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  1. Definitely cool. I Don't collect this type of stuff, just don't have the space, but at what you're asking its absolutely awesome. Wish i could help find you a cool place to display this but i really am clueless on the matter.
  2. A pack a day is half an insurance payment. Just sayin...... so thats one way to motivate yourself
  3. Welcome! New Gloucester cty resident myself but been on here a while.
  4. He's a property manager up in Newark, i work up there once in a while too.. Albert Almeida IIRC. He was involved in the whole Party of Six lawsuit and what not, the result of which was him getting his CCW permit and as far as i know thats about it.
  5. I Think you're talking about Almeida or whatever, who was in that last big CCW lawsuit and ended up being given a permit just to shut down the case?
  6. Haha perfect timing. I did all of mine last night/today. The H&K VP9 ones turned my mags into 8rd mags. I Had to shave them down 1/4"+ just to fit 10 rounds with a bit of slack so that the mags actually fit. Even then, they go in but not as easily as they used to. Had to use a belt sander to shave down the block and the little retaining piece of plastic that holds the bottom plate on. Had the same issue with pretty much all of the other blocks (Sig P226 required i cut the loop on the spring that holds the base plate). The glock one also had to be sanded down a bit but nowhere near as much as the VP9 ones. What should have taken an hour or two at most took like 6 hours of taking apart mags, sanding down plastic components and then putting the mag back together until it comfortably fit 10 rds while making sure it wont fit 11.. Unfortunately it doesnt seem like there is an alternative but if there is, id suggest anyone reading this go that route. The ones from magblocks.com kinda sucked....
  7. Just the way i like it. External hinges, that is.
  8. Cool, thanks. I had a 10/22 takedown for a short period of time but wasn't a big fan of it and ended up selling it off. Maybe ill pick one up under the same nics check for the stoeger i want to buy if i ever get to tanners or cabelas makes shit right.
  9. Someone is going to get a great deal on a safe, let alone one of the fire/waterproof ones.
  10. Not gonna be stuck with anything; don't ya worry. Plenty of opportunistic people that will gladly save money on ammo
  11. Assuming you're trying to sell it? LOL Not looking for new calibers, sorry. A 22lr bolt gun would be cool but id prefer a 556 bolt gun first.
  12. Thinking that's what ill do.. Do i start with a standard 10/22 or a 10/22 takedown? Id imagine the accessories for one or the other vary?
  13. Extra charge for using Hollow pointers in a crime. Legal to use for home defense, but if the shooting is ruled assault, manslaughter, whatever... they can tack on those extra charges. I'm not a Lawyer, i just like readin' on here.
  14. Thanks for sharing. Seen it, made what i thought was a reasonable offer the weekend before the ban of f2f private sales... lol. Not willing to pay a ton of extra $$ because its some anniversary edition. Gona beat it up anyways lol.
  15. Im down in Gloucester county but if you ever want to get together to shoot, just let me know! Have all sorts of steel targets and various firearms you can try out! Unfortunately guests are limited to two, though.