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  1. Uppers are worth more than lowers. 2 lowers for one rifle is a bad trade.
  2. That looks comfortable should you happen to shoulder it. How about an OSD?
  3. $770. No sales tax. Pick up in DE with low transfer fee or ship to NJ dealer for $36. Beretta USA JX4922105 Cx4 Storm 9mm Luger 16.60" 10+1 Flat Dark Earth Flat Dark Earth Fixed Thumbhole Stock Flat Dark Earth Polymer Grip Right Hand
  4. Always wanted to go, but never made it there. I heard the same about them.
  5. I use the "U" shape method which holds nine scoped long guns. Two in each safe. So my two safes hold thirty-six. I can take any out without touching any other. Works for me.
  6. I received nothing so far.
  7. Does it still work? I can't get in.
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