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  1. "Too funny! Someone chased a bunch of Los Angeles hookers around with a drone and then narrated the compilation like David Attenborough! https://twitter.com/meantweeting1/status/1704520704756945137
  2. IMO, I think your a little high on your asking price. I have a few Lincolns that I paid less than $3k for brand new delivered. Of course that was 10 years ago. Don't forget that somebody who buys them will have to pay a mover to hall them out. $2K each is closer to what someone would pay if you want a quick sale. I'm looking now at a new Champion safe with all the bells and whistles for $4K. Just my opinion. Good luck on your sale.
  3. Born in 1974. 6,000 or so made. I have been looking for one to add to my Colt collection which has grown to 78. Please send pictures to s a l e s @ c o l d d e a d h a n d s . c o m I'll make an offer based on them. ETA: https://coltfever.com/border-patrol-2nd-issue/
  4. Additionally, sales are also down. People are not buying like they were a year ago.
  5. Concealed means concealed. Just say'n.
  6. I need a t-shirt with this on it.
  7. I'd be interested in knowing how they log those guns in, ie regular Bound Book, Gunsmithing Book, Other ????
  8. The guy on that video said you can't shoulder the tube. Why not? I saw nothing in the rule that mentioned that. I am wrong?
  9. https://diypestcontrol.com/4-the-birds-bird-repellent 4 The Birds is a sticky compound that discourages pigeons, starlings, and other nuisance birds from nesting or perching on ledges, sills, roofs, peaks, cornices, bridges, and overpasses. The 4 the birds transparent gel is easily applied with a caulking gun or putty knife and is weather resistant for lasting outdoor application. Before treatment application, all surfaces should be cleared of dust, dirt, droppings, and loose debris. A second treatment may be necessary if flattened by heavy bird traffic.
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