member that lives with you is NOT a Guest, so bring her 8 days a week. A "Guest" is an adult over 18 years of age that doesn't reside with you. The same guest with the same member is welcome to visit up to 3 times a year for "casual plinking". If one of your guests shows-up with or w/o you to shoot a league match, the league appearance DOESN'T COUNT towards their "3 allowed guest appearances". You can have UP TO 3 guests at once, but since we don't provide a R-O, YOU'RE THE R-O, so you don't shoot while they're shooting. You're allowed to bring Guests AFTER your probationary period (usually 6 months, but depends how well the league chairs evaluate your gun handling skills). So the more your face is seen at league matches NOT screwing the pooch, the sooner you're allowed to finish paying your initiation. This cuts-down on STUPID & makes you responsible enough to BE a R-O watching the firing line Lots of forum members are club members. I happen to be a former Board of Trustees member & current Match Director for the club. If you wanna visit, just let me know
  15. "Keyboard Commando" vs. Competitive Action Shooter? Sounds like a juvenile paintball scenario. I'm glad the meaning of "Operator" in the proper context finally came out . My brother always said "Smooth IS Fast". Clint & the Col. figured that out when you were all still in diapers, lol! We don't need no stinkin' shot timers is right! Do it. Do it well enough to not miss. Do it well enough to look very smooth & not miss. Speed comes with smoothness