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  1. Adam, I'll give it a whirl if somebody brings one to the shoot, lol! I'd do like what Hickok .45 did to his Shockwave: 1. Grip Tape to stop his webbing between thumb & index finger from hitting safety switch. 2. Covering the phillips head screws in the fore end with some black electrical tape. More user-friendly. This tool is best pointed while holding in front of you, as the video demonstrates. Shooting from the hip can make you miss because your FEET position determine where the rounds/shot wind-up. It's a technique that requires lots of practice to get it right, and most shooters won't dedicate the time to get it RIGHT. Firing a scattergun from the right hip lends itself to missing by having the pattern go wide to the left. The exact opposite happens for southpaws. This is because the weak hand has to be uncomfortably elongated to keep muzzle pointed strait when standing squared-up to the intended target. For this reason, learning where/how to place your feet so that your NATURAL point is in front of you is necessary. Guys like me with short arms & big guts especially Gimmie some Gun Club Lite (2 3/4 Dram, marked for 1145 fps) & I could mess with some clays. High brass buckshot or slugs is a two-hand scenario for me and I doubt that I'd want to shoot it all day long.
  2. Thanks everyone for all of the kudos! I pour my soul into our 2A fight & so do all of the folks that help run / fund the Coalition's all volunteer trustee board & committees. Folks like W2MC^^^ that attend pheasant hunt & sporting clays fundraisers (see ya at Lehigh Sporting Clays on the 29th Jon). The article gave both sides, although our side wasn't given a chance to reply to the infamous "gun show loophole" that doesn't exist! Remember that stories like this one are worked-on for 4-7 days prior to publication, so the editor gets a crack at making sure the slant is there. It's not always the reporter who is at fault. Amanda's family are members of Sure Shot Range in Lakewood. I invited her to the range for a free session, so let's see if she takes me up on my offer.
  3. Thank you Det. Sgt. Brett Bloom, NJSP Firearms Unit
  4. BUMP! STORY BROKE TODAY ON FRONT PAGE OF ASBURY PARK PRESS! Nappen, Bach & I are quoted in the story: http://www.app.com/story/news/politics/2017/10/16/concealed-carry-gun-laws-helping-criminals-protecting-victims/759314001
  5. I use that same Dirty Harry line all the time, lol!
  6. For a look inside today's meeting with Kim Guadagno & the member clubs of the ANJR&PC, which was held a full day in advance of the General membership meeting (linked story in the Hit Piece above^^^), please visit CNJFO's facebook page. CNJFO was there, and so was Anthony Colandro, Scott Bach & Kathy Chatterton from ANJR&PC. So were dozens more from clubs all over the state. The NRA-ILA's Christian Ragosta was there & mentioned speaking with Mrs. Peel.
  7. I attended today's meeting & requested that if elected, she please consider appointing an AG that is a LOT more friendly to the Second Amendment. I added it would be nice to not see any more 23 page decisions as to whether to give PTI to out of staters with valid CCW's in neighboring states (I.E.: Shaneen Allen), etc. She told the room she'd certainly try to do so. Today's special emergency meeting was for member club's officers to attend, not the rank & file. The General membership Meeting is tomorrow, Sunday the 15th at The Grand Summit Hotel in Summit, NJ. She'll be the Keynote Speaker there. Today marked the first ever meeting between gun owners and a member of the NJ Executive Branch for the express purpose of announcing positions on 2A principles. Yes, she asked everyone for their votes, but she also said of the Governor's race, "it's publicly more about TAXES than it is about guns because NJ is still a blue state". To her credit, she failed to make any promises to placate those in attendance, myself included. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement. She answered hard questions without stumbling, and cited bad gun law all on her own. She also promised to keep-up the Christy style pardons if the legislature doesn't fall into Republican control. She's ON OUR SIDE! I'm totally convinced of it! Rosey CNJFO VP http://www.cnjfo.com
  8. Thanks for your faith & trust. Our hearts are in this for the long run. Just think what kind of media campaign we could employ if 10K gun owners joined out of the 1M we're supposed to have in NJ! Power in numbers for sure, so WELCOME & THANK YOU!
  9. I hope I'll be treated fairly, as I was promised same. We even chatted about word count not needing to be equal as long as I wasn't misquoted . In bantering back & forth, Amanda mentioned there were a couple closet gun owners in the news room & at least one hunter. She has family that owns guns & frequents Shore Shot Pistol Range. Her Uncle has a huge collection & trains NJSP in some capacity as a firearms instructor. So there's HOPE.... I don't read that rag myself, but this Sunday I'll make an exception. On a personal note, I still have that bottle & intend to get it to you when this news cycle calms down. Posting for the Coalition is turning into a full-time job
  10. Thanks to everyone for your kudos. I went in with reservations & both eyes OPEN, and was assured by the reporter that she'd write it fairly, so we'll see what her editor does between now & when the presses roll. To say she was enlightened would be an understatement to say the least. Permit waiting periods, mental health checks, comparisons to gun laws in free amerikka, NICS check to get the P2P & then a second NICS on the day of, NICS & P2P's for cops that carry 24/7/365 (WOW, that's dumb, I didn't know THAT), I even called a NJ CCW a "Unicorn in a hay stack", citing between 1,300-1,700 carry permits granted to RPO's, judges & the politically connected in a state of 9 million residents. The poor girl got both barrels & typed as fast as I spoke while using her headset for the phone . I think I'll be treated decently. She also mentioned Nappen & Bach were quoted for the story, so I'm in great company. I made sure to ask her what Nappen & Bach spoke about so as to ensure that I wouldn't be redundant & look like a fool. Between the three of us our side was well represented.
  11. Yes there is & I'll post the direct link when it's published on Sunday. http://www.app.com/news/ will get you to the main news page.
  12. Story should hit the newsstands in this Sunday's paper. Gave the reporter a 50 minute interview this afternoon on all sorts of EFF'd-Up NJ gun laws, justifiable need & how being KIDNAPPED TWICE by the same Biker Gang wasn't justifiable ENOUGH, Dustin Friedlander (Short Hills Mall), Carol Bowne DV homicide & how she'd be lookin' at 3.5-7 if she had a loaded gun with her in the SUV when her Ex stabbed her, Shaneen Allen arrest w/ permitted hand gun over the boarder, PTI, mandatory minimums, and how even cops have to get a P2P for their off duty gun(s)! Enough STUPID to fill an entire story by itself. I hope I'm treated fairly, as I was assured I would be. I also hope I spoke up well for all of us here on the forum that want to see real changes for the better when it comes to NJ gun laws! Rosey
  13. ^^^And ya still wanna teach her to shoot, lol?
  14. If the wife has her own NJFPID card you can "sell" her your long gun via a C.O.E. (Certificate of Eligibility). Make 2 copies (one for each party) & tear them up when that evil Henry lever action .22 plinker is safe at home . The other completely legal way of transporting your guns (all of them) is for her to wait till you croak of natural causes or to hire a Hit Man to knock you off. Assuming you name her as Executrix in your will and she gets it all, she can then transport your firearms (even evil hand guns) to any exempt location, including a range, so she can USE THEM WITHOUT YOU! In point of fact, she doesn't even need any NJFPID card or P2P's for the hand guns, as they're now HERS automatically through the will .
  15. Anthony is a marketing professional. Has been for decades, even before Gun For Hire was invented. He does handle himself quite well, making sure to speak in such a way that chopped sound bites wreak havoc in the editing room. So he gets his message out there in this great video. Kelly gets to do "The Hit" in the story, NOT the video. Kelly was almost fair (compared to how he usually is that is) on the subject, but we both know the inverted triangle used to write an editable story had all of the "bad & evil black rifle stuff" in the beginning of the story. This piece wasn't a surprise to me at all. Often the media will seek to interview local Second Amendment proponents after an incident, so for me it was more like, "OK someone got off their ass & got an interview with Anthony, GREAT, now we get to have a say in the narrative". I too was interviewed (over the phone by Dan Alexander) the day after the Vegas incident by NJ101.5fm. Here's a link to my 5 seconds of fame: http://nj1015.com/what-will-it-take-nj-congressmen-push-gun-control-after-las-vegas-massacre/ . Because the story was re-edited several times after Christy appeared on the station's "Ask the Governor" Show, my comments are approx. 20 paragraphs down into the pyramid . I brought up the mental health issue & gave condolences since facts were hard to come by 8 days ago (and still are if you ask me). The radio station has my contact info, so I expect more calls for future stories. Rosey