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  1. Recalls happen on old cars all the time. Like the chassis replacements on tacomas.. not THIS old, but certainly older. Regardless, that should NOT happen, im sure we can agree on that, lol. The OP is a champ. Id have shat my pants and crashed into something for sure! Correction; the tacomas and tundras were the same age and older, and they spent more than the vehicles were worth fixing them or buying them back, IIRC.
  2. I kinda got bored of them. Was my favorite show following GOT, of course, but the fact that literally all but like 3 major characters died made it kinda boring for me. The timeline is also confusing. I agree with that... Between TWD and FTWD, that is.
  3. MB would certainly be getting an earful from me... glad you're ok.
  4. I certainly intend on it. If i was to shoot in the direction of the deer feeder theres just trees and farmland for quite a while according to google maps. Obviously if i wanted to shoot, id put up a backstop regardless, though. Would take some convincing with the folks.. lol Just dug thru their code online, and using the search function it says you cant bring a firearm to the parks, but can park at the park and walk to the designated hunting areas off the trails (firearms must be unloaded).. looking like it may be kosher.. will have to contact the PD and ask to be sure.
  5. Closed on a home the other day in Glassboro (Elk twsp). East Brunswick home will be going for sale shortly. Huge upgrade for us(over 3 acres), plus neighbors are all relatively far. Behind us is trees, farmland to the other side with a house 300+ yards away, neighbor across the street to the front and on the left side is a neighbor probably around 75 yards away. Deer feeder in the backyard; not sure if were allowed to shoot in the yard but still with the folks for now (though in a space 6x larger) so theyll likely be against it. Anyhow figured id post it on here to make it somewhat official. Hoping theres nearby outdoor ranges that are closer than an hr, though at that point i can likely just shoot in DE?
  6. I Typically drink Tasters Choice instant coffee.. Kinda what my parents always drank growing up and thats what just got used to drinking, haha. Either that, or Turkish Ground Coffee if i need some extra zing. I'll certainly be giving it a go. New house is Huge and i'll likely be living with the parents for a year or so before i commit to buying a home in the Glassboro Area (A NICE house is like $200k there.. Jesus, i've been saving for a house in Central Jersey and what i've been saving to put 20-30% down on a house in that area is like 50%+ for a similar house here, so sooner rather than later, its looking like). The area i'll be taking over is like 1600sqft (2nd floor), with the whole house being over 5,000 sqft (for the price of 2300sqft in East Brunswick). Will be building a little kitchenette up there and will certainly have space for any brewing equipment i might need that i simply don't have space for right now. Once that happens i'll definitely drop some coin on something nice and get into brewing real coffee. Seems like a cool "Hobby" haha.
  7. I wouldn't risk being denied for lying, I'd just write that you saw one a few times for minor ADHD. They may request that you get a note saying you're safe to own a firearm, though, and THAT may be difficult.
  8. I wanted to order some but would be completely new to brewing my own coffee; i've always just drank instant coffee, haha. That crap is so expensive and i wouldn't even know where to start; if i knew what i wanted i wouldn't have an issue with the price, but the up front cost of just finding out what you like best is going to be killer. Certainly going to set up a nice brewing station and get into it once we move and i have some space for things.
  9. Cool idea. At that point, though, you could just do Airsoft scenarios. I'd love to do milsim Airsoft, i used to play but never too seriously. At least that way you're getting shot at, and you shouldn't have an issue as far as zoning goes in most places.. I had grenades and all.
  10. I'm 24 and work my ass off. That said, yes, we've been brainwashed into the idea that College is a must, since we were kids. My sister has her masters degree in social work (MSW) and makes less money than me, and will until (if) she opens her own practice, assuming all goes well. I Had no college degree (JUST got my Associates in Business Administration), and sell home improvement goods online (eBay/Amazon) for a living.. I also do construction here and there because when my buddy needs help he can never find anyone willing to get dirty, and therefore pays me stupid amounts of money to come in and help. That's a few days a month at most, though. The lack of tradesmen is insane. His full time guys make 200+ a day for 8 hour shifts... they are legal Mexican immigrants (have paperwork, kudos to them) who know a good bit but aren't GREAT or anything like that. Just your average construction workers. Good luck finding a competent, good quality worker for under 250-300 a day nowadays..
  11. Will do. I Should have access to a few nice RIDGID job boxes, too, that i forgot about. I don't think my buddy would mind me taking one of those, either.. the full size ones. The one i initally mentioned is mini, maybe 1'x2' or like 1.5'x3' or something. The one i have now is about 1'x2' and is a cute little thing we found for free at the swap meet, but its not as secure as id like, plus i still have stuff in the safe i want to take out like the sights and such. Probably wont fit and if it does it'll be extremely disorganized.
  12. This actually seems really cool. Far less demanding than being on a volunteer squad as far as time commitment and such goes. Plus, im not sure how i'd handle something like having to deliver a baby. Seen it twice, and jesus is it gross.
  13. Yeah im thinking i'll just find a cheaper alternative for the ammo and accessories (sights, etc.) that i currently keep in the one half of my safe, and make do. I have a little metal mini job box i currently use, and a buddy of mine has a nice sized one i'm sure he'd be ok with me using. The issue was simply floor space, as i'd rather not store ammo in the garage (Though i guess the basement wouldn't be much better..). Once we move i think i'll have to see how much space we really have and move forward from there. The Gladiator cabinets i have likely wont hold enough on a shelf for me to stick a few cases on it. Might have to make do with putting the ammo on the bottom shelf or something and using the rest for other miscellaneous 2A-related goodies. Storing ammo and firearms in a basemend is sort of a no-no, right? It's somewhat climate controlled and is a walk out but its likely to have typical SNJ humidity issues in there... and its like over 3,000 sqft so no humidifier will control the moisture issue properly. Likely going to hook up the commercial unit i have in there, though.
  14. For reals? As soon as we're done with the move and i have time to breathe i'll look into this. Would love to take some courses/classes on first aid and such
  15. I realize this is old but want to reply to this. I Graduated from high school in 2011. I Know that in our Health course, we did learn basic CPR and such. I Don't believe we got Certified, but we certainly learned it. The smarty pants with extra time could take advanced CPR courses and such that DID certify you.. But the point is that we were taught the basics.. Nothing on Kids and such, but they had those dummys you do CPR on and we'd learned how to do it on adults. I Agree, though, it should be a mandatory thing for kids coming out of school. It'd save TONS of lives. They offer that course at my Community college that i just graduated from. It certifies you in CPR and First Aid and a bunch of other crap. You learn how to save people from the water, and all sorts of cool stuff. But.... i had already done my electives years ago and only had Calculus and a Business elective left to graduate. Unfortunately we're moving now otherwise i'd take the course just for fun/the certification..