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  1. NO & YOU DON'T DESERVE ONE! Frank Abagnale turned down pardons from at least three Presidents. You're no Frank Abagnale.
  2. @fishnut Miss ya guy! Yep, this example is nuthin' more than a cheaply-made breech-action "modern 209 knock-off" of a Howdah Pistol by Pedersoli in Italy. To everyone on the thread: Italian exports are proofed at EXTRA high pressure, so this beautiful Howdah can load twice what that knock-off can. And THAT can be a real wrist-twister! Howdah's were shot from Elephant Baskets (the Howdah!) to repel man-eaters in Africa & India, they didn't have 1/2 oz pussy loads, lol This 20 ga. double-barrel smoothie in the photo (no rifling for the non black powder crowd) uses standard #11 caps and the same nipples as my 10 ga. SxS scattergun (1/4 x 28 thread). 70 grains of FFFg pistol powder & 3/4 oz - 1.0 oz load of buck, ball or combination thereof (Referred to as "Buck & Ball" loading since the Rev War) will tame any man-eater or miscreant with TWO OR FOUR LEGS! Don't forget yer Pith Helmet
  3. #36 A COLUMN FROM KILROY WAS HERE (THE ICONIC WW2 G.I.) ON INCREMENTALISM VS. GUN RIGHTS! REPORT FROM THE FIRING LINE ON ALL THAT MATTERS! COMPROMISE IS DEATH BY A THOUSAND CUTS! by Nick "Kilroy" Chiarchiaro, special to Black Wire Media Thursday March 14, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us “Individual rights are not subject to a public vote; a majority has no right to vote away the rights of a minority; the political function of rights is precisely to protect minorities from oppression by majorities (and the smallest minority on earth is the individual).” - Ayn Rand You cannot legislate my rights away - the whole gun control argument and movement is moot - it is antithetical to our God given right of self defense of person, and as codified in our founding documents. There are those that wish to impose their will based on what they think the majority is. Push their political agenda on others, and by all accounts the faux majority shall not rule at the expense of minority rights. There are an estimated 118million households in the US, of which about 43% are firearms owners - who is the majority? Taking the above statements into account, even if firearms owners were to be considered the majority, they have capitulated and ceded their rights time and again in the interest of negotiations in good faith and compromise, to satiate the frothing at the mouth lunatic fringe that care nothing of freedom and liberty. The zealots on the left care not which is just and right, but only how can they control and attempt to subjugate a free people, by attempting to suppress the rights of the people to keep and bear arms in defense of self, and nation - in the guise of majority rule and the 'votes'. EDITOR's NOTE: We are truly blessed to have freelance volunteer writers here at Black Wire Media. Nick, aka "Kilroy" (of WW2 fame) is one of them. A gun collector & historian, Kilroy is instructing a new shooter on his .303 British cal. Long Branch No4 Mk1 bolt action at a Diversity Shoot held last year at Gun For Hire. If you'd like to volunteer time, talent, or treasure in our coordinated FIGHT TO RESTORE GUN RIGHTS, we'd like to hear from you! ---The Editors
  4. Since when is lobster KOSHER, lol? Just make sure ya don't cook w/ peanut oil on that fancy roach coach! We wouldn't want any kids needin' an EVAC via Helo from that Monroeton, PA range
  5. Billy Dixon killed a mounted Indian at 3/4 mi. with a Hail-Mary shot from a .50-70 BPCR Trap Door. Battle of Adobe Wells. Maybe I should bring my black powder & take a whack at it, eh? LOL!
  6. Once this is REAL (WITH A DATE!)....if you need shooters to fill it up so as to enable you folks the least expensive fee per person, I'd be happy to do a write-up & advertise it for you @Maksim @Golf battery Keep me in-the-loop please. Rosey
  7. There "ought to be a law" that every hand gun Noob start with a 4" or 6" S&W revo. A LOT of folks walkin' around today THINK they know how to shoot their semi's, and they always shoot low & left. In the right hands, a 4" S&W is a 50 yard gun. A 6" is a 75 yard gun, and a 8 3/8" tube held steady will deny real estate beyond 100 yards all day long Younger eyes can shoot a Model 29 at 100 yards & hit a one gallon paint can! ~R
  8. #35 THIS KID IS GOING PLACES AND I INTERVIEWED HER & ASSISTED DURING THE PHOTO SHOOT & PRACTICE SESSION! FROM SOMEWHERE DEEP IN A CRANBERRY BOG IN THE PINES OF SOUTH JERSEY COMES SPEED-ON-STEEL SHOOTER EMILY CUTTS NJ's EMILY CUTTS A 2A PIONEER AT 15 YRS OLD! STATIC STEEL CHAMPION LOVES BANGIN' & CLANGIN'! by Black Wire Media Monday March 11, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us From deep in the cranberry bogs in the Pines of South Jersey comes a true competitor & 2nd Amendment warrior, high school sophomore Emily Cutts, an east coast Steel Shoot champion! As Apache helicopters & USAF cargo jets take off & land at Joint Base McGuire-Ft. Dix-Lakehurst NAS, Cutts is concentrating on ringing AR-500 steel plates as fast as she can. The flightpath at the Joint Base is immediately overhead, but nothing seems to break Emily's concentration. The sponsored youth shooter, just 15, has amassed so many plaques in just 4 short years on the local & regional circuit that the family has to figure out where they'll all fit. This 15 year old has already competed and placed in static steel matches in at least 9 states! When asked what's most important to her about shooting, Emily responds with, "FUN" and "Protecting the 2nd Amendment"! She and her mom & dad attended the 2A Seminar hosted by the NJ Constitutional Republicans at the Centerton Country Club in Pittsgrove, NJ on January 17th. The family heard Mark Cheeseman, Jay Factor, and CNJFO's Theresa Inacker and David Rosenthal give presentations on the status of the 2nd Amendment in NJ as they see it. This moved Emily so much so that 12 days later she recited from memory, her history paper, and Cutts' live presentation, "How to Protect the Second Amendment" was given to her sophomore English class while video of her competing play behind her on a monitor! "If the Second Amendment fails, the Bill of Rights fail"--Emily Cutts Emily's paper goes on to explore the topics of retreat during a home invasion, how the new 10 round magazine capacity affects her competitive shooting on the national circuit, how working together with groups like the NRA and CNJFO will help to get our gun rights restored. She illustrates how insane NJ gun law is by showing it's a felony for a spouse to use a hand gun not registered to themselves to defend the family. She further explores NJ gun law by saying, "Every move the government makes in an attempt to decrease crime levels with firearms only affects the safe and responsible gun owners". Cutts takes it all in stride, and is shy at first when asked to talk about what she's accomplished thus far. The only child of proud parents & NRA Life Members Doug and Lorie Cutts, Emily was introduced to shooting at 3-4 years of age, making range visits to see what mom & dad do for recreation. At age 6 she peered through dad's rifle scope, and received permission to handle only after reciting the 3 NRA safety rules. By 9 years old she was shooting her own youth model break-action, single-shot .22LR rifle at the Delran Junior Marksman Club in Delran, NJ. Emily was the 2nd youngest of 23 kids in the program and scored the second highest out of the group. She was HOOKED and soon found she "HAD a NEED for SPEED!", so at age 12 she entered her first match and the rest, as they say, is history! Emily's favorite static steel stage to shoot is "Show Down", the same one she broke her own 7.46 sec. UNOFFICIAL world record in December 2018, by scoring a time of just 7.32 sec. for 5 targets with her Ruger 10-.22 rimfire open class rifle (optic w/ a dot sight) at her first match of this year, held at Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club. Old Bridge R&P Club hosts the NJ State Rimfire Challenge and is known throughout the region as a terrific venue for this fun discipline year-round (weather permitting). CNJFO was invited to set-up a membership table at the championship match a while ago and we'd love to be there again. This season she competes as a Grand Master in this sanctioned sport, having earned USPSA's highest rank at the same December match! Steel Challenge (the national ranking organization in the sport) classifies competitors strictly by accomplishment (speed on steel), not by age, so Cutts is one of the youngest Grand Masters in the sport today. Cutts has FUN shooting and wouldn't do it if it wasn't fun to do. When asked when does she get serious, her reply is, "When I step-up to the Line!" The somewhat shy-at-first sophomore is quick to point out that there's a lot of camaraderie in the shooting sports. "It makes you feel like you belong". "Fellow competitors loan each other their guns if yours breaks (and they do occasionally) even if it costs them a first place". My gun broke during a match and Cole Busch (a well-known on the national stage--Editor) offered his gun to me to finish, but mine was repaired in time". Living in the reality of NJ gun law for a competitive shooter at this level means her father Doug must always have a couple hand gun permits "open", waiting to see if Emily wins a new hand gun as a competition or raffle prize. "We have to float overlapping permits all year round in case she wins one or we have to replace worn out or broken parts" says Doug. The steel match season runs 12 months of the year in warmer climate states, and Emily's season runs March to November, during which she'll probably shoot between 10 & 15 THOUSAND ROUNDS. "Her .22 hand gun of choice is a Ruger .22-45 and the serialized part of that gun is the upper, the barrel" says Doug. Doug adds, "Her Rock River Arms 9mm pistol caliber carbine (her favorite) has a traditional serialized lower, so if she wears-out the barrel it's easy to replace". Doug wonders if the new fee scheme for permits being contemplated in Trenton will affect his ability to continue to provide for Emily's needs as a competitor. Off-season Emily slows it down a bit with some bench rest shooting and this past December Christmas break used her .50 cal Thompson Center Renegade traditional black powder percussion sidelock rifle to harvest TWO deer with ONE bullet by using 60 grains of loose black powder and a .50 cal sabot from her dad's hunting blind. So Emily scored two deer and her dad was goose-egged this season! We nibbled on some venison jerky during the interview (see the harvest pix). The high school sophomore earns honor roll grades, sings in the school choir, has competed in HS gymnastics, built a non-functioning Gatling Gun for her 8th grade history project, and did a Facebook Live video to her 8th grade history class from the range at the US Steel Nationals in Georgia. Her high school doesn't go on lockdown when Cutts wears her "gun" earrings or her gym shirt adorned with AR-15 rifles. They understand that's just how she rolls. Her 8th grade history teacher still has her Gatling Gun on display. After high school she plans to find a college that has a static steel or "action" shooting team where her skills would make her eligible for scholarships. (Editor's Note: We proudly informed the family that Emily would easily obtain the Cal Ellis Memorial Scholarship from the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs if she submitted an application for same as a high school senior). In addition to turning "Pro" as a speed shooter, Cutts wants to help people by becoming a physical therapist.
  9. @DaddyNick A great time was had by all Nick! Full photo story was published on the CNJFO NEWSWIRE Thread. Approx. 20 pix! 2 guys from the Philly area in NJ took their hogs with them. I don't know who they used for butchering. Rosey
  10. Ahead of its' time. I wonder if High Standard mags will fit or can be made to? Good luck with it Chris! ~R
  11. Thanks so much for everything Ray. Glad you had a great time! That Henry mug^^^ is Armen's morning coffee yesterday, lol! Two-three weeks and we'll be picking-up our processed hogs! Can't wait! ~R
  12. #34 WINTER HOG HUNT A HUGE SUCCESS & RAY AND I HAD A GREAT TIME! AND WE STILL HAVE AT LEAST ONE OPENING FOR SAT. 4-27 HOG HUNT!!! CNJFO HOG HUNTERS HELP FUND 2A LAWSUITS & BRIEFS! SOCIAL FUNCTIONS RAISE THOUSANDS FOR US ANNUALLY! by Black Wire Media Monday March 4, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners is very proud to announce an extremely successful Hog Hunt yesterday on Mohr's Island in Bainbridge, PA. The Hunt will help fund our ongoing matching funds campaigns to defend our 2nd Amendment right to carry lawsuits and participation in various Friend-of-the-Court (Amicus) Briefs. We organize these fun excursions, and with the help of our members, hunters, vendors & sponsors, are able to earmark much needed funds to battle the onslaught of bad gun laws NJ residents are constantly being hammered with. Kudos & congratulations to all of our hunters for your 2A support. All NJ gun owners should JOIN or donate: www.cnjfo.com/Donate CNJFO's PORKTASTIC HUNT #1 IS IN THE BOOKS! HUNTING FUNDS EARMARKED FOR LAWSUITS! by Black Wire Media Monday March 4, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us This photo story contains harvested animals, so viewer discretion is advised. The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners hosted their first Hog Hunt for the season yesterday at Mohr's Island in Bainbridge, PA. Thirteen hunters braved the snow-covered 150 acre island in the middle of the Susquehanna River to help raise funds to fight NJ's oppressive gun laws. CNJFO has raised thousands of dollars used to fund current lawsuits & Amicus Briefs by hosting these Patriot Hunts for several years, proving that some hunters care about the 2nd Amendment! Folks from all over NJ came to hunt with the Coalition yesterday, and Old Man Winter was nipping at our heels as we delivered our harvests to the Butcher with snow & rain starting to fall. Originally postponed from January 20th's FOG emergency, we were all glad that this hunt was completed. The harvested prime specimens that will feed their families for months to come were taken to CNJFO sponsor V. Roche & Son Butchers in Whitehouse Station, NJ for expert processing. The Coalition's next Hog Hunt will take place on Saturday April 27th, and yes WE HAVE AN OPENING, so get on the official WAIT LIST if you wish to JOIN THE HUNT: www.cnjfo.com/event-3128884 . CNJFO hereby thanks Henry Repeating Arms, NRA-ILA, ANJRPC, and NJ Concealment Furniture for donating the raffle prizes, and GunForHire's Anthony Colandro for donating Goody Bags filled with GunForHire swag for each hunter. EDITOR's NOTE: Colandro has supported the Coalition since its' inception, and he could use your bullet vote, so 5-Year & Life Members look for your NRA Board of Directors ballot in your February NRA magazine! https://gunforhire.com/colandro-for-nra/
  13. @Zeke Hog Hunt is Sunday. Me & my saucy BLACK POWDER will harvest just fine, lol! Want some BACON delivered to ya? Steel cased is "Exotic"? Aluminum cased is "Exotic"? Lead Buckshot is "Exotic"? WTF! Sounds like a Candy-Ass has run a-muck
  14. ^^^THIS^^^ In general observation, over 47+ years of firearms usage. Not directed to the OP or anyone in particular, just general info you can "take to the bank": There are "Plinkers" & there are "Shooters". I used to be a Plinker. Then I learned how to SHOOT! A "Plinker" is scared to death of screwing-up in front of a squad during a match. They often join private clubs that hold matches (because these clubs DO FUN THINGS or have FUN set-ups), then get pissy when they want to plink during an assigned league match that's on the regular schedule. These folks rarely last at the club because they don't wish to conform to the club's calendar and use it to improve themselves. Some are "know-it-all's" that can't figure out how to safe their own firearms correctly. Conversely, a Shooter adorns the attention, advice, and camaraderie of the private club "league experience". He/she loves to learn & enjoys saving money by not buying the crap they don't need to shoot a match comfortably. Learning by doing & constantly improving. Staying with it long enough to mentor others just starting out in that league discipline. Having FUN doing it too. USPSA, IDPA, Black Powder, Static Steel, Knockdown Steel, Shotgun Clays, Bullseye, High Power Rifle are all available to me in just ONE club. And I can travel to other clubs and have. Each league has their "Regulars", and most will help you; all you need do is ASK FOR IT. Plinking was fun. Being a well-respected competitor capable of attending multiple league matches (sometimes more than one in a single Sunday morning) at a whim is even more FUNNER Rosey
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