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  1. I can still get the lowers, and .300AAC complete pistols.
  2. Hope this isn't in "bad taste". IMG_0763.mp4
  3. Somebody on Reddit says it is a JJFU Califas Nomad. http://www.jjfu.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=2_55
  4. I like it. As stated, it is a Fightlite/Ares Defense SCR with a modified Remington 1100 stock. The barrel also looks to be about 12", so it was SBRed. ETA:
  5. Just commenting on the first post as not counting as 1. No offense intended. Welcome.
  6. I know someone that has an underground range in Cumberland County. Google Earth won't show that, and neither will walking across the grass on top!
  7. Isn't that a normal and expected occurance when these two schools meet?
  8. +1 No record, but .... If 4th degree, it is not a misdemeanor. I'd guess that your 4th degree crime was downgraded to a misdemeanor. So you would have a record, but for the lesser charge. It would depend on what that charge was for that determines the FPID application outcome.
  9. I have no issue with that, but the article that was quoted made no mention of mass murder, or even violence. For all we know, he could have worked there and he threatened to lock every door to "shut the whole Nottingham Walmart down". Was this guy charged with a crime?
  10. "AT HOME" was the key part of that quote.
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