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  1. CNJFO HOG HUNT SUNDAY JAN. 26TH! SAVE THE DATE! A PORKTASTIC GOOD TIME W/ 2A PATRIOTS & FRIENDS! by Black Wire Media Wed. Nov. 13, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners is proud to announce we've scheduled our first Hog Hunt of the new season for Sunday January 26th. So mark your calendars and watch for our event page & sign-up on our website (coming SOON!). The guided Hunt is ideal for beginners & anyone looking for a challenge since this is a "NO license, ANY weapon" affair held on a 150 acre island in the middle of the Susquehanna River near Harrisburg, PA. Raffles, swag, lunch included. Stay Saturday night & party with us (Dutch Treat) OR come Sunday. A great way to fill the freezer & support NJ's busiest 2A group! Hunt includes hot lunch served on the island, field dressed hog, goody bag w/ swag items, raffles for great prizes (BRING CASH ON ISLAND) & all the memories you can take home! We recommend V. Roche & Son Butchers in Whitehouse Station, NJ. A CNJFO sponsor, they have a renowned reputation for excellent service! Register HERE: https://www.cnjfo.com/event-3629844
  2. I saw Nappen on Sunday. If he wanted publicity all he had to do was talk to me. I was 5-15 feet away from him for several hours... ~R
  3. Yes, the spouse without papers has to go get P2P's for every hand gun as well as a NJFPID for long guns and YES such a hand gun transfer qualifies for an OGAM exemption as if you were inheriting an estate. Generally all tangible property is assigned a dollar value at divorce. So whomever owns the guns and still wants to own them would have to pay approx. 50% of the guns net asset value. If you don't want that pretty pink stocked .308 or the pretty turquoise Glock you gave your partner, you could sell those, give the partner half the proceeds and use the other half of the money to buy-back the rest of your collection YOU ALREADY OWN
  4. I bring this type of transfer up quite often as I lecture. It's interesting to note that you can't take possession of a hand gun w/o papers unless it's willed to you. But if the party that named you in the will is still ALIVE, the act of the identical transfer is a FELONY to BOTH PARTIES! Further, married couples can't "borrow" each others' hand guns to go to the range to practice, even though this personal property would be evenly split in a divorce situation and/or all go to the surviving spouse in the event of a partners' death. ASININE gun laws! ~R
  5. @USRifle30Cal He (THEY!) are geniuses! Some are more worried about collecting, fudding, hunting, NFA toyz they can't buy, and pork roll vs. Taylor ham ego trips than they are concerned with "INCREMENTALISM"....
  6. Check out the Dillon catalog. That's where I got my very comfortable Mitch Rosen Kant-Forward OWB holster I wore all weekend when we worked together at the Rod of Iron Freedom Festival. That Officer's .45 ACP just molded right to my strong side ~R
  7. Not that I'm aware of as of last Friday. This of course could change at a moment's notice. I was originally led to believe he WAS since that's the basis of his original Facebook post... I will say that I wrote the original story and then asked Mr. Harkin to proofread it for errors, which he did. On the 25th it was GTG. Subsequently, the timeline was corrected. I didn't alter the original story because I have to maintain integrity. I reported what was said to me, and the subject of the story proofread it for errors.
  8. Doug, Just hit me up on a PM for a phone call so I can explain what's going on. I can't publish EVERYTHING Here's a tidbit: The Marine's family lawyer was sent an email on 10-22-19 stating that the Sgt. on scene during the search & seizure in February was set to testify on Nov. 15th, IN ADDITION TO an Expert witness on the identification of the (2) 30-round mags. So a chain of evidence testimony along with an Expert saying the mags are illegal... So what's to stop the Bergen Co. Prosecutor from stopping the proceeding right then & there and placing Mike under arrest for the mags? Why email a witness list to a defense attorney if everything was hunky-dory? His initial arrest was for alleged DV back in February. That's when he didn't comply with the search. That's when the mags were found in the footlocker. That's the error in the timeline in the original story that the Marine didn't tell me about. The TRO was dropped when 50% custody was awarded to his Ex-Wife. The 8 year old is a heart transplant survivor. I interviewed Harkin for almost an hour. He read the story & approved it. Harkin went public the day after his family attorney got the email about the witness list. That was 10-23. I interviewed him 2 full days later on the 25th. Waldwick is in "Damage Control" mode. Harkin is very upset & nervous, and although he mixed-up the timeline during the interview a little bit (he was arrested in February, not September), he's still a victim of NJ's gun laws. They still have his shotgun. And he's still going thru the NJ meat grinder. I can only publish what was told to me. If I was the Asbury Park Press I could have slanted the entire story, called the mags acc's for an Assault Weapon, and gotten more than 50% of the story wrong
  9. DICK HELLER TO VISIT CNJFO MEMBERS AT RALLY! LOOK FOR OUR BANNERS ON THE CAPITOL LAWN! by Black Wire Media Thurs. Oct 31, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Dick Heller messaged The DC Project's NJ delegate & CNJFO Communications Director Theresa Inacker yesterday to coordinate a brief "thank-you" to our Patriot / Volunteers for their 2A activism! The Saturday November 2nd 2A Rally, the biggest in a decade, is on the lawn of the Capitol building and due to start at 12:30pm. Gun owners from the entire countryside are flying-in, taking trains & buses or driving to Washington, D.C. 2A notables from NJ include Anthony Colandro and others. For Rally info on speakers, parking & transportation go to: www.2ndamendmentrally.com NJGF members that wish to help hold our banners just might get a personal thank-you from Dick Heller! See Theresa Inacker at the Rally to learn more
  10. Your question has already been answered by very knowledgeable folks, so I'll just add the short answer I give folks when asked this question: You can either BANG or BONG, but NOT both!
  11. When the new law was written & signed in June of 2018, those little loopholes will filled. 1st week of December mags over 10 rounds became suppositories. Couldn't sell, transport, turn-in or give away. Couldn't destroy the EVIDENCE either. You're guilty and need to shove them where the sun don't shine! My brother passed 11 years ago. I found an ammo can my sister in-law gave me when she "sold" me his Para P-14 2011 "Fat Bottom Girl". Way down at the bottom of this .50 cal metal ammo can were Glock mags over 10 rounds. I never knew I had them. They're now at my son's house in PA. He transported 31 mags x 18 months EACH = 46.5 YEARS worth of TIME!
  12. WE BROKE THIS STORY & NOW IT'S GOING VIRAL! In case you haven't seen it yet, here it is: I.E.D. DIDN'T DESTROY HIS LIFE, NJ GUN LAW WILL! NJ MARINE FACING 36 MO. FOR 2 HI-CAP MAGS! by Black Wire Media Friday Oct. 25, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us BREAKING! Marine Mike Harky gave 8 years of his life protecting his country. An I.E.D. explosion medically retired him from the Marine Corps. The Amphibious Vehicle (AMTRAK) driver and Waldwick, NJ businessman came home with a Purple Heart and everything he was issued except for his rifle & gas mask. These souvenirs were sent home in Harky's footlocker, which had remained closed for years until an incident this past February brought about by a child custody dispute unfolded. A T.R.O. (Temporary Restraining Order) was issued and the Waldwick Police visited the Harky residence, asking as they always do about weapons in the dwelling. It was then that the footlocker was opened and the magazines were seized along with other property. The T.R.O. was nullified at Family Court in February, at the conclusion of the custody battle, shortly after the seizure incident. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ During a subsequent search by Police, a shotgun stored in his attic, his Marine dress sword and 10 assorted collector knives were seized along with (2) standard capacity 30-round magazines the Marines issued to him that he forgot were stowed away in his footlocker. Harky doesn't own a rifle OR the ammo for the magazines. They're just punched-out pieces of metal that contain a spring, a follower and some sand dust. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Fast forward to September 19th's consent order from the Family Court awarding 50% custody to each parent of the couple's 8 year old son, a heart transplant patient. The consent order stated he needed to apply for & pass a background check for a NJFPID card in order to get his shotgun, sword & knives returned. In going through the seized items in September, Waldwick PD then found the (2) 30-round standard issue magazines for the Marine's M-4 duty rifle that he doesn't have, at which time he was placed under arrest & spent two days in Bergen County Jail! Harky, now remarried (see photo), has a November 15th Court date at Bergen County Superior Court in Hackensack. Harky, worried the state is trying to make him an "Example" for NJ's new Hi-Cap MAG BAN that puts you AWAY for 18 MONTHS per magazine, then wrote a Facebook post on Tuesday Oct. 23rd, which is now going viral! Fellow 2A supporters recommended he get attorney Evan Nappen to represent him in this matter, and as of last Wednesday evening, Nappen is under a retainer contract. We interviewed Harky earlier this afternoon (10-25) for this exclusive story! No formal fundraising effort is yet underway and this construction company owner that employs 12 full-time employees now faces a dire future. Any help sharing this Marine Hero's fateful journey through the meatgrinder that is the NJ Court system will be greatly appreciated!
  13. How'd it go? Are you all signed-up? ~R
  14. Finally something to write about that's not pork roll or taylor ham... Thanks for posting!
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