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  1. Honestly, even if this IS off, 30% ain't bad for gun OWNERS (Not necessarily those who support the right to own; i know about as many people in NJ who are "Pro-Gun" IE don't care, as i do actual gun owners). I believe the number in some of these states is higher too, like Delaware being dead last.. WTF? The rate there has to be higher than NJ. I Dont buy it. In reality, id bet the numbers were closer to 40%. Pretty damn impressive, and certainly should deter most idiots given that over 100 million Americans are armed. Also, given that most/many have multiple (many) firearms, not just one, wouldn't this also mean that the estimated 350 million guns in the US is closer to, like, a billion? Just sayin'.. Lol
  2. Just a thought. Maybe we should make this a NJGF jeep and mount a Semi-Auto Machine gun on it. Cuz why the fudge not!
  3. K. i got pictures, i just gotta upload them and i'm busy woik'in... Couple minor things i noticed, one of the covers for the hinge for the rear glass is broken off on the hard top. Its a piece of plastic, probably 20 bucks to replace. The finish on the hinges looks 'wrinkly'; my guess is rust beneath the paint?? Or maybe its just supposed to be like that? f*** if i know. Rust on drivers seat bolt, maybe some water coming in with the soft (or hard?) top installed? No idea. This means possibly rust on the floor too. IDK. Drivers side carpet is also pretty worn, i dont think there was an area mat installed either, that would cover it up. Butt of the seat is also wrinkled and such, as expected from what is likely tons of time spent in the chair. The transmission was rebuilt but they messed up, and its being re-rebuilt as we speak. Was performed at Midas. Have a picture of the receipt. Still under warranty. Still not sure if to sell my truck, sell the jeep, sell both, or keep both. There's a war going on in my brain now that i've realized a lift is like 200 friggin dollars for a jeep.. WTF? A Lift for my truck was like 2 grand when i was looking! Anyhow, figured id update everyone @Ray Ray @CageFighter
  4. Its black. Has 4 tires. Not sure what else you wanna know? On a serious note, its in pretty good shape given the mileage. Driver seat has some wear obviously. Windshield is new, it was cracked and he had it replaced a earlier this year. Transmission was in fact replaced but still glitchy so im taking it back tomorrow to have them take a look at it. Still well under warranty (was done less than 2k miles ago, in March, and has a 12k/24mo warranty). Only notable damage i can think of other than some scratches in the hard top is a dent in the plastic bumper. O, running boards are new too. My S/O messed one up years ago when it was new and he had them replaced in the last year or so. Wheels are std aluminum. Tires are std tires. Nothing fancy. Oh, and its a 4 door. Hard and soft top. Ill snap pics tomorrow when i pick it up.
  5. Lmao......
  6. Yup, this is what itll be pitched as if i sell it.. im in SNJ now, so shouldnt be difficult to sell if i decide to. Ray, no thanks! If all i can get is 5 grand ill be keeping it. Id be stupid not to. When i got my truck in '11 i was torn between a wrangler and my f150. Now i have both. Lol. For 5k itll be a toy. If i can get (a good bit) more than that once its cleaned up, ill give my FIL what he wanted and the rest is going to be set aside. Soon as my 'rents old house sells and they pay back the loan i gave em' ill be looking for a house. Gotta move some of my guns and ammo and crap too. Nice property nearby on 4 acres with a 1000sqft cinderblock structure (2 bays, nice little workshop/storage) that i want. Im like 50k short, if someone needs a kidney LMK.
  7. Go f**in figure.. like a week before i was handed a perfect plow vehicle i buy this thing.. (see pix).
  8. Shit, same. @fishnut will trade ammo for jerky if its good stuffs!
  9. Great, thanks fellas. Will call em in the AM, Supposed to meet with someone to transfer the scorpion if all goes well. Yes, heard that about bobs. Would rather avoid them regardless because of the price tag. 5$ more just for convenience, sure, but DOUBLE the price of literally EVERY competitor seems a bit much to me.
  10. Any suggestions? Always paid 25+nics up at monmouth arms but need something local. Bobs is close but is 50$+Nics, Not sure if theres better rates around. Thanks!
  11. Fwiw i posted about my fairly recent purchase attempt there in another thread. I drove all the way there with my family to buy a stoeger 12g around halloween. On the phone they said yeah sure come down. Sure enough after waiting forever and then the employee taking 30+ minutes to assemble the thing (eventually another knowledgeable guy came in and put it together in 15 seconds flat) while trying to convince me to buy a mossberg, i finally get to fill out the paperwork. 2 hours into my attempt at a purchase (i knew what i wanted coming in and even had them hold it aside for me ahead of time) one of the managers comes out and says that they dont know if my (standard) FID is real. Why? The hand written date of issue, fingerprint wasnt rolled, and one side was white while the other is tan. All standard procedure for most PDs issuing FIDs. So, call them and make sure before you waste your time. Shouldnt be an issue but after 5+ hours wasted driving etc they said theyll call me when they find out if my fid is real in 2 or 3 days. I ended up waiting over a week... bitched to corporate about it and got.a store credit but other than to spend the credit i likely wont buy there again.
  12. Cant say i have,.to be honest. Read plenty of reviews and such and it seems to be one of the best out there. Lots of backpackers and such use it. Thing isnt cheap either. Can apparently drink anything with it... ceramic filter thats silver impregnated IIRC.
  13. Right now my plan is to fix it up and keep it until someone offers something worthwhile. My guesstimate was around 8 or 9k tbh. Someone down here will buy it and take it off roading. As far as its use, never been offroading or anything. Was driven from Bayonne to the QVC HQ in PA every day, hence the mileage. Thing has likely never seen gravel let alone dirt or mud lol. Will see what my uncle says as far as its mechanical condition and go from there.
  14. Do you think itd be accurate? I cant find anything similar to find real life pricing. Kbb is fairly accurate for your average vehicle, but ive found that for stuff such as motorcycles or atvs its often far off.. how much value info can they have on a 200k+ mile 5 year old jeep? Lol. Gona check it out now though, thanks. Edit: looks like private party value of 10 to 12k depending on condition ('fair' vs 'good'). I expected it to be right around there, so thats good. Now to wait and see what repairs and such it might need.. drove fine when i drove it.
  15. Regarding needing water for the freeze dried stuff, everyone should have a purifier. I have a Katadyn myself thats sitting in the safe. Also have a lifestraw. Katadyn filters out almost anything thatd make water taste funky. If youre talking about Shtf food stashes, you should already have had water covered.... youll dehydrate long before youll starve.