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  1. MATCH INFO: Every 2nd Sunday of every month (12x a year) unless weather prevents it. At our outdoor range. Bob (the Match Director) has a Co-Chair (Mike). Mike is a retired Sgt. w/ Kearny PD w/ 28 yrs on the job, and then went to work for Homeland as a contractor & guard. Now retired, Mike is one of my pistol-craft mentors. As a fellow Match Director of PPC at Old Bridge (Police Practical Pistol---don't have to be LEO), I HIGHLY RECOMMEND shooting this match! Open to non-members for the standard $20 non-member rate set by the Bo. of Trustees. Have fun & be SAFE! Rosey
  2. You funny Bob, lol! I'd be lucky to carry a Jackass on my back, and then someone would point to us & say, "Hey LOOK IT'S A PAIR OF JACKASSES", at which point I'd laugh so hard I'd drop the poor animal & then it would kick me in the nutz for droppin' him
  3. Yes, the system worked, sort-of. Once a FFL saw this for what it was (by looking-up the Kali law), THEN the system worked. And I'm thrilled it did! Proud of you guys actually. Except for @brucin cause I kan't ride no Mastodons in the summer. Too HOT for that hairy shite! ~R
  4. ^^^^Totally agree! My antenna goes up for this sorta thing. Call it "gut instinct". Whatever it is, it has served me well. Some fish take the bait. You & I know when to spit out the hook
  5. @W2MC So, let's see if I get this straight, shall we? You join a gun forum, and instead of lurking for a day or two to get used to the gist of things, OR introducing yourself on the Intro Thread, you...WITH YOUR VERY FIRST POST ON A GUN FORUM, do initiate a thread requiring that you... 1. Jump onto the Legal Threads and set-up a somewhat advanced scenario in which you want someone (your parents) to send you a non-Kali compliant(?) hand gun TO KALI so you can use a little-known work-around to get a hand gun that's not on the goody-two-shoes List, and.... 2. After immediately (within an hour!) ascertaining that this group would desire you to simply use a gift card to buy the hand gun yourself IN KALI, you BAIL, never to be seen or heard from again (in now going on 18 hours). Did I MISS something??
  6. YES! Very similar to the current "Old Way", w/ references mailed a form on PD letterhead! Real INK rollers & fingerprint cards (yes, I know how to roll my own prints, the Cops showed me!). A 1-pg application for both Yellow Card (NJFPID for you whippersnappers) AND long gun, as well as a Mental Health form "All-in-one". Hand gun P2P's back then were known as "NJ Firearm Permit to Purchase Pistol or Revolver". Nothing said "Hand Gun" OR "Form of Register" on the Permit. As I worked for the Old Bridge Police with an "Off-Campus Study Program" at age 15 while a sophomore in HS, in their Photo Lab (in the basement next to the jail cells) developing 4 x 5 cut film & making both mug shot contact prints & 8 x 10's from crime scene images (yes, even homicides), everybody from the Chief on down knew me. Took an entire work week to get my first P2P. Sat on Gillard's desk for 2 days waiting for him to sign it. My Photo Lab Boss was the Det. Sgt. in charge of the Records Bureau. He printed me wet Back then it was "are you sure you only need 2 permits"? And you could buy 12 hand guns in a single day if ya had the dough to pay for it all. Ah, the Good 'Ol Days HA! I might have used my bicycle to pick up my first permit!??
  7. ^^^^THIS^^^^ One of the MANY reasons, to this day, that a NJFPID card is NOT needed to OWN OR TRANSPORT firearms, only PURCHASE them! Riddle me this Batman: Please name a single (just ONE) Police Widow that was arrested for taking her late husbands off-duty hand gun to the range to practice. And up until just recently, the range would SELL HER AMMO w/o her showing a NJFPID. Hell, I betcha even today, Joe Commode or one of his 4 Pink Card holders would "sell themselves the ammo" (log-in the ledger w/ their own name) & then hand her the box across the counter! "Badge Americard" & "membership has its' privileges"
  8. Paranoia to some is experience to others. It comes in several flavors, just like ice cream (or Crock Pot Ribs) on a hot day Gun Control elements sometimes pose unique, somewhat technical transfer questions looking to mine information on the very technicalities we enjoy. Where do ya think Murphy found out about how inherited pieces of metal & wood are passed-down thru a family? Maybe HERE on this very info source? He did want to end family members inheriting dad's WW2 GI .45 w/o a P2P... Always lookin' to make friends. And after gettin' 200+ email notifications about ribs, I'm startin' to get HUNGRY, lol! Stay COOL my friend. ~R
  9. LOL! Folks can answer however they'd like. It's a free country (well except for gun control, Murphy mags, ammo logs, OGAM, Justifiable Need blocking carry by commoners, NJFPID w/ a 4 yr time limit--they DID try that shit already, fingerprinting every two years or at a CLEO's will to do so, directly to & from BS, and who knows how many more). If the dude is legit, and the gun is currently mass-produced & NOT a one-of-a-kind custom made from a meteorite (like the famous Cabot 1911 for $100K+), then a Gift Card wrapped with a cute bow does the trick. Can a FFL ship to another FFL w/o indicating a Buyer at final point-of-sale? Of course, done all the time. With not just retail FFL's I might add (Manufacturers too). This guy says he "qualifies" to own a hand gun in Kali. He doesn't even say he has the clearance and/or paperwork to YET do so. If I'm wrong about this, it won't be the first time I was ever wrong. I remain cautiously optimistic that this Kali resident will follow all BATF&E legalities. Skirting Kali law could, at some point, come back to bite one in the arse. FFL or not... ~R
  10. Paranoid is a good label. I'm proud to wear it. My "Spidey Sense" is still tingling. It's 9:30 am in Kali, so where's the OP?
  11. My very first hand gun purchase WAS in fact, "a STRAW PURCHASE"! In 1977 when I was only 18 years old I bought a hand gun. With my HS graduation gift money. My Dad & I both got P2P's from Old Bridge. The old-fashioned kind w/ blue "carbon paper". He "bought" the hand gun NEW from the store & I bought it "USED" from him within seconds of the original transfer. At the FFL's counter. With the FFL as a WITNESS! The entire process took only an extra minute or two. The addresses matched since I was living at home with my parents. Dad's P2P was marked "New" & mine was marked "Used". Same hand gun & same serial number! The store owner stapled the two copies together & sent them to NJSP in West Trenton, NJ and I stapled our "Issuing Authority" copies together & sent them to George E. Gillard, CLEO at Old Bridge at the time. George live on Bennet Lane, off Rt. 516 (but I digress). PROVING A STRAW PURCHASE! Only one problem, in 1977 the term, "STRAW PURCHASE", the law, the entire MESS wasn't invented YET, and fathers bought new hand guns this way every time their kids put one on a lay-away And we didn't wait for a NICS check either... And the guy that sold me my first hand gun threw-in a box of shells--.357 Magnums--for free as a graduation gift (no log back then either)! Yes, NJ used to be THAT FREE! Today I fight for the FREEDOMS I ONCE HAD! Some of you still don't realize that you can use brown craft paper & bakery string to make a "SECURELY TIED PACKAGE" and leave said package on your front seat while enroute to an exempt location...but I digress... ~R
  12. THIS IS THE OP'S 1ST POST. MY ANTENNA IS UP. As I analyze this thread, it starts-out asking how someone with no intention of filling-out paperwork (NJFPID) can "straw purchase" for someone out of state... Take the relationship of parent > kid out of the equation. What do YOU see here? Maybe it's just me, but this seems like quite an involved, technical question for a 1st-ever post on a gun forum... not a mention of what the gun IS or whether it conforms to Kali gun laws... Is this hand gun so special that its' only sold in the Communist People's Republic of New Jerseystan? Is it a 50 year old antique model that's unique in some way? I'm missing some info here! If I'm dead wrong, I apologize in advance. Mommy & Daddy can send you an Amex gift card, all dressed-up pretty with a bow on the box. Then you take the gift card to the Kali FFL & buy the gun after YOU personally go thru whatever meat grinder Kali puts a new gun owner thru (notice folks he said he CAN legally own a hand gun----NOT that he ALREADY HAS ONE OR SEVERAL!). ~R
  13. CHEESEMAN CAN'T BE BOUGHT WITH A PERMIT! This entire case is to dismantle the illegal "Justifiable Need" law as well as "specific threats", etc., etc. All the UNCONSTITUTIONAL BS from the last half-century going all the way back to Siccardi & Sills. With superior documentation by historian Jay Factor highlighting every turn, every deviation, from what was originally intended. Please consider joining CNJFO so you'll know stuff like this. At the very least, sign-up for the free email blasts to keep you up-to-speed. Everyone here should be a member! WE FIGHT FOR US ALL! https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us Jay Factor...
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