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  1. Every store can make their own bidness model. It's their right to do so. Some want to drive people thru the doors for paperwork (transfers) hoping a real sale will take place while others set their transfer fees to drive transfers for non-members & guns having to be shipped to them AWAY. The REALITY CHECK: Joe Blow orders a gun from "Bud's" & has it shipped to LGS. Joe Blow, all excited, calls LGS to notify them that his gun is on its way. So when the pink card holder behind the counter has to chat with Mr. Blow about a gun they make next to nuthin' on, everybody else at the counter trying to spend $, on the phone looking for an in-stock item (trying to spend $), or a person that rented a lane that needs more ammo (trying to spend $) HAS TO WAIT while Joe Blow relays tracking info he could have just emailed to the LGS... With all the Newbies buying guns needing shown how to insert a mag into the grip & drop the mag for a reload, now magnify the amount of time a pink card holder has to invest with each new customer that might be one of the 135,000+ complete Newbies that NEVER RENTED OR HANDLED A FIREARM and just woke-up to gun ownership. Gun stores aren't 7-11's. Pink Card holders don't grow on trees & there's only so many of them to go around...and it takes a while to get approved and receive your card (just like a FID), so you can't take a Wally World door greater & put them behind a gun counter in Jersey... Some Pink Card holders are still A-Holes that tell customers that hollow points are ILLEGAL and that gun owners have to TRANSPORT via FOPA Rules while transiting solely in NJ! Que the "better safe than sorry lecture" Pink Card holders are famous for... Supply & demand is at the root of all bidness decisions. Some bidnesses decide to not invest the time in dealing with Joe Blow's excitement, multiple phone calls, messages and then the actual transfer when their counters are 6-deep with customers waiting. Things will settle-down eventually and current transfer fees might be adjusted on an as-needed basis. Strictly BIDNESS... Being a capitalist I can understand it all, and I lack the shortsightedness required to bitch about it on a forum ~R
  2. @njJoniGuy I found this little gem just now by accident, lol! Enjoy! @Mrs. Peel You got some acrobatic shoes to fill, lol!
  3. I'm glad you folks like the writing & the video. I'm also glad the skies remained empty and all the crop-dusters were accounted for. The thought of being responsible for an early release of poisonous gas or nerve agent in a less densely populated area next to the water in NJ weighed heavily on my soul, but I was willing to take that risk if it meant saving millions in NYC. The Cops that rolled-up on me no doubt felt the same way. Prevailing wind was blowing out to sea... My photo studio was across from a commuter lot with 24 hr. meters. Several cars had multiple OVERTIME PARKING tickets under their wiper blades. Seeing another one being written as I peered thru my office window on 9-14, I hastily walked across the parking lot & chatted up the Cop writing the tickets. I suggested the owners were most probably WTC commuters and ALL DEAD, and it wouldn't be right for the town to force the loved ones left behind to pay for overtime parking. Our eyes met, he nodded and he collected several days worth of tickets left on all the vehicles. Slowly, one-by-one, the cars disappeared as family came to collect the vehicles. I can only assume some of those vehicles, frozen in time, had hair brushes, lipsticks, and other materials that netted DNA used to match WTC victims... I'm not a Hero. I just did what little I could to the best of my ability in a shitty situation. To be honest I feel like I didn't do ENOUGH, like my little part was of no consequence. Later that day, as I became aware of more & more con-trails from military jets criss-crossing the approach vectors to NYC, I put the Garand away w/o firing a shot. My insignificant role was over...
  4. @USRifle30Cal OK, hang-on while I cry some more..... Here's what I posted today on my Facebook page: 9-11 isn't just "another day" for me. Armed with my M1 Garand & several en-bloc clips of .30-06, I sat in my backyard looking for crop-dusters because several were still unaccounted for. Several central Jersey airstrips are within a few minutes flight time of my house and could easily be the source of the next phase of the attack. I was praying to NOT find any as I scanned the eerily quiet sky adjacent to the mouth of the Raritan Bay within sight of the WTC. The Cops pulled-up & asked what I was doing, so I told them. They told me to "SHOOT FIRST & then call it in on a LANDLINE since the government SHUT-DOWN CELL SERVICE"! There were no crop-dusters armed with poisonous gas / nerve agents headed for NYC! My unrecorded effort seems a distant memory today... I lost wedding clients working at Carr Futures in the WTC. They met, fell in love, got married (I was their Photog) and picked-up their wedding proofs. She was pregnant. They found her DNA at Fresh Kills landfill in Staten island, never found his. Both families came to my studio to make parent albums. Not a dry eye in the studio! As we cried together, I told them I'd make TWO bridal-size albums since (2) small parents albums were on the contract, and the extra expense was on the house. Today I'm reliving the joy & sadness of that encounter. This year more than usual. I have no more tears left. God Bless the souls of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Resta & their unborn child! I'm taking a Facebook break today. I'm OUT... From today's CNJFO Facebook page: "ALL AVAILABLE BOATS! ALL AVAILABLE BOATS!! THIS IS COAST GUARD GROUP NEW YORK VHF-16! REPORT TO LOWER MANHATTAN FOR EVACUATION!" A simple VHF Channel 16 radio transmission on the official "emergency channel" so designated by the USCG. For those that don't know, it's probably the only direct communication means between our government and its' population. If it could float, IT RESPONDED! Not since the evacuation of Dunkirk in WW2 has a response been so overwhelming. Dunkirk took 3 DAYS to clear the beach of 300K Troops. On 9-11 these men & women took 500K+ off Manhattan in only 9 HOURS! Here's their story. On the 19th anniversary of this tragedy, we choose to remember the GOOD in people.
  5. I can't bring myself to tell my story after reading Nick's (again--I've read it before). Hugs Nick! ~R
  6. ^^^Yes & YES! Leave the hand guns at home and take a pump or break-action scattergun. Make plans to visit a scattergun facility (Skeet, Trap, Sporting Clays) write them down & put them in the vehicle you're traveling in. Should you get T-boned & have yer guns splayed-out all over the highway, you now have a legit reason to HAVE them with you in the vehicle, UNLOADED & stored separately from the ammo Hand guns (all types) and AR-15's are considered evil weapons of death & destruction, so leave them HOME in Jersey since you probably don't have a NY state SAFE Act compliant AR w/ pistol grip that bends-around and makes a stock, right? If you're a "one-trick Pony" and only own a handgun, yer S.O.L. Just ask the last two Jamokes that went into the woods in Orange Co. NY last year with an "ARSENAL" of "ILLEGAL" firearms & blasted away. NYS Police tracked them down & thru them in the grey-bar hotel...
  7. @Zeke Perhaps you'll all get the reference now:
  8. @Mrs. Peel Your "personal commentary" is like Spock's "best guess" flying a Klingon Bird of Prey to slingshot around the sun to time travel forward in Star Trek IV, The Voyage Home. Meaning it's often exceedingly correct to a fault, lol. Remember that "personal commentary" can always morph into an Op-Ed format. Opinions, especially those expressed by female shooters (instead of fat, bald, white guys) delivered in an Op-Ed format are quite readable. Facts & figures are nice, don't get me wrong, but POWER emanates from OPINIONS formed by the majority. The ol' "hey, I feel the same way she does" goes a long way at capturing the reader & forcing them to the finish line. Dry numbers, expressed without a story or EMOTIONAL ATTACHMENT tend to make readers fall asleep and/or scroll-on by & not share the piece I'll shut up now and let you GET TO WORK (DAMMIT!)... ~R
  9. You're 99% correct. Many, many moons ago....if you registered your "Assault Weapon" prior to the famous Florio Ban kicking-in, you could own it legally through "Grandfathering". I believe the "Grandfathering" was only good for the owner when said owner was still breathin' AIR, so the estate of the deceased owner would then have to sell said "assault weapon" out of state, since at THAT juncture no legal means of legal NJ to NJ transfer was allowed. With the death of the original owner, the grandfathering died with them... Now at 61 I'm still fairly "sharp" & didn't do an actual look-up, so I'll beg forgiveness now if I'm wrong. But I do remember a calendar "cut-off" to legally register "assault weapons"! Present day the term "grandfathering" is about as meaningful as talking about Do-do bird eggs. Oh, and whoevva this lawyer is that you quoted----HE'S A SCHMUCK! Doesn't know SHIT from Shinola! Rosey
  10. I need permission from @Mrs. Peel to copy & paste it, then I need to search for a file photo to use with it. So how about it Peel? What say YOU? Rosey
  11. IF WISHING ONLY MADE IT SO.....and yes I've asked & yes she has an open invitation to write on any topic she wants ~R
  12. And just like that....magically the gun you were askin' about bein' NJ legal yesterday is today fully assembled, lol! Nice "Hallway Gun" btw. Q: What's the barrel length? If it's 18.5" you can probably bet it's a Cylinder Bore scattergun. And @Displaced Texan is correct. Choke is stamped on the barrel. Might be abbreviated to "12 gauge Cyl 2 3/4 and 3 Inches" fyi. Rosey
  13. Welcome Newbie! You can't find an answer because you're looking for permission to breathe air. Meaning it's a given that you'll be breathing and since most laws & their penalties are listed for things you can't do, have, own, or transport, the fact that you got a headache looking for them & couldn't find them means they don't exist. Just like looking for permission to breathe air... that law doesn't exist either! Best advice I can give is to stop reading the actual laws of stuff you can't do & concentrate on the EXCEPTIONS & EXEMPTIONS detailing when you CAN act like a Free American. Second best advice is to read the Coalition of New Jersey Firearm Owners Black Wire Blog. It's our electronic newspaper "morgue", a collection of what everybody on our staff writes. The best 2A news & views to be found anywhere. https://www.cnjfo.com/News While you're converting your 870 into a hallway gun / Death Machine with mail-order parts, please consider joining NJ's busiest 2A group HERE: https://www.cnjfo.com/join-us If you're on Facebook, check out our page here: https://www.facebook.com/cnjfo You can put a coon-huntin' light on yer 870, as well as a home-made 18 round mag, pistol grip, adjustable stock, laser pointer, and bayonet lug and no one would care. Change the platform to a semi-auto, and you've made an EVIL weapon of DEATH & DESTRUCTION that earns you 7-10 in the Pokey for an "ASSAULT WEAPON" (whatevva the hell THAT is) Stay FROSTY & welcome to NJ gun law! Rosey, VP CNJFO https://www.cnjfo.com Here's another taste of NJ gun law by yours truly. We wrote a check to the Cheeseman-Gillard Supreme Court lawsuit for $11 Grand at this same meeting in So. Jersey.
  14. @Mrs. PeelI know lots of women that love to compete with their 2011's ( a 1911 that's all grown-up >> a "double-stack"). Here's a professional documentary video just 5:30 in length of then 16 year old Kaitlyn Francis. It was posted 4 1/2 YEARS ago. She does 3-Gun with the aforementioned "2011" double-stack. And uses a NJ-ILLEGAL assault weapon for a scattergun (holds more than 6 in that YUGE mag)! And 30 round standard capacity mags for her AR-15 too... I can almost smell the FREEDOM from here! Enjoy everyone!
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