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  1. PK90

    Sig P365 XL

    But can you take apart a Sig completely and reassemble it with your eyes closed like you can a Glock?
  2. So only experienced shooters should be allowed to shoot more powerful firearms and a beginner restricted to light recoil ones? Hmmmm. Let me rethink this. ETA: So does this also go for purchases?
  3. Many will do the sale. All should. The law says a PP is what is needed to buy handguns, not a FPID. Not a law. No transfer is taking place. Anyone can handle a firearm without a FPID or PP.
  4. Shooting from motorcycles? Slalom or cross country? The ad you posted says motorcycle gun run. To what are you referring?
  5. A FPID (Firearms Purchaser Identification Card) is for long gun and ammo purchases or to carry long guns without going to a range , dealer or between residences. A PP (Permit to Purchase a Handgun and Form of Register) is for purchasing handguns and buying handgun ammo. IMHO, you should to get another FPID.
  6. None of this makes sense. What does a carry permit have to do with purchasing? Does FL think it will exempt you from NICS in NJ? What if the NJ dealer had run NICS for a long gun purchase. Would FL deny you? Better yet, what if the NICS was ran for a handgun, then you changed your mind and never took possession? But what do I know. FL is getting just as bad as NJ.
  7. No restrictions, EVER, but it is the owner's choice.
  8. That doesn't make sense.
  9. I would like to know how the Executor knew you had them.
  10. The NJGF Members haven't yet decided for him.
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