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  1. Marlin 795. Significantly better rifle than the Ruger 10/22, more accurate out of the box, with advantages the 10/22 doesn't have (like an infinitely better trigger and LBHO), and $50 or so cheaper to boot. Yeah, the SHTF conversation is typically infantile and silly, the adult male version of play pretend. I'm all for being prepared for a terrible emergency, but the people who plan on "Bugging out" and yet have 1,384,474 rounds of various ammunition in their basement, as if they can take even a small percentage of that with them are delusional.....or worse.
  2. Hey! As someone who works in the pharma industry, I should take offense to that! But I dont. My kingdom for a 500 yard range though.
  3. "You dont need _______ to hunt with"
  4. Anyone who is a NJ gun owner and doesn't immediately cancel their Star-Ledger subscription after this is no friend of the 2nd Amendment. And it should be lost on no one that the spineless coward who authored this anti-American drivel didn't choose to put his or her name to it, but rather chose to hide behind the banner of the "Star-Ledger Editorial Board".
  5. What N.J. really needs is mandatory gun buybacks By Star-Ledger Editorial Board on September 19, 2014 at 6:30 PM http://www.nj.com/opinion/index.ssf/2014/09/nj_gun_buyback_programs.html
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