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  1. THIS^^^^ And I consider "reliable function" to be weak-hand ONLY w/o jamming due to limp-wristing. Otherwise, if you have to engage w/o your strong-side (due to taking fire or broken arm or slicing-the-pie w/o exposing yourself to incoming rounds) and you get a JAMMARAMA, you're holding a ONE-SHOT pistol in yer hands, so make the first shot count! Or buy a revolver! ~R
  2. @zenviko DUDE! Your avatar says you're in Spotswood. So go to SC Arms at Romeo Plaza and see Derek if you have any more issues. He'll sell you some .45 ACP Ball. FWIW lots of guys use a full-length guide rod with a shok buff, myself included. Some full-length guide rods come in two pieces, and you screw the front piece into the piece in the spring & slide and then rotate the barrel bushing. Your Uncle may have done that style of guide rod? You already ordered parts, so use your new parts after you correctly install them as @Mr.Stu has pointed out to you. Keep all the parts of the older guide rod. If at any time you need some help, hit me up and I can meet you at Recoil. I'm about 20 mins away. Oh, and remember to not use "Shooter's Choice" gun cleaner if using plastic shok buffs. Shooter's Choice eats plastic shotgun wad fouling, and thus will attack plastic shok buffs... Rosey https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us
  3. I concur with @JohnnyB . This is a total non-issue as you're maintaining both as residences. Buy 5 more and you'll get the same answer Both residences are where you'll be residing, so BOTH are EXEMPT LOCATIONS. Rosey
  4. @lhrocker So now we "pull teeth" to get the full story: Are both houses in the same town being used as YOUR residence OR is your intention to rent the old house to someone and transfer all your worldly possessions, including your firearms, to the "new house"? If you're moving out of the old house, and changing your driver's license, you'll need to get a new Yellow Card. Even if you rent it out, it's still property YOU OWN, so you're allowed to patrol it armed. Hair-splitting is a specialty of mine, so... You can own many houses (or vacant lots) in NJ's 21 counties, and carry or store firearms at any of them, provided they are secured and away from prying hands...OR transport any number of firearms TO them at any time day or night. I've written about this several times in the past. Rosey CNJFO VP https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us
  5. @Fishypete Glad you had a nice visit. I was there on Opening Day and did a full Photo Story for the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners (CNJFO). Hot link to CNJFO News: https://www.cnjfo.com/news/9322888 Here's my story for Black Wire Media, the Coalition's News entity: RECOIL SHOOTING RANGE HOLDS GRAND OPENING TODAY! NJ's NEWEST 25 YARD INDOOR RANGE OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK! by Black Wire Media Sat. Oct. 3, 2020 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Recoil NJ, New Jersey's newest indoor shooting range, opened just this morning at 25 Mott Ave. Monroe Twp. (Middlesex Co.) NJ, within minutes of NJTP Exit 8A. Featuring 16 spacious 25 yard firing lanes, air conditioned & heated for your comfort, each lane has a programable target system to send & retrieve your target carrier. The range can handle up to .308 Winchester / 7.62mm NATO rifle rounds, and the entire facility is acoustically baffled, with each shooting lane protected by fully-encapsulated AR-500 steel plate for your safety. CNJFO Vice President Dave "Rosey" Rosenthal visited this afternoon and was invited "to take a ride" on Marlboro, NJ resident Eddie Farah's Smith & Wesson .357 magnum, firing a round through the "X"-ring (see target close-up photo). Farah is seen firing in Rosey's photo. The Coalition gave these images to Recoil NJ to use as they see fit, so you may see them on the Range's Facebook & website soon This family-owned & operated business is open 7 days a week, and offers both hourly lane rentals for walk-ins and an annual membership, with first responder & senior discounts (see photo of price list). The range will be supplying some swag for upcoming Coalition outings, and CNJFO brochures & business cards are proudly displayed on their counter, so be sure to pick one up when you visit and/or join! At present there are no gun or ammo sales or rentals, so shooters must bring their own unloaded and cased firearms & ammo with them. Registration & sign-up are easily handled via a kiosk with assistance by their friendly & courteous staff. The range sells paper targets and plans on offering firearms training in the near future. For the latest info, hours, directions, etc., please visit their website: http://recoilnj.com/about-our-range/ Here's the pix I took for the story and shared with the range owners. You'll see them on their social media: NJ's newest indoor range! Hope everyone likes the story! Rosey, VP Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners To JOIN the Coalition: https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us
  6. @Pete1 For pheasants I like to use 1 3/4 oz. #6 shot on top of 72 grains of powder, an over-powder card 1/8" thick & a cushioned shot wad. Of course it's my 10 ga. SxS muzzleloader, so no shells needed! For 12 ga. & 20 ga. shells, @DaddyNick's advice is golden! Rosey
  7. Nitpick away & please keep doing it! I want to be accurate! Glenn, truth be told I never looked it up, I was merely repeating what was told to me by a tour guide...so I stand corrected & thank-you! Was thinking of you, Tom, Liz & the family as we were coming home from Sinking Spring, PA on Monday. Driving by the Reading Airport with memories of fond times watching the reenactors, and getting a ride in your Staff Car. Here's hopin' & wishin' the WW2 Weekend is a GO in 2021! All the best! Rosey
  8. @Dave Archibald, @RUTGERS95, @Scorpio64, @10X, @ChrisJM981, @Krdshrk and @PeteF Iowa Class .50 caliber 16 Inch rifles have the ability, when combined with a well-trained crew and the state-of-the-art analog computer system they employ, to put 27 shells (3 full broadside salvo's) onto a target the size of a football field, from over 20 miles away, SIMULTANEOUSLY! They can do this by altering the trajectory & thus the height of each fired salvo, and have ALL 3 SALVO'S HIT AT ONCE! Prior to the Iowa Class, we had the South Dakota Class BB's. Battleship Massachusetts is a sister ship of this Class. It's a museum ship in Battleship Cove, located in Fall River, MA. Many years ago I slept aboard her, in an enlisted man's "rack", when we took our entire Boy Scout Troop (I was their Charter Organization Representative--COR). On the wall near the crew's mess was a huge photo of the Massachusetts firing a THIRD salvo from her .45 caliber rifles and you could see the 16 inch HE & AP rounds IN THE AIR when the picture was taken. In fact, the photo and the rack I speak of is in this video. Also a great pic of the secondary magazine where sailors manually fed 5" .38 caliber rounds to the elevators to feed the twin 5' mounts. The Tin Can Sailor's museum is alongside the Massachusetts, aboard the Joseph P. Kennedy, a Destroyer named after JFK's brother who was blown-up in an experiment trying to rig a bomber to fly as a drone during WW2! There's also PT boats, a Higgins landing craft and a Fleet Class WW2 sub museum exhibits. Spend a weekend there if you can!
  9. @Blue Star Union Please reach out to me. We've been doing this a while and have common goals. Thanks! ~R
  10. @Pizza Bob Are ya gonna get the Vette wrapped in Richie's shield logo? Might be a great way of avoiding tickets, lol!?
  11. Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd guess who organizes the suits that takes years to go thru the system to get to SCOTUS? Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd guess who pays to get amicus briefs written & submitted in support of cases under review all the way up the ladder to SCOTUS?? That's right, the same NJ-based gun groups that you refuse to help. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ~R
  12. John Petrolino did a great job with this story. He's a CNJFO Life Member!
  13. @USRifle30Cal EXACTLY! And if you think the BATF&E just hang-out having coffee & donuts waiting for this guy to drive up to the Cop Shop, I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale, lol! He was being WATCHED and had a Plan-B. Of course we'll never know the REAL truth, as both sides would have to tip their poker hands. Meanwhile, folks with more emotions than facts get to say all their "what-ifs" on a forum. At the end of the day, this guy is going to be the poster child of what not to do. Just like the machinist that built his own AR where he worked at across from the NJSP barracks and then walked it across the street for "Show & Tell" to ask how to register it... ~R
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