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  1. Olive Tavor sar Midwest Industries Mlok handguard Midwest Industries riser rail Gearhead works ejection port cover New muzzle brake included Barrel wrench tool Cleaning kit Stock handguard, buttpad, port cover and original flash hider Manual and lock Has less than 20 rounds through it $1400.00 Sussex County
  2. Want to sell a Gen 3 Glock 21 in excellent condition. Comes with 5 magazines-The 2 10 rounders are new in package. Has box, manual, brush and test shell. Is in great condition, looks like new. Asking $450.00 Sussex County
  3. Marlin 336 30-30 New Bushnell Trophy 3x9 scope 1 box (20 rds) Hornady Leverevolution 160 gr FXT 1 Partial box (9 rds) Hornady American whitetail Williams fiberoptic firesights Asking $350.00 Sussex County
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