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  1. https://www.bluebookofgunvalues.com/ https://www.gunbroker.com/search/advanced
  2. It doesn't matter what's engraved on it. "Make" is the importer (if there is one) and manufacturer that is on the serialized part. "Model" is not required. "Type" is based on it's current configuration. Who cares, or can prove, what it was prior. "Caliber" is based on the barrel's chambering. What it says on the receiver is irrelevant.
  3. Just bought from them. Shipping to me was a few hundred bucks.
  4. I agree. But what do I know. I collect Colts.
  5. Is that what you kids call it nowadays?
  6. I sold out of all my 12GA, field, target, buck, turkey, duck, dove, and slugs. It's crazy out there. LOL
  7. The system is name based. If your name is Galen Marcus McClusterford, more than likely when the submit button is hit, it will be an instant approval. If your name is Joseph William Brown, expect a 20 to 40 minute delay at the minimum, and more than likely 3 business days.
  8. @chencaerulescens I should have quoted the following so as to avoid confusion > I responded clarifying the State's process > You quoted me and referenced the Federal process as follows > I further clarified that I was talking about the State process > I thought the highlighted portion above clarified my response. Which is?
  9. Soooo, how often do you dream of naked dancing mental patients?
  10. We're talking about NJ records here. They don't want them. Obviously, ATF wants the 4473s and Bound Books, and they got them.
  11. Once a NTN is issued, the FBI has 3 business days to approve. The dealer needs that number before the clock starts ticking. I recently transferred a firearm to someone after 5 total days, and NICS denied him on day 8. Oops. LOL. They should have been quicker.
  12. When I left NJ, the State did not want the COEs, SAW book, or ammo log book, so they were destroyed.
  13. Now if only we can get NJGF and its members to stop promoting and using Anti-Gun PayPal.
  14. FROM UPS WEBSITE: Effective January 1, 2021 the ORM-D classification will be obsolete per D.O.T. HM-215K
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