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  1. Not sure yet. Tying up loose ends for the Clays Tourney on Wednesday. Picked-up the goody bags & a silver membership at Gun For Hire earlier today, as well as the souvenir t-shirts Hustle-hustle!
  2. Sir, you are sadly mistaken. I PM'd Nappen & told him "BE CAREFUL" about what I saw HERE on this PUBLIC forum (that YOU POSTED) that's no longer HERE (so why are you bringing this up?). In doing so I identified a potential exposure to YOU that might result in YOUR prosecution. Nappen & Max decided together to make it go away. At this point maybe this thread ought to "go away" too?
  3. You are of course correct, 'cept to say that no one here owns a Sinar 4" x 5" View Camera w/ a YUGE digi back or a digi Hassy, both of which cost tens of thousands just for the bodies. Some "ancient history" for us film buffs: I have a 600 square inch 20" x 30" full-frame wall portrait of my then 10 year old son hanging in my living room that I did in Cape May in the summer of 2000. Printed from a Kodak Portra 160 neg (rated at 100 for more "meat" on the neg--we're a LOT alike) taken with one of my four Leica M6-TTL rangefinder camera bodies w/ a Leica APO 135mm F3.4 lens (longest lens made that's commercially available for Leica rangefinders) at around 7:30-ish w/ "sweet light" approx. 45 min. prior to dusk. The mirror-less, almost silent exposure was approx. 1/125th at F4.5, giving me exactly one stop's worth of depth-of-field. Tack sharp from corner-to-corner thanks to the PERFECT glass of the APO, I could have made it even bigger! The lab printed it on an Italian "Pollei" self-contained "daylight" printer/processor that uses 20" wide Fuji Crystal Archive wet process paper. The well-composed & unretouched print has a tonal scale & shadow detail that earned it a blue ribbon in the Professional Photographers of New Jersey semi-annual "Off-The-Wall" Print Competition held by their Central Jersey Chapter. The panel of 3 Master Photogs commented it "is an interesting crop from a Hassy neg" FWIW Leica is now on its' 5th or 6th digital full-frame rangefinder model. I played with their M240 at my son's wedding 2 yrs ago this coming October. The images I got were stunning. Every piece of Leica glass I own, from 21-135mm, all fit on every model. For only $4k MSRP today (I paid $1895 20 yrs ago at Foto Care in NYC Photo District) Megapixels? I have NO idea!
  4. The wife let them inside the house and gave permission to search the 13 yr old's bedroom w/o a warrant. Mommy had nuthin' to hide. Neither did her son. The search took place prior to Len's arrival home. Dad was at work when the Po-Po showed-up at 9:30pm. Was it the smartest play? Yes & no: Got them to NOT confiscate, so.....
  5. Can we buy one of these when they're finished! It would make a great raffle prize at one of our shooting events we hold throughout the year!
  6. 20 square inches of film IS "Hi Res" lol. If you've never done a darkroom wall projection via a 4" x 5" near-grainless neg onto photographic paper because the enlarger's baseboard was too small, then you haven't experienced "Hi Res". Joe Rosenthal didn't need a light meter & took SHARP images MacArthur & Patton would have loved iPhones, lol!
  7. I interviewed the man. It's true. Every word of what I wrote. The new Red Flag Law was less than a week old & I'm willing to speculate that the rules hadn't been written YET. NJSP Major Brian Polite wouldn't comment on whether or not the new law was used in this case. He's now quoted in 2-3 papers, a radio station and Ammoland. You want every bow tied pretty & this case ain't pretty, but it's real none-the-less Sometimes things in NJ go sideways. Hurricane Sandy caused massive illegal transportation's & transfers to take place under the direction of & at the insistence of several police agencies.
  8. Reagan & Tip O'Neil had quite a few arguments over policy & Bills. Then they'd meet at a famous DC Steak joint to have dinner & drinks. Compromise solutions, many of which actually made sense, came from these dinners. Tip didn't let the DNC tell him what to do. He was his own man. I photographed him several times during my career. He was bigger than life & lit-up the room. I long for the "Old Days" we both lived thru
  9. Just what does THAT^^^ mean @Zeke? I commented about a tv show and how when it comes to SCOTUS each side goes nutz. Applying current events to a 15-20 yr old tv script. That's all I did so settle-down over there, lol! I would like to see a 7-2 Court in our favor. I would also like to see SCOTUS grant Cert on a 2A case we can win! That will take the reelection of Trump to make THAT happen? I hope not! I hope this new pick gets confirmed! The left will fight tooth & nail so that doesn't happen. They will make sh!t up & dig up the dirt on our (POTUS') picks. If they had an abortion or a child out of wedlock or their kid got caught smokin' weed, or they had a DUI, no matter how great of a jurist they might be, they'll get tossed because of the public scrutiny surrounding a confirmation hearing. To me that's just SAD! I wish the process wasn't so ugly & DISTRACTING! Why "distracting"? Because the Law & Public Safety Committee of the NJ Assembly is considering RIGHT NOW AS I TYPE THIS to ban every long gun in NJ with the stroke of a pen! "Forward Grips" on long guns are the next EVIL FEATURE the left is going after. If they leave it as vague as it's currently written, wooden for-ends on scatterguns & rifles could be made ILLEGAL. Nappen is scarin' the crap outta everybody tryin' to wake-up the Fudds at these Law Shield gatherings. We now go back to our regular distraction of the day, SCOTUS You take care too & remember I'm watchin' so they don't "sneak one in on us"! Rosey
  10. And add a pinch of the Holy Black & suddenly wet wood can make a cooking fire Trick is to add it S L O W L Y!
  11. The honor of being on the Short List is the least we can do Leo. Am I the only one here that's ever watched the West Wing? The episode, "The Supremes" comes immediately to mind. With Glenn Close replacing the Chief Justice. Maybe Ginsburg resigns & we let them pick one? We let them pick one so we can get who we want. A true conservative that would never be confirmed any other way. Or we can just go after middle-of-the-road Jurists that won't offend anyone.... Ah, just sayen.....life imitates ART! ~R
  12. Always loved that Robert Duvoll quote, lol! "It's the smell of VICTORY!"
  13. Back in the day when I was freelancing I had 2 Canon F-1 bodies & a Ftbn, along with (all Canon optics) 20, 24, 35, 50, 50 macro w/ ext. tube for 1:1, 85, 135, 200 F2.8, 300, and 400mm F4.5 FD SSC IF (their first IF---made w/ fluorite elements), I also had a Canon Pellix w/ stationary transparent mirror. No black-out from mirror going up but you still got a briefly darkened viewfinder due to lens stop-down lever being triggered just prior to shutter trip. Outside at F5.6 or wider the viewfinder didn't go dark like F16 would cause. A great candid camera and when used with strobe, you could see the actual image illuminated by the strobe in the viewfinder! Great for sports action as well as kids faces. You always caught the blinks! A bit of history: The Canon High Speed Motor Drive Camera, invented for the Sapporo Winter Olympics in 1972, got around the 3-4 fps "standard" back then and by using the Pellix's mirror system was able to sustain NINE frames per second! Nikon couldn't touch it and when they tried, you had to lock the mirror up & use an auxiliary viewfinder that completely lacked the ability for focusing. I went to the Pentax 6 x 7 cm as my first 2 1/4 SLR system, and had lenses from 45mm - 500mm, with their 90mm F4.5 as my "standard" 'cept when the longer 105mm F2.4 made more sense (like for oblique aerials in a Cessna 172). A pregnant Pentax Spotmatic, those huge negs would make creamy 8 x 10's especially on good 'ole Kodak Verichrome Pan Film which I rated at 100. 1/30 sec. strobe sync limited some syncro-sun & syncro-shade shots, so I bought the 90mm F2.8 leaf shutter lens for it which synced up to 1/500th sec! Baby Graphics (6 x 9cm) were very popular and offered 8 shots on a roll of 120 film. You could also take the same insert & swap it with the Graphlex back on a 4 x 5 Graphic & use the 135mm standard lens to take very respectable head shots with just the "sweet spot" of the center image field being employed. Then along came the 6 x 7cm insert for both cameras, and again their interchangeability. Lorstan-Thomas yearbook company in Union, NJ used to give ya a single roll of 20 exp Tri-X and you had to come back with 20 "worthy exposures" before they'd consider hiring you. Imagine today's kids trying to do THAT! Oh the PRESSURE! And YES Carl, I'm OLD! Old enough to have read books containing Pulitzer Prize winning photos by famous Photogs. Like Joe Rosenthal (no relation), on Iwo Jima, who used his Graphlex Co. Speed Graphic 4" x 5" Press Camera w/ 135mm F4.7 lens & Kodak Super Panchro Press Type "B" Daylight film to record the Flag Raising on Iwo. Exposure was (if I remember correctly) 1/125th sec. at F8 for the 2nd Flag Raising (the first they used too small of a flag that couldn't be seen by the Admiral's Flagship). So yeah, I'm not quite a fossil. FWIW, the Photog's expression of "F8 & BE THERE!" came from that historic photo! Rosey
  14. Cordite eh? My dad told me it looked like elbow macaroni only black. Iowa class 16" .50 caliber rifles burned plenty of it. We made so much back in WW2 that we were still using wartime manufactured bags of it when Reagan reactivated our 4 Iowa Class BB's! Rule .303 is cute, but let the Brits take the lead on that caliber War is HELL, and Willie Pete made Hell even HOTTER
  15. We'd be interested in going and bringing some CNJFO swag with us along w/ brochures & applications. We'd also be interested in helping/sponsoring some of the food since so many of our members would already be there and the interest level shown on this thread indicates plenty of new faces. Promoting the Second Amendment is what we're all about, so count us IN Troy! Rosey