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  1. Here's a little sumthin' I whipped-up earlier today. I posted this already on the News Wire Thread, but I think in lieu of the sentiment, it's worthy of a cross-post. Mods, please remove if I violated a rule: HONOR THE FALLEN! THEY DIED FOR OUR FREEDOMS! GO TO THE RANGE & PUMP LEAD; BEERS COME LATER! by Black Wire Media Friday May 24, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us WAR! It's a hell of thing AND it can be a living hell for those caught in a never-ending battle in their minds. This Monday we celebrate freedom. Yours and ours. Freedom bought with BLOOD! For the blood of Patriots gets spilled every-so-often, even when no state of War exists. Training accidents, black ops in places with no names, terrorism, even suicide over survivor's guilt. They ALL count as paying the highest price, the greatest measure a man or woman CAN give. This weekend don't thank a Vet, their turn comes November 11th. Instead, celebrate your FREEDOM that was paid-for in BLOOD! Go to the Range & TAKE A KID WITH YOU!
  2. Yes, we've been extremely busy these last coupla weeks, lol! Sorry for posting 3 stories at once, but I had to catch-up somewhat. Yes, there's even more to post, but I want the above 3 stories to digest a little bit, so feel free to engage w/ questions and/or comments. Participation & feedback HERE at NJGF is strongly encouraged! Rosey
  3. #48 KEYSTONE DONATES CRICKET RIFLES TO CNJFO FOR USE IN THEIR YOUTH PROGRAM! KEYSTONE ARMS DONATES .22 CAL. RIFLES TO CNJFO! YOUTH SHOOTING PROGRAM OFF TO A GREAT START! by Black Wire Media May 17, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Eric Saperstein, Youth Committee Chair of the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners, is proud to announce Keystone Sporting Arms, LLC, of Milton, PA has just promised to donate (6) of their famous .22 LR caliber youth model Cricket single-shot rifles to the Coalition. Saperstein, a frequent visitor to NRAAM and photographer for the youth shooting sports, as well as a target shooter, gun collector and hunter, is our Youth Shoot Committee Chair. He and approx. two dozen volunteer instructors on his committee will be conducting our first-ever .22 Youth Shoot on June 23rd at Union Hill Gun Club under the direction of CNJFO life member & sponsor Rocco LaRocca, President of R.O.C. Training. Keystone Sporting Arms is the country's largest supplier of youth model rifles. The company is equipped with modern, state of the art equipment, and a capability to increase production to meet the growing demand for firearms. The goal of KSA is to instill gun safety in the minds of youth shooters and encourage them to gain the knowledge and respect that hunting and shooting activities require and deserve. We're very proud to partner with such a benevolent sponsor and look forward to the fantastic opportunities that lay ahead educating youth about the 2nd Amendment, and firearms safety & proper usage in particular! NJ native CJ Roberts, son of Dan Roberts & brother of competition shooter Shyanne Roberts, is a Keystone model and is featured in this Oleg Volk ad image now used nationally by Keystone for their company banner. If you desire to help us in this endeavor, we'd be glad to accept donations to offset future youth Shoots OR arrange to pick-up donated .22 LR ammo. CNJFO is a 501(c)3 non-profit and all donations are fully tax deductible (see your financial adviser).
  4. #47 THOUGHTS FROM NAPPEN & COLANDRO ON WHETHER THE SUPREMES WILL GRANT CERT ON ROGERS CARRY CASE! CNJFO's ROGERS AMICUS BRIEF HELPS SCOTUS GRANT CERT? ON MAY 23RD WE LEARN FATE OF OUR PLEA FOR RELIEF! by Black Wire Media Wednesday May 15, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us The Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners joins NRA Board of Director Anthony Colandro and famed firearms attorney Evan Nappen in praying for relief from NJ's unconstitutional firearms laws. We're looking forward to next weeks decision by SCOTUS to GRANT CERT (accept the case) for the Rogers carry case! We have worked tirelessly for NJ gun owners rights since our inception just four short years ago, and have contributed greatly to the historical trek that's so close to unfolding before our eyes. None of this would be possible without the help, financial support and resolve of our members, sponsors, friends and supporters, all of whom are forever in our hearts. We thank you ALL! A little history on how we got to where we are: The Rogers Amicus Brief CNJFO helped fund came to fruition due to Jay Factor's extraordinary ability to memorize the chronology of the first laws that governed NJ, and his data collection via rather expensive hand-written journals that pre-date the very formation of this country! He, together with their attorney (and now ours), David Jensen, and both Cheeseman and Jillard, asked us to help finance the brief. We did so with their permission and at their direction using SOME of the funds collected during the Matching Funds campaign the Coalition ran and supported for the Cheeseman-Jillard carry cases in NJ. Cheeseman, Jillard and Factor all are personally invested in this brief and are named as fellow petitioners. Mark Cheeseman and John Jillard were both denied carry permits by a NJ Superior Court Judge. Then denied again. Both cases are now stagnated at the appeal stage; NJ Supreme Court seems to be waiting for SCOTUS to grant cert on Rogers? As we prepare to walk the path to righteousness TOGETHER, please consider renewing your membership or JOINING for the first time! You don't even have to be a NJ resident in order to receive the federal tax deduction for joining or donating to us since we're a 501(c)3 non-profit! TO JOIN: www.cnjfo.com/join-us . Thanks in advance and stay tuned for upcoming NEWS about the US Supreme Court decision to hear Rogers!
  5. #46 STATEN ISLAND PARAMEDIC A 2A FIGHTER TO BE RECKONED WITH! RIDING SHOTGUN WITH CHARLIE IN NYC! RIDING SHOTGUN WITH CHARLIE TAKES LAUREN HARTNETT FOR A TOUR OF THE BIG APPLE; NYSR&P CASE GOES TO SCOTUS! by Black Wire Media Tuesday May 14, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Lauren Hartnett rides shotgun with Charlie Cook of "Riding Shotgun With Charlie". They discuss the outrageous NYC ban on bringing your hand guns to your own upstate property or business, and a ton of other interesting topics. This Staten Island gun owner splashed onto the national scene a while ago & she's absolutely ON FIRE! How good? Like we'd like to ask her to come to Jersey to speak at an event GOOD! We couldn't stop watching! See for yourselves how well this interview genre works on this, the 48th Riding Shotgun With Charlie! If all goes as planned, in a week or two MY segment of "Riding Shotgun With Charlie", filmed immediately after the above ride with Lauren Hartnett, will hit "Air"............#49! YES, I BROUGHT THE TEN GAUGE SXS TO THE INTERVIEW
  6. Every year when the renewal comes due (I'm a non-shooting member; News & Briefs only), I fill-out the survey asking WHEN that sprawling range complex can undertake cutting a few pits into the property they already have so as to enable themselves to form an Action League or two. They have some steel, and added a 5-Stand course not long ago. Action w/ holster-draw is still missing on the menu. One day... ~R
  7. Sort of, but not really. You'll just be "pre-compensating" for the physics involved. Given everything else in the equation remains the same (bullet weight, manufacturer, powder weight, powder brand, temp., wind, barrel length, rate of twist, etc., trajectory also remains a constant. There isn't any "magic" to flatten it out by doping the sights differently. The round will always react exactly as it should. The rifleman overcomes these obstacles of physics (which are always present) through understanding & training. High Exposure is correct. Nothing is to "be assumed" just cause a chart says so. The Battle of Adobe Wells was decided by a single round from a borrowed .50-90 Black Powder Cartridge Trap Door Springfield rifle. Billy Dixon & friends were surrounded by 200+ Indians on horseback. Dixon fired a "Hail Mary" shot at a mounted Indian from more than 1400 yards away. Using nothing but guesswork & luck. That round arched its' way into the Indian (and the History Books) within sight of the Chief, and the Indian fell dead off his mount. The Chief, upon seeing this, said that was "mighty medicine" they can't fight, and ordered his 200 mounts to disengage. Dixon did it with a hangover & no sleep. Keep in mind that 3-Gun stage designers are somewhat diabolical. If you have to shoot your rifle from behind or thru a pallet (for instance), you'll need to know HOW to compensate for a 90* turn of the rifle to clear the muzzle. That requires learning how to shoot w/o a bench. Knowing what yer tools do PRIOR to a match lets you educate yourself AND gives you the confidence you need to succeed. Good luck & may you LEARN THINGS! ~R
  8. I agree Bob & hopefully I'll get some more trigger time in with this NRA Expert in Muzzleloading Rifle! He's gonna be 30 this August. My greatest achievement! Shooting with him on Father's Day is more important than making a monthly NJGF Shoot, so that's why I mentioned to NOT schedule the NJGF Shoot on a Father's Day. ~R
  9. May is college graduations, May crownings, Confirmations, Mother's Day, Memorial Day. June is HS graduations, Father's Day, Rendezvous, CNJFO Youth Shoot Sun. June 23rd. Mix into that getting lawn mowers serviced, normal car maintenance, cutting lawns, 5K & 10K charity walks/runs, and planning summer vacations & camps. There is no "perfect" day when everybody can make it, so don't beat yerself up! ~R
  10. Just try to stay-away from Father's Day is the best advice I can give right now. Also---CNJFO has a Lehigh Valley Sporting Clays Fundraiser set for Sunday August 11th. Breakfast & BBQ Lunch, golf cart, raffles, 50-50, vendors, etc. Gonna be a blast & hope to see some of you there! https://www.cnjfo.com/event-3376841 Rosey
  11. Earl is a great resource & very knowledgeable. Don't let your toes touch that line durin' a cease fire though If you don't like something, most of the time you can schmooze it with your neighbor (like flyin' brass hitting you for example), so no need to "take yer toyz & go home". Lord knows Cherry Ridge has plenty of safety rules---and some could argue they're a bit overbearing---so if you don't "like" something maybe it's just because CR is all you know? Go to an action match with everyone walkin'-around strapped or a 3-gun w/ long guns on tac slings AND a holstered sidearm. CR members would quake in their boots ~R
  12. Ya ever notice the guns NEVER FAIL to fire? Most of the time it's the guy doing the video that's the STOOGE LOL!
  13. Yep. Unless of course your "AK" is chambered in .22 LR Of course, a simple Henry .22 LR lever would give the same "carbine benefits" w/o the NOISE & pressure wave encountered inside. "Carbine benefits", I think I'll use that again. Thanks. ~R
  14. ^^^CAN I GET AN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMEN!? Often the RSO's are tied-up watchin' the Zombie killers tryin' to do half-assed mag dumps with their AR's into a zombie target that's only 5-7 yards away. Enforcing the "NO RAPID FIRE" Rule can be very distracting to everyone on the firing line, even RSO's, especially with center fire rifles indoors. Once a RSO gets "tuned-in" to THAT, it takes a while to resume "patrol" of the other shooting ports. RSO's are front line Customer Service Representatives (CSR's), and as such they can't be a "Hit & Run Dick" just bossing you around. They have to "schmooze" with clients and promote good will while enforcing SAFETY. Each "schmooze" takes time. And no one can be everywhere at once! Again, well stated Ray! ~R
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