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  1. That's confidential information that I keep to myself. Why show your cards! Think about it!
  2. "As others have posted, any cold item (like my eye glasses) will have moisture condense on it when brought into a warmer, more humid environment. I wouldn't interpret the condition you describe as a problem with the safe." Exactly. A light bulb in the safe to elevate temperature is the best bet.
  3. Nice. My guess was far from it.....(randolph target shooting practice) LoL
  4. Peter, I just want to throw this question out there.... What does RTSP stand for? Thanks, Steve
  5. My VP9 is my first handgun purchase after reading all the great reviews and finally renting one at RTSP. I haven't squeezed many triggers in my limited experience but the VP9 spoils me. If I don't overthink it, I get nice small groups at 10 yds. Like HK's so much I picked up an HK45 so I can experience the DA/SA.
  6. I found the benches today at range door 2. Perfect! What had me laughing is they are the exact same table I had pulled out of google images to get my thought across in a previous post. Thank you for the great service! Looking forward to sign up for the string of available handgun courses you offer.
  7. Yes! it does. Aaahaaa moment for me. I've always used range 1 door when I rented. Now, I own and carry bags, so this info really takes care of it. There's an open space right in front of the magazine display where I gear up, but I'm sure it's open for a reason...like rush hour crowds. Perfect! Range 2 door it will be from now on. Thank you!
  8. I had a great time today at RTSP. Off Hand Monday is a great idea and I'll be back to keep trying for the win! Nothing but great experiences there and after my lesson with Ron, I decided to get an annual membership. I like going when the crowd is small, so you'll rarely see me there during the rush hours. If there is a simple improvement that could be made, it would be having a bench to place your bags on when gearing up. When it comes time to get my ears and eyes on, I gotta kneel on the floor to open my bags, or I walk over to the knife counter and get ready. I carry a tactical bag and rifle bag, and sometimes have a target rolled up in between the handles, and it gets to be a juggling act on the ground. Anyway, that's all I need!
  9. Just want to drop a hello to all of you. Thanks for having such an informative forum. As a newcomer to the firearms community and the NRA, I'm sure there'll be lots to talk about. Just picked up an annual membership at RTSP and I couldn't think of a better place to practice the sport!
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