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  1. PK90

    AK/Shotgun non-NFA

    "Avtomat Kalashnikov type semi-automatic firearms" are banned, ie Saigas, WASRs, VEPRs, etc.. YET, dealers sell them and there are thousands in NJ circulation. The NJAG Directive addressed "substantially identical" pointing out rifles, shotguns, and handguns. This KOMRAD is neither of those.
  2. PK90

    AK/Shotgun non-NFA

    Why not? It's a non-NFA Firearm.
  3. PK90

    AK/Shotgun non-NFA

    KALASHNIKOV KOMRAD 12GA. 12.5" 3" 2-5RD MAG BLK SBA3 BRACE Check your local dealer for price and availability. I might have to get one.
  4. When you post a question, you wait for an answer. Eleven minutes is not long to wait. A full day made you look like a troll.
  5. Search of CA law shows that the handgun need not be on the roster to be transferred from a family member. However, in this instance, the parents need to take possession first in order to comply with the Roster Bypass.
  6. Your parents can have the NJ Dealer order a handgun of their choice. They pay for it (never take possession), and the dealer sends it to the CA Dealer for transfer to you. BUT, keep it in mind that it must be listed on CA's Handgun Roster, or you can't take possession.
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