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  1. @Zeke WOW, yep that makes sense. When nobody buys his bullshit as Character #1, he jumps into a phone booth & emerges as Character #2. Problem is it's always DEEP legal questions regarding skirting NJ law and doing it with such low post counts. It's his M.O. Most "normal" people lurk, like a few posts themselves, say a few things to build a post count, then post easy shit like "9 or .45?". Not this heavy-duty, hair-splitting, legal, "how can I get over" BS.
  2. GIVE ME RECTUMS WITH MY MASHED POTATOES! Such hair-splitting bullshit. You people must have taken lessons from ME, lol! Conflating voting laws with firearms laws and tax liability laws all rolled into one. You people confuse yourselves. Like lookin' for permission to breathe AIR, you ain't gonna find it in the 2C statutes OR in the orange Bible. @45Doll is livin' the dream. He's the expert about this shit cause he already did it, is doin' it and will continue to do it! I've covered this several times throughout the years, Pity it's so hard to use the library of those thousands of posts of mine, @Zeke and others. Nappen will tell you to use a crosswalk & look both ways. Then you'll get a bill. In NJ there is no designation of what a residence IS within the firearms statutes. 2 days, 2 months or 20 years. You don't need to own or rent to make residence in another state. You could just be living there rent-free in the basement! All that's required is some DNA on a toothbrush! Gee that couch folds-out! Can I pay the cable bill Uncle Steve? Do I have metadata on my phone with a Facebook live video shot on Uncle Steve's couch with myself in pajamas? These & other hair-splitting scenarios are plentiful. Now let's get to the brass tacks! As they say "at the end of the day....." The kid wants to buy guns in Florida with a denial hanging over his head. He doesn't know why he was denied & never got or responded to the denial. Choir Boy or Rapist? Who here knows for sure? Maybe his name popped up on the radar screen and he was denied because his name matches a scumbag's? And maybe the Cops never checked further for address, town, age, social security number, etc.? Don't laugh, a member of this forum has been thru that shit already! Or. or, or....could it be a troll from Mom's Demand? Why stop at only 2 residences? When applying deep thinking, in regards to NJ firearms, one must always play "Pretend". You need to pretend you own 3-4 residences within NJ (like SOME do) and then try to apply the EXEMPTIONS. Then see where you come out. THEN PRETEND you live in another state AND you're a nationally-ranked competitive shooter that attends matches throughout this state AND the country. Meaning: IT'S NOT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR SMALL WORLD! Maybe THEN some of you will STOP with the "You need a NJFPID card to own & transport" firearms into & out of NJ??? In essence, you have to remove yourself & your personal situation from the equation when answering firearms questions regarding the convoluted, vague, and often juxtaposed firearms statutes. I've been busy. Does anyone here know that NJSP shut-down new fingerprint for firearms??? https://www.cnjfo.com/news Rosey
  3. Kevin, Ever since Ammoland contributor, NJ resident, Merchant Marine & soon-to-be CNJFO Life Member John Petrolino joined our all-volunteer writing staff, he asked to be tasked with re-posting almost every story we post to Facebook to the CNJFO "Black Wire Blog" seen HERE: https://www.cnjfo.com/news . When he's aboard ship it takes him a day or two to catch-up with what we post, so give him some time for today's stories. Each story is assigned its own unique web-page, and the blog now contains stories at least as far back as November, when I wrote about Neal DeBennedetto, the Lacey HS student given a 40-day out of school suspension for a fashion accessory known as a "bullet belt" which HE NEVER WORE IN SCHOOL! After you "catch-up", I'd suggest a daily visit to the Black Wire Blog to stay CURRENT! FWIW: We keep our emails to a minimum so as to not bother people on a daily or weekly basis. And for those actually on Facebook, you get it as soon as it's published by LIKING OUR PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/cnjfo Enjoy catching-up & stay healthy! Thanks again for your steadfast support! Rosey
  4. @Mrs. Peel You ain't missin' a thing! What SOME people with a chip on their shoulders for the NRA are missing is the fluidity and fast response of Dan Schmutter & the DC lawyerin' crew for ANJRPC to take the Governor's smug reaction & flippant comments to Roubian (the Reporter mentioned in the NRA Instagram that 250K followers already viewed) and USE IT IN THEIR SUIT! Here's a very fair overview of what's going on, published just this morning, prior to picking-up my GFH Goody Bags from Colandro: NJ STATE NRA ASSOC. FILES MOTION ON NICS! ANJRPC PILES-ON WITH A 3RD FED. LAWSUIT! by Black Wire Media Friday Mar. 27, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us In a legal maneuver resembling a one-two punch, the Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs (ANJRPC) responded with their own lawsuit ( https://cdn.ymaws.com/…/legal_…/anjrpc_sues_nj_complaint.pdf ) challenging the entire shutdown of the background check system portal the State Police have (needlessly) run for years. Using an Executive Order on COVID-19 as a false front, our Governor's answer to "the Reporter", then smirking about it at a press conference with his arms crossed when called-out on it by NJ2AS's Alex Roubian, our state NRA Association (ANJRPC) did then use the Governor's own remarks to Roubian as part of their suit: "Governor Murphy has even admitted that his assault on the Second Amendment was motivated by his hatred of guns, not by safety concerns about Coronavirus. When asked just yesterday by a reporter why he didn’t deem gun stores to be “essential,” he stated “a safer society for my taste has fewer guns and not more guns.” He said nothing about Coronavirus, which is apparently just a pretext for shutting down the Second Amendment." ---ANJRPC official statement In addition to the lawsuits piling-up over the NICS portal shutdown ---the national NICS is still fully functional btw--- our state NRA Association did file a "PLAINTIFFS’ BRIEF IN SUPPORT OF THEIR MOTION FOR A TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER AND/OR PRELIMINARY INJUNCTION". This vitally important document seeks "injunctive RELIEF" (rather IMMEDIATE!) and can be read here: https://cdn.ymaws.com/…/lega…/anjrpc_sues_nj_legal_brief.pdf The Second Amendment Foundation spearheaded a lawsuit against the NICS shutdown, filing it yesterday with multiple plaintiffs including CNJFO sponsor Legacy Indoor Range and Armory, Legend Firearms, Robert Kashinsky and other individuals, Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) and NJ2AS. It can be viewed here: https://documentcloud.adobe.com/link/track… When reached for comment, Melissa Deeney, co-owner of Plaintiff Legacy Indoor Range & Armory in Cinnaminson, NJ had this to say: "I'm happy to see so many suits aligned against this blatant attack on our 2A rights. The most upsetting part for me personally is the first time buyers. They have been vetted by the state, have their FID (after usually months) and permits - and we cannot help them. All the state has to do is let us use the Federal System directly or allow the NICS State team to work remotely. Instead they shut down the ability to submit new checks. Our entire queue (customer list of transfers awaiting approvals--Ed.) of Friday (3/20) and Saturday (3/21) work was warned that they may not come back before the anticipated shut down. They are all in limbo. The one that upsets me the most is a woman who came in for her first purchase... Fear is palpable... She still can't have her firearm because the state shut NICS down at the state level." ---Melissa Deeney, Legacy Indoor Range & Armory As more news breaks we'll be sure to give it to you, as always with our expert analysis & opinion. ---The Editors A very good friend of mine who happens to volunteer for the NJ women of The DC Project, Legacy Indoor Range & Armory FFL Melissa Deeney's quote is also made bold. Legacy is a co-Plaintiff on the original (SAF, NJ2AS, Kashinsky, Legend Firearms, et-al) case FACTS work for me better than supposition. If I want a story with FACTS, I get on the phone. Really wish more people here would learn, for once, to play nice & stop throwing gas on a fire! Have a COVID-19 free day! Rosey
  5. CNJFO's Theresa Inacker interviewed Derek while he was making deliveries & she broke the story. The Truth About Guns wrote to her & asked to run it. It has gone viral since. For my part, I added some "polish" in the editing phase and selected the image used of the ammo pile off of the store's Facebook page. Over 77,000 reached & 540 shares worldwide. And climbing. For those that aren't yet a member, or perhaps your membership lapsed, please help us by joining: https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us Thanks! Rosey, VP Black Wire Media Editor in-Chief Published by David Rosenthal · March 23 at 2:09 PM · The New Uber Ammo? NJ FFL DELIVERS AMMO! DIRECT TO YOUR DOOR DELIVERY STARTS TODAY! by Theresa Inacker for Black Wire Media Mon. Mar. 23, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us CNJFO sponsor Derek Pitera, President of SC Arms of Spotswood, New Jersey, FFL licensed and insured firearms dealer, is meeting the needs of the Second Amendment community in New Jersey by delivering ammo to the doorstep! In a telephone interview this afternoon with CNJFO, Pitera stated that he researched ways to keep his business open, so that he can continue to provide for his family. This new business approach keeps business flowing and meets the ammunition needs of the Second Amendment community. After researching the limitations of Governor Phil Murphy’s Executive Order 107, Pitera determined that deliveries and online orders are permitted, even though brick and mortar stores are to remain closed. If someone is purchasing handgun ammunition, they must provide a driver’s license and a NJ FID firearms purchase ID card, as required per law. Pitera verifies and logs the information though the truck window, making no person-to-person contact in this time of social distancing. HOW TO ORDER AMMO: Call the store number 732-425-4996. Pitera stated that while he has excellent contacts with the ammunition industry, there are LIMITED QUANTITIES at this time. Your needs and availability can be discussed when you contact the store landline, 732-425-4996, now forwarded to his cell. EDITOR's NOTE: We like seeing pushback to the UNCONSTITUTIONAL laws and current shutdown scheme we're all subjected to. If we learn of any other FFL's offering this type of service, we'll be certain to pass it along to our readers.
  6. @Cemeterys Gun Blob This is too funny! Yes, I enjoy all types & kinds of shooting, and Black Powder does indeed put a smile on my kisser just this the chap in the lower right corner! @PeteF you guessed well! I'm one of two people I know in all of NJ that hunt pheasants with a muzzleloader There's probably less than a handful of us! Yes some flintlock shooters & percussion shooters harvest deer with theirs, but it takes a special kind of NUTJOB to hunt flyin' chickens with a muzzleloader, lol! Thanks for thinkin' of me Blob & thanks for the tag PeteF! Rosey
  7. First Rule of Fight Club: DON'T TALK ABOUT FIGHT CLUB!!! Troll much? ~R
  8. Kettle callin' the skillet black, eh, lol?
  9. There's two kinds of gun owners in NJ: Those that pour EXPLOSIVES & those that rely on NICS checks
  10. Welp, I guess today is the day to wipe my monitor, lol! Around here you call sumbuddy a "DP" & you're in a fight, lol! 3 1/2 weeks to BACON collection!
  11. ^^^THIS^^^^ Thanks for the detective work. I'm a little too busy with what I have on my plate to chase leads like this. It's nice that we look out for each other! Thanks again & ttyl! Rosey
  12. I'm getting a headache just reading this thread. The totality of the wasted time & energy is monumental. I'm beginning to think TROLL. Hair-splitting has risen to a new height, and unquenched "show me" idealism is running the asylum. Anyone that thinks you're not guilty until proven innocent should look up the quote from the Superior Court Judge that warned we all own guns at our own peril. Good night Nurse! ~R
  13. @DonkeyPunch WHOA NELLIE! You're from Dreamland & have a lot to grasp. Where you come from (where is THAT, exactly?) things are much simpler. The laws are written WITH the USCON in mind. Here in Joisey, ALL firearms are inherently ILLEGAL (they start-out that way!), and therefore exist in the hands of us serfs only through the use of EXCEPTIONS & EXEMPTIONS as stipulated in the 2C Firearms Statutes and case law. The answer @DirtyDigz gave you is 10,000% CORRECT! You sir owe him an apology and need to do some serious homework! I'm considered an authority on this subject, am well-known throughout the NJ 2nd Amendment community, and as the Vice President of the busiest 2A group in NJ, have appeared too many times to mention at various venues up & down the state. I lecture on this subject, as it's my WHEELHOUSE! I have 48 years of experience behind the trigger, am a former Trustee of my local R&P club, I'm currently a Match Director of a hand gun league (Police Practical Competition---PPC), shoot action leagues competitively, etc., etc., etc. To just skim the surface of what I & most of the NJGF elders know, suggest you visit https://www.cnjfo.com/news and https://www.JustifiableNeed.com . A NJ Judge was already DISBARRED for the way in which he oversaw a trial, refused attempts by the Defense Counsel to enter the aforementioned EXEMPTIONS INTO EVIDENCE, and the way he charged the Jury! The case was Brian Aitken's. Aitken wrote a book entitled, "Blue Tent Sky". There's a GOLDMINE of 2A reality in there that every NJ gun owner should READ! This video is about 14 months old. A friend of mine drove almost 3 hours to get there to do it. I & a few other #2AHeavyLifters have been invited back for March 26th and they rented a hotel meeting room for the event. @DonkeyPunch Suggest you do some homework so you truly grasp what it is to be a NJ gun owner in the Communist People's Republic of New Jerseystan! Rosey
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