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  1. True. Other cards also. I think I got a Lowes once.
  2. Is that even news anymore? Probably occurs everyday in Jersey City, Trenton, or Newark. BTW, an 18 YOA can legally acquire handguns, just not from a dealer, or as a NJ resident.
  3. The gun accidentally went off. It's not the husband's or wife's fault. IT"S THE GUN"S FAULT!!!
  4. Possession and use remain the same. The Bill addresses "sales".
  5. It doesn't matter what is marked on the lower.
  6. And just think, you'll have a NJ unregistered handgun if you bring it back. Screw NJ laws. LOL
  7. I think the dealers got a verbal statement from the NJSP FIU to sell these. IMHO, it has a pistol grip. One could just attach a string from a regular grip to a stock and get the same result.
  8. From what I have gathered, it will take me until age 80 before I reach the "break even" age (62 vs 70). Obviously, there is no guarantee that I will reach that age, so "show me the money" now.
  9. I will slow cook, but will not pressure cook.
  10. 82-year-old Bodybuilder Beat up Burglar
  11. This I never understood. Perhaps the Dems were too stupid the understand what they passed.
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