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  1. @Smith I'll raise my hand....ME, that's who! FWIW do you enjoy throwing hand grenades and then disappearin' back into the woodwork? 3 rounds? What about multiple attackers doing a home invasion? 90 posts in 11 months. Troll much? ~R
  2. As techno-science improves, forensic analysis improves with it. Spray of powder fragments will vary with the same ammo outta the same box. Take any major brand in (for example) 9mm caliber, put it in a 3" subcompact and you'll get a fireball. The fireball is the result of unburned & partially-burned powder lighting-up after the round leaves the short barrel. Powders burn at a known rate. It's physics. Put that same 9mm round into a rifle and more pressure builds up behind it at ignition as more powder is efficiently burned and not merely wasted as "gas flash". The bullet travels faster as the powder burns INSIDE the barrel instead of outside. Less powder residue hits the ambient air. This could be an unknown if "the murder weapon" was taken from the scene by the Perp (for instance). What gun are the cops looking for? Then the Lab has to compare twist rates, rifling, etc. IF they can find a slug that didn't destroy itself on impact. Wanna really screw-up forensics? Take a S&W JM 9mm revolver and see if the Prosecutor is looking for a semi-auto "hit man" that "policed his brass"...when all the guy did was leave the spent shells in the cylinder...LOL. Everything a Prosecutor is told MATTERS. Conclusions can be drawn from misinterpretation of data, errors in data collection, sloppiness at the scene, etc., etc. Some of those conclusions can jeopardize your freedom IF you let them... Remember the Prosecutor that asked the Crime Lab gun guy to reinsert the firing pin the right way into McCloskey's .380 PPK so they could attempt to charge her with brandishing at the crowd trying to "cocktail" her house? The PPK was incapable of discharging as it had been rendered inoperable so as to enable it to be used in a court case as evidence. Bottom line, If someone wants to screw with you, it can be done...
  3. The dirtier the powder, the more dense the spray & smoke. Varying handloads in centerfire cartridges could lead to "unknowns" as far as distance vs. density, which is what Mass was referring to when he was quoted on the use of hand loads causing "problems" with forensics. A really clean burning powder a competitive action shooter uses could raise questions (Perp was twice the distance YOU said he was in a sworn statement, so why did you shoot him?). I merely illustrated his point by using a photo of nice, DIRTY black powder. Yes, the Lab will swab everything with Q-Tips looking for chemical reactions to reagents. And yes the Lab will go to "the known values" of ppm density at distance to determine actual distance, since these records are standardized by barrel length, ammo manufacturer, type, weight, construction, primer, etc., etc. Go "off the charts" with handloads and "science can be fooled"... ~R
  4. Not for you, @GRIZ, you can enjoy the laugh, but for everyone else including @JackDaWack & @ leahcim : If you want to experiment with GSR, the easiest way to "trace" where it goes is to video yourself shooting the gun in question. Different powder types burn at different rates (speed). Different manufacturers use different powders, and some are more "clean-burning than others (reloaders know this)! Bullseye is a dirty, slow-burning center fire propellant, NOT an explosive, and yet fills an indoor range with almost as much smoke as my black powder revo's seen here! Easiest way I know of to demo GSR is to shoot a few cylinder's worth of the "Holy Black", then go home, throw yer clothes in a laundry basket and take a shower. Dry-off, then stick yer face a foot away from yer clothes and smell those glorious ROTTEN EGGS, lol! That smell is on everything you wore, RIGHT? That's the Poor Man's GSR Test, lol! Rosey
  5. PUBLIC INVITED! JUST 5 SPOTS LEFT FOR AFTERNOON 1/2 DAY HUNT! CNJFO PHEASANT HUNT IS SATURDAY MARCH 6TH! GIBERSON FARMS, PEMBERTON TWP., NJ! REGISTER HERE: https://www.cnjfo.com/event-4120450 JUST 5 SPOTS LEFT FOR "HUNTING PHEASANTS WITH CHARLIE"! CNJFO's MARCH 6th PM FUNDRAISER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! by Black Wire Media Mon. Feb. 13, 2021 www.cnjfo.com/join-us The SMILES tell the story! Pheasant hunting with CNJFO is FUN, educational and rewarding. We have just 5 spots left before a complete sell-out for our Saturday March 6th afternoon 1/2-day of Hunting Pheasants With Charlie! Check your calendars and register HERE: www.cnjfo.com/event-4120450 . Fighting tyranny isn't easy, and it costs money. Filing amicus briefs with the U.S. Supreme Court is an expensive and time consuming process, but there is light at the end of the tunnel! At the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, we choose to fight unconventionally by hosting shooting events such as pheasant hunts, where the PUBLIC is invited to participate and learn the ways of Second Amendment stewardship instead of relying on "the other guy" to do the "heavy lifting". CNJFO partners with the Giberson family to bring you a safe & FUN experience afield as a professional handler and his dog(s) find the pheasants. We split the harvest among all and you take your birds home to clean yourself, or for a small fee, the guides will breast the harvest for you and you go home with a ziplocked bag of breast meat and your game tags. This hunt on Saturday March 6th we're blessed with a special guest appearance by Charlie Cook, the creator of "Riding Shotgun With Charlie" of You Tube fame. He'll be afield with us and then tell us about his experience interviewing #2AHeavyLifters in "the shotgun position" of his car. Episode #49 had our VP, Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, chatting about CNJFO, the NJ Mag Ban, youth shooting, our pheasant hunt fundraisers, and how he likes to use his black powder muzzleloader harvesting pheasants, seen HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xD0atrosPBY Newbies and non-members are welcome to attend, and so are Apprentice Hunters, as we'll MENTOR those new to the sport. A hunting license is needed. Full details on our registration page! To get IN on the action, register HERE: www.cnjfo.com/event-4120450 THIS IS JUST 3 WEEKS FROM TODAY! HUNT DATE IS SATURDAY MARCH 6TH!
  6. I'd recommend staying away from Gun Shows for now. You walk in one as a Newbie and will be told a million tales of what's best that just so happens to be at THAT person's table! Go to Shooters to see Dave, and give Melissa a call at Legacy Armory in Cinnaminson, NJ. They'll direct you to what you NEED, and allay fears. I know them both and they'll treat you right!
  7. THIS IS OLD NEWS! PSA has had this policy for quite some time. Plenty of other places make AR-15 parts.
  8. @Krdshrk tagged me to help you @sage613 Muzzleloading hand guns come as flintlock & percussion. Flints can be smoothbore or rifled. Percussion is generally always rifled. I own Cap & Ball revolvers that work with #10 percussion caps. I've hunted 300 pound hogs with my Uberti 1847 Colt Walker replica cap & ball w/ a .456 conical weighing 225 grains. Outdoor ranges are required to fire muzzleloaders since the HEPPA filters at indoor ranges get clogged FAST with black powder smoke. And they cost MONEY! Two private clubs offer outdoor ranges near Monmouth Co.: 1. Monmouth County Rifle & Pistol Club located at the corner of Monmouth Executive Airport 2. Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club located off Rt. 516 in Old Bridge I've been a member at Monmouth twice, and I've shot black powder matches at both clubs. Both clubs hold regular black powder league matches where mentoring can take place, and non-members can attend these league matches and be mentored. This of course has to be planned in advance, you don't just show up unannounced and expect folks to provide you free rides on their equipment at a moment's notice Where are you in Monmouth County? A third range, Central Jersey Rifle & Pistol Club, is located in the pines in Jackson, NJ. They have a $600 buy-in (initiation fee), but their dues are affordable. Monmouth Co. R&P usually has a waiting list. Old bridge does not, and their initiation fee is half of Central Jersey's. Hope I've been helpful! Here's a little smoke for ya, lol! PM me so we can go shooting & start your mentoring
  9. Some things don't belong on a forum, especially when ALL the info is NOT posted IN ONE PLACE so as to enable the community, how ever cognizant they think they may be, to draw the correct conclusion(s). This is one of those topics. The "NRA Haters" will come outta the woodwork and poison the well once more. Lather, rinse, repeat. We so like to eat our own around here. Reorganization in Texas is not something they (the NRA Board of Directors that actually didn't resign out of fear) dreamed-up yesterday. Certain dominoes have to be played in order for that to happen. This is merely ONE domino. Instead of wishing for the worst (the HATERS) or having teletype diarrhea (posting w/o facts), every NJ gun owner should plan of helping to make the NRA stronger for a Biden/Harris transition. So who among you actually wants to do something besides BITCH? I'll wait... ~R
  10. HEAD ON A SWIVEL is a saying for a reason...glad no one got hurt! ~R
  11. @Golf battery You RANG? LOL! OK Ed, NP! That plowing can be a rough way to make a living! Onto your original inquiry: Lawsuit item from above^...We're working with Adam Kraut and are seeking Plaintiffs from NJ to be in a similar case. So CNJFO is already working directly with FPC! If they want us to pay to have a Amicus Brief written, they will tell us when the time is right. They're throwing everything against the wall to see what "sticks"... Take care & get some rest my friend! Merry Christmas! ~R
  12. @Old Glock guy Now yer dating BOTH of us, lol! Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! ~R
  13. @Golf battery Unless Rosie is tagged, Rosie doesn't know he needs to respond, lol. I found this thread by accident... I was busy dealing with a "Butter" ON THIS FORUM that wants legislation for mandatory firearms training. The entire thread was deleted. Anyway, I need to look at this to see what Bob & you are talking about. So gimmie some time to digest it & I'll get back to ya Ed! ~R
  14. If they didn't "count", the club we both belong to would be closed for lack of members cause we'd all be IN JAIL You need some Special High Intensity Training...and going to league shoots and SHOOTING THEM instead of merely watching will get most all your transportation questions answered before you even ask them I'm going to advise you to study only the EXCEPTIONS & EXEMPTIONS, and not the original conflicting gun laws themselves. Punctuation has meaning: "OR locked in the trunk of an automobile". As in an uncased, NAKED gun, sans trigger lock, tossed into the trunk unloaded, so it can get scratched by the other 99 guns bouncing in the trunk. Once that deck lid is closed, the NJSP considers it (them) SECURE. NO gun case needed at all UNLESS you're leaving the state, in which case you need to follow FOPA Rules. ~R P.S.: Treat me to some coffee some time & pick my brain. Your fears will be put to rest
  15. THIS^^^^ And I consider "reliable function" to be weak-hand ONLY w/o jamming due to limp-wristing. Otherwise, if you have to engage w/o your strong-side (due to taking fire or broken arm or slicing-the-pie w/o exposing yourself to incoming rounds) and you get a JAMMARAMA, you're holding a ONE-SHOT pistol in yer hands, so make the first shot count! Or buy a revolver! ~R
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