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  1. Still available. Would contemplate separating tires/wheels for the right price!
  2. Will send one today. Thanks
  3. Adult play date sounds like a lot more fun than a range date. Just sayin... Do a bit of shopping around. I got mine on eBay a month or 2 ago, they had a rebate and stuff on there and it ended up being cheaper. That said the prices are fairly consistent nowadays IMO. Everyone has smart phones and can google stuff.. Id get tire rack pricing at your local shop and call it a day. Save the headache of shipping and what not.. and support brick and mortar!
  4. 20% must include anti depressants, anxiety meds, etc.. cuz thats crazy high. I could see 5% and even that is pretty high for serious mental illness.. Depression? I could easily see 1 in 5 actively, currently on meds at any given time.
  5. Need this crap out of my space, so if anyone knows a guy who knows a guy, send em my way! Somewhat flexible on these, like i said i just need them gone and need the cash to set aside for repairs and such when i find a place.
  6. For Sale Barely used bow. My fiance wanted to get back into recreational Archery and thanks to the introduction of children, we haven't exactly had the time to do so. Her bow is a Hoyt Vicxen that has literally had about 20 arrows through it. Purchased it from Heritage Guild Easton a little while ago. Included with it is a Tru Glo Fiber-optic sight, Five ICS Hunter 400gr Arrows (Sixth included but is broken; one of the five arrows has slightly damaged fletching from an arrow going through it, so you may be able to fix it with one of these. Tip from 6th broken arrow included as well; they were NOT cheap), Carolina Archery Products Whisker Biscuit Arrow Rest, and TruFire Release. All of these products are basically new and were purchased with the bow. Can be set to Draw 40-50lbs and 25.5-30" Draw length. The bow chassis is a Powermax. 650$ for my NJGF Fam. Need the cash to put towards a house! Located in Glassboro NJ, Now. Can meet in East Brunswick or possibly Newark NJ as well.
  7. Id love a tacticool AK ( An SBR version; that is, a scary black rifle with rails, etc)but not many out there that are reasonably priced.
  8. Id love a gun room in a basement with some serious dehumidification. Thatd be optimal; no reason for anyone to be snooping in the basement.. and if they are there for service work, its just your office or whatever behind the steel door. When i get a house, thats definitely part of my plan lol. As far as a safe, concealment is nearly impossible. Sooner or later someone there regularly will realize whats going on. Sides, if you can afford cleaning ladies you can probably afford a decent safe anchored in a closet somewhere. I have a pretty big safe and managed to get it upstairs with 1 brute friend of mine sliding it up the carpet runners. Worked great, thank god. It fit right thru the door. In my mobile home i had to remove the door but it still fit... So plenty of nice sized safes out there that can squeeze in thru a closet door.. Worst case scenario is modular as stated but IMO itd be pretty tight to assemble in there if the doorway is that tight, as thatd mean the closet is likely small too. I got a stack on from walmart. Like having a backup key in the event that the electronics fry.
  9. Yes, with a pair of NVGs. Just 'cause.
  10. All about how they are raised. My german shephard used to sit in front of my daughters crib and not let anyone but us come near it. Not trained or anything, shes just a good smart dog. Her brother was big and scary looking but couldnt hurt a fly. Cancer took him a few years ago. My golden retriever is kind of a dumbass tbh.. but also a good dog. All about training and how they are raised. That said some pitties are plain scary, lol.
  11. The land became valuable BECAUSE people have been building summer homes on it. There's still plenty of relatively inexpensive homes on lakes and such in the Poconos and SNJ. On the Jersey Shore, probably not unless you're ok with buying in flood zones.. lol Expect to have to travel to the deep boonies for anything decent though. A s***hole in the boonies of SNJ with nothing fancy is still 200k... been looking here in the Glassboro area to move out of the 'rents..
  12. Lmao this crap is so exaggerated As if a bunch of 9 year olds will print plastic AR15's with the 3d printers in their backpacks and bring them to school or something... hahaha
  13. I Know a guy who knows a guy who might be me who had a knife in his or her pair of 5.11 Boots.. Walked right thru Security in Middlesex County court and didn't notice it until he sat down and felt it in his boot.. That guy was freakin out that he might go to jail.. LMAO.
  14. Chiming in out of experience here. When i was younger i was pulled over in the middle of the night OTW to pick up my cousin who was kicked out of his apartment in the middle of nowhere in a shitty area in PA. I also had two girls with me... and a knife. Cop saw knife.. i, having always carried knives, just said oh nbd its just for self defense.. He ended up throwing it in my truck bed and said not to carry it anymore because its illegal to carry for self defense, and that he was cutting me a break because he could tell i wasn't a trouble maker or anything like that (i was a pretty good kid a few years ago... LMAO). Next time that shit happened i just said i use it for work. officer didnt even blink, he just said ok have a good day and that was that. Funny thing was i always carried a knife to use to cut tape because i always worked in the family business shipping out orders.... just that the first thing i could think of was "Self defense"...
  15. Yes, haha. Boss lady removed a bunch of Turban-Bashing and such.