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  1. It's like pulling teeth to get to the real set of questions. GRIZ for the WIN!
  2. I'll be there for the third year in a row. Virtually anyone that matters as far as 2A goes will be there. If I don't see ya before this event, stop at our booth to say hello! http://www.cnjfo.com
  3. You are 100% correct, there is no mandatory registration of hand guns or long guns in NJ. You could wheel-in your bus-sized RV from Free Amerikka loaded with a 200 gun collection and merely keep yer yap shut .
  4. NO! I inherited hand guns w/o any P2P's in the 80's. NO paperwork. Guys brought home .45's from the last 3 major conflicts in the 20th century. My dad was one of them. Not every gun in NJ has a paper trail to find
  5. In a "typical" hotel situation, I 100% concur. Where I tend to "stray in interpretation" is when it comes to these "long-term" "Residence Inns" set-up for contracted employees to live there for months at a time, while under contract. Some of these multi-month contracts can last half a year or more, so the contract employees never "check-out" until their contract position expires. They leave their personal belongings at the hotel all the time, while both at work & "play" during non-working times. They receive mail there, so IMO, in that specific case, it qualifies as a residence. If you don't get mail there & don't leave your personal belongings there, then it's NOT a residence. You are correct! Hotels don't qualify as a residence 99.9% of the time since hardly anyone can say they get MAIL there.
  6. Thanks Ed! I try to be both enlightening & entertaining. These dry laws can drive a man to DRINK! I'll be here till Tuesday; try the veal, lol!
  7. ^^^You two handled the "Sandy EXEMPTION" quite well, so BRAVO, lol! And Paul handled the temporary residence that you might have to PROVE with used aftershave & toothbrush. And GRIZ is right, you don't have to OWN a residence to live there! So I'll just chime-in with this tidbit: If you write "LONG GUN" instead of merely "gun" in your explanation of intentions, and you happen to have a valid NJFPID Card, then you may transport your UNLOADED Long Gun (rifle or scattergun) at any time of the day or night, ANYWHERE in NJ 'cept for a Gun Free Zone, Military Installation/Federal Building, or illegal Gun "Buy-Back" in a Newark, Camden, Patterson or New Brunswick Church basements . So when you say or write "GUN" here on the forum, it's still a little vague. Zip gun, Desert Eagle in .50 A.E. or any HAND GUN in-between is a HAND GUN. If you pay the Direct TV bill (or any other monthly ongoing expense) at the GF's house or Apt., you just hit the JACKPOT, cause now you have PROOF OF A SECOND RESIDENCE w/o someone examining your Aqua Velva bottle . So now your HAND GUN is kosher (just don't let the nosy neighbor in 3B see ya packin' in the hallway while you get the mail )
  8. Automatically when? At time of purchase/acquisition? At time of spouses death? Hand gun permits don't have room for two named individuals & neither do C.O.E.'s for long guns. So the gun(s) only BELONG to one or the other. The monetary VALUE (expressed in dollars) of said personal property can be divided in Divorce Court, and the one & only owner of said firearm(s) can either liquidate the asset (sell it) or buy the spouse's portion (as decreed in the divorce papers). This monetary arrangement is normal & customary for property obtained during a marriage. It still doesn't give a spouse the right to illegally possess, illegally transport to & from an exempt location (i.e.: shooting range) since only the OWNER is stipulated to have those EXEMPTIONS. If there are 10 beneficiaries (heirs) named in the will, which one gets to take it to the range? Answer: The owner of said firearm NAMED IN THE WILL or whomever the Executor/Executrix deems worthy of either an offer to buy-out the other heirs OR he/she may simply liquidate the asset to satisfy the Probate Court so as to enable him/her to make disbursements from the deceased's estate. At time of spouses death, if a firearm is named in the will of a deceased, it becomes the property of the named heir/beneficiary. Most likely that will be the spouse, but sometimes it might be a favorite grandson, for instance. I can will my firearm(s) to the NRA Museum, my local Boy Scout Council, etc. as I don't need to will them to a live, breathing person.
  9. Thanks GRIZ! Re: Bernie Goetz, I have a friend with a reloading station in his basement. The reloading supply cabinets are adorned with old bumper stickers that are VERY Pro-Gun. My favorite: "EVERY MUGGER DESERVES WHAT HE GOETZ!" Runner-up: "My gun killed less people than Ted Kennedy's CAR!". Yes the DA had to "shop around for a Grand Jury" while every New Yorker interviewed on radio, tv or in the papers was for letting Goetz go free. Town Hall had to repress "vigilantism", so they tried in vain to crucify him. Then high-ranking insiders gave the media copies of all of the Perps "Rap Sheets", turning public opinion 100% for Goetz (if I recall correctly--it's been a while). Subway muggings went WAY down for a while, presumably because the Perps didn't want to meet-up with copy-cats. 1 Police Plaza sorta kept those numbers UNDER WRAPS! Again, thanks for "keepin' it REAL"!
  10. Jeff, you're 100% correct! Just one generation ago kids here in NJ would hunt on their way to school, and leave their long guns in the Principal's office. ONE generation. These folks are still alive & many are my friends. I've been a Jersey gun owner for four decades, and a shooter for 46 years. And I'm frustrated to admit things are as bad as they are, but at the same time I'm proud to be a Second Amendment patriot & VP of NJ's busiest Second Amendment organization, The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO) http://www.cnjfo.com . There's the letter of the law, there's the INTENT of the law, there's even laws on the books that have never been used (as Griz always states about wives & domestic partners using a firearm that isn't registered to themselves in a self-defense encounter). Please continue to ask whatever questions you deem necessary to keep yer butt outta jail. Griz, I & others will do our best to answer your questions before the Fudds do. I'll admit to using sarcasm (like driving-around "Bernie the Stiff" in a passenger's seat) as a way to illustrate how stupid the laws are, and I do it primarily to entertain the readers instead of dryly linking to written law that can be (is ALWAYS) misinterpreted w/o also reading the EXEMPTION to that very law that ALLOWS YOU TO DO IT. Case in point is "selling" your wife the rifle you don't wanna transport. I'm not being smug, I merely illustrate absurdity by being absurd. Everything I type you can take to the bank! Today's bonus Tip: If you buy or mail-order 7.62 x 39mm rounds for your AK variant, and they happen to be hollow point rounds, you have to treat them (in & of themselves) as if they were a hand gun, and only make "reasonable deviations" while employing the "Directly To & From Rule" that is the EXEMPTION that lets you have them! So don't merely throw a case of HP ammo (pistol OR RIFLE) in your car trunk & drive around town or across the state with them while you do errands, cause what yer doin' is a FELONY! See, HP rounds are "HOLLOW POINT ROUNDS!", whether for a pistol OR a rifle. NJ law makes no difference the platform the ammo fits in. Same goes for ANY rifle or hand gun caliber. OH, and if you move (with HP's) from one Jersey pad to another, please stop at an EXEMPT location (even a closed commercial range or private R&P club) while transiting between old residence & new residence cause Jersey forgot to write an EXEMPTION for moving HP ammo .
  11. Looks like a blast! Make sure that golf cart don't run out of gas---could be a L O N G walk back to the Hotel! Enjoy!
  12. LOL, pretty strong in you too Coastie! The "Dark Side" will never beckon us to give up any more of our 2A Rights
  13. ^^^True! I advise folks to write the guns specifically so as to comply with the letter of the 2C Statutes that states "if willed directly, then they may pass directly to the beneficiary w/o any further paperwork". I paraphrased instead of looking for the direct quote. The writing of it into the will is to display for the Probate Court the intent of the deceased that they directly transfer, thus avoiding any issue with the Executrix (the wife) having to file for NJFPID or and P2P's and/or OGAM exemption in order to take possession. It also enables an Executrix that is PROHIBITED PERSON to "take possession" for up to 180 days while she disposes (sells) them or transfers them with P2P's and/or C.O.E. paperwork but w/o $ changing hands (such as offspring & other kin folks) & then notifies her CLEO that the gun(s) were transferred to a person whom isn't prohibited. The firearms can also be directly willed to other family members, friends, even complete strangers or museums/trusts, relieving the wife (whether or not she's a Prohibited Person) from the burden of any additional handling and/or paperwork. You can will a complete stranger your gun(s) by name and create no paper trail other than a signed receipt from the beneficiary.
  14. Glad to meet you too & welcome to the fight! Sorry I didn't see this sooner! Rosey
  15. Here's an oxymoronic possession EXCEPTION made just for wives, so enjoy it while yer still breathin': You can't give or gift your hand gun(s) to your wife. You can't LOAN it to her so she can drive to the range with it without you, so she can go BANG with it. You can't leave for a bidness trip & ask her to take it to the gunsmith for a trigger job. Even if it's "Hers" and you "bought the little pink gun" FOR HER! But if you get hit by the Bus above^^^ & buy the farm and have her listed as the specific beneficiary of them in your will, she doesn't have to prop-up your dead body in the sports car to drive HER 200-gun collection to the range or any other EXEMPT location, because ownership was transferred upon your death AND THEY, ALL OF IT, ARE NOW HERS! And since there's no mandatory registration in the PRNJ, she has no P2P's to apply for, no paperwork at all other than probating your will you poor, deceased "Weekend at Bernie's" STIFF! If your beautiful bride can be convinced to apply for & receive her very own NJFPID, you can "sell" her (via a filled-out Certificate of Eligibility--in duplicate) any NJ compliant rifle or scattergun anywhere in NJ, (at any time of the day or night) BUT in a gun free zone, military or federal installation, or at a Camden, Newark or other ILLEGAL gun "buy-back" in church basements . So for the next "emergency" keep the hand gun in your car UNLOADED, make your "acceptable deviation" per Griz, and if you're SH!T-SCARED to have a rifle as you do your emergency errand, sell the long gun to your wife or any stranger on the street that happens to be carrying a NJFPID card & some state-recognized photo ID... Just don't leave any 300 year old "flintless" flintlock pistols , wrapped in a dinner napkin, in your car's glove box!