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  1. All AK types are illegal in NJ. Always has been. The name means nothing. The NJSP has always looked the other way, except the one time with a dealer in Hamilton.
  2. It took me 6 months to get all my licenses when I first started out. Like these times, I applied just before 9-11 happened.
  3. A denied FPID only means you can't purchase a long gun in NJ, transport outside the exemption, or buy handgun ammo. You may lawfully possess and transport under an exemption any already owned firearms.
  4. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2020/03/gun-shops-are-now-considered-essential-businesses-in-nj-gov-murphy-says.html
  5. Doesn't "essential" also mean that Supply and Demand no longer applies? So those retailers that raised the price on products are "gouging"?
  6. Looks like Nevada tried Murphy's law. https://thenevadaindependent.com/article/guns-and-ammunition-sellers-allowed-to-operate-exempted-in-law-from-nonessential-business-shutdown
  7. Sure can. Section D comes after section C.
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