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  1. #14 CHEESEMAN-JILLARD LAWSUIT RECEIVES MATCHING FUNDS CHECK AT SOUTH JERSEY 2A EVENT! CNJFO PRESENTS $11K TO CHEESEMAN-JILLARD SUITS! $5,000 MATCHING FUNDS CAMPAIGN A HUGE SUCCESS! by Black Wire Media Monday Jan. 21, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us History was made in South Jersey Thursday evening at the New Jersey Constitutional Republicans meeting as CNJFO Officers David "Rosey" Rosenthal, Vice President, along with Treasurer Jack Pyle and Communications Director Theresa Inacker, proudly presented a check for $11,000 to Mark Cheeseman, John Jillard and Jay Factor in front of a packed room of Patriots, to aid them in bringing forth their lawsuit to bring about the right to carry firearms outside the home for all law abiding NJ gun owners! The funds were raised through a well-publicized matching funds campaign run by Jack Pyle, with CNJFO promissing to match dollar-for-dollar up to the first $5,000 donated to Cheeseman-Jillard through its' special "drop-down" on its' web page. Contributors responded to our impassioned plea by donating an additional $1,000, thus making the check total $11,000! A big thanks to all that donated from all of us at the Coalition! The 2nd Amendment was celebrated in a big way. The New Jersey Constitutional Republicans held their first meeting of the new year on Thursday January 17th at The Grove at Centerton Country Club in Pittsgrove, NJ. John Robert Carman, President of NJCR, invited the slate of speakers and the well advertised seminar filled the room. NJCR hosted the seminar on the State of the Second Amendment in NJ, inviting CNJFO Vice President David "Rosey" Rosenthal, CNJFO Communications Director Theresa Inacker, Right to Carry Plaintiff Mark Cheeseman, and 2A Historian Jay Factor to each give a presentation to the room-filled audience. Rosenthal led off the foursome with a presentation on how incrementalism of NJ firearms law has affected his 47 years of life experience with firearms. Inacker spoke of the impact of Constitutional law and how NJ blatantly obfuscates it, and how being that blatant & overbearing makes it even more likely for SCOTUS to grant Cert & hear the case. Cheeseman delivered an address outlining his 13 background checks, being denied a carry permit for "lack of urgent necessity", how a neighbor that doesn't like him could "swat" him with the new "Red Flag" law, and a promise to take the Cheeseman-Jillard lawsuits all the way to SCOTUS! 2A Historian Jay Factor gave us the history behind the infamous "Siccardi Rule" that led to NJ adopting its' "Justifiable Need" scheme without even voting on it, dispelled the myth of a National Guard needing to be the "well-regulated" part of the 2nd Amendment (well-regulated meant fighting farmers, tradesmen, and common folk having the necessary tools, arms, powder, ball & shot, as well as canteen & blanket roll), and other important historical references. The presentations ran till 9pm or so, and several attendees became new members of the Coalition, donated or bought swag & apparel. Future CNJFO "Road Shows" are being planned throughout the state for this year as we hope to bring Freedom's message to your area soon. As details are made available we'll be sure to spread the word. NJCR's next guest speaker will be NJ State Assemblyman Michael Patrick Carroll.
  2. Thanks Ed & thanks again for your generous gift to help make LIBERTY HAPPEN! Rosey P.S.: Hunt got postponed because both Governors already declared states of emergency & closed the roads to all but emergency traffic. So enjoy making some scratch doing the plowing & stay safe!
  3. You're on the List I PM'd you. The Hog Hunt for Sunday is POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER EMERGENCY & ROADS CLOSED! A NEW DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED! Rosey
  4. Smokin .50

    Freezer size? Need Advice!

    I have a fridge in the basement. It's medium in size. The hog fills that freezer & a bit of my freezer in the fridge in the kitchen. I agree that you should get a stand-up model instead of a chest. Only serial killers & guys with hairy ape sized arms need a chest. Short fat F^&ks like me will FALL INTO a chest freezer leanin-over into it to get SH!T at the bottom FYI: THE HOG HUNT FOR THIS SUNDAY, JAN. 20TH, HAS BEEN POSTPONED DUE TO WEATHER & SNOW EMERGENCY! A NEW DATE WILL BE ANNOUNCED. Rosey
  5. @Ray Ray Spam folder? No matter. Time is 7:30am at the boat ramp across from the RR tracks next to the Bainbridge Inn in Bainbridge, PA. Take Race Street to the end. Go over RR tracks & turn LEFT to see everyone wearing ORANGE. Bring a Pick-up or a tarp for your harvest so it doesn't leak into your vehicle. Dress in layers & bring warm clothes to change into if need be. Wear orange outer layer. Address is 100 Race Street, Bainbridge, PA 17502
  6. When I get a chance to breathe, I'll probably try. Tonight getting ready for NJ Constitutional Republicans meeting at Centerton CC in Pittsgrove tomorrow night. Then Sunday is the Hog Hunt---I leave Saturday & play "Social Director". Thanks Bob!
  7. Never heard of gab until tonight. mewe is flooded with gun sellers since FB doesn't allow it. Do either of these sites have links from newspapers, you tube, etc. on their pages to make sharing easier? Forgive me, another 18 hr day so maybe I didn't type that right. Looking for a logo to click on to take a video clip from one source & copy / paste to mewe or gab. Haven't seen where I can do it. Am I wrong? People out there are more stupid than I about computers.
  8. Well stated. Thanks for the insight! Now let's blow some minds together, lol: Take a breath, then ponder the thought that a NJ resident can own Class 3 weapons: 1. If bought while residing in a "Free State", then transferred to a Trust & stored in PA. 2. Your input please: Rosey
  9. OK, that should give you folks sumthin' to "chew on" while I'm away working the Show at Raritan Center this afternoon COMMENTS & DISCUSSION ARE WELCOME! Lurking is FREE, lol! Rosey
  10. #13 PHILLY'S MAJ TOURE & WHY HIS BLACK GUNS MATTER NON-PROFIT IS TOURING AMERICA! BREAKING THE RACE BARRIER TO GUN OWNERSHIP IN CITIES! TOURE'S BLACK GUNS MATTER TEACHES GUNS ARE FOR ALL! by Black Wire Media Tuesday January 8, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Philadelphia's Maj Toure gets information on gun ownership & gun safety where it will do the most good: the inner cities of America! Long forgotten about, often due to politics or generations of deliberate misinformation spread by years of discrimination, lies, and fears of the unknown by the communities themselves, the largest pool of non gun owners, are now being educated on responsible gun ownership. This non-profit initiative targets many of whom are prey to inner city crime. Toure's program "launch" took place at 2017's NJSAFECON in Princeton, NJ thanks to NJSAFE founder John Willett. We commend Maj Toure for being a "Solutionary". What is the thing that is missing MOST from the gun community and culture? NEW and fresh blood from the demographic thats neglected the MOST... Urban America. Here Maj engages folks from all walks of life and helps them understand why the second amendment is important, needed AND FOR THEM. Whats been YOUR experience with reaching beginners into our gun culture and freedom community? Vibe in, comment your perspective, share this video and SUBSCRIBE. Watch this FULL video AND Chapter 1 at: YouTube.com/BlackGunsMatter Support: Gofundme.com/BlackGunsMatter Patreon.com/BlackGunsMatter
  12. #11 WHY YOU CAN'T SHOOT A FLEEING SCUMBAG IN THE BACK! NJ "GOOD GUY" SHOOTS PERP & GETS HUNG OUT TO DRY! BURGLAR SHOT IN BACK WHILE FLEEING, SO DA GOES NUTZ! by Black Wire Media Wednesday Jan. 9, 2019 www.cnjfo.com/join-us Someone didn't get the memo that you're not supposed to shoot a fleeing scumbag in the back! Attempted murder charges were sworn against a NJ gun owner who decided to put a stop to a career car burglar by using his Glock 19 Gen 4 in Bergen County. Only 3 shots were fired, and one was a "through & through", exiting the Perp's chest. The Perp, who admitted to the Police he was guilty of a string of vehicle burglaries, is under arrest at a local hospital (probably cuffed to his bed rail) and the gun owner is awaiting arraignment on attempted murder charges. In Free America the victim would be a Hero. In NJ, he's just NJ's newest test case for Hi-Cap Murphy Mags, of which several were taken into Police custody at the scene. The linked story is missing LOTS of pertinent facts, but it's all we could find on the matter. As more details become available, we'll update this story. About this website dailyvoice.com Garfield Man Who Shot Accused Car Burglar In Back Charged With Attempted Murder 7,143 People Reached 2,364 Engagements
  13. A WIDER, PISSED-OFF BASE is just what the Doctor ordered Now we're NOT just a bunch of gunthirsty yahoos shakin' our fists. The main reason the Sweeney recall failed was because some in the 2A community (NOT this guy fwiw) kept it just a 2A gig instead of appealing to the teachers & everybody else that was pissed at the time. THIS organized event looks to be attracting everyone, so hopefully we get more traction (as Peel mentioned!). ~R
  14. #10 OPEN CARRY RALLY AT PITTSBURGH TOMORROW, MONDAY 1-7-19 600 ARMED PROTESTERS SET TO MARCH ON PITTSBURGH! JOSHUA PRINCE SENT LETTER; KATE BENNETT TO SPEAK! by Black Wire Media Saturday Late Edition 1-5-19 www.cnjfo.com This Monday folks from all over the Midwest region are expected to show for an Open Carry Rally in Pittsburgh, PA organized by Justin Dillon. The Erie, PA 31 year old already successfully fought Erie PA's BAN on carrying guns in town parks and WON! Pittsburgh's Mayor is going against the same state law that Erie did, and Dillon expects to win a future court case over this as well. Monday's Rally will feature Kent State's Kaitlin Bennett and other prominent 2A speakers that will address the crowd open carrying both long guns & holstered sidearms, something NJ politicians know will never happen here since we have "Justifiable Need". About this website post-gazette.com Gun rights advocate has wrangled with a city on regulations before --- and won 2,734 People Reached 387 Engagements

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