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  1. He let the new Mossy Shockwave & Remington toyz be classified as "firearms, long guns" since the pistol grip isn't removable to allow a regular stock. His creative application of "The Rules" meant that they're legal in NJ... He doesn't write law, he merely helps to interpret it. And his voice mailbox must be full with shockwave questions alone, as some retailers won't stock or sell it fearing a change coming down the road. Still a great guy. Ask H.E. & he'll say the same!
  2. ^^^Dude, I'm NOT the enemy! For the record, I don't like shit sammiches either, I just have to either learn to live with them (cause I only vote ONCE in each election) or I can retreat to Canada like a draft dodger. Since I'm a realist I understand how the world works. I don't always enjoy it, but I understand it...
  3. The problem with D&D is "It's ENTERTAINMENT STUPID"! They agitate a response, the poke-the-Bear! They have topics & polls that are divisive in nature, and they do play off of each other! And Diminski is a RINO at best, and I think he says he voted Libertarian. So now he can sleep at night & wring his hands when real men & women have to make the hard decisions! I too am growing weary of his BS and may stop listening altogether!
  4. Call or write to NJSP Det. Sgt. Brett Bloom in Firearms Division. Sgt. Bloom attended NJSAFECON for the last two years & is VERY helpful answering questions. He writes the rules, so he oughtta KNOW what they are, lol. He's a NRA Lifer & on our side
  5. Totally correct^^^! Hopefully he's playing his cards close to the vest. His team did a great job playing the Electoral College vote w/ tv buys that went into other states that he won. Let's hope just because we don't know what the game is, that we still enjoy the net-net outcome. Remember the politics surrounding HR 38 & "the bump"? Well, HR 38 cleared the house didn't it? This could merely be the second shoe to drop. Keep in mind it's not a law, just an EO, which he himself can rescind after National Reciprocity becomes signed LAW.... I put NOTHING past the realm of possibility, and I continue to hope for the best!
  6. It's also politics & pick yer battles. He did this to shut-up the RINO pansies that need to feel good. He has more legislation to move, so now he can point to this & say he "did something". I knew it was going to happen. Anybody with half a brain & gray hair had at least an inkling. I trust my gut just like Leroy Jethro Gibbs, lol! As you wring yer hands & cry over the "bump", keep in mind Hildebeast would have done a LOT worse than this...
  7. I'm totally OK with your approach, so don't worry. I singled no one out for "infighting", I just merely gave my educated opinion based upon decades of on & off experience shooting in the woods with guys from base. The law isn't 100% clear on this issue because the National Guard troops are also covered on the "carve-out". It doesn't say that the NG members are only EXEMPTED during planned NG activities such as the 2 weeks a year they spend in training. In order to offer the same EXEMPTION to ALL armed forces personnel, the "carve-out" was left vague... There have been instances where FORMER troops (separated, retired, etc.) driving into the PRNJ have gotten jacked-up for non-neutered equipment. One guy, a lineman by trade, wound-up with PTI over it. Nappen or someone else with name recognition handled the case... JR88USMC thanks for your service. Ditto to Iggy, Ray-Ray & anyone else reading this thread! Rosey
  8. ^^^These "carve-outs" are more respected closer to base, as I indicated previously. Off-duty personnel wearing civvies transporting un-neutered guns & standard capacity mags thru an unfriendly area of the PRNJ do risk getting detained and/or "jacked-up" for same. "Plinking" (while dressed in civvies) with friends off base but in the woods near base, everybody tends to look the other way. There's what the LAW SAYS & then there's REALITY.... Uniformed armed forces personnel can have machine guns, SAW's, M-2's, rocket launchers, you name it, and if authorized can do so in their privately owned vehicles. A Drill Sgt. can take equipment home to clean & repair for instance. "Lighten-up Francis" moment comes to mind here guys. We needn't be arguing with each other, as there's enough HATE out there already!
  9. Steve, you know just how to tweak a guy, lol!
  10. You are 100% correct! Just don't leave the Base with your 30 round mags & go too far in your personal vehicle. Military convoys have standard capacity mags all the time, lol . Members of the Armed Forces can train on their own using equipment given / sold to them, and often do so throughout the wooded areas of Burlington Co. You & I are on the same page!
  11. Nice post Malice. You gave a lot of great info. FWIW I live in manual exposure & still use my Leica 35mm rangefinders. 50 years exp. behind the camera, from news work & sports to still-lifes & commercial, portraits & weddings using every format from 35mm up to Sinar 4x5 View Camera (film) and Fuji & Nikon digital. My Gossen Luna-Pro exposure meter is 46 years old & still works! Someday we ought to have a drink
  12. Paul & Beth are nice folks (the owners). They're still busy "putting-out fires" and learning by doing. The entire facility is a work in-progress. Members are donating artwork for the member lounge (I was there for my 3rd visit last week). Couches are comfy enough to take a nap. They have a great location & the demographics within 3/4 hour drive are impressive! When the weather warms-up someone will ask for a soda machine. A wet bar in the members lounge, with a small fridge & counter would be nice so members could host small parties. Working-out the HVAC wrinkles will allow for an expanding membership base. As long as no one invites any more RINO's runnin' for Congress with Mom's Demand & Gabby Giffords buttons on their Facebook page to show-up at a grand opening (BYE Felicia Stoler!) I think the range will make a nice go of it! Rules will eventually be posted (they'll figure THIS out & a whole lot more) so everyone gets on the same page. To sum it all up, it's called "growing pains" ladies & gents...
  13. "I've only shot indoors once, for an hour, and dunno if I'd really care to go back- there was an overwhelming feeling of having to rush. I'd rather spend the money on ammo since I already have a year membership at my outdoor range, and don't feel like I have to rush the entire time". Lots of Noobs "finish a box of ammo" because they're paying by the hour at an indoor commercial range & feel they "have to get their money's worth". When I bring a Noob to the club I belong to for some mentoring, I bring cigars and in nice weather I cook lunch on my Little Webber Charcoal grill! Shoot a little, relax, use a D-Lead wipe, cook some burgers, chops or a steak, wash it down with a cold soda or water, have a cigar & shoot some more. NO RUSH! Indoor ranges do have their usefulness, especially during inclement weather or after dusk. Like anything else, it's a balance .
  14. There are PUSSIES & there are PATRIOTS on this thread! I count myself in the PATRIOTS column I've been doing this so long I don't even know what I have or where it is. Every-so-often it's like Christmas over here, lol!
  15. "Events" are what I migrated to years ago. These events are shot by all types of folks. Former military, SWAT, clay dusters that can break 100 straight, Engineers, reloaders, gun builders, gas company dock foreman, Cops, Top Shot tv show contestants (JJ Racazza), and yes, even regular schmucks like me, lol! It's amazin' what you can learn thru osmosis, how many holsters NOT to buy cause they work like SH!T, how to grip your guns, even how to transport within the constraints of NJ gun law (I load my mags before I leave the house, lol). The bonus is you get to make lifelong friends that will literally surround you & loan you everything you need to shoot the match IF you forgot an item OR took the wife's car by mistake & all yer stuff is sitting in yer trunk in yer driveway! I've seen it with my own eyes: guy shows-up to USPSA Friday night Indoor Action match straight from doing overtime at work. No gun, no holster, no mags, no ammo, no eyes & ears. He came to "just tape" & gets a complete outfit loaned to him! One guy has a spare hand gun, another has spare mags for it, another has a ton of extra ammo, someone loans him eyes & ears, and another guy or gal has a spare speed belt & mag pouches! League competitions are a "brotherhood"!