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  1. All you're going to get is CRICKETS for an answer.... Nobody is going to do an evaluation and risk their name on a one-shot deal. DWYAT and you'll be pleased. ~R
  2. Check out Dixon Muzzleloading Shop in Kempton, PA. Tell them Rosey sent you! ~R
  3. Dick Heller texted me this late last night. Been so busy with NJ gun laws BS I haven't had a chance to read it. Guess I better get on it. Yes, we chat often. He's working on a book and asked for some help. Rosey
  4. Jay Factor's CNJFO Matching Funds Campaign: https://www.cnjfo.com/page-18138 To sign-up as a MEMBER OF CNJFO: https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us THANKS ALL! ROSEY
  5. @samiam If you haven't been completely pissed-off by yours truly (dry humor--take no offense!), here's a speech I gave about three years ago to a great group of South Jersey Patriots attending a NJ Constitutional Republicans meeting pre-'Rona. Mark Cheeseman, Jay Factor, Sen. Mike Testa (before he became Senator!), and my good friend Theresa Inacker all spoke.
  6. @samiam First let me say a hearty "WELCOME TO THE FIGHT"! I didn't mean to ruffle feathers, so I apologize if I did. VCDL is a great organization and several CNJFO members supported the protest in Richmond, VA by being there (took the Metroliner from Jersey) conducting interviews, writing news stories and covering the event with both stills and videos. We (myself personally AND the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners--CNJFO) have made friends with several of their high ranking members and others known throughout Virginia as 2A leaders. Jill S. McDaniel of Mom At Arms, LLC and the Virginia State Director of The DC Project--Women for Gun Rights knows us and is a Facebook friend that shares our views and commitment to the cause. CNJFO strongly supports The DC Project, and will be sponsoring most of the catering expense at their next NJ Fundraiser on Saturday Oct. 22nd in Mays Landing, NJ. These powerful women get appointments with legislators both here in NJ and at their DC offices, and give heart-wrenching evidence describing how their lives were changed by violence and HOW they wish to defend themselves and their families with firearms. They get into places that old fat white guys like me aren't welcome. And they do us all a great service by doing so. Several of their national and regional officers are Facebook friends and we share each others' content. CNJFO attends the Executive Board meetings of ANJRPC, our NJ state NRA Affiliate (pre-covid before the 'Rona) and has donated over $5K to their Rogers lawsuit. Then we did a "Matching Funds" Campaign for over 11 grand to the Cheeseman-Jillard lawsuit (case #19-27) that paid for an amicus brief for SCOTUS. We're an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization (both NJ & federal) with bylaws and a dissolution amendment. I or @Krdshrk can put you in touch with our Treasurer for any documentation you desire. With the Bruen case causing a "massive disruption in The Force" (think Star Wars), sometimes I spend an 18 hour day doing 2A work as a volunteer. As such, I rarely get on this forum long enough to type as much as I did the other day (or now). Last night Krdshrk, I and 2 other CNJFO members trained Newbies at Tony Simon's, "The 2nd is for Everyone: Diversity Shoot" held at Recoil-NJ in Monroe Twp., NJ. Rest assured your membership, your time, talent and treasure mean a lot to us fighting for all gun owners in NJ! I can make myself available for a phone call to quell any fears. Here's some pix of stuff we've done: Let me know if I can be of any help to you in your decision on who (what group(s) you support. Thanks for your time! Sincerely, Rosey
  7. Why wait to join 2A organizations? They're already working on your behalf---and everyone else's here---to rid all unconstitutionality for the process of buying, transporting and CARRYING firearms! My social media is public. As the Editor in-Chief for Black Wire Media---CNJFO's Facebook page---my life and thoughts are an open book! Several members here are members of the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO). Everybody here SHOULD BE! Here's where to JOIN: https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us As just one example, CNJFO is currently running a "Matching Funds" Campaign for Jay Factor's lawsuit. Here's the story: CNJFO LAUNCHES MATCHING FUNDS CAMPAIGN FOR FACTOR! SUIT SEEKS FARS SYSTEM TO REPLACE JUDGES & CASE-BY-CASE! by Black Wire Media Wed. Aug. 17, 2022 www.cnjfo.com/join-us The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners proudly announces a "Matching Funds" campaign to help PAY for the LAWSUIT that may end judicial control of applications to CARRY A HANDGUN in New Jersey! CNJFO's Board of Trustees voted yesterday to match up to FIVE THOUSAND dollars of public contributions for Historian Jay Factor's case # 087269! The special donation link is active, and all funds are earmarked for this case: https://www.cnjfo.com/page-18138 With your help, victory and further restoration of your gun rights will be achieved. Superior Court Judges will no longer have the ability to question applicants on an UNCONSTITUTIONAL CASE-BY-CASE basis post-Bruen SCOTUS decision of June 23, 2022. Judges will no longer be able to instruct their staff to DELAY applications, slow-walking them through a 50+ year old overburdened and antique RED-TAPE series of built-in DELAYS that currently require handgun carry permit holders to start the renewal process 6 MONTHS prior to the expiration of their permit! "The New York State Rifle Pistol Association v. Bruen case eliminated "Justifiable Need" in New Jersey, but that's all it did. The rest is up to US, and CNJFO, New Jersey's busiest Second Amendment organization is leading the way by putting hard-earned funds where its mouth is! Please JOIN THE FIGHT and CNJFO will match your donation up to the first 5K!" ---Jack Pyle, CNJFO Treasurer & founding Trustee SOME HISTORY FOR THOSE NEW TO THE FIGHT: CNJFO ran a Matching Funds campaign for the Rogers case, writing a check for five thousand dollars to our state NRA affiliate ANJRPC to help offset legal expenses. We did a second Matching Funds campaign for Mark Cheeseman's SCOTUS case #19-27, raising 11,000 dollars (see photo of check presentation). This is the Coalitions THIRD Matching Funds campaign, an unparalleled achievement for a statewide 2A organization! THE NITTY-GRITTY AS ONLY FACTOR CAN EXPLAIN IT: "With Rogers 18-824 and Cheeseman 19-27 not getting granted Certiorari at SCOTUS in 2019, New Jersey needed another carry case to attack the Siccardi Rule aka “urgent necessity.” IN THE MATTER OF DENIAL OF A PERMIT TO CARRY A HANDGUN FOR JAY FACTOR SUPREME COURT OF NEW JERSEY Docket No. 087269 was launched in October of 2020 to be that case. With the SCOTUS win in Bruen, “urgent necessity” is off the table. But the NJ Attorney General’s Directive isn't case law and therefore subject to whim. In Siccardi, the NJ Supreme Court explained that “the legislative designation of the judiciary as the issuing authority was unfortunate for it burdened the Justices with functions which were clearly nonjudicial in nature…” and that “the Justices might well have declined the designation as unduly interfering with the proper discharge of their judicial responsibilities.” Attorney David Jensen was the lawyer in Drake v. Filko, in the 3rd Circuit. Counsel for Mark Cheeseman in 19-27. And Jensen co-authored CNJFO’s amicus brief in Rogers. In FACTOR 087269, Jensen explains to the NJ Supreme Court that without “justifiable need,” there is nothing left for the Superior Court Judges to do. Judges can’t even consider “good moral character”. Jensen points out that Judges can only hold a hearing to waste another 30 days on top of an already oppressive 60-day investigation period. FACTOR 087269 allows “the judiciary” the opportunity “to decline the designation as the issuing authority,” and overturn Siccardi, Preis, and Wheeler, all at the same time. The later would provide infinitely more protection to Carry Permit Applicants than the Attorney General’s Directive. To the former, as the Siccardi Court prognosticated over fifty years ago, “in the event (of the judiciary declining), the Legislature would presumably have to revise the legislative scheme to provide for administrative issuance of permits,” which could be as simple as the FARS system now taking place with 2C:58-3a Permits to purchase a handgun and 2C:58-3b Firearms purchaser identification cards. At the very least, the removal of the judiciary from the carry permit process saves applicants 30 days on issuance of permits and abuse as we've already witnessed in several New jersey counties. It could very well spell the end of ““good moral character” and references because they too, are decided on a case-by-case basis." ---Jay Factor, Litigant & "Justifiable Need" victim (twice) #CNJFO #2AHeavyLifters #2A #2AShallNotBeInfringed #gun #firearmsinstructor #GunRightsAreWomensRights #gunrights #gunrightsarecivilrights #takeakidtotherange There's no reason to NOT be a member of New Jersey's busiest Second Amendment organization! To DONATE TO JAY'S LAWSUIT: https://www.cnjfo.com/page-18138 Thanks for your time and attention! Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, VP Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO) https://www.cnjfo.com https://www.JustifiableNeed.com
  8. @revenger I think it's a great idea once the NJ state AG forces reluctant CLEO's and Judges to do what the law says regarding carry permits. Right now the 2A groups---I can't speak for all of them---are concerned with a whole host of "whack-A-mole" situations, the most important of which is the failure of the NJSP to pull a new ID card--complete with thumbprint and color photo--out of their asses so NJ CLEO's can resume issuing yellow cards (NJFPID's). Right now some towns are all out of F**ks and issuing the old way, thereby actually breaking Murphy's new Gun Control 3.0 law. And I have people on the inside telling me NJSP is now approving first time applicants using the old system. This is a target-rich environment as far as letters to the AG, NJSP, Assignment Judges, etc. We could really use some help and would be glad if you rolled up your sleeves and picked your favorite issue to write about! Ideas don't have to come strictly from "2A Groups". ---Rosey Being "Well-Regulated" at the time of the founding of this Country:
  9. VOLUNTEERS NEEDED TO TEACH KIDS THE WAYS OF THE GUN! KIDS NEEDED TO TEACH VOLUNTEERS HOW TO MENTOR! Help your community by BEING A MENTOR! Saturday September 24, 2022 at Union Hill Gun Club! Full details in story below! ---Rosey CNJFO YOUTH PROGRAM AT UNION HILL GUN CLUB 9-24-22! REGISTER NOW AS WE'RE HALF SOLD-OUT! JUST 12 SPOTS LEFT! by Eric Saperstein for Black Wire Media Tues. Aug. 9, 2022 Back by popular demand, the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners once again brings firearms education to today's youth on Saturday September 24, 2022, at Union Hill Gun Club on Union Hill Road in Monroe Twp., NJ. The full day Youth Educational Program teaches the basics of marksmanship and SAFETY to kids ages 8-16 utilizing over (50) .22 LR caliber long guns and some pistols. Currently the program is already half sold-out, so please register promptly to reserve your son or daughter's participation. Everything is included, with eye and ear protection, a catered lunch, goodie bags, etc. We'll hold raffles for great prizes donated by our sponsors, so come prepared to have some great FUN & EDUCATION! Your registration per participant will be $59 and will include classroom time, range time, ammunition, access to firearms, targets, lunch, swag, and other supporting gear … AND a custom one-of-a-kind event t-shirt! For each registered youth CNJFO also provides lunch for their parent or guardian. An extra lunch is available for $15 per person if more than one parent comes with a participant. Doors will open at 1:30pm and we will plan to begin and run from 2pm – 6pm … instructors and support crew should report by 12:30pm and are encouraged to stay through the complete cleanup. The event registration page is here with more details: Register Kids: https://www.cnjfo.com/event-4890816 Register Volunteers: https://www.cnjfo.com/event-4890853 We run this event entirely on volunteers and donated time and support. If you want to come and help as an instructor, kid wrangler, lunch crew, cleanup, handle the swag and raffles, etc. … please sign up! We can always use photographers and videographers to help provide memories! We appreciate your help! All volunteers receive lunch and a shirt! New sponsors are welcome, and we encourage you to recommend any organization that can provide financial funding, and more importantly at this time cool SWAG for our kids to enjoy, and higher end items for our raffles and giveaways. Please find our Youth Educational Program flyer attached with details about our ongoing Youth Range Days and links to our sponsors. We are seeking support for twenty-five (25) participants. Donation Link: https://www.facebook.com/donate/553979153087522/ A CNJFO – Youth Range Day Fund Raiser is active! Please help support our ongoing programs. While we do request a per participant fee, this locks in a spot. Your donation helps cover lunch for the kids and volunteers, range expenses, prizes for the kids, etc. We are also building up funding to acquire more program firearms, setup in time for outdoor events, and hopefully expand into a statewide franchised model increasing our reach to including regular programs at ranges throughout the state. Host Range: Union Hill Gun Club! 8 Union Hill Rd, Monroe Twp, NJ 08831 Sponsors: Keystone Sporting Arms LLC, Henry Repeating Arms, ROC Training, Leupold & Stevens, Smith & Wesson Inc., Tandemkross, Gun Girls, Inc., Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters, Gun For Hire, LLC, Union Hill Gun Club, RTSP - Range, Firearms & Training, Radians, Legacy Indoor Range & Armory, Skip's Outdoors, Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays, Top Shot Chris Cheng, The 2nd is for Everyone, and the NRA - National Rifle Association of America. More sponsors are in the works! Thank you for all your ongoing support. Please reach out to me if you are interested in providing support for our efforts to ensure the next generation gets the opportunity to enjoy safe and family friendly range days, and to become immersed in our culture! Eric M. Saperstein Youth Committee Chair [email protected] 609-658-2955 WWW.CNJFO.COM
  10. @High Exposure^^^The voice of reason, lol! If a small barreled gun is shot correctly---at FULL EXTENSION---so the sights are as far away from the face as possible, THEN I'm in agreement that snubby's and their Glock/Sig/Other equivalent can easily pass the Qual. Problem is most Newbies crowd their "cover" and bend their elbows when shooting, which results in a sight picture that SUCKS at 25 yards. There's simply too much "play" between front & rear sights, especially with manufacturer supplied dot sights. Many years ago at the OBR&PC PPC Match I'm the Match Director of, an "unknown-to-the-club Newbie" showed up with a tiny .357 Sig. He blasted away with full extension and scored over 500 x 600 on his first attempt. Flame was coming outta his muzzle. I asked him WHERE THE EFF he learned to shoot like that. Then he showed me his tin and ID from Homeland Security. Didn't mention @GRIZ but made me wonder in AWE! Not every Cop is a Barney Fiffe, some can actually SHOOT! My then 16-year-old son stood at my side at Monmouth Co. R&P Club and shot the 60 round COF of the RPO. One yard to 25 yards in steps, with administrative reloading. He used my S&W 586 and speed loaders. Shot a 57 x 60 and won a box of ammo from a W. Long Branch Cop that was the MD. It was his FIRST attempt at any handgun Qual. That was almost 17 years ago. I don't think you should have to qualify with a handgun to make use of a Constitutional Right, but PRACTICE is highly recommended. I also don't think you should write a letter to the editor using your 1st Amendment Right without having first brushed up on spelling, sentence structure and punctuation. No need to prove yer an idiot behind a keyboard OR a gun This B-27 is from a brand new COF that my league co-chair and I designed late last month for our July Match. I HOSED the target at 7 and 15 yards, not using the rear sight until 25 yards. The result was a 233 x 250. At 7 yards I did 5 shots in approx. 2.5 sec outta-the-leather with 5 seconds allotted. Similar hosings for the other short-yardage stages. I was trying to show our PPC "students" that the shorter times were (ARE) more than doable. @Mr.Stu easily shot a 246 or 248 (used 2 different guns). ---Rosey
  11. These are .22 caliber "Parlor Pistols" designed to be shot inside your living room. They came in a boxed set of 2. A novelty piece, without rifling (in other words a smooth bore), and were popular in the mid-late 1800's. Take #11 percussion caps I believe and use very few grains of BLACK POWDER. Sorry I'm late to the party---I've been a little busy lately, lol! Rosey
  12. What ANYONE THINKS doesn't matter! What the RULES ARE matters. Nothing has substantially changed in the qualification process except now you need to score 80% in order to qualify (200 x 250). And you need to do it WITH THE GUN YOU'RE GOING TO CARRY! So, since there isn't a "Change Form", you'll have to qualify with your new, unpurchased & unregistered (and UNPRACTICED WITH) handgun. ~R
  13. ^^^^THIS! Superior Court Judges still have to actually try cases and not just hold ccw hearings. NJSP Superintendent Callahan was quoted as expecting 200 THOUSAND applicants to come outta the woodwork, so.... I feel that they (Superior Court Judges) themselves will say to the legislature, "Sorry, you'll have to find someone else to do this!"...and the system will morph from what we have now---going up against a County Prosecutor---to more of a "Shall Issue" arrangement and the CLEO's will be the last word. The same CLEO's that hate guns and stall permits to purchase... EVERYBODY NEEDS TO CALM THE EFFF DOWN and wait for Schmutter & Bach to come up with the Road Map. Everything else is just BULLSHIT at this point and a waste of time dealing with "What-If's"........ ~R
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