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  1. Did your cousin's best friend's mother-in-law say so?
  2. PK90

    NFA Picture Thread

    Nah to the ah to the, no, no, no
  3. PK90

    NFA Picture Thread

    New AOW I made. Chiappa Triple Honcho 12GA
  4. I made up business cards that say I am a collector and seller of tactical knives.
  5. I've seen barrels as much as 0.3" difference that were stated as the same length. All the measurements that I posted were on a closed bolt and installed extensions. An 11.8" barrel would give you the 26" OAL, but to be safe, a 12" barrel is suggested. I see why the manufacturers use the 12.5".
  6. Daggers illegal? Hmm. I only own and carry what I want for all lawful purposes as a collector. You can also. The law is written to allow this. Use it to your advantage.
  7. This begs the question, can an AR rifle have an adjustable brace?
  8. I came up with the following minimum AR-15 barrel lengths to reach the required 26" OAL using different receiver extensions (buffer tubes). Each brace/stock was taken off and the measurements were made from the end of the receiver extension to the end of the muzzle without a device installed. Of course, different manufacturers of barrels and extensions would vary slightly. 9.9" for the KAK long pistol extension 11.6" for the Gearhead Tailhook extension 11.8" for the standard CAR extension 11.8" for the standard Pistol extension 11.8" for the KAK Shockwave extension 12.0" for the CMMG Ripstock extension I did not have an A5 extension to measure. Also, if building an AR-10 type firearm, you can deduct about 0.6" from the barrel measurements.
  9. PK90

    So cool! So want!

    Arm brace version available.
  10. Much. Same size as LCP and P-3AT
  11. Yeah. The dealer cost on these was substantially lowered a few days ago. They're making $5 on the sale.
  12. Doesn't matter how it really affects the oil supply. It's just an excuse to raise rates anyway.
  13. @Mrs. Peel Do you write stories or books for a living? If not, why not?
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