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  1. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1301919355
  2. PK90

    WESHOOT Fees

    NICS fees have always only been $15. What was your transfer fee?
  3. Not the upcoming one. The 1861 to 1865 war between the states. I found this video showing the daily occupation areas. Thought I'd share it.
  4. Is this something new?
  5. Got some at 5am MST.
  6. "Intent" needs to be shown for a conviction of the law. IMHO, the installers intent is to fix the stock in one position. Done.
  7. Well. Maybe an electric crock pot.
  8. No. The form must be filled out at the dealer's licensed premises.
  9. With the proper part you can.
  10. I think that Mr. and Mrs. Smith knew the ultimate home defense weapons.
  11. I'll be watching golf and bowling. No canning or piping there. Not sure about cornhole and curling.
  12. Football, baseball, soccer, etc. The networks are piping in fake spectator sounds. It's a big turn off.
  13. I'll give you 50% of your asking prices for everything that you have, shipped to 85338. That's the current prices.
  14. PK90

    WESHOOT Fees

    My transfer business has tripled since several dealers around me have stopped transfers altogether. I can only assume that they were overwhelmed by the volume, fed up with newbees, or afraid of the covid. Maybe all of the above. So, I have hired one full time employee and two part timers to take care of the extra work.
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