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  2. I took a female friend pheasant hunting. Let her use that same Beretta Youth Model my DIL loves. She's 4' 11" and had ZERO problems. You did crack me up a little with "Circus Sideshow", lol! I'm only 5' 6" and I have to watch LOP myself, especially for an all-season scattergun. All those extra layers for a February pheasant hunt or a cool April morning Sporting Clays can extend the LOP even further, often past the point of comfort. Add a "sticky" neoprene butt pad and it spells trouble with bad mounts on the shoulder. If she's not comfortable, she won't want to shoot too many shells. Make mama happy so everybody is happy Go to a FFL that has some used inventory. A gun that fits her and has a small scratch on it is much better than the new pretty one that doesn't FIT Take care! ~R
  3. @Shocker @Ms. 12 Gauge has the personal experience to back up what she types! "Naturally cost will always be a concern but I’d be curious what other folks have done with their diminutive shooter companions." Begs the question just how "small" is she? With shotgun "fit" having a LOT to do with "LOP" (Length of Pull--the distance from the butt to the trigger guard), folks with shorter arms often find a Youth Model easier to swing since they can reach the fore end w/o stretching. Add gas operation or inertia-dampening recoil systems, and a light 12 gauge with "lighter" factory loadings (1145 fps) ---like Remington Gun Club and the like--- will recoil less. I used to shoot Trap with a 12 year old using his 12 ga. Youth Model gas operated semi. In less than a year he could easily break 20+ birds per round. You get your wife a gun that fits HER and some instruction, and she'll be kickin' yer butt in no time Searching for lower recoiling trap & skeet loads requires a small "education": Knowing how to read Dram Equivalent's for one. Scattergunnin' loads are still referred to in BLACK POWDER "Dram Equivalent" and the lower the number, the slower the pellets move out the barrel. 2 3/4 Dram Equivalent is common in low-brass 12 ga. target loads, and 2 1/2 Dram Equivalent is common in 20 ga. low-brass target loads. The faster loadings are "Field Loads" designed for hunting, and are often 1250 - 1400 fps and have higher Dram Equivalents. A Dram is a unit of measure that was used back in the day of black powder shells and Damascus Twist barrels. Hunting loads for pheasant (as an example) can come in both 2 3/4" and 3" magnum shells. They're all "High Brass", which means the end of the shell where the headstamp is has extended brass to absorb the higher pressure (higher Dram) loading. These will recoil MORE, and are sometimes packaged as "Handicapped" loads in 7 1/2 and 8 shot sizes. So be careful not to buy those, as they're intended to shoot Trap from the 25 yard line (9 yards further back from the Trap House than the standard 16 yard line). NUMBER OF PELLETS: In the "race" to gain an edge, target loads with 1 1/8th oz. of birdshot hit the scene decades ago. They have more pellets than the 1 oz. loadings, and will recoil S L I G H T L Y harder than the 1 oz. loads as the lighter loads need a little less powder to get their shot column out the tube at the same speed (1145 fps light target loading for instance). It's simple physics. Every action has an EQUAL & OPPOSITE reaction. The reaction is felt recoil, which is mitigated by weight of gun, gun action, proper fit on the shoulder, etc. I have female friends that can outshoot me. They find it easy to break 100 straight clays. Their guns FIT them My Daughter in-law Amy hadn't shot clays in about 2-3 years. Father's Day I took the family shooting at Old Bridge R&P. She picked-up the gun she was taught on---my Beretta Youth Model 20 ga. gas gun---and after the first two birds she broke every bird thrown for her---like a dozen in a row! Then she let her husband (my son) take his turn & miss a few! That is until he compensated for poor "gun fit". Hope I've been some help! Rosey
  4. I wrote about this subject for Black Wire Media, CNJFO's media arm. There are several states that allow 18-20 year olds to OPEN CARRY even though they can't buy a hand gun. A relative buys it for them and they go STRAPPED, even into shopping malls.
  5. CNJFO's SUN. 8-29-21 SPORTING CLAYS OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! PROCEDES BENEFIT COALITION GUN RIGHTS LAWSUIT FUND! by Black Wire Media Wed. July 14, 2021 https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us The LOVE of FREEDOM! Grassroots at its finest! That's what every clays shooter that attends this fundraiser has in their heart with every pull of the trigger. All ages, all walks of life come together to help fight the TYRANNY that is New Jersey gun law. Multiple lawsuits are filed in several courts. CNJFO is poised to help in this endeavor, having partnered with four other organizations on one case and we're involved in several more. To REGISTER for the fundraiser, please visit: https://www.cnjfo.com/event-4409035 We need all gun owners and those that love freedom to respond to our plea to make us stronger so we have the resources to withstand the battles ahead. Those that can't attend are encouraged to make a donation to the cause via our website: https://www.cnjfo.com/Donate . The Sporting Clays is beginner-friendly, good for age 11 & up, and features two catered meals, rental golf cart, a 100-clays, 16-station course of fire, raffles, 50-50, souvenir tee, the works! Fun for all and memories to last a lifetime! Squads are forming now. MORE INFO & REGISTER HERE: https://www.cnjfo.com/event-4409035
  6. How high they need to be is directly dependent upon not only the rounds it needs to stop and where you post your targets (height of posted target), but also the shooting position of engagement (prone, sitting/kneeling, offhand) and DISTANCE from the target stand to the Shooter AND the distance from the target stand to the Berm. Best thing to do would be to have me guest you into Old Bridge to show you what "Cone of Fire" is all about and what our berms look like and why. Controlling "Cone of Fire" is easy once you grasp the concept. It's one of the many things I've learned as a Chief Range Safety Officer. A hands-on lesson in what to do and what not to do would lead you down a path of enlightenment Besides, I can guest non-members into the range now that the CovidCaper is over, and my little Weber grill can make us some cheeseburgers... First pic is USPSA Grand Master Emily Cutts, age 16, at her own private range in a friend's cranberry bog. Pic #2 is my son & I at OBR&PC's 100 yard range. Pic #3 is marinated pork chops on the Little Weber charcoal grill. I've replaced the grill grate since this pic was taken, lol. Thing gets a lot of use Sent you a PM answer too! Rosey
  7. What constitutes a legal range is in the books right next to what constitutes a residence for firearms ownership & storage. Don't bother lookin' for it, you'll get a headache cause it's NOT there, lol! Well done @GRIZ
  8. Does he live somewhere on those 50 acres? Did he build a berm or designate a patch of land as his range? Don't be scared of your own shadow. You wanna chat on the phone to go over this, just hit me with a PM with your phone number & best time to call. There are ways to do this... Rosey
  9. #4 needs a slight "fix": Issue big government contracts to your cronies and have them make it look like what they're doing is partially solving the problem, so the next state budget has MORE MONEY thrown at the "problem". So you (the politician) get even more of a kickback After-all, they don't call it "Dirty Jersey" for nuthin', lol! ~R
  10. Unless Superman (the Man of Steel) shows up and opens the safe for them, you did what any reasonable gun owner would do: 1. Hide the hardware, and used a cable lock on that really EVIL AR-15! 2. Put the ammo separate So I wouldn't worry too much. Added security via a hidden "Nanny-Cam" near the stockpile (cache of EVIL weapons) couldn't hurt Just BREATHE Dude, and don't stress yerself out any more than you already are with the sale itself! ~R
  11. IANAL Is the Tahoe driver a Prohibited Person? If no, then put all the flats closest to the lift gate & out of the driver's reach in SEALED flats. Sealed flats (cases) might as well be in a "locked container" as far as my arthritic hands are concerned, lol. Out of state competitors bring CASES of ammo with them everywhere they travel. Under a blanket. At the liftgate of a SUV. NO ONE that I know of in 50 years behind the trigger has gotten jacked-up for drivin' SEALED factory-fresh ammo across state lines. Anyone doing me a favor bringing me 10 cases of scattergun shells gets a prime rib dinner for their troubles! ~R
  12. I'm with @Golf battery. I have all my shooting awards, pix of my kid winning filet mignon at an Over-The-Log black powder match, plaques for Distinguished Expert, NRA Life Member framed certificate, even a framed US Constitution & hand signed letter from the NRA-ILA when Ollie North bestowed upon me the NRA-ILA Volunteer of the Year. It's no secret that some things go bang over here. Strapped and lovin' it
  13. @robby welcome to the forum and to the world of gun ownership in NJ! Beware of Keyboard Commandos and Trolls. If you need help, just reach out and I'll try to help you. In the meantime, some tongue-in-cheek "Rules" Rule #1: Don't actually READ the laws themselves. They're somewhat contradictory & utterly confusing. Read the EXCEPTIONS & EXEMPTIONS instead, as they are your friends Rule #2: Learn what punctuation means, especially commas. " , OR locked in the trunk of an automobile" translates into this: 200 naked hand guns, no trigger locks, cases or pistol rugs. Unloaded. Scratchin' the crap outta each other as you hit every pothole in the road. Completely legal. Pop open trunk at an EXEMPT location, take out a naked hand gun and wrap it with brown craft paper & bakery string, tied "securely". Walk it into the gun store, 'smith, range, your house, etc., your business that you own. Lather, rinse, repeat with the other 199>>>>completely LEGAL! Rule #3: Don't confuse FOPA (interstate transport across state lines) with transport within NJ (inTRAstate). Yes, while going to a NJ range or other EXEMPT location FROM a NJ EXEMPT location you can candy-ass it and lock everything up separately, OR do it like a competitive action shooter and just throw guns & ammo in the same bag but in separate compartments. Rule #4: Don't look for permission to breathe AIR or transport guns. It doesn't exist. Laws aren't designed to tell you what you CAN do, they're written to inform you what you CAN'T do. So you already have discovered^^^ above. I've got 50 years behind the trigger, my first hand gun was a "straw purchase" in 1977, prior to the term being invented. It was LEGAL for a parent to buy a hand gun for their offspring and then immediately "sell" it to them at the same gun counter they themselves just bought it at..... So I've done it all & seen it all. I fight unconstitutional gun law every damn day for all of us. Enjoy your firearms and join as many Jersey based 2A organizations as you can afford. We're carrying your water. If you get a chance, check out The DC Project and the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners. We work to make things better for all gun owners. We hosted a fundraiser and Top Shot Gabby Franco and Dick Heller (the famous DC v. Heller SCOTUS case) gave speeches. https://www.dcproject.info https://www.cnjfo.com
  14. @GRIZ THIS!! 9 DAYS A WEEK! @Steve from NJ/FL What if you had 3 residences or 12 throughout the country as a billionaire? You maintain a residence in NJ? Use your NJ address to buy guns & pistol ammo in NJ. PERIOD! FWIW there is NO definition of "residence" in the written statutes of NJ gun law. Is your DNA there in a hamper or on your toothbrush? It's your residence! FWIW there is NO definition of how long of a STAY is required to consider your NJ dwelling a "residence". Hours, days, weeks OR months. Do not conflate income tax reporting requirements with gun law. Totally different animal! Does the millionaire living in his/her $400K RV with a dozen firearms in a Jersey trailer park 3 months out of the year have a right to buy pistol ammo? His trailer park address is his residence... You think you're the only person in NJ that's a gun owner and has multiple residences? What you need is an educated & articulate FFL in NJ that isn't a candy-ass, and I can personally recommend several who are friends of mine Want to learn more about your gun rights? Go to: https://www.cnjfo.com Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal, VP Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, Inc.
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