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    Competitive Rifle, Pistol & Shotgun Shooter with Black Powder at three clubs. Several Disciplines shot: USPSA, IDPA, Black Powder (Rifle Distinguished Expert), Practical Police Competition (PPC), Bowling Pin Shooter, Sporting Clays. NRA Certified Instructor in ML Pistol & ML Shotgun. NRA Range Safety Officer. Police Silhouette (PPC) Chairman at OBR&PC. Avid Bird Hunter. Shooting Mentor to Kids & Women. Eagle Scout Dad. Also Boy Scouts Merit Badge Counselor for Rifle & Shotgun.
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  1. Great time. Thanks Nick for everything you do! Thanks everyone for coming (or trying to). Will & I enjoyed meeting & schmoozin' with you all & making your Memorial Day weekend a little more special! If you forgot a brochure, see Mrs. Peel OR look us up online: http://www.cnjfo.com We'd love to have you as members! Till next time, Rosey, VP CNJFO
  2. BUMP! CNJFO will have some "SNACKS" as a way of saying a big THANK YOU to all that showed for the April Rally! See you all tomorrow! Rosey
  3. OUTSTANDING! Since you're a Newbie, you might want to consider protecting your gun rights? Here's some lite reading: http://www.cnjfo.com http://www.JustifiableNeed.com Rosey
  4. Nuthin; like breakin' a kid in on an assault weapon, lol
  5. Dad told lots of stories of gun cleanin' with gasoline & a rag & a mop. Wipe dry & a touch of oil for both his M-1 & his 1911. Nuthin' cuts cosmoline better than gas!
  6. Did you clean the packing grease off the gun prior to firing it? Dirty rails with gummed-up crud slow-down the slide on its' way back & VIOLA, it's JAMARAMA time OOPS, Nick beat me to it!
  7. Depends upon the match. Pennsy USPSA w/ 20+ round mags maybe not such a great idea, lol. Bullseye pistol .22LR with a kid her grandkid's age, not so much. Put a human face on a typical shooter. Or a kid looking to earn a college scholarship with precision .22LR There's "room" to meet in the middle on some of these proposals & take SOME of the sting out of them BEFORE they're signed into law...like grandfathering mags for instance!
  8. Ant, SOME of the folks here that aren't "on the INSIDE" need to be reminded from time-to-time of the nature of politics and WHY we can't spill the beans, especially when it comes to ANJRPC plans & "inner workings". Maintaining a "low profile" & not disseminating ANY info protects the info itself but also leads to SOME Patriots thinking that the state Association is dormant, uncaring & "too old school" (Fuddy). This creates the very problem I've been successfully fighting (w/o "giving the store away") both here & on Facebook. Giving them a "peek" once in a while like you just did^^^, here in your Page, is a great communications tool! Congrats again with the Senator! Putting a HUMAN face on "the Gun Issue" can only HELP! Rosey
  9. OP should get out on this sunny day for a visit. Bring yer shades witchya. Time to stop being a Mole Man in the dark
  10. Two is one & one is none. Pro wedding Photogs of my ilk carried as many as 4 bodies & a strobe for each with multiple interchangeable power sources. Not to mention a complete set of lenses. Gun fighting is mindset. USPSA is still "gun fighting" even though it's a GAME. Always play to WIN. Spare parts & spare guns at EVERY match. Glad your gun broke at the END of the match & not nearer the beginning! Take care & be glad that you didn't blow-up the gun with a squib
  11. I paid $150 for our Family's Marlin "Little Buckeroo" .22 Youth bolt action. 24 years ago. Found it at Ray's on Rt. 22. It's a Trainer, NOT a tack-driver. And we still use it for its' intended use! Sometimes I think yuse guys could argue about how to make a ham sammich. Keystone knows what the rules are. Their Cricket & Chipmunk rifle plant in Milton, PA has the blessing of BATF&E. Yeah, the thing is TINY, but that's the POINT! Any talk about needin' a kid in the store for a transfer is total BS. NO ONE should ever listen to a Pink Card holder spout-off about NJ gun law, cause most are idiots!
  12. It was years ago. I'm checking this afternoon as to their ability to do a "walk-thru" of an organized group from the Forum & possibly CNJFO (depending upon their number requirements, minimum purchases, rules, etc.). The Second Amendment Women Shooting Club-SAW did the tour years ago, organized by Sandy Muldoon (a dear friend) & Shari Spivack (co-founders). Other close friends of mine carpooled the 170 miles from Bridgewater (185 from So. Amboy) to their Milton, PA facility and their youngest got to select his stock off the rack & push the button for the CNC machine to finish making his Cricket from a blank. I believe they send the rifles to a FFL back in Jersey(?) once their fitted-out & tested. It's interesting to note that about a mile or so away as the crow flies is Milton State Park, which resides on an island in the middle of the west branch of the Susquehanna River. Restrooms, water, picnic tables & charcoal grills await. So a coupla coolers gets you to a place where you can throw a football or Frisbee, eat & wear the kids out before the ride back home. A McDonald's is also nearby. Slightly west of the river is nearby Lewisburg, PA with all it's shopping glory for the ladies that don't want to go to a rifle manufacturing plant. I've been to the Street of Shops Antique Mall on Water Street in Lewisburg, and it's quaint & has its' own PA Dutch style Diner right inside of it! For those that want to explore more of the area, lodging is available including several B&B's right in Lewisburg at reasonable rates compared to Jersey. So there's something for everyone in the family, day trip OR an overnight.
  13. If you really wanna HOOK him, take him to the Cricket factory in PA and let HIM press the button of the CNC machine to make HIS rifle! The Second Amendment Women did just that a coupla years ago and my friend went with her son to do it!
  14. I was forced to read & do book reports in school. As a product of the late 50's and living thru DUCK & COVER grammar school in the 60's I HATED it & felt that since the world was spinning out of control, I'd rather spend my time with current events. The classics bored me to death. I was "into guns" at an early age (12), and used allowance money to buy gun magazines. Only after I became successful did my love for reading develop. Hard cover editions of things such as "Running Silent, My years in a WW2 attack submarine" by Admiral James Calvert and other such notables now adorn my book shelves. Anything Clancy! Killing Patton. I have an entire collection of bound books w/ gold leaf that were published by the NRA years ago, and they include all of the old experts' writings such as those by Hatcher that follow the development of small arms thru the ages.