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  1. I disagree. What right, or statute, gives NJ Police the tight to stop me while i am driving my legally registered Arizona fully tinted vehicle? Equipment violations can not be enforced on out of state vehicles.
  2. HE, I disagree on your tint statement. Where do you get that from? ETA: POI, no proof of insurance is required for out of state vehicles. 39:3-17
  4. Was there any incident of a kaboom?
  5. Are you sure it is the septic field? A long time ago, I had a friend who bypassed the septic with his washing machine. That water smelled worse than raw sewer. Perhaps the neighbor has done the same. Sent from an undisclosed location via Tapatalk
  6. This is starting to get some traction here in AZ since Backpage was shutdown. You guys/gals might want to consider listing gun stuff here. Besides, its free. http://www.gunlistings.org/new_jersey-gun-classifieds
  7. Old news
  8. transfer of ownership
  9. So no one can go into a gun store and handle a firearm without a FPID? This has been discussed ad nauseam here. BTW, I agree with Lakota.
  10. WE NEED A PROPER BUMP. ETA: Ahhhh. Thank you.