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  1. Lambo2936

    For Sale Tavor X95 in FDE

    Sorry for the delay. Didnt get a noification for some reason. Yes it is available. Thanks!
  2. Lambo2936


    Crap, cant believe i missed out on this. Been workin too much, fml.
  3. Lambo2936

    For Sale Tavor X95 in FDE

    1750, buyer pays fees. Need to move some crap.
  4. Lambo2936

    FS: Sig P226 Legion 9mm SAO

    825, buyer pays fees! Firm!
  5. 750, buyer pays fees. Firm.
  6. I still have it but think im gona sell the long gun kit and surefire and keep this. Idk yet. If you are seriously interested shoot me a pm. Need some jangle in my pockets. Kids celebrate Channukah AND Christmas (My S/O is a Goy) so... FML... usually they are together, this year they are a month apart lol.
  7. Honestly, even if this IS off, 30% ain't bad for gun OWNERS (Not necessarily those who support the right to own; i know about as many people in NJ who are "Pro-Gun" IE don't care, as i do actual gun owners). I believe the number in some of these states is higher too, like Delaware being dead last.. WTF? The rate there has to be higher than NJ. I Dont buy it. In reality, id bet the numbers were closer to 40%. Pretty damn impressive, and certainly should deter most idiots given that over 100 million Americans are armed. Also, given that most/many have multiple (many) firearms, not just one, wouldn't this also mean that the estimated 350 million guns in the US is closer to, like, a billion? Just sayin'.. Lol
  8. TTT. Need to move some stuff. Shoot some offers on this/the rifles and such that i have. Can make package deals with ammo on the firearms. Update: ill knock off 50 bucks. Buy me.
  9. TTT. Need to move some stuff. Shoot some offers on this/the rifles and such that i have. Can make package deals with ammo on the firearms.
  10. Just a thought. Maybe we should make this a NJGF jeep and mount a Semi-Auto Machine gun on it. Cuz why the fudge not!
  11. K. i got pictures, i just gotta upload them and i'm busy woik'in... Couple minor things i noticed, one of the covers for the hinge for the rear glass is broken off on the hard top. Its a piece of plastic, probably 20 bucks to replace. The finish on the hinges looks 'wrinkly'; my guess is rust beneath the paint?? Or maybe its just supposed to be like that? f*** if i know. Rust on drivers seat bolt, maybe some water coming in with the soft (or hard?) top installed? No idea. This means possibly rust on the floor too. IDK. Drivers side carpet is also pretty worn, i dont think there was an area mat installed either, that would cover it up. Butt of the seat is also wrinkled and such, as expected from what is likely tons of time spent in the chair. The transmission was rebuilt but they messed up, and its being re-rebuilt as we speak. Was performed at Midas. Have a picture of the receipt. Still under warranty. Still not sure if to sell my truck, sell the jeep, sell both, or keep both. There's a war going on in my brain now that i've realized a lift is like 200 friggin dollars for a jeep.. WTF? A Lift for my truck was like 2 grand when i was looking! Anyhow, figured id update everyone @Ray Ray @CageFighter
  12. Its black. Has 4 tires. Not sure what else you wanna know? On a serious note, its in pretty good shape given the mileage. Driver seat has some wear obviously. Windshield is new, it was cracked and he had it replaced a earlier this year. Transmission was in fact replaced but still glitchy so im taking it back tomorrow to have them take a look at it. Still well under warranty (was done less than 2k miles ago, in March, and has a 12k/24mo warranty). Only notable damage i can think of other than some scratches in the hard top is a dent in the plastic bumper. O, running boards are new too. My S/O messed one up years ago when it was new and he had them replaced in the last year or so. Wheels are std aluminum. Tires are std tires. Nothing fancy. Oh, and its a 4 door. Hard and soft top. Ill snap pics tomorrow when i pick it up.
  13. Lambo2936

    New couple here

  14. Yup, this is what itll be pitched as if i sell it.. im in SNJ now, so shouldnt be difficult to sell if i decide to. Ray, no thanks! If all i can get is 5 grand ill be keeping it. Id be stupid not to. When i got my truck in '11 i was torn between a wrangler and my f150. Now i have both. Lol. For 5k itll be a toy. If i can get (a good bit) more than that once its cleaned up, ill give my FIL what he wanted and the rest is going to be set aside. Soon as my 'rents old house sells and they pay back the loan i gave em' ill be looking for a house. Gotta move some of my guns and ammo and crap too. Nice property nearby on 4 acres with a 1000sqft cinderblock structure (2 bays, nice little workshop/storage) that i want. Im like 50k short, if someone needs a kidney LMK.
  15. Go f**in figure.. like a week before i was handed a perfect plow vehicle i buy this thing.. (see pix).

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