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  1. @Ray Ray & @myhatinthering I'm in the process of vetting the Saturday April 27th date. So far it looks to be a "GO!", and I'll have our Treasurer, Jack Pyle, make an additional Hog Hunt sign-up page on our website. It will probably say "Spring Hog Hunt" or something similar so as to differentiate between the two Hunt Pages. As soon as the NEW web page is up FOR THE NEW HUNT, you'll be able to register with a cc deposit by clicking on the NEW hot link I don't have YET. Thank you both for your interest! Rosey
  2. This has nuthin' to do with Facebook. The hot link in the article I wrote goes straight to the event page on our CNJFO website @Ray Ray It's the one above in blue with http://www.cnjfo.com/event-3126616 so sign-up for the wait list. ANOTHER BUMP! CHECK APRIL 27TH ON YER CALENDAR. IT'S A SATURDAY! LEMME KNOW!
  3. BUMP! Please go to the hot link & put your name on the Wait List by clicking on "Join Wait list". We're trying to get an April date from the Guide Service, and those on the wait list will get first right of refusal to join us in April! Thanks everyone for all of your interest & remember if yer on Facebook to "like" our CNJFO page. Rosey
  4. Welp, he did jump right in & help this old geezer with his shells since I didn't bring a shell pouch. That dear lad @Ray Ray blocked the wind for me so I could break 22 outta my first box with my 20 ga. SxS, lol!
  5. Here's the details I just posted today: CNJFO's Sunday 1-20-19 Hog Hunt sure to be a Porktastic Good Time! Fundraiser will fight bad gun laws such as "Justifiable Need" & others! by Black Wire Media Thursday Nov. 8, 2018 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Back by popular demand, our Bacon Lovers' Hunt is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC (CNJFO membership not required). NO LICENSE IS NEEDED! Hunt is good for beginners age 10 & up OR experienced hunters trying their hand gun or bow hunting skills. The ANY WEAPON Hunt features professional guides leading a walking & stalking hunt, motor boat transportation to & from the 150 acre private island near Harrisburg, PA, your hog and field dressing. Full Pkg is just $400. We need $200 deposit to hold your spot! Balance payable via installments. Meat processing is add'l. Be a BACONATER! Full details & to register, go to: www.cnjfo.com/event-3126616 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ COALITION HOG HUNT SUNDAY 1-20-19 NOW BOOKING! NO LICENSE NEEDED FOR THIS EXCITING FUNDRAISER! by Black Wire Media Thursday Nov. 8, 2018 www.cnjfo.com CNJFO has once again booked with Mohr's Island Exotic Hunts to harvest some of the best tasting pork Pennsylvania has to offer. CNJFO membership is not required to hunt with us, so this hunt is OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! Perfect for the beginner, this walking & stalking hunt is a challenge for the hand gun or bow hunter! Age 10 & up may hunt. Hunt is on a private 150 acre island near Harrisburg, PA, so ANY WEAPON is allowed. Full package includes r/t motor boat ride to island, professionally-guided hog hunt & field dressing by guides, and a hot lunch on the island. Cost is just $400 per hog, and only $200 deposit is required to book your hunt. Balance is invoiced per payment schedule OR you may pay in full at time of registration. To register go to: www.cnjfo.com/event-3126616 . We'll have a raffle with tons of prizes, swag & fun galore! We also have lined-up a historic brew pub restaurant to visit Saturday night, a local Winery tasting Saturday afternoon, and a great GUN-FRIENDLY Bed & Breakfast just 15 minutes from the boat ramp for those that wish to make a weekend out of this FUN trip! We also proudly recommend CNJFO sponsor V. Roche & Son in Whitehouse Station, NJ for hog processing (add'l fee required). We have many repeat customers, so this offer won't last forever. ACT NOW!
  6. It can't hurt to ask, right? So take a peek in News & Briefs & make a free call to ask and see what they say... Good luck!
  7. If you have a NJFID, according to Nappen you can "wave yer unloaded shotgun out yer lowered driver's window while driving" (NO, he doesn't recommend THAT even though there's an ancient video still on the net!) or store it unloaded in the back seat with ammo readily available. Obviously you don't want to be drawn down upon by some nervous rookie for a cracked tail light, so... Do you have his book, the Orange Bible? Keep in mind interstate (FOPA) rules vs. intrastate (stayin' in Jersey the entire trip) transportation rules have a LOT to say on whatcha can do with a gun in the vehicle & where the ammo can be & whether or not it has to be locked-up...
  8. Need a Cigar Meet-Up!
  9. EEEEEEEE GADDDDDDDDS! Are you suggesting corruption? Collusion? Russian INFLUENCE? I'm personally not ready to go all the way down that rabbit hole just YET! Courts employ stenographers to take official minutes. In order for what you inferred to happen, a LOT of records have to be changed ILLEGALLY (they call it tampering), which is a CRIME in & of itself! Does someone really wanna go to JAIL for this?
  10. Cheeseman's case was separated, and re-worded slightly by putting some of the paragraphs in a different order. He was just told his decision was made, but they wouldn't tell him over the phone! Additionally, Cheeseman was told just today that it may take a few days or a few months for the Appeal Court to write their decision! Note that a different set of independent judges heard the Cheeseman case, so maybe Cheeseman won his case & the Goobermint needs months to write the notice so as to enable themselves to put in place more hurdles for permitting? The above is all conjecture on my part, but Cheeseman did get a wierd phone call with that crazy DELAY emphasized. As you can imagine, it's all over his Facebook pages. More details as they become available. Rosey
  11. By owning or renting more than one residence. I have friends that own 2 or 3, and some even more than that if you include houses they own & rent-out. If your renter moves out & you need to change the carpets to get rid of kid puke or animal urine smell, and then paint, paper or whatever, and you leave the doors open to aid in the air circulation, it's nice to "have a dear friend" at your side... The possession & transportation laws never say you can only have ONE residence. Doesn't say "voting residence", "primary residence" or ANY such additional language. As verbose as lawyers are, and as much paper as they use to type laws, if they wanted to exclude ANYTHING, they have plenty of paper & secretarial workforce to do just that... Land owners have more gun rights in NJ than mere serfs!
  12. Seems likely Dick's was being a DICK & will PAY via a settlement instead of losing & then being responsible for court costs & attorney's fees ON BOTH SIDES!
  13. Well, at the risk of being banned by Peel, I'll say it's PORK ROLL, lol! In addition to IDPA, I'm also ranked in USPSA. I don't shoot as much Steel as I'd like to. And I'm a DX in Black Powder too. Tomorrow Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol (outdoor range off Rt. 516 in Old Bridge) will be doing Static Steel (the most FUN with yer clothes still on), Clay Birds w/ shotguns (sorta Sporting Clays), and Black Powder. Non-members are welcome to come & shoot for $20! I can PM you directions if yer interested in checking us out. Both Central Jersey in Jackson & OBRPC hold competitions in various shooting disciplines. As a Match Director & league Co-Chair for Old Bridge, I know all of the disciplines & who runs them at Old Bridge. Welcome to the Forums! Rosey
  14. Your other property could be swamp land in the Meadowlands, the same laws applies. No structure need to be there. No locked-box containing the firearm need be there to start your patrol while ARMED. No renter need be present, either to live there or operate a bidness. Please re-read what I wrote previously so you understand the basis of how to apply common sense instead of heli-casting on a rope ladder to patrol your swamp land You're allowed to patrol a vacant swamp. Most folks would drive there. Following the regular transportation rules that GRIZ just outlined. Don't overthink this.