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  1. Aww shucks! I appreciate the kudos but just remember there's an established Executive Board & Committee Chairs & their members that do a LOT of the leg work too. No man is an island. I have help making the Coalition as great a success story as it is. Saturday at NJSAFECON we have our Communications Director speaking on a Womens Shooting Discussion Panel, our President joining myself & Dan Grdovic doing some schmoozin', and our Shows & Community Outreach Committee Chair manning our booth with one of our members that almost lost all of his firearms due to a paperwork technicality. It's a group effort to be sure! If by chance you're in the area, stop-by and see me. If you have other plans or are in Florida this weekend, we'll make it another time. Thanks again for all of your continued support! Rosey
  2. Sent you an email just now
  3. Sounds great with the gymnastics, just what the doctor ordered! What yer lookin' for is a Remmy 1100 youth or an 11-87 youth, in used but good condition. There are others and you might find them, but parts availability is Remmy hands-down. Don't be afraid to chop the stock & make yer own spacers if needed for LOP. A replacement stock from Remington should always be available. 20 ga. costs the same as 12 ga., so it's a LOT cheaper than either .410 or 28 ga. shells as far as feedin' that scattergun Lemme know when ya wanna come to the range. Rosey
  4. Old Bridge R&P is a private club, BUT THEIR LEAGUES ARE OPEN TO THE PUBLIC! It's also the closest scattergun range to Hazlet. Shotgun League meets on 1st & 3rd Sundays. Women & kids already shoot the league. Non-members can shoot for $20 (birds only---ammo is on you and you bring it---2 boxes needed to shoot match). Our league chair will personally teach her how to hit & might not charge a 9 yr old the full $$? The biggest concern is safety, so teach her safety with a bigger heavier gun if need be. Next concern is stamina. Some 9 yr old girls disappear when they turn sideways & some are little tanks. No matter their build, they need stamina in their arm muscles to hold the gun safely & operate it correctly. Weight training with 5 & 10 pound hand weights, as well as doing some upper body work is a great idea & will help her maintain the effort required to be safe & have fun. If it's not FUN, then you're pushing too soon. I've been teachin' kids to shoot for over 25 years. I have a Beretta Youth Model 20 ga. gas operated semi-auto that works quite well. I can meet you at the range when you think she's ready Rosey
  5. Not to be an opinionated SOB, but you might wanna consider a 20 ga. youth gas-operated semi like I have? Almost 50% more shot even in the lightest loads (7/8 oz.) and has less felt recoil. Most here will tell you that a .410 is actually a sub-gauge Expert's gun. How old is your daughter & how tall is she? Maybe we can meet-up so you can try my youth model before you buy the .410? Rosey
  6. More hair-splitting than a guy lookin' for a $10K hairpiece & only gots $5 in his pockets.... ACTIONS speak louder than OPINIONS, lol!
  7. THIS^^^^^ Easier to deal with w/o the bloviating & chest-thumping as the precursor to actually "making it go away". Warrants are a crazy thing. I knew a Police Dispatcher & part-time Cop with an arrest warrant sworn against him for pistol whipping his wife a-la Wyatt Earp. In the same town he lived in. In the same town he worked at (at the Cop Shop!). He was politically "connected" so nobody would actually serve him with the warrant. This was 4 decades ago now. Things were a little different back then........
  8. ^^^Rules aren't just for AR's. Yuse guys needed a history lesson (thanks Kurt!). Rules, if applicable, apply to every "assault weapon". Tube fed semi-auto rimfire was EXEMPTED when Murphy signed the last Bill. WE FIGHT EVERY DAY! JOIN OR RENEW TODAY ON 9-11! http://www.cnjfo.com/join-us Rosey
  9. We were privy to all of the new tv ads due to launch the end of this week for the mid-terms. Potent, blunt & meaningful w/o being overly graphic. A really great balance IMHO. The NRA-ILA has no less than 75 seats up for grabs (being competitive), and it's going to be close. Hope to see everyone here at NJSAFECON on Saturday Sept. 22nd! Here's where to sign-up for tickets: http://www.njsafecon.net . Thanks everyone for all of the kudos! Remember to join or renew here: http://www.cnjfo.com/join-us .
  10. HOT OFF THE WIRE FROM THE CNJFO PAGE: CNJFO AT NRA BOARD MEETING & PRESIDENT's RECEPTION! OLIVER NORTH & ILA's COX PROUD OF JOB WE DO HERE IN NJ! by Black Wire Media Monday Sept. 10, 2018 www.cnjfo.com/join-us We need "pinched" after last weekend! Having the ability to personally thank the NRA Board of Directors, the incoming NRA President Lt. Col. Oliver North, NRA-ILA's Chris Cox & Christian Ragosta, many of the famous & not so famous board members for their gracious hospitality and the great honor bestowed upon two of our Jersey boys was simply amazing! Having them tell us in their own words, unscripted, how they recognize our efforts & leadership in the fight for 2nd Amendment rights is truly inspirational! We're proud of Colandro & Rosenthal, all of our committee people, and ANJRPC's Scott Bach & Dan Schmutter for all you do to further our cause. +7 CNJFO 2 hrs · CNJFO COMMITTEES CHAT WITH NRA LEADERSHIP! GRASS ROOTS ACTIVISM GETS NRA's ATTENTION! by Black Wire Media Monday Sept. 10, 2018 www.cnjfo.com/join-us The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners was invited by the NRA Board of Directors to attend the NRA President's Reception last Friday evening and the Awards Ceremony during Saturday morning's NRA board meeting that were held at the Westin Hotel in Arlington, VA. Gun For Hire's Anthony Colandro won this years Activist Center Award and CNJFO VP Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal won one of two Jay M. Littlefield Memorial Awards for 2017 Volunteer of the Year. These prestigious awards are bestowed upon individuals by the NRA's Grass Roots Division for demonstrating infectious leadership and organizing rank & file NRA members to make a difference at the polls. Only six such awards are presented annually from all NRA Divisions including retail gun shops, youth shooting, membership recruitment, etc., so New Jersey took home a third of them! NRA-ILA's Christian Ragosta of their Grass Roots Division nominated Rosenthal for the award, which came as a complete surprise. Friday evening's cocktail reception was the perfect time for our communications committee chairwoman Theresa Inacker and shows & community outreach committee chair Will Korman to speak with NRA's Wayne Lapierre, incoming President Lt. Col. Oliver North, NRA-ILA's Chris Cox, NRA board members Lt. Col. Allen West, NJ's own Scott Bach (Executive Director of our state NRA affiliate, the ANJRPC), and a multitude of other board members eagerly interested in learning first hand what it takes to be a gun owner here in NJ. Lt. Col. North (and others) were given a coalition patch by Will Korman (see photo). Our committee people were thanked by all for their courage, leadership & commitment to the 2nd Amendment. The event also served as the perfect backdrop to formally present the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) a $5,500.00 check representing CNJFO's promised matching funds of $2,500.00 along with the $3,000.00 donated by our members, sponsors & supporters. (See photo w/ Executive VP Colandro & Executive Director Bach accepting check on behalf of ANJRPC). Our state NRA affiliate will use these funds for the express purpose of supporting lawsuits for NJ gun owner's rights being fought by them on our behalf both statewide & nationally. And now a note to our most important people: YOU our readership, members, friends, sponsors & supporters! We're here trying to make a difference! Isn't it time for YOU to JOIN or RENEW, buy some SWAG or simply make a tax-deductible DONATION to support your gun rights? NJ residency isn't required to help OR receive a receipt for your tax-deductible gift to CNJFO, be it a small monthly stipend or any amount you choose. What happens in Jersey doesn't STAY in NJ! How about helping us to right wrongs, to become a stronger force to be reckoned with? After first making a donation to NRA-ILA so their great ad campaign can get to more homes before the midterms, please consider visiting: www.cnjfo.com . Thanks from all of us! SEE YOU AT NJSAFECON! Sat. 9-22! www.njsafecon.net PLEASE SHARE THIS TO ALL YOUR FRIENDS!
  11. Ring Manufacturing donated some Blue Guns to us at CNJFO. We might be able to LOAN you one of ours to get you started? Just hand-out some brochures & let them know we exist. Sound feasible Ed? Let's chat! Rosey
  12. Welcome to the Garand Owners Group. Don't forget to "Grease the Weaser" to avoid light primer hits (white lithium grease stored in butt-stock that goes on Op Rod)! And don't baby it when loading a clip. Slap that bitch in the Op Rod so the extractor goes all of the way home! Good luck on Sunday. Wish I could be there with ya, but I got some NRA Board meeting bidness to take care of this weekend. Lemme know if ya need some extra clips as I probably got more than I can use. Rosey
  13. I have several friends that still have theirs, complete with 30 round mags tapped together. A deceased friend, from Newark, was able to acquire a M2 from the riots way back when. He told me it was SELECT-FIRE, not full-auto ONLY. I never laid eyes on it. My friends all had them in the 80's (M-1 Carbines). Out to 200 yards it could do the job. Put that cartridge in a sixgun & it will light-up an indoor range that's for sure!
  14. Congrats Dude! Just remember to load her on Sunday & shoot her all week long (or sumtin' like dat)! I mean love her all week long! Damn, it must be too late for my typin'.....
  15. Cancer is nuthin' to fool with. Let the man ask his question. Animal Crackers don't have bars on the box no more. Maybe we need them here for the peanut gallery?