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  1. This: A very POWERFUL Op-Ed written by a 9/11 Victim that has a wound that will never completely heal. His poignant story emanates from being labeled a TERRORIST by some assholes in San Francisco. 9/11 for me was like any other day. Then I saw the smoke trail from the WTC as I crossed the Edison bridge enroute to my studio to meet a client that was picking-up her daughter's wedding proofs. Car radio on NewsRadio 880AM, Tom Kaminski in the chopper, I heard the report of the 2nd plane hitting the towers. My country, OUR COUNTRY, WAS UNDER ATTACK! I immediately KNEW this, my superior situational awareness told me so. Proofs delivered, I closed the studio, sped home, loaded the M-1 Garand (a proven WEAPON OF WAR!), grabbed a handful of loaded .30-06 ammo clips, a pair of binoculars, set up a folding table & chair and sat in my backyard, scanning the sky for CROP DUSTER Aeroplanes, hoping to never spot one. Dead SILENCE 'cept for Air National Guard sorties. See, everything that was in the air was already GROUNDED, and our military was patrolling the greater NY harbor area. THAT MEANT anything else IN THE AIR was a TARGET! Radio reports said the Terrorists may try a gas attack with crop dusters, so I did what little I could. I was as "ready" as I could be. A local Cop I knew & used to trade cigars with pulled-up next to my yard. Puffin' a big ass stogie, he asked me WHAT THE HELL I was doing. So I told him, "LOOKIN' FOR CROP DUSTERS!". His words will forever be etched in my memory: "SHOOT THE CROP DUSTER(S), THEN CALL IT IN!!" The world changed & I hadn't fired a shot! I'm a NRA Life Member. Some fuckin' terrorist I turned-out to be! WAS INSPIRED BY THIS: "SOME PEOPLE DID SOMETHING" 18 YRS LATER! A TALE OF TWO COUNTRIES, THE U.S. POST 9-11! Op-Ed by Nick Chiarchiaro for Black Wire Media Friday Sept. 13, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Dickens once said, and it was his first few words, “It was the best of times and it was the worst of times,” That is true then for that story in the "Tale of Two City’s" and what I am about to share with you as the tale of Two Countries. It was a bright sunny day over 18 years ago, early in the morning America was waking up to start their day. In the NY area, I am all sure we can remember exactly where we were and what we were doing – sadly some of us would like to really be able to forget for just a bit, brief moments of solace, where we are not constantly reminded of what we are so needing to be able to put away and forget at times. I was in my home office; my day was ramping up and I had been at it for over an our already. It was a beautiful morning overlooking the yard through the window when I could catch a glancing gaze away from the illuminating glow of the computer monitor, so much to do today, so better get to it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was upstairs by myself getting ready as the day unfolded. No radio, no TV. All alone (or was I)? At around 8:55/56 in the morning I had been overcome with a desperate feeling of dread, dread so deep that my body shook and I had an overwhelming feeling of the need to call my mother at work. I dialed, fast busy. Hmmm, right number. Redial by hand, fast busy. Line is dead? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Then the scream pierced the morning, my wife calling with sorrow in her voice from downstairs – a plane hit the trade center. I processed those words, a plane hit the trade center? My mind saw a little piper cub hitting the building and I thought to myself how can that be, maybe he passed out. She knew what I didn’t till I descended downstairs and saw the TV. Well the rest of THAT day is history as they say, and the months and years after it…. Much of what transpired in the aftermath of that morning is as clear as the day is long, and sadly, I relive it most everyday as I trek to Manhattan for work. We all do it, I am not the Mayor of grief town and own it personally, many people were impacted that day, and we do what we need to do for our families, as much as we want to run far and run fast away from this city at times. Those many people, some I am sure were members of organizations, clubs, groups etc. – both alive and dead. The difference is the dead do not get to get insulted and hurt twice. In the immediate aftermath, there was deep anger towards the Islamic communities, especially when we saw "some people that did something", some of them were actually cheering – some people, we saw them on TV – we remember that too. See the Islamic terrorists perpetrated a hijacking with box cutters and a well-timed & planned attack and used some planes as smart bombs to kill a hell of a lot of people, to strike fear into a nation. The anger was deep – at times it still is. We were all told that you cannot judge an entire group of people by the actions of maniacs bent on mass murder by the media. Do not hold those innocent people responsible for the action of fringe elements, crazy people, sick people who have no regard for life. No regard for live and let live. Sick people. We have had a surge in mental health issues in this nation in the past 20 years, overmedication, no access to mental health services – the stigma placed on people who seek mental health services. We prescribe psychotropic drugs, mind altering ‘medications’ to manage people. We provide no true method to help those that are hurting. We fail those that are relentlessly bullied in schools, we fail those that are on the fringe and ostracize them for the fact that they are different. The vast majority by the grace of God get through the day without hurting themselves or others, but sadly we have had those that are bent on hurting themselves and as many others as they can so they can feel the pain that they feel, each moment of every day. Their sickness overtakes their sensibilities and they become violent. They lash out with hands, feet, knives, fuel, and sadly guns. Dickens also said right after his first few words in that tale, “ it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity”. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Last week the intelligentsia at the San Francisco Board of Organizers thought it reasonable, the week before the anniversary of a real terrorist strike, to label members of the NRA as terrorists. As an NRA member I am disgusted to the core that the SF Board of Organizers would paint me as a terrorist the week before 9/11, if at all. Truly the epoch of incredulity! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How in the name of all that is right, law abiding citizens of this nation can be labeled as terrorists, just because they belong to an organization? Well it is not hard to see how it can happen, truly the epoch of belief, as those same folks is San Francisco now call criminals ‘justice involved persons‘, yes you cannot make this up. As we take time this week and every day to look back on the horrific event that plagued this nation both on 9/11 and those terrible murders by criminals, we must place blame solely where it lies, with the actor performing the terrible act. As Ronald Reagan said, “We must reject the idea that every time a law's broken, society is guilty rather than the lawbreaker. It is time to restore the American precept that each individual is accountable for his actions.” Do I really care that some folks in San Francisco label me a terrorist because I am an NRA member? Not really! In order to be insulted I must first value their opinion of which I do not. But as I said earlier the living can get at least hurt twice, and those statements did at least hurt because I was relegated to a group of people that commit murder for political aims by doing violence and intimidation to the weak. Let us hope that going forward we can embark on a “spring of hope” and not a “winter of despair” in the coming months and years as a nation that can and should come together to heal itself. To live and let live, to allow people the freedom to seek the pursuit of happiness that this nation was founded on. In that spirit, I wish the liberal that knows not of what they speak, the anarchist that seeks to destroy this nation and especially the media. The media that which urged all Americans in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, to not judge all members of the Islamic organizations as terrorists and murderers by the actions of a few. Hoping for the spring of hope, that the media and others, will extend the very statements they used post 9/11, to not judge many for the actions of a few extend the very same thoughts to their fellow citizens, that are law abiding gun owners. We as citizens, we as patriots, we as fellow Americans – deserve better! EDITOR's NOTE: Historian Nick Chiarchiaro's terrorism analogy with San Francisco calling NRA members "Terrorists" struck a nerve in all of us. HOW DARE THEY! Chiarchiaro is a NRA member, shooter, collector, mentor, father of two daughters, husband, and a host of other things. As a CNJFO member he volunteers to both write and teach for the Coalition. He's also a VICTIM with a 9/11 wound that will never completely heal. We brought you his Op-Ed today in hopes of making people THINK before they speak, and to join him in calling-out those that throw around incendiary speech like hand grenades. We hope our readers appreciate both the pain and his calling for healing in a world yet to be. ---The Editors
  2. ^^^THAT's the spirit! You'll do FINE! Remember this Sunday is the 3rd Sunday. Outdoor range will have shotgun, static steel & black powder leagues all cookin' at once, startin' at 9am. The gate is OPEN, so come take a peek if ya can Rosey
  3. It's an interesting thought @BobA. Ronnie Barrett won't sell his Barrett rifles to Kali or any dept. in Kali. I met Ronnie Barrett last Sept. at the NRA Board of Directors meeting in Arlington, VA. I'll bring it up the flag pole & see who is fired-up enough to give it a good shot ~R
  4. @JMich3 the above^^^ is true, HOWEVER, careful planning on your part, combined with a multi-discipline approach to non-league shooting AFTER the leagues give up their real estate, will result in a thoroughly ENJOYABLE experience for you, your family and your guests. The trick is to memorize the calendar, attend the matches to learn WHY the club members enjoy them so much (bring your guest(s) to shoot the leagues while on Probation---non members are allowed to shoot the leagues!), look at your watch and pay attention to your situational awareness as far as what happens WHEN. For example: On the 1st Sunday of the month, Shotgun runs a match on the shotgun field, Static Steel runs their match in pits in the Chrono pit and pits 1-5 and often parks cars in pit #6, and Black Powder runs their match in pit #7 (the 100 yard range). So if you're not there to shoot those 3 leagues, you go home bent outta shape. So go to church with the wife & kids, take the family to a Sunday brunch, then show-up with a shotgun & ammo, thrower & clay birds and start THERE since that league is usually done before Noon. Black Powder is usually done by 1:30-ish (depending upon weather---really nice weather brings extra shooters/relays--which take a little longer) and Static Steel is usually last between 2:30 - 3:30pm. Then the outdoor range BECOMES A GHOST TOWN! In the summer you have 5-7 hours of Ghost Town until dusk! So you can start at Noon with yer scattergun, move over to the 100 yard pit at 1:30-ish or so with rifles, and claim any of the pistol pits after the Steel League packs their steel plates & drives them into their trailers. Move from one to the other to the next, easy-peasey! It's just a matter of getting used to what goes on around you . In 20+ years with the club I've shown-up at every league the club has, both indoors & outside, so I know what to expect. NOTE: If you're the type of shooter that thinks they know it all, can't read a published calendar, and show up at 9am to the outdoor range on a 1st or 3rd Sunday (for instance), and then get all pissy because the leagues are running THREE disciplines SIMULTANEOUSLY, then do yourself a favor and DON'T JOIN! If on the other hand, you can enjoy learning how to shoot BETTER, QUICKER, SAFER and LEARN THINGS you don't yet know through osmosis, you'll be a lifelong member of one of the nicest clubs in NJ! When I started with the club 20 years ago, "I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I DIDN'T KNOW!"...and I'm STILL learning from others, making new friends in the shooting community, running matches (PPC is this Friday night at the indoor range---non members are just $20 American!) and promoting the 2nd Amendment cause. Hope to see you around the ranges! Come over & say hello. Rosey PPC League Co-Chair & Match Director
  5. I've been a member for approx. 20+ years. I love it! I'm a former trustee & current discipline co-chair and match director of the PPC hand gun league. The outdoor range is easy to get to, and plenty of places to stop for brunch-lunch-dinner on Rt. 516 alone. We're a club that is comprised of various shooting leagues. Knockdown Steel is just ONE of the many leagues Old Bridge runs. If all your shooting has been standing in a port, you're in for a real eye-opener, lol! You'll have a ton of FUN at our range! Be safe & enjoy! Rosey
  6. Yes I am indeed @fishnut! I'm also a former member of the Board of Trustees and still a discipline co-chair & match director of the PPC league.
  7. Thanks for your comment and your commitment to the 2nd Amendment!! And now I'll add another EXEMPTION being on a private gun club's list provided to NJSP gets you: I can lend you a hand gun for 7 hrs 59 min & 59 sec's. So long as I STAY on the range property. I don't have to babysit you, I don't have to see you or watch you shoot the hand gun. I can be on a different squad in a different shooting pit. Hell, I can go take a nap in my vehicle or lay down on a couch in an air conditioned or heated office trailer after I hand you the gun Not only isn't it an "illegal transfer", but it happens all over Jersey every weekend at organized matches throughout the state wherein a competitor's gun breaks OR he/she forgets their gun, ammo, holster, mags, mag pouches, competition speed belt, wallet, or any combination thereof. Trunks pop open like MAGIC & stuff spills-out onto tailgates so a league member can shoot with their buddies' equipment! How do I KNOW all this shit? Cause I WATCHED IT HAPPEN BEFORE MY EYES, that's how!
  8. MY INTERPRETATION IS MUCH BROADER: Hey @BobA, it (THE ACTUAL, QUOTED law) doesn't say the "place of practice" has to BE THE SAME AS THE CLUB YOU'RE REGISTERED WITH that submits the List to the NJSP, does it? Hint: IT DOESN'T! Much like the American Express Card, membership in a private club has BENEFITS! Yes, it's a hair-splitting example of reading the typewritten word EXACTLY as it's written. Read it again & again, SLOWLY. Then remember the laws are written by lawyers who aren't afraid to use an entire tree's worth of pulp to make their verbose points. For dem lawyers are MORE verbose than I, lol! Land owners still have more GUN rights in NJ and they can set-up a range and have their friends WHO ARE MEMBERS OF PRIVATE CLUBS THAT SUBMIT A LIST OF NAMES TO NJSP ANNUALLY........ COME & PLINK WITH THEM FOR EXAMPLE: A bunch of members of the largest R&P club in NJ ALSO have a private section of land in the Pines to hunt on. Acres & acres. They built a range on their property. Everybody brings guns to sight-in on the property they mutually own & take care of. Club has Cops who are members, even State Troopers. Everybody brings their toyz to the woods for a "groom & clear" weekend camp-out at the hunting cabin. Been around forever, and everyone knows it's THERE! They "loan" the cabin to the Boy Scouts and Boy Scout Leaders bring an arsenal of firearms to the cabin, including HAND GUNS since the Scouts are actually a co-ed Shooting Venturing Crew. Yes, female adults are required for all overnight camping! Guess who was one of the VOLUNTEER Scout Leaders? Rosey
  9. Simple answer: NO! More advanced answer: In point of fact you don't even need a NJFPID or a P2P in order to OWN a hand gun. Additionally, out-of-state residents transport hand guns (that have jersey legal mags) to NJ every weekend for matches up & down the entire state. Advanced answer: Use the example above^^^ of the out-of-state resident going to a hand gun discipline match for most transport questions. IF an out-of-state resident can drive directly to & from a match, than a Jersey resident can as well---ALL WITHOUT PAPERS Study the EXEMPTIONS & EXCEPTIONS of the 2C NJ Firearms laws, for they are your friends. ALL guns start out by being ILLEGAL in NJ! Here's a video that explains the concept I just outlined, as well as many different facts about NJ gun law & how screwed-up it is:
  10. CNJFO's .22 YOUTH SHOOT SUNDAY NOVEMBER 17th! SAFETY CLASS & LIVE FIRE INTRO AGES 8-16 YRS! by Black Wire Media Saturday August 31, 2019 WE NEED YOUR KIDS TO KEEP THE 2ND ALIVE! As part of our ongoing volunteer efforts to educate the public on the safe use of firearms and our 2nd Amendment rights, the Coalition of NJ Firearm Owners (CNJFO) & RTSP-Union present an opportunity for NJ kids to learn firearms safety and to enjoy a mid-day LIVE-FIRE session for our 2nd Youth Day at the Range this year! We invite and welcome girls and boys ages eight (8) to sixteen (16) to participate in a training session designed for those who have never had a chance to handle a firearm. This is a basic safety course, general instruction and operation, and the opportunity to safely fire a variety of .22 caliber firearms. Both the safety course and LIVE FIRE range session will take place at RTSP's Union, NJ store & range located at 2438 US Rt. 22, Union, NJ 07083. Each student will attend a safety class and an overall instruction session in a group setting. Afterward, each child will be provided with one-on-one instruction, to ensure his or her experience is safe, enjoyable, and informative. The attendance of a parent or legal guardian is required. Registration is NOW OPEN and spots are limited to just (20) kids and their parent/guardian. At just $30 per child, we anticipate a sell-out so check your calendars and sign-up NOW to insure your child's participation: https://www.cnjfo.com/event-3539259 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- WHAT'S INCLUDED: (10:30am – 3:30pm at RTSP Union) Instruction, firearms, ammunition, targets, safety equipment for kids only (adults will be given loaners, kids get to keep their gear!), a catered hot lunch, a bag of swag, prizes, an event T-shirt, and raffles. A 50-50 will be held to help offset expenses. Over 22 unique .22 caliber rifles and pistols will be available to try and safely explore different actions and styles or firearm. OUR GOAL: To introduce the next generation to the family recreational environment offered by RTSP, the wholesome activity of target shooting that families can enjoy together, and to ensure that the future of our 2nd Amendment RIGHTS, our culture and lifestyle is secured. Your child's participation in this event will go a long way towards ensuring these goals. SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES: Our Youth Shoot Committee Chairman Eric Saperstein would like to hear from any company or individual interested in making a donation of cash, swag, or raffle prizes. Our 501(c)3 status ensures that DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Donors don't even have to reside in NJ to get the federal tax deduction! Helping future NJ voters learn gun safety is how we stop threats against the 2nd Amendment, so please reach-out & thanks! --------------------------------------------------------------------------- What can YOU do if you can’t attend as a volunteer or don’t have any kids or grandkids in our age range? Donate to our fundraiser and join CNJFO. https://www.facebook.com/donate/1080478285492367/ To join CNJFO and help support our right to bear arms in NJ and nationwide, go to: www.cnjfo.com/join-us REMINDER! Location of November 17 Youth Day: https://www.rtsponline.com/ (The Union Range!) 2438 US Rt. 22, Union, NJ 07083 For more information please call our CNJFO Youth Chairman: Eric M Saperstein 609 658 2955
  11. Old Bridge R&P has an open shoot every 1st Sunday of each month. Pistols at 9am & rifles right after. Come & have some fun. Non-members pay the $20 non-member rate to join-in on the FUN! 20 shot COF for rifles. 7 at 50 yrds & 13 at 100 yrds. Aggregate based on best 5 at 50 & best 10 at 100. Come on out!
  12. Couldn't the Experts at Range 129 help this poor fellow? Oh wait....
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