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  1. ^^^Yep, it's a muzzleloader double barrel percussion. Got its' name from the basket placed on top of elephants, "Howda". Or as I like to refer to it, "Howda hell did I think this was a good idea?" Because it doesn't fire fixed, manufactured ammunition, it's not classified as a sawed-off shotgun. Federally legal in all 50 states.
  2. Will do Zeke. The SAW ladies are great people. I'm friends with most of them. They have a knack for this kind of thing.
  3. Just reading this today. Busy moving my son & dil to their new home. Out of internet for days at a time. Your idea of a joint statement is a good one. I will kick it up to ANJRPC, NRA-ILA & NRA and reach-out to my friends from the former NJ2AS Leadership Team. I can't make any promises. I'm just one cog in a very big gear. As tomorrow is Thanksgiving, I'll start the Statement Request on Friday. Have a great Thanksgiving!
  4. Getting a foot in the door is the first big step. Trust is a major issue. Finances is another YUGE hurdle. Most DV victims (especially those in a shelter in "the system") can't afford or aren't allowed to have weapons in the residence. NJ laws disarm everyone under the same roof. So a wife's gun registered to HER is confiscated the same time as the husband's. And if you don't petition the court for its' return, you automatically lose your gun rights forever! NJ's Domestic Violence laws are a mixture of feel-good legislation at best. At worst, we have more Carol Bowne's stacking-up like cord-wood. Several women attend Tony Simon's "The 2nd is for Everyone: Diversity Shoot" at Gun For Hire range. $10 gets you range time, free ammo, free pizza. The next one is in 8 days, on 11-30. Starts at 6pm. Open to EVERYBODY! Zeke, thanks for trying! If they ever call back I'd be interested in what they have to say so we (CNJFO) can offer educational support.
  5. Thanks Nick!
  6. Cabela's has been sellin' them for years. They're available in many configurations, the most popular being smoothbore 20 ga. SxS. As legal as buying a Cap & Ball revolver & driving it across the Delaware. Lead shot, glass, rocks, nails, you can shoot it all .
  7. Then go to Giberson's where I was on a hunting party with a 9 year old girl last March! She got to watch her mom harvesting birds with the owners son, Pat Giberson! If you have a Facebook page I can share both stills & a video of that hunt. For some reason this site won't let me share them.
  8. THANKS! Here's the direct link for donations: http://www.cnjfo.com/Donate . And YES, our SH!T is together. In fact we've been in contact with several former NJ2AS leaders that are helping as I type this. We are currently working with them in a consultant capacity since they aren't connected with the group. Their life experiences are an asset and they're willing to help, so we're letting them do just THAT! And everybody is getting along just FINE!
  9. I think you'd get a much better response if you change the title of this thread to "PLEASE HELP MY SON HUNT PHEASANT". See what happens & who responds. Don't concentrate on the expectation of hunting in your own backyard (desired place), and instead travel to where the dog(s) will be with their trainer/owners. Don't let a tank of gas cause your boy to be disenchanted with bird hunting. Instead embrace the ride as a chance to put the phone down & bond. Places like Bent Creek & Gibersons in Pemberton love to work with kids. You may want to make a few inquires to see if they have any customers willing to help you. There are mentors in more places than you realize Rosey
  10. CNJFO NEEDS THINKERS & DOERS FOR LEGAL BATTLES AHEAD! by Black Wire Media Thursday November 16, 2017 www.cnjfo.com For our upcoming battles in Trenton we need folks that can THINK! Inside the Box, outside the Box, without a safety net. Committees are forming & we're HIRING! We pay ZILCH, but if you can measure a building by its' shadow or a law by its' punctuation, WE NEED YOU! Can you spare a few minutes a day, OR a few dollars a month to fight UNCONSTITUTIONAL GUN LAWS? We NEED YOU! The Coalition has room for EVERYBODY! From High Point's to Krieghoff's, all of our guns are UNDER ATTACK! If you're PASSIONATE and want to make a difference, JOIN NOW! You need to be a member to be on a committee or run a committee! Our side can't afford FUZZY THINKING! JOIN here NOW: www.cnjfo.com/join-us Just bringing you folks the latest news & information. Committee people needed. Thanks for listening. ---Rosey
  11. ^^^^^THIS^^^^^ Now back in the last century, my Mom put my Dad's things on the dining room table & split them evenly among us three kids. That's how I wound-up with a Ruger Super Blackhawk .357 Sixgun & lots of other "stuff". No papers, just tears & hugs...
  12. I've had several meetings with Mark. In the past he's already donated to the Coalition, even prior to PO6 being formed. Mark is a true Patriot & deserves all of our support! I'm proud to call him a friend!
  13. That's not my call. It's all up to Alexander. Everybody else is working TOGETHER! No room for egos. Cheeseman said it best, so I quoted him^^^. Slandering the ANJR&PC as well as Anthony Colandro, and doing it the day prior to NJSAFECON literally burned his last bridge. None of the former Leadership Team is currently active, some aren't even dues paid members. The "Group" is ONE guy doing selfies & boycotting everything else that has anything to do with 2A. NJSAFECON, Annual Meeting of ANJR&PC, CNJFO meetings held in South Amboy & RTSP in Randolph, the CNJFO Picnic in Carteret, NJ, even Tony Simon's Diversity Shoots all suffer the boycott. The list is endless with opportunities to work together for UNITY. Now that Murphy won the Governorship, no one has time to engage a juvenile provocateur. Bob Rumson's 15 minutes are UP! (from the movie The American President w/ Mike Douglass).
  14. Thanks DirtyDigz!! As you all can see & read, Rosey has been a busy boy! And CNJFO can really use both members AND money for upcoming law suits! Yes, we've grown big enough to get involved with THAT, but we need YOUR HELP! Immediately after the Sunday ANJR&PC Executive Board Meeting mentioned in the story above, I went to Telco Sportsmen's Club next to the Atco Speedway to shoot 5-Stand with the former NJ2AS Communications Director (Theresa Inacker), whom is a recent widow, single parent and Facebook friend of mine. Those of you that are my or her Facebook friends can see the photos on our pages. She's almost ready to jump back into the Zoo that is Second Amendment work here in NJ. For those that aren't aware, Theresa is a lawyer at the Joint Base, and she is solely responsible for getting Emily Miller to Jersey for a Book Signing of "Emily Gets Her Gun"! I'm giving her the time she needs to grieve, but I do apply light arm-twisting. Theresa is also excited to read the good news in the article I wrote above, and is looking forward to working with CNJFO in the near future! So the cat's outta the bag, and now you folks know why I couldn't be at last Sunday's NJGF Shotgun & Pumpkin Shoot at Clinton WMA. I have to weigh who, what, where & when I make personal appearances since I'm "always working" for all of us. Here's where to join and learn more: http://www.cnjfo.com/join-us Rosey