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  1. It's not confusing. TAKE OFF THE BRACE. They are now considered stocks.
  2. Firearms that use shotshells, ie shockwaves, also are not mentioned specifically in the rule. Are they affected?
  3. Actual, it does. The original Sig braces, the Gearheads, and the SR Tactical SOB or Mini all slide on the round extension.
  4. I'm not sure about optics. I would say that that doesn't matter, because you can still cheek weld the extension. ATF "suggests" changing the CAR extension to a pistol extension.
  5. Taking off the brace does not make it shorter. The >26"OAL is measured from the end of the receiver extension to the barrel's tip w/o the FH. And taking off the brace does not change the non-NFA classification. You still need two hands to use it.
  6. Has this been posted yet? stabilizing_brace_final_rule-sec508-v2 (1).pdf
  7. The person you talked to has their head up their ass.
  8. I changed the post to "pin" the brace. 6' muzzle brakes are available.
  9. Why not pin and weld on a muzzle break long enough to make it 16", and pin the brace.
  10. I doubt it, as it has enough of a surface that could be shouldered.
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