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    Competitive Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Shooter with Black Powder at three clubs. Several Disciplines shot: USPSA, IDPA, Black Powder (Rifle Distinguished Expert), Practical Police Competition (PPC), Bowling Pin Shooter, Sporting Clays. NRA Certified Instructor in ML Pistol & ML Shotgun. NRA Range Safety Officer. Police Silhouette (PPC) Chairman at OBR&PC. Avid Bird Hunter. Shooting Mentor to Kids & Women. Eagle Scout Dad. Also Boy Scouts Merit Badge Counselor for Rifle & Shotgun.
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  1. Old Bridge matches are still "members only" at this point. That may change later this summer? I'm a former Bo. of Trustees member & current Match Director of our Police Practical Competition (PPC) League, so I'm not guessing. No ya don't hafta be a cop to shoot it. Everybody is adjusting to the great Covid Caper of 2020... Rosey
  2. @Mrs. Peel Thanks for the kudos. The apathy is rampant. Frustration is just the beginning. Having members here wish for ranges to close permanently and complaining about wait times with a 25% capacity limit & new procedures being forced upon them to stay open got to my last nerve. My reaction wasn't aimed at you, it was aimed at the responsible parties. You're right (as usual) I am a nice guy. Even nice guys have a limit, a measure if you will, beyond which both barrels will ignite. I've reached it here. The stupid hurts. And now for the good news! There's things going on (GREAT THINGS!) that the forum has no idea about and I don't have time (yet) to inform you all about. Perhaps someone lurking has been on our Facebook page since the end of last week & can sound-off on the great news, lol? If not, maybe I'll find the strength tomorrow?? Glad ya had a great time scratchin' that itch at TTC! My friend Kim the RSO was back at it today too! ~R
  3. I've been there shooting with my son when he attended Rowan. It's a nice Mom & Pop shop with an indoor range. In fact at just 6 miles, it might be the closest indoor range to you? Have FUN Mike! ~R
  4. @Mrs. Peel you hit the nail on the head. It's an absolute shame that shortsightedness and ignorance infect so many NJ gun owners. Scanning this thread I see an attempt by provocateurs to throw hand grenades to stir crap up. Sometimes it makes me wonder what their agendas are and if they enjoy looking like schmucks suggesting radical actions that have dire consequences. Like boycotting commercial ranges due to an enforced 25% capacity rule during weekend operational hours that already had wait times prior to the plandemic and not caring if they shut down forever. The "ME" generation is rampant here with all of the complaining, and the majority of "Big Picture Thinkers" turn towards lurking instead of speaking out for fear of being "judged". You wanna know why no other #2AHeavyLifters routinely post here. This is why...
  5. ^^^Not me @Zeke I say "Red yer DEAD" when instructing Noobs (or anyone else) about safeties. And I'm less than a mile from the Raritan Bay...but people tell me I do get "around", lol! ~R
  6. ^^^THIS^^^ A male KAREN asking for the Manager! Probably wears his mask while driving! I get if you're immuno-compromised or care for someone that IS... you want to be more careful. But then just come out & say it instead of pissing in everyone's corn flakes like a SCHMUCK! I walked the entire event, and the fresh air was great. I did a cigar too, so my bad----but since nobody bitched I assumed all was good. As for our resident Schmuck, the virus will mutate and has already. Coming up with a vaccine for the common cold would be easier, and it ain't gonna happen. Eventually herd immunity will happen and our own bodies will adapt. It was great shooting with you all, doing some mentoring, seeing more women shooting, and seeing a teenager dust some clays. Thanks to all of you for enriching my life! Rosey CNJFO
  7. The Bromance continues, lol Just remember he doesn't like pickles...
  8. He takes that spent 20 ga. souvenir hull into school it will be SOONER rather than later, lol! Nice seeing you, the Mrs. and everyone else today! Rosey
  9. @antdre20 I am answering the page from @USRifle30Cal & @M4BGRINGO. Both are friends. I would have answered sooner but I was busy with the NJGF Clay Dusters at the Clinton, NJ WMA Range. Some background: I'm a Shootist. Hand me a gun & tell me what you want SHOT. Any platform. Black Powder a specialty. Bought my first hand gun in '77 as a straw purchase from my father AT THE GUN STORE COUNTER before the term was invented. Tuesday I was hitting & ringing a steel man-sized torso target at 85 yards with my 4" .357 Combat Magnum S&W with the .38 wadcutters mentioned by USRifle30Cal. Then I switched to my Springfield .45 auto 1911 and did the same. Others used their customized Glocks, Sigs, etc. with some missing and some hitting. I don't own any tupperware (plastic) guns or a striker fired gun. I stopped collecting about 20 years ago. I already have what I need. There is no ONE, perfect hand gun that's good for all situations. Remember it's supposed to be a hand gun & not a HANDS GUN! Meaning in a defensive situation if you can't fire it with at a minimum your strong hand ONLY (not using both hands) without causing a stove-pipe from limp-wristing, what you really have is a fancy single-shot. Cause by the time you clear the jam (as a Newbie) in a gunfight, YOU'RE DEAD! So consider that 686 the Gringo has 5 of... Trying guns with different grip angles is important (you already have done so) on your journey of exploration. Correcting stance (good shooting starts at the feet), learning trigger squeeze as Bully said with the penny trick dry-firing, and learning proper breathing technique all takes time. These techniques are all transferable to nearly every hand gun, including a black powder hand gun, as you will learn on your journey. The whole BS line about the ignition "being a surprise" is just that, BS! Learn where in the trigger squeeze the sear breaks. THEN you'll be able to make sure the front & rear sights are aligned at ignition. It's like pool where you call your shots. I don't sell guns or tell people what to buy, I tell them why certain model guns do some things better than others. All striker fired guns SUCK in that the human body wants to go low & left with a right handed shooter. Don't touch the sights. Learn how to NOT SUCK by overcoming the obstacle of the platform... What a true home defense gun looks like doesn't matter. Yours isn't "special". There's a million of them out there in gun land. IF you actually use it, it will reside in an evidence locker in a damp basement, rusting for time eternal. So if it needs "meat" taken off of it (the frame for instance) to make it fit your hand, so be it. If it needs grip tape or custom stippling (tupperware models) cause you have sweaty hands, so be it. It's not a fashion accessory, it's a TOOL. A tool that you'll never see again IF you actually USE it for what it's designed for. Go rent more guns. See if you can make one ragged hole at 6 yards. Then do it at 10 yards. The photo is showing a complete Noob how to shoot at a Ladies Day at the Range I volunteer at. There's no such thing as a 6 yard target. We start at 10 (or more), and the Ladies have no problem hitting our Shoot-N-See's pasted to the silhouettes. Man doesn't live by Pastrami alone... and the best factory trigger on a striker fired gun is a Walther PPQ. Clean, crisp, refreshing. Just like a beer & a trigger sear should be If you desire more Special High Intensity Training (SHIT for short), look me up. I'm a Match Director at Old Bridge for 20+ years. I work for lunch Rosey
  10. THIS IS 100% LEGIT! THANKS AGAIN @Bklynracer for all you do to help us! Rosey
  11. Thank-you & much appreciated! Rosey
  12. @Golf battery as always, thank you dearly for your most gracious support of our efforts. And remember to check for the latest news at: https://www.cnjfo.com/News . Take care Ed!
  13. I don't assume anything. I know that no such pipe dream "clearing house" will ever exist. Primarily due to the fact that nobody would want to attempt to run it. Much too complicated, both for the accountants and the rank & file members. As previously mentioned it's against federal law and the IRS tax code to blend monies with non-profits. Nothing in NJ is ideal. It's all a compromise. So get over it. I'm glad you do more than type here, and thanks for donating treasure (dollars) to whichever 2A organization(s) you choose. We each have a role to play and succeed (for the most part) in fulfilling those roles. What passionate gun owners here need to understand is responding HERE is additional work in & of itself. When it gets busy, between social media and this forum I put in a full time job's worth of hours. And I'm the only #2AHeavyLifter that does post regularly on this forum that I know of. Every other group, person or entity ('cept for Anthony at Gun For Hire) has written-off being here as a waste of time, effort & money. ~R
  14. I hope Alex gets back on his feet ASAP! I was told he was in an accident & sworn to secrecy. I respected his privacy these last several weeks as the world came to an end without him. I made no public comments about NJ2AS whereabouts, how many people they actually have, or why they fell completely off the radar screen. I'm glad he went public and is on the mend!
  15. Are you volunteering to put some skin in the game? If so what are YOU good at? I mean besides typing? There's plenty of work that needs done, and lots of committees working right now. In fact, I'd venture to say that the average member here is somewhat isolated from all of the volunteerism currently being done on their behalf, and they probably don't even realize it. Mind you I type this not caring with whom you choose to donate your time, talent or treasure with....just do SOMETHING other than type here!
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