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  1. Legal, but ask them first.
  2. Both valid arguments. Not unlike turning in a shitty gun at a Buy Back and taking the money to buy a better one. Supporting a anti-gun cause to support your pro-gun addiction. Discuss.... I'm out.
  3. 45ACP ammo has been flying off the shelf at 50 cents per round in my store.
  4. National NICS went down today for an hour. I had to run 7 in a row when it came back up. Took about 10 minutes total to get 7 approvals. LOL
  5. @Zeus2112 I didn't know eBay was around before 1968.
  6. PK90

    50BMG ?

    Anyone shoot a 50BMG rifle on a regular basis? I have an itch and need input on scratching it. No budget. Single-Shot, Bolt, or Semi? I would love a Semi-Bullpup, but are there any available in the US?
  7. You would be better off having your one of your parents but it. The business may not allow your purchase using a NJ address. Then you can drive to PA, take possession, then drive back to NJ. No FPID needed. Of course, you'll have to convince your parent it is legal to do.
  8. Hmmm. Elmer Fudd never killed a rabbit his whole life, did he?
  9. If you have a Pending/Delayed on Friday, and you're not Denied by Wednesday, you may pick up on Thursday. Of course, that would be the dealer's choice. You may also get approved before then.
  10. That NJ Law is stupid. You can leave an unloaded gun on your coffee table and a loaded magazine next to it, leave your 10 year old home alone, and not be in violation. Stupid, but legal.
  11. Any "Yes" answer, other than 11a, the dealer shouldn't run NICS. (Automatic Denial)
  12. Shut down. Wife got tired and it hit 90 at 10:00 MST. I am good all day and 100 max. But I'm just a laborer today. I saved @Zeke the mannequin.
  13. See something you like? I'll quote you a price shipped to your door. Sorry, the views and weather are priceless.
  14. Don't you need pre-approval for any handgun you buy in NY?
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